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tv   Journal  PBS  November 2, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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says. you wounding ruling will. i eye. the things you bought it at the studios in berlin. i'm sarah are made headlines this hour. shot in greece as two members of the far right golden dawn party or killed in a drive by shooting in athens. outrage in pakistan as a us drone strikes and kill to tell about leader of the peace talks and in german soccer and dortmund crush got six
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one. what a cat angry whether yourself why you think political violence after two members of the far right go into one party what killed in drive by shooting. most of the victims were men in their twenties. shooting took place outside a party office in athens suburb. the government has condemned the attack and says it will pursue the perpetrators. so far no one has claimed responsibility. golden dylan has been strongly criticized for its extremist views. not to expand as dave's killed by unknown assailants. mini party supporters are angry they say they were expecting an attack. what did the tone of debate about everyone you a attack would get out of tune. i know it's funny thing is. investigators are afforded the doping incidents of extremist groups were
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behind the move is to avenge the killing of crappy seats apostles he says. in late september. i've told them to support south. twelve bullets against democracy but one headline. many he said the attack and to further de stabilize grace. this local politicians said grace was being shaken by an invisible war following the violent deaths of three people in the little ad for a moment one man. he said the country ice in the crease and constancy. political analysts agree. my reading of both these men these are pics from the base within the corporate stuff that an economic crises and the recent ecumenical for the senior couples that thesis that one month ago had been a problem for the country and these entities and in need of an economic adventure into the same tiny people are not optimistic for the future right extremists increase of
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exposing the assassinated recent months old and ill has become the country's strongest musical fullest friday's killings lacking any sense to make matters worse in a country that is already a city divided. two french journalists have been killed on assignment in mali france's foreign ministry said the reporters from radio france international were kidnapped by gunmen in the northern town of kid all the victims' bodies were later found outside the town with multiple gunshot wounds the radio networks on the two had just interviewed a local official much fluoride separate escort. two germans kidnapped eleven on had been released only to be a west end by police lebanese state media report they are suspected of involvement in drug trafficking. they were seized friday by gunmen in the eastern bekaa valley area as a popular tourist destination but also home to powerful armed clans. some of which are involved in drug smuggling. one report said
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the two men. ending the dispute over a drug deal there've been more protests in cairo ahead of the trial of deposed president muhammad more see his muslim brotherhood supporters say he still eats its legitimate world ler. he's been tried on charges relating to the deaths of protesters when he was still president the new military backed government says it'll have twenty thousand police officers on duty in the trial begins tomorrow. pakistan has summoned the us ambassador in protest over recent drone strikes. the leader of the pakistani taliban was killed in a strike in north waziristan on friday and pakistan has accused the us of sabotaging its attempt to start peace negotiations that could tell about. the modem a suit was one of the world's most wanted may be you and sit with a full eight million dollar bounty on his head. he was a key to being behind a suicide attack in afghanistan
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four years ago that killed seven americans working for the c i and. diesels are blamed for a failed attempt to bomb new york's times square. tens of thousands of deaths in pakistan itself. he was killed in north was ear is still close to the afghan border. there are reports he was there to discuss the government's offer of the stools. this dough and spread it is to know what city was elected on promises to bring peace to the negotiations instead of mormon that reaction the government contends that the inspectors in the text on the prairie series and that sentiment was echoed on the streets of islamabad the award for the company on the talks were about to be held between the government and what about in the government it's interesting that the attack at this time was very wrong america wants. slice each
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other. america has done a terrible thing ever though the dilemma that it was a year. mission to control the pakistani taliban in two thousand and nine. his previous answer was also killed in a drone strike the group has promised a wave of suicide attacks in response to mrs day. there are reports in the german media that germany and the last close to reaching a deal about spying is said to include an agreement not to spy on each other's leaders this comes after documents from edward snowden suggested that the us had been bugging chancellor uncle and eccles phone. the german politician hans christian spread that met snowing in moscow this week to ask him about the claims. threadless has snowed was willing to help the german government investigate. police in california has begun an investigation into the shooting at los angeles airport. they killed a security officer and disrupted more than seven hundred flights across the united states the alleged shooter and twenty three year old man
