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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning, america. bitter blast. record-breakakg cold this valentine's day weekend. wind chills as low as 30 below. the threat of frostbite and hypothermia. 65 million people being warned to stay inside. fighting back. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going toe toe overnight. >> that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> clinton trying to get back on track. but sanders not giging any ground. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. >> and donald trump goes positive, already talking re-election. >> maybe i get an extra four years. maybe i don't. >> as his opponents try to derail his surging campaign. jeb bush joins us live. her son was a mass murderer. now, 17 years later, in an abc news exclusive, dylan klebold's mother is speaking out for the first time. >> could you have prevented what happened to columbine? >> a mother's reckoning.
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the fact that someone you loved and raised has brutally killed people in such a horrific way. >> and why she says she's talking now. and kanye west's nationwide party for his new album. the surprise guest and a new feud brewing this morning because of what he's singing about taylor swift. are they about to have more "bad blood"? and we do say good morning, america. good to have lara back from l.a. baby, it is cold outside. take a look at buffalo, where snow is piling up on the ground. it's 15 degrees. the wind chill, just 5. two days until valentine's day. it's goingngo get colder and colder. >> build a fire. get cozy. you guys are dressed for spring. >> we're willing it. willing it. >> it's in your mind, and so it shall be.
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taking aim at a lot of the country. subzero temperatures expected from north dakota to new england. it's a little more than mind over matter. you can see my breath. wind chills near zero. it will get colder through the next couple of days. the cold air filtering over the great lakes. tremendous amounts of snow. over three feet in some spots here in oswego, near fulton, east of ontario and lake erie is where the snow zone is. the tter cold will continue. especially across lake michigan. these are the wind chills we expect sunday morning. this is what it will feel like against your skin. this is dangerous stuff. if you're going out, you have to cover up everything you can. tomorrow morning, 2 degrees the actual temperature in chicago. and, similar numbers on sunday morning. so, not only have to take care of yourself but your pets, neighbors, your pipes. any vulnerable spots in your home, you need to take care of that. in some cases, robin and george, this will be the coldest night
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back to you. >> all right there, rob. in decades. now to the race for the white house. "your voice, your vote." the democratic candidates, bernie sanders and hillary clinton, getting heated. at last night's debate. trading sharp words ahead of t next vote. cecilia vega joins us in the studio. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. both sides feeling the pressure. last night, bernie sanders, to keep the momentum going. hillary clinton to tap into the momentum. it was the formula for a heated rematch. facing off for the first time since the new hampshire landslide, bernie sanders feeling confident. >> let's not insult the intelligence of the e erican people. people aren't dumb. >> reporter: the battle lines drawn overnight on this debate stage. from health care. >> but i think the american people deserve to know specifically how this would work. the numbers don't add up and, many people will actually be
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now. >> that is absolutely inaccurate. >> reporter: to ties to president obama. >> he's called him weak, a disappointment. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> reporter: the contest now heading into south carolina and nevada. and the race to appeal to black and latino voters at fever pitch. >> we're going to change policing practices. we're going to change incarceration practices. >> race relations would be better under a sanders pridency than they've been? >> absolutely. >> reporter: hillary clinton hoping to recover from the embarrassing defeat, trying to show her dominance. >> i'm not asking people to support me because i'm a woman. i'm asking people to suppo me because i think i'm the most qualified, expxpienced, and ready person to be the president and the commander in chief. >> reporter: offstage, hoping to
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a a nd-raising letter sasang i'm not kidding, maddi. i'm asking you to give one dollar right this second. spawning the hashtag i'm not kidding, maddi. memes like the mcdonald's menu. just a dollar right this second. all going viral. certainly going viral. bo sides claiming victory. no surprise there. what you did see is a shift in tone from hillary clinton last night. she didn't come out swinging as she has in past debates. her goal is to paint herself as someone who can get the job done, to show sanders' policies as unrealistic. it will be a theme for the next few weeks. definitely heading into south carolina and nevada. >> tha you. we m me to the republicans right now. it's all about souththarolina. with most of the candidates trading blows ahead of their debate perform tomorrow, donald trump is trying a kinder, gentler approach. look at this. he even signs a baby. jon karl is tracking it.
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ahead of tomorrow's republican debate here in greenville, this republjcan race has turned into an all-out brawl. donald trump says he's going to try something different. he says he's going to go positive. donald trump is so confident now, at a rally in louisiana overnight, he was already y looking ahead. to his re-election campaign. >> i'm going to be there. i'm going to do a great job. hopefully, maybe i get an extra four years. maybe i don't. >> reporter: in another sign of confidence, he's pulling negative adsdsrom the air in south carolina and going >> he wants to make america great. that's what i want, too. >> reporter: the other candidates are not turning the other cheek. marco rubio rubio pulling no punches after his stumble in new hampshire. >> donald trump has zero foreign negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. experience. period. >> reporter: presidential politics can be rough and tumble. in south carolina.
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robocalls. a charge cruz denies. >> somebody else is doing them, it's not us. >> reporter: check out this new ad slamming trump on eminent domain. >> a pattern of sleaze stretching back decades. worse, trump still supports eminent domain today. >> reporter: jeb bush also going after trump. we caught up with him. are you going to be able to stop donald trump here? >> i hope so. >> reporter: why does he keep hitting you? >> he must be worried. >> reporter: inside, bush went on the attack. >> do you want an entertainer in chief? someone who will say whatever he wants, to make it all about him? insult people? divide people? >> reporter: bush was fired up. back outside, he took motherly advice from a supporter. >> how tall are you? >> 6'4". >> you need to stand up straighter. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: jeb bush is banking on family help to help revive his campaign here in south carolina. his brother, former president george w. bush, will head up a rally for him.
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the former president -- in fact the bush family remains popular among republica here in south carolina. george. let's bring in jeb bush. governor, thank you for joining us this morning. brother very popular in south carolina. he got his way to the nomination by defeating john mccain there in 2000. i know you hope history repeats itself. your brother is a sign of why not call on him earlier? what do you hope he can do for you now? >> well, look, he's been supportive for a long while. this was the appropriate place for him to start his campaigning. this is the beginning of the campaign. what donald trump says about my brother has no relevance to this. he's popular because he kept us safe. people here are pro-military. pro-veterans. my brother served as commander in chief and people respect at. and nono we're in a commander in chief primary. commander in chief election.
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i think for my brother to speak on my behalf about the skills i have to lead this country will be helpful. >> the commander in chief primaries. donald trump prepared to be commander in chief? >> he hasn't shown it. he's not shown seriousness as it relateto the threat of ourur time. isis, for r ample, he's gone from saying we don't have a dog in the fight to let isis take out assad. let russia take out isis and his latest policy i guess is bomb the profanity out of isis. that's not a serious plan. we need to lead the world to rid ourselves of a threat. itit realal he's not being serious about that. i don't think he's a serious candidate in that regard. look, he's preying on people's angst and fears. he does it in a marvelous, fantastic way. huge crowds. lots of energy. bubuthe simple fact is as it gets to specifics on economic security and national security, he doesn't have one.
