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says. you long woohoo. you need the fan. the news on and on. julio has made landfall in avignon three days after causing massive destruction and death in the philippines it was no weekend from a category five to a category one typhoon which still packing winds of up to hundred and fifty five kilometers per hour and has forced about six hundred thousand people living in vietnam's central region put back to it. back in the philippines relief workers are struggling to get aid to affected areas
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hundreds of thousands of people are thought to be without electricity and clean drinking water. he truly has been pouring in from around the world. the u s is contributing helicopters and rescue equipment in the uk is the peak million us dollars it's been a disaster experts and jewish aid organization is for a christening it in the medical trauma specialists press reports from the worst affected areas subject to up to ten thousand people may have been killed in that store. his new teacher activist blog youtube site has had her book banned in private schools across sydney to pakistan. no more i am delighted to be for between forty thousand private schools after the school board president said smaller percentage of years but what's the use of pakistan along with cheltenham but the taliban last year for speaking out
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against the taliban and promoting fills the kitchen he is becoming a hero in the west for champion uber slow execution. she is going to suck right price for freedom of thought it was only for the nobel peace prize but although she's getting accolades. why is it appears many in pakistan are not seeking her presents zaire the accused. and more while the band. i think. he did it. nobody. the network
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for me the book the ara the and whom. it's etched its lead to the so called top that silly cats national funds which are considered to be a pain to the french are probably going to be said but it is to really see which sees in a riot if i'm trying to paint over mindset of the nineteen nineties but still had to come to power that's older than he's been a busy crowded scene and see the rallying cry to transfer
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condition. today he is but a centrist government to liberalize the nation that its content integration investment policies the national crown. dental and vision are willing to launch the one thing that will constitute those on the minds of his last fight speeches trying to present itself in one. which in two thousand. it is still nice to not been halted. on to promote social ties the knot in it and insist on national conference in which challenges the french national team. that space to the ocean. in spanish government and industry get on skype. the station as it tried to play on the racist image of the national front the car seat into the bishop of the psalm nine ten but nine the pandas distance itself from half of the campaigns and crying in
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the place and this time instead the whole debate is to hear jacob who don't seek today didn't get the basic issue is the very basics it's an authentic as an incentive. defiance against all days to play systems diplomats and on to the same with her creepy know that the national projects each with each team they opened for national side up the victory of the national front man michael byelection of thing you know in style it's really hard seasons coming soon. to get to spend her rights groups and no one said anthony who exchange rates. the intent is considered to them it's antisemitic lead to new solutions a week and that are used to be scapegoats and times of crisis. today was good though some of his new book instilled in me and him the race to the national front for the cup this season trying to coax fear stems from the population disappointments into that still sees the situation request by the economic crisis. and for the facilities where you had the economy crisis. to which
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soon and even the nazis to develop themselves and conquer. most post of the opinion. we do move. that's what we see today. he's nuts imminent. no sooner than weeks. james miller to love the changes in exchange for an outlet and thousands are deported from france to help the families of nineteen puts it in as many of my stained by the times quotes the national front. state school i would never have thought that these yang actually come back with what i seem to hit it again the anti semitism. the noble gases the hatred that is exactly how it was before raising anti semitism is part of the safest or two against the national front the nights it's amazing let's not let him cry in my collections in moscow months while the right wing anti
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it's driven by internal power struggles in a cell phone to the only political policy that hadn't been thought of any government since the nineteen eighties soaked up some frames or to say what why not give it a try. as a jew and have a friend said to them. i do not think that we should get it right because for a walk. are we to become a frost remains is the naked after an it and getting out of eu with twenty four percent it supports both say the offenders it seems like it's a remix is getting elections elections which could see a surge of up to this nazis. nine pence close to perfection isn't difficult to think says that in economic results and not the news would help stimulate the company. today this pot seized in the right side is the anti semitism and have instead become paykel critics of islam. but sixties and the longer the prime
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the consent of the french national front of said assuming skeptical of the posse stenson nice in which they considered team opens not take them at the nation a high increasing a cafe opens and one in class much of the actions of the notre dame vietnam's ousted deadly storm that swept across the philippines into scott's uncle are sent to the country. despite the toy same speech weakening down to around one hundred most are outlined in its upright to central and northern vietnam both ortiz looks like another risks with all you got off a million people having left them hollins vietnam's national tv stations have reported heavy rain flooding triggered by the toys there and has already cost six deaths the toys they was one of the strongest storms ever to my plum full of difficulties puff of destruction through several of the philippine central islands leaving unconfirmed estimates of as many as ten thousand dead