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stormed into one of the terminals friday morning killing the officer and injuring at least two other people. police shot and injured him before taking him into custody officials said he had some one hundred rounds of ammunition brock is back in the headlines and sectarian violence there has claimed the lives of seven thousand people this year alone. is the most vile as the country's seen since two thousand eight. below is struggling to push back a resurgent al qaeda. prime minister nuri al will be keen on a visit to washington has called for more support from the us. october was the bloodiest month in your mind can we can find two years. you need one thousand people died in sectarian strife between sunnis and shiites the iraqi government can get the violence under control on its own. and that's one reason for prime minister nuri al money quay street to washington. at a meeting with president barack
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obama. mummy called for u s military assistance to fight act. obama promised help. he also said that iran needed to do more for democracy and human rights for all iraqis we are deeply invested in saying that is inclusive that is democratic. and that is prosperous. heads are committed to the private strip that. anything that we can do to help bring about that more hopeful future for iraq. but this something that we walk walk walk walk her into discussions about mikey said he was largely in agreement with the position of the us administration olivia. what we want is for iraq in the region to cooperate. had a wedding on security and intelligence are in order to find out i did because it's good for iraq and the middle east. but miley his trip is not without controversy. outside the white house and sound iraqis called on obama to refuse support for the iraqi
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leader. the sea monkeys authoritarian leadership style is partly to blame for the surge in violence thousands of medical professionals have taken to the streets of the romanian capital demanding better pay and working conditions the doctors and nurses are calling on the government to embrace health care spending to six per cent of the country's gdp. entry level positions in romania also earn less than two hundred euros per month the remaining colors of dr sets around three thousand doctors in the romania. every year. do sports now and soccer whereby we make is now unbeaten in thirty six consecutive points leader matches. that equals the record set by him for thirty years ago the variance be halted mind to wander the buyer had to come from behind again after all the time defender nick lesson that opened the scoring goals by martin and the kids and us know that put the new club back at the top of the standings. and
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a late goal by dawn the current bailout allowed bottom of the table. brown shrine to upset third place labour prison. one nail. in other matches this weekend nuremberg last three nail to fiver. amber also lost home attendance inclined to head to berlin were surprised by sean i'm trying trying for our playing against wolfsburg in the late game. and this sunday's matches on earth will close mines. raymond face off against hannover on friday to armand hammer stuttgart six one. holland striker robert love and don't see was the star of the match scoring a hat trick for the home side dortmund is looking invincible own hometown where they've won six out of six this season as in friends got to wake up call. o'neill has come in handy but still not on the boards. the equaliser ten minutes later as defenders of cox's ninety angle in this corner kick. from then on it was old ordnance marketplace
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with his trademark speed and precision. two won the last time. most of the great strike double that of adults keystone of the show scoring in the fifty fourth minute it is just getting warmed up only two minutes later he scored again on the heroic individual efforts but that was it really gets. three goals in succession to accept peculiar. stuttgart. as if that wasn't enough to fend off stevenson to substitute an eight hundred and twenty six. still the improvements brought on by a new experience. the it's trouble look at the standings by amy nixon hard fought victory put them back in first place that or we are just a point behind followed by labour prison and mention caught up in the bottom of a brown side remain cellar dwellers despite their win over labour is in freiburg move up a notch ahead of nuremberg in the relegation zone
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the formula one now where freshly crowned world champion sebastian battle has been kept for pole position for tomorrow's abu dhabi grand prix his red bull team mate mark webber beaten by a fraction of the second in qualifying. clothes and petals tail came mercedes pilot nico rosberg golf now after the third round of the wgc event in shanghai dustin johnson of the us has kept his lead. johnson shot ten thirties in the round but he also carded two double buggies to put him on eighteen under par overall here's the final round with a three shot lead over england's ian poulter. in york city marathon is the world's biggest and its back on this sunday after being canceled last year in the aftermath of hurricanes and eight. this here until the special security measures in place after the bomb attack at the boston marathon earlier this year. isn't that bad and sweat athletic competition is being paid to
