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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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hitched. >> stay with us for "g good morning, america. tornadoes tear through the south overnight. >> oh, my god. king the roof off houses. >> are we going to die? >> sirens blare as tsters rip through homes and destroy cars. rain from nashville to atlanta. flash floods sweep up drivers, now the major storm heading east. overnight, an air scare for donald trump. forcing hito make an emergency landing. >> we have an inbound emergency. >> the gop front-runner now safe and launching a new attack on ted cruz. >> what he did to ben carson was a disgrace. >> the senator striking back. >> donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or if you like another trumper tantrum. >> as the democrats take a tutu in the hot seat. just days to go till new
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reaching a fever pitch. gop candidate chris christie on the attack and joining us live. real-life bonnie and clyde, a couple with a long history of crime now on the run suspected in a string of robberies and kidnappings from alabama to georgia. a massive manhunt,under way right now. authorities warn they are armed and dadaerous. big new report about those nfl poster boys, from tom brady to cam newton, why is it that the quarterback always seems to be so good looking? as we count down to the super bowl, the surprising science behind their sex appeal. gogo morning, america, o o this thursrsy. robin on assignment. a lot to get to. you should have seen the look on michael's face when amy asked w good looking quarterbacks are. >> how good looking are they? >> not that good looking to me. only way they look good to me
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got a chance to hit them. other than that, not that good looking. >> it's your job to mess up their face. >> this is actually a real story, the cover of "sports illustrated." it's a real story, a real phenomenon and we will later answer the question. >> all rigig. >> so you'lllleigh in a little more, right? >> why are quarterbacks so attractive. >> they're the only ones put on film with the helmet off. the rest of us look good. takakthe helmet off. look at this, people. >> okay. things are a little tense here. they're tense up in new hampshire, as well. those attacks are ramping up two days before the next gop debate righghhere on abc. donald trump still on top in the latest polls, marco rubio is on the move and in the crosshairs. we'll have all the latest and that scary moment for donald trump coming up. but first we want to get to the massive storm that is sweeping a aoss the country, more tornadoes touching down in the southeast wednesday and then take a look at this surveillance video from a high school in tennessee. the hool damaged by the storm and abc's steve osunsami is
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goododorning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. this is what's left of the football coach's office at that high school at crockett county high in tennessee. it's destroyed. this morning the national weather service says the tornado that hit here on tuesday was an ef-2 or ef-1, actually, with wind speeds of up to 95 miles an hour, enough to rip the roof off this building and several others here. classes here are now canceled for the rest of this week. issued. . >eporter: for the second down on families in parts of the south. >> it looks like it's almost splitting into two. >> reporter: this one recorded on cell phone tearing through ftftstewart, georgia, the u.s. military base near savannah. sirens and warnings blared on loudspeakers. >> abandon vehicles and trailers. >> reporter: frightened parents and children couldn't believe their eyes. >> oh, my god, taking the roof off houses. >> are we going to die?
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homes. dozens of vehicles destroyed and in south carolina, there were reports of tornadoes there too and it wasn't just the high winds, the storm brought heavy lots of it. >> the will to live kept her hanging on. >> rorter: in nashville and atlanta, driver has to be rescued from flash floods and take a look at this from a surveillance camera they gave us at crockett county high in tennessee near that coach's office. you can see the moment a tornado tore through this school tuesday. >> everybody was gone home and that saved lives. >> yes, no doubt. >> reporter:hey're working through the night and hope to haha classes open back up by monday. george. >> we sure hope so. okay, steve, thanks very much. boy, it's tough down there. the race for president now, "your voice, your vote" and just o days before our big gop debate brand-new poll out moments ago shows donald trump holding on to a 20-point lead in new hampshire over marco rubio and ted cruz as two more candidates drop out of the race
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there's a whole lot happening. abc's tom llamas tracking all the latest from manchester. >> reporter: good morning. so many developments on the gop side, senator rand paul dropping out, santorum dropping out endorsing senator marco rubio and as you just said, donald trump now accusing senator ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses while also learningng there are some dangers to campaigning. >> we have an inbound emergency runway is going to be shut down. >> reporter: overnight a scare in the air for donald trump. trump force one forced to make nashville because of a mechanical problem. >> runway 20, right cleared. >> reporr: hitting his campaign stop in little rock eventually. >> my guys said, oh,h,hat's okay, we can go back to new york, mr. trump. we'll come another day, i said, there's no way. i love arkansas. >> reporter: there's also no stopping trump's new attack claiming s sator ted cruz cheated his way to victory in iowa.
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race. everyone knew he didn't quit the race. >> reporter: referring to this cruz campaign e-mail sent on caucus day, they cite a press report saying dr. carson is taking time off after iowa. it goes on to say please inform any carson caucusgoers of this news and urge them to caucus for ted cruz. >> it's not a mistake. he did it on purposese >> reporter: carson says it hurt his chances in iowa and he's calling for accountability. >> at least those people who are responsible should come out publicly and admit what they did. >> reporter: cruz apologized to carson but is standing by his campaign's actions. will you fire or suspend anyone at your campaign for putting out misinformation. >> no, we're not going to scapegoat anybody and i would note that the news story that our team passed on was true and accurate. cnn reported it. >> reporter: but is it a dirty trick to confuse voters? >> is it a dirty trick to pass on your news story? you're in the business.
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forwrwded an abc news stororor just a dirty trick to pass on cnn stories? >> reporter: cruz lashing out at trump saying the billionaire is stirring the pot because he lost in iowa. >> well, listen, it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or if you like another trumper tantrum. >> reporter: governor chris christie is keeping the pressure on senator marco rubio, christie warning of the dangers of electing another first term senator. >> fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.. >> reporter: now, governor christie part of that pool of governors that right now is sort of at the bottom of the polls along with jeb bush and governor john kasich, all campaigning very hard in newewampshire hoping for a ticket to south carolina. george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. chris christie does join us now from keene, new hampshire, this morning. you're saying marco rubio is barack obama? >> what i'm saying, george, he's a first term united states
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experience at all of ever managing anything. and that we've tried that once before and repububcans have watched over the last seven years as the president has made this government more and more dysfunctional. we need to make sure we nominate someone who not only can beat hillary clinton but also can manage the government and get it backckn the right track once they're elected president of the united states, no need to take those chances, george, on someone who's never managed anything larger thth a 30-person senate staff. >> marco says you're lashing out because you're losing. he's in second place, you're stuck at 5% in sixth place right now. >> george,e,ou know, marco can say whateverere wants about that but this is his experience or lack thereof. he just doesn't have any experience, george. all he has is experice of being a legislator. 've tried that as a part and as a country and it doesn't work. >> you've been hitting him pretty consistently for the last several days. is that pretty much a concession that if you don't beat him on tuesday it's the end of the line
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>> no, it's not a concession to that at all, george. but what it is is trying to raise a really important issue for new hampshire voters as we get to go to the polls. fact is, we need to make sure e haha a candidate who actually knows what they're doing. we need to have a candidate who is willing to take questions from the press in an unguarded way and need to have a candidate that does more than 45-minute drive-by town hall meetings anan marco rubio has been the most protected coddled candidate in the race so what i said before is let the boy come out of the bubble. let's see what he can take, because as you know the heat he'll get from hillary clinton if he was ever the nominee will be much greater than anything any of us can throw at him. brewing about the iowa caucuses. donald trump and ben carson lashing out at ted cruz ggesting that he stoto the argument? >> i don't think so. in politics when you lose and you ask for a do-over that's something that gives people a lot of confidence in your
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the results are the results. you move on a a try to win the next and stop focusing on the >> you have been focusing so town hall meeting making the case now for several months but do appear to be stuck right now. how can you change that? >> just keep working, george. that's how you do it. you keep working, do well in the debate on saturday night. i will tell you this, you look at the polls that were going into iowa, the polls, the last one "the des moines register" was wrong on donald trump and ted cruz by nine points and wrong with marco rubio by eight points. this has been difficult to race to poll and i know you're obsessed with polls. you want them every day and question everything on polls but the fact is you all were saying donald trump was a winner over the weekend, that he was definitely going to win the iowa caucuses. and then it turns out he loses so i'm not going to get into that game with you, george.
