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tv   Journal  PBS  November 16, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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years and three new longest ongoing series on the seventeen ninety and are watching them. i am. i knew the journal for tw and for what is on target market. our top stories this hour. in the philippines aid is arriving bought nelson's are we that devastated. in italy another setback for ballast don't eat as his party threatens to split. bad news for german soccer fans something can be restored and he couldn't rule it out of next year's world cup. at
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the eight days after taught to try and struck the philippines relief efforts are finally gaining momentum. more international aid teams are riding in the hardest hit areas the eu has says is sending is that sending additional support but as we see in a press report that aid workers are facing a massive task with an estimated two million people displaced by the stall. these refugees have escaped from they have finally reached safety at the airport in manila. let's pretend more sense to it. and also the spiritual support. many of the people from the flooded areas me lou the stand. last month. i love everything. so i don't do so
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on. awesome support. much has been so sweet to all who also did some dancing. the crayon monster storm and ruins the top job on this baby girl was born today secured the suffering from a spirited problems. parents must announce that my hair with oxygen around the clock easy and comes home. the hostel to attack saddam has been without power since the time to strike. one more release goods from abroad in our writing to provide assistance to the heat. the red cross says twenty five thousand people are still missing the un says millions of lives. people always say diamond also hoping more meat will arrive soon. tiki high and the tonic on the island destroying everything in its punch. joining or sell a line from the philippines is corresponding chris johnson
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chris it's been over a week now since the typhoon struck is the relief effort finally getting up to speed. i wore it to the chalet. they didn't know what a worker telling me the airport february will start getting very busy. they are equipped to deal with all the traffic at the cat would like to think of the supply truck the bill are finally reaching the doctor isn't too big to plug gaps. well that the military helicopters to apply to more remote areas baby . i'd be taking the lead other countries are coming here to debate group from germany th. have you brought the crowd here in the coop. water purification plants look great but not nearly enough in education that for the eleven million people are affected. they could to really take it for a lot there for. and this is a massive disaster some two million people been displaced by the storm we've heard all
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of those displaced people being sheltered and will they ever be able to go home. oh and it would build a church and the people we have today but that was the far north of the two are staying in the same place at the church where they tried to ride out the door a day to go up they haven't even started building temporary shelters right across the philippines. many of these people were forced to do with opec to go up it was there but had a coconut trees sugarcane crop so they won't have an income. but they could use some of the damage coconut tree to build little hot but it's really a shortage of beautiful work and even though it is very resilient or people up. this doesn't look like the kid to go home the very near future christensen to believe that the thank you very much click here. vietnam is also suffering the effects of the storm at least nineteen people died there in floods and landslides caused by heavy rains. the worst hit area was the lead in
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the province in the center of the country. the raging waters of submerged and destroyed many homes and cut off entire villages the situation has been aggravated by the need to release large amounts of water to relieve pressure on down. well fresh clashes have erupted in the libyan capital tripoli after more than forty people were killed in fighting between militiamen and the city's residents on friday. as funerals were held the united nations mission to the country and the libyan prime minister called for restraint. the government in tripoli has struggled to control security since the overthrow of mo mark of the peak in two thousand the left. an alliance led by the muslim brotherhood in egypt says it is ready for national dialogue to end the country's political standoff but the group insists that the interim government must release the detainees and reopened tv stations supporting the movement. the proposal does not call for more seats return to power by the group says it wants a solution
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based on constitutional legitimacy. more c supporters have repeatedly taken to the streets since he was removed from office in the military to launch a line for. a suicide bomber in a suicide bomber has killed at least six people in afghanistan the attacker rammed a color bleeding with explosives into an army vehicle in western kabul. it was providing security for a rep for a venue where thousands of tribal elders will convene next week to discuss a security pact with the us the taliban has rejected calls to take part in war the contestants they would be punished. it is the worst the security deal germany's social democrats are stepping up the pressure on chancellor merkel's conservatives to make policy concessions in exchange for a coalition agreement. if the spd party leaders the bag of trail wrapped up a party conference in leipzig on
