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ay ay ay. bw when i was there telling a soul in peace or else this month desperation in the philippines as survivors of thai food fight and struggle to get by without food or water. he unveils a major reform drive to boost its economy. and who they belonged to the search begins for the rightful owners of art will be stolen by the
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defeat. imagine trying to supply its dates with up to dole clean drinking water that is the reality on the ground right now chameleon it's in the fifth of the situation is desperate for many survivors of typhoon heidi on. now the aid effort has been picking up pace with international donations flooding in the u s aircraft carrier on the way from hong kong. but the logistical challenges staggering. and so many in areas like the city of the band to help ease its coming soon enough. my days off to the time being swept through the abilities to line the streets of the time the stench is overwhelming heavy rain h added to the subsidence distress the first series. people need access to state mandated now. not just about to keep it outside. they need to. he
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wanted to drink and watch him but need sanitation hygiene kits because that is extremely touching apartment i and others carrying injuries already and it's a very safe. the sick and trying to get outs. little is left is tucker band and talks crowds gathered in nonetheless. the bnp are most suited to it and want to get to know that with the head family the mean time i'm not it will release me and my children are starting to get sick because of the snow. i'm always in the media. post the josephine and iran help to save it and when to pull over patients. and then running out of medical supplies. we are up and making them so much to sneak in because he cannot refuse them. we are of money can be aiming to a bit of a surprise made this isn't my fault international aid is gradually rising and pleasing
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have the equipment from anything that debris. gemini and many other countries to send medical supplies. just to be using the code is a key challenge. hunting high and has destroyed the clintons content and communications is still out in many areas since then the city has been a major hub for those international relief efforts our correspondent boston hot taking the air. we understand how the actors are proceeding for years that everyone is trying really hard to find out that is unless you bought from all over the world touching down here and people in the off one of the typical about it and the biggest problem is actually how to get there because dom. we saw a lot of rescue workers today at the airport scrambling for around a few feet that are available. i'm on the plane to go to town we met. for example we met someone from ntu quick response team who
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want to move in manpower and material. and if i was and those without a fight with them. so then now we have to wait till tomorrow. i'm hoping for better luck but obviously for the people who are affected by this disaster and the everyday count so common that despite the fact that i am. commercial airlines have actually started operating for a bonafide up to four flights a day if possible. amended bill not enough the military and we thought it time and using large cargo aircraft down to the things go up. they go from oven but they didn't fly at all today. so look to be the major obstacle he is now on so many obstacles to the police and troops he mentions son what are some of the others. a communication to fail to get in touched with the people who are in that area within. but the food. i'm at it this week that the people that the phone to phone network that don't fit the text messages from time to go to
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if you're lucky but phone calls. virtually never. and we met a lot of people at the airport today. who wanna go there this come from all around the country and they have to print up a bunch in a way that their minds because they haven't heard from them in case they demolished and the ip them and am anticipating that they can go and they can call them they can reach them. so for them it hit the route to a horrible situation and their baby on the rivet desperate cysts the most is still menacing looking assessment is for new detention on the issue of climate change the delegates gather in warsaw for the latest round of talks aimed at agreeing on an international pact to limit greenhouse gases global climate risk index released on the sidelines of the conference by the civil rights group german watch the philippines' second on a list of countries hit hardest by the weather extremes in twenty twelve. katie was toppled the list. after two powerful hurricanes last year pakistan's repeated floods
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put it in third place. china now with the country's communist party leadership has on bail a series of wide ranging social and economic reforms in a statement issued through clues to a summit they promised that the free market would play a bigger role. details of what was agreed as to imagine but the idea is to put china back on track to sustainable growth over the next decade results from the forty meeting of communist party leaders have been keenly awaited. president g campaign says that the party would build a modern market system allowing businesses to operate independently. there are few details so far while china's economy has grown seven point seven percent so far this year growth rates have been slowing in recent years. exports were back up in october. inflation remains a concern. it's currently just over three percent that's putting a damper on
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consumer spending. by the hugely successful online shopping event this week such events remain few and far between. food and housing is expensive for many ordinary chinese making them cautious shoppers. the gap between rich and poor is also growing thinking social unrest and increasing threat to the authorities. this applies particularly to rural areas. in its blueprint for change. the communist party is promising to give farmers more property rights the party is promising to boost private entrepreneur it's something which analysts see as vital if china is to continue its growth. that could signal bad news for state enterprises. a working group has been set up to implement the reforms by twenty twenty pm but no matter how far reaching the economic reforms. there's no talk of moving to a multi party system. china's communist party intends to remain firmly in control some of the reforms announced in china will certainly has the impact on the german economy to some balls has
