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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 27, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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one. the is the second headline says our seats and refusing to recognize china's new air defense out in the east china sea the foreign minister says he is to work since already complicated complex in northeast asia. to what south korea and united states wants north korea today oh six three zero the stalled six party talks aimed at breaking out of international isolation in return for giving up its nuclear program had a serious pollution crisis at treating the health
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and environmental problems and every day. for some carbs in korea is generating big business opportunities the stories and more next time. seo prime time nears its wednesday november twenty seven here in korea microphone line in the common things so much for joining us we begin this evening with the escalating tensions in the north east asia region where china and its neighbors are fighting for control of waters in the east and south china sea from south korea's warning of consequences resulting from time as a parent part brad and everything to us setting fire to the disputed so happens that he has our top story
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what mr you get that fact china's new arrogant and found that overlap with those of kirby and japan will further complicate hot plate in northeast asia. in his keynote speech at a forum on wednesday. korea's top diplomat said that the issue has made them or that it tends to be the environment even cancer and noted that competition and conflict among regional players is growing. apparent act of defiance against ageing latest declaration and the chill of support for its ally japan the us military said tuesday that a plea to the air force b fifty two bombers over disputed islands in the east china sea on monday without announcing themselves. when china set up its new air defense bill last week insisted that the foreign debt and nation planned to fly military aircraft roommates. the sound overlaps with one set by japan and capris disputed islands that are controlled by japan. it also partly
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overlaps that of korea including aerial space about the little house of cards rock mass lying on the two countries overlapping exclusive economic found baby east china sea. try as defence ministry said it was monitoring the entire flight path of the us bombers as they flew into town on monday although the spokesman said the planes were not in their search. architect at all eighteen announcement came in a row and territorial dispute with japan over the island of the east china sea. knowing that you're in china and think i knew when to pack. analysts say the flights and a clear sign of washington's support for japan and that prevented an act of defiance against what it considers to be teaching at preston spent in the region. i'm twenty weeks what i was assertion that a greater military control in the region has prompted the south korean air force to beef up surveillance and fired at operation
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capabilities. here's aiden uses defence ministry correspondent and dined with the details on what's at stake and how much it will cost. the south korean air force to leave room for our low altitude surveillance radars for the first time in twenty fifty. korea's defense acquisition program administration announced wednesday that it had sealed the deal with a group of the nation's top weapons makers led by mit next one and a red beak and the process of mass production. the low altitude radar to detect targets more than one hundred km away in a year and provide necessary information to korea's master control and reporting center more than thirty one million us dollars per punt into the radar project over five years. this marks the first time and your ilk surveillance radar has been fully developed using home grown technology. the defense acquisition agency plans to replace all existing aerial surveillance radars on
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the korean peninsula with indigenous plants based on the success of this project the air force will also purchase four units of aerial tankers from overseas and efforts to beef up the need to hear defenses. after holding a meeting presided over by defence minister combined seen on wednesday the defense acquisition agency announced the launch bits from generate twenty fourteen and select the most suitable contender within one year through product evaluations. defence acquisition agency spokesman peter young said the aerial tankers once deployed will bolster combat capabilities like expanding the operation times a fighter jet flying long distances including key areas near taupo filling and he'll go by more than one hour. it also allow for the loading conventional weaponry and to the fuel currently korea's most advanced fighter jets and fifteen k it can operate for thirty minutes over cocoa and for twenty minutes over yet
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though. up to nine hundred forty two million dollars had been set aside to preach or the four aerial tankers that of the deployed from twenty seventeen to twenty nineteen boeing and airbus military have been hand picked as the two top contenders. and then in years. a flurry of diplomatic efforts to resume the long stalled six party talks on the new clear icy north korea is currently taking place behind the scenes but not everybody is yet on the same page the sources of the usa the opening up a communist nuclear and missile programs to independent verification is one of the key preconditions to getting everyone around the table again. i can and then reports north korea's uranium enrichment and its long range missile program top the agenda. recent talks between regional powers as a truck on the way to rescind the long stalled six party talks. korean foreign minister you don't says that wednesday at the mall trilateral talks are a good foundation for which the war
