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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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chris, we could see some snow tomorrow night, right about when people will be out caucusing. as the weak system moves off to the east tonight, we will see some areas of at least partial clearing. overall, we will be looking at a partly cloudy night. it'll be a cooler night as well, with winds out of theheorth, helping to push us back down into the low and mid 20s for lows. the start of the work week will be quiet for most of monday, under a partly to mostly cloudy sky. it's not until we move into the later evening hours tomorrow night that we start to see the moisture move in from the south from the winter storm. as it looks now, light snow and wintry mix may develop across areas mainly alononand uth of highway 30 before midnight. this may create some slick areas for travelers. blizzard and winter storm watches are in place for counties north of interstate 80 for tuesday. tonight: partly cloudy low: 21-27 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 23bq: 24 iow: 25tomorrow: m/cloudy, mix late high: 33-39 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 32 dbq: : 4 iow::37 back to you.
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the home stretch here in iowa, with the caucuses now less than 24 hours away. today, they made a flurry of stops across the state, encouraging people to get out to the night. republican front-runner donald trump spoke with supporters in sioux city. he was joined by his wife and daughter. trump attacked texas senator ted cruz, who is polling in second place, caucus-goers. trump told people it was time to take back the white house. "1:07 yoyohaven't had a winnerer in iowa in 16 years. we're going to have a winner. you better believe it. we're going to have a winner. that's a bad spell .16 years that's a lot of years. " trump will make two more appearances in eastern iowa before the caucuses begin. he'll meet with supporters in waterloo at the ramaa hotel and convention center around 11 a-m. he then has a campaign stop
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hilton hotel in cedar rapids. that gets underway at 1:30. despite trump's lead, ted cruz remains optimistic heading into tomorrow night. today, he met with supporters in iowa city and then in davenport. he says he believes he will do well in the hawkeye state tomorrow - and in other states later on. "1:38 i'm here today with a word of hope an encouragement. all across the state of iowa and across the country, people are waking up. there is a spirit of awakening and revival sweeping across this country " cruz will make a pre- caucus stop in eastern iowa tomorrow. he'll rally at the grace baptist church in marion around 4:30. then he goes back to des moines for the rest of caucus night. florida senator marco rubio brought his campaign to cedar falls and cedar rapids today. his message focused on repealing obamacare and securing u-s borders. but he also sayshoever
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his party, needs to unite conservatives . 07:35:33 "if you caucus for me and i am our next nominee, i will unite the conservative movement, i will grow the conservative movement. we will defeat the democrats, we will turn our country around and addresesour issues and we will unite amemeca too." volunteer and staffers for hillary clinton are working feverishly, with the former secretary of state in a dead heat with bernie sanders here in our battleground state of iowa. today, kcrg-tv9's sarahccarthy followed some of those volunteers to find out what goes into the there's a constant chatter inside this marion home, 06:30:52 "are you going to make it to the caucus on monday? as these hillary clinton campaign vovonteers.. 06:31:41 "the doorsrspen at six and the cut off is at seven." work their way through long lists of names and numbers.. 06:26:02 "just wanted to remind you about caucusing monday february first." one dial at a time. "it was standing room only in the kitchen and on the sun porch and i thought my goodness, what
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this is an army aimed at getting you, your friends, your family - anyone and everyone - out on caucus night. marilyn rambo opened up her home to dozens of volunteers. her sun porch is canvassing central - her kitchen table now a phone bank. 06:37:14 "there's a homey feel, just like the caucus homey feel. and there's a large enough space and places for people to go, yet there arara lot of them who juju like to be around the table together, making the calls. it's very very busy." but this all extends beyond marilyn's front door. feet walking these volunteers have knocked on thousands of doors. knocking n n, they're revisitingng anyone they may have missed the first time around. it's an effort deb burns says isn't glamorous. but as a first time caucus- goer herself, she hopes this work will convince others to get out monday night. 06:57:42 "they just have to be there. they don't haha to give a speech, they don't have to do anything, just be there. we need their support." support that could make all the
