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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  October 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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though.tonight: mostly cloudy. wind: s 10-20. low: 57 alo: 56 dbq: 55 iow: 57 tomorrow: mostly cloudy and windy. a few showers and storms are possible late. wind: s 15-25. high: 73 alo: 73 dbq: 72 iow: 74 beth? an absentee ballot to the wrong county? that's the problem some early voters in johnson county are running into. the ballots they received in the mail have a black hawk county return address. kcrg-tv9's mark carlson spoke to the johnson county auditor about if these votes will count in the
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weipert says this is really a hiccup in a much larger process. weipert says all votes will be counted, and he's confident they will get to the bottom of the cause. right now they're trying to identify how many people received ballots with black hawk county return addresses. this is video of officials testing election equipment right before they sent those absentee ballots out. officials have been in contact with black hawk county and told them to be on the lookout for johnson county ballots. weipert says they should soon know everyone w which voters are affected by this, we'll start calling them, sending them letters, letting them know.. if you're somebody that received one and you mailed your ballot to black hawk county, we've already communicated with their office, they'll send any voted ballot back down our way." " this mistake won't come as an extra cost to tax payers. weipert says the vender who misprinted the ballots will pay any staff overtime costs. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. within the last hour, johnson
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us the error happened at the ballot vendor's mail center. nearly 160 voters received duplicate ballots. one packet had a johnson county return address, the other had a black hawk county return address. officials are asking voters to return ballots to the today, congressman dave loebsack and challenger chris peters met for a debate at iowa public television. they are both candidates for the 2nd congressiona l district they touched on a number to topics, including immigration, health care and social security. they also answered questions about the ongoing civil war in syria. "33:25 should the u-s have intervened earlier in this conflict? i don't so. i think this is a complex issue, an emotional issue, it's hard for americans
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elsewhere and not be heartbroken . but my short answer is no. " "34:00 would you vote to send ground troops to syria? no not today. i think what the president has to do, and he has kind of done this, is to come to congress with the authorization to use military force. he's done that. it's not the full thing. and basically congress has to have the conversation " for a sixth term in office. an iowa house candidate from peosta says she recently found this: graffiti on her vehicle and on political signs outside the family restaurant. republican shannon lundgren is running against democrat tom stecher in the 57th district. that covers much of dubuque county, except the city of dubuque. kcrg-tv9's katie wiedemann tells us both
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"that's never right. i mean that's criminal activity. and that becomes personal. " the black spray paint that wraps around shannon lundgren's suv, feels like a political attack gone too far. "when you are going to stand up and voice your opinion. people are going to disagree with you they going to throw things at you. that's fine, come at me. ask the hard questions. " but she says her car and her family's restaurant trackside bar and grill. her opponent's campaign signs are stuck in the front yard. "do you feel like he has anything to do with it? absolutely not. " democratic candidate tom stecher says he too is angry about the vandalism. "sickening. i was very saddened. i condemn these actions in the
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name calling consume the race for president. both lundgren and stecher say that contention has not trickled down to their political race. "i do not believe in all this negative stuff relating to politics. that's why i am running to be a public servant not a politician. " "we've both said this is not going to be a dirty race. there's no reason for it. " and both say their race will remain cordial through election day. in dubuque county katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news. a panel of state budget experts says the financial uncertainty. and that is one of the reasons iowa might take in less revenue in the current fiscal year. experts at the revenue estimating conference yesterday predicted the state will take in about 50 million dollars less than they anticipated in march. other reasons include a slowdown in agricultural income... ...and economic uncertainty from interest rates and international trade. the state has no immediate plans to cut spending. the three-member panel estimates revenue will
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people can expect to pay more to heat their homes this year than they did last year. the energy department says bills through march are likely to be higher for natural gas, electricity, heating oil and propane. that's because this winter is expected to be colder then last year's, which was pretty mild... and energy prices are slightly higher. the city of marion has a new police chief. joseph mchale will take over his new position in december. he has been with the kansas city, missouri, police department recently a patrol commander there. mchale is replacing chief harry daugherty, who retired earlier this year. dubuque schools notified parents in the last two days that they are looking into the 11th and 12th cases of the mumps this year. the most recent cases have come at table mound and audubon elementary schools. in all, there have been mumps cases at six different schools in the district. the district is telling parents to keep their kids
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develop mumps symptoms. the m-m-r vaccination greatly reduces the risk of getting mumps, but is not a guarantee it will prevent the illness. rockwell collins says it's reducing the number of workers across the country to cut costs. and that means layoffs. the company says it's planning to reduce the number of employees by 2 to 3 percent. it has a workforce of 20-thousand employees. so that would be about 400 to 600 people. the company says that will be through layoffs, positions. reductions have already started and will continue through next september. it was an important day for nearly a dozen people living in the cedar rapids area. 10:51:12 i will they took the oath of allegiance to become some of the newest citizens of the country.
