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tv   The Debate  PBS  November 27, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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to it. japanese street culture. julie was gone. but at the time. the day. new name the warming will welcome to watch it all started out on the subject coming up it's the false and depth of debate. france said to turn the table. on the illicit trade shifting the burden from the prostitutes. the client politicians are divided on both sides of the aisle. over the best way forward and stop just in front of him in germany having serious second thoughts over its decision to let liberalize the trade
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there. what happens when you leave the office pointed to punish the prostitute or find a quiet it's coming up in the false and dad's today telstra checking the james craig. media watch segment with start the art in the newsroom. say hello once again declare pride. thank you cards but these are the headlines said that that is steady exiles from parliament debates was prompted by the former prime ministers convictions that high school. i like tv deal in gemini. i'm not posting said that it fell short of the majority of september polls that partnering up with the spd again. and anti government demonstrations in thailand wind and beyond by cop. the test is accusing the government of being controlled by the prime minister as exiled brother today is the day of mourning for democracy about silky about a scary show while before he was expelled from the italian senate. that means no more immunity from
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iraq to fight saying to the very end of the former prime minister had all sentences to donate today states claiming to have new evidence creeping he didn't commit tax fraud he would. we are here together to experience a day of the tenants. this is the day of mourning for full democracy in the usa correspondents say mecca that is outside the it's friday and i said that's when she is from ryan with the fiscal consequences of exposure. now this was expelled from parliament. she does not have the manti ut anyhow the sun. the key he could be at my skull address not the sf number of cases pending up a ticket that he is about to begin trial that sensational trial in which he was sentenced to some seven years in prison although he's appealing that sentence and then on sold so i set to face trial on a particular incidents of identity bribing a center tap on top of that
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he could be placed on the investigation full identity and getting payouts to some young women who attended his so called golden double the proxies and those payouts was sold at bay to get favorable testimony of fourteen in that group eta troughs of the case is pending and some experts believe he could risk a rest but his silliest thing that that this is unlikely said that's really the situation funny. the ttp is no parliament but that does it mean he cannot control the spot deep is the president and he's still a bit awful falls in the center right candidate city. now in gemini and grammatical skin said that sits on the center left social democrats of the pretense for kyle edition of the deal amounted to buy lots of men visit the spd which won the key to montfort nationwide minimum wage contract has the story the seventeen hours of negotiations. germany's biggest political parties
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overcame up ideological differences to merge with the plow. two months after angela merkel fell short of winning a parliamentary majority in the national elections. her center right party agreed to form a grand coalition with or conservative partners and the center left social democrats or std. i'm puttin we completed the coalition agreement as early this morning between the christian democratic union csu and the social democrats the detail that the scanners a this point i mea that we ave a grand coalition that will address g lifime. among the sp these demands and gdu phased in minimum wages eight yea olds fifty per hour. a bitter pill for merkel's conservatives. also major rules for employers and pension hikes. any cnge immigration policy. people born in germany would be able to hold dual nationality. but the center left party made
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major concessions to the giving up a campaign pledge to raise taxes for the rich. on wednesday the party stressed its commitment to ordinary people they may have been blessed there are things in this me biehich will help stabilize the country and restore hope to those who don't happen it's noticeable. before the coalition can form a overent the power cost to be rectified by the nearly two million card crying his pp party members. after pouring more for the one hundred and seventy peach coalition documents. they will cost their fourth in early december. now some other good news in brief acting as prime minister has resigned saying that the deadly collapse of the state mosque is in the past so we get this means that his center right governments for two months at the polls fifty four people were killed in the next mystical market collapsed last week the president to school to foreign expats to investigate the accident
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the stadium but on the twenty fourteen world cup i've been in brazil has collapsed. according to authorities at least three people were killed the effect that our stadium and south following the accident could delay its completion by the fifth december deadline for twelve and he's ready to pees that the accident happened when a crane collapsed on top of that clinton is the angry protest as it clashed with police and fire. this tuesday on the southwest it in its respondents said up to hundreds of residents gathered outside the financial system and more than three people injured in clashes in here. etienne in and got sa regional office of the beauty in the deposit was torched hundreds of people attacking the building opposite trying to break into the governor's office. oddly the man who had renounced his care has been arrested and charged with kidnappin talents to use force to be raised from his time. i'm a
