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will. so. is you. it's six one. what she knew was with grind up some of the chevron bp a lot. the more serious security breach that first source. loyalty to a desert that affects over seventy
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thousand supper for you starring customer is the people who still misinformation have full access to the beaches at nine a position to use those credit cards to make these purchases. well worth the work was sentenced to three years brick store to see o'brien says he's ashamed of assumptions. you do cheers or protection commissioner said this evening got the credit card details of up to cost a million people across europe may have been compromised the suspected cyber crime attack us and loyalty built the county fair. clara based company runs a special offers an incentive schemes for major retailers in ireland the uk and elsewhere in europe. the payment details from around seventy thousand customers in ireland. a belief that the stone in
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the attack. inspectors from the office of the data protection commissioner of writing a million t p o d in county kerry today the company that manages get away breaks for both super value and angst insurance is now at the center of the major cyber crime investigation. last week it emerged the payment details of thirty thousand super value customers had been compromised. but now the company has confirmed that the breach is more extensive than first colds and it's estimated that over sixty two thousand super of the new and eight thousand active customers here are affected. stan airline has also confirmed this evening if it were to billion to build on the hotel promotion and some of its customers may be affected is. the ppp story for this situation. and and i would like to say to customers that they should look into their current accounts onto the card statements and identify if anything suspicious is going on and in contact. the data
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protection commissioner has said this is a very serious security breach. and it's not just customers here in items that are affected. no anti bill jones special offers and incentive schemes across europe with a credit card details about to come to mean people may be compromised. is a crime which is rationing no entry costs. he has put into huge gains as potentially this case because if as in this case you access to top the league in credit cards even if you take only a small amount for each one you can put in. in a huge day rolled element of cos all of your past twenty ten including passwords and pins we should never be the case so be on the way of stopping the dross is to cancel the cards. the kind that you are a low stool and investigation has received a report on the master unit epo to say it will cooperate fully with any investigation she may cause the fourteen years. but talking to
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the education representatives and aest and go caching team has just ended our industry current affairs conference by industry implements and corresponding complacent about the education she joins a sense of it but i gather we have a set of proposals and take is true then did eat out ok sharon was the first thing is the current appreciation of supervision and substitution. under the huntington road agreement that was previously bouncing it becomes compulsory for teachers had also lost the islands that had been attracted to it previously of around sixteen hundred euro that the concession here is that teaches would be allowed to opt out of doing supervision and substitution provided they take an equivalent pay cuts so that it will give more flexibility to teach this. however if they opt to all kinds. then they will not be able to re enter the scheme estimated dates. secondly we're hearing that there would be sanctioned for seven hundred posts of responsibilities as though that would mean an assistant principal for
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example you have been replaced on to the moratorium to be an expert group to investigate fixed term and had part time work among teachers which is a very controversial topic. there will also be a review of how the text i was negotiated on the towpath agreement could be applied me effectively and finally there will be consultation on the reforms of the junior set curriculum the sti has welcomed these moves. i'm sad this was the reaction of that their assistant of the general secretary talking the contradicts what the spurs we are concerned as negotiations. this is the best we can choose for our members. i was destined to relationships with other teachers unions adding a second extent are you making them feel inadequate for accepting for today. we worked mostly with our colleagues in the r u t o t y and my fridge the monks came to court intervention. your finger on what the of a slide with and a sti members and
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critically and also with giving unions. west was the kenyan to watch on this is the teacher's union of our lives because they have been working alongside a sti members at him to do with those kind they have had to add an effect of the work under different terms and conditions. this evening the teachers' union of ireland is welcoming the staff the patients and pointing out that these are not just that the tea like itself had raised during discussions on the implementation of the huntington road agreements that we both had reaction from the minister for education week when this as the hopes that these bad at this progress would result in a resolution to the masa once and for all. so and i think the next step is. it goes to the center executive committee of that the sti on saturday to decide whether to put this to about it but the two recommended for acceptance. no ad outcome can be guaranteed their butts and what we have to a sense of such debates about begging for money thank you. european union leaders have got it in paris to discuss ways of talking news all employment