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know what happens and make decisions based off that but if we made decisions based offer the polls that you guys were counting on on sunday, we would have given donald trump the win and this thing would be in a much different direction. >> w wll see you saturday night. thanks, governor. >> looking forward to it, george. thank you. george now to the democrats and hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing some tough questions at a town hall last night. they are, of course, prepapang for a big debate tonight and abc's cecilia vega is in manchester with the latest on all of that. good morning to you, cecilia. to you. bernie sanders may have the big lead in the polls here but that is not stopping hillary clinton from trying to mark her turf right here in his own backyard. overnight hillary clinton on the hot seat. defendndg the big bucks she received for paid speeches. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. >> reporter: en bringing back that famous phrase. >> do you still believe there's
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>> don't you? >> i'm asking you. >> yeah. it's gotten even better funded. >> reporter: and clinton still hounded by the one question that just won't seem to go away. >> what will you do to regain that trust? >> i have to really demonstrate as clearly as i can who i am, whatat stand for and what i've always done. >> reporter: in bernie sanders' own backyard the vermont senator not holding back either. >> we are taking on the most powerful political organization n in the country and that's, you know, the clinton organization. >> reporter: but now just days away from the nation's first primary, clinton and sanders both looking to the future. and sanders and clinton will face off in a debate tonight right here in new hampshire. the dnc announcing there will be six more debates between now and may 1. also in flint, michigan, amy that means this race on this democratic side will not end any time soon.
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much. the democrats are tonight but the next republican debate is just two days away and "world news tonight" anchor david muir and "this week" co-anchor martha raddatz will moderate it right here on abc, george. we move on to get the latest on the dangerous z za virus spreading to florida where the governor has declared a state of emergency in four counties and ground zero for the outbreak, brazil, is struggling to contain it with prominent voices now calling for this s smer's olympics to be cancelled. our dr. richard besser is on the scene in brazil right now. good morning, rich. >> reporter: good morning, george. every fo years we look forward to the olympic games and the world coming together. but thisisear it's different and that's why health officials are so concerned because when the world comes together during a viral epidemic, when people go home they may not go home alone. with millions of tourists in rio for the start of brazil's carnival tomorrow and millions more expected this summer for the olympic games, controlling thzika crisis is more urgent
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[ speaking a foreign language ] overnight brazil's president saying the virus has gone from a distant nightmare to a real threat. the government scrambling to start developing a aaccine but until one is ready, she says, mosquito prevention is their best course of action. now this morning, some who doubt whether brazil can get zika undedecontrol by the summer are calling for the rio olympics to be canceled. >> i don't know that it's up to doing the olympics and epidemic control at the same time. mosquitoes are a tough opponent. >> reporter: the u.s. olympic committee tells s c news it is keeping a close eye on the situation and that team usa participants will be made aware of the recommendations regarding travel there especially for olympic athletes like michael phelps whose pregnant fiancee is among the people worried.
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birth defect. while the u.s. women's soccer team is focusing on qualifying for the rio olympics, head coach jill ellis tells "the dallas morning news" the zika outbreak is concerning. over the next two weeks brazil has a trial run for what crowds can do. it's carnival season so visitors are coming from around the globe and also mosquito season when people return home we'll see what happens to the zika epidemic. george and amy. >> that is scary. >> certainly is a lot of questions to be answered there still. now to a big s surity headlinene there was an arrest of three isis sympathizers in germany overnight. authorities conducted raids in three cities including berlin and they've arrested two men and a woman with alleged ties to an algerian group linked to isis and suspected of plotting attacks in germany. and then security, of course, tight in the u.s. as we get ready for the super bowl. the bigame just three daysys away. that is a live look at levi's stadium in santa clara, california, around 75,000 people will be packing in there sunday night and abc's pierre thomas has a look at how the fbi and
7:16 am
sure everyone stays safe. >> reporte from this heavily armed tactical team preparing to confront terrorists -- >> we're not goioi to be too far away. from any large crowds. >> reporter: to the coast guard deploying speedboats for waterway patrols and big machine guns that fire these bullets, no one taking any chances with this year's super bowl. the potential threat of terror real and present. >> we try to anticipate things that could happen from multiple different directions but we're always informed by recent events. >> reporter: security always tight for the big game, but this year a joint fbi homeland security threat assessment specifically points to the paris attacks where a stadium full of fans was targeted and the san bernardino massacre as evidence of what could happen during the super bowl. >> i think the achilles heel for us is either an active shooter or a lone wolf terrorist event.
7:17 am
and undercover police already everywhere and monitors searching for chemical and biological weapons have been secretly deployed. these x-ray machines are checking every item being delivered from the food to beyonce's wardrobe for the halftime show. during the game, military fighter jets and u.s. customs and border protection blackhawks will patrol the skies hunting for menacing planes and a new potential threat, drones. so many out there, the faa released this super bowl video warning. >> but leave your drone at home. >> reporter: no drones allowed within 32 miles of the super bowl, no one taking any chances. amy. >> all right, pierre, thanks so much. we all know the panthers are getting ready for the big game and another animal in the panther family is making headlines. jaguar. love that transition? >> yes. >> caught on camera, michael. >> panthers not the jaguars, a real one called el jefe spanish for the boss.
7:18 am
he is caught on video, the only known wild jaguar in the united states and was seen -- >> hence the song "one is the loneliest number." >> it's okay to be one because they know jaguars prefer to be alone. they prefer to hunt alone. they prefer to live alone. they believe he's about seven years old and experts are saying that they hope a female jaguar will cross the border from mexico, keep el jefe some company and in turn boost the population in the process. >> we want more jaguars in this country. >> we only have one. we're just trying to hook him up. >> need a little hole in the fence. >> there's an app for that. he needs a mate every once in a >> i know if he does get a mate he's no longer going to be the that's the way it works around here. temperatures in the upper 50s, yesterday very warm across the northeast but we've got this wave developing along the front and cold air coming in. challenging forecast could see snow tomorrow for the morning commute, new york, i-95 and
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england.plan on bouts of clouds to move across the area today. while it may become cloudy for several hours at a time, the general theme is for a partly cloudy sky today. the thicker clouds north of highway 20 may also generate a few scattered flurries as well, though no accumulation is likely. tomorrow, a warm front approaches fr the west, allowing for a chance of snow in the area tomorrow evening. snow amounts with that will generally be a trace to half inch. this weekend, we are dry saturday with a system
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this time, it's too early to determine any s coming up next on "gma," stunning new developments in the murder of that young girl in virginia. what we're learninabout her connection with the alleged kikier. bust. how his wife ruth is dealing with the fallout. right now.ife ruth is dealing with the fallout. right now. that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. bring your challenges most people know the four c's of a diamond. now, kay jewelers brings you...the newest c: chocolate. levian chocolate diamonds.
