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i knew. i eye. the light the dw i'm saving some of the night for land and sarah kelly gives us coming out in the next half hour. it enabled world powers face off with the toronto for its nuclear program for the first time. about a possible deal one of the stronger storms on record has come all the philippines. when its destruction. berlin's new national gallery shows works for the nineteen sixties to
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the target of a landing the secretary of state john kerry to some important gaps still need to be bridged in geneva as well powers negotiate with iran over its nuclear program not the two sides have been holding high level talks aimed at ending what's been a long running dispute that there are signs pointing to a possible breakthrough but there's been no claim it suggests that the iranians want western powers to ease oil and banking sanctions in the first phase of any deal i would say they can free up frozen funds abroad but are ready to water down sanctions that much in the early stages still negotiations are ongoing. russia's foreign minister sergei laptop is now expected to join top level diplomats at the talks on saturday. the little village top ranking diplomats
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continued and was assigned to the deal with iran might be imminent. there's widespread speculation that only a few details remain before historic breakthrough in negotiations with iran could be announced. us secretary of state john kerry said it may still be too early to expect any progress. i want to emphasize that instills a very important. issues on the table with her on her cell it is important for those to be properly bizarrely interest the iranian when minister seemed to agree with his american counterpart. and the two hundred and two smaller than on the eighth week now enters the very difficult and sensitive phase of editing the text it will be published. once the agreement is reached in and get my gifts also let the negotiations will take more time to be going to have skimmed was not convinced that they are still a deal
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over iran nuclear program appears closer than ever before. it would probably include a gradually loosening of economic sanctions on tehran in return for initial current on the development of its uranium enrichment program. a timeline might be agreed. rolling back more sanctions in return for further concessions to iran a win win outcome for everyone except israel which is fiercely opposed. do you discuss in july it's too early the model is not required to treat party that wants to do. he is using sanctions on the wall for the first time after many years. the wildcats. what does it and it pays off the israeli prime minister
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rejects any agreement that does not result in a complete shutdown of iran's nuclear capability. but he seems powerless to halt the momentum coming out of genius. and marcus bent is covering the talks for us in geneva enjoys this joins us now live. but this was a ladies at your hearing. well the only thing we know for sure is that they were actually been negotiating in the heavens in the mission falls the european union here in ingenious bought the building is heavily protected by swiss police there's no way to get information out of that building. and so we own the house to wait. we heard that the russians say you love roast is also to chilling these tolls body whether i've told me tomorrow morning. on the soul queen of snow from of these negotiations. markets as part of the report israel has been highly critical of the stocks what effect could that have on reaching a deal. well probably know of nothing in the short term but there are some of the list. seeing the risks coming from the us
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congress because benjamin did antonio israel's prime minister could find allies dare to frustrate the relief of sanctions that would mean frustrating. the deal with the wrong. the markets at israel's skeptical said world powers be as well doesn't look like you and will will back up its words with action well it's old equation also the trust and confidence of. former president of the wrong did everything to destroy any carnal self confidence. not with the new iranian president. there is a wind of change and doubts that big of a tourney keep the momentum we've heard early before that everyone tries to chew it dove in to take on to find the solution. i like is when you think will come out of the talks with sergei lavrov there tomorrow what development without praying what id. i don't think the odds of those tolls will be some extent because of
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difficult negotiations are happening now. on a doomed suspect that used only to come to be on the photo when they are celebrating the agreement. well he's certainly well the markets tennis thank you for joining us ran us from geneva. i readily turn out to a storm that is said to have wind speeds faster than her teens standing and katrina combined super storm heidi on has been battering down on the philippines with at least four people killed and power lines knocked out in several provinces telecommunication lines down officials haven't been able to assess the full extent of the damage. but that the storm swept through quickly and officials hope that might have spared the country from a major disaster. rescue crews arrived just in time to the scene and after the abandoned their part of the online poll the typhoon heidi on more into the central philippines early in the morning. flooding roads call clean power and telephone lines and bantering
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houses. many villages are car off and more than a million people and twenty provinces have fled their homes. also the name storm and we kept getting stronger again. we had to go. satellite images show the sheer size of the storm. it's one of the strongest on record packing winds of up to three hundred kilometers per hour the typhoon made landfall on the coasts of some are about six hundred and fifty kilometer self of manila authorities urged residents in advance to back away all vulnerable areas such as coastal villages mountain slopes and riverbanks. i am he's in love with elmo michele's huge way and immediately tell mine and as we have to get out of here we told him was a tsunami of a nobleman to the media emergency shelters has been set up for those forced to flee their homes schools stayed close. ferry services