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ononr. trump than you have. you even said we'll be worse often than we are now if trump is elected president. how can you pledge to support him if he's the nominee if you believe that? >> i said in terms of divisiveness, we'll be worse off. we can't be worse off as it relates to the national security of this country with hillary clinton as president or on economic issues, as well. in terms of dividing our country, that's the skill set of donald trump. that's bad. and it's wrong. you can't disparage women, hispanics, the disabled. people who are war heroes and expect we'll live in a country where we hava unity of purpose. the president of the united states has to use words carefully. profanity and divisive language isn't going to help us to allow people to get a pay raise for the first time in a decade. >> meantime, other candidates swinging hard at you. marco rubio saying you have no foreign policy experience. john kasich is saying -- that's
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>> yeah, absolutely it is. when you compare marco rubio's experience of going to committee hearings once in awhile. that's not foreign policy experience. look, i was the governor of the state of florida. i led the national guard. i had trade missions. i've lived overseas. i have invested overseas. i have vast experience as it relates to the world. and i'm pretty fluent on foreign policy issues. i look forward to debating marco on these issues. we share a common belief that the united states needs to be engaged in the world. to suggest he has foreign policy experience and i don't is ludicrous. >> came in fououh place in new hampshire. is south carolina a must win? >> no, no, look, we're in it for the long haul. we're on to nevada after souou carolina. i'm looking forward to the ten days of hard campaigning. we're making good progress. the crowd sizes are great. people want to know. who has the steady hand? whwhcan make the tough decisions? who cacahave the back of the military?
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cuts? who will take care of the veterans when they come home? that seems to be resonating here. i'm focused on that and not worrying about the pundits. >> governor bush, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks, george. we move on from politics to breaking news overnight. a terrifying attack at a restaurant in columbus, ohio. a man with a machete targeting diners before police killed the suspect. pierre thomas is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. robin. it truly was a nightmare. now the fbi is trying to figure out if it was terrorism. at 6:20 p.m., the man carrying machete burst into t nazareth restaurant launching his attack. ocking customers. >> no rhyme or reason as to who he was going after. as soon as he walked in, according to some of the witnesses, he went to the male and female just inside the door in a booth. at that point he started the attack. >> reporter: two men ran out to call 911. while those inside took matters
7:13 am
>> some of the patrons started throwing chairs at him, trying to get him out of there. one of the employees was able to grab something from behind the register and came out. >> reporter: the suspect fled the restaurant. jumping into a car. witnesses describing the vehicle to police. even taking video for evidence. police caught up with the suspect a few miles from the restaurant. the man inside allegedly lunging at them with a knife. they tasered him. as the suspect lurched forward, officers shot him dead. some witnesses say he came in a half-hour before the attack asking for the manager. four victims going to local hospitals with one in critical condition. an intensive investigation under way to determine who the suspect is and whether h hwas inspired b bterrorists. >we're going to turn to frightening moments now for passengers aboard an american airlines flight. smoke filled the cabin. forced the plane to make an emergency landing in los
7:14 am
good morning, david. >> reporter: g gd morning, george. emergency crews were ready. and wait until you see the scene when they got the passengers off this morning, passengers are airlines jet partially fills and ground crews are alerted. >> we have an emergency inbound, give me about two minutes. >> reporter: the flight took off just before 10:00 in the morning. not long, smoke engulfing the cockpit. >> he was on the oxygen mask. the masks had dropped in the cabin. that made concern to us. that we probably need to deploy more resources out to lax at that time. >> reporter: with their masks on, the pilots divert to los angeles for an emergency landing. >> there should never be smoke emanating from any part of the plane. itit a pilot's worst nightmare. to have to deal with either fire or smoke in an airplane. >> reporter: those emergency crews wereeady. fire trucks surrounding the aircraft. the 125 passengers evacuated. the boarding area becoming an emergency triage with eight
7:15 am
breathing difficulty. >> a lot of pandemonium here. people are scattered. getting oxygen. a pretty, pretty scary day at l.a.x. >> reporter: where did the smoke come from? the possibility of a hydraulic leak is being investigated. american airlines saying our maintenance team is evaluating the aircraft. we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience. many passengers don't realize the air you breathe inside the cabin comes tohe engines first. so if there's smoke in the engine there's a possibility it's going to end up in the cabin or cockpit as well. >> i did not know that. thank you, david. let's go to amy for today's other top stories. an arrest in the cyberattack against the cia director. >> that's right. british police arrested a teenager, they believe is behind a series of hacks aimed at national security officials.
7:16 am
accounts of the top officials at the cia, fbi, and white house were compromised. officials have not released the suspect's name but say he is under age. it's being called a significant step toward a peace deal in syria. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart agreed overnight to a temporary halt in fighting by next week. there's serious doubt whether the syrian government will go along. dozens of prison guards in georgia are in custody, busted in a sting. the undercover investigation uncovered staggering corruption involving 46 current and former officers, accused of taking bribes and smuggling drugs. as well as other contraband. it could take a week to fully extinguish this fire in new jersey. the smoke visible for miles shut down a major roadway. no injuries reported. and ubub has agreed to pay $28 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over safety claims. the suit accused uber of making false statements about driver background checks.
7:17 am
they're eligible for a refund. look at this bizarre sight at boston's fenway park. a giant ramp wasasnstalled for the winter sports event last night. athletes launching off that 140-foot jump. the 2018 olympics will be the first to include big air snowboarding. as an event. a new york man is getting more desperate as valentine's day approaches. it's not he needs a date. he needs to find his wife's clothes. take a look at the sign.n. he's trying to find $1,000 worth of his wife's clothing after he accidentally put the dry cleaning in a recycling bag which his s n then tossed out with the trash. the sign says, please contact dead husband walking. >> he's right about that. >> i was going to say what would ali do? >> i would just write the check. >> you're a smart man.
