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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  February 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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snow fororhe morning commute tomorrow. chris, will this snow amount to anything? snow showers will develop tonight as a powerfuublast of cold airr returns to eastern iowa. bringing in that chillier air will be northwesterl y winds at 25-35+ mph. this will create blowing snow and reduced visibility for tvelers. blizzard warnings are in effect for northwestern sections of eastern iowa, while winter weather r visories are in place farther east. temperatures will be falling through the night, and dropping into the teens by sunrise. on monday, light snow showers and strong winds will continue, gusting over 40 mph at times. total snowfall accumulation by tomorrow evening will be on the range of a trace up to 1'' in most locations. some isolated areas may pick up slightly morr. the monday morning and evening commutes will likely be affected by this system, with reduced visibility to less than a quarter mile, and slippery roads. tonight: snow showers,indy low: 16-22 winds: nw 15-30+ alo: 15 dbq: 18 iow: 20tomorrow: snow showers, windy high: 16-22 winds: nw 25-35+ alo: 16 dbq: 18 iow: 20 back to you. members of the local congolese
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gathered in cedar rapids tonight, to plan and heal togegeer after a tragic lolo of three liveve michka kabeya, platini namputu, and dickson mandiki, all from the democratic republic of the congo, died in a crash on highway 30 near keystone early thursday morning. they were among 9 people who were traveling to work in tama in a minivan, when the iowa state patrol says it hit ice and lost control. singing members and representativ es of the congolese community@sang prayers and discussed funeral plans at central assembly of god church. people there say they need any help they can get, like prayer support for the other people still recovering from the crash, and donations to cover burial costs. peter nkumu says planning for three burials at once will be daunting. "it's going be a very challenging situation. we're just trying to cope with this,
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whahawe can do ourselves. that's why, again, we are counting on anyone, any organization, that can help our community." "these people did not have close family members here and now the community's coming together and planned this to put them to rest." nkumu says anyone who wants to help will be able to donate to a memorial fund for the congolese community. that's being set up at wells fargo bank locations, and nkumu said it should be ready to accept donations by monday or tuesday. the iowa utilities board will hold discussions this week that could end with a decision about the dakota access pipeline. the pipeline would ststt in north dakota and pass through 18 counties in iowa and into southern illinois. iowa is the final state to sign on to the pipeline. there have been several protests over the last year against ththpipeline, the opposition saying it will
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meeting this week is tomorrow afternoon at the board's hearing room in des moines. t public is welcome to attend and listen to the meeting, but there will not be ananopportunity for public comment. the meeting starts at one. the iowa democratic party wrapped up its review of the iowa caucus $& results, officially verifying that hillary clinton did come away with the win over bernie sanders. the party reviewed the results at 14 of the precincts. it found that there were errors in the results that camemeut of five of thosos but it wasn't enough to change the statewide results. clinton got 49.8 percent support, while bernie sanders got 49.6 percent support, still an incredibly close finish for those two candidates. the denver broncos are celebrating a super bowl 50 win this evening. the broncos topped the carolina pantherer24 to 10. this is peyton manning's
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bowl championship and he became title with two teams. many araralso saying this may have been his final game. t-v nine's josh christensen will have much more on tonight's coming up in sports. hosted parties for the big game tonight, as a way to raise money to build affordable homes in eastern iowa. for six years now, the cedar valley h hitat for humanity has encouraged people to try its "home team huddle" fundraiser. here's how it works: at half time on super sunday, hosts of registered house parties pass a aund a hat and ask for donations to support cedar valley habitat for humanity. those who chipped in, were entered to win an nfl weekend getaway for two. sixty-six private parties and two public parties signed up. organizers say the money raised will stay local. " the reason we're getting this money is to be able to support and serve families who are in need of a decent, safe and affordable home."
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16-thousand 500 dollars tonight. we should know if the group reaed that goal and who` won the big prizes in a couple weeks. a dubuque non-profit is trying to make dreams come true for dubuque area children struggling with medical issues and potentially life- challenging illnesses. and they're doing it one bedroom at a time. it's'salled "speciaia spaces dubuque." the organizers meet with the children to find out wt they like and create a special bedroom makeover plan. kcrg-tv nine's jill kasparie shows us how this is lifting the spirits of one 9-year-old girl. volunteers only had five hours to get everything done. let's go that way a little bit so we can get passed the outlet. five hours to transform this small room into a magical princess get- away for camdyn reisner. "10:24:06 it's really amazing to me sinin i started this how w people are so willing to give of their time and talents to come help."