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show that by safety precautions. security has been beefed up massively throughout the big apple for this year's marathon the police department has been consulting with colleagues in boston. in the wake of the holdings of the cities marathon last april. we still read and read its two hundred and sixty some of the homage of honesty with its built in the top three are apprehensive including jennifer pm. when i called my nine year old that i have been like that of her birth of our birthmom that there can be upon him. new york police commissioner ray kelly is confidence. he's town to two thousand extra surveillance cameras in addition the city has deployed flight additional headache all this stupid august and fourteen alan smith adults especially trying to define takes place six. think it will be as safe as it's ever been. of us along route twenty six mile loop through. you can resort to. twenty six miles which ended manhattan's central
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park. some forty eight thousand runners are expected to take to the cruelty that edition of the race. a citywide celebration that draws from this view is from ole for the will. sydney has been blanketed in a haze of smoke drifting from fires burning west of the city. two of australia's most famous landmarks can hardly be seen in sydney harbour bridge and the upper house and shot in some neighborhoods pollution levels have purportedly soared to fifteen times above normal. more than forty bush and forest fires are burning in the blue mountains and other parts of new south wales. oh and parts of northern china were treated to a stunning spectacle yesterday. the real sons can be seen in the sky. the real sun was accompanied by two smaller ones and they were surrounded by a rainbow like kilos. the scene lasted for about two hours then faded this rare astronomical image and sometimes occurs when ice
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crystals create high clouds reflected sunlight. alright that's all for this edition of the journal to join us again at the top of the hour for more news and updates. i in you decide you want to watch the images. programs the whole package. dw on the internet. media center dw tell you. i mean jessica
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no clutch is a woman with the asian development with women as he cannot drive jessica produces high quality seeds fall from. he began small. mr thank you colonel. some may be heading out to be but the facts. i think we have proof to that vow that no one can be quite cold pizza too. we mental torture u t h smart economics world bank noted for its lack of gender. it had for us andreas coleman is conducting an experiment to his guests. no no. to gather around places he says. two and then in the blinds and everybody claps to help the boys. not to enroll the country's me a little sprucing things old taste again just like in nature in its fifth in the pool we moved the guns and a fake snow so in your tummy lol and to grow. because the trees
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weekend is going to go up. we want to spread the prawn just say if the pmo of sedans will stand up and spread on his hands and i get to it the phillies the toys he gets. lesson number one in each of the stronger one prevails will waste. the a's team a nice crease is on tuesday silk with us the forester explains this as benefits. the most intimate of lily's militancy one of the reef is it like a carrot he said. it illustrates well that these trees can reach more different minerals in the ground. people walk or is this in the summer making them simply to more stable tree or on an envoy of awful but some in the long winter nights off the carnival with a priest on the flat plains his iphone. to my sis to do this in a dense forests and land up here. it stood for
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ten women in full menace spending a week outdoors to help the forest and protect the body both the scene. a few credits to his knees and all. young says are a delicacy to ideas and stacks the one to three nipping off the bonds the astounding that greg says andreas moment in all the muslims of the trees move on pitching. and letters and spaces can exist in animals seem to always prefer to eat and goes into the town of oakville to be a submission clinton more the people that get us and it's a feast. there isn't a vacation. these volunteers have proved too weak of heart forestry work. one participant couple of times and says they going to learn how to wrap the surgeon will the secret to protect young saplings against being bitten off. london an extension of
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social work and stopped more instructions. the helpless to getting chilly and inpatient the chief are still wants to make sure everyone days how it's done right. the minister says he didn't fit in to the us is still does heal soon. the ministers i know you'll have to be spread into the bucket and then while david the needles. looks easy but it's not easy finding the baby says in the forest is a problem the rule of thumb is this race is staying thursday. project manager andreas free to customs this and criticizes by bit. that's gone into it he tells running to volunteer the sapling might not be brutal but that's a much will it win for next season. use that up and running asks. even this mask all of it. she loves it here it's fascinating. it's a lot
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of work but she thinks it's great to achieve something three simple means stopping the different coming on destroying the trees. i find their enthusiasm for each tiny tree astonishing michael pollan says this is my first time here. everyone in the creek takes up to the muncie into with germany's forests. yesterday at the train station the new hyundai open stock in saxony it was all a big welcome back. these people know each other we are in the woods together foliage bones. some in here for the eighth time participants pay a penny to travel here explains project the dynasty c to. remove and cool story. if anyone should be able to join. forestry oath ortiz cover forty percent of the costs the rest come from donations and sponsors. the precinct and
