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all along wall. stay. i know
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i mean two sons and four the large scale peaking on for instance on the form drama mail and phone isabelle has started the jeans come in grand theater. performers and staff are all busy preparing for the show. well we're a bit significance. they are feeling the pressure brought my attention from the audience and the media this is the first on stage presentation of peking opera master mainland fun. is the legendary line will be re enacted in a brand new one .
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eye. zero is to hit the region peking opera image appeared on the street at the same time the audience was amazed. the real life made was a handsome gentlemen yet he created the artistic image of an elite team in enchanting levy on stage. how he switched between two such diverse roles so perfectly remains a mystery . the from
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the team store and pt no rule in the nineteen twenties. his performances captured everyone's hearts including officials merchants dollars socialites and ordinary people. read on for a he starred in was a great success. he's fabulous performance on stage and called for the good manners on stage in two to four chinese audiences and four rbis. they learned about and experienced chinese culture through mainland funk and peking opera. i can. will you
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kill an elementary teacher this year completing them it was him. a wonderful time in a medallion for me the woman telling us a book on writing. the woolwich and rebuilding. are you when you push the contrary be out of time today to come. can she not too chewy yukon. they talk and tell and the depictions are caught with them you can tap into you do when i remove them. i can do. he nineteen twenty four distinguished against iran in pj. he was ripping pronounced who wore a famous indian poet and writer. many teens was his sixty third birthday. does it hurt to give to him. members of the crescent moon society led by chinese colored shoe germ all performed his play to try
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and pre teens she and the theater. many cultural celebrities and who wants to play. recent cruise that one meal and film sitting in their side. the door thank me for coming in soon he was delighted to see is only playing china. in further hope to catch one of many shields before leaving. so one on his fifty may perform his new show gardens of the little river for congo war it was a large scale mythical offer and kept it from all look the same name by its own share of famous away from the three kingdoms period. solid you're into two or two great boys and their respective times were able to connect remains play separated by time. culture
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and language. they nonetheless enjoyed the scene is standing here . she'll go most of them will win marked a new season means reform of peking opera. the genome for the team hopes to move higher many of the winds were twenty verses from the regional poll. it's dance routines and music school or work all the squeezing. me perfectly expressed the subtle feelings of a charming affection and yellow leaves on this. even though when play was applauded blind to what he was not unanimously accepted in china at that time the day. ch
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these worms to feed coincided with the period of chinese soulful reforms the diplomatic feel you're at the paris peace conference in may nineteen nineteen went to the old three of the may fourth movement. with the introduction of many new ideologies called true innovators enthusiastically trumpeted an era of new culture. old culture and traditions including peking opera were pulled to pieces naturally there were historical reasons for this in his critique. how whatever people began to calm down we started to re evaluate the old traditions more rationally. they found that the school pool forms like classical dramas at the end once he nearly demolished or
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not is worthless as they had thought. they're critical attitudes gradually changed you were still voices of dissent. these reforms of peking opera were widely accepted. his adapted works like the heavenly need scatter blossoms. for the offering in august chong who climbed to the moon were very popular. mainland from the teen superstar. i do. and a bit. the room. i know i
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know. i go. i am. a day chewing photo studios on sunday or put pictures of me on stage and in real life on sale in the schools sold like hotcakes. his opera fans were no less enthusiastic than two
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days. rockstar france. eu and in long you when will i go home. as you. he's read stories and bg. may you live here in the nineteen twenties and nineteen thirties. it was sent to this residence was as famous as the forbidden city and the green wall. according to raw figures may received over ten thousand kids from china and abroad the house many foreigners considered a visit to his residence and indispensable part of its control in nj. they often chanted with close friends and home making this place unique cultural attraction in
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this day. shearer. opener ted nugent record at pictures on it from a grumble your internship on a base hit. choke on which he called carpet in front of the pure truth. in the picture we are such conduct. lulu the sheer need is the emerging millie. he's raw nice to see was the result of many people's support especially his intellectual thing. well educated friends we've been integral role in the emergence and development nice to look haha. at all. a
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huge hit. it was in the uk to each one was the name of the stony in his teaching residents. he usually gathers his intellectual friends together here. during the nineteen thirties they were often referred to as the main party. this reflected their home and will to revolutionize peking opera shh shh the meal. all you
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have huge tool and boil for five hundred and two. do i can ship running and the determinedly the following in bed to go through additional choice yes you stop in and out through with betty's he hopped on our uk you will know. kimi good start. and one. ccc youth group of his feats such as we don't want to change deal teacher came in and show you have developed special conditions with me. they were wealthy and well respected in society and help me simply of friendship. more enthusiastic and knowledgeable sessions of peaking on. centered around these formed the group in
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the revolution has been teaching offer. many classic rock that waters of the mates who were planned range or suggested mind. they became an integral part of the evenings. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. they get the stall they are. we bought him a seat. oh the list here. see you in the gut. downtown macy's to slip into depression keypad. cannot keep any hole to win and we here you can see a kid that hobble are thinking of going down what made you a ton of fun. for once you are turning the idea from a fungal she in the night she got ted you wouldn't hear. in fact
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the mural years ago due to a long dream up new location in the news on the needs of the twenty two townhouses in the door so all the time j's room during usual. some of the monument huh huh a full time yet. the minute. i can push up the pocketbook beach i found it harder for them alcott trouble. her return this year due to demand a second attack and different opponents to store shoes today and our youth we are the us open. fishy of wood chisel. i chose the title come out and tell telstra to live a good eye. knew . to
