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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  November 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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details straight ahead. let's get over to joe. >> reporter: here's a look at the drive from the west side of town, i-70, 6th avenue, highway 285 and eastbound c-470 are looking wide open for now. i'll have your full traffic picture coming up. some shoppers are taking advantage of black friday deals already. look at these folks outside the best buy last night captured from drone 4. this is the best buy on mexico right near south colorado opened. they were open on thanksgiving day. take a look at the traffic on i- 25 by castle rock's outlets last night. stores opened at 8:00 in the morning. lane lyon checking out black friday shopping now. he's at the target now on e- 470. hey, lane. >> reporter: hey, alan, good morning to you. we're starting to see more of the aisles fill up as people
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as they are most years. apple watches, there are deals here at the target store where we are. one of the employees pointed this out, in you have a gamer in your family, we have door buster sales for the consoles and also the games that are half off. people are starting to turn out. target opened up last night. they had their sales running all last night and ago shopping in this area. they say they are ready to go. this is the tan family. they got up nice and early today. they all got their coffees and they said they wanted to be a part of what is a tradition on black friday and are a little bit surprised they're here shopping without a lot of the craziness. >> was the most important stop
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looking for? >> anything. mostly electronic stuff, i think is kind of like what we came to see for the sales. >> reporter: okay. there are some deals to be had today. by the way, if you have someone in your family asking about the nintendo classic, also the hatch a moles, i asked the managers here today, they come in very short supply, of course. they don't know when they receive in. they had three yesterday. gone now. but they say you never know because the shipments are coming in throughout the weekend. be prepared. alan, i have you on my wish list and i'll keep you posted. >> you're not giving, just taking, lane? i got a kick off those people in your interview, every one of them has a starbucks cup. appreciate you working hard this morning. one of tv's most famous mothers has passed away.
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as carol brady died last night at a hospital in los angeles. henderson's manager says she had suffered from heart failure. ? here's the story of a lovely lady ? ? who was bringing up three very lovely girls ? >> reporter: florence henderson cemented her mark as one of america's favorite moms when she took on the role of carol brady on >> jan, you're not in anybody's shadow. marsha is three years older than you. >> reporter: the wholesome television mother got her start on broadway as a teenager in the '50s. but it was the sitcom that propelled her to >> it represents what every child wishes they had, a loving family. the kids get along. you teach them how to tell the
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honor your parents and respect your teachers and elders. >> reporter: henderson played the single mother of three daughters who married a widowed father with three sons. it depicted the joys and pitfalls of merging two families. starting in 1969, it lasted for five seasons. >> i can't tell you how many young parents tell me that their kids watch the show, because there's very little innocence left on television. >> reporter: the youngest of 10 chil southern indiana. she moved to new york city when she was 17 and debuted on broadway a year later. >> this is florence henderson and that was i said no. >> reporter: she even had a stint as a disc jockey. her tv daughter maureen mccormick tweeted a photo of the two together and said, you are in my heart forever, florence. henderson was surrounded by her family and friends when she passed away.
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and traffic picture now. ashton is with us. good morning to you, alan. maybe the day after thanksgiving, but our cbs4 weather watchers are still giving us the weather reports and we always appreciate that. jim bruce, we can count on him in rice canyon, to the west of fort collins. he's got 31 degrees. he says calm wind and star lit skies. that's a beautiful part of the state. avon at 9. it's 23 down in la 28 akron. 20 degrees in pagosa springs. it's cold everywhere in colorado. yesterday our official high was 49. that's right on the money for thanksgiving here in the metro area. today will be warmer. about 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. then as we get into tomorrow and sunday, temperatures climb up to 62 for saturday and 55 on sunday.
