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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  September 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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4 what a nail-biter! >> incredible. and not the same stakes as the super bowl, but that was a classic to kick off the next season! we'll send it out to michael spencer. you're right there on the field. i gotta tell you, carolina's got a rocksolid kicker! i was sprieszed when he -- surprised when he missed that one at the end! >> reporter: prettyfe night, within the 50-yard attempt, no good. and that's what sealed the win for denver. and we talked all season long how the defense was gonna have to carry this team. >> reporter: this game could. any way remember i think the panterce won the 1st half, the broncos the 2nd half. broncos overcame 3 turnovers in broncos toward. they end up giving the ball away, no points. they could
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it looks like they're gonna have that kind of year again. broncos found a way to win. they won the super bowl rematch. >> a bit of redemption for chris harris, the guy who was guarding calvin benjamin when he end up scoring that touchdown. also the play of trevor siemian, 18 of 26, 178 yards, 2 interceptions. and i thought it wa able to bounce back. and it was clear there were a lot of short passes for trevor siemian, a lot of screen plays as well. but i thought they put a lot of faith in him tonight and he delivered. >> reporter: you have to have a short memory in football, and he had a couple of throws he would like back. the second interception in particular. he was under pressure, tried to rob it in the double coverage. but that 4th quarter, he played well
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a lot of talk about what this offensive line would be able to do. cj anderson had some big holes tonight. 92 rushing yards and a touchdown. an overall good game for the offensive line. much more coverage from mile high coming up in a little bit. >> we can't wait to hear from the fans about this tremendous win tonight. thank you both. linebacker brandon marshall put himself in the spolt light before the end kaepernick's protest he want kneeled during the national anthem tonight. he and the niners quarterback were college teammates in nevada. kaepernick won't stand for the flag of a country he says oppresses blacks and other citizens of color. the broncos released this statement during the game regarding marshall's protest saying "while we encourage members of our organization to stand during the national anthem, we understand and respect it's a personal decision."
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what began as a road rage incident ended with two dead. one of the victims was a good samaritan. >> reporter: we know one of the victims was a jendel giant who was always will willing to lend a helpi two drivers came to a stop at an intersection near 56th and pe?a. >> one. the drivers exited his car, and one went other to the second vehicle and began to pound windows >> reporter: he was hit as the car tried to get away. another tragedy. >> a good samaritan stopped, rendered aid, and they end up being struck by a third vehicle.
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at the scene. the employee from the department of public works died at a nearby hospital. coworkers remembered him as a great han and great friend. >> it's hard to tell what's going on in that other personary mind. if you find yourself in that situation, do not stop if you don't have to. >> reporter: wean the surviving drivers involved in the accident all o dpd says it's unlikely they will face any charges. the recovery of a deputy who was injured in a shootout. a gunman shot brice near a middle school in parker last friday. shooter was killed by officers. we expect to learn more about bright's injuries and the investigation into the shooting at a news conference tomorrow morning. home security cameras catch
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action. we see him peering into the bedroom of a teenaged girl in arvada. stan bush, you went out to the neighborhood. people understandably freaked outinto the bedroom of a teenaged girl in arvada. stan bush, you went out to the neighborhood. people understandably freaked out. >> reporter: when it's dark outside and you leave the blinds down, people can look into your home like it's a fish bowl. so arvada police are sending out this warning as they catch >> reporter: a homeowner woke up to this disturbing video, seeing this unknown peeping tom looking into her 17-year-old daughter's window. the man then tried to go into the front door. he goes back to looking into the girl's room when he can't get in. it happened around 1:00 . arvada police have been looking for the peeping tom for more than a month. >> not here >> reporter: he lives nearby
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neighborhood that now has more homes under construction and for sale than it has residents. arvada police went door to door here and now neighbors are on alert. >> make sure they have a friend close by, and be hyper vij land. >> you can see when he comes back from the door, he turns and looks at the camera. >> reporter: police say that peepto white man wearing glasses, thinning hair, a bald spot, and is a noticeable receding hair line. >> reporter: arvada police are ask further entire metro area to be on the lookout. hang now, new surveillance -- happening now, a groping suspect in boulder.