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country cannot cross say about it that when we got our mom is standing by at me the chart is full time and it's another relates to a designed play and that might be all right. in fact he's been charged with not above the judge from the stump well what happened with the march twenty twelve you have that too. on the thirteenth of april you have accounted for by the red berets who are loyal to the former president att i counted two against the green berets of some again. but what's happened is that they bear with me was severely rressed these red berets and twenty of them have not been seen since. more than that for more than eighteen months and that's what the judge wanted to. yes and again he wants to know what has happened to the squinty red berets. we'll hit in the camp of the red berries and vomit cope with the families of those who have disappeared off and they explained to us that they have. for them today but it's a great day because twenty summit was arrested again
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calling for his arrest for monza to understand how this man to lead the two could then become a general in the mud in the army and they say that it's a day of joy but also that they now they want to hear the truth and they had a gentle some negative or funny on so the judge questions. thanks to a new technique or the gem of a posting from me. see thailand with amazement to topple prime minister yang auction watch has won since this wednesday a day for protest or demonstrates is gathering its own provincial government offices as well as in bangkok. it's a hop a dozen ministries they accuse the government of being controlled by the prime minister's brother texas in a lot to say that ryan said he is adamant the team. fourth day demonstrations the protest was sprinting to you and your toe into the province's numbers are down so you can calls the protests to gain momentum with hundreds in each state
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offices in twenty four provinces in one evening effort to cripple the administration. this prime minister and that too much. my mom i need to keep the miracle in and government officials to take part in this new one and to stop licking and chewing is he gonna use that route as gavin and medicine were fears that the situation could descend into finance. the mass protests in twenty ten keen to avoid more bloodshed the prime minister bank that governments will not use force to address repeatedly referred to go see an end to the crisis. i did not seem the mavericks just sits there was only democracy. so whatever it is not happy with let's talk about it and by the end of the protest leaders maintain the current regime is cool not to use to watch from the interest and have refused to back down. i can say they'll be no negotiation. this group of people will quit for me when state power is in the peoples i don't. the anti government campaign started last month
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after the prime minister's policy tried to use the built in wood of the line to billion in the text and to meet and hold it until it by the brutal coup but reviled by the elite and middle classes. the former prime minister was icy didn't mean that she couldn't eat this in six different time and to avoid a jail term for corruption charge is the deep divisions in thai society remains resulting in over eight years of total turn on each time the attacks in the same time. i need to buy has won the right to race the ten seats in the world acts by the fates by members of the world's fat body take place. he and passed it by beating off competition from the presidency to sell comment. yep that's a real bag in russia and is made in tacky it's the best time in the middle east and safety is fast times a middle eastern says he has been chastened to her it's such an impact. so please read them as friends close to call so awful that they are in many thanks to that claire pride in
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the newsroom. french daily navy seals slapped it on its front page this wednesday prostitution. the world's oldest debates the french parliament this week discussing a bill that would shift the burden from the worker to the clients fifteen hundred euro fines for soliciting the services of on the same bill would overturn legislation passed in two thousand three hundred prostitutes for curved color that's because of european guidelines to consider prostitutes to be the big sticks. we're going to put the premise that attacks the basket handle what it makes of legislation as in he's split on both sides of the aisle. we'll also look at the trend elsewhere most notably in germany. just feeling a strong backlash against the two thousand to go to bring the trade above four. today the postman get to be fun and the client punish the prostitute in with this talk about it alina. dd member of or is it
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me being human the feminist collective and for joining us jonah hill a columnist for yeti of the co founder of close up because of donna far on. you have is when your cover stories. you're one of the signatories of the manifesto of toast of the manifesto says. it says that it's a bad idea in the eyes. his clients. that is a new teacher the event is the difference between men and women issue. and the cost of medications and roll it's a very bad idea. i will get back to the manifesto which cause a lot of spirit here in france. the first illicit go up from london. kerry mitchell of the english collective of prostitutes thank you for for for joining us. and from sweden which has already turned the tables on clients in banning the purchase of stuff from universities mets bullpen whose work focuses on prostitution and trafficking
