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recruits. developing tools for these personalities as well as their mark. you leave knew who will. and pa's. i eye. the little joe cummings by bland and dry. thanks to join me. senior envoys gathered geneva and in the wood to reach a deal on iran's nuclear. the teenage focused on the education activists while i like is the site collects the use of products. amid mounting criticism over germany's farm exports to saudi arabia
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third round of talks between iraq and six major world powers is getting underway in geneva with mixed messages coming from those taking part us getting a deal would be quote very hard while russia has been considerably more well two weeks ago the talks came very close to reaching what's being described as an interim deal on a bronze nuclear program. the aim is to build confidence between the two sides before they can seem a long time. it's going around itself. ayatollah khamenei said he supports the call but has criticized israel which has been skeptical about the entire process. we're from our correspondent in geneva after this report the negotiators are back in geneva. the is catherine ashton is representing the six world powers over the next three days. less is keen to keep preure on to ron that
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sanctions will be tough and while president barack obama give diplomacy a chance to bear fruit. all this. as pres the united states me maintaining all options to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons i think that is a task that is were conducted. the iranian nuclear program is spread over several sites. there's a nuclear power plant that will share as well as sites for uranium mining enrichment there are also research facilities which can manufacture fuel rods. and in twenty fourteen a reactor capable of making weapons grade plutonium is due to go on line in iraq. iran says its nuclear program is purely civilian in nature. but western governments suspect decide to also be used to develop and build a nuclear weapon. sanctions have hit the wrong heart the oil embargo alone has cost the country sixty percent of its international revenues those measures have brought him onto the table. iran once
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the negotiations to lead to an easing of sanctions. in return germany in the five permanent un security council members want more transparency. they also want all halted construction on the rr reactor and a freeze on uranium enrichment. iran's supreme leader remains insistent that his country has a right to a nuclear program. a digitally at club level. issued at eleven in a speech broadcast live on state television. i will not only the money he said he would not intervene and details of the negotiations that's being seen as a nod of approval that the escalation policy followed by a presenter on raw honey. come monday he said there were broken lines iran would not cross. so the positions are clear going into the talks the negotiators say the potential for a historic agreement is there. for the very latest from geneva less going out to our correspond to our entrees the author joins us from the talks. this is a high
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level of expectation. for these conversations will we see a breakthrough this time around. it is possible we have two more days to go with a us based occasion suppose from defenses but to demand that they have it would've meant to. it's not been constructed by the evidence some posts on the show was dissatisfied if it's only been up in the eu list and cocoa until the bills secondly in round one small section that to dispatch the farm cash money the reason all the bad and the best in the russian supper to cook it and said it's not clear yet but up to you a view on this is at the spy it is only giving it to the mission that good. yes it is unknown to you smoked of technology but not the specific guarantee that it also quotes the foam enrichment of doing what about the israeli position always call the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has expressed vehement opposition to any deal would
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have invented the past. but seventy to stiffen the position of the french bid to reach that could already see at the restaurant in the fullness of our fabulous. and it did to the demands and brought healing and vanessa to reject or cut it. it is also the step of the poses of the us because yes president obama has said that congrats in his bed. woohoo was to name all sanctions and to applaud the nintendo could actually be irresponsible if it's a physio these talks. as most porous and geneva on the sides of her a suicide bomber in egypt's sinai region is attacked by scaring off duty soldiers reportedly killing eleven and seriously wounding another thirty four witnesses said that the attacker drove a car filled with explosives into military convoy on the road between iraq and al qaeda is so this will cause to begin a plate in the insurgency by militant islam is in sinai the region has seen a surge
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in violence since the minute the acid in the brotherhood that has come and more seem to mind. the european union has awarded its toll on us the human rights to the courageous pockets tony gill who has risked a lot in the struggle for adult education. sixteen year old manuel use of science despite being shot in the head by the taliban for that accepting that he is the sucker off prize in the name of god lala spoke out for the fifty seven million children worldwide deprived of education. also because of forced marriages and child trafficking sixteen year old mother of a youssef say was the center of attention in the european parliament and the teenage campaign a huge ten latest appearance in the spotlight to push the coolest the fight against the oppression of children in the struggle for more education. and the eye i own an xbox and pc edition art updates the restaurant. a