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sunday by demanding a cruise on saturday rather by approving the many approval for dual citizenship. wall which the conservatives. it's the spd is also sticking to its demand for a blanket minimum wage. negotiations toward a new government are entering a critical phase with the deal expected to be in place of the end of them at least it was one activity the day to get seemed to enjoy playing with a fast cars outside the conference call. inside the grand coalition was on everyone's minds. it's a prospect many of the rank and file trade the spd plans to allow an unprecedented damage of its four hundred and sixty thousand members of the coalition agreement. and it centers me to high risk move. it's a matter of honesty and consistency beginning the flag it comes to those who are critical of the deal to express themselves and that's good for the county. i would
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the policy leader insists he will push hard in the negotiations. and he appealed to the delicate sense of responsibility. and that's it for the weekend to attend if i can tell jr healthier stuff. soon you'll have to fight your corner in the fall. you can't go to the party meetings photo. it seems gabriella mail one of the conference delegates but the litmus test will come when the members vote on the coalition deal in three weeks' time. it's the swans was the surreal ikea has rejected calls by britain's prime minister david cameron for an inquiry into alleged war crimes committed during its civil war. cameron is in the country for a commonwealth summit. he told reporters that relied too much speed up reconciliation efforts following the civil war or face a potential u n inquiry into alleged war crimes. the extra night in government said cameron's comments undermined its
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sovereignty. tens of thousands of bulgarians have taken part in rallies to support the independence the government. as many as fifteen thousand people marched against embattled prime minister and orange husky in the central city of paul did. but in the capital sofia horror shows he addressed a similar sized rally of his supporters socialists has had a deprived of coalition government since may when the largest party the conservatives resign following mass protests over high utility bills and corruption italy's political landscape is changing yet again with a close ally of former prime ministers to be about us going breaking away to form a new grouping in parliament. that announcement comes as venice county faces the possibility of being stripped of his seat in the italian senate after conviction in a tax fraud case. but the skinny responded to the walkout by re launching his party and change its name at a conference in rome the subaru
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this theory is used to making grand appearance since his time his supporters celebrated as an intense one hundred and ten. the occasion was and ten. berlusconi's party is not too cold for italia or go deeply into my group for women. and first went into politics in the nineteen nineties the tuscany zines have the stones exchange will get a copy of much needed boost the only person who can see italy's silvio berlusconi yet either you like it or not. i know all the media think at all. i said if we had two more sylvia was due to the top nation in the world it will enable epidemics of them. such bold words come crying to find that balance can be as fine tuned to his political survival. be it
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but in the seventy seven year old was convicted of tax fraud to someone on the twenty seventh of november. the sun the movement of whether to strip him of his seat as a consequence. in recent months danny has pushed his posse to break away from blindness to return his coalition government. instead it's the currency that has ended up breaking apart. we weren't and we are to meet longer capable of bringing down the government. despite the smiling faces. it looks like berlusconi much of the mountain. come come to play. the yumminess has won the presidential runoff in the mold these four three previous attempts to elect a new leader where an old board delayed. unofficial results should be yummy with a narrow lead over former pres of muhammad that she was ousted from office last year. sports now and in nigeria nigeria's become lists the latest nation to qualify for next summer's soccer world cup
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baby ethiopia two zero at home in hobart to complete a four one aggregate win in the decisive play off. that makes the super eagles the first african nation to book their place in brazil they don't qualify for the world cup finals spot times. germany were also already qualified to lead role won all of their friendly with italy on friday the result was overshadowed for germany coach who are talking that through a serious injury to one of his key players sending cutting the bureau was struck by injury in the sixty seventh minute of the match the doctor's verdict a torn cruciate ligament that will put him out of action for around six months. it could mean the midfielder can compete next summer's world cup. it's a bitter blow for your notes was to keep georgia is what this meant as germany's coach. most of