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right now highway 30 is closed because of an accident. the iowa d-o-t confirms there is a crash at county road v-42. officials are rerouting traffic in both directions. that's near keystone in benton county. we sent a phohographer to the
7:25 am
she was stopped at 21st street. she says she has seen three ambulances and an air care helicopter. we will keep you updated as we learn more. aaa reminder, when yououee news tell us about it by calling newsline nine at 319-365-9999. you can also send us pictures and videos to nesroom at kcrg dot com. a man who was servivi 50 years in the coralville prison has died. he was there for the murder of a mashalltown woman. the iowa department of corrections says 42-year- old matthew irving died of natural causes. officials say he collapsed in hospice care. irving had been diagnosed with cancer that spread to his lungs and bones. he was`convicted in 2014 for the death of 55- year-old rebecca hall. and now here's your first alert forecast. plan on bouts of clouds to move across the area today. while it may becoco cloudy fororeveral hours at a time, the general theme is for a partly cloudy sky today. the thicker clouds north of highway 20 may also generate a few
7:26 am
well, though no accumulation is likely. tomorrow, a warm front approaches from the west, allowing for a chance of snow in the area tomorrow evening. snow amounts with that will generally be a trace to half inch. this weekend, we are dry saturday with a system approaching later on sunday. at this time, it's too early to determine any specific accumulation s with that sunday- monday system, but it does appear that it should be
7:27 am
welcome back to "gma." you are looking at the republic debate stage getting set for their final showdown saturday. the remaining nine candidates also face off right here on abc. >> a lot of stand-ins. the tsa watching over the investigation into that deadly somalia plple explosion that ripped a giant hole in the side and injured multiple people before the pilot landed safely. this morning the assault case against bill cosby set to move forward after cosby appeared in court wednesday trying to get the charges s rown out. his lawyers now say he'll appeal. and it is just three days until the super bowl and today the nfl is holding its first ever women's summit. robin is there and she's interviewing nfl commissioner roger goodell looking forward to seeing that tomorrow right here. >> she'll be back tomorrow.
7:28 am
developments in that virginia murder mystery. as friends and family mourn 13-year-old nicole lovell one of the suspect's former teammates is speaking out. we'll talk to a leading fbi profiler aftererhis report from eva pilgrim. >> reporter: overnight mourners, loved ones and former teachers paying tribute to 13-year-old nicole lovell. her funeral just hours away. >> everybody is going to tell you they're going to miss her smile because she had some kind of, you know, magic. i will miss her potential. >> reporter: two virginia tech students david eisenhauer and natalie keepers behind bars facing charges for her death. >> one in five people don't have jobs. >> reporter: this video on youtube belonging to a student named natalie keepers may giving us a glimpse at the now 19-year-old re than a year before the alleged murder. authorities say eisenhauer, a former member of the track team was abusing his relationship with the seventh grade girl he chatted with on a message, kik, his s ammates stunned by the charges.
7:29 am
wondering why it did. gaige kern posng this open letter to his friend. i hate what you've done but i don't hate you. three lives are now wasted. nicole's family say she vanished last tuesday night. authorities say she was murdered the next day. saturday her body was found more than 80 miles away in north carolina. the sheriff saying eisenhauer choosing that location because he's familiar with the area. it's about two miles from a home owned by his extended family. nicole's death robbing her middle school friends of their small town innocence. >> there is still a lot of sadness going on, , ill some of her best friends still are just kind of scarred by it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," eva pilgrim, abc news, blacksburg, virginia.
7:30 am
by dr. mary ellen o'toole. thanks f f joining us this morning. so on the outside david eisenhauer, star athlete, star student, as well, now charged with first degree murder. how do you characterize it? >> well, someone as successful as he was and as admired as he was, it tends to be even easier to hide or obfuscate -- >> easier? >> -- criminal behavior. sure, people don't question it. what we call in the fbi like icon intimidation. when someone has a particular status because of their job or because of success, people don't question who they are or what they're doing, so it is sometimes much easier to hide that deep, dark secret life. >> one of the unusual aspects of this case is that he had an allegeaccessory here, natalie keepers also charged here with being an accessory before the fact. kind of unusual for a boy and girl to team up like this. >> it really is ananeven more unusual that you have two
7:31 am
victim and then you have a co-offender and so it becomes even more difficult to determine what wererthe roles of everybody in this, but david does appear from everything i'm reading and reviewing, he seems to be very good at manipulating people and i think thatbibity really played into this case with both women. >> what's the number one thing investigators will be focusing in on right now? >> well, they're going to be looking at his past behavior. thth'll be looking at whwhelse could have been involved, looking at whether or not he's done this before and looking for other young girls he reached out for on that particular site. they'll look for behavior that led up to this crime because this is not the result of waking up one morning and just snapping. there's an evolutionary process to this type of behavior. investigators will be looking for that. >> so much planning. dr. o'toole, thanks very much. >> so chilling. all right. now to that manhunt under way for a couple called the
7:32 am
wanted for a string of robberies and kidnappings across the south considered armed and dangerous and linzie janis has that story. >> reporter: in their facebook photos they appear to be a typical loving couple. but this surveillance footage offers a very different perspective on the duo many are calling the 21st century's bonnie and clyde. watch as blake fitzgerald and brittany nicole harper rob a gas station in georgia, force the cashier into an suv then drop her off at a nearby exit. the incident just one in a series of armed robberies the couple is believev to have committed throughout the southeast over the last week. police say it began at this hotel in tuscaloosa, alabama, where they took the hotel clerk hostage. i just wanted to get them out of the hotel as quickly as possible. >> reporter: then they were off to hoover, alabama where they tried to carjack the manager of a mcdonald's. >> i'm blessed. i could have beeeedead.
7:33 am
with long arrest records seemed to have been mocking law enforcement in recent days, brittany posting, i wasn't planning on going for a run today but those cops came out of nowhere. friends begging the couple to turn themselves in. this is so crazy, writes one of brittany's friends. i don't want you to die but i'm m afraid you are headed in that rection. >> really scared what the outcome will be. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> and our thanks to linzie for that. >coming up next, bernie madoff back in the headlines inside his life and what we're learning about his wife ruth after that multibillion dollar scam.n our own realy. with our heads in the clouds. like a bunch of space cadets. huh? what? i've drawn a blank. what's my line? [director]: reset! maybe we do live in a fantasy... our own little bubble. just hangin' out! as if we're not completely down to earth. but just a bunch of dreamers? no way!
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back now with the latest on the bernie madoff scandal. abc's new miniseries putting his fraud scheme and downfall back in the spotlight. this morning's brian ross has the inside look at how the madodos are living today a a what's happened to all those missing billions stolen from victims.
7:38 am
>> reporter: to the surprise of many it was announced this week a huge chunk of that money stolen by bernie madoff has now been recovered. some $11 billion of the $17 billion originally invested and the search is on for even more with the final lot of bernie and ruth's gold and emerald jewelry up for auction online today. every morning bernard madoff wakes up at this federal prison in north carolina where he is serving a 150-year sentence. prisoner numbebe61727054 who once had billions in the bank now works as a delivery boy in the commissary where he makes less than a dollar an hour. his former cell mate j.d. winfield in for bank robbery says madoff is relieved to be in prison. >> i think he was glad to be caught. i thinhe was just, you know, tearing him up inside what was going on. i think he was glad for it to come to a close. >> reporter: madoff in the blue jumpsuit has maintained many of his investors should actually thank him.
7:39 am
>> did i make a lot of money for people, yeah, i made a lot of money for people. >> reporter: madoff's wife ruth now lives alone in a one bedroom rental apartment in connecticut seen in this new video at the domestic staff to help her to the outrage of her husband's victims, theheovernment allowed her to keep $2.5 m mlion to live on. this week the u.s. marshals put the final lot of ruth's jewelry up for auction after earlier selling off her half million dollar diamond ring. 2> sold at $550,000. >> reporter: and the family's palm beach, the riviera and on the ocean in the hampton, all that's left ofhe madoff legacy is a hugwarehouse full of boxes and boxes of the phony documents used to pull off his massive ponzi scheme. we were the first outsiders allowed inside. this is what? >> his black book. >> his chair. where the king of all scams sat
7:40 am
and we also saw bags and bags of shreddedaper, documents the fbi says madoff destroyed to hide the s sle of his crime. >> had he shredded a lot of these boxes, the case against him would have been very, very difficult. >> reporter: he wouldn't be serving the rest of his life in prison. >> he would haveveone to jail for something but maybe not 150 years. >> and as to the question of whether ruth knew what was going on, she has repeatedly denied she knew anything about it and has never been charged with a crime but she is a tragic figure. her husband will die in prison and her two sons are already dead, one by suicide, the other from cancer a year and a halal ago. >> i think a lot would be surprised she got to keep $2.5 million. >> many of the victims are very upset about that but they felt that was the best they could do and negotiated strongly for that and bernrn, by the way, is in charge of the remote in the day room at the prison so he's likely going to be watching out the coverage. >> is he very interested in his own coverage. ( >> extremely interested.