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mole from the floor of the frankfurt stock exchange the decisions of the chinese government know what kills me also if you're in for included is very important for truman explored is dead to the chinese economy keeps on growing but there has been no impact on fish has to do the investors focused on the earnings season in finney and forth on the report the results the chipmaker has been able to tell its profit by it. investors sold the shares continue to have have been among the biggest news is on the backs here because the outlook has been pretty cool. all of this limited gains over the past days. let's have a look of the number is because there was a little bit of a foal to the docs today pulling back from that nine thousand one hundred block yourselves who steals a groping by mormon house with a sense of it to new york now with the dow is also sliding at the salad
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down by a set of apis and the new rule out the positive terror tree against the us dollar one thirty four said she wanted. i am now returned to the energy market because there is a d she got underway according to the international energy agency it says that rising demand in emerging at connie's is changing the fuel lap of the globe and then there's also the rise of shale oil using a controversial method called cracking the united states is set to be one of the copper producers say. a controversial new technology is changing the world's energy landscape by tracking accesses previously unreachable deposits of oil and gas. the international energy agency forecasts that tracking will make the united states the world's leading oil and gas producer by twenty fifteen. so thanks to a cracking goal of us industry is benefiting from cheaper energy. and that competitive edge is set to widen its cracking ramps up
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european exports of energy intensive products like steel are predicted to fall by as much as ten percent by twenty thirty five the ita also expects global energy demand to increase by thirty percent it says cia to emissions will grow by a twenty percent global average temperatures would rise three point six degrees almost double the international target of two degrees. in the same period renewable energies are set to expand from eighteen to twenty five percent of demand but that's not enough to compensate the overall consumption increase. the iea says the world community could reduce net cia to emissions by refocusing its efforts to encourage efficiency and conservation now european leaders gathered in paris on tuesday to discuss the unemployment crisis among young people of the figures are staggering across the eu about a quarter of under twenty five year
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olds out of work in countries like spain increase youth unemployment stands at fifty per cent. eu heads of state and government came to gather at the elysee palace game was not to agree on new measures but to ensure that existing ones are implemented. for example that every young person must be offered a job or training within four months of leaving school. and the more we're joined from paris now by our european affairs correspondent karen kyle so continually attended the press conference. what were the highlights. when the high ledge was mending and good friend and then the play yard teas and then they get out when the time i think the most important again was that they are making tea and a data showing that this is not the costuming is this this is something the heads of states to call themselves still in the subject has the highest leo ninety and they came up with the youth guarantee which is really interesting you mention the farm after farm one thing and people as the cause of the training are in jobs if not they get
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the training from um the then the baghdad government and knowledge of the member states have to hand in concrete measures and troughs cold and going to implement that and that's the condition for them to get european money how is this being received. because i mean this doesn't really seem like a whole lot of new top here and there are hurdles to implementation right. yes and the biggest brother and his men to unemployment is not the european open at ten since and the competence of the member states to take to entertain them and being still and dad again we eyed the crucial point the cause especially countries with a high unemployment employ young people in my crease on the southern countries have problems because they have done this with the employment agency said that the ghost democrat that liberal crap extract as many other hand too many and of faith has been attracting kind as to what m them and play investment soul and this is the biggest problem. and
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while sinking into the update gold is ordered and aims of the country's state of emergency. three months up to the military government imposed it. hundreds of supporters of ousted president ahmed most he died in the instrument violence of the state of emergency and nighttime curfew had been aimed at helping authorities restore order. most of the muslim brotherhood leadership is now in jail while in germany helping syria get the substance is used to produce chemical weapons the broadcaster arg is low with the news report it says that the of paper moscow potential which was circulated by the economics ministry and the man is reportedly says germany ignored information from its allies that they would no longer supplying the syrian regime with the kind of chemicals used in attacks like the ones in syria in august. they can contact me at damascus show the world to someone. germany has beans in mind what it called you or use chemicals to syria for
