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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CST

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kcrg-tv9 news at 5. now we go to new york for abc's w tonight, we're tracking several holiday storms. the trouble in the west. and the what saturday in the east. icy rain and snow fueling what could turn into a travel disaster. breaking news. found alive. the supermom who vanished while jogging three weeks ago, discovered safe. now, with her husband. she disappeared. rudy versus romney. the battle within the trump transition team. who to name as secretary of state. the revealing tweet from a top trump adviser. ambush. the lone police officer making a traffic stop when a fugitive jumps out of the trunk. this comes after a week of attacks on police officers. and the best deal. on the eve of black friday, we're scouring stores and the
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bargain. and the restock headline. the popular sold-out toy about to hit a store near you. and good evening on this thanksgiving night, i'm tam llamas, in for david this evening. and we begin with the travel trouble looming, as millions of americans take to the roads and the skies to return home. storms in the west like this one in utah kicking up through the weekend. a near salt lake city. and the dangerous conditions there causing a flat bed and a car to collide. snowy runways at the airport in minnesota. that wintry weather in the center of the country moving east. the forecast in a moment, but first, abc's alex perez, starting us off in chicago. >> reporter: tonight, mother nature making a mess of the thanksgiving holiday. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: in the pacific northwest, the first of several systems now moving through.
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which could make the trip back home for many a headache. >> drive for conditions, otherwise, we're going to end up in the ditch just like this gentle gentleman. >> reporter: already in parts of utah, traffic snarled. this time-lapse showing the powerful cold front moving through. winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. from alabama to virginia, nearly three dozen wildfires keeping crews busy, fighting the flames. more than 160,000 acres already scorched. this was the scene in los angeles, complete gridlock. and possibly more on the way. another surge of travelers soon to come. and tom, on sunday, so many people will be trying to get home at once, experts are predicting a 240% increase in traffic jams across the country. tom? >> 240% increase. all right, alex, thank you. let's get right to ginger zee. ginger, storm systems right now that we're following, into tonight. but the big question, what about
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that 240%, it's about to get worse. especially, tom, if you're on the west coast. you can see here, the satellite image of not just the first, but of many storms that's going to impact the west as we go through the next four days. the winter storm warnings in place for some of the areas that will see eventually in the mountains one to even three feet of snow. we time it out here for you. so, you see the first storm pass through overnight. another one by saturday morning. and some of that rain could come in buckets. so, we even have flash flood and flood could get eight-plus inches. that's out in the west. of course, you have to mention what's happening on sunday for the east. some light snow showers mixing with rain. fortunately, nice, but still try in the southeast. >> all right, we'll be backing all the storms through the weekend. ginger, thank you. let's turn now to that breaking news from california. that mother who vanished while jogging three weeks ago has been found alive. police say the wife and mother of two children was released by captors who left her on the side
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beginning. abc's kayna whitworth with the latest details. >> reporter: tonight, a mother back with her family after a terrifying three-week abduction. and now, a manhunt is under way. police say sherri papini was released on the side of the road 150 miles from her home. >> we're happy to report that sherri papini has been located and her family. >> reporter: the 34-year-old found this morning, in restraints, by a passing motorist. she was taken to an area hospital and treated for injuries. >> she could drop her phone but she would never in a million years not pick up her children on the time that she normally would have. >> reporter: her husband keith reported her missing on november 2nd, after sherri failed to pick up their children from daycare. then, using the "find my iphone"
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road with her hair tangled in her earbuds. a frantic search by police and friends picked up no trace of the mother of two. keith passed a polygraph test and maintained all along that he believed his wife had been abducted. friends and family called papini supermom, and said before her abduction, she had called dibbs on cooking sweet potatoes, the way the kids like them, for thanksgiving. >> and kayna joins us live now. kayna, what do we know about the people who allegedly abducted this mother? all right, we're having some trouble kayna, kayna, thank you, we'll check back later. today may be thanksgiving, but it is no holiday from conflict in the presidential transition. the team divided about the choice for secretary of state. some arguing for loyalist rudy giuliani and others endorsing mitt romney. the two men so different in outlook and style, and 2 choice,
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here's abc's devin dwyer. >> reporter: holed up inside his florida estate tonight, donald trump faces a divided inner circle. tension over his pick for secretary of state now spilling out into public view. senior trump advisor kellyanne conway tweeting this headline, "some trump loyalists warn against mitt romney as secretary of state." abc news has learned romney is a serious contender, but allies of former new york city mayor rudy giuliani are pressing their case, questioning romn >> you've got to surround yourself with people like secret service people, who will take a bullet for you, rather than put a bullet in you. that's not who you surround yourself with. >> i could think of 20 other people who would be more naturally compatible with the trump vision of foreign policy. >> right. >> and, so, you know, he's got to make his decision. >> reporter: tonight, as trump celebrates with his family, he's still tweeting.
