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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  January 4, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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,,,,,,,,,,,, [ monitor beeping ] that johnny' s been asking for you. he really wants to see his dad. >> jill: well, we' re gonna bring him in to see him just as soon as you wake up, billy. we' re gonna get both those babies in here to see you. >> victoria: i' m just gonna give you some time with him. >> jill: did you hear her just now? [ sniffles ] she' s talking like you' re already gone. [ sniffles ] my god, they' re giving up on
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the doctors and victoria, jack. they' re not saying it. oh, baby. oh, baby, you' re gonna wake up and you' re gonna come back to me. do you hear it? it' s gonna start with you waking up. wake up, billy. damn it, wake up. okay, i know that you hate it when i get all emotional like this, all right? you hate it almost as much as when i tell you what to do. so wake up and tell me to shut up. wake up and prove them wrong by letting them know you have what it takes to kick death in the face. wake up, because you still love victoria. [ sighs ] no.
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wake up for the kids. wake up for me, baby. >> jack: how did things get this far with billy? >> phyllis: because you let it, jack. you went to your default of judging, putting him down in >> jack: i wasn' t about to give him a handout that he was just gonna waste away. >> phyllis: he came to his big why couldn' t you just give him the money? >> jack: you think that would have prevented this -- me giving him money he could just gamble away? >> phyllis: he was making a business investment. >> jack: so he claimed. >> phyllis: why would he lie to you? my god, he is not perfect. but unlike some of us, he never hesitates to admit it. >> jack: i couldn' t do it. >> phyllis: you wouldn' t do it. look at what that has cost your brother, that lack of belief. look at what it' s costing this family. he may never recover. >> victoria: stop.
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out of that bed. >> jack: hey. hey. how is he? >> victoria: he' s the same. does anybody want to bother to ask me how i' m doing? >> jack: how are you? >> victoria: i' m sick. i' m sick. >> jack: i know. we all are. >> victoria: because i was just in that room doing exactly what phyllis is doing to you right now -- making myself the bad guy, replaying all of the things that i should have said to billy. >> jack: look, i -- >> victoria: i didn' t do this. and neither did you. billy is in that room right now because of the choices that he made! he did this to himself. [ sighs ] >> nikki: victor? >> victor: what are you doing here? >> nikki: oh, my god. i thought i would find you here. >> victor: [ sighs ] well, have i ruined yet another holiday or what? >> nikki: please. >> victor: what? >> nikki: you know very well where you should be right now. >> victor: where? >> nikki: is it too much to ask you to show a little support for
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>> paul: you can have a seat, marisa. and, uh, thanks for coming in and thanks for calling 911 for billy abbott. >> marisa: yeah, i-i did what anyone would do. >> paul: so, uh, can you tell me what you saw? >> marisa: but i already did. i mean, i spoke to a police officer and two detectives. i told them everything. why would the police chief need to -- >> paul: oh, okay. let' s not worry about titles here. i-i just need to know every detail about what happened. >> marisa: what do you want to know? >> paul: everything you can remember. i want to find the driver who did this to billy abbott. >> marisa: noah. noah! oh, my god. oh, my god. billy! >> paul: marisa.
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t be. because i can guarantee your anonymity. and i can also protect you. >> mariah: you still thinking about it? >> kevin: our awkward new year' s eve kiss? nope. haven' t given it a second thought. >> mariah: i was talking about billy. >> kevin: i know that. i was joking. billy getting hit by a car,
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s important. whereas our new year' s eve kiss, hmm, inconsequential. >> mariah: see, i' ve always thought that' s the sign of a good joke, when you have to spend two minutes explaining it. >> kevin: you know, you don' t come close to batting 1,000% when it comes to your zingers. and every time you whiff, i don' t say a word. >> mariah: so is that why you' ve been avoiding me today? the kiss? >> kevin: first of all, what kiss? totally put it out of my head. and second, i' m not avoiding you. i' m busy. i have matters to attend to. >> mariah: like what? >> kevin: i' ve been to the police station. i' ve been to the hospital. >> mariah: you' re worried about >> kevin: i' ve got a lot riding on this deal, so yeah, i' m worried about that. but even more, billy is a good guy. i' m worried about him. >> ashley: [ sighs ] >> dr. neville: any change? >> ashley: billy' s doctors are not being very forthcoming. they haven' t got a clue. >> ashley: or there' s nothing new to share. >> dr. neville: forgive me. but i' d be remiss if i didn' t
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daughter. >> ashley: okay, maybe tomorrow. let' s get to work. >> dr. neville: she has a right to know what' s happening to her uncle. >> ashley: i don' t want to ruin her honeymoon, okay? somebody in my family deserves a little happiness. >> stitch: good morning, my beautiful wife. >> abby: [ chuckles ] [ sighs ] good morning, my handsome husband. [ chuckles ] [ sighs ] this is... >> stitch: paradise. the perfect beginning to the rest of our lives. [ both chuckle ] come here. come on duck! (puppy barks) you can do it duck.