7:41 am
tune in tonight for the abc miniseries "madoff" 8:00 followed real-life madoff story at 10:00 i think it's special. >> all right, coming up next here the people at the center of that o.j. simpson case speaking out about the new series and the big quarterback question as we get readadfor the super bowl. t.j. has that. >> robach, forget the quarterback. look no further than this. if you want to see the pretty face of the nfl. i'm too sexy for milan too sexy for milan d to use tiny red balls to try to make you think they had a much better network. but there's one big thing th left out. the new sprint lte plus network delivers faster download speeds than verizon, at&t and t-mobile, based on data from an independent third party. that's because we've been obsessed with building the network of the future. and to celebrate, we're cutting their rates in half. switch to sprint and save 50% on most verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. you get the new lte plus network and we'll cover your costs to switch,
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for goodness sakes. >> welcome to the party. >> we've been waiting for you. >> you better get in the huddle. we're back with football and that burning question which isn't burnini me up at all, i don't know, but from tom brady to cam newton, why do these star quarterbacks always seem to be so good looking? >> yeah, why, michael. >> i don't think they are actually but "sports illustrated" is on the case and on the case for us as t.j. holmes has the story. >> strahan, a weird night at the holmes house as she catches me men. it was just research, baby.
7:46 am
men, these quarterback, turns out they're not even the best-looking dudes on the they're the face of the nfl. faces aren't bad either so easy to see why many associate the role of quarterback with good looks. >> tom brady at the highest level but it's also the good-looking high school kid dating thecheerleaear. >> but are they really the most attractive players on the field? john wertheim and sam try to answer it in "this is your brain on sports"? took media photos of all the quarterbacks and had a random sample of people who weren't big footballans look at them. on a a scale of one to ten how attractive are these guys. >> reporter: they ran it again using photos of wide receivers then defensive backs so which group was deemed most attractive? wide receivers like eric decker
7:47 am
bas like charles woodson. >> i anything they c ce out at the bottom. >> reporter: the pretty boys came in last? i thought the quarterbacks for the most part are above average in the looks department. theyaren't. we just assume they are. it's called the halo effect because the quarterback seemingly has all the power on the field, that leadership and success amplifies their attractiveness. it's a a in your head. 's all in your head. all right, so they did this poll a couple of times. the best looking quarterbacks were alex smith of the chiefs, then brady then tannehill of the dolphins so did this for college guys too. quarterbacks came in last. linemen. >> they didn't want to because you guys were too bulky. >> who doesn't love a little bulk.
7:48 am
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i trust dog chow enough to feed it to my dog every single day. welcome back to "gma." out west where the waves are rolling in. dangerous surf across parts of oregon with 27-footers poe interception interceptionally. here they are out in the pacific and socal, as well. storm trac moves up to thehe north as we go on through time
7:52 am
the 0 "good morning america" is
7:53 am
be unstoppable.cedar rapids schools is trying to save money with more classes. next school year, high school students can take as many as 7 classes instead of 6. the district says it'll save money by requiring current teachers to teach one more class a day. the district says the change will save 1 1 llion dollars becauseset won't have to teachers. the district is anticipating a budget cut of 1 point 5 to 2 million dollars next school year. that's if lawmakers pass governor point 4-5 funding. each day, high schools would start a half hour earlier. from each class period. washington high school teachers. they could cut 5 positions because of the proposed stateupplemental aid numbers. thehange also means every cedar rapids high school will
7:54 am
the same time. the school district is considering other changes including starting classes later every monday so teachers could use the time for professional development. schools would provide e supervision for students who arrive early on those days. but after feedback from parents and teachers at a meeting last week, the school board tabled that decision. and now here's your first alert fofocast. plan on bouts of clouds to move across the area today. while it may become cloudy for several hours at a time, the general theme is for a partly cloudy sky today. the thicker clouds north of highway 20 may also generate a few scattered flurries as well, though no accumulation is likely. tomorrow, a warmrmront approaches from the west, allowing for a chance of snow in the area tomorrow evening. snow amounts with that will generally be a trace to half inch. this weekend, we are dry saturday with a system approaching later on sunday. at this time, , 's too early to determine any specific accumulation s with that sunday- monday system, but it does appear that it should be light, regardless of how it moves across the area. a team of researchers at the university of
7:55 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and breaking overnight a scare for taylor swift. officers race to her california 911. a man arrested after trying to get on to her property. also this morning, the t tal that transfixed the nation the now the story of o.j. on screen and causing major backlash. ron goldman's father speaks out for the first time since the miniseries kicked off and marcia clarar revealing it's like reliving a nightmare. this morning, o.j.'s confidant speaks out live parenting alert. are you struggling with your teens and their screens,s,ow all that time with tab leis and phones could damage their development. the new boundaries you can set
7:56 am
and clooney g gting clueless. mind. idiot. >> the big name stars he's saddling up for a rip roaring hollywood comedy. it started ass a clooney practical joke and they are spilling all this morning. all that and we're headed to the big game, jesse, gronk and kid correspondent marlo going for a aouchdown as we say -- >> good morning, america. nice happy crowd in times square this morning. kind of warm out there. robin out west on assigent interviewing roger goodell. there he is, nfl commissioner. just a few days till the big game. >> you know we're counting down with the thing everybody loves to eat at 8 a.m., snacks. pigs in a blanket. treats t t inspire your super bowl party all part of tory's "deals & steals."