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and local flights have been suspended. only a year ago typhoon ballpark claimed more than two hundred lives in the philippines. my aunts force was greater. raising fears of widespread devastation. they said it was an assassination and they say israel did it. palestinian officials have pointed the finger at israel as the only suspect in the death of yasser arafat all the comments were made by the head of the palestinian inquiry into the death a candidate after swiss scientists said they found high levels of radioactive polonium in arafat's remains israel has denied any involvement in his staff. i'm just a moment with an attack on a battle to form a government here in germany that was a brief look at some other stories making headlines around the world sure. palestinian youths have clashed with israeli forces in the west bank city of people on the unrest erupted after the funeral of a twenty three year old palestinian killed by israeli
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soldiers at a checkpoint the israeli army said soldiers shot the man after he attacked them with a knife islam is in top gun and held protests against us drone strikes econs after the country's taliban chief hakim a lovely coat was killed by a drone last week pakistan's government said that attack destroyed its efforts to begin talks with the taliban aimed at ending a six year insurgency. forensic experts have failed to find traces of chemicals in the remains that she lays nobel prize winning poet know that he died after she lays nineteen seventy three military to do with his family suspects he may have been poisoned on orders of general pinochet. the experts a new attack died of cancer what was in portugal one of the bond friday to protest pay and pensions cuts. sector employees have seen income fall in taxes rise as the country's twenty eleven bailout the twenty four hour strike affected schools
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courts health and fire fighting services. here in germany and the necklace conservatives and the opposition social democrats are still wrangling over some major issues in coalition. that is either in negotiations to form a government but it hasn't been easy. they don't see eye to eye of the proposed minimum wage or dual citizenship for immigrants and now the chancellor is ambitious energy transition is also on the table he could well come to greenpeace gemini would abandon coal as fast as possible. the conservatives and social democrats aren't in such a hearty. in fact they want to read used by nasa and the size of the offshore wind content and for the north sea and the baltic. it's all about making the switch gradually while keeping the costs in check. i think the divine and so the unit to look at the whole picture. our goal is to make the switch to renewable energy water custom home is the future tv com is attending to her attention to the power transmission grids which they say is in great need of
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expansion. most of we don't want to invite you all fasted for grenoble energies are likely to fall for the next few years so we can tailor the expansion of the power grid and storage facilities to match that across the street. the two counties don't agree on how quickly coal generated power should be phased out and act industry dies many jokes will get with it. as many politicians say sustainability should trump speech. as of yet another global energy has been successful so far and for that reason our primer you look up to speed up the long process. the work of ensuring stable condition and sustainability in can the conservatives and social democrats have given themselves until monday to resolve their differences on energy issues. i then down to a somber anniversary this weekend marks the seventy fifth anniversary of the chris tom knox what a night of broken glass here in germany. it was on november night in nineteen thirty eight when nazis launch attacks against the country against us to park department stores businesses apartments
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and synagogue. it was all part of a bigger plan that would end with the deaths of millions of in the holocaust related is marking this dark chapter with a program aimed at young people to ensure the future will not forget the past. as a man curves of the space in the global students from a monthlong school in berlin long gone they've spent weeks learning of both the jewish scientists being on or here. a commemorative plaque is being set into the pavement outside her last address. cora berliner murdered in minsk it's a scandal in which he succeeded in becoming one of the first female professors and in demonstrating her skills and capabilities in a society dominated by men. at that time. when the nazis seized power in nineteen thirty three. cllr as professional success came to an abrupt and she was banned from working in nineteen forty two she was deported over seventy years later call rose story serves as a
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reminder of the need to stand up for freedom i'm thinking this talented chart showing what diversity there was in berlin in the nineteen twenties and thirties. and how many people there were to leave the city so colorful and how systematically and quickly that was destroyed it's important for us to show that batch that i didn't test or something. more about three hundred years a holocaust survivor she was seventeen when anti semitic programs now known as the night of broken glass tower across berlin and germany in nineteen thirty eight in oakland i was walking on the long shots in the west of berlin. i saw several shots when you were jewish and christian mission their windows were smashed and ncos were lying all over the street didn't damage or open boxes. comparing the temple in nepal in houston. when i got home my mother and brother were waiting for me at the tiller what can the mind going to get to me. i can go from