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bloke. and thank you song the speech that the deep impression upon them and the anyone who is just heard the girl and listen to her speech can only be deeply moved. i think we've seen a girl today who was more likely to defeat the fanaticism of the taliban and the drones up toward them the meeting with the meeting i feel motivated and inspired by his feelings young woman in the system or her wherever i have the possibility to have political influence. she's my hero. i ditched it the knot on the receipt that the use of the road rise to one of the fight against the oppression of women and killed by the taliban in pakistan's stopped fighting the irrigated got engaged and nearly cost her life
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some of the incumbent shorts had an impact on the school bus. since that attack. she's taken on the extremists. by spreading the message that knowledge is the best response. well is to do cod un climate talks in warsaw and there's little sign of progress. the stalks and laying the groundwork for a global deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions and teen years are one because of the pta is money well thanks to that extreme weather is causing almost two hundred billion dollars worth of damage every year. much of that damage to the pool countries that cannot afford to foot the bill as a result the demanding much more help from rich countries. here's the latest knock off two more germany's environment minister peter meyer have a clear message the delegates of the climate change convention. he said all countries has come to an agreement to combat climate change by twenty fifteen and warned of consequences if any it would be done. but darn it
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this agreement today six cents will be one of the biggest priorities for germany to cover the filling as it must apply to all countries even with the united states as well as china could be no exceptions that were working on it that's our goal the silks of exposed a rift between rich and poor nations developing countries to none more fun than today to deal with the effects of climate change they don't do the bulk of responsibility for the problem rests with wealthier countries insurance expensive already begun crunching the numbers of me i put on a global data bank so we can calculate the damage as a result whether to natural disasters around the world each year it will break that down to developing countries. and then except a certain portion of that bill we're looking at ten billion dollars sale last summer gemini seems keen to lead by example that smile just takes some thirty million euros to help developing countries fight climate change
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funerals have been held on the town and on into sunday and the victims of monday's intense storms sixteen people were killed when struck and cleopatra. dumped several months' worth of rain onto the island in the space of just a few laps the last night that weather system moved to the italian mainland being the capital rome and the silent force the country's top. emil should teach them some nbc gets an idea of the devastation. tony cummings is primary blue heels mad as in rent everything is now cement under a torrent of war tactics lounge said the north on sunday near the cleanup has peed on the downfall and massive amounts of mind and makes thousands of buildings streets and bridges across the island. that's the way it is all stitched each. nothing in the area is working properly. communication is difficult. i'm the greatest damage has been suffered by the inhabitants in
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the sixties that took place to do with this in my queue many beyond just coming to ten's meet the federal safety of monday's storm. these people have the lcd everything and some almost drowned in the inheritance i'm tired and i were able to swim through a window to escape if we've lost three cars at our house lies in ruins. i no longer have the light. you're not the italian government has promised twenty million units in emergency aid. but given the scale of destruction that one cannot steal. so i can see a pattern for new trainer didn't just mean its meeting of the contents means some businesses in our chairs and german steel maker to simcoe have been dropping after house talks to sell its loss making plant in the us state of alabama but not another problematic side in brazil which has been called as olson agreed to pay gem of a
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low rates until it upon him was the one hundred and fifty million euros into price fixing rao. the steel make it colluded with brussels the same time prices for reynolds when switching between two best one and two thousand and eleven. already pays at least two hundred million years in fines for price collusion. along with other members of a car. what does he hold has been watching the reaction to last on the mark is she sentences find out perfect. one simple with one bag. chairman steele egotistical finally made some progress to sell its us unit but the company has to keep its loss making brazilian steel make a way to understand sushi as well worst performance in the dax the german market didn't move that much say this is a pretty relaxed into buying the shares after reaching new all time high heel waiting for it to accept christ. she is so freaking cool made to perform very well the company is planning an ipo of its
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russian units which promises much needed money. total silence and lack of numbers into more detail than forty eight starting off in french that when the dax. ended the day it very slightly to tear a tree the sox fifteen supreme up slightly to the downside. in new york trading is still underway also pretty much slacked on the down at the moment and you're using that against the dollar at one dollars thirty four. well the tokyo motor show has been and is still mostly green cars catching the line might be things like the sand and clay i can be showcasing the electric drum about the future of the run of bells were small the ultra efficient. dr is child's play and i do mean that literally the single he just needs to human touch and off you go the steering wheel in these two it's a concept cars
