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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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and while several bills are moving on in the iowa legislature, some didn't make the cut for today's funnel deadline. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, @rom your 24 hour news . this is a view tonight from our parkersburg city cam. the strong winds are dying down after a very eventful day across eastern iowa. because of those winds we're starti tonight with meteorologist joe winters.s. joe, the wind has certainly died down now. what a windy day we experienced. thankfully the winds, which gusted above 50 mph, back down tonight. saturday will be the best day of the week with ghs in the middle 50s and lighter winds. sunday finds highs falling into
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seasonable weather through next week. the pattern stays dry through next friday. have a good night and a safe weekend. tonight: : stly clear low: 34-40 winds: sw 10-20tomorrow: mostly sunny, mild high: 53-59 winds: w 5-15 back to you. today's extremely windy conditions were an issue for a lot of people all across the state. it was especialal hard on semi drivers. several trucks tipped over in linn county alone. four semis were on their sides. road exit on 380. another was on highway 1 near ellison road. two others were along highway 13 east of cedar rapids. kcrg-tv9'brady smith has more on what was a dedeructive day not just for drivers, but some homeowners. driving a semi through eastern
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afternoon proved challenging. curt vondrak sayaypulling a heavier load helped him stay on the road. "it was enough to hold me down, but i was following a couple of guys that were being blown all over the place."he saw one trailer overturned on highwhw 151. having been through that situation before... "i have been blown over once already." vondrak was extra careful on his final stretch into mounun pleasant. "coming in out of wisconsin it was almost a head wind, so it wasn't too bad, but you get a cross wind, it's dangerous." and costly. joe heaverlo came homeo find some of his possessions and parts of his home literally bbwing away. "i samy grill cover go across the street and i'm like oh, so i went and chased after that, and when i came back and i saw that."we spoke with a few local roofing companies and contractors that were already getting calls from people needing roof and siding repairs. pat lang anticipates dozens over the next few days. "it's going to be in the 50 to range." lang recomomnds shopping around and doingngour
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shingles, and what kind of shingles they're using. back on, and don't install it with the same length of nail, else it'll do when the same conditions come up."he says to make sure replacement shingles are rated for wind speeds higher than what we can get here in iowa. "you can put on 100 to 120 mile per hour wind it'll never come off your building." in cedar rapids, brady smith, kcrg tv9 news. today marked a turning point on several bills in the state legislature. this was the first 'funnel day' of the 2016 session. that means non-budget bills that did not pass a committee in eithethe house or senate are now dead. one bill that made it would aims to keep funding steady for the road use tax fund. right now one cent of iowa's gas tax is earmarked to go into a fund for cleaning up underground troleum storage tanknk like the ones below gas station pumps. but that
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cent goes away on july first. the bill in the house would prevent 17 million dollars a year from going into the underground storage tank fund, keeping that money instead for transportation projects. another house bill that's still alive would expand iowa's cannabis oil law. it would allow for the manufacture and distribution of cannabis oil in the state for treating cancer, m-s, and severe epilepsy. right now it's legal to use cannabis oil for chronic epilepsy. but it's also illegal to buy theil in iowa or even bring it into the stata. a bill that would have made public intoxication legal didn't make it out of committee. some laenforcement officials argued against the bill, saying the law gives officers to keep people from hurting themselves or others. the des moines register reports police charged people with public intoxication more than 10- thousand times between
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a senate bill to regulate the use of police body cameras is also not moving forward. a committee saididmore research is needed before setting rules involving the storage and confidentialit y of body cameras. and a bill to raise the speed limit on iowa's interstates and 2-lane highways didn't get enough support to move on. the measure would have bumped interstate speed limits from 70 miles per hour to 75. democrats and republicans in des moines are once again fighting over funding for k through 12 education. house republicans proposed a two per cent increase in funding for the next school year, while senate democrats want a four per cent increase. democratic senator mark smith of marshalltown says delays on education funding are hurting districts, which are working on their budgets. republican representativ e bill dix of shell rwck disagrees. "we have 76 percent of the school districts in n owa raising property taxes, which is a regressive tax, and one that the legislature is forcing them to rely on, so these are the options
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"let's keep in mind that the house has already approved 140 million dollars of increased revenue going to the schools. clearly theyan build their budgets on that. " dix and smith made those comments during the taping of i-p-t-v's program, iowa press. that show re-airs on public t-v at noon this sunday. diffefent versions of grantnt wood's american gothic painting will be popping up around cedar rapids this spring. today, artists and sponsors picked up 24 life size fiber glass statues of the two people in the painting. they have until may to paint them in any way that they choose. it's part of something called "overalls all over," an event to celebrate wood's 12525 birthday. this is the second time cedar rapids artists have done this. "this time the artist will have different creative challenges and they can make them all unique, they'll all be different designs. there will be
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don't really want to reveal." the statues will be on display in the cedar rapids area from may 1st to labor day. a lot of people in waterloo will be able to eat for free at chick-fil-a for a year. the restaurant chain is making that offer for the first 100 people who come to the new waterloo location. the restaurant at 1331 flammang drive is scheduled to open march third. the company says it's bringing 120 jobs to the area. chick-fil-a will also collect books to donate to covenannmedical center on s opening day.. an iowa cosmetology school is celebrating its 50th year in business. today students gave back to their communities to celebrate their milestone anniversary. this cleaning and scrubbing
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but it was a celebration of 50 years in business and education. capri cosmetology college is celebrating its 50th anniversary. and today capri students and staff in cedar rapids, dubuque, waterloo, and davenport spent the day doing random acts of kindness. one group of capri students passed out gift cards to shoppers at thth kennedy mall in dubuque. then they headed to st. anthony's catholic church where they scrubbed tables and chairs. almost 400 capri students and staff spent the afternoon helping others. they ended up doing almost one thousand random acts in a matter of just a couple hours.
