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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 12, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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website. he is the next to the broadcasts to help the philippines recover from its deadly typhoons korea decides to send billions of dollars in relief aid and emergency response team to the hardest hit regions the sedition trial begins for you to fight progressive party lawmaker to stop the two faces accusations of plotting a rebellion the brain react. top officials and experts gathered here in seoul to find ways to boost security cooperation and resolve conflicts. they're keeping
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the regional park. nearest the pins that. to prime time viewers its two state november twelve here in korea my soul i have come and pay so much for joining us. we begin this evening with the ongoing aftermath in the philippines from typhoon high and while the president of the island nation has declared a state of national calamity relief efforts continue with korea extending a helping hand a foreign affairs correspondent comes home he has to detox kirby and is rushing to help with recovery efforts and the philippines and has decided to spend five million us dollars humanitarian aid to assist the height and torn country. we do with them to
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join one of the victorian government will work closely with the philippine government to provide full support for rescue efforts in the philippines is not alone we help those people will be able to overcome depression was so fun the decision follows a joint meeting between the government and private sector the vitals foreign ministry on tuesday yes it's been fun having the form of catch and release dates including a flat packed and packed which will be shipped to the region upon the philippine government approval. the ministry has also dispatched an emergency response team composed of government officials and rescue workers hit the hardest hit area of the bible to support relief efforts there. the curry and ceo council for overseas development cooperation has also said it will offer one million dollars in aid to the philippines. such private efforts to assist the typhoon ravaged country was continued by invading and kate was simply trying to hijack clad
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in central philippines with strong winds and had the vague on friday. and that's solid estimates that exceeds ten thousand tiny and made landfall in northern vietnam and the southern part of china on monday with six people reportedly killed in the front seat and comments region of china. many agencies. now to the high profile trial of the lawmaker accused of conspiring against the state. the unified progressive party lawmaker use up the faces first in court on tuesday. he denied all charges against him but prosecutors say he led an underground organization that plotted a rebellion against a south korean government are legends you can see the tips speaking for the first time since being accused of leading an organization that can spark effort for this enough to read your finance unit five progressive party lawmaker in sufi firmly denied all charges against him and pled not guilty. it
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is first in court on tuesday he emphasized that he never received any orders from north korea nor from that with the north korean spy your future prosecutors' claims that he plotted an uprising in the event of the north korean attack against south korea sink that was actually concerned about possible scenarios fall in the us led invasion of north korea. even ten minutes of testing many added that he lectured at a meeting in nadi on what would happen to south korean society. she wanted to launch an attack on north korea. anyhow the korean peninsula to say that the peaceful system and its aftermath. prosecutors meanwhile defined in korea he allegedly led called a revolutionary organization yes in and your grand group that east or africa or south korea's democratic order and priests is former north korean leader teenage son's political ideology the accused ian our members for plotting de tailed attacks on major south korean
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care for men facilities in the event of the knowledge that provocation by the north in response team's defence team said the organization doesn't even exist as its members organizational sense then that activities and clear. be smart but not to say that parts of the teeth reporting that the portly has our members putting such attacks have been distorted mom being transcribed the trial set to resume on thursday afternoon. pointing to the agony. now we turn to an international forum underway here in korea that aims to achieve greater security cooperation in the asia pacific region. top military officials and experts from twenty one nations and for international organizations are here in the capital for twenty thirteen sold the fence dial up her that it was there on the second day of the conference well the east pacific region boasts a high level of economic
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interdependence its cooperation in the security sector lags behind clouded by unresolved territorial disputes and historical conflicts. to overcome the so called age of the paradox officials and experts from across the region held marathon discussions on tuesday an animal and style long hosted by south korea's defence ministry. every day in a vice ministerial level meeting the second of its kind aims to bring regional neighbors closer together to further boost multilateral security cooperation. this offense kick things off by seeking ways to maintain peace in the region. usual stuff from discussing softly issues. saw scores are used is taking initiative. by proposing the most is the job since. cooperation mechanism the asia pacific countries and global nonproliferation efforts. it was also at the top of the agenda. one