7:57 am
they taste good >> w%'ve gotthem here, in the control room. oh, there's o execucuve producuc w wking hard again. >> no, you have to change the camera. change the shot. anyway, good to know you can get great deals on super bowl snacks. >> we'll go from the super bowl to a dating adventure. our producer erica scott is in the middle of her "10 dates in 10 states" journey. >> a good date. >> she's brave. >> swiping right, putting dating app tinder to the test and also revealing which day of the week is actually the best day of the week to go on a date. i didn't kw that- >> i didn't know that was a thing. >> and also what time of day is the best time of the day to go on a date. >> and you saw she was up in hawaii working her way back east right now and amy made her wayay over to t t desk f f the morning rundown. >> i think hawaii is the perfect place for a date. just saying. good morning, we begin with the race for the president. a poll out this morning showing donald trump holding a 20-point
7:58 am
campaign rhetoric heats up. trump claiming ted cruz stole votes in iowa by spreading a false report that ben carson might be dropping out of the race. cruz insists his campaignid nothinin wrong and says trump is, quote, losing it. meanwhile, there is one less candidate on the trail. rick santorum has ended his campaign. bernie sanders and hillary clinton faced off at a town hall meeting and sanders criticized her ties to wall street. clinton defended her credentials as a progressive saying she likes toet things done. there is a new call for brooz to cancel the olympics because of the zika virus although bralian officialsre calling it a real threat, they vow the olympics will go onon meanwhile, florida has declared an emergency in four counties with at least nine zika cases reported in that state. a major safety recall. honda is recalling another 2 million vehicles because their
7:59 am
explode including models back to 2005. our web hashe complete list. look at this. a car ended up on the roof of this house after crashing 5 off a nearby road. the driver was injured but thankfully is recovering. and now to some tense moments ataylor ift's house. police responding to reports that someone was trying to get inside her home. abc's phillip mena has that story. >> reporter: overnight a scare for megapop star taylor swift, officers responding to her california home and arresting this man. go down in flames >> reporter: it's unknownf the "blank space" singer was home but neighbors growing concerned when they saw the man near the home and called 911. the lapd say that when they arrived a man was banging on the front gate of the home. authorities taking the man into custody and transporting him to a medical facility for a mental evaluation. swift not the first hollywood celebrity to have a fan too
8:00 am
>> whahas your name? >> sandra bullock. >> reporter: sandra was asleep in her mansion in 2014 when she was awoken by an intruder making this frantic 911 call. >'m locked thihi my closet. i have a safe door. i'm locked in the closet right now. >> reporter: as for swift she's yet to comment and the trespasser has reportedly not been charged but overninit her spokesperson telling the media this is why it's irresponsible for the media to publish the addresses or recent real estate transactions of lebrities. this or potentially worse is the end result. for "good morning america," phillip mena, abc news, new york. that. ever noticed when someone yawns you yawn just a few seconds later. a new study finds that women are more susceptible to contagious yawning than men. scientists say it m!y be bacause women are just more empathetic. we are not afraid to yawn in response to others, researchers
8:01 am
about 55% of the time. while men only did so 40% of the wime. i must be sympathetic t my script because just seeing the word yawn -- >> as soon as you said it i started to yawn. >> just suggesting it. >> if i yawn it's not because i'm trying to make you feel better. i'm just tired. >> how about you, michael? >> okay. now here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." there's a lot of backlash to the new o.j. series this morning and we're going to hear from o.j.'s confidant about what simpson is saying about the series from behind bars. how much screen time is too much for your kids? what it's really doing to their minds and how to set boundaries.. we have george clooney, josh brolin and channing tatum all spilling the beans on the movie that started as a clooney practical joke. plus, tory johnson is here with grere "deals & steals" coming up live here in times square on "gma." [ cheers and applause ] "gma's morning menu" is
8:02 am
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breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there. we're back now with the "the people v. o.j.impson," the series bringing back vivid memory, controversies t t from twoo decades ago and some players not happy with how it's being told. deborah roberts with more. hey, deborah. >> lots of buzz around this one, of course, therial that mesmerize the nation is again taking center age. the fx series bringing in 5 million viewers making it the channel's most watched drama series debut ever and as you say,0perhaps one of its most controversial. >> you got two victims in brentwood. >> brent wood?
8:06 am
>> reporter: this morning the fx series sparking b buzz on social media and among those portrayed in the series. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant orenthal j. simpson not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: for the father of ron goldman murdered alongside nicole brown simpson mixed emotions. >> some parts i was okay with. and others, not. i was okay with the rantings of the killer because that's who h is. >> reporter: goldman who owns rights toohe infamous book "if i did it confessions of the killer" says it does a disservice to his son and nicole brown simpson. >> their only involvement in this s sies is as dead bodies in the beginning and that's the extent of the victims in this story. it's a story primarily as we attorneys. >> reporter: one of those prosecutor marcia clark saying on "the view." the series may serve a positive purpose.
8:07 am
it will spark the discussion w needed to havee aboututhe reasons for the division, the racial divide when it comes to the view of the trial and the verdict. >> reporter: yet former simpson houseguest and prosecucuon witness cato kaelyn says it's filled with inaccuracies even mocking his portrayal in a new york daily news he say writing i'm talking scenes where that ridiculous blondndig is reariri its ugly head which were completely fabricated. >> talking about the mother of my children dying and they're asking me these questions. >> anybody watching it especially the generation who never knene of thiss case at all, i think they have to watch with a clear eye and understand that this is a fictionalized v vsion and not everything is going to be true. >> clearly this tv drama has been difficult for many who lived through that courtroom ordeal. marcia clark said it was like relivivi a nightmare.
8:08 am
about some of these commences and they had no comment but i have to tell you all lots of passionate reactions including from the actors i interviewed. cuba gooding jr. thought, okay, good, o.j. got justice but in filming this he broke down in tears once because he never really thought as much about the victims so even the actors themselves have been transported by it in where were you? >> everyone knows where they were during that bronco chase. it's really markable. we'll be watching still, deborah. >> yeah, we will. >> thanks. joining us from tampa is o.j. simpson's friend and manager norman pardo. thanks for joining us this morning. o.o. is not happy with the idea of this series, is he? >> oh, no, this is not something he's looking forward to. especially with his parole hearing coming up. >> andou -- >o r rash all this. >> i'll bet he's not and what are his biggest problems with
8:09 am
you've been in touch with him? >> the only real problem i think he has with any of this, him personally he doesn't really care other than his parole, i'm sure this will be a big effect on this next year but his kids. i think that they're having to relive something that they don't want to do and it's going to last for a couple of months. that's the sad thing. >> do you think he'll watch? >> you've got -- well, i'm sure he will, because j.'s -- he'll say he won't but he always does. he always says he never reads the rags but he does. i mean curiosity, it's about him even though it's fictional or whatnot, it's stillbout himo he'll watch, you know. somehow they'll figure out a way to do it. it's just sad for the kids. that's the main thing. they shouldn't have to go through this a a over again. their mother was butchered, you know, and their father is considered a murderer by a lot and they have to relive that for the next two months over and over and over.
8:10 am
staurant without it airing so it's just -- it's a hard thing for them. >> how about that portrayal by cuba gooding jr.? >> well, that's sort of silly. i mean i'm sure he'ss a really nice guy and all but he's definitely not like o.j. simpson. they never consulted i don't think anybody from o.j.'s side to explain that that's not o.j. itit doesn't even sound like him. i don't even know what's up with the uh stuff. that part made me laugh. i don't get i but he did the best he could, i guess. charisma about him. he's a good-looking guy. he's a ladies man. big guy, you know, football player. you know, when he walks into a room, everybody runs to him. the women, i mean,t's just -- they c cled him bait in college because of his looks. i mean, and cuba gooding jr. is a nice guy but he's not a big guy. he doesn't look like o.j. in any way, shape or foror and definitely doesn't sound like him. >> last time we saw o.j. on tape
8:11 am
guy. >> well, he is. he's very depressed right now. to people. he's become real isolated. institutionalizing himself. every time he talks to somebody it brings back the outside and then he has to reinstitutionalize himself so he really likes to be left alone. you know, when we have friends that go visit him, he'll visit them for a minute or two then he's got to go. he said i've got to go back in there. we're working on fantasy football things and he actually leaves them there. which is really weird because they drive three days to get there. >> you know, i'm wondering -- >> he's the one ready to believe. >> before we go this movie "concussion" has sparked a lot of debate about degenerative brain disease in football and the doctor who inspired it thinks that he thinks o.j. suffers from it, that disease known as cte. do y think he may be right? >> o.j. h h a lot of shall issues, i mean he'll do things that are just whacked out. he'll sit in the coer. he'll talko himself.
