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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  February 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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iowa. meteorologist joe winters starts us off tonight. joe, what can we expect overnight? our winter storm continues to roll through the area tonight. watch out for areas of dense fog tonight as the winds diminish with the passage of the area of low pressure this evening. overnight light rain changes back to light snow with increasing winds into wednesday morning. as we watch the mercury drop overnight slick travel conditions are likiky for the morning commute. stay with kcrg-tv9 for the latest updates on our winter storm. tonight: fog early, snow late low:6-32 winds: e 5-10tomorrow:w:ostly oudy, windy high: 26-32 winds: nw 20-35 back to you. the weather is causing multiple
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late starts for tomorrow. we're showing many of f ose at the bottom of your screen. you can also find a listing on kcrg dot com and through the kcrg-tv9 mobile app. several school districts held special elections today, despite the wintry weather. that includes votes in five districts here in eastern iowa. the college community school district is receiving 49-point-5 million dollars after voters approved a bond issue tonight. about 68 percent supported the bond issue, that's well over the 60 percent to pass. the district plans to use the money to add 20 classrooms to the high school and update heating, cooling and safety systems in three of its elementary schools. it says it needs this extra space as enrollment continues to grow. this will increase property taxes $17.50 per year for a home
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dollars. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie is live at the linn county public service center. jill, a lot of people have to be pretty happy about this outcome. they were very thankful to voters. the superintenden t says they made their case to voters that they need this space. the second time around the bond issue passed. a small group of college community school leaders gathered at the auditor's office - waiting for results. "it's great news. our district has a history of patrons going out and supporting our schools and our kids and i think that shows tonight." voters said "no" last april, t those we spoke wiwi today wanted it to pass. and it did. " i voted yes, of course, i have three small children and in order for them to have the best education and all the equipment and resource they ned, why wouldn't i sasa yes to that." but this election
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linn county election officials with no choice but to push back the voting start time to noon. tim box - who has worked with county elections for 16 years - says he's never done that before. "by iowa law, once you start the election you cannot end it early. so we have h h a situation in the past where we started an election and a winter storm came through in the evening and we had precinct officials that had to be picked up by sheriff's deputies and it was a dangerous situaon. so we were trying to use an abundance of caution this time so we didn't put ourself in that situation." at the end of the night, numbers did not show a lower thahaexpected turnout from weather or the late start. one election worker says she met some dedicated voters. "we had one couple that was here by 120, they were 40 minutes early and we said you are welcome to come back and sometimes you wonder with the weather like this and sure enough they showed back up again, so they wanted to make sure their voices were heard " also something to point out
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voting was big this election. college community had had two satellite voting days. election fficials say schools are turning more and more to those early voting opportunities to get people involved. live in cedar rapids, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9. in waterloo, voters rejected a 47 million dollar bond issue. only 44 percent agreed to the measure, while about 56 percent said no. again, it needed a 60 percent super majority to pass. the district would have used that money for career and technical education programs in a new 35 million dollar career center near waterloo's central middle school. waterloo east and west high schools would each have also undergone six million worth of renovations. waterloo schools released a statement
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surprised and disappointed with the results ... we absolutely want to meet the needs of our students and remain determined to do so." dedeer high school will soon get money to expand. tonight, almost 65 percent of voters ok'd a 7-point-3-million dollar bond issue 35 percent voted against the bond issue. the money will help pay for a new gym, an auditorium, as well as an indoor track, a weight room and locker rooms. the bond issue narrowly failed in a vote last june. in springville, people approved a 4 point 7 million dollar bond issue. about 65 percent voted in favor of the issue, while about 35 percent rejected it. the district plans to use the money for nine elementary school classrooms, office space, a multi-purpose room and a technology c cssroom. and in lone tree, voters renewed a ppel levy with overwhelming support. the district says it will use the money for building repairs, computers and buses. the levy taxes home owners 67 dollars per 100-thousand dollars of assessed valuation on their property.