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the shapes of the tension in the page to the digital realm already set up to nine hundred thousand jobs could be created. the government has me was that its youth guarantee scheme will go ahead after reports that it may come under funding pressures. almost thirty per cent of young irish people are like a fork. finding jobs for them is a mama's if not impossible task the governments use to guarantee scheme due to come into operation next year aims to offer some hope to the hands of tyson's on the dole. the scheme would offer every young person i don't work for four months either a job an apprenticeship for education my suggestions that the scheme may be in difficulty. and that young people may have to at least nine months for an offer much heralded by the government this year. it is meant as a kind of bounce to costs in on employment benefits. you all the things that weren't enough education
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training places rico's bring into question the logic of cooking the rates for people feel even saying that it's the capital and education training when all along was apparent that the places weren't there. ireland is certainly not unique within europe when it comes to use on employment. but the big challenge that faces the garment is hard to get people back to work when your resources are significantly reduced. tension there between european macroeconomic policy which says we have to be very careful of our sons our budget deficit of one hand and the name of our european commission saying we do spend money and come home and you can take the timing of this is less than perfect from the government's point of view. with a t shirt and the minister for social protection in parts this evening. cr especially you so much on youth unemployment joan martin insisted earlier today that the scheme will go ahead next year. it will be a complex one. tire carrier to it and i will in any program that offers advertising is
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actually a whole range of options. more than five point five million young people across the eu have no job the twenty four political leaders he met in paris today how their work carbide for them. cold cold and martinis mentor to the nationalist cause polish only his judicial dispute guarantee scheme was a situation with the because i seem to recall what the day. minister for variances of the sailboat or coughing via the jobseekers allowance there were people there would be this guarantee in place for for training for it for you regular employed as did run on the youth guarantee itself was one of those issues that was very prominent during the irish presidency all of the european union and the first half of the year ended the day was joan burke herself who chaired the employment counseling process of actually decided this post back in february so they knew it was coming it's it's been in the works for years now. but today how the financial terms of provision to support it. well it seems maybe not. although they were active enough to stitch into the detail of this county and european double the financially troubled countries could
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introduce it on a phased basis no for once not seems to be from reporting today the suggestion that it will come in and aren't in a phased basis but of course the countries that are from the troubles are also the ones with the highest levels of youth unemployment are the ones that need to have the money spent. now there is some european funding available but it does require local matching funds as well. but this is old ago the pocket of the province would mean facing hear that because of the problems with the ad false debacles a few years ago the extremely slow will not be untrue programs the lack of front line staff to the interview people to decide what they need to go on training or education courses in the first place all of those things helped be fixed before we can move on to a youth guarantee our children to school. the jury in chinatown the start is essential for a second slice into deliberation for seven hours every two days the jury is considering tactics and fifty theft fraud and forgery tide is against the former solicitor who
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preceded him in the supreme denies the charges which involve the courts the excuse of twelve properties and security for loans of almost fifty two million euro from six different banks. for more senator has been sentenced to three years in jail after he was convicted of extortion from the softball friends he'll burn from making possibly be pleaded guilty to a charge of demanding a hundred thousand euro from the department of our culture bass. the seventy year old former p the full senate will be tuned circuit court he felt ashamed. for decades census of two grinders he was known was a pair of society he spent years working as a candy counter. as a member of the alzheimer's association comes with the co op movements. but he's best known for his years as a key nationals senator. he served over two decades in the upper house has an elected member of the agricultural sector today the second course he appeared on a charge of attempting to extort one hundred thousand euro to my cookie in your cart across last year. detective
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inspector for his trainer told the court that mr keenan to come to the departure of that was contacted by mr blair last year. the song to some of the testing equipment were found in correcting this post off. the defendant was aware of the previous incident involving mr heenan the mess he denied that the payment of one hundred thousand euro to make it go away to the inspector the former senator said he was going to messenger for others. subsequently she got a mask up to fifty thousand euro. eventually mr he went to get me and told him i was going on. senior counsel for the defendant johnson has happened to this class has cooperated fully with the guy they had made a statement assisting them in his evidence mr bryan said he wanted to apologize to mr keenan and for the greasy it calls them he also apologized to his family and of a ticket to his wife so he was very sorry and ashamed of what he and dawn. judge john higgins said he accepted there were others involved in what he described as his abominable scheme. but instead of going to get the mind of actively