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sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. meanwhile, clinton spent the day campaigning in western and central iowa. she told supporters in council bluffs that she wants to bring an end to tax evasion. clinton called the crime "corrosive to democracy." "people need to feel the game is not rigged against them, the deck is not stacked against them, they have the same right and opportunity to go as far as their hard work will take them." bernie sanders thanked voters and volunteers in his marshalltown field office earlier today. he urged the youth toto become more involved in the political process. he said iowans have a unique responsibility when it comes to presidential elections. "what they are going to have to say very loudly and clearly to washihiton, is that we demama a government that represents all of us and not a handful of wealthy campaign contributors." and we encourage you to stay
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tomorrow night for complete caucus coverage. we'll have reporters live in des moines and across eastern iowa, along with expert analysis. we'll broadcast live from 8 to 9 p-m on kcrg 9.2. then from 9 all the way through our 10 p-m news, we'll be live right here on our main channel, t-v9. two virginia tech students face charges in connection with the kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old girl. nicole madison went missing from her home in blacksburg, virginia, last week. her family believes she climbed out of her bedroom window. days later, searchers found her body just across the border in north carolina. police have arrested and charged 1 1year-old david eisenhauer with her abduction and murder, another student is charged with helping eisenhauer dispose of her body. several schoooodistricts across iowa are preparing for a series of bond votes this tuesday.
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will ask voters - now for a second time - to approve a 49.5-million dollar bond issueueif approved, the district would add classrooms to the high school and update heating, cooling, and safety bond isss failed by only 58 votes. on a proposed 47- million dollar bond issue. the for career and technical educucion programs in a new 35-million dollar career center, located near central middle school. waterloo east and west high schools would also receive six million dollars each for renovations. people in denver will once again decide whether to give the o-k to a high school expansion. the district is asking voters to approve a 7.3-million dollar bond issusu which would help pay for a new gym, auditorium, and indoor track. the bond issue narrowly failed in a vote last june. and the springville school
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asking people to approve 4.7-million dollars for nine elementary school classrooms... administrative office space... a multi-purpose room... and an exploratory technology room. again, people will vote on these bond issues tuesday, so stay tuned to kcrg's first alert weather team to stay up-to-date on how the weather could impact you. lls are open from 7 in the morning until 8 o'clock at night. the bond votes take a 60 percent "super majority" to pass. volunteers at a cedar rapids animal shelter give hundreds of hours of their time each year... they help out on a number of fronts from keeping the shelter clean to keeping it going... and it was a busy day on the hardwood for the hawkeyes and the panthers. highlhlhts, ahead in
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hours upon hours to strays and rescues. and that's just what cedar rapids animal care and control says its volunteers do. in tonight's show y care spotlight, kcrg-tv nine's brea love shows us why the shelter needs them. "there's just so many things that the volunteers do, its amazing." cleaning, walking and fundraisng those are just a few examples of the many things the shelter's 197 volunteers take on every day. volunteer tena pratt says she always keeps these words in mind.. "the more time you spend at the shelter, the more help you
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you will really reap the wonderfulness of being a volteer." shery merrit has volunteered for the past three years. she says she gets back much more personally, than the amount of time she invests. "it's a wonderful way to share your love with animals and make sure they're taken care e , its very grarafying." "volunteers do the things that the staff doesn't have the means to do like socializing with the animals. over the past year they put in more than 6,000 hours of volunteer work." "if you take a look at the number of staff, and all the different responsibility we hav and the number of hours in the day, and then the number of animals s house, there's absolutely no way we could get everything done." that's why webber says these volunteers are crucial, and they're always looking for more. the shelter asks for anyone 18 and up to fill out an application, and come to orientation. the next one is february 24th. in cedar rapids, brea