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welcomes everyone to the diligence on the hop of the project. he says when they get when they can decide among themselves he will sleep le. cut dough in the summer ninety the accommodation is on the level of the youth hostel which several people to arrange. she on the streets as the team i notice the holes of awful to see your love and says just in case. for the readers seem to be plenty warm here. next morning six am preparing to launch the saplings. these outside stools a cold much sucks. then needed to cause a problem holding the ground too daunting. each one wasteful ki lace. in the cause of the day. they easily feel much happier
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today's object to is ambitious. in my life. qantas says andreas. we should make it we'll see. the rest get put into moist soil together to the day tryout by tomorrow few fish and objectives of the week is to come to thousands new silva says the forest and has a nice ride employees covering a huge area sydney's class for the extra help. the call these tiny says already three years old. now that is needed theres just a bomb damaged most of the saplings waste of our eyes. for every twenty five per cent of loans it to anyone on average makes it all in. the eden says it all depends on how much loved like better is known of
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the fact is the man to sniffle have drawn even summer is for trees will fall into the poker a whole lot of factors that influence whether a little something like this. all praise to mature is to come. caught the eye and balm that right from the twenty seventh was with the i'm surprised at how bad fields of study i begin to understand why decree would take the same ones can with the will of your own you know the overly much the going tough. in the woods in chief was the home of vintage pieces to create the croft of planting trees. the mountain is an unwieldy tool academy gets the hang of it all together she a teacher and running a truck driver or a dream team
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more often. this unknown person. big al the home columbus the thirty ninth pick in the late nineteenth and check the stability of the imported meat grades for the meat and office spacen bwe the from one of vote my osarolyn was theardest times of taunting she says it's making the hole that is usually does some kind of surprise and post a roll i were in reach mrs said. i walked through the area gets tough. this place is possible as deep as possible and using as little soil as possible. the media keeps a tre that. well they too are the way he's responsible for a whole bunch not the easy out here in the wild it or go thursday as a nice break but then the flames catch. linen roni heveled real rhythm
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that says stand trial when the quetta native roni says nothing beats nature. as the missing it into shreds is here with the forest projects and played with him lunch time lly comes the two thirty. the break is a short one. reaching today's go to five hundred ponting's is looking pretty unlikely for the guys for it anyway. this month. project leader pushes them on. it was on his wheel will be daunting now in teams of ten he says. like anyone in town and wants to can with them and the quality remains top priority. the moment is a slower than professional florists us is that they compensate street that motivation and the sheer fact that here. ninety percent of
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the plums take reach the professionals work in pads and manage any sixty five cents. sydney and has as i hard work getting the ground ready and it fills a very nice with twice that i asked. she says she was telling luke read area. it's like building in the peace baby tree. and isn't it. but i didn't get home. she doesn't know whether that efforts will produce results i'm in the city of the hike is that a fine album of six feels very heavy indeed. lisa and cecilia having a tough time with it. it was the problem whilst it's the end of the cia says it's a giant nuggets. lisa says the role has to be reminded that it stop. we opted to become a personal struggle for them others started digging i'll sweat on the day
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it would be good people. all. she took one of the release of such haste on the right technique. bios visit some old haunts. it's great. i agree. by this. it's not enough for the project leader dr schools in there's still plenty of posts today and that will save puny. from your readers come to address as each sampling gets a shawl from being recounted that it has to adjust to its new environment. it weakens the blondes. it's called ponting shawl. and it depends how big the shawl is. for one time or money carries int the ground weekend the likelihood they will supply official is even lower the ground here is simply too tough on these and so does roll sundry it's never easy job to begin this friday evening a hundred and sixty saplings left uncounted
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the kitchen crew is waiting for the moment is returned dinner is all organic. to falsify do with this tomorrow to hear another four days as they could teach for the forest. we are. and i'm going to go and counting with the second one was. the issue
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yours. i am. you can go to school. the no productivity the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nm. dvds
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rule woohoo lulu. the my guess. and by the antenna and yet of tissue with its dynamic economy. it s


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