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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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charges of mis-labeling halal beef that midamar malaysia and iionesia. halal means the meat was processed according to islamic law. but evidence showed that aossey had his company switch labels on beef to make it appear the meat met those standards. in addition to labeling charges, the jury also found aossey guilty of mail and wire fraud and making false statements. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman joins us live tonight from the federal courthouse in cedar rapids. dave, how extensive was the support for aossey today? bruce, the defense attorney noted nearly 40 people sent letters to the federal judge asking for a lesser sentence or even probation. one of those letters came from a former lieutenant governor of iowa. at the end,
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off on sentencing to review some of the arguments made today. during the sentencing, the defense pointed to aossey's community involvement and d od character as reasons to sentence him to less than the most likely eight to ten years possible under federal guidelines. but procutors say evidence gathered in raids over the years s swed aossey abused a position of trust and lied in court during his trial. judge linda reade agreed on that point saying "this man lied and lied under oath to get an acquittal." aossey, when given a chance to speak, replied "i had no intention of lying." former cedar rapids city council member chuck swore was the only witness called to testify at the sentencing for aossey. "i certainlylyope the support that's been shown for bill is given some consideration in deciding what should be do with this guy." a number of people who knew aossey also attended the sentencing. one said o oer execututes convicted of crimes
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lighter sentences in other court cases. "one of the salient points is who was hurt by bill aossey's actions...and the prosecution could not say anyone was hurt" in court, a prosecutor argued aossey has ner accepted responsibility for his actions in mislabeling meat. that coululincrease his possible sentence. prosecutors are asking for a sentence at the upper end of that range and the defense requested time served and probation. the judge will finh the sentencing february 25th. live in cedar rapids, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. a woman whose toddler suered a bullet wound in dubuque is now facing more charges. that's after prosecutors already charged 25- year-old raven harris with two counts of child endangerment and one count
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dubuque police say a two-year-old boy either shot himself or another child shot him in january. family members say the bullet hit the boy in the jaw, he survived. he was with his family in a commercial building at 942 main street in dubuque, where they were living. our coverage partner k-d- t-h reports the boy and two other children there tested positive for marijuana exposure. the boy's father, 29- year-old willie horsley, is also facing a child endangerment charge. both horsley and harris bonded out of the dubuque county jail. harris is scheduled enter a plea on monday. police have arrested a cedar rapids m m for breakinininto two vehicles and a pharmacy last night. 36-year-old nicholas hostak faces three counts of third degree burglary. police say he broke into the vans belonging to reutzel pharmacy on eighth avenue southeast. they say one of the owners discovered that one of the vans had crashed through the building's rear garage
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police e gs, and they say they found hostak inside the pharmacy. emergency responders took him to a hospital for a dog bite. remember, whenever you see news, call newsline nine at 319-36369999. you can also send pictures and videos to newsroom at kcrg dot com. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, we have a chance e some snow later tonigig? however you look at it we will enjoy a super weekend, especially weather-wise on saturday. light snow and flurries tonight give way to a partly cloudy sky for the start of the weekend. highs respond nicely with middle 30s common. sunday brings another chance for some light snow later in the day. this is part of a systetethat will linger with scattered snow showers into tuesday. although amounts look light at this point, we need to wat for some windy conditions monday bringing areas of blowiwi
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tonight: chance of light snow low: 20-26 winds: s 5-10tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 33-39 winds: w 5-15 bruce and beth... an iowa senate bill aimed at punishing stanford university for its band's rose bowl halftime show likely won't move forward in the senate. today, majority leader michael gronstal said he wouldn't schedule the measure for floor debate. gronstal told reporters that senators should have quote a sense of humor. stanford's halftime show during the rose bowl ked fun at the hawkeyes by featuring a dancing cow and a frowning farmer formation. the bill would have banned collaboration between iowa's universities and stanford until stanford apologized. a state senator from eastern iowa is proposing a bill aimededat making roads safafr for bicyclists. bill dotzler's bill requires vehicles to change lanes
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on bicycles. it also prohibits drivers from getting too close to cyclists riding in shoulders or bike lanes. cedar rapids is trying to move forwa with the city's master flood control plan. but to do that, the city says it needs to tear down some homes and buildings in the flood plain. theity is planning on allocating up to one-million dollars to help people living in those propepeies to relocate. the money would also pay rent to landlords until the city can buy up their properties. this is a map of a number of locations that the city is looking to eventually take oveve the project is part of the city's goal to protect as many properties as possible against a flood like the one the city saw in 2008. last june, the city approroed an overall 20-year plan that consists of a number of flood barriers along the cedar river as it goes through cedar rapids. that includes permanent walls, removable walal, retaining walls, gates, combination walls,
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levees, and pump stations. kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie joins us live from cedar rapids. jill, are there already signs of this plan showing up around town? there are a few. the city is cutting down dozens of trees with plans to replant them in the future. you casee many stumps over here by czech village. as for the properties, the city says eventually about 25 properties will need to go because they're right where c cws will build d he flood control system. this old, white block building is one building the city will need to acquire. pat lang owns it and says he's okay with the city buying his property. the owner says flood water was u uto the roof in 2008, and since then it hasn't been used. " 5:25:05 it just has been sitting idly waiting for the city planners to decide what they are
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walls so that we know or i know what i can do with this property." he says he wanted to rebuild on the land if the levee was built in front of the property, but since it's behind the building - it'll be part of this buyout program. the city says it's working to stay flexible with property owners because this is such a long project. we did talk to one man today who didn't want to give up his storage building that's also in the way of the levee. he says the longer he can stay ththbetter. coming up tonight at ten, we'll have more on what work you'll see later this year on the system. live in cedar rapids, jill kasparii, kcrg-tv9. the u-s unemployment rate hitit its lowest point in six years today. but the stock market still took a hit after a new jobs report showed hiring slowed down last month.