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lot of wind especially sunday afternoon so likely will feel cooler than 55. and we have the broncos game sunday evening. we'll look at the forecast for the broncos and we'll talk about big snow that will be back in the mountains by the end of this thanksgiving extended holiday weekend. all the details straight ahead. >> reporter: good morning, we'll start with the onhighway metro area picture drive. here's a look at e-470 has slow traffic northbound and southbound and especially westboun interchange, probably because some backups heading to park meadows mall. still slow traffic around northwest parkway as well. some slowdowns probably pointing to an accident westbound at just after i-25. otherwise, the rest of the highways are looking good. thanks a lot. care 4 colorado toy drive campaign kicks off today. we're collecting new unwrapped toys for kids at the boys and girls clubs in metro denver and
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children every day. members between the ages of 6 and 18, and many of them think of their clubs as a second home. >> the importance of boys and girls club is we become a consistent in their inconsistent lives. we're there each day after school. a hot dinner is guaranteed. caring staff is there to help with homework. >> as you're out shopping think about it. the drive runs through december 24th. we have today in participating king soopers stores and our studios and the i heart radio station on south monaco street. details on a crash that killed a local teenager. happened yesterday morning at i- 25 and highway 7. police suspect the man driving the suv was drunk when he hit a blue
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a 19-year-old kyle nackos of weld county died. 16-year-old driver was seriously injured. the alleged drunk driver is going to be arrested when released from the hospital. the family has set up a gofundme page to set up kyle's funeral. it's already raised more than $7,800 since it opened yesterday afternoon. colorado springs teenagers recovering at university of colorado hospital now. they were rescued wednesday from mount of the ho eagle county, one of the state's highest mountains. in a story you'll only see on cbs4, the two spoke to our rick salinger about what happened in the so-called bermuda triangle of the rockies. >> reporter: the two teens spent two treacherous nights. >> i would get cold from the snow and what not, i'd put my
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to each other to have the body heated to survive. >> reporter: survive they did, suffering only frost bite to toes and thigh. >> did you ever think it might not turn out this way? >> absolutely not. fear is the epitome of doubt and if you doubt in the mountains you're screwed. >> we were praying to god because he was dell with us -- definitely with us the whole time. he was the only one keeping us alive and our ability to get >> reporter: rescue teams on the ground and air pulled the teens from the mountains after spotting their tracks. >> i was thankful, because i really wanted to see my family for thanksgiving. i didn't want to be hiking and eating cold ramen for thanksgiving. i was pretty happy. >> when that chopper saw us, it was a moment of pure joy and we knew we were going to get out of there and be okay. >> reporter: they were taken by ambulance for treatment first
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transported to the denver area. the two are in the burn unit of this hospital because it's one of the few in the country that uses a special treatment for frostbite. in aurora, rick salinger, cbs4 news. >> incredible story there. we're at 5:40. romi bean with us just ahead as the broncos start a really tough run. >> that's right. just six games left to make it
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,, ,, ,, if you have thanksgiving leftovers you may want to think twice about reheating some of your meal. >> reporter: if you have leftovers from thanksgiving dinner, beware. not all your favorites may be
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clinical dietician lindsey malone says don't save the rice. when it cools, bacteria can grow rapidly. >> that bacteria is resistant to heat. if you are heating it to the normal temperature it doesn't matter. that bacteria will still be there. >> reporter: another to toss, potatoes cooked in aluminum foil. >> letting it cool to that temperature danger zone and keeping the foil on it you've ground. >> reporter: foods with a high moisture content like stuffing should be thrown away. when it comes to poultry, malone says reheat it to the proper internal temperature to avoid bacteria. and don't store the whole bird. >> that's setting up the situation for bacterial growth. cut it up into smaller portions, cool it quickly, store it within about two hours. >> reporter: the very young, old and those with compromised
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it's best to avoid having a fridge full of leftevers. >> for those you plan on saving, get it into shallow containers and within the refrigerator within two hours. >> reporter: if you are going to reheat the leftovers, use the oven, not microwave. it cooks more evenly. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. in an effort to get to opt outside, all colorado's state parks have free admission. colorado one of 22 states to have free admission. it's a whole other world from shopping. ashton, weather is good for that, too. absolutely. it will be a terrific day to spend at maybe one of the state parks. really anything outdoors. enjoy it a little bit at least today. we are going to see a lot of sunshine and this afternoon we'll be warmer than yesterday. about 10 degrees warmer than
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afternoon. for now it is cold everywhere. 20s around denver, boulder and fort collins. teens and 20s on the eastern plains. single digits and teens for the colorado high country, including 10 now in aspen. it's 9 in eagle county in avon. later on in eagle county we'll be in the mid-40s. mid-40s most of the western slope. 50s on the plains. here in the denver metro area close to 60 this afternoon. mostly sunny skies will cover all of colorado. two different weather makers we're watcng top of us that will guarantee dry weather for colorado today, tonight and tomorrow. then an area of low pressure that's off the west coast. as that approaches we're going to see snow come back to the mountains saturday night into sunday. here's the futurecast from 9:00 a.m. today until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. we're quiet. we'll start to see a little bit of snow in the san juans initially late in the even tomorrow and snow spreads throughout the mountains by sun
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so rain or snow will be next to impossible around the metro area, outside a renegade snow flake or rain drop. 8to 12 for the mountains north of steamboat. 5to 10 summit county. ten to 14 aspen and 10 to 14 for the san juan mountains. grand total saturday night through monday. today 60 with sunshine. tomorrow, 62 with more sunshine. sunday, cooler and breezy. d was looking. i think we'll be above freezing probably through the whole game. kickoff temperature 39. end of the fourth quarter we'll be at 35. joe is here for joel. let's get a check on traffic. >> reporter: good morning. here's a look at what's happening at the eisenhower tunnel from our cdot cams. the roads are looking nice for now. as ashton alluded to, quite a bit of snow, which means bring up your chains because probably on the way down is where you'll be seeing the tread
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restrictions as well, so just be aware of that. here's a look at the aurora mall. 225 is looking good. no major delays. of course as you start around alameda and sable, even south to center point where your headaches will lie. can't have thanksgiving without football? lions fans took on the vikings in the battle for north. matt stafford finds bolton in the end zone. d got it done, interception with 30 seconds later. this is detroit's 7th fourth quarter comeback and they have accounted for all their wins this year that way. they take first in the division with a 16-13 final over the vibes yesterday. dallas and washington
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terrance williams. both of his toes down here in very corner of the end zone. cowboys led at the half. eventually they got the win in spite of a comeback effort by washington. dallas gets 31 to 26 win yesterday after losing their nicer game of the season, the cowboys have now won 10 games in a row. colts and steelers for the late game, no andrew luck for indy. best punter. trick pass play there, led the colts to their only touchdown and he had the walkon after that. brown finishes with two touchdowns, 28-7 pittsburgh wins. broncos back at it sunday. romi bean here to talk about broncos/chiefs. good morning. >> good morning. a lot of good football from thanksgiving, right?