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compromise can be everything without them having to utter a word that means they can use it. margaret's mother brother and father were murdered in auschwitz. but she survived. now she recalls her time to speaking to german students about life under the nazis. she too has taken part in the government backed project promoting diversity. imagine you are allowed to love. we want or the things that are important you are man. imagine your spurned just for being who you walk. these are issues that students across berlin have been grappling with meeting you. twelfth grade students at rochdale here school decided to make a film of god is showing how different people doing different things and still harmonized. the film warren's of the dangers of racism financials and diversity can be a unifying force. instead
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i find an awful how people are ostracized attrition happened. we're all human beings there's no difference for me to speak in this. and that's the message for the students as they remember one life lost as a result of prejudice. take a short break but when they come back to france sees its credit ratings last the second time in three years of german industry feeds on the line here. the rule. for it
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climate change is affecting us all. rising sea levels i joined them for using want to lie to the streets. combs and to entire communities this is their own choice energy conservation recycling. and transport help me jaw line. find out what you can see today the children i thought all welcome back to the judge or any of the export industry just keeps going from strength to strength september's trade surplus hit a record high exports exceeded import more than twenty billion euro is less likely to fuel international criticism of germany's exports shrank the european commission recently said jenny surpluses reinforce and balances in europe there's plenty to be getting on with the east german warehouse chairman products are in high demand but not so much from overseas as in previous
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months. instead its european countries that are importing most of germany's goods conversely those countries are selling fewer goods to germany. september's on ninety four point seven billion euros worth of exports from germany up for the first time in months meanwhile imports fell to seventy four point three billion euros two percent less than in august. that made germany's trade surplus or two more than twenty billion euros. those statistics will only fuel international criticism of germany a few days ago the european commission openly criticized for an insane germany needs to boost its domestic demand to provide more market opportunities for its neighbors. gemini the new law with this. bringing their respective seats. some german economists criticize that stance john and i needed so that we carried on to other
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countries the eunuch a german exports. his aunt amount of the pops to prepare a team of ten products comes from abroad and from other eu countries what's going on the european commission is unconvinced. it seems determined to tackle germany's export dominance and has announced further steps for the coming week. i tell us if the market reaction from our correspondent conrad has an instinct for the strong german export numbers found in a very mixed reaction that the exchange of course it's good news that many german export to sign showing strong business on the other hand this exports up the soda can and that domestic demand in germany could be stronger especially jam and businesses are not investing enough to keep cost cutting been sitting on a lot of cash and then not using the historic the lower interest rates sufficiently more news this friday france is a credit rating
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got caught by the rating agency standard and it was on the bond market the yield on the french government bonds then he moved to after this news quiet office the offense remains very connected with the borrower. the telecast us market numbers for you now here in europe could actually hear that record high that it did on thursday but just barely there the index closed basically we'll change the arrest on tuesday with lower over in new york trading is still underway for the dow jones industrial average and is currently about six tenths of a percent higher in there and that's mostly down to the all important jobs report which came into the us unexpectedly strong. as for the euro dollar is currently lower trading for one dollars thirty three fifty two cents conrad mention just a few moments ago. ratings agency standard and boris has cut france's credit rating from double a plus to just double a is the country's second downgrade in as many years now and that he's as unemployment in france is likely to say hi until twenty
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sixteen making economic reforms politically difficult most ordinary for regions seem oblivious to the latest downgrade by standard and tours. even in this campaign office in france's stock exchange. the news hasn't caused much of a store bought on the trading floor. it's a different story. corn stalks of paula more than shares of other european exchanges many traders see the downgrade is a sign the government is not doing enough to stimulate economic growth the french finance minister has refuted that it'll most likely this homely because you've noticed that the outlook for france's gone from negative to stable to negative means that there are risks of downgrade stable means that the risks are and then it won't happen for a long time. so francis drake is recognized and it's a country that's trustworthy but at the same time i do regret this downgrade. what