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the shelter is also holding a "paws for love" fundraiser on february 13th at the national czech and slovak museum and library in cedar rapids. all proceeds go to helping shelter animals. turning back to chris havely. chris, we're still on track to get winter weather early this week...the question still is, hcw much? as the weak system movesff to
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we will see some areas of at leasaspartial clearing. overall, we will be looking at a partly cloudy night. it'll be a cooler night as well, with winds out of the north, helping to push us back down into the low and mid 20s fofolows. the start of tt work week will be q qet for most of monday, under a partly to mostly cloudy sky. it's not until we move into the later evening hours tomorrow night that we start to see the moisture move in from the south from the winter storm. as it looks now, light snow and wintry mix may develop across areas mainly along and south of highway 30 before midnight. this may create some slick areas for travelers. blizzard and winter storm watches are in place for unties north of interstate 80 for tuesday. tonight: partly cloudy low: 21-27 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 23 dbq: 24
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m/cloudy, mix late high: 33-39 winds: nw 5-10 alo: 32 dbq: 34 iow: 37tomorrow night: light snow likely low: 26-3232 winds: ne 5-10 alo: 26 dbq: 26 iow: 29tuesday: snow, wintry mix, & windy high: 34 - low: 29 wednesday: cloudy & windy hi: 19 - llw: 18 thursday: partly cloudy high: 2222 low: 4 friday: mostly cloudy high: 28 - low: 9 saturday: chance of snow high: 21 - low: 14 sunday: partly cloudy high: 25 - low: 6 thanks chris. ... josh joins us now. one
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panic after losing to maryland on thuhuday. it just shows how focused this team really is and the e perience they have. we'll have the highlights of the hawkeyes
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when we come bjust lose its first big ten game of the season, it was their first loss since december 10th against iowa state. today, the hawkeyes were hoping to bounce back against northwestern . scott westerberg has the hihilights. this is the only regular season match-up between iowa and didn't take long for jarrod uthoff to bounce back after a tough shooting night at maryland. uthoff with back to back triples to put iowa up 3....then uthoff cleans up the nicholas baer miss with a two-hand flush....jarrod had 19 in the first half. northwestern's tre demps came to play....his 3 gave the wildcats an 18-14 lead....but it wouldn't last long...ahmad wagner with the offense rebound put back....hawks on a 14-0 run to make it 28- 18.
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from long range and just like that it's a 15 point iowa lead....the second half turned into the peter jok show....he buries a corner three....iowa up 51-35...more from jok....he hits again from downtown.....t he hawks keep feeding pete and the wildcats kept giving him space....jok with 3 straight threes...he had 22 in the second half alone.... iowa kept it's foot on the gas pedal.....antho ny clemmons s transition as the hawks bounce back from the maryland loss to beat northwestern 85-71. "it's just great to see him come back and play the way we expect him to play. he mixed it again, threes, inside, drives, on the glass, just spectacular." "jarrod was cooking i ithe first half so we were trying to find him and second
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up and i came out aggressive." "he's so smart and he gets open and he gets going. i think the impressive thing was how our guys got him the ball. they recognized where he was and when he gets in a groove like that you got to load him up." "pete can put the ball in the hoe frommanywhere, so wwn pete gets rolling like that we know we need to get him the ball." "we gave pretty good effort and were pretty aggressive. when we got them to turn it over we pushed it and got good shots out of it. we just locked in defensively and were able to pull away." in iowa city, scott westerberg tv9 sports. ... thank you scott,t,uni men hosting sououhern illinois ... first half action... bennett koch keeps the ball, drives and he throws it down firing up the crowd... he had a double- double, 22 points and 11 rebounds. later, uni's waverly-shell rock ad knt carlson wi the rim-rocker... pathers down by 3 ... the lukis pushed theirlead back to 10... cedar rapids shingtoo ad wws washpun drives, counte basket and e... he had 16, deficit isdown to 8 . the salukis we up 11, but i continues to fight... karlson wide open for the easyo-handed flush... panthers trail 23-17 ... closing minute of the first half... linn-mar grad matt