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>> additional sponsorship provided by... [ male announcer ] for an itch or irritation, cortizone 10 gives you the strongest nonprescription itch medicine, plus seven healing moisturizers. now i'm itch-free. [ male announcer ] cortizone 10. feel the heal. >> phyllis: well, billy didn' t run himself over with that car. >> victoria: i wasn' t behind the wheel, phyllis. neither was jack. >> phyllis: i wasn' t blaming you. >> victoria: well, you' re not blaming billy, either. >> jack: we can table this whole conversation for later, okay? >> victoria: she doesn' t understand. my heart is breaking right now. i was married to that man. he' s the father of my children. i want him here. i want him well. i want him playing with my kids. i want him showing me how much he loves me. but he is not here. he' s in that room, in that hospital bed, because he' s been drinking and he' s been gambling. >> phyllis: he made one bet -- one -- to make some money for a
11:12 am
make himself worthy of you, victoria, and of jack! you know, that' s just another rationalization, just another reason for him to pick up the >> phyllis: it' s not like that. >> jack: this is not the time, >> phyllis: she wasn' t seeing you with him at all! >> jack: i -- i saw him. he listen to me? known -- i don' t need him to prove himself that way. i don' t need any grand money-making scheme. >> phyllis: no, you expect him to play the role of loser, is what you expected. >> victoria: billy has been making some very poor choices. >> phyllis: he has been trying to change his life. do you not understand that? do you not see that? no. you don' t see that, because you' re victor newman' s daughter. and you are playing into the same story that he has been spinning for years -- that billy is no good and that this is gonna end all in a bad way. and i' m gonna tell you something. if, in fact, it does, it is because the two of you pushed billy there.
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please answer me? i know you are not a fan of billy, but he happens to be johnny' s and katie' s father. >> victor: sweetheart, we will take care of our grandchildren, okay? >> nikki: victoria loves him. how can you be so cold? >> victor: what happened to billy boy abbott was the result of his own actions, okay? >> nikki: oh? >> victor: now, victoria' s given him chance after chance, time after time, against all reason. >> nikki: let me remind you that when you love, you also forgive. god knows we have done more than our fair share of that. remind you that we would not have forgiven each other for what he did. billy boy abbott tried to destroy my family, everything i built up -- your legacy, victoria' s livelihood! that' s what that bastard did! >> nikki: okay, well, he was grieving his daughter' s death. >> victor: that had nothing to do with what happened outside! >> nikki: how do you know?! >> victor: i know! >> nikki: what? did you have it investigated already? >> victor: you' re damn right i did! he' s up to his neck in debt!
11:14 am
s a bloody gambler! the bookie came and beat the crap out of him! that' s what happened! >> nikki: what? oh, my god. >> victor: billy boy abbott -- give me a break. he' s a gambler. he' s an addict. he hasn' t improved. he doesn' t want to get help. about time that victoria sees what that man' s all about! >> paul: so, did you see or hear anything last night that might be able to lead us to the driver that hit billy? >> marisa: no. >> paul: anything at all? because no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, it could give us a lead. i almost didn' t even see billy. [ sighs ] how is he? >> paul: he' s fighting for his life. he can' t tell us what happened. but you can, marisa. >> marisa: i am sorry. i just... i... >> paul: are you aware that
11:15 am
a hit-and-run driver? billy deserves justice, and his family deserves answers. >> marisa: i know. >> paul: well, you can help me. please. >> marisa: i want to help. >> paul: i know you do. so what can you tell me about the -- the car or the driver or anything at all? >> marisa: nothing. i have nothing more to tell. >> paul: okay. let' s go back to the beginning. you walked into the ga-- >> marisa: all i saw was billy on the ground bleeding. i had no idea what happened. i didn' t see or hear a car. i didn' t see anyone. >> mariah: hey. did you hear about billy? >> noah: yeah, i did. i was just thinking about him, actually. god, it makes me sick.
