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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 4, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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a few rednecks purity i was and knew we will. that was nice wine and cheese dinner then back south and capping comanche and telltale the former president of egypt has made his first appearance since military leaders overthrew him in july all homemade morrissey meet the appearance in court these fees and charges died in fighting murder prosecutors say morrison could dump the killings of at least to be demonstrators during protests against ten
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in december last year voters made him and the first democratically elected head of state in egypt in history was the saddest illegitimate president he should not have to stand trial. hundreds of its supporters gathered in front of the courthouse members of his political base the muslim brotherhood called for nationwide protests. i am at the end of the day yes. it is bad. they look the truth is now fired tear gas at protesters and detained some of them. then after two hours of the word and yes it sounds expected to resume in january. tens of thousands of being rainy and gathered in the capital tehran and for the largest anti us rally in years unlike the thirty fourth anniversary of the start of the rain in hostage crisis
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since it is time to think outside the use of us and the state in nineteen seventy nine students joined the building and to dozens of people hostage. a countdown for more than a year the people at the rally demonstrated against the policies that prevent her from behind the hardliners and prices and tricks to leak out to be the last. saying to the need laws to move money in the presidential election in june with pushing to maintain and longtime start against the us. this weekend i did to america. he's assembled troops. something truly rainy and sing the white house press secretary admitted there will be challenges in preparing times. we believe in it the vast majority of iranians would prefer a
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better relationship with the west. and would prefer the benefits of a better relationship with the west i said a history of mistrust or will not be erased overnight but he said americans engaged in serious negotiations to stop the advance of the lancet nuclear program. he said they're working to negotiate a long term solution the united nations disarmament committee have adopted a resolution calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons. delegates from japan were among this has the measure. gabe's representatives had submitted a non nuclear resolution every year to what's known as the first committee of the un general assembly. it's meant to steal a prominent global challenges and threats to peace. this year delegates from more than one hundred countries submitted to the solution. members from one hundred and sixty four countries voted in favor of those from fourteen countries including china and russia
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are obtained. did i get from north korea was the only one ticket because of a commotion the toenail. it means a lot to us. the u n members supported our proposal to newquay abolition the resolution urges men to countries to adopt effective measures to one's nuclear free world and encourages them to make every effort to avoid using the arms resolution condemns north country and for conducting its third nuclear test in the new eight in violation of the security council resolution expresses concern about them into me start a nuclear reactor and is strongly urges north korea to abandon nuclear development i knew. chinese authorities haven't resigned to foreign reporters before downing the impression of what happened in an incident last weekend a shame they say the deadly car crash in tenement square was a terror
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attack on evolution. some people really responded to a attack. ctu with china's anti religious. honestly people say your piece and criticize the policy. today it is helping the terrorists. on monday last week a sport utility vehicle veered off the road into town to turn this thing crashed into claims that three people inside the car were killed so where to turn risk chinese leaders and activists from the weaker as a minority group were responsible. cnn and post an opinion piece last week by a professor from george washington university in washington. the question whether the incident was a act or what he called a cry of desperation among people on the extreme margins chinese state media accused the network of distorting the facts. some chinese and boys acting closer to breaking the nuclear stalemate in east asia and blue dalai is expected to push for new talks on north korea's nuclear program will
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ride in pyongyang on monday he's chairman of the six party talks on north korea suspended almost five years ago. luke is in washington last week to meet with u s special representative for north korean affairs grandbabies who has been revealed his intention to kill yet none is expected to top with officials about his trip to washington. chinese leaders support north korea's request to resume six party tonnes as soon as possible without any preconditions not the us japan and south korea are pushing for concrete measures first came on pyongyang to renounce its nuclear arms program. u s japanese and south korean representatives and meeting on wednesday in washington andrew and davies plan to meet again in beijing this month. chinese authorities battling the eight thousand and nine per player will now be informed within a twenty four hours of the new case is labeled as an infectious disease in a bid to stop it from spreading. health