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instead of dynasty is using phony movements which also controls the speech. the blog window it takes to drive installed wind and dust. it may lead some pics that elliot is sit in cars like this will soon be a common sight there are many devices these days you'll find a true human emotions such as smartphones or videogames with umno polls and the cars still use the old interface steering wheel and brake pedals on the other day we thought we'll then we can develop a new way to control cars more people even children can thrive in an american. we love the lord released on the tokyo motor show is the future with the loss of one of many going on two hundred and seventy nine to become a kid is applying for the eye amongst them they said they viewed it as it is ladies night out. it's aimed at people who want environmental friendliness combined with performance and styling. it's
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meant to give to and to run for its money. i'm mistaken clean break and that could be back in mn this time with him to look at the roundabout yemen where the sale society review and will be looking at trees lesions in brazil as a mentor is a soccer world cup all that and more in just one ew. fruit. the nice arms
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exports to allow to their lowest level in ten years that's according to the pool but does in the us and here in europe the net after my arms exports are increasingly focusing on other parts of the world and in two thousand twelve saudi arabia was its biggest customer level position cos he say that gemini should be providing weapons to countries that had some support human rights record. here is the biggest recipient of german arms shipments. no other country even came close in twenty
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twelve release exports to the gulf state which regularly shows off its military strength that greats like these are extremely controversial. critics high late saudi arabia's for human rights record and its role in suppressing dissent in the middle east the opposition green party of q's uncle americans government of violating its own ethical standards. new moon is the new and it would help the government has stressed that its ongoing elections and school kind kind that makes you right to decide. if you supply weapons to saudi arabia menu on serious about mankind on a new six feet in height and weight. the new government has countered that it considers a strong saudi arabia an important stabilizing factor in the region. it is on the unagi is saudi arabia is a pond in the fight against international terrorism. it's bound to hit some are in the g twenty one semi surreal
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this without even looking the fact that when it comes to human rights. barry white differences of opinion between saudi arabia and the german government. we reckon that the voice our opinions in his office to move into the game is in the open. germany's weapons exports may be an issue at home. but its arms remain in command abroad. income from military exports dropped by a quarter from twenty eleven to germany still sold nearly a billion euros worth of weaponry abroad the caretaker government in berlin has approved the twenty twelve report on weapons exports. but as coalition talks to form a new governing continue the social democrats have promised better communication regarding what the sales they see lawmakers and will be home more quickly. not only signed. let's talk about this in greater detail now we're joined by its legal correspondent peter craven to do that. the theory of germany's had very strict guidelines in place since the nineteen fifties. why is it shipping large quantities of arms to countries like
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saudi arabia. well the front of the mysteries of the most it did the guidelines stated that the accounts of the moment came into force in the year two thousand and one may stipulate east germany is only in principle at least allowed to export weapons to the eu and to its tomato comments. the woodland from this latest report is the gemini is in fact as sending fifty nine percent of its comes to a countries like saudi arabia to test if the policy countries that that is all a note according to the guidelines which again stipulate that jimmy connors expo to step up two nations is its own vital difference in security interests on a plane that's what the government argues that the country like saudi arabia's we see the government says it's a state of security and stability in the troubled region. not everybody agrees of course was told that the critic is one opposition force or another opposition voice saying she kind of magical time including behaves as if that has never been a matter of spring. she is becoming the arab despots
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favorite gill friends a very diverse opinions on a strong sentiment that peter briefly because you know if and when we see a new government to the sea change in the balls the promising more scrutiny the proof will be in the pudding brian and peter craven has ever peter thanks so very much one moment a look at how brazil hopes that affirmative action well and the nation's legacy of races the school is committed to some other news from a rental the un security council has condensed tuesday's suicide bombings in the lebanese capital beirut. more than twenty people killed when two attackers themselves up near the iranian embassy the lebanese based group with links to al qaeda has claimed responsibility the south african paralympic champion cost of the story this is on trial for the murder of the scope and has been formally charged with two additional gun related offences. the story is weak and blade runner after its fiberglass faces
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allegations of illegally discharging firearms on two separate occasions prior to kill. i headed to a us study says that children these days come from sponsors the parent or a boutique and his children apparently needed ninety seconds longer to run one point six km then that is thirty years ago the american house association compared data from millions of children around the well is playing for leeds fitness levels on a lack of activity the next two years. brazil is set to rise to the world's most prestigious fourteen cents to close the world cup in the lead paint. it's something to show the wealth of its entire lesson the diversity is writ large in brazil with a population made up of indigenous peoples of both african asian and european immigrants. but black brazilians are still under represented in the professions and among the financial elite. welcome to the change that affirmative action programs