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the german team award new movie the eighth minutes well to boot and the rest of the italian team played showing until. seal but to grant his first international goal in the thirtieth minute this left footer brought the authorities level. an existing institutions we have to be satisfied with one off youtube we did with much room on the talents that either a once we can definitely improve. so a satisfactory trial for the german team for too long dreamt of win over italy remains elusive the world cup itself begins in brazil next june and plans are already scrambling for tickets one point one million of the three million tickets in total have already been sold. critics say brazilians may be left out of the party resilience is the huge amounts of funding for the world cup. experts say will cost the country about
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nine years. the intestines day yes protested spend the money could be that it stands. london scientists is one of the leading critics to be advanced. he thinks more funding should go and sustainable development instead of such high speeds projects. your skills with the program under seal. i think the protests will continue because many problems have been installed at the start of the projects related to the world cup will continue to adversely affect the lives of ordinary citizens especially the more we practice this sort of whom were dogs walkers the demonstrations have also caught the attention of the organizing committee chairman rick unattractive he believes that the kids needs to remain on soccer during the tournament. but the authorities will have to step up security at the bead between the official spoke to get a bit of extinct in force from the state and deceit they keep their professors south from the stadium and inside the stadium we have an
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excellent as is typical. and that's the guarantee that the big eighth defeat in two thousand and seven the government had failed to honor a snack so much so that it agreed to cut spending on the wellcome and is asking she had to provide more money sulfur know to stay with us you do. you decide you want to watch the images. programs the whole package the future media center. dw tell me if i do. i am. isn't it. i
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changed it. no papers police as ego mind to share. he and his men from a self appointed mission trips into it in the protected house in the middle of mosque and without any legal authority migrants from central asia are called to be hiding here they are a source of cheap h and to sharets. wefamily
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are from the prine districtaner. keep your documents ready and wait for the police the deal with it the kids. you might do santa and his men to this week off to week residents tip them o as to whamigrantsould immigrants are a problem for most to. with that. my answer in order to tell me he's mistaken me for a member of the militia. it was mixed. i asked him where he's from
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was based on his hands. you can get to work i asked yes he says. here in moscow there is jones. uhm it's difficult to quit. now he's desperate mango ship is called the police and that means demand from uzbekistan will probably be deported. we're both boys has nothing to do with nationalism anguish of sense. it's about different civilizations. all of central asia is a region where fundamentally different rules apply it in a mosque. toake the slightest effort to extend to a russian goal sought to integrate here. it is full. sensei by the last remaining independent russian toting organization shows that many people in moscow things like this. about eighty percent of moscow bites on the immigrants from central asia to be sent. they will be hard to imagine
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moscow's construction been without them. many of the building site since migrants to do the hard labor and today's construction sites on the outskirts of the russian capital but has now gone on strike. it's kind of toronto from tajikistan and his team have gone molten three months without pay they are detectable from one hundred thousand years the man from the construction company to meet the rush says he knows nothing about it. there's probably not much mud on the finance workers from tajikistan can do to comprehend those responsible to account. is it horrible that we shouldn't be happening to our senses no plastic clarifies and with some contracts is to hire these people. as a general contractor we do not employ any construction work this week on a company pays its people. he must also provide accommodation for them
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you'll see a couple of days she wept as they sing containers directly on the construction site. and the round ups as they have to pay for its equipment of around seventy euros per month. he was to show me how they live and leaves me around the grounds. cookinglees everything they need in the containers. some workers even live here with our families and small children the soldier into real apartments. penny and about eight hundred units a month if they get paid to tong chinese has gone to ground of . bush is the mother would
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these be what are they still need us to this. i've now been here in russia for the ten years. these families built on ten freeway you know now that's it's enough for them and look what the navy day no one to take this away hundreds of thousands of migrant workers live in moscow. some estimate there are about to me. they work in construction. as clean as on nana's as taxi drivers wall street sweetness. and many of trade is in the big outdoor markets. when they see that i'm filming and many become that this time and again nationalists of attacks markets like this. now the news has changed even among four three mosque of lights. hostility towards those who do not feel rushed and he's growing the citizens aid organization has been observing this for a long time. getting a lean and have