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thank you for joining us the us. get the date where you can join the conversation on facebook twitter hatch act s two for debate and we knew throughout the day on this level will be brought before and he's on friday amid deep divisions among both the left and the rights. more now kyle brown. on the fringes of this forest itself was power is the trade is on display mine today prostitutes charge upwards of twenty euros. some in the middle of the woods others are more established like many well known works in the road to the safer environment can accept credit cards for payment. working conditions the venezuelan the years she lived in was that the proposed bill becomes law. god's eyes. it says will be forced to high needs to work in some of the week. customers have to go deep into the weights
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the teen years i will leave a dangerous yuan to the un appointed black cap when i get asked. these are the people targeted by the new bill it would impose a fine of fifteen hundred year olds on those who pay for . star wars is eighteen hundred is a paycheck but still a kid coming to see a prostitute of course any two there were no prostitute in love with them and do it once had who are alone and we don't have the woman in the night what would they do that is different. show me show is a regular customer he says it's the only way to break is long spells of solid unit. he sees a prosecutor's least once a month. and it's really the same woman. i feel in the eighties with normal women i feel good. she's up in prostitution is normal i've only ever been with prostitutes. i've never contradictions with the pregnant women the last
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month the ladies of the night more it's built into the light of day to denounce the bill. joe michelle was among the few customers at their side. momo audit the front lines of being attacked by now. this is really seriously its position today to market to something else. socialists. the bill is due to be debated this week in parliament the issue has divided the governing socialist party. kids aren't sure they'll have the votes they need for the bill to pass. and one outspoken french feminist season that bennett has said the state has no place legislating on individual sexual activity. i think when you saw that report is due for those clients say we think prostitution is normal. i resented that this is the students. you can see their eyes and ninety six ninety eight. but the presentation is not seek to dictate which has led the team to partners who want each other and have a desire
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for each other. of course they don't have anything against people having they boast one too. what we are against is the bioterrorism constitution. because of the sky and say um i should have the rights to go too disinterested to send because what she claims has the right is the right to buy six looking good cause which is to impose into christ to enter goes to a woman or man didn't want it i've accepted this seat to act because she needed money. so if you because he didn't bring any of the kind of cool day with the new constitution is normal. but it's because he'd ended with a view of most of the prostitutes. they were they would tell you that its defiance against the games themselves. karen ochoa the prostitutes and are in your collective one of the things on that score well we have at it. it's this that station. and we ate green with the french prostitutes. and they say
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that it's that they customize to detect with and should have consulted with them before they came out with that statement. you know the sensex that meets the pope says bots. and we need support says. who understand that we are in the second defeat of the money and these feminists they never let that speak out against the see that happening in every class. and as this. sorry it's very difficult in my hand feedback senior will try to stress about it but they are saying that states that man so on not taking. i'm not taking what the but the same in france. and at the wet but that prostitution is consenting . it should be everything to do with a criminal. criminalizing clients increases can i say shouldn't. even if you are
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the same time. dq cake and icing on the streets the sweetest little teddy that our baby. he can live on the streets. that disconnect that the wet and it be added that inflation in sweden does not make it safer. max coleman is that the case. i come to you now. she did you hear the lotto or something to say that prostitution is called sam and six. that is not really to include a tax on high. it usually ended in july and the country. people who are extreme. the majority the only into prostitution in order to survive financially people in prostitution show that
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the united center. it's nice to listen to escape prosecution. to say. use of physical abuse and child. may be and then do it again. so on. the six men are accurate we are not in any situation or say it's not new to me it's not that many a times more dangerous the central role in the investigation of his laughter. we see is that clients have to be able to find women in prostitution so even in its crib there are laws against it. i'm so it's nice to have usually the internet or in newspapers or on the streets in so
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saying that goes underground and that is corroborated by empirical evidence that the bill is going to hear of it. making as private as well and as most women even though this tiny nine hundred women in prostitution. he also showed that close to the stress disorder symptoms of pain that lasted into it now. seeking treatment. this population is upright since no one is the incidents prior to this it's the only notification of the very section of the world. these too bad he is a chance. it's also be combined with social that works to make it possible for our state constitution. i did some laundry is history. he has to offer. that and see you
