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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 11, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the eye monster type the philippines and estimated to have left up to ten thousand dead. last fall we ordered six hundred thousand people evacuated their house. all of that brief hearing for not meeting the and government house this morning. only the second leg of the odder company. she used to like me
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had to wrap up the president not to hesitate. the european school work and how it is now leased to a seventies back home. the stores and more text and content. to prime time news it's monday in november eleven here in korea like from full time teaching them some limping so much for joining us. we begin with the epic typhoon disaster in the philippines as many as ten thousand people are believed to have died in the un estimates hundreds of thousands have been left homeless from forty koreans are still missing and in the worst affected area as rescue workers are struggling with no clean water no electricity and very little food again uses crimes law passed away this is the aftermath of typhoon
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hijack one of the most powerful storms ever recorded the strongest like small structures in its path breaking up lamp posts looking for cards and up and moves off of homes. the death toll has not yet been confirmed at some fairly as hard to reach that number is declining. they treated me so out of the gift that i'm going to donate a kidney the media radar. the draft or cuddly toy and ten dollars rescue workers struggling in the worst affected areas there is no clean water no intensity and hardly any food present any new at kino has deployed soldiers to the devastated city of kufa back to disparage the looting and said to me to clear martial law or state of emergency. those that did survive the disaster and now face the french are all searching for missing loved ones. my grandmother and
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parents and children. i lost them during the school the number of missing koreans in the philippines meanwhile has risen to at least forty kph with being diabetes die between the academic area. coordinate the prolonged and the nearby kicking story of trying to contact them by their communication medium heat not that that biblical in our store we are trying with all of that. tyson has significantly weakened slightly on the dance hall in vietnam early monday local time as a category one tropical storm and a few hours later in southern china spain and profits more than six hundred thousand people have been evacuated in northern and central vietnam and the storm is still bringing heavy rain and strong gusts at least thirteen people have been killed in vietnam as a result of the storm and fights in china. the weather alerts are still in effect in parts of those two countries the storm has not yet disappeared it was a lot. ibm
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news. hundreds of thousands left stranded at home listen without for their supplies international aid organizations are announcing massive relief and recovery efforts to assist the survivors in korea is no exception. sian semin has more on the response teams from around the world international organizations are rushing into the philippines to provide aid and assistance to survivors in the areas affected by that i can wear an estimated one point seven million children are believed to be living. about ninety us koreans and sailors arrived in manila on sunday nights to provide assistance with search and rescue operations in addition to distributing fifty five metric tons of emergency period provided by the us agency for international development more u s military personnel are expected in the coming day. the us embassy in the philippines said one hundred thousand us dollars
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to be provided for health water and sanitation support of president barack obama said the us to provide additional heat if necessary the european commission sent a team to assist in philippine authorities pledged and four million dollars to help with relief efforts. united nations secretary general kind humans and healing humanitarian agencies are also responding with emergency assistance the un world food programme has committed two million dollars for relief program that includes forty times and then skips. braden has announced it would provide roughly eight million dollars in immediate aid follow stray liang new tiling have also donated a combined four hundred and ninety thousand dollars. philippine president emile aquino said the government's priority is to restore power and communications in isolated areas to get relief and medical assistance to survivors. the korean government announced monday that it was dispatching an
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emergency relief team of five people to the high density areas of the philippines the advance relief team which was scheduled to depart for and seek their monday night it will mean really be providing medical assistance since any idea on you. now to a confirmation hearing at the national assembly president in its nominee for a head of the state audit board was on the hot seat on this monday as political neutrality and independence were under scrutiny. i can and see the forest like fungi spent any time. most recently chief of the sony center district court took the witness stand at the national assembly monday as a nominee to head the state audit board lawmakers concentrated on whether the new inspection chief who was handpicked by president reagan he would be able to stay politically neutral and independent been carried out inspections and audits of the house. one
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opposition lawmaker asked whether upon the wiki willing to watch an insction into allegations of national intelligence service agents oh six and if it died down the political comments on twitter. a broad ruling party in the run up to last year's presidential election regarding the intelligence agencies scandal a trial is still ongoing. you'd be inappropriate for the quarter on an inspection tour to launch an inspection into such a case. the top seed at the board of audit inspection has been baking since august when former gp and time to step down. the new appointee during the e mail back administration had nineteen months left in his term or resign for reasons still unclear. some have criticized president fox nomination of fun as being determined in these times to possession chief of staff in the shade and senior secretary for civil affairs in punjab state the presidential chief of staff in i graduated from