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one good push and that should be good " 10100:41 right now we e e making little mod podge canvases to put up in camdyn's in different spots up on her walls, on bookshelves, and on her dresser." " 10:15:17 purple gold purple gold " from hand-made art for her walls to a new bed a a a hand-crafted princess castle desk - everything had its place. "10:34:31 screws" 10:46:52 hairdrier "10:28:59 that would work the best right there" "10:25:20 she is going to be in shock when n e sees it. she has no idea what we are doing." then it was finally time -- time for camdyn to see her new room. here is your special spaces, princess room - ha! go on in! ha! for camdyn's mom - it's all a little emotional. " 11:08:30 it's great to see her so excited." she says it means a lot to the family, especially after so many medical struggles. "11:09:24 when camdyn was 21 days old she stopped breathing for no apparent reason. she went 57 min without oxygen so because of that she has a lot of spasticity in her lower extremiities and
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but there are lots of happy days ahead for this little princess. give me a high five! do you like it? yeah! for her - this room is definitely a dream come true. in dubuque, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9 news. camdyn's mom says she's making a lot of progress with therapy and continues to improve. this was the ninth room special spaces dubuque has created for children in t t area since it started about two years ago. the organization runs on donations and families can apply for a room makeover for their children. you can find this organization's facebook page with this article on tonight, we begin our series of 9 who care stories. we'll introduce you to chris montross of cedar rapids, a woman who's dedicated decades of
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it's the time of year when we here at tv9 recognize 9 people in our community who make a difference in the lives of others. for our first story, we introduce you to chris mtross of cedar rapids. she's dedicated her life to all kinds of volunteer work, and that's why she's one of our 9 who care nominees. chris montross's passion for helping others began at age 7, during a stay at st. luke's's hospital. 36:31-:37 "i had pneumonia,,
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the nurses i was going to work at st. luke's hospital someday." years later, she remembers applying to b ba physical therapy aide at st. luke's on a thursday. on friday, she got called for an interview, and then... 37:13-:20 "saturday morning i got a call asking me if i could report monday morning with white shoes and white uninirm, and the rest i i history."she stayed at st. luke's for 46 years, and during that time, she wore seseeral "volunteer hatsts one of the most rewarding being her work as a hospice volunteer. 26:10-:16 "it's always a wonderful thing when you can share somebody's end of life journey with them." chris also took on newew personas during that time. she trained to be a pastoral care clown, and developed two clown characters for the sole purpose of bringing joy to those who needed it most. 33:08-:14 "i remember a spiritual care chaplain telling me one time, the greatest gift you can give another person is the gift of yourself." 31:26-:29 "the first clown character i had was rountuit." later on, she created the patriotic "americlown."
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was named as such because if you break it into syllables, it's 'a-merry-clown.'" she now serves as lead volunteer for pet pals, the therapy animal program at st. luke's. her caca dewey is one of the dozens of non-human helpers involved. 27:10-:18 "animals are very intuitive and they seem to know when people are struggling, and they are just such a gentle presence." when we asked chris what she gets out of the countless hours of volunteerism she's put in over the years, this is how she summed it up: 35:15-:21 "the joy and simple pleasure or just for a fleeting moment,hat a differenen you can have in someone's life." we'll honor all of our volunteers at the nine who care banquet on february 13th. let's check backckn with meteorologist chris havely. chris, what can we expect for the morning drive tomorrow?
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powerful blast of cold air returns to eastern iowa.
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y winds at 25-5-5+ mph. this will create blowing snow and reduced visibility for travelers. blizzard warnings are in effect r northwestern sections of eastern iowa, while winter weather advisories are in place farther east. temperatures will be falling through the night, and dropping into the teens by sunnse. on monday, light snow showers and strong winds will continue, gusting over 40 mph at times. total snowfall accumulation by tomorrow evening will be on the range of a trace up to 1'' in most locations. some isolated areas may pick up slightly more. the monday morning and evening commutes will likely be affected by this system, with reduced visibility to less than a quarter milil and slippery
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tonight: snow showers, windy low: 16-22 winds: nw 15-30+ alo: 15 dbq: 18 iow: 20tomoow: snow showers, winin high: 16-22 winds: nw 25-35+ alo: 16 dbq: 18 iow: 20tomorrow night: cloudy, flurries low: 5-11 winds: nw 15-25 alo: 7 dbq: 8 iow: 10tuesday: mostly clcldy, flurries high: 16 - low: 8 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 13 - low: 1 thursday: mostly sunny high: 21 - low: 3 friday: chance of snow high: 23 - low: 11 saturday: partly cloudy high: 25 - low: 11 sunday: chance of snow high: 28 - low: 14 thanks chris. ... josh joins us now, we say
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both teams tonight in ththsuper bowl. it was the number one and number two defense in the league. a lot of turnovers and sacks in this one. stay with your 24 hour
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super bowl 50 between the carolina panthers and denver broncos. for klein and former hawkeye brandon wegher, but he was inactive. for denver, formeme hawkeye james ferentz. ... before the game, the nfl recognized all the super bowl mvps, there's cedar rapids native kurt warner, the mvp for super bowl 34 ... this gamemeeatured the top two defenses in the nfl... 1st quarter, von miller strips cam newton, the ball is loose and malik jackson lls on it for the touchdown... denver leads 10-0 already ... d quarter, carolina a would finally get on the board as jonathan stewart goes airborne for the 1-yard touchdown... denver took a 13-7 lead at halftime ... the broncos defense created havococor cam newton... 4th quarter, von