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social security. any change it's in its appointed lights come back to me when we discuss how it's going on in other countries most notably over the border. from here in germany we have a common on facebook from andre saying i'm flabbergasted that france would follow america's example of failed moral ism with laws on human elite your manifesto calls the big scare because partly because of its title the three hundred and forty three baskets it was that of a pun on a manifesto that had been signed by women for the legalization of abortion in france in the early nineteen seventies why didn't you. the sign good because i think that this was intended to teach you of course no one is for the criminal dimensional of prosecution against the annuities against
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the exploitation violence the criminal. the tour mafia and and of course no one wishes to see women being forced to every nation has excluded catch up but i think it's. desk. to say that any really a new six relationship was his goal. you truly desire by all parties should be legal. i think that when a grown up. independent free room and says say. we choose to do this even though they need money. is anyone in the world except the gates he's free from thinking about money. takes the free decisions without thinking of how much. you may all go home to feed his children procedures and is a very complicated the issue the many prosecutions. we only the sea because it's
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very it's very visible the only see the st post prostitution. prodi smashed them off of the posters of all statistics deal on the rivet prosecution. ever since the due date was engaging cross. they are women. some of them in the mean age that testify that it's it's a choice it's not a happy choice but it's a choice and i don't see how the name of what we can say two to two to a national independent and free according to the law. no you shouldn't do. calling on you i thinking about checking the parents. it goes. i had a great day today. if you are also see the tomb prosecution because. and because of my issues are because you live in fear of dying. someone forces you to assist in south india both known and familiar. we then
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proceed to move. it's not very few real nice one the person uses been yet and it's against the law these you don't have any other way to make money. nestle not caused by economic crisis but to me. economic pressure these fees. we're not going to make a wall with the protocol that too. it's possible even if we could i know it's impossible to donate money. people sometimes find themselves one of the table for tea and the new man. hmm didn't know what we mean that if women would have to hesitate between being a captain in for british airways or interests. this is not the case. on. the as it turned out so go ahead. yes we have we had santa. women who call themselves feminists in this country and instead of. and who have taken up the whole question of
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prostitution on the deck and by crossing but it's taking up the button that says about but the same but some have had an edge that will prosecute his finance and they compensate women and this whole thing. these women have not put an end she was competing with and two uprising the feedback is coming down this country we have well the cost benefit sanctions. in france you have one in five children living in poverty. now you have it twenty one percent of young eople and eighteen to twenty nine but considered equal amount of people surprised that in and then you come down and turn the legislation put what you are an atm to that this nation which is going to make it more dangerous addition this is the but this is the fact that the myth of the classic unhappy and wanted down so that they are going to have to go underground and day out can be more vulnerable to violent clients and also to
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the police who attended taken on th the wa opera raft races for texas because that's what we know that it is not going to get the place up and back so it carries a lot to answer would you answer the max mossman who said it was earlier event in sweden. this hasn't been the case. not when he's wrong. he fell to fifth in that sweet effects but at least i can say you accept my right to say no to thank mom to an end to violence to write. you have to accept my rights to say yes if i wanted so my buddy and eight. workers of women who are trying to fit by most some of this month the single mothers. some might even buy one of those women who like scientists of mine and what this legislation saying want the legislation in sweden has done has driven with a small underground they may increase the stigma now it's sweet and it sucks but as you. the children in. yes what you study says many
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women not having to leave the country. it will get to work in other countries said it would attack on the money back on the thing is going on because not that nice things if you link to my face and i think have any income wise inclines to increase the combined taking a bus to the world and that truck mounted on all the evidence shows that lets call them i'm sorry that's not correct his real name. this is the enemy. this last day. did you up it's usually women who are teaching content. oh and you know we can call all the survivors he said that it
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is sunday. lol a prosecution the issues impacting on tuesday. also it has been a more dangerous actions on women the bulls have said that he and connor because they knew they could file charges clients who went beyond the arc i pray that i use them so long may that position more powerful as its more clients. it didn't make sense to say that a mole in the ct results it will make it more dangerous than this i can the thing making it a step by step this is what would that help you to turn it on the existence of an active threat because we have to get quick pray for me to pick up. stay with us in watching the falls and gets a bit. ch. then great. i threw my stuff. reducing cost areas of the country too. such is the owner to make a quick target to buy to sell themselves living among the dead. don't be unable to