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the same middle school and though we never met prior to my nomination with the senior secretary for civil affairs and i also went to see middle school. we didn't even touch you know mean it when there was a meeting for legal professionals. the hearings morning session broke down because the damage he did not turning the financial health and career records and lawmakers have asked for the company to carry the nominee of the state body board chief what i'm trying to stay. meanwhile the national assembly will launch a secretary to confirm president fox new nominee for welfare minister. when she say as well. tvnz news. top military officials and experts from twenty one nations across the asia pacific region gathered in seoul on this monday for the two thousand thirteen sold defend style that during this three day buys for this area level meeting protests offense will discuss ways to maintain peace in northeast asia the role of the asia
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pacific countries and global nonproliferation efforts and the role of the military and cybersecurity extra attention is being focused on a bilateral meetings scheduled between korean vice defense minister takes him to the defense administrative vice minister of defense not something he she has two sides have sensitive issues at hand such as japan's push for collective self defense and the signing of the bilateral treaty and exchange of confidential military information. south korea's chairman of the joint chiefs of staff came he says the possibility of north korean provocations near the west sea is higher than ever as reclusive regime has continued to bolster its military strength along the maritime border in a visit to unit stationed near the west sea on monday and roll today urged soldiers and marines to be ready at all times to counter enemy attacks he said that in doing so the soldiers would be providing some consolation to fellow comrades who died during north korea shelling
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out the front line again come i laid in two thousand ten the admiral says it comes just ahead of the third anniversary of the young gun incident which took place on nov twenty third of that year fraser park in ayr will hold a summit with the russian counterpart vladimir putin on wednesday in seoul. the two leaders are expected to discuss a wide range of issues from boosting economic cooperation in dealing with north korea from some cave reports the early as possible participation in to any malay project between backs and north korea will likely dominate the upcoming senate between president campaign and has russian counterpart the applicant. reading between the chad's eastern border town of hindsight and the north korean port city of rides in the fifty four
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climbing there really is part of president clinton's goal of turning red shackleton a good president for trade between east asia and year out. the russian leader has probably been sent me a freaking nice and the project most recently in september at the group of twenty seven years for it and the two sides are expected to strike a deal this time around russians sharing the project currently stands at seventy per cent and under the dl south korean companies are expected to acquire. that's the theme brush and the key for me as when espn for a third. the two leaders are also expected to discuss other forms of trilateral cooperation including the construction of a gas pipeline running through brush and north korea south korea as well as to say the project entailed a three way power line the discussions come at a time insolvency to moscow's help in priceline its northern neighbor to give up its nuclear ambitions. and
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while some remain hopeful about president reagan promised in his full support and it turned presents as a light station project. at this and staff will say that the russian leader will not turn his bag and its longtime ally north korea. on sunny weekends. president but they returned home on saturdays from an eight day tour of europe the ticker to france britain and belgium her aaa foundation for a stronger partnership with european countries not only in the sectors of the creative economy and finance but also on the colt will find the presidential office correspondent on shinjuku trouble with the president to this now for more on what was achieved during her last overseas trip of this year seemed to welcome and thanks to jay knew what were some of the main accomplishments from these visits bust she had just mentioned the president was focused on boosting cooperation with european countries in the sectors of the creative economy and finance. europe has great capabilities in basic science and has long impressed in the so called creative
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industries which center around knowledge and information in range from architecture fashion and failed to stop terror and publishing satisfy the president thought your output be a ninety lb partner for cooperation in these fields. after the committee eta. even if he did that don't heal. indeed if so they dumped the puck not done that to be. cedar manor so far been recovered the tackle that axiom in dhaka. oh my she and equanimity cat pee so only be used and the sticky haven't yet. and it's to be a delay. it would be the way he and some trapeze the president helped bring about a number of towns full of accomplishments in the area of finance korea and france signed for in the years to finance korean and french companies carrying out joint projects in europe
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markets such as africa the middle east. the all strictly to simplify the process of these engagements in order to strengthen the cooperation network between businesses whitbread ten korean nine eleven finance related and the u's point three billion dollars. all of dublin bilateral trade and investment by the year twenty twenty. indulge and five leading european companies announced plans to invest a total of three hundred seventy million dollars in cumbria. and to do we fear that a number of culture events were held in my ever present this and summoning got a presidential vote does as she has done or trips to the country's president mike added called the offence for scheduling you're at a parish he looked around the worst amy c and e and took part in a korean drama party organized by a french keep up and clap the president