11:16 am
>> noah: you know, it actually makes me angry. i mean, violently mad that somebody could do this to billy, to aunt victoria, to my cousins. >> mariah: it' s a horrible way to ring in 2016. i mean, i' ve been to a lot of new year' s eve parties where the cops have been called, but never like that. >> noah: yeah, i guess i missed out on the action. i, uh, i left a little early. >> kevin: where did you go? >> noah: i just left. i didn' t want to be there anymore. >> mariah: oh. was it something she did with him? you didn' t miss the action at all. >> noah: look, you know what? to be completely honest, i wish i had stuck around. maybe i' d have seen something. i could have helped billy. >> kevin: i got a look at the police report. >> mariah: what did it say? >> kevin: billy' s injuries weren' t just from getting hit by a car. apparently he' d been beaten up, too. maybe he placed a bet to get the money and it went wrong. >> noah: what money? >> mariah: um, an investment opportunity. >> kevin: that billy was eager to be a part of. >> noah: and you two were in this deal together? >> mariah: no. >> kevin: yes. >> noah: okay. which is it? >> kevin: [ sighs ]
11:17 am
s something i was keeping quiet until i got the financing, and now i feel terrible for putting a ticking clock on the guy, pressuring him to come up with the money so fast. >> mariah: i was the one who said to double the asking price, and it backed him into a corner. >> noah: stop. don' t do that. don' t blame yourselves. the only person to blame for what happened to billy is the person who hit him with that car. vanilla yogurt. blueberries. and milk. get them to do the forbidden dance in a blender... and you've just made a luscious, creamy glass of... don't mind if i do. [ mooo ] happy to help! real food. dairy products made from our family farms to your table. return to real. look for the seal. advil pain relievers are
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>> abby: [ chuckles ] that was an amazing swim. >> stitch: that walk on the beach was very, very steamy. >> abby: yes. hmm. fruit and champagne? [ gasps ] you are the best husband ever. >> stitch: well... >> abby: mwah. [ chuckles ] >> stitch: as much as i like the reward, i can' t lie. i didn' t send it. >> abby: who did? the management. >> stitch: oh, yeah? well, don' t you be thinking about rewarding the management. i will write a letter. >> abby: after we chow down. >> stitch: oh, man. my thoughts exactly. >> abby: i' m famished. this is so good. >> stitch: hey. [ laughs ] you gonna share some with me?
11:20 am
re married... you want this? >> stitch: oh, yeah. i want it. >> abby: [ chuckles ] >> stitch: oh, that' s it. hey. what happened to sharing everything? come on! >> abby: i may be stingy with my fruit. but i will share everything else. >> stitch: oh. [ exhales deeply ] >> abby: [ laughs ] >> ashley: i just want more information before i call abby. does that make sense to you? >> dr. neville: more information? what if the next call they make about billy has something to do >> abby: you know what? has anybody ever told you you' ve manner? my brother is not going to die! >> dr. neville: if what in any way relevant, we can' t be sure of anything. >> ashley: well, why should i worry abby? there' s nothing she can do. >> dr. neville: because what happens if, god forbid, the worst comes to pass and she wasn' t given the option to be here? >> ashley: she' d be devastated. >> dr. neville: or if, god
11:21 am
and [scoffs] she gets the news off the internet? >> ashley: okay, you' re right. i' m being stupid. abby should find out about billy from me. >> noah: so, what was this business venture that billy wanted to buy into? >> kevin: just a thing. >> mariah: a secret thing. >> noah: secret thing. okay. you guys keep it a secret. why wouldn' t billy just go to his family for the money? >> mariah: well, since your bloodsucking grandfather got his fangs into the abbott family, that wasn' t really an option. >> noah: hey. >> marisa: hi. >> mariah: what are you doing here? did you misplace a husband? >> marisa: i was down at the police station answering some questions about billy. >> kevin: marisa' s the one who called 911. it' s a good thing you turned up when you did. according to the report, billy could have died if you hadn' t found him. [ sighs ] okay, i' m gonna head down to the station and see what i can find about whoever did this to billy. you want to come? >> mariah: you okay? >> noah: yeah, i' m -- i' m fine. yeah, of course. i'
11:22 am
>> marisa: i know you had a good reason for not coming forward. >> victoria: it' s one thing to be supportive, but where do you get off blaming billy' s problems on other people? you' re not even being honest. you said all he needed was my love, he needs the love of a good woman. you' re such a liar, phyllis. >> jack: no, no, it' s not a lie. phyllis helped me through the worst moment of my life when i was going through withdrawal. without her, i never could have done it. >> victoria: but ultimately it was your choice to stay clean, jack. what phyllis is implying is that all of billy' s failings are on me. >> nikki: there she is. >> victoria: letting him completely off the hook, right, phyllis? >> nikki: my darling. >> victoria: hi, mom. >> nikki: oh, god, i' m so sorry. >> phyllis: okay, not here.