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reach menu is mostly. its details. join some of the supply of those great days and took refuge in other parts of the country. hunter the sun kept going. what's on my entry on your middle third. i like it anywhere in the wild. on almost any cell phone. whatever he'll provide the key to the welsh once i have not found in three hundred is. the impact on your love upload just visit the website. i got a prompt him to come obama said that to the ground and he opened them up and you'll receive a free sms to a new confidence to adopt a new film what fun that night to get the date is one of these countries. one of my time. welcome back
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awoke just joining us performers and the false productive day. to sample the store is laura city will be falling for him at the top of the hour and our top story possibly the end of an era silvio fearless connie officially barred from the senate's long time italian prime minister we've been fighting tooth and nail against that exclusion. after that lead a coalition deal in germany between of the conservatives of uncle omar from the spd. he must now be brought to a vote for the swans and seventy thousand rank and file of the social democrats. molly's new civilian authorities arrest last year's coup leader general ahmed who said no go for ignoring a court ordered to testify for the killing of soldiers decided against him. and sixty five expresses its deep sadness over the collapse of
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part of sao paolo stadium due to host the two thousand and fourteen world cup. those stories are much more to the property are a few on cost and dance. welcome back a welcome if you're just joining us this is the false friend catherine to beat the french parliament this week will vote on legislation that will let turned the tables on prostitution set of penalizing the prostitute it would penalize the client even talking about it with putting out he's a member of was it if it means that we get to his two terms as there can be deadly if the minister the rev it up to two to two to cause a loss over this gemma hadley co founder of close up da funk was up one of the signatories of the manifesto against. this bill for months and counting mitchell of the english collective of prostitutes and from the university of stockholm max of walton. it
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has been asking us this wednesday but why now why is this building brought up before the french from him at this particular time. one of the co sponsors socialist gets concrete and its points the station from the changed enormously. most people block is close to testing traffic it but not feel as a chance to see its modern slavery of people here comes my techniques in europe and china. people here come the twenty eighth to supply she should not be seen as criminals but to speak to us and the client the one buying is the one cutie cute. this tuesday if he remembers the practice. lawmakers say they're between twenty and forty thousand prostitutes and friends. again these are statistics that come from of the parliament. the committee came up with the bill eighty percent said to be women today ninety percent of them
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are foreigners and with striking bill haley is to look at this graph up that's that. since the over the past couple of decades how it's gone from being on. french born prostitutes to foreign born prostitutes three nations nigerian romania china. a lot of them and then surely these these are all people who are under duress if not on victims of human traffic. sosa will. what this today. love those shoes to re examine all the figures that are branded older. and i know that for example the senate committee especially senate this of imbecile was working then it has different numbers we don't know if the these figures correspond to the visible street prostitution all to the whole of the prostitution is as the sponsor the bill was saying why this is as it over the internet. so we we we
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really really really going on in and another thing. a few off the floor and prosecute the war. that would be interviewed. it also said that it's a kind of a choice i mean it that the defendant that the prosecution process for him. doesn't mean that she is walking for a pimp and that she is and he's not free and i think that what one would think it should be done is to have to have to have the correct numbers and instead of oven instead of putting money into a running off to the client's up with all the money and effort in presenting. the legal prostitution in preventing human trafficking in the team chasing the pimps and chasing to the mosque and that works to smuggle people into the country. on this something go ahead to an inch. yes we had a similar
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situation we have some arguments in this country the figures that the government use. well put together by an adult in isolation. and which profit it. from that. from an aging i miss them. and spreading misinformation about the numbers of women who are trafficked. they eat at davis such a calling not last. and asking when and where they were from and if they had a foreign accent for an accident. they let it seems to be an immigrant. it would seem to have been. they said untold numbers could be traffic and on the basis of most of the functions. all women will be kindled in london but they found at a high number of them could remain on england's innings run on. in a way of a myth that people will think of women and men. and as they