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emphasized how the walls reaching to reach the development of creative industries and countries in express have two nations has now been strong for christ and culture. you can get it you will love me even couldn't even keep the house its head when i opened the cubicle. it has to cope and adults will love it that you get in the wee hours when you think that's what happened back in london she attended the opening gala of the city's korean film festival. one thing i would like to point out here is the president had made a number of speech as in french and english to better connect with the europeans are to clear her french which she learned while living in france which was twenty two was well regarded by the locals. so did any anecdotes that she could share with us about what had been behind the scenes while there were a lot of interesting things happening for her trip to europe but i guess the most and it's happening was present at all
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in london. upon arrival to the guildhall to attend a dinner banquet hosted by the lord mayor of the city of london. chris and i tripped over her humble trance and fell. ashley is getting out of the car. the lord near and his wife an effort to her and help her up and this is when president has allowed her sense of humor to come now just smiled saying she'd me to quote dramatic entry for kelly the president was unhurt and a dataset is planned at present the cold queen elizabeth at her role as one girl at it at the opening ceremony of the two thousand twelve london olympics. deep impression on the verse allah for the world. to this the cleanest now i have said that nobody not even the actors nor the workers at the palace knew that she would place a troll was top secret and took it thinking rak home and though we have less than two months to go until the ears and what's up on her it needed to do list. while walsh us in your lap and
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tensions between the ruling and opposition parties have escalated to a higher point the main opposition democratic party boycotted all of this parliamentary activities on thursday saying he cannot trust investigation into the allegations that the nation's spy agency medals in last year's presidential election. it demanded a new probe by an independent counsel the problem is this show that bp said on the two thousand fourteen but the bill died during the assembly striker session and told rolling stone the party agrees to a special investigation into the alleged election medal in case the present office of chao addict had faced a strong backlash from the as next year's budget contains a number of conventions for the fly free hits of the korean people. this now is on the policy speech press impact is scheduled to meet next monday as she is expected to outline her stance on the current political confrontation and a key piece to me and for special investigation. all
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right and you think you so much for that wrap up a bid to have it back. before your dna. and another begins. get the latest line from seoul any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the cold its global network and one on arrival that has seventeen always on standby. south the west and iran didn't leave their talks in geneva with an agreement in place yet us secretary of state john kerry says he's optimistic that the signs are inching closer to a deal on iran's nuclear program. any premier will have to wait until the next meeting which is about ten days from now and it has more on the new deal still employed the world
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powers engage in talks to dismantle iraq's nuclear program. say they're hopeful a deal to be on the cards iran has offered to freeze expansion of its nuclear activity. in return for litter believe from international sanctions which had been in place for years us secretary of state john kerry told nbc is meet the press sunday at the us was absolutely determined any deal will be a good one for the west. we are not behind them. i don't think we're stupid. i think we have are pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interests of our country and of the globe and particularly of our allies. while there is cautious optimism. israeli prime minister benjamin that any gal who continues to pursue his case against iraq's nuclear program. i always do the combination of crippling sanctions. in the military option. that has
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the power to stop iran in everything i see. kills me. i think it's important to have steady nerves. i'm a firm purpose sunday to all the geneva talks iranian president's house on rock on he told parliament. iran has the right to use nuclear technology including uranium enrichment program. offer us there are red lines but not across the rights of the iranian nation are our red lines national interests are our red lines and that includes our rights under the framework of international regulations and enrichment on iranian soil although toss and he wrapped up saturday without resolution. promises made in war costs will be held next wednesday. to have been added and it's. this area's main western backed opposition group says there are open for peace talks sponsored by the americans and russians but only if certain conditions are met the same released by the syrian national coalition on monday
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outlined the preconditions which call for humanitarian aid being allowed into the sea areas and political prisoners to be released this represents the sa from stan says the coalition had previously said it would not take part in any peace talks and lester removal of president or stop sign was at the top of the agenda united states in rancho want to start peace talks in geneva aimed at ending the two nd half the year civil war by the end of this year negotiations between the korean baseball organization as free agents and their teams began on sunday and interest in four of the biggest names is probably sixty ha is here to tell us more about that statement. they died sixteen baseball players have become free agents this year but for our rice into the top of the heat. the first of