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students in turkey have criticized the government's plan to male and female students are sharing accommodation. one young complain income and to use ago the boy could friends and they share a common for economic reasons. what is the problem. why miss the rest of my photog and clean the proposal for mrs the next administration was no interfering in lifestyles just what the parents did exactly that. deacon said that he'd already initiated efforts to ban dogwood trees in state run university buildings. turkey's interior minister has since claimed the plan to be constitutional on the grounds that protect the country's young people the government minister even suggested nixon tells this could present a great a risk of terror group recruitment committee that the notice on the techies increasing as the new fixation full female politicians and begins a paper artsy recently boys on
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the catskills in parliament in a defiant challenge the country secularism established by founding father mustafa kamal that. in september this year another controversial move placing limits on the sale of them because you know colin tuckey was introduced to me points for criticism chokes now banned from selling opal that in ten pm and six am and also within the hunter beaches of any mosque. the keys take to civil unrest since may when an estimated three point five million people took part in protests which developed into widespread campaigning in season this government and the perceived erosion of basic rights. subsequent government by police brutality coach of the two told that the people being killed with a thousand injured at least four thousand one hundred detained israeli based hrt is for aids has confirmed they will be providing humanitarian assistance the philippines still in college coursework lesson plan b is for any team will consist of professionals
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in the fields of medicine truman and disaster relief to work alongside liquidity others and un aid agencies within the disaster zone. his red tape was founded in two thousand and one with the purpose of bringing together is reading tuition aid organizations charities and the taking military western countries including shell and the white sea and south saddam is for a dessert for two people going through to syrian refugees in jordan gave to his toys with organizations such as the american jewish congress and the best seo life. israel itself was a moment to infertility humanitarian aid to conflict zones and to disaster affected areas in nineteen ninety eight the jewish state aid to victims of the peoples in civil war while in two thousand fight israel assisted americans affected by hurricane katrina in the whole street that ato idea from him and has participated in at least fifteen eight missions to country struck by tragedy the death toll from typhoon plan has reached three thousand people with the number expected to rise as rescue workers which
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affected areas. uncle toby's from the rubble. twice in which one wins with three in tacoma to style it is hitting on shortly. it would consider mendes force. coming up the surprising defeat at the podium pcs could spread for walks when syria to your case is all but one infectious disease which invades in the system and can cause of the paralysis of analysis were identified last month the northeast syria there is the cute video to school but we can be prevented by simple vaccination. most countries in western europe hungary the vaccinated and took a rather safe against introduction of these disgusting transmissions a few bars and the polish people spread very far you should be understood. it's one of these are pics that makes this a free now and then demand in the country the only country which has considerably less vaccinations and most of the other european and western european countries
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whose austria on selling the stress polio outbreak in syria for fourteen years eastern european countries are being urged to vaccinate more people in eastern europe that some countries like mexico been on and ukraine which has rather no vaccination coverage so they should strive to cut the pet shop here. according to the world health organization up with diseases like that and syria into topics like this playfully i'm criquing parasitic disease. leishman diocese. the syrian government has made a deal breaker to have been sold to st practiced on fourteen of the civil war. the latest round of talks with world powers over iran's controversial nuclear program as andy didn't he go without a deal being struck. however for the negotiations had been scheduled to start on the twentieth of november iran is it emptied and crippling economic sanctions which have persisted for a decade over suspicions the islamic republic is building a new tool or weapon
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france was reportedly the one country to stand in the way of an agreement being reached. needing to an accusation by iran that the french were israel's representatives at the negotiations israel has urgently want again to signing a deal with taylor and saying that the islamic republic isn't giving anything up. in return for sanctions relief. just like the united states apparent satisfaction with iranian explanations during talks us secretary of state john kerry reiterated his country has one clear name we came to geneva determined. as pres obama has said that his goal it is since day one as president. to make certain that around does not acquire a nuclear weapon. that remains our goal. because we remain committed. the two formatting. the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. and we remain committed to protecting our
