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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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it has arrived and crossed over the rocky mountains and it is now sitting out here on the east central plains of colorado and straddling the southwest side of kansas. that low as it spins up and intensifies it is drawing warm rich moist air out of the gulf of mexico. cold air straight out of canada and is really invigorating this low pressure system. it is a little stronger than we anticipated as it starts to pull off to the northeast, it will bend our winds from the that should shut the snowfall off here along the front range. northeast colorado has a while to go. they could get one inch per hour of snowfall rate as the storm system winds up. >> it is already intensifying now on the eastern plains. they filled in much, much more than they were earlier. starting to clear a bit more. off to the west, the clouds are clearing more. and temperatures are going to plummet in that area. so take a look at the eastern plains. once you leave town, headed toward the airport, out toward
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that snow is going to continue as this makes its way out of the state. so expect some stronger snow like chris just said throughout the next several hours out on the eastern plains. headed into the denver area downtown for us, it is fairly light at the moment. some areas might not get much at all. larimer county is getting a little clearing and lighter near fort collins. still pretty heavy out near leader. it there where chris is. the western slope areas near grand junction and delta, still getting a little bit of snow. but the west is clearing a bit more. and we have had a drastic drop in our temperatures. we had a powerful cold front and the area of low pressure, so we are 40 degrees cooler in denver and boulder than yesterday at this time. in the high country, 20 to 31 degrees cooler than yesterday. so, coming up in a moment, we are going to talk about the cold temperatures, upcoming
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up. for now, we will send it back to britt and jim. >> you should have already blown out the sprinklers. remember, this is important, go outside, detach those hoses. they say that you don't have to worry too much about your perennials but pay attention to your trees. >> if you have newly planted trees, maple, honey locust, crab apple. that is when you want to use just on the actual trunk. and it helps protect from sun scald, something that can happen in colorado in the winter but then if you have trees that are near sidewalks, this will also help to protect against ice melt that could get on the trunk. >> good advice. and, did you know this? you shouldn't leave pots outside. the dirt inside might expand and the pots could crack. you will want to check out our
6:33 pm hour by hour forecast and video clips. donald trump met with japan's prime minister today. it is his first meeting with a world leader since the election. he is working to fill the ranks. there is word tonight trump has offered retired lieutenant general michael flynn has national security adviser. mike pence was back in familiar territory meeting with leadership on capitol hill. >> he gave our members an update on the transition and the priorities for this administration. it was a warm and very productive conversation. >> trump's campaign manager says appointments will likely be announced either right before or right after thanksgiving. an inmate in wisconsin who is the focus of a netflix doc u- series will stay behind bars. an appeals court handed down the ruling today. brandon dassey was set to be released tomorrow. but until the appeal matter is resolved, he will stay behind bars, he was sentenced to life
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in 2005. he confessed to detectives he helped his uncle rape and kill that victim in their family's salvage yard. then a judge said the confession was coerced. it became the suggest of making a murder on netflix. a massive natural gas explosion killed a utility worker in canton, illinois. the blast ripped apart buildings last night, debris, and dust covered that neighborhood. engineers are testin buildings are now. police say it appears a contract tour hit a gas line while digging but the cause is still under investigation. well, he got everything including the kitchen sink. home surveillance video shows the thief taking the sink. also swiped two bathroom sinks and the garbage disposal. this is brian texas where homeowners are fixing their properties after a tornado earlier this year. >> we worked hard for our
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know, its is frustrating when someone thinks they can take something. >> sure is. cheryl says the thief hit when the contractor left for a time to get supplies. you know, there really is a world record for everything. >> including a bizarre bungee jumping record. why this one was unlike any other coming up. >> and doppler 4,000 is still showing some snow and as the storm pulls away, as lauren and chris told you, it desert air coming our way when one leaves, when one arrives
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,, ,, >> you know, if you have been to the denver center lately, you might notice they are down one theater. >> the intimate space theater is being renovated. greg moody has the story. >> reporter: there i was about to see frankenstein in the stage theater when i began to wonder what is going on with the rebuild in the space theater? the smaller in round space?