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participate in this well planned operation assisting the black man as he sentenced him to three years' imprisonment and fined or suspended. richard anymore teen years. the two circuit courts. a series and retain has been warned not to purchase any entree to police after but cherished elbows were dumped on the road signs and panties and licensed butchering operations dispose of bones by unregistered process is and it's fair that these are traceable kaplan may have been achieved in the gully. here is that feinstein me fine tune the images contained in this report distressing. from farm to fork the system of beef production in this country is fully traceable and putting licensed the records of the sergeants kept adult stages of the polls this is definitely not the situation with these bones of more than six. come on at the entrance to a copy of the forest park yesterday. i did all the syrup me said the board dumped some beanies are very arty monday morning we sifted through the bones we didn't see any obvious evidence but
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i could see the pair were butchered. very professionally. local authorities to do this primarily as a case of illegal dumping. but if as is suspected. these cattle were slaughtered outside the chain of registered operators would also be a breach of the law as would be to say in what amounts to one case of the nice white non registered traders. now when the run up to christmas consumers and retailers have been mourned not to purchase meat from unusual sources. so anyone who's buying in these really just an older supplier. i make so that they have either been approved or a registration number. farmers' organizations have expressed serious concern about this incident and called for action to identify and prosecute those behind us even linking it to the ongoing cost of capital from farms that a canary in the border area is way over the last forty years. icac has been reporting on pack attached. i'm seconds. catch the test. the beans to one
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and that seemed too large. it has to be stopped. it is very serious purchase of an issue for the confidence and irish beef market in a statement a short time ago that the bible coaches that the incident is a breach of human life products regulations. and of serious concern. he has to be kept briefed on the investigation still been conducted by the local car seat and to guide the chill mcgrady rte news. the jury is fair to reach a verdict overturned the fifty finder general practitioner from north cork who was charged with indecently assaulting a fifteen euro and twenty four years ago. to cap the outcome of the creek down the numbers ten and tonight's the defense is alleged victim told the court that optimal cake texture inappropriate and five he was examining her home in northcote. two days before christmas in nineteen eighty nine. judging from the contest diets the jury and judge the case that at its factory. gaudi are
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appealing for the public's help in tracing and fifty nine euros county louth woman missing since yesterday catherine crawley was last seen at saint al forces moved in dundalk about eleven o'clock yesterday morning anyone who may have seen has been asked to contact the local garda station. they confirm this evening the livestock marks around the country are owed hundreds of thousands of euro by a council exporting company the mittens which has gone into receivership. tnt into national based gambling gar was buying couple here for sale into markets in it at eight twenty five workers at the westmead company were made redundant this afternoon brother paolo and daddy care of bailey from the tnt international cast of exporting company from a base outside wall and direct us to eat. the firm by deleting the direct from farmers that marks all over the country i've been selling them on to buyers that easily. but last friday the british multinational bank hsbc appointed a receiver to the firm is now far as
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benchmarks who extended credit to them are anxiously awaiting news of the money the year olds to stop at the pit for the stuff were brought to the match that were stolen last match ever attend the titan agreement would cost less to bite them realistically is there any chance of getting paid for half the batter in the city are getting the captain back from this one though obviously this would be an ica just a question off to get it for the lowest quote we don't know why we would rely on this information to a guest pass to me seen this run this evening again with b and it is the nickname tnt them cents this afternoon the tnt receiver coach constable told the company's twenty five full time workers they were being made redundant. unspoken hr of the potentially disastrous repercussions for livestock match in all four provinces were told that there are hundreds of thousands of using credit for extended to the company back. there wasn't a storage and it's so
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much or quoted in the morning and to. i would want to give exact numbers were reversed and we didn't what to do for you. one of the box and knew that getting from them the information that we need to leave the position together in and develop a more broad for the position its territory to say what the real effect of this company's difficulties would be. but despise guarantees about the resourcing of the maths today. there are still serious concerns about whether any of the money paid for the catholic under our coverage. above is the long term future of some of the mosques that i've lost money because of the credit line. chairman in the orgy news. mullen dark. irish entrance to share their experiences of fighting with the british armed forces during world war two was part of a new documentary were among the first to see the film. a special screening the first time park hospital in dublin. the unusual location for the pen the air of witnesses to war. the rt document to be broadcast tonight. this wasn't a meal