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also stressed that enhancing bilateral efforts should be taken into consideration as well. diplomatic sources in boston on tuesday said that north korea would have to freeze its nuclear program and ballistic missile capabilities before the talks which include the two koreas the us china japan and russia can resume. talks are and that the new pricing can get in return for the removal of sanctions and a national support. the sources say it on as the turtle coming out would compromise proposal after the resumption of talks and not necessarily on the preconditions this comes as yes they run korean central news agency reported on tuesday. the north korean foreign ministry spokesman accusing us of demanding of certain preconditions. as i watched it had no intention of coming back to danville shading table. another sticking point is that the us and its allies say they need more information about communist or a new member of the pro ranks capabilities very few details are
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available. all i plutonium which can only be made in a nuclear power plant. uranium can be processed with the simple centrifuge which can be based almost anywhere a new report by the causal for relations led by north korea expert scott snyder says that the county of resumes its nuclear program will forfeit over a hundred billion dollars in lost economic opportunities over the next several years the report pointed out that kelly on the southside help to boost its ailing economy and then added and it's. a great president carlos portfolios will make the four day state visit to seoul starting next monday. it will mark the first time that the president has ever made an official trip to korea on tuesday present aachen is scheduled to hold bilateral talks with the greek leader and discuss ways to expand cooperation in the sectors of trade investment ship building and infrastructure she is also expected to seek support from the greek
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government or perky north korea policies such as a trust building process with the rogue state and setting up a mall time lateral dialogue channel in northeast asia. fostering regional development in the nation from the bottom up. that was the goal preston aka namely it out on wednesday during a visit to a government organized regional development. therein was not aware as passive registrations promoted a top down approach to regional development that started at the central government has impacted me the case for giving local governments and residents central roles the stronger regional development he said would speed up national developments and added that each region to focus on its strengths and use that as a basis from which to work the president also about to promote policies that meet the needs of the people in order to improve their standard of living
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the crisis in china and its damaging effects that go beyond borders are nothing new to korea citizens here for decades has been coughing up trying to fill of dust and suffered a heavy smog and acid rain but with the level of pollutants on the rise beijing is finally starting tab green gas emissions. aiden is a spunky son joins us now in this studio sochi send any progress on on china's attempts. when it's time to watch second largest colony off the state's largest economy confused and most well and it's the most common outside in the world. its asian neighbors tinkering korea and have always felt the impact. in fact more than forty percent of the park fence in the eerie decathlon salt here i will need to work from the neighboring china any maybe a slow start but the comments nation has begun reviewing efforts to fix his hair parted nightmare by watching measures are packed with air pollution problem
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the calais. it seems like a gene no longer wants to be taxed as a smoky gray capital of the world's second largest economy. at the un climate change conference in march and which ended over the week and the country plans to balance its economic growth with strong efforts to cut pollution at our pavilion we are showing that the chinese government along with chinese citizens is making every effort to address air pollution. we have also launched the walls first national carbon day to encourage the to help achieve the goal of the world cup and trainer. that won't be easy i realize and cool for about eighty percent of its energy generation. mostly due to rising number of automobiles and factories and consumes nearly half of the world's coal supply. as a result that's the highest carbon dioxide emissions in the world. going green is no
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longer an option. it's a must with the eastern country. one section of the country spot to plant and in twenty fifteen is to keep the environment and pollution control. baking requires the cards take a day off the road every other day. ns close factories that did not abide by missions and art time is during green growth policy is different from that of developed country while those countries goal of re growth. it seemed that the public's well being china is in a position in which it must rehabilitate environment which has become heavily polluted over three decades of rapid economic growth. in other countries with high greenhouse gas emissions want some time to make plans at the recent un climate change conference in poland the member countries will have until twenty fifteen is the price plans for cutting greenhouse gases starting point five. so we still have a long wait but in the meantime all this pollution can be an opportunity for praying for
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us. after all of that only the beginning state score is hoping to take a leading role in the can of green energy industry while tackling the pollution problem in china and bring companies are seeing new biz opportunities in baking stuffs the air china's renewable energy generation accounts for twenty percent of the total a ten billion dollar mark eighteen point one two that we've been focusing on developing the necessary technologies and now it's time to target youth team at the power and fast technologies are competitive enough to generate new revenue in the market works the korean government wants a task force in twenty eleven to support company seeking to export their grief and technologies to china. so what are they making a dent into the pollution. well not just cannot be contacting the small and midsize businesses that are developing eco friendly fuels and renewable forest energy commitment have missed the target they have