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post about saving american jobs. his video message noting the challenges that remain. >> emotions are raw and tensions just don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly, unfortunately. >> reporter: trump now moving at full speed with cabinet nominees. filling top posts more quickly than president obama did eight years ago. 78-year-old billionaire wilbur ross is the expected pick for secretary of commerce, senior transition officials tell abc news. ross made millions on wall street turning around bankrupt companies for profit. when trump's taj mahal casino went into bankruptcy, ro w former trump rival ben carson in the mix for secretary of housing and urban development. >> the offer is on the table. and there are a lot of other possibilities that we're considering. >> reporter: with the flurry of cabinet moves, trump has yet to deeply engage on another area. presidential intelligence briefings. trump has had just two as mrement, a u.s. official tells abc news. vice president-elect mike pents said to have received several more. experts cautioned trump still
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>> and devin dwyer joins us from the white house tonight. devin, though it may be a long shot, there is a growing movement tonight backed by millions of dollars, to challenge the election results? >> reporter: tom, a group of data analysts and lawyers studied the vote in three key states, michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. they say they see irregularities there that could mean tampering was involved. they want a recount. tonight, green party candidate jill stein has raised more than $3 million for that effort. no comment yet from the clint campaign. tom? >> devin dwyer for us tonight. devin, thank you. and investors are upbeat about the trump administration. the dow hitting seven null record highs since the election. retailers are hoping some of that optimism will drive shoppers to spend more this holiday season. an estimated 140 million people are expected to take advantage of thanksgiving weekend deals. here's abc's chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight, retailers
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best buy, target and kohl's all open right now. macy's, too, opening their doors earlier than ever this year. sears with more than 50% off this dryer. macy's slashing more than half off the regular price of these knives. topping the best deals this weekend? experts say, electronics. this hp laptop, $170 at best buy. these amazon fire tablets for $33. and the very best found? tvs. what do you think are going to be the big sellers? >> behind me, you see that 55-inch phillips. it is not only a 55-inch high-def tv, it is 4k. it is a smart tv. it's $298, and you can only get that at walmart tonight. >> reporter: and if this year's sold-out hot toy, the hatchimal, is on your kids' wish lists this year, fear not. while some are going for hundreds of dollars on ebay, walmart will sell a limited number for $48 in their stores
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tom, those are going quickly, so, you have to act fast. and here at best buy in chicago, the doors just opened. the line, twice as long as this time last year, and everyone in iteming me, they're here for one thing. a tv. tom? >> tvs, the gift to get this year. rebecca, thank you so much. next tonight, the family of one police officer in utah, very thankful he's alive, after a dangerous traffic stop. take a look at this dash cam video, showing the officer at the side of a car, when a wanted fugitive jumps out of the trun trying to take him down. that fugitive carrying a weapon that appeared to be real. abc's eva pilgrim on the latest threat to a police officer's life. >> reporter: caught on dashcam, a terrifying encounter. as an idaho officer on a traffic stop fights off a fugitive hiding in the trunk of a car. >> we have to make split-second, difficult decisions that are life and death. >> reporter: the video shows lewiston police officer thomas woods stopping this car for not having a license plate.