7:18 am
>> thank you, amy. rob, we brought you in from the cold. that cold is stretching all the way to florida. >> check this out. frost in melbourne on the windshield and rear window. we're not done with the cold. we're going to increase it. winter storm warnings for parts of north carolina. one to three inches and up to a foot through parts of maine with the next clipper coming through. your weekend getaway brought you to by macy's. brought you by macy's.any light snow showers are quickly moving out of the area. the sky should rapidly clear and the wind will
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plan ohighs in the upper teens to lower 20s with a slow fall in temperature during the afternoon. many areas should either touch zero or go a bit below zero tonight with wind chill numbers briefly approaching - 20 tomorrow morning. saturday continues to look great, with a good chance of snow on sunday all across the area. at this time, 2-4-4 continueueto look like a very reasonable amount with a light/fluffy consistency. next week, plan on some 30s to start off, with a return to some 40s by next thursday and friday! >> 50 degrees in denver. 88 in phoenix. that s snds toasty. with the valentine's day chill, i'm getting interesting comments on the twitter feed. >> i saw that, too. >> nine months from now, you never know what's going to happen. >> interesting. >> it is cold outside. coming up here on "gma," thank you, rob. her son a mass murderer. now, for the first time, the mother of one of the columbine killers opens up to diane sawyer. >> part of the shock of this was learning that what i believed, how i lived, how i parented
7:20 am
mind. >> more of diane's g gpping interview with sue klebold coming up. and inexpensive motor oil
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school are canceled this morning, but there will be classes today. this is following a threat to the school. cedar rapids police say a 16-year-old prairie high school student has been charged with harassment. they don't believe the threat was credible, but are taking precautions. university of iowa researchers teamed up with a theater group to create a new web toolkit to combat bullying. hear - stands for helping
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bullying. the toolkit is filled with writing,cting and artistic activities for teachers to use in the classroom. they are designed foror kids from kindergarten up through high school to interactively learn about relationships and communication . and now here's your first alert forecast. any light snow showers are quickly moving out of the arara. the sky shouldd raradly clear and the wind will be picking up as well. plan on highs in the upper teens to lower 20s with a slow fall in temperature during the afternoon. many areas should either touch zero o go a bit below zero tonight with wind chill numbers briefly approaching - 20 tomorrow morning. saturday continues to look greatwith a good chance of snow on sunday al across the area. at this time, 2-4" continues to look like a
7:28 am
consistency. next week, plan on some 30s to start off, with a return to some 40s by nxt thursday
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welcome back to "gma." and look at buffalo, new york, right now. a big blast of snow right now. dangerous cold temperature. we all know it will be a very cold valentine's day weekend for 65 million people. ready? >> not really. but -- what choice do we ve. >> a goodpportunity for the fire. >> exactly right. also right now, six republican candidates ready to make tomorrow night their first face-off. after trump's big win in new mpshire, john kasich's surprising second place finish. and the department of holeland security trying to fight the zika virus. they may point people to the cdc. could there be more bad blood for kanye west and taylor swift? the superstars making headline again. what kanyes saying about taylor in a new song getting quite a lot of backlash.
7:31 am
>> and kanye made a big splash last night, to rob. and a special guest. now to an abc news exclosive with the mother of one of the kol m bin kylers. 17 years ago, dialen klebold and his friend, eric harris, killed 13 people at columbine high school. dylan's mother, sue, sat down with diane for the first time ever. 17 years ago? >> 17 years. >> for some, just like yesterday. >> we have got try to learn something. got to try to learn something both for our own lives and our own children but also to protect against the next school shooting. >> mm-hmm. and so we're going to see how the it's still very raw for her
7:32 am
>> thinking all the time to all of the families, as wee did. we reached out to the families beforehand. we're going the reach out to them afterwards. she says not a day goes by that she doesn't think of what happened and that -- what they're living with every day. >> i just remember sitting there, and reading about them. all these kidsds and the teacher. and i keep thinking, constantly thought, how i would feel if it were the other way around and one of their children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the way they did. i know,i would. i know i would. >> so she says she went back over her life with a mag any fieing glass to look for anything she missed.
7:33 am
the things about that she shouldn't have. but it was 17 yearsago, before columbine. she was trying to come up with clues for everybody at home. >> does she feel she missed signs with her son? >> big ones. g one. a progression of things. she goes back along the path. some will relate to all families. we'll be asking ourselves, is adolescent behavior just adolescent behavior? or is it something else? the other thing that happens with her. she's trapped in a contradiction and the little boy and all she believed she could be and the murderer he became. and she's still a mother thinking about that little b/y and what might have been different. >> there is never dayy that goes by where i don't think of the people that dylan harmed. and i --
7:34 am
^> i think it's easier for me to say harmeme than killed. it's s sll hard for me after all this time. >> is that about a certain need to deny what happened or -- >> i don't khow. perhaps. perhaps. um -- it is very hard to live with the fact that someone you loved and raised has brutally killed p pple in such a horrific way. i think we like to believe that our love and our understanding is protective. and that if anything were wrong with my kids, i would know. but i didn't know. and -- it's very hard to live with that. >> she says she now knows her miake. not considering that an adolescent phase can signal something else. >> i felt that i was a good mom. that he could talk to me about anything.
7:35 am
that learning that what i believed and how i lived and how i parented was -- um -- an invention in my own mind. that it was a completely didn't world that he was living in. >> it seems like she blames herself in part. >> that's right. we have experts on the show. a lot of people coming on. because we calculated there are about 77 or 79 thwarted shootings. thwarted plots since columbine. we wanted to know everything we could about who thwarted them? how did they >> one of the reasons you wanted to sit down with her is because of the lessons learned. it's not just going over what happened. but the ience. ando parents that are watching tonight can perhaps -- >> yes, you know that i spent a
7:36 am
violence and gun safety. all of these issues. but if there is something we can learn too prevent,t, we have got try to learn it. >> always a pleasure to see you here, diane. >> good to see you. >> tune in to silence broken, a moer's reckoning. a diane sawyer special edition of "20/20" tonight. >> it just hit three parents here petty hard. that is really something. coming up next, "gma" investigates. the motor oil t tt could damage your car. what our cameras found that may surprise you and what you should look out for. intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of r rearly in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms.
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hydro boost. from neutrogena we have an alert for car owners. that bargain@n motor oil could cost you big. dollar generer is selling oil suitable only for old cars to unsuspecting consumers.