8:12 am
you know, i've caught him doing that numerous times. i deal with people who are usually unpromotable, the people that have to be turned arou. o.j. was one -- you can't really deal with him because he doesn't understand a lot of things like that room. he knew better, he called me and i told him don't go in there but he did it because he doesn't understand things. he's like a child. when we handle him it's like a child. you really got to -- you know, you got to really watch him, watch his manner itches. i think that fx should have actually contacted me just to get some of my video. i got 70 hours of him? us to learn his mannerisms to find out what he's like to be around. >> mr. pardo, thanks very much. >> you could see. >> thank you very much for your time this morning. >> all ght, thank you. >> amy. >> all right, george. to you to a big headline for parents this morning about your kids and all that screen time experts are now saying, yes, it could hurt their verermany and one mom is t ting to turn it all around with her new movie
8:13 am
reena ninan is here with her story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i ll be the first to admit it, i was in the middle o o a wedding reception and pulled out my ipad to keep the kids entertained. how bad can that really be? come on. apparently now there's science showing just what technhnogy i i ing to our kids. >> all started with one question. what new phone to get my daughter. >> reporter: as a physician delaney is used to diagnosing problem answer solving t tm of the as a momo teens tessa and chase she struggled with the dilemma facing many americans, how much technology is too much fo her kids? >> i was completely struggling with how to get my kids to not be on screens all the time. >> reporter: in a fascinating new movie called "screenagers" she shows their desire for screen time. >> what would you do with it. >> i will be cool and i'd be able to look busy in awkward situations. >> reporter: the science of how it can actually affect young minds.
8:14 am
the development of empathy and self >> there's a lease of dopamine in the area around the smart 7 phone pulling o o answer glancing at it because you want that release of the pleasure producing cemical. >> reporter: kids spend nearly 6.5 hours on screens not including screen time for classroom or homework. screenagers find plenty of parents sharing the struggle from parents frustrated by the teens' selfie cultur >> i haven't seener taking a real feet at the of anything but herself. >> reporter: to playing too many video games. >> when i tried to stop him he turns into another person. >eporter: she found the best way to manage her own family's screen use is having boundaries which include a family contract they designed together. >> weon't have cell phones in our bedrooms at night. not at the diningoom tablele and also whenn we're in the car. >> reporter: it isn't always
8:15 am
>> i wish i had unlimited access but i recognize and understand that the rules are there for legitimate reasons. >> it's still a struggle at times but now it feels like we're a group doing this together. >> reporter: and the film also tackles issues that come with a lot of screen time like nline bullying and screen addiction making so many of us really just because they'reanging out in their rooms doesn't mean they're fully safe. >> they're in another world inside there. thank you so much, reena. >> thanks, reena. we are on the road to the big game three days to go until super bowl 50 and we've got an exclusive sneak peek. if you don't want to see the commercials before the big game close youou eyes r rht nono a brand-new ad that will have you dancing through the decades with pepsi and singer janelle monae. take a look. do you love me i i can reallyy move do you love me i'm in the groove don't go for second best baby
8:16 am
you know you know you u t to va, va, v achlta ba, ba, ba, ba, yeah pepsi-cola >> pretty cool. >> very good. that one ranked compared to skittles, yesterday was really good in we had a hot guy. >> the seth rogen -- >> ryan renn knolls. >> amy schumer and seth rogen. more to ome. let's go outside to rob. >> not so bad out here. people from frisco, texas. you're chilly because you just came from a run. >> i am. >> how long did you go? >> about a half hour. >> how long? >> a half hour. >> that's a half hour more than i'm running today. thanks for coming out. chilly across the southwest and big high will create the santa ana winds in california and temperatures that feel below zero from denver to minneapolis. look at these numbers. cold shot coming down and will
8:17 am
midwest and great lakes but the east coast too through thursday.plan on bouts of clouds to move across the area today. while it m m become cloudy for several hours at a time, the general theme is for a partly cloudy sky today. the thicker clouds north of highway 20 may also generate a w scattered flurries as well, though no accumulation is likely. tomorrow, a warm front approaches from the west, allowing for a chance of snow in the area tomorrow evening. snow amounts with that will generally be a trace to o lf inch. this weekend, we are dry saturday with a system approaching later on sunday. at this time, it's too early to determine any >> you want to know what? >> what's the weather going to bebeike on sunday? >> in denver. >> yeah, in denver. >> aren't you going to be inside watching the game? >> yes. >> so it doesn't matter >> all right, lara, back inside to you. >> one way to look at it. "pop news" time and we begin with news for theater lovers. whoopi goldberg, martin short, nathan lane a few of the stars
8:18 am
theater experiment that will happen in new york where a different actor will play the lead role each night if a play and get this, they're only given the script when they step on to the stage. no rehearsal, no set, no director. and a live audience, no pressure. what could possibly go wrong? the offbroad way show called "white rabbit red rabbit" here in new york limited engagement march 7th. >> a aot oftars continue to sign up so take a look for that. actually interesting experiment. >> i don't get it. >> well -- what do they know about the play before they gon. >> they're not allowed to look. their interpretation of the words. >> wow. >> that's pretty cool. >> okay, that could be a fun date night or a disaster. all ght, also in "pop news" -- zoinks. scooby-dooby do, where are you. you seem to have changed.
8:19 am
makeover leaving fans saying. r ruh-roh. they look totally different in this. >> they sure do. >> this image released by dc comics has scooby sporting a bionic blue eyeball. daphne has swapped out her signature cute dress that wanted so badly as a child, jump shoots and jinkie. is. a total hipster with a tattoo sleeve and earrings. dc has destroyed a classic -- i hope they still have scooby snacks. >> the mystery van. >> the van. >> that would be fun for us on halloween, not the apocalypse version. the old version. hey, fred. >> totally. totally. >> and also, a little stevie wonder now to help us with t ts one, the song -- uptight
8:20 am
your jeans. levi's introducing a brand-new denim called the wedgie fit. >> no, no. >> what? >> it's not my fault. they're taking mom jean and making it more flattering with a little lift and separate giving wearers a more rounded look from behind. kylie jenner posted a picture of the wedgie jean. there you go showing off her assets on instagram. wedgie fit does not sound comfortable but levi says it's incredible comfortable and bloggers have called it the most flattering jean that they've seen in recent years. >> rob, rob. >> thank you, george. i'll take advice. >> i'm going to save the last video. it's so cute. i don't want to rush it. >> can we do it tomorrow. >> thoughts of wedgie jeans. when we come back some really good stuff. see you in a m mute. oh my
8:21 am
hd 8.a team of researchers at the university of iowa is using 3-d iming technology and a collection of cancer- fighting drugs to stop tumors from growing. doctor david soll's team can watch a tumor's growth in 3-d. that shows how special cells in the tumor reach out and grab otr cells, causing it to grow. he says the next step is to test which antibodies can prevent certain steps in tumor growth. soll says this imaging technology is unique, and this is the first time resesrchers have been able to watch a cancerous tumor grow in 3-d. as concern for the zika virus grows, the university f iowa is now one of dozens of research institutes watching the virus. the stateteygienic lab in coralville is not currently testing for zika. but, they're sending two blood specimens from iowans to the cdc for
8:22 am
looking into it. lab officials expect to helu testing for it soon because the c-d-c will likely need help. and noo here's yourrirst alert forecast. plan on bouts of clouds to move across the area today. while it may become cloudy for several hours at a time, the general theme is for a partly cloudy skz today. the ththker clouds north h of highway 20 may also generate a few scattered flurries as well, though no accumulation is likely. tomorrow, a warm front approaoaes from the west, allowing for a chance of snow in the area tomorrow evening. snow amounts with that will generally be a trace to half inch.his weekend, we are dry saturday with a system approaching later on sunday. at this time, it's too early to determine any specific accumulation s with that sunday- mony system, but it does appear that it should be light, regardless of
8:23 am
oh oh check out times square right now. a bunch of saiairs from the uso and everybody is getting into the game day spirit, as well. just a few days till the super bowl and we have a "deals & steals" to inspire your super bowl party. >> yeah, good stuff out there. >> some good eats in there. plpl george clooney and d all-star cast of "hail, caesar!" have a new movie and all started we'll have more on that coming up. >> a big cast right there but in 10 states." our producer erica scott is in the middle of her digital dating adventure across america fresh off date number two in hawaii getting ready for date number three in l.a. and she's got some advicicon the popular dating apps she's using to find a match.