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each told the government and the government picked up the steak is that eighty percent of women lacking in the industry. what topics they present if it is nice to use and they never tonight that they were being misused so governments all over the place i use a nice pick this as an excuse to increase immigration legislation that would happen in this country they said these women are being trafficked hands. we have to increase these crates and what happened both of them sucks but the way people to do and i'll be very surprise that us is not behind these at him despite being at the stake is in for an offence as well. we know you activity. again we bring him along on traffic. he said most women whether they and when and women. already. and that women can come to them and they may have had to pay
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somebody to help them get in but when they get hit women make great efforts to work independently on the but because of what the independent a card. a couple of light sabers at first the information we now need ian and anna maxwell been putting up he thinking the inference that that's not what people inside of the interior ministry or sink a little time. we know that the vast majority of the teachers are victims of trafficking matrix. of course if you ask a woman in the streets clean from agl say no and ten hundred est friends matt and i knew he determined is the church as opposed to say yes because his films and fifteen pence to know that being a ppc legal so she just can't tell you that is because she's a woman the ira. right now
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kenny thinks and what can we do this. the sighing. vegas this discussion here. work's been missed. i used to. it usually is. tell more people to bear a free it from prostitution to say working at fast food restaurant people are looking for the rest stayed on that stress disorder or mental disorders. the treatment seeking combat veterans or the state would share. it's the middle of the most riveting of the changing face of low high. numerous studies show that it would be a prostitute that he endorses it. you are on the streets they did the majority suffer from mental disorders and a number of physical violence
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to its clients. the show's co written on it little or no you teach jaunts to say that that's totally made me wear a hat. faulty methodology is awesome. so many studies show that only the truth. it's going to mess that they all must admit that the homeless in use in the last alliance and it so i will not stay to see that and most women look for and are now on the snow lady at the full review at the different sizes you. i just want to make something that i don't think the prosecution is just like any other job. this is no less. what i was saying that the free consent of the conceived adults that have economic difficulties is not a story that we have a shoe which probably be a few from this is one. and the was this the second thing i wanted to say. i'm
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going to look at that point that it does bring us back to that question coming up why is this still coming up now one year the result of the process of de france has had the abolitionists positions for the case so it's not an islamic surprise owns an hour and ten. besides surprise you to what he has coming up now. i think it's a coincidence. the government it was one of the promises that the government to be the president made up of songs with goals from right wing fairness and there are a lot of conservative and he's been in the voting for the bell. and there are people on the last two and the voting against. having explained that the lines between left and right are blurred. because this is not the pure deep into conclusion it's a question of globalization. it's a question of what to think of all dignity. what you think about . and the fuel if you
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have. if you use you have a very strong opinion of nudity you can be either phones and that's all for the right to do with the idea you could be ten minutes. because so that the trio's feminism as many branches. and then sealed it to respecting women's choice even wind up for his very important than you are against the law. an easy few of the vision where you want to normalize wish the situation should. when you wanted to do besides people. what a politician is manual. for the school. just a little look at what's happening elsewhere in europe we talked a little bit about sweden. the rules have changed on the continent. um we can show you that nation's prisons where prostitution they is us and for britain and the punished and upbeat can also call up a graph of
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countries they see. sweden norway of the scandinavian countries iceland has also come come through with it with with a similar bill. and then there are those countries like germany where since two thousand to up the trade has been completely live our lives now. that in germany particular has been sparking a backlash she was reportedly been included in coalition talks been going on between the cdu in the stp the economist newspaper called it in every snorkel a giants to comic draw full reading that the best guess is that germany has about four hundred thousand prostitutes. catering to one million men and a mocking the spirit of the law exactly forty four of them including four men of registered for welfare benefits. just over the border in the french region of utah. the local press has honed in on plans for a six thousand meters
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square meter five storey brothel called paradise island in south we can the locals also see liberalization. despite the fact it has been up all these measures taken to bring it above board and to have it signed and has drawn more prostitutes to the streets. i want to improve. there are about twenty cows that. i had at least ten times today the client page fifteen to twenty minutes into the hall for the money to prove and put them on. hmm what does he look our niche on on what's happened in german experiments over the past decade is it authentic gemini has emts night on prostitution to make a good time my thing up and tending west to the presentation. and most women that work outside of the guys areas. and but the auntie can i say sian