7:41 am
>> reporter: not all oils with created equal. newer oils do one thing. older fom lagss may not be as good. the older ones are still being made andsold. this morning, "gma" investigates. >> sold out of it. >> reporter: "gma" investigates undercover at dollar general, the chain facing lawsuitss over its motor oil. >> they only have a few bottles left. >> reporter: we see it's popular as we go to four stores in new jersey with our expert. >> a lot of people buy it. >> reporter: after alal it's the cheapest. what's the issue. >> this is obsolete motor oil. >> reporter: obsolete? it's 10w-30. a well-known kind of oil for many cars. on this bottle, look at the back. there's a warning. not suitable for engines built after 1988. that's 28 years ago. the api, organization that sets
7:42 am
calls this oil obsolete, meaning it's considered outf date. >> i don't think any consumer who saw this product n nt to other oils on the shelf would have an idea that this was an obsolete oil. >> unless you're driving an delorean, we don't know why they would market that oil. >> reporter: this other oil has the same warning on the back. one clerk says she doesn't know a lot about cars but thinks it's just like the name brand oils. the only thing is is that that's more cheap tharn the brand. >> reporter: actually, that's not true. the name brands next to it are meant for modern cars. these are not. and this oil, sae 30, our expert says is meant for some small engines, like lawn mowers. here it is on the auto shelf. it's warning? not suitableeor engines built after 1930? tom glenn worries someone who
7:43 am
damage their call. >> call ate compressor oil. something else. >> reporter: there are 16 lawsuits against dollar general. claiming dg is misleading consumers#by selling obsolete oils on the same shelves as oils meant for newer cars without giving warning. joe wood says he never thought to read the back of the bottle. and that his engine died after he used the oioi >> i didn't think anything different thanny of the brands. >> the regular consumer doesn't know that the oils can damage the cars. >> reporter: it's not just dollarar general selling obsolete oils. we go under cover to other stores in new york and new jersey. to see if they sell them. out of eight over retarl, half were selling oils that glen considered obsolete. as for dollar general, they say they meet standards for quality
7:44 am
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i believe, i believe believe we're still worth the fight you'll see there's hope for this world tonight i believe, i believe yeah rock guitar now to that kanye west headline. the star hosting a big huzic and fashion show last night. releasing a song that takes aim at taylor swift. so will the superstar "shake it off?"
7:49 am
megalistening party to promote his fashion line and new album started out adds a star-studded family affair. the first dplims of yeez brother-in-law, ma lar odom, out for the first timeince his near drug overdose. one person not impressed. taylor swift who took issue with the lyrics in one of west's new songs, entitled "famous" where the rapper hints at a future intimate interlude with taylor swift. including the line i made that [ bleep ] famous >> reporter: fans wondering -- >> yo, taylor. i'm really happy for you.u. i'm going to let you finish. but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. reporter: can't leave her alone.
7:50 am
not call for approval but asked her to release his single on her twitter account. she declined and cautioned him about else rg a song. and even one of taylor's bestie's tweeted that just because she was there doesn't mean she agrees with the >> how is he going to have time to run for president? >> good news for george. his collection is now discounted. what are you wearing super tuesday? >> i'll have to take a look. >> taylor's brother stepped in. said doing a little spring cleaning and showed him throwing out kanye's -- >> how could he send to it her? the swim suit models breaking barriers. are smarter than others. save up to 30% on select diamonds in rhythm. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america...
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guys, kay jewelers would like to remind you...'s engagement season. and, all engagement and wedding rings are 20% off this friday through monday only. at kay... the number-one jewelry store for...
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7:54 am
up for mavericks happening today. just north of half moon bay. and down across as well as the heat goes back into monday. this weathercast b bught to you u by ashley homemeurniture. that's 1 in 5 dauauters, sons, neighbors, and classmates who don't know where their next meal is coming from. yet billions of pounds of good food go to waste every year. it's time we do something about it. feeding america is a nationwide network of food banks that helps provide meals to millions of kids
7:55 am
visit to help them feed even more. together we can solve hunger.
7:56 am
district says it has cut ties with a consultant because of recent activity on social media alleging he lied about his credentials to past clients. edwin javius is the president and c-e-o of ed-equity. that's an education consulting company based in san jose, california. the district hired him back in 20-14 to help promote equity within schools. the contract was foror years. and was worth between $189,000 and $219,000, plus travel expenses. superintendent brad buck sent an email to district faculty and staff yesterday afternoon, saying quote: "social media posts raraed concerns about mr. javius' training and professionalism. this led the district to conclude that the parties' relationship had been compromised." a 2014 facebook post from a california school district jajaus had cctracted with, said he misrepresente d himself. it said javius claimed to have a doctorate om usc, but he doesn't. javius responded saying that he had finished his doctoral coursework, but not his dissertation. javius
7:57 am
misrepresented himself as having the title of "doctor" to the cedar rapids school district, and regrets his past t discretions. anddow here's your first alert forecast. any light snow showers are quickly moving out of the area. the sky should rapidly clear and the wind will be picking up as well. plan on highs in the upper teens to lower 20s with a slow f fl in temperature during the afternoon. many areas should either touch zero or go a bit below zero tonight with wind chill numbers briefly approaching - 20 tomorrow morning. saturday continues to look great, with a good chance of snow on sunday all across the area. at this time, 2-4" continues to look like a very reasonanae amount with a light/fluffy consistency. next week, plan on some 30s to start
7:58 am
by next thursday
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new overnight, lamar odom, his first pluck appearance since his near brush with death. kanye west right by his side. an unprpredented event. mamar mashup of music and fashion that had people tuning in. insider details on how kanye pulled off the blockbuster event. flawless and fabulous. the models breaking barriers in the biggest swim suit magazine of the year. redefining what it means to be body proud and flaunting a bikini. this morning, all three ground-breaking modods areere live. why they say they've never felt better. i've never been in love before and it's almost valentine's day. this morning, our huge 10 dates in 10 states finale. from hawaii to new york. the smartest advice from across the country to help you find love.
8:01 am
second date, live. bang bang into the room all that and chris harrison here with a sneak speak at the biggest "bachelor" reunion ever, as we say -- >> good morning, america. we love you, too.% good morning, everyone. happy friday. there. handing how inging out roses. right here in times square. he has a big new project coming up. >> sharing a little love. also this mornrng, we justt toldldou about kanye's huge night. and the moment that has taylor swift fans in an uproar. the evening made a lot of other headlines. including and it was wonderful to see lamar odom making his first public appearance since his recovery, look something good. we'll have more from the big event coming up.
8:02 am
shattering stereo types in the modeling world are here. there they are. how they're changing the face of "sports illustrated's" women suit edition. have there's ashley. all threeee of them. this is a big deal zplp that is all coming up. let's go amy with the morning rundown. >> the big story this morning, the democrats facing off in debate number six. hilllly clinton took on bernie sanders for the first time last night since her bruising defeat in hampshire. sanders criticized clinton's ties to wall street. they both tried to appeal to minority voters and to women. >> i have spent my entire adult life working toward making sure that women are empowered too makak their own choices. even if that choice is not to vote for me. >> we're fighting for every vote that we can get.
8:03 am
gay, african-americans, latinos, asian-americans. >> the candidates spard over president obama's legacy. on the republican side, candidates are gunning for donald trump in south carolina. he's pulled his negative ad against ted cruzzings saying he'll stay positive. and jeb bush is bringing in his brother, former president george w. campaign for him. the fbi is investigating whether terrorism was behind a machete aack in ohio. a man bust into the restaurant with a machete. he was later shot by police. pope francis is on the way to cuba where he'll make history. he's meeting with the head o o the russian orthodox church. hoping to heal a rift. the pope heads to mexico.