8:24 am
date numumr two, doug will be here in a few minutes, he's 25, he loves to surf. he's a hawaiian native so knows what he's doing better than i will. >> i'm here to meet erica. >> yeah. >> date number two i iin the books. it was a lot of fun, we were paddle boarding and snorkeling atathe aulani resort. tuesday's date was on hinge and wednesday's date was on tinder. hinge, you have a mutual facebook friend whereas tinder is infamous for letting you swipe left or right based on whether you think someone looks good. so you're kind of just judging them based on their looks. you grew up in hawaii. >> yeah, my whole life. >> i thought doug looked like a really cool guy. i think a lot of people assume you won't find meaningful relationships on tinder because unlike having a mutual friend on hinge, you have no idea what these people are going to be lili in real life. there is no way of me knowing after only one date with josh from hinge or doug from tinder but i have to believe both
8:25 am
>> thank you. >> really nice to meet you. >> one of the reasons the date with doug was so cool was because it was so active. conversation was running smoothly because we had something to do and went paddle boarding in the lagoon and snorkeling in rainbow reef. now we obviously had a date during the day, but according to match 60% of singles think that the evening is a better time for a date and they also thinknkhat saturday i ithe best day of the week for it so it kind of seems like i'm just breaking all the rules. >> erica joins us from hawaii right no breaking the rules but that date looked like some fun, erica, right there. what about the difference between these two apps right there, hinge and tinder. is tinder living up to its reputation of being more superficial? >> i think there are a lot of connotations that maybe it's for more casual hookups but i don't think the app should define the date. i think lik a lot of things you
8:26 am
it, so if you want to find someone, you might be able to get a meaning fulful relationship. who knows. i think we all know someone who met someone on tinder. >> might be a little -- >> you just dated me i think right there. >> what is this tinder you speak of? >> but you got date number three in l.a. today, and you're actually going to stop by the tinderereadquarters when yououe in town. what do you want to ask the founder? >> so i actually was really wondering, i downloaded tinder plus which is really useful for this project because it lets you have multiple locations which obviously when i'm in new york and i need to look for someone in vegas, that was so helpful.@ but i have tg believe if you're just the average person using it, surely that must be for the more casual hook-up, you might say, so i want to see what he thinks about that. >> i'll bet you do. it will be fascinating to have a chance to talk to him as you go on date number three. so you're living through this
8:27 am
it. what are the big things you're learning here? >> so i'm actually one of those people like many i know that grew up with divorced parents and i'm at that age in my life where everybody always reminds me it's incredibly important for a life partneryou choose, so i'm curious, is my generation shifting into a new type of relationship norm where if you're meeting someone online, you have a better perception of who they are, is it going to change the statistic of one in two marriages ending in divorce, it may not but it's something interesting that we're going to >> yeah, that is interesting to think about. thank you very mh, erica. ahead, safe travels to l.a. and all of you at home can follow erica's journey. go behind the scenes on our website and weigh in on #teninten on "gma." >> it's fun to be on her journey with her. to the aulani disney resort and spa out there in hawaii. right now, show, we're going to send it over to michael for some "deals & steals." >> all right, thank you, guys. we are now on the road to the
8:28 am
"deals & steals," tory johnson that will score a touchdown with your game day guests. so, welcome, tory. >> we're making any day game day so let's start a little over here and it starts down here, becaususwhen i think of game day i think of robin roberts in her fuzzy slippers. because like you're a giant puppy. >> woof, woof, woof. >> tre you go. there's a huge variety to choose from, unisex, adults and kids. i mean, come on. how fun are these? and you t your feet up on any game day like robin does, normally starting at $28, these are all slashed in half. $14 to 15 bucks for a pair of happy feet. >> the way my feet feel is worth it. i love them. >> exactlyokay. so if you want to be in the other room while everyone else is watching the gamemespa day could be for you. so these are really fun products from my spa life.
8:29 am
options to choose from to treat face, neck, hands, feet, big, big variety. singles and packets depending on if you want to invite other people into the party. >> super bowl party and -- >> and a spa day all in one. so normally all these products range from $6 to $95 depending on how much you're choosing and the size package you're choosing. everything is slashed in half so really just starting at 3 bucks. >> 3 bucks. >> okay, so beer and game day, again, no matter what the sport, these are so super fun from easy, tiger so, look, this ss blah, blah, blah. i love these coasters, nice glass. big assortment from easy, tiger. you can mix and match and just sort of add a little fun to the drinking. normally these range from $12 to $84 depending on the size you choose. also slashed in half, $6 to $42. okay, so now we're getting into the food, the fun part. this is from t-fal. this is their easy pro fryer. and what's great about this is if you want to make at home wings, onion rings, chicken fingers, no matter what it is. >> regular french fries. >> absolutely. french fries.
8:30 am
home, this is the way to do it, nonstick, splatter-free. g deal. normally $50, slashed in half, 25 bucks. >> 25 bucks? >> and then last but not least everyone in the studio is in on this one. this is from the perfect bite company and this is all just like really beautiful just bite-size foods. chicken dogs, chicken dogs. >> you have a party and saves you a lot of work. >> saves you so much work. big, big assortment to choose from and an amazing dede. depending on the item you choose, there's seven different foods to choose from. these all range from $38 to $52 and for those you're getting before i tell you the deal price, 36 to 60 pieces for $18 to $26. >> so 50% off. >> 50% off across the board. this is a really sweet one. they're all sweet. make any day game day. >> you just made my breakfast right here. all right. we got to say thank you, tory and thanks to all these companies for providing these great deals. head to on yahoo! to get the codes and links. now let's go outside to rob with
8:31 am
>> we got the uso. we've got u.s. military servicemen and women and uso troops, more on why they're here in just a second, but first a quick check of what's going on weatherwise. we've got an active weather pattern shaping up. a clipper coming down for sunday, monday, maybe a coastal storm with cold air in place for new england on primary tuesday, which is happening in new hampshire. so we'll watch that. rain and snow across parts of the northwest today. snow levels about 3,000 today. while it may become cloudy for several hours at a time, the general theme is for a partly cloudy sky today. the thicker clouds north of highway 20 may also generate a few scattered flurries as well, though no accumulation is likely. tomorrow, a warm front approaches from the west, allowing for a chance of >> this weather report is brought to you by ashley home store. we are here celebrating with soso servicemen and women on this special day for the armed
8:32 am
the uso has a new campaign for their 75th anniversary, it's called campaign to connect. they're trying to get a million messages to support the americans serving overseas. all you have to do is tweet the hashtag, #usoconnects, let's wish them all a happy anniversary. you are a serviceman. have you seen the uso troops in action yet? >> i have not had the chance to see them in action. >> here they are. tweet that hashtag out. lara, over to you. happy anniversary to you guys. >> happy anniversary to the uso. more super bowl fun. we are on the road to the big game, fans getting a chance to live their football dreams at the nfl experience. that's where our jesse is in san francisco wi a behind-the-scenes look. hey, jess, we miss you. >> hey, what's up, lara? good morning from san francisco. you know, next to being on the field, this is the next best thing to playing in the super bowlwl fans here going crazy over the interactive nfl experience here in san francisco and along with our special correspondent, marlo mosley, i got to check it all out with new england patriots
8:33 am
>> hi, hi, hi. >> for "good morning america," i'm marlo mosley. >> reporter: robin roberts couldn't give enough praise to our superstar nfl kid correspondent marlo mosley. >> marlo. >> she's got it. >> our jobs are in jeopardy. she's good. >> reporter: so i knew i had to introduce myself now before she takes my job. >> hello. >> hihi my namee is jesse. how are you? >> nice to meet you. >> and with a quick game plan, i'll set them up, you take them down. we were ready to meet the patriots great gronkowski. >> nicicto meet you. this is marlo. >> nice to meet you. >> taking in the number one experience for all nfl fans. >> i never been to an nfl experience but i think it's great for the fans, it gets wild rolling around with me. >> yeah. >> reporter: first gronk gave us the ultimate swag bag. >> i went, walked around, got some presents for you two using my visa. >> then a lesson in gronk's famous spike. >> take the ball right here e d, bam. that's how you do it. >> marlo getting in the tough questions. >> jesse, what are you doing?