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fumble... t.j. ward recovers it inside the carolina 5-yard line ... a couple of plays later, c.j. anderson bulldozes his way in for a 2-yard touchdown... denver goes on to win 24-10... and the bronco player to touch the lombardi trophy was former hawkeye e mes ferentz... g congrats to him ... champaign hasn't been kind to the iowa men's basketball team in the past. two years ago, the hawkeyes won there for the first time since 1999. today, they were hoping for consecutive wins for the first time since 1986 and 87. ... iowa also trying to stay in first place in the big ten to a fast start... look at adam woodbury running up the floor and he finishes with the easy layup... the first half, iowa with an offensive board, then nicholas baerr cashes in with a three... iowa up 21-12 ... still in the first half, anthony clemmons with e beautiful step bac three-pointer... he had 10 ints... hawkeyes led
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... their offense doesn't slow down in the 2nd half... peter jok drives to the hoop and finishes with the left hand... hawkeyes up 41-32 ... adam woodbury finishsh with another double-double... 10 points and 14 rebounds... that putback gives iowa a nine-point lead ... peter jok's defense has improved so much this season... grabs the steal and he stuffs it down on the other end... he had 23 points... iowa up by 12 ... then watch jok fight for the loose ball... he gives it to a wide open jarrod uthoff who splashes in a three... jarrod had 18 points and iowa wins this one, 77-65 ... in about 19 days, cedar rapids native ryan sweeney will report to spring training with the minnesota twins. i spoke with him earlier this week via facetime for the sunday night spotlight about this new opportunity. ryan, the big news for you was signing g minor league
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ago. how excited are you about this opportunity? the twins are a very young team and could use a 4th outfielder. "yea, i'm really excited. i just went to the twins fest this last weekend. so that was pretty cool to get to see all the fans and see how exexted they were for the upcoming season. i got to meet the coaches, meet the hitting coach and everything. just talking to the guys, they're pretty young. i think their oldest outfielder is 22 or 23 years old with no more than a year of service time. if i can go in there, have a good spring training, and be a mentor to the younger guys and shw them how to play defense. i think it a good fit and that's i chose it." you didn't play last season. were you surprised you got the call or were you thinking baseball was over for you? "i feel like the ball was more in my court. i didn't plalalast year. i w wted to rest my body and stay at home with the family since i
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a few offers to go play, but didn't really want to go to where i was offered. just going into this offseason, i told my agent that i didn't want to do the whole minor league thing last year, so i wanted to make a team out of spring training. i'll be honest with you, there was a couple month period where i thought that i wouldn't play again. there's still an itch thererto play and i still l nt to play. i i id that i have nothing to lose, i might as well give it one more shot." how do you feel physically after taking a year off? "good. i feel great. i've been working out, not necessarily less is more now that i'm older, b not working out as hard as i was. but doing a higher rep, lower weight stuff. i'm really concentratin g omy core, getting my gs under me. i've been
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into spring training? is it different compared to previous years? "yea, it's been tough. i've been on both spectrums where you're trying to make a team when you're younger when you have the security of knowing that you're already on a team. i think people know wh kind of player i am, but unfortunatel y with taking a year off i'm going to have to go in there and have a good spring training. ive always been the type of person that sometimes i'll have a great spring training and start off the year terrible. other times, i've had terrible spring trainings and started the year off great. i'm not one to really stress or guess this year i'm going to have to go in there and play well." ... and coming up after the break, i'll have e me iowa women's basketball highlights.
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..three big ten losses where e had a double-digit lead in the 2nd half. one of those losses was to michigan state back in january. both teams met up again today in iowa city. ... coach lisa bluder was coaching her 1,000th career game as a head coach ... 1st quarter action, tania davis drives to the hoop and scoops it in to put iowa on the board ... later in the 1st quarter, great passing by the hawkeyes and chase coley has an easy layup... she had 13 points... hawkeyes down 2 ... later in transition... christina buttenham stops, pops and drops the deuce... she had 9 points off the bench... hawkeyes trailed 20-18 after one quarter ... michigan state had a 9- point lead in the 2nd quarter, but iowa fights back... whitney jennings lays one in for two of her 10 points... iowa down 3
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iowa city west grad ally disterhoft who buries the three... she had a team-high 17 points... but michigan state wins 74-69 ... uni women's basketball hosting wichita state ... panthers pass the ball along the wing... stephanie davison has an open look and she drains the three-pointer... panthers down 19-18 ... they would take the lead on this madison weekly three-pointer in the corner... the benton community grad had a team-high 19 points... uni wins 69-48 ... to golf, final round of the phoenix open... cedar rapids native zach johnsns with the chip on the 15th hole... it rolls a pretty good distance and stops about a foot from the pin... he'd tap in for birdie... zach fired a 69, he finished tied for 14th at seven under... hideki matsuyama isisyour champion afterr beating rickie fowlerer in a 4-hole playoff ... tomorrow for on iowa live, we have jess settles, rob howe from to talk about signing day, and the prprrie wrestling
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thanks josh. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis t chris havely for your final forecast. tonight as a powerful blast of cold air
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is a production of learfield sports. announcer: uthoff hits a stand-still three. announcer: gesell, his three is good! excellent ball movement again, hawks have numbers. three on two, clemmons the lob to uthoff.
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jok for three, it's good.
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