8:04 am
former olympic champion peek picabo street is claiming self-defense. >> reporter: she's used to fighting for first place on the slopes. this morning, downhill darling pacabo street is preparing for a fight in court, charges with assault and domestic violence. accused of throwing her 76-yeaeaold father down the stairs of her utah home and locking him in a basement. >> my father just started attacking me in my own house in front of hi children. >> reporter: the former olympianan claiming self-defense. overnight, her lawyer telling abc news she takes care of both her elderly parents. and that her father becomes combative. >> got his hands on me and i put him down the stairs. >> reporter: she admits she pushed her father after he pulled her hair after he bumped his car intnt the house. >> he attacked. oh, my god are you kidding me? he scratched me on my face.
8:05 am
44-year-old mother of three was the primary aggressor. her attorney says she's a loving and caring mother, addg that she deserves our respect and admiration for taking care of her elderly parents everyone when it's not been easy to do so. >> our thanks to clayton for at. people are searching for valentine's gifts and romantic ideas. this was has me crashing my head. look at this map on google trends. south carolina is seaeahing for matching outfits. they're trying to keep warm in washington state. apparently the most googled search for a valentine's gift, bearskin rugs. mississippi, romantic mix taps. what is it, the 1980s? >> hey, i'm from mississippi. easy, easy. >> are we allowed t ask followups?
8:06 am
>> i think it was idaho or montana. adam and eve not romantic? >> there's a lot of head scratchers. montana was sejing for lobster tales. >> i'm sticking with the mix tapes. when you made somebody a mix tape, that w w love, baby. that was love. >> it was. to lara with a look ahead. >> thank you, robin. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." lamar odom back in action. kanye west rocking the fashion world. our big "10 dates in 10 states" finale. one of these guys is getting a big date. and speak of dates,et over here. chris harrison is here from "the bachelor." man number two please come in. chef michael i'm season here. >> i got five bucks. and then man number ree, come on in. tim tebow is also with us live.
8:07 am
>> he's got big news to share. hey,t's valentine's day weekend. >> you're a lucky girl. to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give i ia 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. when you need something utterly unique to wear, go to your wardrobe. your jewelry wardrobe... jared the galleria of jewelry... for the ultimate selection of levian. only levian, masters of jewelry design for centuries... makes jewelry with chocolate diamonds. gorgeous, trend-setting looks...
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8:09 am
coming up next here on "gma," the three molds breaking barriers in sports illustrated's swim suit edition. congratulations, ladies. >> thank you. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya? yep, vern from voya. why are you orange? that's a littltlweird. really? that's the weird part in this scenario?
8:10 am
save a little here and there, and over time, your money could multiply. see? ah, ok. so, why are you orange? funny.
8:11 am
these guys just told me i embarrassed myself last half hour. >> we just found out what the
8:12 am
kanye west. the big splash he made last night. unprecedented event at fashion week. also his brother-in-law, lamar odom was there, first time out since being hospitalized with a drug overdose. t.j. hol.mes is here with that. >> reporter: it's hard to stand out in a room that includes caitlin, kris, kendall, kylie, khloe khkhe, kourtney and kim. >> if you like all the sorngs feel free to dance. >> reporter: in front of a packed madison square garden, kanye west debuted his new album. "the life of pablo." and simultaneously unveiled his yeezy season 3 collection. one of th the loudestst cheersf the night went to lamar odom.
8:13 am
since his brush with death last october in a nevada brothel. >> lamar odom walked out with kanye. it was a big deal. >> reporter: on thursday, odom was bobbing his head to kanye's music alongsidid khloe kardashian. they flew to new york together. igniting rumors of reunion. the clan focused on supporting can yai. caitlyn posted this. kourtney's snapshot with lamar right in the middle. hey, you heard about thehe good news >> reporter: fans across the world got to watch. the show streamed live to 700 movie neerts other countries. over 15 million people joined the party at home using tidal's
8:14 am
and icons like veronica webb showing off the star's latest looks. other models, motionlessly displaying the new collection. >> to have a genuinely happy person, such as kanye west, emceeing the whole thing, and having thousands off his fans, some of whom had flown from across the country, it lent an energy that somehow filled up msg, which is not a easy thing to do. i have never felt anyththg like that fore. >> reporter: in terms of lamar, at least, good to see him out. we remember how bad off he was. this is a big thing. he's able to fly across the country is a big deal. we saw this was big fashion show. you saw the models standing there. the kanye models. looks simple enough. you have to stand there. but there was a list of rules for how to just stand there. 38 rules to follolo now, i need a mold right here. i need a model. >> you have three over there. >> all right. i need a model. this is what you have to do. no smiling, no eye contact. no fast movements, no slow
8:15 am
show pride, alternate between attention and ease. do not act cool. behave as if no one is in the room. that's just a few of themem okay. >> i just lost the job. >> you might have failed the audition. these are 38 things they had to do staing there. >> that's what he wants. >> i gotta study. >> you look mighty dapper. i like that look on you. >> i didn't shave this morning. >> you should be modeling. sflit was a rough nht last night, robin. >> always good to have you here, t.j. >> good to see you. now another unprecedented event. "sports illustrated" changing the game. breakingng barriers when i i comes to bodyy type and age. we're speaking with the women at the center of it in just a moment. first, linsey davis has the details. >> reporter: flirty. flawless. and 56. nicola grif season making
8:16 am
the middle-aged beauty working with plus-sized swim suit retailer swimsuits for all. this ad flaunting the glimmering gold bikini. the spread soon to be released in the coveted swim suit edition. >> this is a big step for "sports illustrated." it's changing the face of the look in a positive direction. >> how do you swim sexy? >> r rorter: plus-sized model ashley graham gat her start that way in last year's issue. this year, the editorial side. "sports illustrated" nominating her as one of the rookies of the year. to be featured in the actual issue. >> when i first found out i was going to be in "sports illustrated," i was just so shocked. >> reporter: also breaking barriers, precious lee. an african-american plus-sized model set to be featured in lane bryant's ad in this magazine as
8:17 am
>> i know what it means for so many women thatt are so underrepresented. it's pretty special. >> inclusivity matters. representation matter ps a"d we can't get away with pretending ke itoesn't anymore. >> reporter: these three women splashing stereotypes perhaps once and for all. >> what's your bodod made for? >> i love that. what's your body made for, mm! joining us, ashley graham, precious lee, nicola griffin. welcome, welcome, welcomom welcome, welcome. babt time. let's start with you. i'm 55. you're 56. you're proving you do not lose sex appeal as we ma sure. right? >> certainly not. >> what was it like to be a part of it? >> it's amazing. i'm so proud to be part of swimsuits forall. >> you started at 53.