8:34 am
>> i'm more of the, you know, the silent type. i like to just -- i didn't get to the end z ze very much. itit a trick question. before getting tough on the field. >> yeah. first off i feel like you need the jersey on. >> you look faster already. >> all right. let's do this. ready? boom. touchdown. touchdown. and now do a little dance move. or something. ooh. need to go, bam. boom. >> after dominating we tried our luck on field goals. >> uh-oh. >> oh. >> oh. >> epic fail. >> oh. >> so, groro, i hear you're pretty strong. you want to arm wrestle? >> one, two, three, go. marlo is the winner. marlo is the winner. >> i forgot to pack our kicking cleats but, of course, the virtual 40-yard dash, another
8:35 am
nfl experience. itit all happening at thth moscone center going on till sunday when the big day between the broncos and panthers and, of course, marlo will go to the game, not just that, she will be on the field handing off the game ball, which makes me very jealous.s. >> wow. >> yeah. >> back to you in new york. >> that's incredible. >> jess, you know what, we're jealous of that but your form was the best. even better than the gronk's in the kicking so you have that. ah, i know. handsome too proving our theory once again. coming up, our super bowl fun is just getting started. we have a big surprise for you
8:36 am
"g"g," all right, just three days until the big game. let's go backut to jesse inn san francisco. he is there now with espn's sage steele and they have a big super bowl surprise for a very special veteran. jesse and sage? >> thahas right, amy. you know, sage has been following this remarkable partnership between the nfl and pat tillman foundation and, sane, i played against pat tillman. didn't know h personally but always an honor because we knew what he stood to are. >> after 9/11 he decided i'm done with football and i'm going to serve my country. his foundation since he was tragically killed byriendly re has done so much, specifically for marine corporal, a former marine corporal who has seen it all over the past couple of years.
8:37 am
>> service learning and action. principles p p tillman lived by and in the 12 years since his death, me than 400 military veterans have benefited from those principles by receiving academiccholarships to help them pursueeheir dreams after serving in the military. >> how are you? >> one of the many moved by tillman's story and legacy, adam vinatieri who spent yesterday at nfll experience with one ofhe scholarship winners. >> she's a superstar. i just met her and love her. >> they told me i won the scholarship and i was over the moon. >> reporter: reagan odhner enlisted right out of high school looking for a way to serve and test her limbs. and she did just that during two dangerous tours in afghanistan. >> what would you say is the most rewarding part of your time in the service? >> i got to teach the local government officials about women's rights and it was extremely educational for me and i hope for them. >> reporter: two days after her service witit the marines ended reagan enrolled at stanford.
8:38 am
battling unknown health issues and then was diagnosed with stage 2 hodgkin's lymphoma. >> i'm doing extremely well and i can obviously come out here and kick footballs. adam was pretty patient and gave me some really good pointers so now i want to go practice, actually. >> whoo! >> excellent. >> yeah. >> reagan, by the way, turned 27 yesterday. happy birthday in remission. this means a lot to you. >> it susu dodo. i have family in the military, as well. we just wanted to thank you so much for your service and everything that you've done for r country. on behalf of the nfl extra points credit card issued by barclay card we wanted to make sure you had an opportunity to go to the super bowl. >> oh, my gosh. >> enjoy the game. thank you very much for everything that you've done f us. >> that is amazing. reagan is going to super bowl 50. congratulations, that is absolutely awesome. it's going to be sunday is going to be a day that reagan never forgets. let's go back to amy in new york.
8:39 am
well deserved. thank you, guys. [ applause ] >> that's great. >> hard to follow that up but coming up geoeoe clooney revealingg secrets behind the
8:40 am
we'll be right back. george clooney, josh drolin, channing tatum lead an all-star cast in hayley hay. a new comedy from the coen brothers and the movie like the interview you're about to see is packed with laughs. watch nick watt try to keep the cast in line. >> oh, wait a second. >> reporter: it's an ensemble cast that only the coen brothers could create or control. >> just made the script. >> everybody, eyes on me. ready? at the heart of it george clooney playing a self-centered shallow movie star. how much of a stretch is it to play -- >> an idiot? >> you said it.
8:41 am
call me. hey, we wrote this with you in mind and then i read it and he's an idiot again. >> i would never do that. ah. >> shut up. >> josh bron is a stutuo fixer the tale from hollywood's golden age. >> action. >> i mean it makes you all look like shallow -- >> this goes deep and you better watch yourself here pal. >> reporter: the movie started as a clooney practical jokeke > every time i did an interview the interviewer would say what you're doing and i would say i'm doing "hail, caesar!" with the coen broers and say, stop say that. we've never w wtten the film. >> we were in an airport. >> right. >> we were both trying to like awkwardly brag to each other. i don't know how to say it but i -- i actually just got a call from the coen brothers and we were both trying to brag but it was the same movie. >> off there. >> they started to tell me, oh, yeah, can you tap-dance. nope. >> can you wear a sailor suit. >> oh, yeah, that i can do. >> he was wearing a a sailoruit at the airport that day.
8:42 am
>> love the movie. jonah. part. >> it started out a pretty big part. >> right and the more they actually got to work with me the more they saw i work better in incredibly small doses. i wandered i io this hotel on vacation with my family and saw there was a bunch of cameras. >> i wonder if we can edit jonah out. relative newbie ehrenreich almost steals the show. these are four big kahunas around here. >> jonah i met in the elevator ononhe way down here but everybody else -- >> we went to the same high school. >> we did. >> did you really. >> n, we didn't meet -- >> you went to high school. >> i was home-schooled. he went to the high school at my house thatt my parents got. some called it an abduction. >> all right, alden, bring it back to sanity.
8:43 am
as high of a level ass you possibly can and -- >> and when you can't -- >> when you can't, you settle. >> you know. >> you take what you can get. >> for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> that's a fun group, isn't it? >> wow. good job to nick. that was really fun. >> "hail, caesar!" opens in
8:44 am
right back. >> "good morning america" is brought to you by state farm. >> that's right. don'torget to watch the madoff miniseries starting at 8 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> that looks good. ron joins us live from san francisco tomorrow. have a great day, everyone.iowa city has approved a tentative agreement with a local church over the
8:45 am
the city council approved the settlement with the trinity episcopal church on tuesday. now the church will consider the proposed agreement on saturday.he settlement cocoes after a lawsuit the church filed last year -- which claimed the city chauncey tower. a judge dismissed that appealed. developer marc moen plans to build the 15-story tower on the corner of college would house apartments, offices, a movie theatre, and more. legislation to legalize fireworks in iowa is erupting in the iowa house and senate, but now has momentum forward. the senate committee voted 10 to 5 in support of the bill yesterday. if it becomes law, it would mean iowans could buy, sell, and use fireworks like roman candles and firecrackers. so far, the bill has met safety concerns, which holds it back. an amendment gives cities more flexibility on whether to implement the law. and now here's your first alert forecast. plan on bouts of clouds to move across theherea today. while it may become cloudy for several hours at a time, the general theme is for a partly cloudy sky
8:46 am
of highway 20 may also generate a few scattered flurries as well, though no accumulation i i likely. tomorrow, a warm front approaches from the west, allowing for a chance of snow in the area tomorrow amountstsith that will generally be a trace to half inch. this weekend, we are dry saturday with a system approaching later on sunday. at this time, it's too early to determine any specific accumulation s with that sunday- monday system, but it does appear that it should be light, regardless of
8:47 am
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