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officials on monday designated the bird flu as number two on the levels of infectious dance. the first human case of age seven and nine was taken in shanghai in march by later spread to other plants in china including the capital beijing one hundred and thirty seven cases have so far been confirmed in china and one in taiwan forty five people have died. my kids during the night but it is said to be flashpoint for age seven and nine. but health officials say it's hard in china to ban the sale of live poultry. he remained on high alert. south korean president compliment has again denied she intends to hold a summit meeting with japan's prime minister shinzo on that. she cites the issue of the wartime and comfort women speaking to british broadcaster bbc before leaving seoul on monday. that said she sees japan as a very important partner. she added
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that she had the two countries can look forward to improved relations. not she said that there are certain issues that complicate matters she said one is the issue of the comfort women. the true comfort women is the euphemism for many women including koreans who were ten truffles for japanese soldiers before and during world war two. i've said it would be better not to have a summit in japan continues to say there is no need to acknowledge past wrongdoings nor any need for an apology. now believed in and if this new thing is that one of the japan to be gifted banks are trying to clear up what they call and make up by people at the country's financial watchdog agency on a skeptical eye and teenagers is now from the disease as the bug is ongoing so i suppose more about the loans made to the japanese mafia gang capital of things has come to lie is that the bank executives at first said that top officials did not know about the loans now they're saying that they did in that it was an internal mix up
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that it was a miscommunication. well the financial watchdog just once make sure that they're not covering things up. still the army inspecting mizuho bank. the financial authorities are checking to see if the banks false report on loans to criminal syndicates. why is unintentional as the bankers claim. the hosts as its officials didn't investigate thoroughly and that they made a mistake and denying that top executives knew of the lending practice. an independent panel of lawyers also concluded that the false report was unintentional the financial services agency wants to verify the results of the in house probe. they decided to launch further inspections of the bank and its holding company mizuho financial group. the regulators will analyze corporate documents and interview officials to see whether the blanket and tobacco crop. the regulators will then examined the need to issue further administrative punishments now the authorities are also inspected the practices of
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two other major banks. tokyo mitsubishi ufj and sumitomo mitsui. what's up for a check on the my kids the ones in the us ended higher on monday on continued expectations that the federal reserve will maintain its monetary stimulus. the kids here were closed for the long weekend let's see how stocks are starting off the week but remember me now a god who is standing by at the tokyo stock exchange amid the morning so the night catching up to do friends here about how large the pure market opening this tuesday morning. rated morning show and actually was seeing a bit of a rebound from a more than three hundred point decline of the song the last two trading sessions. and i'm talking about thursday and friday of last week but some of the opening doubles and was exactly what that where we stand right now for tuesday november fifth and both indexes in the positive so we're seeing a pretty good reaction right now following the holiday on monday. earnings here were a reason for some but for performances last week and
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the negative tone to offset some of the gains that we also saw the press is the weaker yen actually posted to some of the exports but then also the weaker yen dented prophet said to have mines and energy related companies up because of the higher cost of imported gasoline so that was the two facts that i call markets of course have kicked off the weekend on a largely positive note. but because the japanese markets were closed on monday trading was a little bit then will see that i should update here now with some key events this weekend investors may also be stuck to the sidelines lil bit. i don't eat in a golden summer that the tales i but suffice to say the u s jobs numbers on friday as well as the european central bank policy board meeting on thursday i will be key events at da investors unloaded all of the sixteen day long partial government shutdown in the us is going to impact the real economy in the us also investors as i sat there keeping a close eye on what develops with the ecp and i mean how are the currency markets burying this morning you know with
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the key events in the us and europe coming up. sure i've got two e of focus that is the belief that the house of the pears are trading right now i need sixty to sixty two dollar yen now besides the us top ten as i said on friday were also the book's launch gdp data which will have more on later i hear again and thirty three one twenty six to thirty two of the focus of course will be on any worse from ecb president mario and rocky after the meeting regarding any possible moves to ease policy further in the eurozone economy to boost growth so we'll keep track of that and much more of course as a set of earnings season peaked last week on thursday here in japan. so a lot of focus there on how the weaker yen has played into the company's earnings as we keep track of how some of those shares that trade today whether negative or positive action. sounds good to me thanks alot for that update i mean i got from the tokyo stock exchange. well the united states and the european union are entering a second round of