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panel discussion stressed the importance of keeping tabs on north korea's nuclear and chemical threats. north korea is an outlier in all of these conventions. they're the only nation to withdraw from the npt. they have not signed the chemical weapons convention and as mr webber said they have a huge stockpile four times. maybe maybe four times larger than serious. also actively discuss the role of the military in cybersecurity steering cases of recent cyber attacks members lead out pragmatic methods to strengthen cooperation between the private sector government and the military in cyber defense operations on the sidelines of the defence nylon korean vice defense minister pics and julie and japan administrative vice minister of defense my sanity me she will hold a bilateral meeting wednesday. extra attention is being focused on whether
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the two sides will touch upon a sensitive issues at hand such as japan's pledge for collective self defense. and i can meet ups. more people are staying single here in korea and this has given rise to the so called solo economy phenomenon which refers to industries taylor to single weinstein said the cabbie big business as recent data shows that singles have more disposable income in average and three to four person household. you can to assist in the studio to tell us more ellie and what exactly is solid economy. i see a sign but still economy first resonated in the united states where the single population is reaching nearly fifty per cent in some of its major cities. basically it's a term coined to describe the riots and things like pseudo real estate and home appliances specifically
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targeting single dwellers the first is how many koreans are living alone. but the collective this graph over here but susan teaching composition of household here in school. the number of single households is filling consisted of rides. if a similar story for two person household but also following an upward trajectory. now i'm looking at the three person household. as if it actually fell from fifty seven per cent it back in two thousand and five to around fifty three percent as of last year the single helpful as you can see down here. i made up nearly a quarter of all households here until last year and are expected to rise to a third of all households by twenty thirty. now the month compare the spending power of the single into a four person household. seems well is asking see here have about a third of their monthly income to spend freely. now when taking a leak at the state a four person household. it's
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about seventeen percent. so turned around and singles canals and multi member households by twice as much as i think how much are we talking about here. for a single household. it's about seven hundred and sixty us dollars and four estimate of four person household. it's around six hundred and ninety three dollars but that means is that when individual singles have at least three times greater spending power so how is that my kid shifting tcp needs at the single consumers. why didn't the major stories that were leading the way to collect. the miniature packets of ketchup and dna east. two single serving see real packages. and even a wine for life. everything is worldwide each year in the by small section of the shopping mall and scholars. this part of the mall was first read that they did not stop to her and the section which specifically target single household is a new feature to its home and we began with two small sections to keep
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and the enthusiastic response from our customers we decided to expand into six sections now we are seeing sales increased by over ten percent each month. she thinks that its actions include another by small corner across the mall that sells mini rice cookers and coughs and hands a new brand of pretty section. mr bull's eye cut into small portions to attract a single dollars it's not only salt lake bees that are coming up with new marketing strategies to test date. a major online shopping mall here in korea launched what's called a single line to order online mall offers an even wider variety of items to better target the specific needs of single consumers. that includes a mall type for this furniture heck it is self development but specifically for singles and even supply expressing full dwellers best friend's cats and dogs. we realized that there are three main
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shopping trends amongst singles. a saving on and it's reasonable prices and a chic design. we try to place items based on those trends. and because singles who want their shopping experience be hassle free. we're also planning to expand our mall shopping function to attract even more single customers restaurants are also jumping on the bandwagon to get more single dollars to open up their wallets. while eating although it's still an uncommon sight here in korea it's different here for up to thirty percent of their customers come alone. this restaurant the single diners by offering a little more since the state and veggies and some rides on the side it just past the steakhouse that allow single diners to ca to go with a full stomach moles goes on and offline to now restaurants create seen the emergence of a silly kind
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that sits increase the number of concealed carry standard choosing to stay single. so we have a new market segments that's growing in economic power but how does this play out down the line. well you're right the emergence of a new group of consumers with greater spending power is definitely good news for the economy bike. i'm spending aspect aside and the rise of single households is still another problem on its own to collect. it seems and as more people in their twenties and thirty struggle because of high unemployment rates in the rising costs of housing and education they're deciding to delay getting married and having children aren't giving up altogether. so this well in the long term reduce the country's economic power six if that's all they can definitely hold out hope that the rise of single households will feel the economy pushing off forget about the potential negative social factors that can also arise