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however you look at it we will enjoy a super weekend, especially weather-wise on saturday. light snow and flurries tonight give way to a partly cloudy s s for the start the weekend. highs respond nicely with middle 30s common. sunday brings another chance for some light snow later in the day. this is part of a system th will linger with scattered snow showers into tuesday. although amounts look light at this point, we need to watch for some windy
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snow. have a great night and a safe weekend. low: 20-26 cloudy high: 33-39 winds: w 5-15tomomoow night: papaly cloudy low: 25-31 winds: sw 5-15sunday: chance of light snow high: 38 - low: 28 monday: light snow lely, windy high: 26 - low: 26 tuesday: chance of light snow high: 17 - low: 11 wednesday: mostly cloudy high: 23 - low: 6 thursday:
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snow high: 31 - lowow13 friday:
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thanks joe. and happy national weatherperson's day today! the university of iowa isn't the only one reaping the benefits of successful football and basketball seasons back-to-back. local busininses are also seeing a boost in sales from people who can't get enough black and gold. the u-s employment rate dropped to it's lowest rate today since 2008. and president obama says that number is low because of the resilience of businesses and workers. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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lowest level since 2008. that's even though the u-s labor department says employers added only 151-thousand jobs in january. that was a sharp drop- off from decememr when employers added 262-thousand jobs. many companies have been getting rid of education, transportatio n and temporary workers. however, retailers and food service i iustries are fairing better. retailers added more than 57-thousand jobs in january, and restaurants added more than 48- thousand employees. the labor department says the added jobs were enough for the employment rate to fall from 5 percent to 4 point 9 percent. today, president barack obama said wages are also increasing. "over the past six m/nths, wages have grown at their fastest rate since the crisis. and the policies that i'll push this year are designed to give workers even more leverage
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obama credited the low unemployment rate to workers and businesses weathering through economic troubles in years past. u-s stocks closed sharply lower today after the jobs report came out. technology stocks were esppially hard hit. energy stocks and some consumer stocks were also down due to falling oil prices. the concern that the u-s might be slipping into a recession is also driving stocks down. ththdow industrialaldropped nearly 212 points. the nasdaq was down 146. and the s and p 500 fell more than 35 points. the u-s trade deficit rose in december as american exports fell for a third straight month, thanks to declining aircraft, vehicle, and farm product sales. last year marked the first annual drop in u-s exports since the great recession six years ago. the trade deficit rose four point six percent last year to more than 531
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a successful hawkeye football season and a promising basketball season is causing black-and-gold fever in iowa city. and local hotels, restaurants, and businesses are cashing in on the hawkeye hoopla. we have e llege wrestling action for you tonight on kcrg 9 point 2. the cyclones travel to northern iowa to face the panthers. it starts at 7 p-m on kcrg 9.2.
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the iowa hawkeye men's basketball team is having a phenomenanaseason so far. and that means big business for hotels, restaurants and anyone who sells hawkeye merchandise. right now, the hawkeye basketball team is 18 and 4. they're second in the big 10, and ranked 5th in the a-p poll. sports illustrated just featured jarrod uthoff on their regional cover this week. that all follows the hawkeye football
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seasonand trip to the rose b bwl. as kcrg-tv9's mark carlson reports johnson county businesses are loving the back to back historic seasons. first the football team made its mark on the gridiron. nats now the basketball team is leaving its mark on the hardwood. nats back-to-back seasons like this are nearly non- existent. back in 1985 the hawkeyes went 10 and 1 and went to the rose bowl, then in the 86-87 basketball season iowa went 30 and 5. so what's going on in iowa city right now is very special -- both teams cracking top five rankings and both landing on the cover of sports illustrated in the same school year. "we definitely have to have more people on just to make sure everyone is taken care of. " for businesses like the vine in coralville it means there's a full house every game day.. even on week nights. "there's people like lining up through the door, there's people standing over there by the bar, it's hard to actually walk through sometime, especially if you work over here
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through a crowd with a whole bunch of food. " over at the holiday inn express, this momentum built by the hawkeyes shows no signs of slowing down. and the good news is the next football season plans to be a banner year no matter how the hawkeyes do, because they host some of ththmost popular teams in the big ten including michigan, wisconsin and nebraska... so hotel rooms will be at a premium, and they're already filling up! and looking back -- g-m neal roth says alal of this momentum started on the diamond and isn't exclusive to just football and basketball. "the baseball team last year won over 40 games and they only lost three games at home, so i know they're very competitive, the hawkeye women are e and 2 at home in carver-hawkeye arena, and the hawkeye wrestling team is as dominant as ever. " in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. now here's a look at some of what you'll see at 5:30 on a-b-c. coming up here, the deadly crane
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their cars. and new fears about zika, the outbreak now rning deadly the health emergency in the us. the deadly storm, hundreds of crashes today and the new storm this weekend, next. for some property owners along the cedar river. and the iowa d-o-t works to make a portion of highway 20 in dubuque county safer. tonight at 6
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recapping today's top story, the defense attorney for midamar founder bill aossey says 40 people sent letters to the federal judge on his cases asking for a lesser sentence. aossey was supposed to be sentenced today for mislabeling meat and lyinabout it. however, a judge decided to postpone the sentencininto review some of the arguments made today. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's forecast. however you look at it we will enjoy a super weekend, especially weather-wise on saturday. ight snow and flurries tonight give way to a partly cloudy sky for the start of the weekend. highs respond nicely with middle 30s common. sunday brings another chance for some light snow later in the
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