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negotiations toward a free trade agreement. negotiators are targeting the end of two thousand fourteen to close a deal to create a massive free trade zone you'll encompass almost how the world's gross domestic product. the us and eu will begin their five days of talks on november eleven they'll focus on liberalization in the investment and services sectors. but some european officials say the eu should suspend negotiations to protest the alleged illegal surveillance of telecommunications at the us national security agency the first round of talks was in july with the second initially scheduled for oct but officials postponed the discussions due to the us partial government shutdown and here's a crick was our global economic calendar for the rest of this week on wednesday the bank of japan will release the minutes of its policy meeting in early october. over in the us commerce department will be in these initial gdp numbers for the two line to september
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quarter on thursday the release of the care has been delayed due to the partial government shutdown in october. on the same day the european central bank will hold a policy meeting. investors are focusing on whether the bank will keep its key interest rate at a record low. and a key indicator of japan's economy for september will come out. the coincident index dropped in for the first time in two months in august. finally on friday we'll find out what happened to the u s job market in october. the september report showed unemployment standing at seven point two percent but non farm payrolls were far below what many people in the market had expected. and as the latest in business only beaver to check on markets from. the it's sweet
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and silly kid flash independence party monster known as the ecb is a price to conform a delicacy. but recently there's been trouble in some of the monsters home grounds. fishermen in nagasaki prefecture southwest japan ireland the following parishes and that same rising water temperatures and altered ecosystem on the cards and they're looking for a fix. this little creature is a spy new old lava cooled aware of this it's about two centimeters long and has a distinctive transparently i the number of workers in the ocean is boring. this means of course the slopes. the fisheries
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agency says last year's catching nagasaki. it's an all time low. over the past fifty years the number of folks to score as cold and by eighteen percent. i was lucky she is one of my dislike is most fertile spiny hopes the grounds. for sixteen years researchers from the local fisheries institute of green conducting a number what the survey. ten years ago they sent these concrete blocks on the c4. help them study them upstairs have retired. this is rich with youtube. it's transparent the five days. the location to traditional terms of rent one. here is the baby's tiny loops to the tune of three centimeters long and almost identical to its fully groomed snow. the research has drilled each of the blokes with cole's of various prizes. gold has moved around and find the holes they make as they shed their shells and grow
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but despite this crazy sort of apartment building the number of most miserable the cia informant to one third their peak of about seventy. to investigate the researchers looked into the mulch this life cycle this picture was taken three years ago. he chose one of the concrete wall covered with that old ryan t of seaweed old son cast in microcosm. the larvae of gold coast to land. the drifting in the open seas for nearly a year the rate i'm going with this. they descend to the ocean floor by grabbing on to seaweed. the mature asleep even the creatures that live there. the seaweed is essential for the spiny launched at the former colonists there's no conditions have changed. for some ocean temperatures rose and the fish that eat the seaweed too active for longer. researchers say the results was completed
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before the cross nagasaki. he doesn't know christ whom god has a problem is that the ceiling is disappearing and it is having difficulty is that the government to its regional state bank. in an effort to restore the environment. wilkinson nagasaki prefecture haunted seaweed in four hundred concrete blocks which they will install on the sequel includes going next researchers believe the nets to protect the seaweed enough for it to replenish itself local fisherman hope this will go back a quarter of this to the traditional walked the grounds. by not releasing heat. we want to create an environment where spiny lobsters can thrive many people hope this information for the environment will bring back spiny launched in august to the un in the heights of kenzie. i'm at a remote
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mountainous region in central japan has been honored by queen elizabeth the second he spent decades working to remember british prisoners of war who died in the area during world war two. he's also on a mission to strengthen international branch at an age he was making the town has the story she is a sixty seven year old owner of the vegetable market in the center of the picture of me. on monday he wasn't a candidate to receive an honorary member of decreases and i get an echo she comes for his train teal don't try to help form of bricks. you adapt these visits japan and fourteen and sit between the two countries recycling. being given to a very special to us. it was made special contribution attorneys who are not two countries. n oh four to
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eighteen in nineteen forty four at three hundred allied soldiers who were brought here in this remote area of me and they had to wake in the copper mine. the town of cuba now hides a little over one thousand residents. but he was a once thriving nineteen khamenei tea the japanese captured in southeast asia which transferred to an internment camp. just a year before it depends to rent it some were already sick with topical pcs its current events scarce in japan and working conditions for disavow. before the war and its sixteen soldiers had signed on the hill was erected in the nineteen eighties. since then. locals who remember the war have left up to the site. giving really clean it and leave
