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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 530  ABC  February 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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visibility to less than a quarter mile, and slippery roads. tonight: snow showers, windy low: 16-22 winds: nw 15-30+ alo: 15 dbq: 18 iow: 20tomorroo: snooshowers, windy high: 16-222 winds: nw 25-35+ alo: 16 dbq: 18 iow: 20 back to you. the big game has just kicked off in santa clara, california. the carolina panthers are taking on the denver broncos in super bowl 50. while most of us are back here in eastern iowa watching the game at parties from the comfort of our homes, people at the game are seeing heightened security. there is heavy and visible security set up at key super bowl locations, from hotels in san francisco to levi's stadium in santa clara. the fbi opened a multi-agency
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six miles from thehe stadium that will be continuously staffed. ""the customs and border protection has been involved with last 15 super bowls. and our air and marine operations have been involved in the last 10. so, the day after the super bowl they'll start planning for the next one in houston." " with terror attacks in paris and san bernardino still fresh in their memory, law enforcement say they are on heightened alert for attacks on high-profile targets. some football fans will be helping families get new homes, while they're watching the game. that's thanks to the cedar valley habitat for humanity. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders fills us in on the program. if you're heading to a party for the big game tonight, w not make a difference while you're atatt. for a sixth year,r,edar valley y bitat for humanity is encouraging people to try their home team huddle fundraising program. organizers explain how it works. we ask folks on super suay to host parties in their homes or a
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and watch the big game. at half time, pass the hat and ask for donations to support the work of cedar valley habitat for humanity. we give away a grand prize. we give an nfl getatay weekend forrwo. anybody who attends a party and donates is eligible for this prize. this year they've got 66 of those private parties signed up. but you may nt to know why i'm here at collins roaoa theaters. this is one of two public watch parties connected to the event. which means if you want to help, you can still chip in, even if you aren't part of a registered house party. we lieve everyone deserves a safe, decent and affordable home. as we go in to 2016 our goal is 20 families this year. all of that money will help us support our programs. doing new construction as well as our program, a brush with kindness, where we do exterior repairs on owner occupied homes. the group has a goal of raising more than 16- thousand dollars. we'll likely know if they reached that goal and who one the big prizes in a couple weeks. an eastern iowa man faces a
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mischief charge for setting off a sprinkler at covenant medical center, causing more damage. police say 42 year-old douglas hala, formerly of toledo, is a patient in the mental health unit at the hospital. according to the waterloo-cedar falls courier, he got bored around 5:30 this morning and hit a sprinkler nozzle with his knuckles. after the sprinkler went off, he punched two holes in the wall. police say water from the sprinkler head flooded his fifth floor room and leaked down to lower floors. according to court records, halalaleaded guilty last year to an assault charge for allegedly threatening a nurse at covenant. we want to remind you that when you see news, call newsline nine. that number is 319-365-9999. you can alsooend us pictures and videos to newsroom at kcrg dot com. documents show the iowa attorney general's
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about 100 criminal appeal cases. chief deputy attorney general eric tabor says this comes after a 2012 iowa supreme court rule change. i irequires more filing of appeal briefs, which means more office work. tabor asked for and received permission from the iowa executive council in january, to hire ththe temporary lawyers to handle the extra workload. the agency has been alerting the state of this backlog since 2013. the united nations has created a resolution targeting north korea over its recent rocket launch and nuclear test. u-s ambassador samantha power says she would like it to be adopted quickly and include measures against north k kea's leader, im jong g . all 15 council members approved a statement condemning the launch. the state department says secretary of state john kerry has called the foreign ministers of south korea
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ballistic missile technology. a department statement said kerry emphasized the importance of a "united international response to north korea's provocations," including a strong u.n. security council resolution. the earthquake that struck taiwan last week is now blamed for causing at least 32 deaths. government officials in tainan, the hardest-hit city, say more than 170 people have been rescued alive from a 17-story building which came dowowduring the quake. disaster response workers estimate more than 100 people are still trapped at that site. the political landscape has changed in the wake of last night's g-o-p debate in new hampshire. and the gloves came off as some candidates exchanged blows on stage. new jersey governor chris chstie continues to tout his strong debate oomarco rubio. christie argued rubio isn't ready to face hillary clinton in a general election,
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he called out rubio for having "scripted responses," and being inexperienced. ""it's a fine job, i'm glad you ran for it but it does not prepare you for presidt of the united states" " ""chris your state got hit by a massivevenowstorm two weeks ago and you didn't even go back they had to shame you into going back. " other topics covered in last night's debate were the north rean missile launch and the affordable care act. the new hampshihi primary is just two days away. the iowa democratic party has completed their review of the iowa caucus results, officially verifying that hillary clinton did come away with the win over bernie sanders. the party reviewed the results at 14 of the precincts. it found that there were errors in the results that came out of five of those. the results. clinton got 49.8 percent support, while bernie sanders got&49.6 percent support, still an incredibly candidates.