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broncos put their three super bowl trophies in the locker room this week. the raiders are atop the division at 8-2. the broncos and chiefs are tied at 7-3. the broncos have six games left to climb back to the top and try for their sixth consecutive division title. broncos are as healthy as they've been this season so far after the bye. for the first time since week two. all the defensive starters are ready to take together. aqib talib says he feels super fresh. in what kubiak called six playoff games, a healthy defense will be key to make the postseason, especially sunday. check this, chiefs are fifth in the league in scoring defense, and they have forced a ton of turnovers. they are plus 29 in the
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in those games they're 17-3. those numbers speak volumes. and good news, if you're looking for it, the broncos used the team's latest bye since 1999 to reset. the team is as healthy as it was in september and that puts them in a position to pursue another championship. they are spirited as kubiak put it. the newest addition to the locker room, those three trophies, are the perfect reminder of what they're fighting for. >> good there building, that's a good thing, we all know that. new year, new battle. i think this team is really excited. coaches, organization, everybody. six weeks to play. that's why we do what we do. we're all excited and you can feel it around here. we have big challenges ahead. >> all right, and my x factor for sunday, trevor siemian. he's looked good this week, some saying the best he's
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and while the chief's ability to rush the passer is one of their strengths on defense, it may benefit the broncos this weekend if the chiefs elect to turn up the heat with a blitz or two. trevor has six touchdowns and only one interception against the blitz. the number you need to know is 23.9. after 10 games this season, the broncos are averaging per game. last year, 22.3 per game after 10 games. so despite the unending complaints that we hear about the broncos' offense, maybe the team is actually, the team is scoring more points at this point last year, so maybe the offense isn't that bad. >> great to get that help from the d, too, romi. >> absolutely. >> thanks a lot, romi. you can hear more from romi
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time for weather and traffic together on the 4's. ed teem our weather watcher in alamosa, it is 8 degrees down there this morning. meanwhile, nancy on the plains, she's in wray, almost seems warm compared to alamosa. 22 degrees there. most of us in the denver area are just below freezing. we're about 31 currently here at the station along lincoln downtown. 9:00a.m. then today we'll be 10 degrees warmer than for thanksgiving. we'll reach 60 this afternoon. even warmer than that tomorrow, and then we start cooling down. i mean a big cooldown as we get into next week. details straight ahead. here's joe. >> reporter: hey, ashton, good morning. here's a look at what's going on at i-25 and founders parkway. actually quite a bit of traffic yesterday. but the roads are looking good around the castle rock area.
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highway 36 around flat iron crossing. you can see highway 36 is looking good. there was trouble however on northwest parkway to be aware of if you're trying to use that to get to flatiron crossing this morning. as we zoom out, no major accidents or stalls to report. thanks, joe. 96-year-old man breaks a world record running the highlands ranch turkey day 5k. bob mcadam retirement home but always stayed active. he finished 48 minutes and 19 seconds yesterday with a little help. well done. >> it was great. great. i'll try to remember it. i told my mother i'd never be 55. that's when i was 19 and didn't know better. >> way to go, bob. he beat the previous record for a runner in his age group by almost two minutes.
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5:56now. here's what's still ahead this morning. we're following tragic news. reporting on the death of florence henderson. also ahead, two teenagers recovering from frost bite. hear how they were caught in what's known as the bermuda triangle of the rockies. new details about donald trump's fund
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,, ,, breaking overnight, one of america's favorite moms has passed away. florence henderson best known for her role as carol brady on the hit tv show "the brady brunch." she continued making tv appearances on "dancing with the stars." her manager says she was not
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came as a shock. shocked all of america. the broadway star turned tv star died at the age of 82 years old. good morning. one of the stories we're covering today on this black friday. i'm alan gionet. live look, chilly morning as we get started. 31 degrees out there now in denver. ashton is telling us what's ahead. what do we have? it's going to be warmer today. good morning. sun will be up in about hour. temperatures now in the 20s and 30s around town. typical for a late november morning. if anything, it's a little warmer than normal outside. today and tomorrow we'll be in the 60s and colder weather starts coming in on sunday. a lot of snow coming in for the end of the weekend as well. details on that straight ahead. now let's get over to joe for a check on traffic. >> reporter: south side of town into downtown, castle rock to


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