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the big four is what this power hitter come in all the time of year this year hitting two thirty five to just eleven homers one hundred days. also in doubt with speculation that he can afford year almost won. from the state. in the batter into the new net with the sk medicine to those looking to see him prattle. and lastly its own son's picture was that the old ladies at the opening thirteen he was last season. for some football means the national team has replace sale of its injured football there's ahead of the upcoming families with the international teams use the dome will be out for up to six weeks after straining his ankle in training. and meanwhile humble jump sits out with a hip injury. now talk to all and tom jones who will take their spots on the line up. training will open on tuesday in time to call the friendly versus switzerland will take place on friday at smaller world
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cup stadium. and finally let's turn to the pbl there are no games played on monday so let's get right to the stand they be as canines remain at the top spot with held by a few close out the win was with well placed to tap again tonight and doing fairly well for them now. algae levels off at third with eight wins while kt and the season round out the top spot. also the bobcats beat the band dropped to twelve degrees last week and then that fixed before he'll improve to four wins and said hi five and a half game of phone book continues to drop down to france at age twelve hours on end. you can see at the height of the letter speaking from some people will forget algae. in this case pbl action. as for me here to sportscenter this has been stephen chow to peck at
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midnight to the latest in the world of sports. i have my hand which has left more than ten thousand dead in the philippines in at least thirty dead in vietnam is now passing south of china for details on where to type and
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is headed. let's go over tracking them down at the weather center will be on amy science he had assets now five people had been reported dead in time that due to height and weight is expected to weaken starting later tonight at around three am local time heidi and hits one hundred and twenty km north east at millie and aunt annie and heidi and me grandpa. increase heat right now leading to a record high of heavy rainfall of about two hundred millimeters in total precipitation and the storm is expected to be located about three hundred and fifty km north of times and i have like three pm tomorrow. that's if it gets jittery as whether brace yourself for colder weather because tomorrow will be even older than today nevertheless it looks like we will return to athens to visit starting wednesday also keep in mind that we may get some training on thursday. looking at tomorrow's now baseball is that of the day at my next one degrees at the height of
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the lead in the lot enabling him to sit in the low teens silat their bases taking pics of degrees while punching bags tops out at zero. well that's all i have read this now and act the act the caps on this monday nights i need to hit you so know sean when things were watching was he said. i think is you. rule. use. you all do they. and a fast course no discussion. in the last two years our database for all usage and friends in
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hundreds and hundreds of scientists think enough of a nautical four hundred people from twelve thousand people they know just been a frightening but it's what we really need to read it but also for these people want to be part of the story. they said it will help her help you can donate money. you can sponsor a job where you can volunteer. it was a wild ride to north korea and japan or spain. long story you can also forced him from their house. you can do with the fundraiser events you can put a donation box in your store or in your friends. so boasted of things came out thanks to this awesome one we have pages in english and thai german french italian spanish. i'm also on my phone chips with the program but also social networks help us ghana is that what we too would almost three hundred dollars that we got five a day. chewing it. we have sent
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several dogs and dogs all around the world. if you're in europe us canada south america or anywhere you are if you like the dark. see the picture. in some spots i made you fall in love with it as rebecca wanted. you can do in both islands due to the doc for a couple hundred dollars in new ticket or fifteen which achieved the top twenty country some countries are in a sea of some kind of a more difficult to stop and twenty nor know stuff like that. what usually is easy. we have no doubt that they are so driven we're a group of people super super committed to win a mission to save every single don't know and we can we're currently running campaigns with a twenty thirty countries around the world. the traffic on our websites it go off and we have. more on the horse we have more money we have more people commute on the campaign all things work
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though. our basement. not to stop. or as much as we can do what we can. more people money. we are still a little late. the way we do. it's something it's pretty unique the way we treat the respectful life. i'm the claimant from the people there when the tough cases we go from almost dead. two i'm really happy couple months so that's that's really me. the resources we i mean we'll get rid of her percent of the nations. no no no money whatsoever. we have a stop off trees and offers on all the time in the clinic may need during the clinic with elbow patches. we have systems came into force them to know that what we did ours
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it's out in leading corporations pay. the people would start on the other twenty or thirty people around the world. you're like me. this is a . been in mobile. open. that's a bad deal. we are not blind and i don't think we're stupid the glass shards of these urls condemnation of a partisan you get agreement with the tensions and while i was all part was when the actu. big money big trouble. brussels the day saints a free trade deal with the winds that could mean that isn't affected. but critics say the ruling european democracy


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