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caught links provided by some medical help to migrants and refugees. this young man from uzbekistan was brutally attacked enrolled by a group of russians. he was about to transfer money to his family's home. money he earns isn't a death in moscow. this activist translates the young man's story. he says the imam is tied up and driven to a florist when he was beaten if the activists to adduce coming on and off says he feels migrants can be often attacked with impunity in russia nowadays. they are more holes in the media on now constantly. he says almost hysterically reporting about immigrants. this probably influences people and at least to this kind of harassment. or will that be this is probably the main reason. these men. in a cat's thirty to forty calls for
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help every day the impression migrants face is greater than emma. to the social worker and human rights activists as the hatred is directed towards all migrants sometimes it's against caucasians from chechnya on pakistan. people who are russian citizens. oh and i knew that this also paid to talk to refugees from faraway countries who joked to friends like people from africa to come to seek asylum and it's aimed at economic migrants of the room from and it was soo long. if she shows me the theaters on the internet to help me understand why the atmosphere has now become such angst. i love the picture she shows me off from a dull time around in southern moscow an angry mob storms the market. what does it come mainly from the caucasus and central asia
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. few days in the most divine to queenstown to death in broad day. there were reports a man who look like he was from the caucasus was to blame. there were rumors he was hiding at the markets the police was slow to stop the riots is. boston extinct and rested it on two thousand migrants to prevent the divine and steal our consent. irina says that's always the way . the she says the government in coming to migrants. he recently came up with integration policy in black and white it said russia needs to make the migrants. in this country the birthrate is catastrophic
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you know she sends me plenty of manpower in the future that's it. the listing is i'm surprise that rush has gone so long without a clear immigration policy immigrants from the former soviet republics in central asia can come to russia without a visa and stay for three months. but many stayed longer and was keenly getting at ten hundred sq four because their employer grinds you authorities. mikey but does it use to having them rights. authorities say there are more than three in the hoff million undocumented immigrants in russia the real numbers are probably much higher. when at the anger reaches boiling point. they are the scapegoats. and then there are official rates inspections and plates of deportations. but usually nothing happens mentorship says that is why he and his friends decided to take the fight against illegal
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immigration into their own hands. doing this for the past two years. i have carried out more than a hundred ranks and filmed everything. legal negotiations me pictures of grandma's major action. they tracked down several thousand immigrants and handed them over to the old cartoons the law. he often forced their way into hiding places the captured documents how to go mentorship cool sounds in this pdf. the day. though this is completely legal he sends nostril been called the police assume is a fine migrant workers. here they discovered forty five immigrants and illegal drugs and humors electronics. drug trafficking and petty crime
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these are the usual accusations against immigrants. i was told. go minor step is called in the special police force needs help. wearing helmets and bullet proof texts me the way the defenseless migrants the story. the coal mine to share things he did the right thing. all the doors opened but it probably says that i need two possibilities either the problem was sold from the ground up with these groups help. or it will be the end of the political system the disintegration of russia. religious and national conflicts of the long reach the boiling point two cents. he called on to goes back into the nights with his militia. the police was suspicious of them and fantasy since. many officials profited from immigrants. he
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is. they would provide cover for the illegals in exchange for a french fry. but now many police officers somewhat teamed together with the pretenses. nikon stalled immigration. but the goal meant to santa and his man on succeeding and staring up xenophobia and conflict in russia. in an eerie series from which ago. captivating documentary said reports cover business and finance alternative teaching historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm what's the world's biggest story each day. excludes any team that works. the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean
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washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting your age so it's good to hear. seventeen with me thanks to a doting auntie that i can take that stealing is just too new and it makes the network's tagore and in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks if you get enough of international mystery. now you can bring your favorite he gets home on dvd. the best of international mystery and drama. now available in eight c networks dot orgl
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know when will the week. i can. you might be. i've been trying to defend him. and dynamic economy. some of


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