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well, this. this is what is behind that wall. and this. and this. the space has been completely gutted. and it is being rebuilt in a ten million dollars project to approve sight lines and audience access and state of the art theatrical technology. >> we are recreating the boom, operating the lights, we have places where we can do ec of the audience or right on top of them. the other thing i'm excited about, we can still bring things in. we also will have additional opportunities, safer opportunities, more up to date opportunities to use the traps underneath the stage and bring things up that way. it is a structure built beneath a structure. now we have one structure. >> reporter: for audiences, this should be a new experience
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>> we are actually taking the seating capacity of this theater down by 50 to 130 seats depending on the configuration of the theater itself. so, it will provide for a more intimate audience experience. >> reporter: the space is about ten months away from completion. but, when it is finished, it should make for a completely new experience for denver theater audiences. i'm critic at laeg for cbs4 news. >> the project began last march. it should be completed and ready for its first show in september of next year. well, we have the bitter cold temperatures. mixing in with the snowfall. and, that is causing a bit of a mess on the road. right now, a live look at i-25 in dry creek. starting to accumulate on the pavement. the good news is looks like everybody is keeping their distance. because, it is slick out there. hopefully, not a lot of problems to report over the next hour or so. ed is up next to let us know
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,, ? to me the holidays are special, with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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>> welcome back. president obama is making his final visit to germany as
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the world. in berlin, concerns about president-elect donald trump's friendly outreach to russia. during a joint news conference with german chancellor, president obama says he remains cautiously optimistic. >> my hope is that the president-elect coming in takes a similarly constructive approach finding areas where we ca that the president-elect also is willing to stand up to russia where they are deviating florida virtual our values and international norms. >> tomorrow, the president will meet with the leaders of france. the u.k., italy, and spain. >> aftershocks continue to rock new zealand. days after a 7.8 magnitude quake hit the country. the aftershocks are causing major structural robs in the city of wellington.
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is at risk of collapsing and people are worried about a waterfront high-rise. we have the highest ever bungee dunk. that's right. 24-year-old simon berry of england jumped 230 feet up. but that is not what got the record. the fact he had dunked a biscuit into a cup of tea. how british is that? [ laughter ] today, by the way, is the tenth annual guinness world records day. in all, around the world, more than 600,000 people tried to break records. >> well, kudos to him. but i like it right here on the ground. >> you have to get that cord exactly right! so he didn't go crashing. hey, 39 degrees today. we have not had a high in the 30s since april 30. it is cold. it will be cold. you bet. let's take a look now. you can see the traffic is slow going. because, it is getting colder, so some of that rain and snow is starting to get slick. on the roadways, as you look at doppler 4,000, a big shield of
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that storm system is leaving our area. but, it is also intensifying before it clears the state. so, we will have a couple more hour os tough snow before we start to see the clearing skies. look at the pacific, here is the next system. cold air came through t snow started and we got chilly today. the high was just after midnight. the low, was about 4:00 this afternoon. let's go back to lauren now. lauren, now everybody is saying when is this going to get out of here and you have updated snow totals that they are constantly update. >>i you. the weather watcher april reporting 4.2 inches in greenwood village. south of town got more. we had more down that way. and moderate snow is now changing into flurries. in some areas it is getting lighter. snow totals, winter so far, allens park with 6.5 inches. five inches for ward. bailey, just around three-and-a- half inches so we got a nice
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evening. an area of employee pressure. high pressure will start to take back over off to the west and we will see clearing skies. tomorrow is sunny, but very warm outside. so looking at the futurecast, snow into the evening. then south of denver, midnight, we should be on the clearing skies. you will see the skies clear. cloud ins the high country in the morning but the rest of us will be clear. temperatures are really going to plummet and tomorrow will be a ry well. so, ed, there's plenty of advisories out there. we are not done yet. >> coincidentally, as you see the snow ends around midnight. the winter weather advisory continues to midnight. you can see keystone resort happy. they got pretty good snow. they open tomorrow. take a look at this. yesterday, a beautiful pink rose in 80-degree weather. david shows from highlands ranch now, the poor thing is just covered with snow. it is kind of a sad picture.