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work in special circumstances camille and phones artistic vision surpassed most other opera performers of these days. he was only due to his ear. you know the higher history of chinese drama there is an interesting story will name his best friend. evolution. i was more than two years older than me he was the leader of mainstream came and worked as a playwright shield plan. any advertising. the non league introduced many friends to me also initiated several overseas tours. guru. roo. we
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are. you know office nao it's your prayers for my email. i mean she's friendship started in nineteen twelve and ageing shortly after the onset of the revolution of nineteen eleven. i need is a reform started to spread. people were all eager for new pointy ends and you know. peaking on for a thousand words now born in the feudal society was criticized by many scholars including team the it's been a huge issue for me to look and image. i'm coming to inform you guys know who had huge huge political will and before we
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put him up. jordan's recent formulation. if you don t know how much this year. when she shot me with your site and quite lovely i know she'll wear the new year time changes us that conditions how would she. so is coming on and he asked if our conditioning on how jaime on the scene. on one occasion she was dragged to the heater on his friends. he was on stage performing the little river band. she was deeply impressed by me. george who is in the gym. this is going until now. c to attend the tangible it is still looming in the review he will meet on the head . to mcleish thankful for and on the highest. you want to be seen though one can be obnoxious we only need twenty bases. the knesset and meaner
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and the underneath his own hands. you hope and me and he wasn t too. to be kind at all meanwhile my portion. the ad although she was when you press play me he thought it was improper to me and can perform or in person. so he wrote a letter of more than three thousand words to me giving in to critique of his performance. chiefly on the letter shortly after. try weeks later he was again performing defeat river. on hearing the news she was so curious. he went to the theater once more . these were the teaching was cool
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these performance the famous moves him he insisted that we should cling to her when really you shouldn't. you should plan to rent one the story goes that you use the pass and shoot and left for war. when he finally returns he finds in her new shoes and pants on. he suspects his wife. we've been good and faithful. later on his suspicions were dismissed when people to recognize her after so many years. leland shoot it through the mall and see the her husband. to begin to tell of his experiences in its own the audience exploded who will pay you in your room. i do christians don't
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regret it and it was determined to go. on all caught up with an eco warrior and a minimum. not. the i am the we bought. you can. and on. you see previously he had always gone to the traditional techniques when the new she'll be too cheesy bites. in his letter g hand if you read criticize the traditional way of performing. based on his experiences and appreciation
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of foreign products he argued that after eighteen years apart. how could the wife looks all in different when her husband recounted his experiences. this was a crucial part of the story she has even designed a series of expressions and movements. she promptly replied the once reactions toward us in scale. roo. eye roo. i was more a challenge to traditional performance meant that the personal critique of may. at the end of the letter she poignantly stated that if they wanted to become truly great performer he must embrace reforms. in that these performance may have taken on cheese suggestions and had won the audience's approval
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their decades long friendship started with about one one. eye. eye i heard a lot from their storefronts in contention. for her. snow can do. i turned to me. he found that encourage firms to stick your head from the camera the initial core you probably think you're going to hurt when she is the dialogue castrated. stick to the cheese and mayo cheese too. the world today. lets you load of corn or someone to talk no pristine condition
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and two two. with all your elmo has instead. to the tune. he says it will not be featured on youtube coakley. a spot for tourists what maurice many beautiful old thatched house. i started building its cool cache was a pretty name for the steep the slumping groups that resembled two terms joined in prayer. i a. a stretch to be as much as sixty eight. get some useful information. this week's design allows who went to the smooth slide of peace in the next to me. more grueling new stories to my car. the villages themselves
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to work making such groups no nails screws and metal parts accused of these teams bring everything together which broke his wrist extra flexibility to adjust to the loads of snow. francis since the rope is made from easily available in format to me. mm mm. sixty of these traditional houses remaining go cram. they not just reserved for sure. this is a good thing working. it's also a world heritage site inscribed on unesco's list in nineteen ninety five i together with the invites you to come up. this is just too since the beach became a world heritage. some of
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the farmhouse is a big to fit into what you see the nationals and local music and new shoes are one of these old farm houses you read around a traditional song and cons. regional speciality sink into the fridge mountain vegetables and tofu made from locally grown so if the us aye aye aye aye aye. all materials come from these mountains. graham is also its officials from making wash or japanese prop eight. he she may be partly by hand. graham oh one she is known for its fine cost i watched it years ago graham is also used in the village to micah was brought to the crops. you'll just moved to korea mismatched from houses is
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important to me. readers of finding something this time of four hundred years ago just be designated to the porch and took off. a rule. then some. these cashews or treat such compounds is in his skull and six. obviously no way of life has changed considerably over the centuries. living in one of these houses today gives us an incredible insight into how people lived in one meal that i think it's very important and often go graham is also renowned for its rich tradition of dollars in music this song. he will do. he's one of japan's oldest functioning. the sun during lunch time. it is a pretty
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good. i presume it's cold too aw. i went to his music and is made from bamboo room this room. you can learn to dance this is another in a traditional instrument called the system. it's made from pieces of locally grown. you know peace. this was quiet a given week. it's unique in their chosen based on building which is the real power. together with the local artistic traditions it's a beautiful they could see that being in prison
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sells. says. the evening. i
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am. sch. welcome to the dw color show coming up volkswagen's up routine to impede the cross can be. from the beach to the peak to see this guy entered the race plus the porch of an american sea hybrid. in. second generation immigrant mariners been hitting the headlines for his first plug in hybrid which can be charg


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