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arrest warrants, was known to visit. after hearing a noise from the trunk, the officer asks the driver, harrell's mother, if her son is there. >> and she immediately responded with the words to the effect of, it's a toy gun, don't shoot him. >> reporter: the officer calls for backup. >> i need you here immediately. >> reporter: next, you see the trunk open. the officer springs into action. the two wrest. ing on the ground until backup arrives. police later determine that the firearm was, in fact, a this video released after a particularly dangerous week for law enforcement around the country. five officers shot, two killed. harrell was booked on those outstanding warrants, as well as new charges. his mother also facing charges for harboring a fugitive. tom? >> eva pilgrim for us tonight. thank you. we turn now to chattanooga, tennessee, and the death toll climbing after the crash of a
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keyonte wilson, becoming the sixth child to die in that devastating crash. the driver, johnthony walker, has been charged with vehicular homicide. and overseas tonight, a u.s. service member killed in the battle against isis in syria. the first to die in combat there. the service member, whose name has not been released, died from wounds sustained in an ied blast in northern syria. he was one of some 300 u.s. special operations forces syria. and from iraq, a horrific suicide bombing near bag dad, killing scores of shiite muslims on a religious pilgrimage. it comes as isis is losing ground in the battle for mosul, and there's fear that loss could cause them to lash out elsewhere. here's alex marquardt. >> reporter: the massive blast from a suicide truck bomb, just south of the capital, baghdad, leaving a charred and smoldering scene, and at least 60 people
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attack, which was quickly claimed by isis, were religious pilgrims from iran. in iraq, for a religious holiday, which has been seen as a potential isis target. isis has been under assault in mosul. their last foothold in iraq. as their so-called caliphate crumbles, they have lashed out to distract and weaken the u.s.-backed effort to root them out. there is serious concern that as isis loses ground in iraq and syria, that their followers will respond with u.s., europe and elsewhere, as revenge and as a way to keep their twisted ideology alive. tom? >> alex, thank you. and that possibility of terror taken very seriously here at home. the nation's top security agencies urging vigilance, especially during the holidays. here in new york, the thanksgiving day parade took place with unprecedented security. abc's gio benitez on what the nypd has in place to keep people save. >> reporter: on the ground, a
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>> a lot of cops out here. a lot of people in uniform. there's a lot of people that are not in uniform. >> reporter: how many officers? try 3,000. 500 more than last year. an unprecedented show of force, with some newly enhanced anti-terror tactics. 83 sanitation trucks packed with tons of sand to prevent a vehicle attack like the one in nice, france, that killed 86. long range rifles to deter a massacre like the one at the pulse nightclub in orlando. threat will extend throughout the holiday season. >> a large gathering, malls, baseball games, football games, et cetera, you always need to be aware of your surroundings. and how you can get out of them if crisis comes. >> reporter: the heightened security giving parade-goers today some peace of mind. >> everything's been great. security's been great. >> reporter: all thanks to the many and women in blue, delaying their own celebration with friends and family.
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valiantly came to the rescue of legendary crooner tony bennett. and police here in times square remaining vigilant. now reviewing security plans for the next big party here in the big apple -- new year's eve, just five weeks away, tom. >> can't wait. and miss piggy saving a national treasure there. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. buyers beware. a new alert tonight about dangerous toys that can catch fire. why you may not see any warning until it's too late. powerball jackpots ever could get even bigger. find out how much money's up for grabs. and this thanksgiving, a new tradition. it's happening across the country. images like this, coming in tonight. why some people are getting the surprise of their lives on this surprise of their lives on this day. i got this my second month here. you should have quit while you were ahead. 32 years at this place and i've got 9 days left before retirement.