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college sunday morning. the man grabbed her, but she fought him off. that's when he ran under the underpass. new details in a case that put a caregiver behind bars. shawn west is accused of stealing art from the woman she was work sdpr selling that art online -- working for and selling that art online. >> reporter: they told me that they c looking for help. this is a licensed caregiver, somebody they paid money to take care of their sick mother. instead she allegedly stole all of the art and sold it online. >> reporter: it was about a month ago when another care worker for the victim who lives in this neighborhood noticed something. she saw e-mails that showed shawn west was selling the victim's art. in the '70s
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award-winning. this is some of her work we found online, specialize ing in native americans and the southwest. now her house is full of originals and prints. >> it was an undercover operation where we purchased i believe 16 items from the suspect in the case. >> reporter: west was arrested. >> taking advantage of an older adult because she was in a position of trust two days after the buy, we did awe search warrant at her home and found about 66 more items. >> reporter: more than 600 pieces of art were stolen, worth more than $100,000. only about 60 of the pieces have been recovered. >> that's the hardest thing to try and recover all items. i don't think that'll be possible. >> reporter: according to jail
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jefferson county jail. the family told me they hope to see full justice in this case. a member of the defense but making life miserable for cam newton tonight! >> reporter: joined we shane gray. what a way to open the season! did it go the way you wanted in the 1st half, win the game in the >> yeah, no better way to finish. >> cam newton quite the competitor. what did you do to start getting to him? >> we just kept the pressure on him. we didn't change the game plan. we did what we practiced all week, started to get hits on him, started to make him uncomfortable. and is we knew that he wasn't really gonna be able to beat nus the air. return won so many close games last year. does this team know how to win in tight situations?
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everything we did last year has carried onto this year. games like this, we look forward to them. >> reporter: and when that field goal went up, what were you think something >> i was hoping he missed it! i guess somebody answered my prayers. >> reporter: 21-20 win for the broncos. let's go across the room. >> reporter: here with virgil green live on channel 4. this offense then you had the interceptions. what does it say about this team that you're able to respond even after those turnovers and put up 21? >> we don't get scared, we don't feel the pressure, we just go out, do what they ask us to do, and try to execute to the best of our abilities. >> you had four guys with more than 4 receptions tonight. what does that say about the ability to spread the ball around? >> trevsorp out there reading
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decisions. it just moves guys around who can make plays. he's doing what he can do to make things happen and that's all we can ask for. >> reporter: a touchdown, his first career nfl run, what did that cofor this offense? >> that was amazing to see another guy beside your running back. >> reporter: thanks so much for your time. >> thank you so much. we're gonna have much more broncos coverage coming up after the break. cbs4 investigates meter mistake, lots of them. why thousands of denver park tickets are getting tossed out! >> and all that hurricane moisture faszed us right -- passed us right on by!
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>> absolutely. [ inaudible ] >> the only person i really told was virgil. he just told me
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hate comments. to me that's just exactly what they're talking about. and like i said, i'm not against the military. i have family, ufrjels that are -- ufrngels that are vets. -- but at the same time it's hard for vets in this country as well. >> live on channel 4. what message do you want to give out there tonight? >> the message is social injustice. i'm not against the military, the police or america at all. i'm against social injustice, and i feel like this is the right thing to do. this is our only platform. so we need to be heard. and i feel like a lot of times people want us to just shut up and entertain them, play football. but we're educated individuals that went to college. and we have an opinion and we speak it. i feel like a lot of people bash us for what we have to say.
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>> absolutely, it was definitely tough. i thought about it up until the lady was gonna start singing, and oh, they're gonna get on me. but i'm happy with my decision. i prayed about it. and i feel like god led me to do this. >> all right, thanks very much. our doppler 4,000, perfect day for football! clear skies around here. the hour by hour forecast, we have a cold front that's gonna come a few clouds, showers, a sprinkle or two, and that's about it. so we run this into saturday, into sunday, and once again, a few showers over the southern mountains. otherwise a pretty good weekend ahead! we hay warm front, now it's stationary, stalled out. very warm today, near 90 degrees downtown! here comes that cold front, and that is gonna cool us off but pleasantly so.