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>> ashley: so, honey, i just wanted you and ben to hear about i don' t want you to do anything >> abby: well, of course we' re gonna come home. >> ashley: oh, please don' t say that. there' s no point. >> abby: but if billy is that bad... >> ashley: he' s not anywhere close to that bad. >> abby: are you sure? >> ashley: yes, i promise. you will be the first person i call if anything changes, okay? i will keep you informed. >> abby: okay, um, hold on. ben wants to talk to you. >> stitch: how bad is it? >> ashley: billy is stable, and the doctors are observing him. >> stitch: does barton have a prognosis? >> ashley: ben, there' s nothing you can do. just -- there' s no reason to cut your honeymoon short, okay? try and have a good time. >> stitch: i' ll try. take care of yourself. >> ashley: okay. i will. have fun. >> stitch: your mother was really insistent. >> abby: she wanted the wedding,
11:28 am
perfect. she wants us to stay. >> stitch: it' s your call. you want to go back to genoa city, we' ll be on the next flight. so... what do we do? >> abby: we honeymoon. >> jill: you don' t give a damn about billy. how can you show your face here? >> victor: jill, i' m here to support my daughter. >> jill: you go to hell! >> victoria: can we not do this right now? >> jill: all right, but i don' t want one unkind remark about billy. i don' t want you smirking or dancing on his grave! this is not happening! >> nikki: of course it' s not happening, jill. we' re not here to make things any more difficult for anyone. >> victor: i am here for my daughter. that' s all. >> victoria: jill. billy is the father to my dad' s grandchildren. i just think in times like this, we should just... >> nikki: we should stand by each other, and that'
11:29 am
>> victor: nikki' s absolutely right. our thoughts are with your family. >> jill: oh, you don' t give a damn what happens to billy! >> phyllis: jill, getting upset like this isn' t gonna help billy. come on. let' s -- let' s grab some coffee, okay? jack, you come with us? >> jack: i' m not thirsty. >> victoria: jill is understandably upset. >> nikki: well, we all are. honey, do you know who could have possibly done this to billy? >> victoria: no. lately billy and i... i just want whoever did this found. >> victor: sweetheart, i have my own investigators on this. i' m sure paul williams will do everything in his power to find the culprit. >> noah: i didn' t come forward about what? look, if this is about you and
11:30 am
do whatever you -- >> marisa: you really don' t know? >> noah: i don' t know what, marisa? look, you' re obviously talking around something, so just tell me what it is. >> marisa: i' m talking about what happened to billy. >> noah: billy got beat up and ran over. kevin thinks it has to do with something like a gambling debt. what does that have to do with me coming forward? >> marisa: it -- it wasn' t like that. >> noah: marisa, what are you talking about? >> marisa: there was no one beating him up, okay? it was an accident. >> noah: how do you know that? >> marisa: because... because i saw billy after he was hit by that car. >> noah: what are you saying, marisa? did -- did you see the people that did this? did -- did they scare you? did they try to intimidate you or... >> marisa: i lied to the police. okay, i told them that i didn' t have any more information, but i...saw the car. i-i saw the driver. >> noah: so why didn' t you just tell them that? >> marisa: [ sighs ]
11:31 am
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>> noah: that' s impossible. >> marisa: it' s true. >> noah: no. how -- how -- how could i hit i -- >> marisa: when you pulled out of the parking lot, you must something. you -- you must have felt something. >> noah: i mean, i remember
11:33 am
i... i-i just thought it was -- it was a curb or a parking block or... no. no, no, no, no. i hit a parking block, marisa. you have to be wrong about this. >> marisa: noah, i saw you. >> noah: no, no, maybe you saw somebody that looked like me. >> marisa: when you left so suddenly after you saw me kiss luca, i followed you to the parking garage. i saw you pull around that other car. billy was on the ground. you -- you hit him, and then you took off. >> noah: [ stammers ] billy was on the ground? why was he on the ground? marisa, why -- >> marisa: i -- >> noah: oh, my god. oh, my god. i didn' t see him. i didn' t see him. i... >> marisa: i know. i know you couldn' t have. >> noah: i could have killed him. i didn' t even know. i-i have to go to the police. >> marisa: no! no. >> noah: i have to report this, marisa. it was an accident! it was just an accident! >> marisa: it' s never that simple, noah. >> noah: billy is in the hospital. he could die. how am i just supposed to keep quiet about this? >> marisa: you just have to give it some time. >> noah: and what? and what?