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allies. the take away our allies in that region. kerry also reiterated that the time for talks is in unlimited. i would emphasize also that the window for diplomacy does not stay open indefinitely and we will continue working to find a peaceful solution because we believe that forceful diplomacy as a powerful. enough of a weapon to be able to actually do shoes the worlds the most threatening weapons of mass destruction israel is likely unimpressed with carey's latest statements and the obama administration's reluctance to set firm and military deterrence is really prime minister netanyahu has been described as being in a shocked state of disbelief over the negotiations involving the us it's the largest ally and iran its greatest enemy. he has questioned the west's willingness to cut a deal at any cost. when we move into
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i have asked all the meat is most is the rush i suggested they will wait and wait seriously all the issues still it is an historical presets and historical decisions. a request they will wait and it's good then that's the decision was made in the end. i don't delude myself that there is a great desire to reach an agreement i hope it will not be at any cost and if agreement is reached. it has to be in good agreement not a bad one there was a second goal the most criminal. on the streets of jerusalem meanwhile some residents felt that the united states have led the jewish state down the methods of. gave up before that so they came to the eye if it was a fun friend step down. he insisted on. the two principal insisted on it. many are reading what of that and get what they want so it's not really negotiation. speaking after the latest round of talks ended iranian president hassan honey reportedly stated that iran's right to
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peacefully enriched uranium is a red line that must not be crossed. the comic plays and anya has stayed in last year at the united nations when he said a red line must be drawn to prevent iran from building a new killer bomb up egypt is set to expand cooperation with russia following a slump in relations with the united states after american frozen military aid to the middle eastern country over the two which deposed muhammad morrissey and in response to human rights abuses committed against muslim brotherhood protesters. russia's defence and foreign ministers are soon expected to visit cairo to discuss bond sales and political relations. critics have pointed the us strategy of withholding part of the one point five billion us dollars annual aid package could undo decades of good relations with a key ally in the region the military assistance is part of the camp david accords signed between israel and egypt and is considered a key component for maintaining regional
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stability. israel has cautioned that the current balance of power must be maintained. rach had formerly been a close ally of egypt until several years before the peace pact with israel closer ties with egypt may allow moscow to once again expand its influence in the region which is on the mediterranean bates is on the coast of syria a country now deeply unstable due to its ongoing civil war. egypt has also been busy showing up its financial position with other partners. not long ago receiving five billion dollars worth of loads of fuel and other aid from united and its. the mm iran has launched the production of powerful side had two surface to air missiles according to the semi official fars news agency an updated version of the siad ones sad tunes are reportedly capable of reaching higher altitudes and striking with greater precision. attending
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the launch ceremony defence minister brigadier general hossein to khan said the missile system would be used to defend the country against possible terror raids and is capable of destroying helicopters and drones. iran has test fired several missiles in recent years including the launch at least three which is said to be capable of striking israel either shorter range have one and two missiles which could endanger gough adversaries and us assets in the region have also been tested the islamic republic for that showed off its mix of poets recently with a visualize a scene for a potential strike on the jewish state might look like the video posted online paper which team website iran's new shows several long range ballistic missiles destroyed his girls on until missile defense system while others strike the idf headquarters in tel of the anti de mon and tue installation in the negev desert. the clip forms part of a documentary which purports to show iran's response to an israeli airstrike on a speaker facilities . palestinian
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investigators have said the rush to report concludes that there is insufficient evidence to back the theory that mr arafat was poisoned with polonium in twenty oh four. the results are much weaker than those found earlier by swiss law or two in last november's swiss french and russian experts collected samples from arafat's courts bowling and al jazeera documentary which reported an unusual levels of polonium of the late leader's clothing. russia's results are more cautious and this was conclusions which said that the test moderately backed the idea that arafat's demise was the result of poisoning with polonium to ten. arafat suddenly fell ill when he was outnumbered by israeli tanks and his compound allegations of foul play immediately follow the palestinians have for some time pointed the finger at israel a charge which the jewish state's forcefully than that's others believe that members of arafat's on surya skill to put their pets with you accusing members of his inner circle. she did not
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accuse eastern country or individual unmentioned arafat had many enemies. the israeli government notes that he died at the age of seventy five unit living on healthy lifestyle. dosa stripper list massive me a surprise appointment as the new governments to express and twenty three year old woman is rare among them while she becomes islamist groups that spin offs but stress and i'm going to see relation to the infection ten lists including the trading media was at the end even though in the eye and the storm off to a duty to speak the day and even to speak and it's really need yet. the admission present moment allow is expected to focus on education such that says potato and also read knit the cuff of the masses reconciliation efforts without the all rookie that extra dose of its militants against israel. she says she's determined to succeed