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valuable about community. if you are gointo make a living in a community, you have to be willing to participate and give back to that community. " fiegen says capri wanted to give back to the communities that have helped make the school successful over the last five decacas. signs of summer are popping up at adventurelan d in altoona. the first piece of track for a new 9 million dollar coaster arrived at the theme park this morning. the coaster known as "the monster" is 13 storiri tall. that's about 25 hundred feet up. it includes a 133 foot vertical lift and five inversions. there's even a 101 degree drop. the new coaster is set to open to the public sometime this year. lls open tomorrow momoing for south carolina's republican presidential primary. ted cruz and donald trump are in line to break their tie after wi in iowa and new
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todays warm weather had a lot
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give their cars a much- needed
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this was the scene at johnny boys car wash. caca wash officials said they got all of the dirt and salt off of more than 100 cars in the first couple of hours they were open this morning. whaaa windy day we experienced. thankfully the winds, which gusted above 50 mph, back down tonight. saturday will be the best day of the week with highs in the middle 50s and lighter winds. sunday finds highs falling into the upper 40s with more seasonable weather through next week. the pattern stays dry through next friday. have a good night and a safe weekend. tonight: mostly clear low: 34-40 winds: sw 10-20tomorrow: mostly sunny, , ld high: 53-59 winds: w 5-15tomorrow night:
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low: 31-37 winds: n 5-10sunday: partly cloudy high: 47 - low: 34 monday: partly cloudy high: 39 - low: 29 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 40 - low: 26 wednesday: mostly cloudy high: 38 - low: 25 thursday: mostly cloudy high: 40 - low: 25 friday: partly cloudy
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carolina for the republican primary. donald trump and ted cruz are each going into south carolina with a win in the two previous contests. polls show trump still leading the texas senator by anywhere from three per cent to 17 per cent. the latest n-b-c ws -- wall stet journal poll gge trump a five point advantage over cruz. marco rubio was a distant third with 15 percent. the poll has a three point six per cent margin of error. kcrg t-v nine's jacqueline
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attempt to win last minute support. jacqueline policastro/co lumbia, sc @ :01 ted cruz is going after the most coervative voters. he's stumping across the state with the star of the show "duck dynasty." cruz told supporters at this rally that people in south carolina and texas have a lot in common because they're gun ooers and they love god. cruz slammed trump throughout his speech and appealed to voters who are fed up with what he called corruption in washington. sot elisabeth cook/cruz supporter @ :26 "to me he represents a person that has his principals and sticks with it, and he's a fighter." sot chuck gerald/cruz supporter @ :33 "ted's on fire and people tell me that he has the constitution memorized word for word, line by line." sot lalan cook/cruz supporter @ :40 "i believe everything he says about the fact that he will do exactly what he says he'll do. that shows character in a man." sot robert hawkins/cruz supporter @ :48 "i feel like he's a solid candidate and so i'm glad i got
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him today and i'm excited about voting for him tomorrow." congressman mark sanford endorsed the texas senator today in the final hours before the first-in-the- south primary and the cruz camp is hoping that will help him gain support in the southern part of the state. that was t-v nine's jacqueline policastro with that report. tonight, donald trump sat down with a group of veterans in charleston, south carolina. veteran support has been a main talking point for trump before tomorrow's primary. while in iowa, trump said he raised six million dollars for vets the night he skipped a republican debate in des moines. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and vermont senaar bernie sanders are once again in a close race in nevada. a cnn-orc poll out this week shows clinton with a 1 point lead going into tomorrow's caucus. a margin of error of plus-or-minus 6 percent puts the pair in a virtual tie. today both clinton and sanders spent a lot of time in nevada trying to gain some last minute support. both candidates took jabs at each other d discussed their s snces on the economy. " the issue is not just who wins the democratic nomination. the
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this country toward a political revolution which transforms this country. " "i am no johnny, or janey, come- lately to this. i, i did not just discover that unions were under pressure from the republicans and the right? " we'll have results from tomorrow's caucus and the south carolina's primary tomorrow night at 10. the texas 18-year-old known as the 'affluenza teen' is now facing chargegeas an adult. . ethan couch appeared in court today for allegedly breaking his probation. he and his mother ran to mexico after a video surfaced allegedly showing him drinking at a party. couch had been sentenced to 10 years probation three years ago