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break in a red carpet case the weekend. costumed and although some special guests who says with the british forces during the second local. to them. coastal residents. due to. kid in the bank and cringing the world. you're in love with him for who he likes these was to be a special screening of tonight's tv documentary in which seven irishman who call their experiences of cool all. when did he just don't know for the fun. this race. they say prune them. all the desirable. the instant
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huge didn't use the the army eu and the two parks in the d day landings in normandy beach and or job reese to killing the beach while the remaining quarter when the strikers. men who experienced prisoner of war camps in germany. i don't know hope and dream phone meantime. the stories i don't mean it as loudly until now who you want is an awful poignant film wouldn't even put two of the confrontation over and over the list of did you. we used to life witnesses to all the songs
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on the wall to going to turn thirty five the action of interviews will ultimately be held in auntie and state archives. liberal while auntie knees. now developed by the irish traveler movements the yellow flag program aims to promote intercultural as an honesty in this goes into a nine schools were awarded to their yellow flags for successfully completing the program. it seemed like her sissy policies on. just some of the themes behind the six nations the of hogwarts. nine students ran the country have successfully completed the eight step program to forge a more equal and opens to an environment for today award as the yellow flags. i don't know it's not something any of our country's name but did not watch it here with our friends and some of them
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difficult to piece out of there being none at all don't you love to know what it's a good fit. employment in good at doing is they're not seem to matter my actions and on the weekend. it's a very good job buddy. sigh am i was with a lived in a few very well in school. after the spill is here today to report that they get up i expect to bring the total number around the streets and twenty two with a further eighteen working under eight step program. what did your nicest be a bit more content on the government that lets you run a scan of that program to schools all around the country. amazingly nice to see as being very careful in sports intelligent and active in the streets and potency to the band's identity. and that's what we now would like to see it as asset backed the commencing of the benefits program that translates into resources and support to make it available to the students. it's been fine theory since the adult
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child program is launched recognizing both the challenges and opportunities he said the team to get to teach the monte. now the goal is to bring the pgr int twentnews talk and he stared into it. that receivingix when newsor to take care bye for nowe the new. lulu. eye. all i know. i will. the i will. he
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got to take participation
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rates with me. it's that time and for such success. what spiritual retreats deviate market. this is me. sweet and thoughtful way. but the system. at a district where each will go was telstra with a ninety percent of the tent was up to. for the next book i had. looks pretty good. what is he the top of this. look it up instantly. eye. it literally at bay the bicycles. as the sofa to leave the wood
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frame and then tumbled to cover up of bowls was very intriguing and that sweet souls thought that it too so the cover will be aboard the station. since listing in building its one hundred percent recycled. the five senses. it's cheap. combine those with material costs can be urban environmental projects. this can be to get kids to school in africa then of course. we hope to do less. seasonal solutions to play it. seasonal changes means that they should include the names and ages job to cut a problem its automotive students work on equipment from a local plant life career and employment training these days is to encounter agreed to a deepak a recipient of a deep respect ational educational stripping project olympics. a project which aims to produce skilled graduates especially for low income families
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the country's growing industries. partnerships between companies and vocational schools are encouraged. students can be placed into. before becoming full time employees. the city on sunday that its identity you can activate it and see not that the district of north eastern state of many plea bargain even the big media. hundreds of keeping from fox and ehty aaby to queue outside decide what to eat me. counts except head on any given day since i moved to the contents of the hominid been making this a good piece on north avenue doctors up on some thai fruits idc predicted that day don't you think that was organized with another patient a good aussie couple in front. insomnia by the dentist. what sort of hinted that can then be put
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into keeping on basic rights so enough said they'd easy since i can't seven iits the medicines descriptions and out any sensitive information on issues like the mighty contributed to the twenty twelve proper support and committing to child survival from this review was launched. it examines global trends and child mortality. noting rapid progress in reducing child death. data released by the u s interagency group for child mortality estimation shows that globallyder five fell from nearly twelve million in nineteen ninety two an estimated six point nine million in twenty eleven it is in the world. also on the way and makes the network's top four. if sth sth the new. i'm. in one
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each i am. i felt so nice that i continue until a stick that up with amanda on. mud etc need of money


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