8:18 am
>> the children left home the same time i got a job to do my shampooed aadvert. >> and your accent is sexy, too. >> thank you, thank you. >> ash, you brought it again. you're all over that. >> uh, uh, uh. yeah. >> if she could just come out of her shell a little bit. i love what you posted. i do follow you on instagram. but the swimsuit issue, the photo session, that was great. that had to be a moment for you. >> it's incredible. i'm so speechless about all. the craziness hasn't begun yet. we're about to get into the cover reveal and what's going on next. i'm so excited to be amongst so many great names and faces. >> and you're excited about the lane bryant ad. >> yes, this body. >>ou're very passionate about this.
8:19 am
this is my third ad with them. honestly, this body is showing women that they're capable to do anything they want no matter their size, their age, thehe race. it's an amaze sz campaign that lane bryant as said, we're re. >> this body is made for. how do you complete that sentence? >> this body is made for proving them wrong. making history. this body is made for loving every inch. >> hey. this body is made for a lot of things. >> yeah, starting a revolution. >> yes, absolutely. >> and, what if somebody is tuning in? have you always been comfort snbl and if somebody is tuning in and they don't feel the same way? >> i was fortunate enough to be raised in a nourishing environment pip have always had this innate sense of self-awareness and confidence. can't in my house hold was like saying a aurse word. i have built on that through the years. i get that question all the time.
8:20 am
isn't at confident? it's something that's consistent. it takes practice. every day. just as you can go from being insecure to confident, you can go from confident to insecure. it's something that you have to work on and build on every day. i would say first, sto the defeated talk. it's something that you -- just things that you cannot do. you can't say it out loud. reversing . making sure your work on it every day. no magic pill. >> you always have power. >> when all people pick up "s.i." next week, you know -- >> and they see us, hello? >> you're beautiful. you have been so outspoken. ashley. >> i have had to. nobody has been listening to us. i've been doing this for 15 years. and finally, "sports illustrated" has come out. lane bryant. swim suits for all. brands saying, we're going to be the pioneers.
8:21 am
matter what size you are. doesn't m mter if thingng jiggle. it's still beautiful. >> it is. ashley, wonderful to see you. precious, good to meet you. nicola, yeah, girl. week. let's go outside to rob. hey, robin. throses that chris handed out earlier, they'y' doing well in thth chilly weather. kelly, you turned 18 on tuesday. are you ready to be a "bachelorette? h". >> yeah. >> what you to think, mom? >> no. >> good call. it's chilly. wind chill advisories from minnesota to maine. temperatures sunday morning going to feel like 20, 25 below zeze. dangerous s sff if you're going to head out, cover up. look at the rebound, 14 on sunday to 48 on tuesday in
8:22 am
national outlook.any light snow showers are quickly moving out of the area. the sky should rapidly clear and the wind will be picking up as well. plan on highs in the upper teens to lower 20s with a slow fall in temperature during the afternoon. many areas should either touch zero or go a bit below zero tonight with wind chill numbers briefly approaching - 20 tomorrow morning. saturday continues to look great, with a good chance of snow on sunday all across the area. at this time, 2-4" continues to look like a very reasonable amount with a light/fluffy >> i think these roses are frozen solid. a big contingent from all sorts of places in georgia. lara, back inside to you. >> get in here and baby we were born t run to the bookstore. literary news from the boss. bruce springsteen set to publish his autobiography. he's been writing privately. penning his life story for the past seven years. he first picked up the pen in 2009 after his performance at the super bowl.
8:23 am
days to fans accororng to jonathan carp, the plusher of shimen and schuster. this is 2 book we were lookthe book we were looking for. "born to run" on sale september 27th. angie, stage manager, i know what i'm getting you for your birthday. >> happy. >> you want an advanced py. >> how many times have you seen him? approximate approximately? 60? whoa. >> hopefully bruce is dedicating the book to angie. valentine's day, as you may have noticed, is closing in. time to start practicing the romantic lines to wooour sweetheart. we're here to help. these are the most romantic lines.
8:24 am
from "sense and sensibility." >>. >> always will be. yours. >> i didn't know that 9:00, 8:00 central. >> do me a favor, george, don't say to ali, 9:00, 8:00 central. that will not do it, people. turns outut that that line that u didn't hear, austen didn't write it. the second mostomantic line. >> 8:00, 7:00 central. >> how would you feel if your honey looked into your eyes and said this -- >> i i scared of everything. of what i i saw, of what i did. of who i am. and most of all, i'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way i feel when i'm with you. >> oh!
8:25 am
corner! >> my personal favorite was number five. 6:00. 5:00 central. no, it was from "notting hill." a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. >> that's ali's favorite. >> what are you going say to ali sunday? >> 5:00, 4:00 central. >> how about wintetes coming, let's get under the covers. >> baby it's cold outside. i'm back from a whirlwind trip to shondaland. if you watch yesterday morning, you remember a clip that we showed from last night's winter premier. i asked kerry washington what was she hiding behind that door inhe clip that you're not seeing. but listete up. you have something, man or a something. >> mm-hmm.
8:26 am
9:00, 8:00 central. >> really? that's how it's going to be? so what was behind the door in last night's new, explosive episode. if you don't want to know, turn it down right now. girl was getting it on with jake! it is back on with those two. but the president doesn't seem like he's having any issues with that. that was one of the major secrets in last night's big
8:27 am
aired at 9:00, 8:00 central.a cedar rapids state senator is meeting with voters in eastern iowa today as he campaigns for a u-s senate seat. democrat rob hogg is meeting with voters in mount vernon and anamosa. he will hold a meet and greet at 9 a-m at the fuel coffee shop in mount vernon. then hogg will meet with people at daly creek winery and bistro in ananosa at 11:30 this morning. hogg is running for the nomination to face six- term republican senator chuck grassley. an iowa house representativ e from johnson county has decided she's n seeking anher term. voters elected sally ststsman in 2012 following 18 years as a johnson county supervisor. she represented district 77. she said after 21 years of public service, she wants to spend more time with her husband. north liberty's mayor amy nielsen has already announced plans to run for stutsman's seat. she has been mayor for 2 years.
8:28 am
any light snow showers are quickly moving out of the area. the sky should rapidly clear and the wind will be picking up as well. plan on highs in the upper teens to lower 20s with a slow fall in temperature during the afternoon. many areas should either touch zero or go a bit below zero tonight with wind chill numbers briefly approaching - 20 morrow morning. saturday continues to look grgrt, with a good chance of snow on sunday all across the area. at this time, 2-4" continues to look like a very reasonable amount with a light/fluffy consistency. next week, plan on some 30s to start off, with a return to some 40s by next thursday
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> all: hello, america. >> we heard about your 10 dates in 10 states a we salute you. >> there's ls of great dating a advice in our new movie, "how to be single." >> most portantly, have fun. and be yourself. >> good luck and have ablast. >> a special message from the cast of "how to be single" from our producer erica scott. she's back after ten dates in ten states. this morning, she's revealing who is getting a second date on valentine valentine aps's day. and coming up, dakota johnson. first, lara and chef chikemichael
8:31 am
challenge. >> yesterday, was mario batali's turn. here. hi, my friend. >> how arere you? i'm wonderful. bag? >> i have ground beef. about a -- $2.50 worth of ground beef. >> enough for two people. >> for two people, no problem. >> and, anything else? >> anything else? i have buns. we're only going to use two of the buns, so this is going to be $1 per person for two buns. a nice, soft roll. >> so far, well turned mark. >> i like to win. >> i believe we're making sloppy joes. >> no, i'm going the surprise you. the last thing is provolone cheese. we're going to use a couple of slices. $1.32. >> we add it up. ere sit. there it is.