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crash that killed four people. his defense claimed he had 'affluenza,' meaning he s too spoiled to understand the difference between right and wrong. the move to adult court means couch could now serve 120 days in jail for the 2013 crash. coming up, josh will have semi-final action from the state wrestling tournament. and scott will have girls regional semi-final highlights from the hardwood. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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set.. josh has more from wells fargo arena. we start the action with the class 3a semi-finals... 138, nelson brands of iowa city west punched his ticket to the championship round with a first period pin over nick graham of johnston. "it's what i dream of, now i gotta go win the match. i'm happy, but still one more match left." he'll xavier's clint lembmbk in the championship... clint gets the takedown in overtime to beat jackson gallagher of bettendorf, 3-1. "it feels great. it's been a long time coming. i've been trying to go for this since i was younger. it's always been a big time goal. it just feels great." at 152, kennedy's logen rodriguez piled up the poinin against christian foote of pleasant valley... logen is moving after a 12-2 major decision. at 160, linn-mar's shea hartzler gets a takedown against seth walker of
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get the 5-0 shutout to advance. at 182, max lyon of western dubuque kept his undeeated season alive with a 2nd period pin against isaac bartel of mason city... that's why he's ranked number one. 195, prairie's taylor mehmen was getting takedown after takedown... he beat logan buck of dallas center- grimes, 9-2. at heavyweight, dubuque hempstead's gannon gremmel had to fight hard for every point... he daniel ramirez of southeast polk, 4-1. gannon will face aaron costello of western dubuque who hung on to win his match, 3-2. in class 2a, 126, center point- urbana's brock rathbun comes up with the takedown... that's all he needs as he continues to chase a third straight state title. at 132, keaton geerts of new hampton comes up with two points against derek holschlag of union... geerts is heading to the championship round after the 4-1 win... from des moines, josh christensen, kcrg-tv9 sports. vtr 1:41 oc: standard to hoops and the road to des moinesontinued tonight for the girls. scott westerberg starts our team coverage at west branch.
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and the home team jumped out to the early lead...haley mullinnix connects on the 3....west branch scores the first five points s the game.... --but starmont quickly answers as katelyn baumgartner knocks down the mid-range jumper... --on the other end, trystin luneckas takes the in- bounds pass and banks it home....bears increase their lead to 7.... --then it's haley poula with the free throw linin jumper.r.she finished with 14 points and 10 boards as west branch beats starmont 66-26... --to regina where the unbeaten regals hosted sumner-fredricksbur g.... --the cougars le20-18 at the half but mary crompton erases that early in the third with this bomb from downtown....regina grabs a one point lead... --but sumner-fredricksbur g came to play....krayton allen drills a three....24-21, cougars thinking upset.... --after that regina goes on a 7-0 run....great pass from kennedy brown to sarah lehman....28-24 regals.... --then it's lauren gaarde with the transition bucket as reginn moves to 23-0 wiwi the 49-34 win....scott westerberg, kcrg-tv9 sports.
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to return to the state tournament where they lost in the title game last year. the lynx hosted alburnett in the 2a regional semi-finals. and alburnett got off to a quick start the nice bouncer to amber porter for two down low and a 6-2 lead.. but north linn can score in a hurry and they get it quicky to morgan boer for the jumper in the paint.. and then the lynx started to heat up from behind the arc.. katie kurt connects and then it was boer's turn for three mororand morgan carried north linn in the first half offensively with the spinning kiss this time and after leading 17-8 at the break the lynx pull away for the 51-21 win.. north linn will face regina in the regionana championship. springville hosted sigourney tonight in the class 1a regional semi-finals. and sierra davis with the trey from the corner. but the orioles held her to just seven p pnts and she was averaging 20.. and springville out rebounded sigourney tonight sigourney tonight 43-11.. sami johnson with the putback and the orioles cruise to the 57-27 win to
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finals. thanks scott. one last look at the forecasas joe... what a windy day we experienced. thankfully the winds, which gusted above 50 mph, back down tonight. saturday will be the best day of the week with highs in the middle 50s and lighter winds. sunday finds highs falling into the upper 40s with more seasonable weather through next week. the pattern stays dry through next friday. have a good night and a safe weekend. tonight: mostly clear low: 34-40 winds: sw 10-20tomorrow: mostly sunny, mild high: 53-59 winds: w 5-15 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for krg-tv9 news at 10. we hope to have you here again tomorrow.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- bill maher. from "the danish girl," oscar nominee alicia vikander. jake byrd at a donald trump rally. and music from nothing but thieves. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. hi, everybody.


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