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government critics say absentees decision simply reflects the very real problems france is facing the ratings agency cited high unemployment as a particular problem and said france's rigid labor laws are hindering the creation of new jobs. snp also says france's debt is to lie and the government has little room to raise taxes further in order to plug its serious budget holes. but this is past september russia and bella was alarmed at their european neighbors when a large war game exercises in their shared border. now nato is conducting its own war games on europe's eastern border of six thousand nato soldiers took part in operation steadfast jackets with the biggest european nato exercise in sydney the nation preparing for the om think of all an attack from the north against him in the states estonia six thousand nato soldiers stationed on the borders to defend the allied nations
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russia initially protested the war games and they soon changed its tone. a russian officer and seventy exit sign says moscow respects night to write to train its soldiers we were greeted with an aunt and to criticize israel and to watch the ministry says it's maneuvers just like nature centers come to watch os. it is now on if it's cos we recognize the fact that soldiers have to try to go forward. the railway to go to the river. a stony and tensed and tomas him to get a sense the exercises was small in comparison to brushes with the pattern has conducted an offensive exercise with ten times the amount of troops that are involved here remain long ago planned defence of exercise i mean is this a guy guess is useful for domestic use or something. europe's baltic states and on and on ninety eight to conduct small minute rex's sizes. a considerable gains a sign of strength. nato secretary
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general and this fall rasmussen believes they send an important message. her work three weeks in the clear message that we are determined to defend all domenici maneuvers focus on nato's response folds be an rf is a technologically advanced multi national force made up of land and maritime and special alteration components based indie theater troupe some protein as a fast response to the fictional attack the operation simulates the real thing down to handling media relations the women visitors that we need to use every aspect of finding a wall in order to avert any possible mistakes today there is no such thing as a foreigner will receive what is happening back on tv is always now. the response force is to play a central role in future nate emissions the strike team symbolizes the tennis ability to quickly
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coordinate an attack. but the issue of may to an optimist and will ends next year. and that means that it will use the opportunity to train on the real common conditions therefore nato has to do more exercises the next one is scheduled for two thousand fifteen and seven euro. exodus fourteen is now and buy a new bank will have to do with out too fast and shrines dagger for the foreseeable future the star midfielder has to undergo further surgery on his right ankle. doctors operated on the ankle in june but the pain has since returned. the injury means finds that there will not be available for the upcoming world cup warm ups against italy and england. but since i've been looking for a moment by teller of the other hand will be on the germany squad for the first time ever and here's a tip for history and art lovers visiting berlin a special exhibition focusing on the zeitgeist
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between nineteen sixty eight and two thousand. this is helping that the city's new national gallery in this one is for all the revolution lovers out there because it looks at art from the late sixties to the throne of the millennium showcasing works as the biggest names in contemporary art. a stickler rioting in a pretty dress paired with floral imagery he peed on the piste playfully deconstruct social issues and gender stereotypes. not being as the begging presents germany as the battlefield or andy warhol camouflage its decorative arts. this is a show of political and provocative art from nineteen sixty eight to two thousand the exhibitions title is taken from french novelist when the next day you work whatever its literal translation of broadening the field of struggle the best selling book describes life in the age of capitalism as a struggle on all fronts and came in and i tend to show makes it very clear. all artists reflect a
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struggle in both their artistic process and image content and still complete systems policy can help me in usf noise is the starting point to a passionate believer in the democratization of art he placed this work outside the ticket counters in nineteen seventy seven rather than inside the exhibition hall new german expressionist to find out that the transports bumped off to the wall of divided berlin. and this work by barnett newman fuel controversy when the museum acquired in nineteen eighty two. it comes to field a struggle it stands for itself when he and a range of primary colors and their radiant in a good investment at the turn of the millennium was time to mons photographs newspaper clippings and headed into a wall as documentation of the ubiquitous military presence. he and fellow germans like neo how command high prices on the international market the list artists with an
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uncomfortable sub text. he asked was the stock exchanges glossy testimony about high tech fast paced commercialized world the museum is too small to present its permanent collection all that once stood is and will only be possible when the new national gallery of refurbished and hopefully plans going for a new building to house a museum of twentieth century art. it was the youngest aunt it's nearly gets home the third and final instalment of the museum's display of works in its permanent exhibition runs until its doors close for three years in late twenty fourteen. an exhibition that's gonna make it. that's really want to go see what i start to suffer damage at all and stay with us. looking back about an hour. if the eu
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