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back now with a consume waerning for parents. some websites are selling recalled toys that can pose serious dangers to children. abc's gloria riviera explains. >> reporter: tonight, an urgent warning for parents after this toy truck caught fire on a washington highway. >> i couldn't believe this toy is in the back of our truck on fire. >> reporter: toys "r" us has temporarily pulled the truck from sale, investiga investigation. the manufacture telling "fortune" magazine it is aware of the incident. this year alone, at least 44 toys have been recalled, due to unforeseen hazards, but consumer safety advocates warn, many of these recalled toys are still in american homes, and some are even available for purchase online from sites like craigslist or ebay. >> there are third party sellers
5:49 pm
to protect consumers the attorney general's office in illinois released a guide for toys to avoid. it including popular items like the aero cruz sky rover, which can overheat. crazy jewels, which contain traces of lead. and moogy plus for babies, a potential choking hazard. the toy industry of america says u.s. toy safety requirements are among the strictest in the world. it advises all buyers to shop from reputable stores they trust and to stay up to date on all toy recalls. tom? >> good tips tonight. all right, gl and when we come back, double devastation. we'll take you to the country hit by both a hurricane and an earthquake at the same time. plus, special delivery. u.s. soldiers stationed overseas are getting a taste of home this thanksgiving. y, i'm paul. and i used to ask if you could hear me now with verizon... not anymore. i'm with sprint now because guess what? it's 2016 and every network is great. in fact, sprint's reliability is now within 1% of verizon.
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but it hit just as hurricane otto smashed into nicaragua with heavy rains, causing flooding and landslides. lottery players are hoping to have something else to be thankful for this weekend. with no big winner last night, the powerball jackpot is at least $403 million and growing. the next drawing is on saturday. and tonight, while families all across the u.s. gather around the dinner table this thanksgiving, million tear service members are celebrating overseas. thanks to military cooks, the kur key and all the other traditional holiday trimmings. we thank them, of course, for their service. when we come back, the incredible holiday surprise. a look at how some people are saying thanks to their loved ones, who are working this thanksgiving. my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary?
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finally tonight, a new thanks giving tradition taking shape. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: when katherine allen went to work on this thanksgiving -- >> happy thanksgiving! >> she was not expecting to be given this. >> i love all y'all. >> reporter: she is what la bakery calls a thanksgiving hero. now an annual tradition, it's a contest the bakery holds to celebrate deserving people by delivering a feast to their job. so, at hospitals -- >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: fire stations -- >> thank you. >> reporter: and retail stores like this club monaco in new york. >> let's eat! >> reporter: a portion of the compassion they've dished out over time is piled on high, an extra helping of gratitude, complete with lavish table
5:58 pm
>> you deserve it. >> reporter: while katherine's parents are breaking bread tonight hundreds of miles away in south carolina, her sister is right by her side. >> she is a great manager an always puts her associates and clients first. she is passionate and caring. >> reporter: what are you most thankful for this thanksgiving? >> i'm just thankful for anyone, my family, my true family, everyone that is working today. >> reporter: gratitude for many reasons tonight, including its ability to transform a job into joy. >> and tonight, from all of us here at abc news, happy thanksgiving. i'm tom llamas.
5:59 pm
got a live report with all the details. students from cedar rapids went business to business today giving people something else to be thankful for. i'm samantha myers, live at lindale mall, where the doors just opened. i'm talking early black friday shopping. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 6. after multiple explosions at a recycling plant in central city. and a firefighter went to the hospital with a potentially life- threatening issue while at the fire scene. people could see a thick black plume 10 miles away from the fire at... ...iowa gold distributing. that's just off highway 13 in central city. this is an aerial view of the fire as it burned around 11 this morning.
6:00 pm
kcrg tv nine's dave franzman is live at the fire scene. dave, what's the latest? beth, the fire is still smoldering but firefighters left the scene earlier today. they monitored the air quality and didn't find anything alarming, so the earlier advice to minimize exposure to outside air has expired, and theri as the smoke billowed and crews rushed to contain the flames, several residents of a nearby retirement home watched what was happening right across the street. one he heard it before he saw it. "i was sitting in the chair watching tu and it just exploded looked out and it was just


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