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over, the presidential campaigns have moved from the hawkeye state to the granite state. democrats and republicans are spreading throughout new hampshire ahead of next week's primary. a-b-c's marci gonzalez reports tonight from manchester, new hampshire. back on the trail - fueled by iowa-inspired optimism? sot - sen. ted cruz / presidental candidate"wha t an incredible... incredible evening we had last night ."ted cruz -- celebrating: a big win in the caucuses- and beating- donald trump sot - donald trump / presidential candidate"had i known we were gonna finish number two, maybe i woulda spent more time there." trump - now admitting: skipping the last republican debate in iowa - may have hurt him. sot - donald trump / presidential candidate"i think that some people were disappointed that i didn't
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on trump's heels- marco rubio? talking with voters in new hampshire - natsot - rubio: "aw, you ready for a nap? so am i!" after his strong third place finish- sot - sen. marco rubio / presidential candidate"in iowa, we were largely written off.. and at the end, we came on strong." and campaign confidence for both democratic candidates? despite the party's closest caucus finish ever- just a fraction of a point.. clinton, proudly declaring victory sot - hillary clinton / presidential candidate"i feel really great being back in new hampshire - after winning in iowa. and having a chance to come here! ." bernie sanders- with a double digit lead in the polls here in his backyard- calling this a political revolution- and refusing to concede. sot - sen. bernie sanders / presidential candidate"tha t was last night and the political revolution continues next tuesday here in new hampshire." marci gonzalez oncam close: one candidate - not here today- ben carson ?taking a day off? ted cruz apologized to him today for mistakenly telling people carson was dropping out of the race. mg abc news manchester, nh while the focus now shifts to new hampshire, political leaders in iowa are
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how to improve the caucuses. reports of long lines, confusion, and even no parking dogged many iowa precinct sites. linn county political leaders say part of the problem is that the crowds far exceeded expectations and were too large for some of the caucus sites. "as you know, caucus is an activity it's a 2-3 hour evening event and there was some frustration from people who didn't understand that they thought they were going to go in, register, vote and leave" linn county republicans had planned for crowds 30 percent beyond the record numbers from caucus locations that doubled the turnout from four years ago. a 102-year-old woman was among the people caucusing for hillary clinton last night. ruline steininger of pleasant hill was born seven years before women even had the right to vote. the pleasant hill woman has voted in 20 presidential elections, and she always supports democrats.
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clinton could become the first woman in the white house, steninger is making certain she does what she can to help. one of her remaining goals is to te in the general election this november. the election season could throw a wrench into lawmakers' work on capitol hill... congress is expected to be less productive this year, as some members are up for reelection. stay with your 24-hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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productivity from congress this year, as previous years. 2015 ended up being one of the most productive years in recent history. but kcrg t-v nine's alex miller reports this year will likely be different. in case you haven't heard. it's an election year. not just for president --- but for congress. members of the house and a thirdrd of the senate are e for reelection. so -- don't expect to see them heading to work much in 20-16. take a look at the house calendar for the second half of the year-for example. what you see in blue is when they'll be working. that's more than seven weeks off between july and september and six weeks off in the fall. if they're not in washington it really eliminates the work they can do. many of senators up f f reelection are republicans--- and they're staring down tough opponents. this means bills may not even be brought to the floor --- purely for political reasons. mitch mcconnell as senate majority leader really
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careful about what he has his chamber doing this year in order to not put these very vulnerable senate incumbents in these tough spots where they have to cast difficult votes that could be used against them in the fall. while these members campaign for themselves- they'll also be stumping for the candidates. even lala night at the iowa caucuses --candidates themselves and their supporters were missing from the capitol. its in the interest of congressional democrats to get a democrat in the white houseits in the interest of congressional republicans to get a republican in the white house many members believe they're making these sacrifices in 20-16 so come 20-17 - their party will control the white house and the capitol. reporting in wasasngton --- i'm alex miller. the cyclones faced another tough test on the hardwood tonight... they took on number 14- ranked west virginia at the
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th was mason city today, where they received some heavy snow...