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directly and thank you very much for reporting on the rising number of single households and the country to come. before your dna. and another begins. get the latest line from seoul any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the covert its global network and why on arrival that has seventeen always on standby. south china has wrapped up a forty meeting of its top officials known as the third plan on those expected to determine a roadmap for government reforms over the next decade according to shin monies agency decision was made to approve comprehensive reforms including the establishment of the state security committee citing an official
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statement to the mediation why added that the market will play a decisive role in china's future allocation of resources. experts predict the communist party will try to reinforce its power while transitioning china into more domestically oriented consumer focused economy iran and the un nuclear watchdog agencies and struck a deal that will read inspectors access to key nuclear facilities previously off limits. experts see this as an encouraging sign as the announcement comes ahead of another round of nuclear talks scheduled for next week a kenyan been reports the international atomic energy agency and iran came to an agreement on monday over tehran's disputed nuclear program. opening the door for officials to carry out inspections at key nuclear sites to determine whether its nuclear program is truly for peaceful
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purposes. it was wednesday when that was signed today represents a road map that specifies bilateral stands in relation to resulting outstanding issues as part of the agreement international spectacle be given access to key nuclear facilities in iran had previously been restricted. iran also agreed to provide information on future research reactors adult sixteen sites designated for nuclear power plant construction. the head of the iaea the amato said monday that the development was an important step forward the stress that much more needed to be done. i know that they were all over it the long and windy. yea the whole thing with respect to the kitchen that it is to appeal and that they couldn't find anything for the soul for president and all this is the development comes on the heels of nuclear talks in geneva between iran and western powers. usa to state on kerry said monday that was arrived at backed out of a
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deal talks last week dad previous four cents that says that france delayed agreement. the second round of geneva talks is scheduled to start next wednesday. to have been added on news the korean government is raising awareness of the issue of women forced into sexual slavery by japanese military during world war two in combat and the ministry of gender equality and family as large a special exhibit here in the capital acumen to sit down with gender equality minister tony inside for more on the seventh and her plans to seek justice for victims the ministry of gender equality and ambient stain lodged a special exhibit devoted to raising awareness about winning forced into prostitution by the japanese military during margaret too that includes testimony from victims and evidence that so called military com for stations where the main worry
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the car straight and did exist. one of my homeland launching the special exhibit. the mateship a close up our exhibition today is to expand the limits of the history facts. by and asking the students and asking people to pay more attention to this matter. and to make whatever context culture contents that they can't deliver their message what makes this exotic even more special he's a collection of unique contents like animations and comment box to tell the story of young girls for a kidnapped and taken to the japanese military copper stations across asia. during times of war. when a minister to its priorities includes preserving the stories and historical facts from the big dance in various forms of content so that they are easily accessible internet users and young people politicians including prime minister and so on there but
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they still deny that these women were forced into sexual slavery and they continued to dodge their responsibility towards them. if japan. lots to take on the day said. and if the international organize stations and the government any government who wants to make up for use against those six to finance and human rights violation. which is which is suffering. still today in the country creations. then we have to properly the soul that has misbehaved. mr show with matt had three s surviving victims and kirsten said. gps denial that deeply disappointing to the victims. for some to the point of death. she plans to meet all surviving victims in person. i was so sad to hear at that. in our last august. two of them remaining and comfort them in the past
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two a and then i hesitate to attend the funeral of one of the meeting. and i do as i'm told by. her stepson and remember. that's when she watched tv and saw the reports that the second is politicians. i made tonight as the igniting of those comfort him in a shares it's just so sad and disappointed and confused she refused to eat bleaching. after that until she passed me. mr jo said she and the ministry will do all we can to bring about an official apology to the victims and finally after all this time have their dignity restored. the exhibit will run during the end of january is holy. nancy. i knew this. after more into e years of construction the long awaited seoul branch