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like and what has been mentioned tonight it's what they've done in new zealand but they take a nice prostitution ten years ago and that's cool. and then put simply it is made safe for women to work because women the fact that women are to come forward to the appeal of a tease on reports without any fear of mx wed the women of law in germany of people decided to sell this team goes to actually think that governments from manny should look at what's happened in new zealand's way it is shattering but to make it safe inside the house to be the priority. i can turn it out why. the cuts he can carry mitchell one has that worked in germany white people decided to stay on the streets rather than. sign up for it with the governments in an e in a more sanitized informal way well i didn't say that within side it says that on the streets of us have with what women want to let many kinds of tools that i want to look at the security of
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anonymity. i'm saddened that want to have to pay money out of it to any buffalo minutes and it's a very fat tonight system. what was it sucks but it's long it's been two sets foot to foot cbd come alive all consenting the prosecution is to be removed from the camera lol i'm full the money i was still says rising wealth and all the facilities to be in women's hands so that we have a real chill eastman said but as i said before on month is struggling to support families. and with it without those choices. it's very difficult to meet many women go and prostitution could be that tough choices i'm going to press too stupid to not have the economic choices. every wed we know india. their archetypal well heck that's no way to subpoenas the wages of being caught welfare is being cut. when it paid fees and cuts off its demon
7:46 pm
infested setbacks. it is not surprising that more women on getting on the streets are getting into prostitution but at the same time. this criminalization of clients is going to the increase can i say it's going to increase the danger that women already facing prostitution in graham xiv veterinarian o'connor on the ground. i'm thankful women's of the underground addington on things and this is what these so called feminists. and the so called sleeve jacket that is happiness. women degree in acting east london. i see them please write to please me with the time it's the most. when matt simon and me ask you max coleman via the oven. the german model that's why you are. well its in house and it worked. while the issues and use them to go i mean yes most people
7:47 pm
hostage. it lets the cat being close to choose just one more. it's that makes sense but is also the cost in prostitution are not desperate position. i didn't manage to watch it grow a little mad at us. that set the targets in tones that are hidden by the now i've hit the six pirates. he also owns the human eye chilli and government reports which you can view of the women did not show it was a cheating by side. well that on the number of articles of mine said the government would use new house. we must not use and angles. what also. no health or see the moon. trafficking is not known. and don't know
7:48 pm
if the cat. it is to legalize is also an actor you in those countries. prostitution has been legalized. they even offer it legally. increased competition has been an increase in demand increasing competition especially from germany. are you going to the philippines the goal that we were a number of witnesses the prosecution said it would not want to see six more i'll say about them at that time spent with each of its tax cuts and that's what analysts and economists warn. for all all ninth station. what it means the strain t met back in the ruffles. the station making it safe and warm. it's at the bottom of the tuesday and it also increases your bed. six ix. it's a dvd india there is no clear answer there is also the question of whether or not the perception
7:49 pm
of what is prostitution is changing tonight having this discussion up sheds light on on who are these women something we don't often get to talk about is the perception in france changing at all. and yes and when his employer also in the issue of legalizing constitution like in germany and that is that now that you should consider prostitution is wise and knowledge on the subcontinent teams as entrepreneurs. because it's what is happening in germany the stripey and you can open your own business in germany and in parts. a young women or young girls. from his nap and outsourced. no one the use and prostitution it's good to know the issue of science to go to present a week and a very tight end chris and christy chance that i would consider normal. so if you come to their aid and continue to learn they can bully it's just them and
7:50 pm
enjoy my weekend gets a place where you can because you hate someone you can have with a woman who doesn't want it to ken for us. a woman to have to tease you. even though she doesn't want his son is. none of the present enough for me man is totally biased and thats why im in sweden with the long abolition. the allen iverson be an increasing number of raids on and violence against women because men both have the same perception of questions and a freeman and the society is more equal. as old. and then ate it. it's been a strong statement kerry was saying that. well the class. festival at him in new zealand has made it safe at because women can come for singapore to tax i don't know where you can see me at the school that sam tax and have continued but of course the main events that they can manage even though they can marry to get some helpful in this country know when anasta
7:51 pm