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several years this has been confirmed by a confidential economics ministry document shipments including chemical was used to my inert gas sound. the document nineteen of the country's repeatedly informed gemini that they had refused to supply such chemical is to syria the openers but somehow it's unbelievable that germany sold these chemicals syrian knowing other countries have repeatedly declined to do so even position because they can be used to produce chemical weapons the economics ministry has so far refused to comment. it could be embarrassing for the german government that one of its ministries ignored the recommendations of the straight he agreed to switch gemini is a member to fourteen weeks to members of the barn tree creek share information about with these deals to supply country with certain chemicals. but due to the marianas to make sure everyone is on the same page as far as weapons exports are concerned he's the cutest country circumvent
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the current regulations and export arms anyway. that undermines the work of informal groups like this one however manning has pointed out several times and cost there is no evidence to suggest chemicals from gemini wire used in serious weapons proam it was indeed over you with a lot more news coming your way minute now they left us. the rule. i do you decide you want to watch the images it's the whole package. dw on the future media center. dw tell you
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and. this guy first. they come from. easter the earliest. the one on the plane. agents. germany are due to economic theory the company welcome back to the show. this search has begun to find the rightful owners of some pricey artwork that was found recently in munich. it's believed the mall than fourteen hundred works the stolen by the nazis and later secretly stashed in a meeting of top but now the task of finding who they belong to will likely be a challenging one especially since so much time has passed but on tuesday authorities began posting images of the pieces on mine the website has to get a piece of artwork scrapped because of the high volume of traffic. on monday german
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authorities could get twenty five pieces. the suspect were seized by the nazis. among them are works fine on tuesday to what to do takes time to market and other masters dating back to the eighteenth century. in this dimension government said the move which is to be more proactive in finding the wake of nine wickets by up to no move older. it was i thinking. i couldn't disagree that the tax inspectors discovered the stash of our clients. morning is the son of the era and postwar art scene. the nazis had seemed to many of the artworks degenerate. art historians must now try to determine the rightful owners of these works. it correlates father who claimed they were destroyed in the fire and will meet the needs are the owners nor there in years any hope of restitution the site at all the fact that no investigation of the provenance of these works has been undertaken and it
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shows a lack of transparency in the art world. when the owner fired. the same is true of the fact that this find was made in twenty eleven and has only just now been made of the nastiest. i caught it and it seemed we announced in chilly conditions in this case and we need to deal with the historical background and the implications. because the alto prosecutors and touches the cats. germany has a thirteen year statute of limitations on stolen art that could complicate recovery efforts for owners and their leaders. the judges taking on a controversial issue at its annual meeting taking place this week the issue of gay marriage and the definition of family now same partnerships have been recognized in germany since two thousand and one couples are granted most of the same rights as marriage but it seems that it's a lutheran priest to bless gay
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partnerships to make images that not everyone agrees with them. the other an affordable housing have been a couple for four years. they're in a civil partnership. and this year. it was blast in a church ceremony in frankfurt i mean. a church ceremony was the more intimate one will be off the list them one to touch the hearts and emotional and existential. it has been feuding with it the all the houses had their partnership blessed during a religious service. that's been possible in the state of hesse and since two thousand to. it was conducted by local pastor that we signage. she gives couples like the older houses an official certificates of their union is recognized under church law. but her attitude isn't shared by all of her colleagues. some lutheran clergy want same blessings and weddings between a man and a woman kept separate just within our state organization are huge variety of parishes and creeks. in
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his parish. it's completely normal. there are others who struggle with the issue and you have to account to be a twenty five of time. one of those parishes especially for an hour's drive north of frankfurt. a bob papa is the pastor here. he's a member of the church decision making body the sign up. he says there's no basis in church lawn for same marriage. one gop's think about conservative values was once held that ties together the two thousand years. i'm not following the trends the day. but values and norms that is stable but have a cool message would also be some room for exceptions. one of michael's also used when describing myself when introducing these blessings it really does justice to the issue he wanted to go to waste. in his language. i would like to remain in dialogue. so we don't end up with two churches were to be fairly mindless actions. and that the focus is on
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the gender of our brothers andisters and their humanity before dawn. it means because of the omaha zoo has opted for a low key ceremony. it was a personal choice. there have definitely done it differently. one creature between the rainbow flag in our rent or sell something for everyone to see that this is something special. though it isn't she'll need to move. and good friends. this is no passing trend say supporters the push for full fledged marriage between same couples is instead a reflection of twenty first century realities. i do and tomorrow are joined here in our city is by religious affairs correspondent john banks and on the issue of same marriage is causing rifts in the christian faith all over the world to us and invited our journeys protestants. well my impression is