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of the national museum of modern and contemporary art korea finally opened its doors to the grand opening ceremony on tuesday or call toll correspondent to one reports. the national museum of modern and contemporary art korea unveiled its fully franked on tuesday with an opening ceremony. bill is attended by hundreds of artists and close the heaters as well this president the moon. he is. reid added the duty the duty coming out it is a little creepy. you don't get to see. nice yet it's the third branch of the national museum of modern and contemporary art. calling the main branch impact on to
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another branch employer told to grow carrots. each branch has its own for guests in terms of function in the exhibition see her wrists the new legal clinics colin branch will center on in every test new media art pieces and more approachable exhibit programs for the to commemorate the opening of the news he added. by extension exhibitions at being held in a total of eight edition runs in the three storey guillotine when the runs south korea and forty artists participating the museum will be open to coming every case except mondays. every wednesday and saturday will be open with me until nine pm. and until the end of november. people that i can visit the museum are encouraged to make it on my investigation ahead of time for a more pleasant experience. ceylon that the iranians the fan. i did a
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spectacular first year in the majors put them on the shortlist for rookie of the year honors and stephen kaye joins us now to tell is if the balloting fell in his favor see that. hey guys the dodgers pitcher was on the radar for most of the major league baseball season as top rookie of the year candidate for the nationally the plot came in fourth in the boating the baseball writers' association of america released its results with ten of its members selecting do for a third place ten points he earned placed in fourth in the overall flow to play six of lefty finished the year at fourteen and eight with the three d our day in one hundred and ninety two innings of work in thirty games started. while the top honor in the nl went to the miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez who garnered a decisive twenty six off thirty first place ballots and the mull over the next the american league excuse me have the bay rays outfielder will buyers to comb the rookie of the year award
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now moved on to tuesday night's match ups let's start with the league action with the russian passive spl took on the twenty kr to hunt a russian cash were seeking their first twenty cars were one for two nd overall the momentum started with the times that is affected from all sides. left back sean rooney and sensations young's off the lights top scorer russian cast couldn't hold on to the card base in straight sets. bring to nothing. it's time to end with the likes of kbr match of these kinds of foreigners visited the team and elephants in utah. action starts off of course how the song in the early eight point lead. veteran in the lead in scores fourteen first half points carried them into the break of thirty eight to thirty terrain the elephants are caught in a stampede as the fund is tied to a young scores and the third and finishes with a game high sixteen points. he did was get some back and forth by the middle and late
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in the sun some others make it to a roll with a sixty nine fifty pm. for me here to sportscenter. this has been speeding check check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. mm mm mm and you. winners the eye with today being the coldest day of the season so far i noticed a growing number of people walking around with their thick winter coats and muffler so let's find out what's in store for us tomorrow by turning things over tricky but down at the weather center put down
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ktv signs he had it looks like the temperatures will rise tuesday's not having to starting tomorrow afternoon first taking a look at the satellite map. today the air was brisk with clear skies around the country due to high pressures of them from drying out. tomorrow morning is shaping up to the idea that there were one with the numbers forecast to dip below zero degrees in the last bite of the countries of asia to bundle up when heading out of every well dressed her and steal our seasonal africa starting tomorrow at noon keep in mind that the airship continue to be dry and sometimes have the central and east coast regions. taking a lead that tomorrow's greetings house backs up today at zero degrees but i have to let it be la kate winslet and sydney kids do fourteen. i've said this morning love reaches nine degrees before hitting thirteen in the afternoon the waffles to add to that top out at nine and three degrees respectively. i have
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previous hour into a domestic evening and the fact that what they eat after midnight and that's our broadcast of this tc nights and use the cane so that from him thanks for watching will see santa. i do. i can do. in him in it. he did. i did. i do
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it is. i did it. good thing i do. choose. u s. and with
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league. one will will will was i. britain restores to come on to reason with them on display while i was trying to reach any agreement with no bra. thus i organized it doesn't the uk considers criminalizing nice thousand and eight the year to introduce the new channel ten has an unlimited fine. also don't let


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