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the place in nineteen ninety four and cripple creek survivors returned to the site. so she decided to organize the first joint and oreo salmon. you will join st angle was seventy eight at the time. it was among those who finally found some solace cough a century after the war you know people who still have a case like that. our last forever. in some color and it rained like it'll come on these into account the door come i wrote my own she didn't stop there. he set up a local international exchange association and to groups of high school students to play in australia and tied and to learn about possible experiences and to make friends at the role it
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last month so that when your memory loss letterman. people who experienced the war were among the difference. this means is that the gentleman the iron and a working band were keen to speak in a very old and under. i would never want to see another war. by looking into the side. i've always wished for a peaceful where the heroine end of the month i bought. william o'neil scare me not to bolt into a fence to keep it between britain and japan with people from both sides joining in oh no. he says he wants to show young people they even had two bad
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experiences. and she can grow you like me. i would like to continue it what can and as the box only to younger generations. those who have supported us who experienced the war. aren't going to be here much longer. she and the local elders seek a posting to their task and keep looking up to the memorial as long as they can. he gave back a nice kit world to care. it is time now for a check on the web actually mean tracking to store and seen the western pacific. a geologist by the way tells us the latest that's right calf. meanwhile sri dr cochran for a nap chris at that house a week and it fell behind and derek to storm so spends over the western pacific. one is now located just west of the philippines bring in some scattered heavy rain and thunderstorms as follows cus theres been a fraction of the country and this will
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become a tropical storm and then having poison vietnam and the rest of the india china and a stop for the next several days. and that the honey we have another suspend this isn't much stronger and this is named honey and unpacking when passover about one hundred and thirty km are any could intensify into a strong wind the rain and then could make landfall in an infection of philippines by late friday evening thunderstorms. gusty winds and i've climbed a strong winds high rates of going to be putting across this location is in line so that things will be continuing across and most of the philippines where the time being. of course the old entrance doorway porridge or panic or ian can in my looking to find beautiful ultraman clear skies in many pies and equine chewing simply says al qaeda the morning alone dipped to minus twenty three second places. monte there in northwestern china and we surf and snow over the weekend take a look at
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the stadium. resonance as she moves down in northwest china have been crunching into some heavy snow and cold air whipped in from a western siberia cream and points of up to five centimeters of those mountains are copping it up to ten centimeters and people pulled off their colors and things to strive to win a drop in temperatures of minus six six the trees thankfully our letter of the winter in some places you're still watching the sun of course the milk only beer and a greased nine in london for me not just on target and took an eighteen degrees clean perfectly police kind that cause the americans. i want to focus on this clock mass this isn't any snow maker situated overs to catch the manitoba up to twenty centimeters of snow is likely heading towards the ontario going to tuesday. any new system will form over the four corners region that is affecting the four corners region and then won't affect the central plains on your tuesday. in
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essence likely and ron scott and the snow will also affect the western part of the great lakes region and not be granted a picture i see resemble those knitting into the pacific northwest bring in heavy rain for the coast and snow showers in the mountains. very chilly air corps then on only seven degrees but high in vancouver one four with an and one point denver with snowflakes and the forecast. omaha ap trees to find the crisco or know what we sow. we usually see this on here and across europe we took the thunderstorms that the moms make conditions still an amazing time in many places we have a new system accounting and the british isles and francis collins the midsection of the year. i then noticed the ipod is going to be fine and the central mediterranean as well as the cure a nice mixture of the snow and rain poured the north and cheers seven degrees was so calm and ten degrees with high in many places such as the worst of vietnam and very lean on you to stay for an astronaut
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here's the extended forecast aye aye aye. woo hoo the time. the one. in
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the house like this edition and nice line and casting man the time. the light landed me an american talk about an hour. how women are powerful if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind
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and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding also on. i can't help but call out sick. the hindus and one main iraq as the place stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of my eye so you know i would just say that president obama. what you tried in cairo was a great start. bots. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never know. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women. so please please
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stop turning a blind eye and pe empower women to empower the while thinking. routing you


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