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buries the three-ball corner pocket.. he had 12... uni wins b bk-to- back games with the 67-58 win and i'm joined right now by rob howe from here to talk some rruiting. national signing day is this wednesday. rob, a lot of people say this year's iowa class is pretty athletic. what do you like about this class? "i think athletic is one this class who can play multiple positio. that's whatathey like. a running back out of illinois to shaun beyer locally. they're going to bring him in as a tight end, but there's a chance thatate could end up switching." let's talk about shaun beyer, the cedar rapids kennedy tight end. he committed after the stute tournament. what's not to like about him? he was everywhere on both sides
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this season. "he just made a lot of progress as a kid who got a lot better as his high school career went on. and with kids committing so early now, sometimes kids like him can get lost in the shuffle. but it was that iowa stuck with him through the process, nebraska ended up offering him. i think he's got a really high ceiling. i think he's going to be a good college player." williams, an offensive lineman out of cedar falls. do you see him on the offensisi line or on defense. what would you say? "i think he's definitely offensive line. i think he's an interior guy that could end up at center eventually, depending on how his body deveveps. he's veve quick, he's another guy that's athletic. he just seems natural inside. he's a 275-280 pound kid, but he carries it really well. he's not a lumbering guy. i let't'talk about some of the guys coming in from out of state. the big one is cedrick lattimore, a defensive
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detroitmichigan. what do you like about him? is he the speed rush guy that t owa's been needing for a long time? "i think he's definitely that guy. he's a really good basketball player too. he plays inside, obobously. he's a guy that has really high ceiling. another guy like shaun beyer that bloomed late in his high school career. he and chauncey gholston, his high school teammatat who's also coming here as a defensive end, our both really guys that are good off the edge and were a major need in this class. and that was addressed." who else do yoyolike in this class? "i like the quarterback, nathan stanley out of wisconsin i thought was really overlooked. he's a guy that wisconsin came in hard after. paul chryst was his first offer when he w w at piit, then iowa offered him, then he committed to iowa and was the first one in this class. i believe rivals may have bumped him up to a 4-star. so
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radar, but he's a rerely good quarterback that fits into this system well. he's a pro-style, but he's a guy that can also move his feet." national signing day is on wednesday. rob howe joining us for the sunday night spotlighthtwe'll be right back, stay
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... the iowa women's baskethoping for back-to-back wins for the fifit time play. ... hawkeyes were on the road today at northwestern ... quite a few players contributed offensively today... chase coley with the turnaround jumper... she had a team-high 19 points ... later it's coley with the bounce to freshman megan gustafson... she had a double-double with 15 points and 13 rebounds ... iowa city west grad double figures in every game this
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18 as she drives to the hoop ... freshman tania davis also got involved... as she hesitates, then drives, count the basket and one... iowa wins 79-64... uni women beat bradley, 55-47 ... kentucky at florida... iowa city high grad haley lorenzen had a big game for the gators... she starts off her scoring with the baseline jumper... later in the firstuarter, haley with the pick and roll and she banks in the layup... 2nd quarter, haley posts up, count the basket and she's fouled... she had 18 points as florida beat 12th ranked kentucky, 85-79 ... to the wrestling mat, northern iowa hosting ohio in the west gym ... 125, denver native dylan peters fires up the crowd with this first period pin against shakur laney... panthers start off the match with six points ... but ohio comes back to win the next three matches... this is 141, noah forrider gets two points for the takedown... he'd get the 10-4 decision... ohio leads 9-6 ... uni answers back at 157... waverly-shell rock grad bryce steiert won his match 2-0 based mostly on
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iowa statbeat central michigan ... and tomorrow for on iowa live, former hawkeye josh oglesby and the marion girls basketball team will join us at the first avenue draught house. thanks josh. and now to first alert storm team meteorologis
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following is a production of learfield sports. announcer: uthoff hits a stand-still three. >> gesell, his three is good. excellent ball movement again. hawks have numbers. three on two, clemmons the lob to uthoff, stuffs it through.
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