that i had the husbands and partners in this country and no more than two women are killed. i like the commas in this country even though istanbul full so the question is the implantation of the villains told me that it is the implementation of those and it's a question of whether the police are taking a call from women seriously and contacts and offices in new zealand. definitely and the pots into the lead in the density of homes due to a show that women are saying that they feel safe and they are imposing a tax that the summing up using the place is taken seriously he only nodded. and sadly killed a woman is forced to manage its own. so it should be able to veto that it's that if i didn't enforce a woman because she's a prostitute because this is illegal. you're not that i
7:52 pm
know he's not be legal for you to get to and that has been going on today. that was because i do whatever you like to put it on because he does because of acting on them. the content. once the pasta to taste it be great to have and love the senate so that she was never economic pressure instead of just now. as you say. my family has taken on the fridge. and as for locals from antique syndrome. i'm sure the policeman then to the koreas. knock on people's goal to announce that the sun and the children killed in an accident. they also have post romantic reaction so. as i don't know and decide it is between you and just wants to say something in the question of prosecution the idea the beach in front of a very dramatic. sonoma now when i saw mason center. send they possess all the space and they may be prudent to act to introduce the humanity the eccentricity all
7:53 pm
intelligent creatures they didn't write about prostitution. in cross a ball though is called the news on the total loss. they are no good solutions. they are on the next bad solutions. and i think to do with the photos of the worst idea. these two to try and think like an utopia. the two will create the will to top off the tee with the prostitution but it's hard to the wooden nickel back to and it's enough. will will will have to leave it there in force because were were or were at times you may have reappointed think everything turned it off. in a long since max was in stockholm and putting the d for being with us here in paris. up before we say goodbye to you so lets say hello to james craig as you can see a heated discussion here and it's been a heated discussion as well in the papers not just today but in the right this has been a big debate online the false wealth allows the number of weeks to stick to the front pages of conference papers this morning which interest in
7:54 pm
the pre crunch that they are these tools the same front page headline the oldest debates in the world to the hospital at the creek that predominate and also as soon as soon as i can find here is. but it's both look what's been most interesting phone lines all of these patients amount of fat stores which are against the school north of criminalizing the punter for the cost of our most famous one. it was the very provocative hands all my core campaign. don't abuse the rights provided for many reasons because it also refers to teach. that meant to be that paul was that the manifesto will be printed and forty three slots at back in nineteen seventy one which was that highlights at the right to women to seek abortion. and this time they called it the manifesto between four to three bastards. so in the choice of on which it was a provocative move a lot of people criticize that you can see here. another headline he's one of the day suspended for the week. a big debate. i knew this website that three hundred and forty three ca
7:55 pm
not err as another of my pants didn't respond when you can basically replying to each of the people who signed it so it's a it's a way obama and the expressed their disagreements with these people who disagree with criminalizing the punters know all there is in a desperate lack of weight also at the petitions that there are times such as feminists this one appeared in the hot stone and their argument is because we are feminist group we refusal to prioritize is repression over real political economic and social measures to fight against male domination poverty unemployment and a charity when it adopts feminists you also hot celebrities including kathleen than those who signed another tradition again with more mature on which she became the face in the top of the british press that far. you can see that the independence here is kind of painted as a very french debate fox is compromising position when a new goal to criminalize countries all of them prostitutes is inflaming french options. that said for all of these petitions right but the prostitutes
7:56 pm
themselves to be having their say. prostitution. i was only eight merchandise or products is one prostitute who spoke along. her argument was i was a prostitute for twenty years i'm so freaking insults the humiliating them on to customers and worked alongside french people in deep distress. i was an area called another prostitute in the narrowing down which is useful to the huffington post she said that her experience was that she lived to see experience prostitution as a series of succession of rapes i'm sad that such accompanied the degree of complacency. either that or fantasies into reality so cool in school but just for critical of the debate. then you also constitutes her saying that their experience of prostitution is anything but negative it was a choice them are pushed into it by economic necessity. this person here speaking to officials but that was an arts training as a nurse. i decided to become a prostitute of rome and a broker with some feminists on both sides there are
7:57 pm
prostitutes on both sides images can even have to leave it there. many thanks someone take a paddle. thank you for joining us for the false can get today . more balloons all in. it used. it is. i was. it
7:58 pm
was. do. does. i was. i do. i
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am the eye. thus he turned out that the nsa is it about watching you watch word documents reveal that the nsa has been jabbering record them on line sexual activity hoping to shame radicals but then the senior side of surveillance ahead. can the us government is planning to anything now that sentence yet the attic and the stated reason security concerns. for two at the map look at the divide between the us government in the banking coming


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