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the leadership of the protestant church in germany. on the hoe takes a pretty liberal view of same unions and so has the moral difficulty with them at school but there is within the last touches on the other hand people who who feel dry and comfortable with that the minerals within the boston judge argued that the traditional view of a christian family is back to revisit been using was concocted in the eighteenth century and that it no longer corresponds to content in german society. more additional costs and say that's not true that you can find the roots of the traditional christian family in the script is getting back the very earliest parts of the scriptures several cars in the year. the lutheran church recently released a contentious paper outlining its stance and family affairs why is the proof so controversial. but in this this paper is called an orientation for four people
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families but in actual fact it's more an orientation i think all politicians and four institutions within society doesn't really address the question of how one can live as a christian county in content free society is what it does is it starts off by it but taking it kind of freaky to the infantry. all of them of how people are living in car into german society and what kind of relationships they are living in a way that is really non judgment call it when we go through some point it's it's a pretty rough the above photo people in germany grew up living in a traditional family situation that is when a child living with two parents all or a book by an adult having one spouse ms least one child the difficulty is that most people think of many people think that this is really at the end i did it not sufficient. he loved to tease cost efficiency based in him in the scriptures and that is
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the main chris wants me to type something very much the update. staying in germany a senior lawmaker has shot down a proposal to hold referendums here on major european policy decision christian democrat spokesman says about what undermine parliamentary democracy the idea came from negotiate is to it growing up was to comprise the compromises between the countries make it to be in a bid to form a grand coalition the referendums and germany are usually held on local and regional issues. earlier this month for listeners voted down a proposition to build the means to clean and green energy. the proposal that came out of coalition talks would make more federal decisions subject to direct the social democrats are pushing for the new policy that would also mean making fundamental changes to germany's constitution the stated that the grand coalition should use this window of opportunity we have a big enough majority to change the constitution costumes ended in me and hide
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it. and there goes the very department. the csu without limit for an anti european policy and financial aid the treaty says politicians should remember where their support comes from the moment it's an impediment to him and wanted no one gets in parliament without the people's vote. the two bones in countries that's the connection we should always keep in mind. so the conservatives are divided on the same necklace see who is against iraq. besides yet another bone of contention in the coming rounds of coalition talks and now as part of the coalition negotiations all parties have set up a number of joint task groups to target certain age she is like for example the federal funding of culture and media. don't we come under that umbrella and love japanese international gold coast that has been learning to control weeds listen to the cost is. there are calls to beef up the station's services. in the accounts move but i can't
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do it even has to be sent in it's the best time together he's new to digital pay tv market has priced in gotham working great for culture media and stuffs. dw. america needs recognition which ability me even more it's recognition for the work of many people here had been on the front so i'm glad we pulled out here doing this at stake is the future of japanese international broadcasting and its annual budget of some two hundred and seventy me in your eyes each of the enhanced eighteen hundreds on two thousand freelance way together they produced television in four languages and radio and web sites and fencing. the committee wants more collaboration with domestic broadcasters tuesday getting in the store said he looked ornaments. we mostly go to bed with the string of india delhi and so it can offer more on its own and abort the two of our time. not all single force and costs more. many in the working group to make him clean. the emotional insomnia we want to provide even more information on germany minerals and energy so we
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will need to have the right framework and off coupon that you trust. its recommendations will be decided on in the coming days when legions of town so i'm going out to conservatives and social democrats meet the coalition negotiations for years and german second division soccer monday sort clash between two clubs he's just buy it because it's the match between the cops on telly and on the tablecloth cookbooks and colleagues from college with and started to get the new cookbooks. and it was holly who emerged victorious in the dallas scored first in the thirty fifth minute for a one nil lead after half time after the break. the vaccine stocks then added another in the seventieth minute and markets. once completed the three new friends. let's see next. the issue. i
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imagined the eye. the veto just let me go was held up by the cinema miss out. isn't that a bid to become one
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hopefully with them. each beach. ask. she going to hit you on the up to the ddt activity. all you need. not even on the screens and one heck of a boss. maybe that'll be it. badminton is here the kids were misled over so my thermometer reads she still says it over with oprah went off at seven this level would you do it. he is. as in his willo
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will. so. is you. it's six one. what she knew was with grind up some of the chevron bp a lot. the more serious security breach that first ou


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