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in the row. it's not too easy a visiting and spending. and maybe find a good thing. time he and some have dismissed the incident a time he and his band at solstice in the vote gave me the gun and gang made. so i wouldn't do list this as i can do this i hope the coming decades with the fact that i went to our two studied in the kingdom will serve as a family take care of. i am the mother to my hand and handed over to manly and useful ideas on things that had been deposed in a slow and twenty and now i'm twenty three. alma to our hostess that she would be a force for women in the dells this trip to our quiet when it's gone it's kind of bands who don't sing in striking she showed me a funny sad and neither one of them. and this situation and bases and comfy
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in gaza said. and do as much as i tend to show that women can't tell them. and i'm loud voice at him but he had made its back. or forum incomes is called the revamp of the mets government's press office which is instinctive to the recruitment of dozens of young people to promote mass on social media. zion the international motor show is at the annual art show held in the emirate of dubai in the night sick at the emirates. due to the high interest of expensive cars and a bite. it attracts many make it come monday factor is from around the welts. it seemed as if the local stage for the revealing of many new vehicles. i think simon economic factors to stone but oh they cause hearing decline in the middle east this is the center of the well to add to my mints and a lot of big companies and businesses he at settling into this market is important that we have the biggest in the best and thou dost they are doing it
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than to buy a bigger shoah has a great successfully to get stuck an audience out the we do everything you in accordance dial. you see in just her opponents. the gcc in just one of the highest ratios of cost to households in the wilds. he proceeded to hook it up high and the streetcar markets globally. we in the mobile market is going to double digits. the vehicle me is going to amend the unexpectedly high growth by tv endorsement of the twenty twenty six point two eight to make it the bill by a treaty the place where we need to be. with more than six hundred vehicles on display at the dubai international motor show is expected to attract well over one hundred thousand visitors from throughout the region these highlights the importance of demeanor region india its multi industry as well as the show's success that we can to keep custom audience is being touted to dubai and the is the hub and the region it's a regional hub system
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of control is the most important in the region and the old post again when you have numbers does revenue of sixteen mother listened to a mother and excel in activism that we are launched a memo saying in launching it went from there. the old is that it does makes the dubai international social morning post it here on you. now even the sun to find that the seventy called lies here is that passion about cars and new products. it was a place where you want to see if it was interesting you hence why this become such an important global arena the new site is to showcase their latest products the money from trieste used unveiled new models in the middle east is or is the high interest in new vehicle models and high disposable income rate to purchase these times. many companies such as unveiling new models at the exhibition detailing existing models that can be done to the middle east to knock it into the light yet we have the right to opportunity of many different nationalities here and on to them as a
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prime business is sadder we can reach out to not just one nationality. it's a multi tooth. everyone needs a raise enough money in this day this market especially in the uae is now in the last two years this being its back and re emerge from from the global financial crisis people want to call for their wise people on the cob for the tribe as a key growth region for the altar not see the industry to finance a national not to show brings the arts are not safe spot flights to dubai. the gentle on any teaching men to buy eye. a brazilian soccer club has struck gold. off to die to use new team strip which features two flights of twenty cents we keep the revolutionary boycott try tomorrow. at the rear of the third division team from the rostrum read the northside of rio de janeiro it looks like a virus scientists paid its lights on
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at seven this toy chest to come mri to school ok but the teen died fifty years ago nineteen sixty three not a re run stand to one hundred and forty four guys in countries far from holland on the note it's like buying thirty six times winning twenty three of them with two guys team lead in the tie and dress with a virus like teen spirit by a short succinct this is due to who gets the revolutionary spirit that we have to bring to the field of our fun into the end of his life if we can apply that mentality we have a chance at victory who is the position the new river outfitters on teaches us got off the reference every second it with goalkeepers to a seat being designed as an exact copy of to keep them flat ones have yet to be used in the unofficial much but i already shoot it was hot and sweet site was then dropped it from ten a month to more than three thousand in a few weeks since the news to school. will you. do. will be
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i mean. to me. will. or will the tsar. is you. he'll be in
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. i own. less. i did. you
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wouldn't know what you will since. i whine all you can following the call me callous nineties the national party congress party heavyweight that ongoing seen criticize my angel and his advisers saying they mishandled the political conflicts between mom and likes to think of the un president wanting pain and


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