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roll through the area tonight. watch out for areas of dense fog tonight as the winds diminish with the passage of the area of low ressure this evening. overnight light rain changes back to light snow with increasing winds into dnesday morning. as we watch the mercury drop overnight slick trel conditions are likely for the morning commute. stay with kcrg-tv9 for the latest updates on our winter storm. tonht: fog early, , ow late low: 26-32
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high: 26-32 winds: nw 20-35tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 6-12 winds: nw 5-15thursday: partly cloudy high: 29 - low: 9 friday: chance of snow high: 32 - low: 16 saturday: partly cloudy hi: 36 - low: 21 sunday: partly cloudy high: 39 - low: 25 monday: chance of snow high: 30 - low: 24 tuesday:
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we're hearing from the mother of a 13-year-old virginia girl who was killed last week. nicole lovell's mom says her daughter touched many people throughout her short life. . authoritits found nicole lovell's body in neighboring north carolina on saturday. that's days after her parents believe she climbed out of her bedroom window. her mother, tammy weeks, says nicole overcame many health struggles, wiwi doctors at one point giving her a one percent chance
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"1:15 she had a passion for pandas, music, dancing, and dreams of being on american idol ... someday " two virginia tech students are charged in her death. police say one of them knew, abducted and then killed her. the other is charged with concealing a dead body and accessory before and after murder. comedian bill cosby was back in court today, arguing that he should nonohave been charged with aggravated indecent assault. cosby's attorneys say he had a deal with a former district attorney that said, in exchange for his testimony in a civil suit, the attorney would not file crcrinal charges. a former district attorney testified today there was such an agreement, but it wasn't written because he felt it was unnecessary. he also said he thought there e uld never be enouou evidence to prosecute cosby. the 78 year old cosby has repeatedly denied all sexual assault
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coming up next in sportrt two of the t t high school girls basketball teams in the state squared off tonight in iowa city. and the cyclones try to pull off another big win at hilton against a top 15 opponent. stay with your 24 hour news
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state hosted 14th h nked west
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hilton. west virginia loves to press not a problem early for the cyclones.. they break it easily and jameel mckay finishes. and matt thomas got of to a hot start from behind the arc with back to back trey's to give the clones a 10-4 lead. and then monte morris from downto to double up the mountaineers. and h h bout the man child deonte burton throws one down for the 13 point lead. west virginia turned up the defense and went on an 26-9 run at the end of the half to cut the lead to 2. but with time running down on the clock morris with the oop to mckay for the flush and iowa state 37-33 at the break. and a good start to the second half georgia niang for three of his team high 20. anangeorge can do it all this time with the cross over drive for the bucket and one. and this game was tight down the stretch. tied at 72 niang with the steal and that triggers the break and abdel nader finishes fofo two of his 19. but west virginia hit a big three on
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the lead..and west virginia with some big rebounds down ththstretch and they h hld on for the 81-1- win. the iowa state women beat kansas tonight 63-53. what a year it has been for the hawkeyes.. they are back on the cover of sports illustrated. scott westerberg h h more. news of iowa's place on the cover of sports illustrated traveled fast, but not fast enough to reach adam woodbury before today's press conference. "jarrod was on one of the regional sports illustrated covers this week." "oh really? i had no idea." jarrod uthoff had heard the news before meeting with the media, but as always, he was quick to deflect any attention n ay from himself. "i think it's great for the program. i think hawkeye athletics is having a lot of success, and i'm thrilled about it. you can look back on this after the season. it's just like success, you can look back on it after the season, but during the time you just got to keep your head to the grindstone."c
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handle the extra attention, so he was glad to see their hard work get recognized like this." "when you see them work as hard as our guys work, you want to see them recognized properly, so i think it's a terrific honor."while the rest of the tete thought the si cover was cool, thth all agree they've got bigger goals in mind. "it's cool for the fans to see. you can ask jarrod about it, it means nothing to him, and he'll say that. for our team, we'll look at it as a cool thing, but we'll look at it later in life. right now we're just focused on winning." "we'll definitely enjoy it a lot more after the season. right now we're looking to continue to get better. we're sitting in a very good spot, but we'ree definitely not finished yet."in iowa city, scott westerberg tv9 sports. a lot of high school games were cancelled tonight in eastern iowa but not the big showdown in iowa city. undefeated regina hosted 17-2 west branch.
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one last look at the forecast,t, joe... our winter storm continues to roll through
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dense fog night as the winds diminish with the passage of the area of low pressure is evening. overnight light rain changes back to light snow with increasing winds into wedndnday morning. as we watch the mercury drop overnight slick travel conditions are likely for the morning commute. stay with kcrg-tv9 for the latest updates on our winter storm. tonight: fog early, snow late low: 26-32 winds: e 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy, windy high: 26-32 winds: nw 20-35 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. we hope you'll be with us again tomorrow. until then, have a
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's immy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones.
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