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illnesses. and they do that by making over their bedrooms.
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thanks to a group called special spaces. the dubuque organization does a compete makeover ononhe bedrooms of children struggling with medical issues. most of the volunteers involved don't even know the child. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie joins us in the studio. jill- you were there for the big reveal... that's right. a lot of people
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volunteers worked for hours to present camdyn reisner room. here is your special spaces, hh organizers met with she likes. from the paint to the bed and a hand-crafted princess castle desk- everything was brand new. camdyn's mother says her daughter struggles with developmenta l disabilities because camdyn suddenly stoppeded breathihi when she was just a baby. but now, with therapy, she's making progress. and camdyn's mom says this room means the world to her. "11:07:57 you think they are going to make over a bedroom and you think it's a small space so maybe a dresser, a bed, some decorations, but when we opened the door and saw a castle for a desk and a painted portrait that looks just like her. it's beyond our wildest dreams. " this is the ninth bedroom that special spaces has
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told each one costs about four thousand dollars. tonight at ten we'll have more on this big reveal. brady? tonight on the news at 10, we have the first of our 9 who care series. nine stories, each one focused on eastern iowans who make a difference in the lives of others. we'll introduce you to chris montross of cedararapids, who has spent decades going above and beyond her work duties at st. luke's hospital. checking back with chris. we could see some reduced visibilities with this system heading our way.
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snow showers will develop tonight as a powerful blast of cold air returns to eastern iowa. ringing in that chililer air will be northwesterl y winds at 25-35+ mph. this will create blowing snow and reduced visibility for travelers. blizzard warnings are in effect for northwestern sections of eastern iowa, while winter weather advisories are in place farther east. temperatures willlle falling through the nighgh and dropping into the teens by sunrise. on monday, light snow showers and strong winds will continue, gusting over 40 mph at times. total snowfall accumulation by tomorrow evening will be on the range of a trace up to 1'' in most locations. some isolated arere may pick up slightly more. the monday morning and evening commutes will likely be affected by this system, with reduced
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quarter mile, and slippery roads. tonight: snow showers, windy low: 16-22 winds: nw 15-30+ alo: 15 dbq: 18 iow: 20tomorrow: snow showers, windy high: 16-22 winds: nw 25-35+ alo: 16 dbq: 18 iow: 20tomorrow night: cloudy, flurries low: 5-11 winds: nw 15-25 alo: 7 dbq: 8 iow: 10tuesday: mostly,cloudy, flurries high16 - low: wednesday: partly cloudy high: 13 - low: 1 thursday: mostly sunny high: 21 - low: 3 friday: chance of snow high: 23 - low: 11 saturday: partly cloudy high: 25 - low: 11 sunday: chance of snow high: 28 - low: 14 thanks chris. josh is here, the iowa men's
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responded nicely since losing to
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couple of weeks ago. they easily beat northwestern and penn state. today, the hawkeyes were on the road at illinois. highlights are next. stay with your 24 hour news
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the iowa men's basketball team was all alone in first place in the big ten. the hawkeyes were ping to keep that number one status on the road at illinois. ... last time iowa was in champaign was back in 2014... they won that matchup ... hawkeyes get off to a fast start... look at adam woodbury running up the floor and he finishes with the easy layup... hawkeyes up 11-6 ... later in the first half,