8:32 am
you have the cheese in there. so you're making -- sloppy joes?? >> this is called a loose meat sandwich. popular in iowa. also called a tavern sandwich. i know i i scares you. it's a sloppy joe without tomato. we're going to add a little bit of stock. >> like a hamburger not compact. >> yes. absolutely. >> you're allowed too into the pantry and add a couple of ingredients. >> can i send you? paprika and mustard. i have oil. >> this is taking sloppy joes/hamburger to a new level. >> we put in ground beef with a pinch of salt and onion and person. we let this kind of brown up. and that's, you know, step number one. you can see it over there.
8:33 am
make a bolognaaise. >> what you can do with this, if turkey is cheaper, you could do it. or tend it withh grains, like brown rice, quinoa. >> you're adding the the cheese right into the skill let? >> yes. you're almost making like a fondue in the skill let. that brings it together. >> so it's not so loose. >> so it's not so loose, yeah. we want the keep it together, you know what i'm saying? >> somewhat the sauce? >> a little bit of beef stock. a little bit of cheese. you stir it vigorously. melt it almost like a fondue. >> how is it? sit really good? >> yeah. >> whatever the softest roll you can find. you could save money. i like a potato roll. sometimes they're more expenseive expensive. you could use two slices of bread.
8:34 am
>> what else is very reasonable. pickle >> ty give a littleit of pop. a little bit of acidity. don't lose your bun. >> i mean, between the loose meat and the buns, it's a situation. >> it is valentine's day weekend. >> we're going to put a little bit of mustard on there and you're good to go. >> total cost for your, what's the other term, the after the earn burg -- tavern burger. let's go with that. do you talk about this on your new show? >> yes. on rgers, brew, and' que. it's on every friday night, food central. i get to eat and drink my favorite food groups. >> you might as well be doing something you love. under $5. we have completed the mission. all five of our incredible chefs
8:35 am
you can debt go our $5 challengege recipes at on yahoo!. they were all really, really good. watch this guy, and our winner, mario "the chew" 1:00 p.m. eastern, not 00, 8:00 central. back out to rob. let's go for the valentine forecast. remember, these valentine towns across the country. the balloons as well. lentine, nebraska, 47. loveland, colorado, 52. heart lake, pennsylvania, 737 show me the romance inany light snow showers are quickly moving out of the area. the sky should rapidly clear and the wind will be picking up as well. plan on highs in the upper teens to lower 20s with a slow fall in temperature during the afternoon. many areashould either touch zero or go a bit below zero tonight with wind chill numbers briefly approaching - 20 to >> this weather report is
8:36 am
we're joined now by our friend tim tebow. welcome, tim. >> thank you so much. >> a night on to shine. an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs. just hearing aut this is phenomenal. started out with just under 50 churches last year. now you have 200 across 48 states. you have red carpet, paparazzi for this, making these kidss feel special. what was your inspiration? >> when i was 15. i was at a school in a remote village in the philippines. a boy from the village was shunned from the event because his feet were on backwards. we want to fight for people that can't fight for themselves. this event is all about that. people with special needs. celeleating them. loving them. letting them know that their lives matter and giving them the time of their life. >> you kicked it off last night in haiti. >> witit was so much fun.
8:37 am
haitians gather together to celebrate the kids with special needs. the amazing thing is that so many people in haiti, they believe that if you have special needs, y y're cursed. we're changing the narrative. that they're not cursed. they're special. they should be loved. they should be celebrated. they have the time of their life last night. it was so special. >> oh, there's robin. robin, as you know. >> you are a special man. i know how passionate you are about this. you travel around the world, coming in from haiti as you did last night. just had to come over sandand say thank you. you live your truth. >> your first prom was just last year. because he was home-schooled. >> it was awesome. the best night of my life. >> do we have pictures? that's terrific. we appreciate it. night to shine. a seconon year. >> late nights.
8:38 am
>> it was, 4:00 in the morning. get in from haiti. >> you're a good man. ce to seeyou. lara. thank you, rob. any plans for valentine's day? >> sitting in front of the fire. >> we have a come-day. a fancy way of saying comedy. dakota johnson with a lot to learn. i got the talk to her about the movie. the datingg struggles. sheries to s sike up a conversation. >> hey, what's up, y'all? i don't know why i said y'all. you all would have take. just as much time. i'm not even from the south. i'm from portland. which is southern from canada. are y'all canadian? i just did it again. i said it again. oh, my god, okay, bye. >> we have all been there. watching that, i was like, stop talking. >> that's like me, every day. >> can you relate to that? awkward? not knowing what to say?
8:39 am
yes. >> i find that hard to believe. >> really? >> yeah. >> i guess, see, it's happening right now. >> that's all right. among friends. i love the movie. i liked it because the t tle rt of "how to be single" i was assuming romantic comedy. it was more than that. what is the message? >> i think it's about taking the time to just be yourself. and especially for young women to figure out who you are and what you like and go and do whatever you want all the time. >> there is a lot of scenes that i think women will relate to. on a very permsonal level. so many scenes that have so funmy. ho you was it working with rebel wilson. >> she is great. >> is she improvising? >> yeah. >> a lot of it was like, you look, oh, my god. >> she would go on runs and rants. i would just be like giggling
8:40 am
>> a great date movie. be prepared to loof and giggle. >> really, i'm proud of it. >> and "how to be single" hits theaters today. coming up, speaking of
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
states" if you like and it's the finale now for our "10 dates in 10 states" adventure. abc producer erica scott back to reveal her choice. there are the ten guys. there are the ten dates. let's look back at what she's learned about dating today. >> this has been an awesomeut exhausting series of first dates. in just ten days, i've taken 11 flights, been in the air for 31 hours. and almost covered 12,000 miles. you loooo like a fish out of water. it started in new york ice skating with josh. show us -- ah. >> i'm glad i did it. maybe fell a couple of times. but it was part of the fun. >> i'm here to meet erica.
8:44 am
>> then hawaii for snorkeling and paddle-boarding with doug. date number three, was on the santa monica pier in l.a. for old school fun with ashton. hey are you cash? how's it going? off to the nevada desert for dune buggy riding with cash. the warm weather didn't last lo. adventures by disney hosted tom and i for dog-sledding in jackson hole. you to do any water supports? along the way i talked to experts in the field of dating. like the ceos of tinder and bumble. next stop, colorado, i met up with john to cheer on the denver broncos in the super bowl. >> that was great meeting ererica. had great time watching the game today.