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struggled to enter the chinese market. other regulations an entry barriers for concrete companies are very high. the stubble all in killing time at which it pays to be the color of the biggest demand for all to feel and a new book connection. so back to the cross border pollution issue are there any practical ways of blessing been devastating effects of china's pollution. well not just yet not to eat i actually was also fitted us going into neighboring countries in northeast asia and signed took a half assed a call from eighteen to buy eight he teleported times therefore some apples that they should never have seen by the ministry of the three countries agreed earlier this year told off of air pollution control and ways to test a she. an expensive problem. i pointed out that the research institute the air pollution from time that the coming into korea can cost. we ask but just one trillion won with seven billion dollars a year and will too bad there's no way for one big fat lawsuit is settled the whole deal thanks so much cheese and four the report. before your
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dna. and another begins. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from h's heartbeat with the viewpoint of the covert its local network and why on arrival that. he always on standby south. japan's lower house of parliament has approved a state secrecy built that imposes tougher penalties on civil servants who leaked classified information and all the journalists are trying to obtain them critics of the myths say it's an attempt to buy tokyo to block access to information on sensitive issues including the country's nuclear power plants. the kanji on as he tips. japan is moving to pass
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a bill that would expand the definition of the peak rates and reduced penalties for whistleblowers time musician god if that's the law is vital to its and supporting the security policy with the us and other allies. with the deterioration of our security environment these days is imperative that we place utmost importance to information gathering to protect their citizens and our security. the bill was approved by the japanese island of samoa house on tuesday and is expected to be passed by the upper house under the law the top officials in all ministries and government agencies would be able to classify information acts the secrets in four categories defence diplomacy counterterrorism and counterintelligence. that can also include information on the vulnerability of the country's nuclear power means a great concern after that she menu click disaster in march twenty eleven servants who leak information can be jailed for up to ten
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years and journalists and others in the private sector could face up to five years if convicted under a lot while this is an evil law and the need to tell more people about how dangerous idiots. opponents of the legislation see the law is passed out it really is and the teaching of its contents and its impact on the free flow of information the bill is likely to pass without difficulty in upper house next month. the topic liberal democratic party its junior partner the new homeopathy solid majority in both chambers and see our identities. digging out to scotland where the government has released a blueprint for independence from britain. it portrays the richer fairer and nuclear free country yet the idea faces strong opposition and most guys citizens are reportedly against a county can ask more the scottish government took another step toward independence from britain on
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tuesday when first minister alex salmond released a white paper on independence outlining the country's currency plans the fence and welfare systems. salmond said the country's bid for freedom is now in its own hands. this white paper. physically emotionally deal with them any people. i've been off of any of them a little. as a basis for becoming an independent country. it was pe on got some independence call them stopped from a position of strength. the six hundred seventy page document titled scotland's future comes ten months ahead of the referendum slated for september in the next year the document says the nation will have its own defences for example at its own taxes at the same time the nation will keep queen elizabeth two as the head of states retain the british pound as the country's currency and maintain its membership in the european union. sally said that an independent
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scotland would establish a just society without interference from monday. and to be eventually have the world's eighth largest economic output. a crick said towns the plan and citizens are divided with most of them against it. opposition lawmakers said last week that despite any long term economic benefits. drastic spending cuts and tax increases would be needed in order to finance a new nation and bring down the deficit. a recent survey by the sunday times of london shows forty seven percent of scottish citizens are against independence. thirty eight percent are for it. while fifteen percent are undecided scots will vote on whether the country will be separated from britain on september it up next year. honey can i eat starting next year a smart taxi service will be launched in korea. passengers will be able to use their smart fellas obtain information on