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are being expanded. this black awareness day in brazil activists calling for more speed up in that box has this report. the role that de silva says brazil's tolerant multicultural society isn't it. for about ten minutes without parents in the north of rio de janeiro and says she was teased as a child in africa. nowadays she's more likely to encounter disapproving blonde says to beat in the way from my clubs these things. constantine your appearance or college the history confirmed he is buying a kit that moment i fell asleep. a lack of it all comes under attack. if only you. the prussian the baptist parents agreed that the eighteen races and is ready and brazil. but beneath the surface but deep cracks in brazilian society. on
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the average mom likes to ninety three fifths of what whites. they'll all say more likely to be its roots and die in the fridge is six years younger. watson has to be needed something to society cannot racism and the sale. almost everyone easel and it exists as an entity would admit to being racist and style. rabat to go to college mates puppy thanks to an official puts it the people of african or indigenous descent the government aims to increase the numbers and lights and let income students to fifty percent of the prestigious federal unit this tease like twenty sixteen. since moving to the re seasoning skin colors everywhere now. local news paper editorials and chat shows on radio and tv to take a bus somewhere you people talking about it with google to follow but it's become a serious issue for brazilian society that wants to be my mom. the principal effect
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these quarters of that principle has become far too much of it. will that sits in the final year of studies that one of the bastille faculties in the country. she wants to help change the society she lives in a dozen of them is realizing that we still have the same age as my experience with the new cathedral the important position. we can go in the genus the scenes diplomacy or does he have to stay to be treated by. i don't stay in hospital at a tennis court to me and i totally an intimate of contents or dad who was said biscuit or an email to boot well that's a mix that makes this will help break the glass ceiling in brazilian society for the good of a town's future generations. the upcoming world cup in brazil now in last four european teams have booked their tickets to see all of a playoff between portugal and sweden was billed as a class of two locals biggest personalities cristiano ronaldo. and last in for him the trees down and
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going out to me. i need to include the dates. there was no hiding for two dollars and forty and off the amazing comeback. it smacks of me standing just alcohol time when christiane and then down to cope with the swedish defence could go to kuching the he thinks he made it seeks to attain to. on a doctorate in something freaky for me santa to make it to one system the ingredients seem to be the scandinavians weeks. but the stamina of the ideas and scored twenty of meaning. in the night in the seventy seventh minute before grounding to keep it to seal it eighteenth and you could be taken too busy
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the portugal to as cleaning to do. the act was committed and the results of tuesday's playoffs. well we have that portugal was all topped off data from societies that critiques to progress thanks to the nelson piquet ukraine preparation crossed the atlantic hopes to book a place with a two nil victory good news for greece to use one or two and estimated completed before two aggregate win and three other nations to afford to brazil after winning their playoff gonna losing too long to egypt but when the seven three on aggregate. algeria progressing at the expense of the camp also. and mexico knocking out new zealand in their inter continental playoff team now reached fifteen of the twenty world cups. well funny for something truly love is at hand the colon in the final attack is underway in general for the next five days a wide range of art on display including being taken the big attraction at this year's canadian fine arts is to can say is the painter the nineteen sixty three painting is amazed by
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the political will to. but he did some eight point five million euros. recent years has seen a surge in playa contrast to the fact. you realize this as people that seem not to say that in times of financial crisis the police can that get the mom gets to the atlantic it's been growing strongly and consistently eighty s he's also a great way of discovering the edges of the content of time on the war but i can hang onto it and still have this type of investment. the novelty of the twenty fifth seems that it's a special exhibition style icons to get this highlights of oldsmobile design fashion and other objects from the nineteen twenties to the nineteen sixties. make sure lonely as his time on the agenda thanks much for joining us by the air. focus documentary
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series from which it though captivating documentary said reports covers business and finance alternative teaching historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm the veto. so riveting that separates us with a camisole top model. he soon will miss
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out. isn't that a digicam with habitat for an encore to report that he was the detainees the beach asked. she's going to hit you on the up to the ddt activity. all you need intestines and one heck of a boss. maybe that'll be it a fantasy. the kids were misled over so my mom agrees she still says it over with all but one balls as of end of this lovable. due to it. when the robot. he isl
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