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started off in the 29s . 76 and 14 below the records. 27 and 26 right now. north wind at 21 gusting to 28. 88% humidity. we have a rising barometer. temperatures tonight, teens, 20s over the eastern plains. we will find singling digits and teens. then tomorrow, across the state, we will see highs in the 30s and the 40s so everybody is cold. but we do see a warmup and you will see it in th clearing skies after the snow ends. 20 and 18 the overnight low. chilly side with only low 40s . that is about 10 degrees below normal. and we get close tore that on saturday with 54. 63 on sunday. more of the same on monday. there comes the next change, but in the a cold one. 53 with scattered showers. >> times like this, we forget what is normal. >> we sure do. >> that's right. >> thanks ed. you guys are going to love this. our junior weather watcher is nash from denver.
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man for halloween. here is his audition tape. >> come outside in the backyard. it is very cold. it is very cloudy too. it is tonight going to be very, very cold. and, tomorrow, it is very cold. i'm in my socks, you can see. >> how authentic is that? be sure to watch nash tomorrow during the cbs4 morning news with the team and i. he will give the kids the bus stop forecast. >> these kids are such naturals. very relaxed. here is what is going on. well, we have some news for parents with young children. >> a new report finds booster seats are more effective than ever when it comes to
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,, >> stocks moved higher on news. the federal reserve plans too raise interest rates. the dow gained 35 points. the nasdaq up 39. the s&p was up 10. new details on bribery accusations against jp morgan chase. the bank has agreed to pay more than $264 million in fines to settle bribery charges. the company allegedly hired friends and relatives of chinese officials in order to
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those positions were offered to people regardless if they were qualified or not. the bank will avoid any criminal bribery charges with this deal. and wells fargo says it is losing new business after paying that huge fine for the big sales scandal. the bank said today, the number of customers opening new accounts is down 44% from a year ago. credit card applications down a whopping 50%. and, there's a small increase in the number of customers closing their accounts, wells fargo employees opened up 2 million fake accounts to meet high pressure sales goal. an old scam is making a new comeback. >> it is called the overpayment scam. a con artist sends a check for a thousand dollars asking the victim to deposit that pun, keep 200 for themselves and wire 800 back to the scammer. well, a few days later bank realizes the check is a fake, now the victim is on the hook
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>> they are pretty sophisticated. one of the things people underestimate is the sophistication, creativity, and persistence of scam artists. >> they are good at it. it is very difficult to catch the con artists because they use fake names and contact information. new information now on the safest booster car seats for children. experts say this year's models are more effective than ever at protecting kids in the crash. seats were rated and 48 of them got the best bet. >> things have improved a lot since 2008 when we first started rating the boosters. back then, only a quarter of seats got the top rating. >> only two seat this year are not recommended. the costco easy elite and costco high-back. we have a link to the full list on you know, and we see it so often. even in a serious, serious
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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>> thanks for joining us on colorado's news ,,
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,, ,, thank you very much. thanks. leonard: that is unbelievable. good for bert. damn, the macarthur genius grant. couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. everything is stupid and i want to go home. that's sheldon's way of saying he's proud of bert, too. ah. hey, it's not even called the "genius grant," it's the macarthur fellowship. just like it's not frankenstein,
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ing simpleton over there. and if anyone's a genius, it's me for the way i brought that full circle. how much money did he win? over half a million dollars. wow. and he doesn't have to use it for research, he can do whatever he wants with it. oh, good, maybe he can build a nicer bridge to live under. here he comes. right. be polite. i know how to behave. do you? hey, congratulations bert! yeah, good for you. that's amazing. thanks. when they called and told me i won, i didn't believe them. and then they said, "no, you really won." and then i said, "cool." someone call george r. r. martin, this guy knows how to finish a story. i've gotten pretty good at telling it. well, see ya. some genius. i zinged him with sarcasm, he didn't even notice. i know, and it was
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