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the taxi instead you're rich and starting location with family and friends kindly explains. whether you grabbing a tad late at night when that day is bright and early. soon feel tipsy for getting out by the scariest new seen taxi service lunch and tea. ca said all he needed to store fat. smart service uses the field communication technology. if i love my church had been able to change a nap it divides their best descriptor smartphone about ten centimeters away and and it had been at it. and that his family. the center on the vehicle and exact location will crop up on the three. she tackles her stores to taxis places that number. taxi companies contact information passengers can easily share all of this information in their rap but after
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the attacks. with the service like that include women especially will be interested in using it. i don't think i'll use it everytime i'm in tackling i'd probably go on dates i get off work late just found that this cease attacks he acknowledged that found a new beacon to go the science ministry and agency created to serve it so passengers can conveniently share information on the attorney and feel more at ease when taking a taxi through this initiative. we also hope more people will become familiar with and it's the technology. his works that are reasons to our fans accept. i can. unlike the phones at times funny analogy. i found does not come equipped with anti technology and business surveys steered toward passengers. looks like taxi drivers also welcome. you need to be is a great new service as a taxi driver all my passion is to feel safe on to my car. my january about
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thirty five thousand taxes nationwide are set to be equipped with nfc capabilities for this service connie me. the team korean baseball organization cso was right but defensive gems by players all across the week and the top office announced the list of nominees for top defensive honor stephen j joins us with the latest lover. k guys a total of forty four nominees were announced by or for the prestigious golden globe awards which honors players who go above and beyond in fielding a golden globe will be handed out to the top player at each position and someone leans on the ballot include next to first baseman the titles to church early strike and time zones and the members of sports media
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report from thursday through december six and on december to the golden globe awards ceremony will be held that the courts auditorium and sell beads. number one that's check out wednesday stopped epl match up the mall the standings and the cornell audience faced off in the years that it's the first half the beef is with all the aunts match each other on the floor and it's tied thirty nine thirty nine going into half then from the third mother starts pulling away as the audience keep its goals on vacation the fetus is more into our heads with twenty two points to get the win ninety one to seventy. now let's go over to became the classic where slope of the fourteen teams in the first week they stop on wednesday. in this final week of the season. now here are the second place behind steelers beat fourth placed fc smaller less fortunate fall to the steelers jeans and a heap of swung back from the complex than that but the opening score. now as he scores they aren't asking
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people why their equaliser two minutes later with a penalty kick putting him second in goals in the league here it is right here and the biggest way to the steelers go ahead with the myspace by going into it it's titled want and they don't look back the whistle blows the final score of three to one. a lot. now here the scores from the bradley sportscenter this has been speaking to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. i know
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ch. it was a gloomy morning here in the capital before snow began falling in the afternoon at the snow has stopped now and the cold winds has moved and for t cells on the weather outlook let's go for tracking down at the weather center. but in hello kitty in a science he had hope you're all staying warm because the wind chill makes things till about six degrees colder than the actual temperatures taking a look at the current conditions the nation is at the end of the high pressure system which is why we're seeing them i call out rather well today at most twenty five centimeters of snow piled up in some parts of taiwan province. however the snow didn't stick your
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hands followed by more snow is forecast in the capital in the province overnight. other than that tomorrow morning will be the oldest of the season yet which may lead to icy roads. looking ahead at tomorrow's readings this color it's zero degrees meanwhile take with them to be kicked to the re wilding on sale at every change he said to make it to six degrees and cook tops out at three. bought something now and i'll be back but the acting to midnight thanks gal and that are broadcast on this wednesday nights and the ck in seoul john lynn thanks for watching all season. i look sir. having used it to you
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it all. in one. casey said he said. well we're going to school to get home it's no use to the scene in the inquest in another direction and in easton the same vintage. this mole is the key. mr the sea nature makes eating the way round. nosy. looking at the horizon and new year songs for something. you don't know what to do this along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for kink to stay moved by love it's a man whose longing for
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something. he's lonely and long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong aye. sch. yours. i am . new
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when we will. do. a before the eu summit to willie's eastern european partners fury new training he says that the lights and it until either the government's flavoring in signing up to try teams. i plan on terror and onto the russian capital but police say they the rest of the group of heavily on islamic extremists and . chipboard is the rest of


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