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tonight. this afternoon, they took the oath of citizenship at the federal courthouse in cedar rapids. the new citizens are from all over the world, including south korea, myanmar and nigeria. one woman says she's excited and thankful for this opportunity. "10:52:40 i thank god for everything he done for me. i asked him if i could pass the test and i passed it, and i'm a citizen so i'm thankful for what he did. " senator chuck grassley spoke with the naturalization ceremony. work on washington street in iowa city is now about two months behind schedule. but crews hope to have everything done before winter comes. right now, crews are working to replace underground utilities and concrete from dubuque to linn streets. city officials say while the project is running behind schedule, they're pleased with the results. the west branch football team is in the hunt for the playoffs. the bears have put up big numbers on the ground and are hoping to
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clouds have taken over and will
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the sunshine, our afternoon highs will make it into the 70s this weekend thanks to a southerly wind. lows will be held up in the 50s, so
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and storms are possible late saturday into saturday night. monday's looking warm with highs edging close to 80. we'll fall back down from there, though.tonight: mostly cloudy. wind: s 10-20. low: 57 alo: 56 dbq: 55 iow: 57 tomorrow: mostly cloudy and windy. a few showers and storms are possible late. wind: s 15-25. high: 73 alo: 73 dbq: 72 iow: 74 thunderstorm s possible. wind: sw 5-15. low: 63 alo: 61 dbq: 61 iow: 64 sunday: partly cloudy and mild. high: 77 low: 63 monday: partly sunny, windy, and mild. high: 79 low: 65 tuesday: partly cloudy. high: 71 low: 63 wednesday: partly cloudy. high:
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high: 57 low: 45 friday: partly cloudy. high: 58 low: 43 saturday: partly cloudy. high: 60 low: 45
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and there are two events planned for the newbo district this weekend to celebrate flood recovery and bring business to the area. the newbo city market is hosting
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nine. there will be music, food and drinks. the second event is "party on the nobo side," and it goes all day tomorrow. "nobo" refers to the part of newbo where floodwaters reached. tornado's grub and pub organized the event as a way to raise money for the businesses on the wet side of the temporary levees. there are some big matchups tonight in high school football, including west branch at tipton. and the iowa football team is hoping to make it two straight wins at purdue this weekend. stay with tv9. ... it's week 8 of the high
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games left and plenty of teams are still fighting for a spot in
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saville caught up with long-time head coach butch pedersen. coach it has been a crazy year for you? we will start our third string quarterback tonight and we have five starters out with injury but we are still fighting and i got to thanks my assistant coaches for keeping things schools all time leading rusher in luke lenoch. he is what high school football is all about and he will do whatever the team needs. tipton is a pretty good football team. they are a good team and this will be a real challenge
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tipton likes to run the ball. they will run the single wing and they will tonight to stop we will have to play assignment football. good luck tonight and thanks coach josh ... thank you, scott. the iowa football is hoping to build off of last week's win at minnesota. the hawkeyes travel to purdue. two years ago at west lafeyette, a sophomore with long hair made his first career start at lot has changed since then. "i remember my first drive was a pick-six. i do remember that. other than that, i know we got a win. it was nice to get my first start in my career and get a win." "the only thing we didn't know about him going into last year was poise and toughness. boy, he passed those really early in the season. every player's
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can." trt: 29 oc: "be as proficient as they can" ... iowa state is hoping to avoid another 4th quarter meltdown after losses to baylor and oklahoma state. the cyclones take on a struggling texas team. the longhorns started the season 2-0, but have lost three straight. head coach matt campbell is still happy with the progress of his team. "i do feel at times we're still playing catch up a little bit because we're still teaching, instilling a kids make so much stride in such a short amount of time because i think there is a great want to from those guys. it's amazing to see when you come together and you have that, the strides you can make." trt: 20 oc: "the strides you can make" ... the northern iowa football team suffered a tough road loss to south dakota last week. the panthers go on the road again to face youngstown state. the penguins have won three straight and are led by former nebraska head coach, bo pelini. "this is a game of momentum; as
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critical time, this is a very good football team. this is one of the better football teams in 1-aa. i promise you that." trt: 12 oc: "i promise you that" ... linn-mar grad marcus paige was waived by the utah jazz on thursday. he was selected 55th overall in the draft by the brooklyn nets, and was later traded to the utah jazz. in two preseason games, he averaged 5.5 points and 1.5 assists per game. there's still a chance the jazz send him to the d-league. thanks scott. now here's a look at today's most viewed web stories on kcrg dot com. stay with your 24-hour news source, kcrg t-v nine. clouds have taken over and will
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your forecast from meteorologist justin gehrts. clouds have taken over and will be with us over the sunshine, our afternoon highs will make it into the 70s this weekend thanks to a southerly wind. lows will be held up in the 50s, so we won't be dealing with frost again for a while. showers and storms are possible late saturday into saturday night. monday's looking warm with highs edging close to 80. we'll fall back down from there, though.tonight: mostly cloudy. wind: s 10-20. low: 57 alo: 56 dbq: 55 iow: 57 tomorrow: mostly cloudy
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late. wind: s 15-25. high: 73
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hey, can i ask you a question? sure. you've had this dart board since i've known you, but i've never seen you play. oh, uh, we played... once. i broke a window. what window? that one over there. leonard, where are the skee-ball tickets? skee-ball tickets? yeah, from when we went to the arcade three years ago? i finally decided what prize i want. hurry up. uh, if i still have them, unk box. ooh, what are you gonna get? none of your business. but when you see me wearing a flower in my lapel later, you are most welcome to sniff it. yup, oh... here you go. oh, thank you. here, get yourself an eraser for your troubles. oh. oh-ho. i forgot about this. my aunt made it for me when i started college.


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