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14 and 54! 94 and 31 the records. from the weather watchers, 78 in pinecliffe. and arvada 89 degrees today. 70 and 69 right now. south breeze at 13 13. this is the sunset brush. this is sunset last night, for the broncos game tonight. pretty sunsets all. temperatures for tonight, mostly in the 50s and 60s over the eastern plains, 30s and 40s for the mountains, 40s, 50s out west. cool air coming down from the north. 60s, 70s, 80s, close to 90 over the southeast. here's
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56 and 54 by morning. for tomorrow, fair, breezy, cool, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. for the next several day, 80 saturday, sunday 89 degrees, next front comes through monday and tuesday, 72 and 66, chance for scattered thunderstorms. we stay in the 70s over the next several days, with a few isolated storms here and there. denver park agents are making thousands of mistakes when they write tickets every month. >> errors we're just now learning abo investigation. brian maws reports. >> reporter: if you think there is something wrong with the park ticket you got, take a number. >> they never should have gave me that ticket. >> reporter: you can go before a park mag straight, make a compelling argument and they may knock a few dollars off your ticket or dismiss it if you're lucky. >> it's not a matter of them fighting for safety. it's a matter of them collecting revenue for the city. >> reporter: we found behind
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managers cancel thousands of tickets written in error or for a variety of other reasons. an average of about 400 tickets every month are voided. more than 1,600 were cancelled in that time based on "officer error" inform a single shift, one parking agent wrote 15 citations that later had to last month eric parked in lodo despite his handy happen r capped placard. an agent ticketed him for not displaying a sign. >> it was on display, and they issued a ticket citing that it was not on display. it was an erhonious ticket. >> reporter: and a magistrate tossed the ticket. neal santana was ticketed too. he appealed showed there were no signs on
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dumped. >> i was upset about it. they gave me a ticket. there was no sign, you gave me a ticket for what reason? >> reporter: we wanted to ask managers about all these erroneous tickets. the ones they catch, and the ones caught by drivers themselves. a spokesperson refused to talk to us on the phone, saying enforcement agents make occasional errors. and honest of tickets are being canceled every month for what is being called good will or compliance. that means even after the ticket is written, the agent cancels it because the driver complied with
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[ cheering and applause ] into the end zone, touchdown denver!
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>> reporter: welcome back to the broncos locker room. broncos won 21-20. let's head over to von miller. >> wrapping up his press conference. let's go back over to mark haas. >> reporter: >> it's quite an honor to play on a thursday night. heck of a team. resilient team. and i think you saw that tonight. played for four quarters and really proud to be a part of this group. >> what did you learn about underestimating the height of defensive linemen today? >> i gotta get a little taller. but it's part of the game. it's part of my job to deal with that. that's something i'm learning.
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practice, you name the starter. what was it truly like to be in a battle against such a good team and really come out with a win at the very end? >> well, i think we knew we'd have our hands full and it was gonna come down to the wire against these guys. that's at way a lot of nfl games work out. we had our hands full upfront. it was a heck of a team win. offense, defense, picking up slack when they had t >> talk about the screen pass touchdown to cj. >> there was pressure, i knew i'd just get it to cj somehow, some way, and is it'd abe good play. he made some moves, had a heck of a run, brought it in there. >> reporter: trevor siemian 1 and 0 as a starter now. he just mentioned cj anderson who had a
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he's a young kid. but man, the player has a lot of poise. he plays with poise, moves, makes place with his feet. he's gonna watch film and get so much better. we make so many mistakes as a team. i thought trevor handled his well. >> he throwed a touchdown and we missed a ballistic. he throws a touchdown to mannel in that interception. if you pick that up blitz, ball out there further. we love where the offense is going in the right direction. >> reporte with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north".
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noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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>> reporter: welcome back to the locker room. always thighs
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>> so much better after you win. that was a tough win, tough game. glad we came out on top. >> reporter: it could have gone either way. you won the 2nd half. does this team just know how to win games? does that carry over from last year? >> yeah, it's a lifestyle here. we just don't accept losing,ing bad at something. everyone is responsible. that showed in >> reporter: quite the battle against cam newton. what did it take to get some pressure on him in the 2nd half? >> we just weren't executing right. and in the 2nd half we communicated a lot better. we executed better. that's the type of defense you get when you're doing things the right way. >> how does this set the tone for the season? >> oh, man it's a great start. we gotta take it one game at a time. next week we got indie,
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>> reporter: broncos 1 and 0 after the nfl season opener. we'll do our poll results real quick. 53 10-12 this season. that'll do it for the broncos locker,, over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help,
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the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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sometimes you have to repel down a 29-story building on the 16th street mall! that really is hick! raising money for the cancer league of colorado. 200 courageous people will dot same over the next three days. >> this is a rock in rocky mountain national park, and a little guy just having some lunch in the sunshine. watching! captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey, jessica, thank you so much for being here. >> of course, my pleasure. >> stephen: i want to tell you, i'm a huge fan of your honest company. i use your products all the time. >> thank you, that's so great. >> stephen: you know what's so great? your shampoo.


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