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board, then nicholas baer cashes in with a three... iowa up 21-12 ... still in the first half, anthony clemmons with the beautiful step back three-pointer... he had 10 points... hawkeyes led 38-29 at halftime ... their offense doesn't slow down in the 2nd half... peter jok drives to the hoop and finishes with the left hand... hawkeyes up 41-32 ... adam woodbury finished with another double-double... 10 points and 14 rebounds... that putback gives iowa a nine-point lead d ... peter jokok defense has improved so much this season... grabs the steal and he stuffs it down on the other end... he had 23 points... iowa up by 12 ... then tch jok fight for th loose ball... he gives it to a wide open jarrod uthoff who splashes in a three... jarrod had 18 points and iowa wins this one, 77-65 ... ththiowa women's basketball team is hoping to bounce back after losing to indiana on thursday. the hawkeyes had a 17-point lead in that game. they were back home hosting 14t ranked
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... coach lisa bluder was coaching her 1,000th career game as a head coach ... 1st quarter action, tania davis drives to the hoop and scoops it in to put iowa on the board ... later in the 1st quarter, great passingy the hawkeyes and chase coley has an easy layup... she had 13 points... hawkeyes down 2 ... later in transition... christina buttenham stops, pops and drops the deuce... she had 9 points off the bench... hawkeyes trailed 20-18 after one quarter ... michigan state had a 9- point lead in the 2nd quarter, but iowa f fhts back... whitney jennings lays one in for two of her 10 points... iowa down 3 ... then later, the kickout to iowa city west grad ally disterhoft who buries the three... she had a team-high 17 points... but michigan state wins 74-69 ... the northern iowa women were victorious today beating wichita state, 69-48... benton community grad madison weekly had 19 points fororhe nthers. ... the iowa state men's basketball team got a much needed win on saturday beating
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64-59. the cyclones won without their starting center, jameel mckay who was suspended indefinitely on friday. coach steve prohm said in his post game press conference that he'll sit down with mckay on monday. ... the uni men's basketball team has turned its season arouou with four consecutive wins after beating drake on saturday, 82-66. five players finished in double figures for the panthers. it's the first since the beginning of the seaan. a month ago, many people thought this season was a total loss, but the team isn't giving up that easily. "i don't think there's any question. i think we've what we've seen in the last couple, the way we defendededouthern illinois, the way we defended evansville, the way we play offensively today and not just with two or three of our guys. our whole roster is playing with confidence again. we just got a little different bounce to our step on offense. and we've got a different determination to us defensively. we've got a good team, and when we're doing those two things, we thi we're pretty
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"that wasasne of the things thaha coach was preachchg about. sometimes things don't go your way, you get down in some slumps, but we were never going to lay down. that was never going to be us. he just kept telling us to keep fighting, keep putting in the work and things will start turning around again." trt: 41 oc: "turning around again" ... and tonight for the sunday night spotlight, i chat with cedar rapids native ryan sweeney. he signed a minor league deal with the minnesota twins a couple of m mths ago. and it's hard to believe, but spring training is just around the corner. thanks josh. meteorologist chris havely will have another chececof your
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t chris havely for your final forecast. snow showers will develop tonight as a powerful blast of cold air returns to eastern iowa. bringing in that chillier air will be northwesterl y winds s 25-35+ mph. this will create blowing snow and reduced visibility for travelers. blizzard warnings are in effect for northwestern sections of eastern iowa, while winter weather advisories are in place farther east.
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beiririro: here's a sneak peek at tight's "afv". we know you're gonna love it.
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