8:45 am
then i two-stepped in austin with amir. >> i haven'ttwo-stepped since middle school. >> oh, my god! yeah! celebrated mardi gras in new orleans with daniel! >> just experienced the night. it's been aot of fun. >> things g g cheesy this chicago with marcus. hi, marcus. how are you? >> welcome home. >> we made, you guessed it, homemade cheese. so i'm on my very last date at a favorite spot of mine, frank pepe's pizza. let's go find my date. hi, how's it going? and finally, almost home, i stopped in connecticut for a traditional pizza date with mike. >> i'm more of a pen and paper guy. i want to meet you in person. but this is where myirst lunch is. >> nice is the recipe for love. >> and this crazy journey coming to a close. last stop, home.
8:46 am
>> come on out, erica scott. she's back here in new york. >> welcome home, erica. >> hi, guys. how are you? >> still smiling. you're so game all the way. looked like you had a lot of fun with all those guys. what did you leave on the cutting room floor? there must have been awkward moments. >> of course. i was awkward. they were all great. austin, the monday after super bowl sunday. 8:00. not many people on the dance floor. amir was such a gentleman. i was completely mortified. we made it hahaen. >> yes, you did. you looked good. >> thanks. editing did things great. >> you mastered digital dating. friends and family setting you up. somewhat the advice you would give? >> if you're single, find somebody, there's no reason you shouldn't be doing both. put yourself out. cast a wide net. you're just looking for one
8:47 am
that there are a lot of nice guys. >> let's see who is the one person getting the second date on valentine's day in new york ty. the suspense. who sit? >> i think i have a new best friend with tom from wyoming. i'm going to fly him in. my mutual friend heather with him, weaver going to hang t. >> i see a big smile, tom. what are you thinking? >> how you doing? >> but thanks to all the other guys. i feel badly. >> he's shaking his head. >> and connecticut checked out. he's like, i'm outut of here. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm gone. >> so -- what was -- >> there he spp there's mike. >> mike is back. what was your first impression of erica, tom? >> just upbeat personality. had a great time with her. just kept it light, kept it fun. it was a great time. >> wonderful. well, for l. >> n n they all disappeared.
8:48 am
and that's something that's very common. we see the high statistics about the number of couples who try to make it work long distance. >> it's difficult. i've had one. i don't recommend it. but, it's fun. >> okay. all right. you did really well. >> thank you. thank you for you know, tacking along with me. it was a lot of fun. >> we have someone who knows even more than you when it comes to finding that one, chris harrison. come on out here, chris! you have been here with us this morning. >> oh, there he is. >> there you are. >> nice to see you again. >> thank you. >> you to have advice? >> here's the thing. doug lives in hawaii. geographically desirable. but apparently, we have chose tom. i thought i was the 11th date in the 11th state. >> no, you're out. sorry, pal. >> they all went well. they were all greatguys. >> what set him apart?
8:49 am
he and i had a best friend that was a mutual connection. i automatically felt comfortable. and i think we, you know, we had spent so much time dog-sledding.really get to talk. >> what would you like to do on your second date? are should this go? >> i don't know. >> i like chris. >> i guess anything else that's a fun activity. i'm not a sit around the fireside person. >> keep it simple. >> you're good at this. >> there's a reason. " 20 years of "the bachelor" we want to thank adventure by disnsn arranging the dog sledding and paddle boarding. go to adventures by
8:50 am
8:51 am
back now with chris harrison. we have a sneak speakpeek of a special he's doing. "the bachelor 20" a celebration of love. this is a sampling. >> how far along. you seeee pregnant? >> we're about seven months. >> that was the summer. >> i'm 29 weeks. >> not too long after paradise. this happened fast. >> yeah, this happened real fast. >> oh. >> okay, so i'm doing the math in my head. weren't we in mexico doing paradise about then? >> apparently, she was this paradise. >> it was in paradise or on the plane home. >> oh, no, chris. this is a sampling of the shockers, 20 seasons. >> that is the metsz that has been my life for 15 years, right there. >> can you believe it? >> no.. an amazing run. an amazing celebration you'll see sunday night, valentine's day night. >> does everybody come back?
8:52 am
this big, happy, disysfunctional family. it all culminates in a wedding. i officie. >> are there more shocking moments? >> she's not the only one that's pregnant. i think everybody at the wedding is pregnant. >> something is working o the show. this sounds like a perfect way to spend your valentine's day. chris harrison, we love having you. >> why do they put us together on television. >> i love you so much. the show is great. 20 seasons. we thank you. >> it's an honor to be around for 15 years. >> hurry.
8:53 am
bachelor at 20, hey. something new has arrived. and it works in the middle of anywhere. [ ding ] the new iphone 6s on u.s. cellular lets you stay connected where other networks don't. [ chuckles ] the new iphone 6s on u.s. cellular.
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can you tellst friday? so glad we had this time gether. >> have great weekend, everybody. hahay valentinins day. >> happy valentine's day. >> heart, heart.legislation to stop iowa's medicaid system transitioning to private ownership is moving forward. the democratic- controlled iowa senate approved legislation yesterday.
8:56 am
with the 3 private companies. but the republican- led house isn't expected to bring the bill to the floor. the privatatownership switch is s set to happen on n rch 1st. iowa house republicans have released their budget year. and it's lower than what senate democrats and governor branstad have proposed. the e ouse plan calls for spending $ $32 billion dollars for fiscal 2017. the senate plan totals $7.398 billion. proposal was $7.4 billion. republicans want to spend fewer dollars than democrats on both education and health care. and now here's your first alert forecast. any light snow showers are quickly moving out of the area. the sky should rapidly clear and the wind will be picking up as well. plan on highs in the upper teens to lower 20s with a slow fall in temperature during the afternoon. many areas should either touch zero or
8:57 am
wind chihi numbers briefly approaching - 20 tomorrow morning. saturday continues to look great, with a good chance of snow on sunday all across the area. at this timim 2-4" cocoinues to look like a a very reasonable amount with a light/fluffy consistency. next week, plan on some 30s to start off, with a return to some 40s by next thursday
8:58 am
8:59 am
michchl: it's friday, february 12, 2016, and it is a very special day around here as you can tell from the set. today marks 15 years ofelly riri hosting "live." [applause] yes. [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, she's backstage and she has no idea. she has no idea we decorated the set. she has s idea we'e' dressed up in our finest. and she has no idea that we have a lot of big stars and a lot of surprises in store for her today.& so hit the music. we're celebrating kelly's sweet 15 anniversary special. let's bring out the host, kelly ripa!


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