11:34 am
>> marisa: [ sighs ] damn it, noah, you can' t be this naive, okay? you were angry. you' d had a few drinks. >> noah: no, i wasn' t too drunk to drive. i wasn' t drunk at all, okay? >> marisa: and that could be worse! >> noah: how -- how is me being sober gonna be worse? what are you -- >> marisa: after what your grandfather has done to the abbotts, do you really think that anyone is gonna believe this was an accident? >> noah: look, the abbotts can think what they want. >> marisa: [ sighs ] >> noah: okay? that' s not gonna keep me from coming forward about this. >> marisa: what happens if billy doesn' t make it? you can' t always be the good, upstanding man, noah. [ sighs ] you got to look at the consequences. i don' t want you to go to prison for this. i don' t want to lose you. >> noah: marisa, i... this is not who i am. i-i can' t lie about this. >> marisa: you don' t have to lie.
11:35 am
and eventually... >> noah: is that what your husband would do? i' m sorry. i... i can' t do that. >> marisa: no. [ knock on door ] >> paul: yeah? >> kevin: hey. any closer to figuring out who did this to billy? >> paul: well, since the fire, there haven' t been any security cameras in the newman garage. and the new ones are being installed next week. >> kevin: good timing. >> paul: yeah, so marisa sierras is our only witness. >> mariah: let me guess. the former gangster' didn' t see a thing. >> paul: hmm. now, what makes you say that? >> mariah: well, marisa is not exactly a reliable source of information. she tends to leave out very large details, like she has a kid and a husband and a murdering drug lord boyfriend. >> paul: well, besides those
11:36 am
uh, the truth of the matter is, she' s all we' ve got. >> kevin: well, i know billy needed money. >> paul: he told you that? >> kevin: um, i-i think he may have lost big on some bet and maybe the bookie wasn' t interested in working out a layaway plan. >> paul: and you' re basing this >> mariah: um, billy' s gambling. it' s common knowledge. >> paul: sounds like, um, more specific knowledge. so, kevin, if you know something that might help us find whoever did this, you need to tell me everything now. showing up here. we all know you have no respect for my brother, and after what
11:37 am
>> victor: you dare lecture me about family after you fired your brother, made him an outcast? you' re responsible for what happened to him, aren' t you? >> jack: don' t be here when i get back. >> victor: listen to me. i' ll damn well be wherever i want to be! is there anything i can do for you, my sweetheart? hmm? >> victoria: dad, i' m so grateful that you and mom came by. but i think your being here is -- is making things harder on >> victor: i' okay? abbotts think. i don' we'
11:38 am
>> victoria: okay. i' m gonna text jack and see where he is. >> jack: ash? >> ashley: oh, hey, i was just texting you. >> jack: i was gonna text you back. >> jill: oh. doctor. >> dr. neville: hmm? >> jill: excuse me. could i have an update on billy abbott' s condition? >> dr. neville: oh, certainly. um, well, direct and indirect trauma to the brain, along with cervical spinal column fractures have contributed to the coma state from increased intracranial pressure. direct contusions and probable intracerebral bleeding. >> jill: none of that means anything to me. >> dr. neville: oh, i-i' m so sorry. no, it means they'
11:39 am
start him on some kind of i.v. therapy, try to bring down the pressure in his brain. it' ll greatly increase his chances of survival. >> jill: oh, good. when are they gonna do that? >> dr. neville: well, they could do it immediately. i also might suggest the prophylactic use of a very strong antiseizure -- >> jill: i was just consulting with the doctor. >> barton: this man has no standing in this hospital. >> nikki: sweetheart, if you' d rather we leave, we can leave. >> victor: okay? maybe your mom is right. maybe i should just leave. >> victoria: no, dad, please don' t take this the wrong way. >> nikki: this is all my fault. i thought you would need your father today. >> victoria: no, i do. i do. i felt so much better when you guys walked in here. >> victor: well, then -- then we' ll stay, okay? >> victoria: no, dad, because as much as it will help me, it' s just such a hard time for the abbotts. i don' t want to make it worse on them. please understand. >> victor: okay. i do. okay?
11:40 am
>> victor: yeah. um... i think you should stay. >> nikki: i' m happy to stay. is that okay? >> victor: if you need anything, you let me know, okay? >> victoria: i will. >> marisa: noah. noah, please. >> noah: victoria. i have to tell you something about billy' s accident. >> victor: what' s going on? noah? the labrador retriever and the golden retriever are very different. they eat, digest, and process energy differently. at royal canin, we developed over 200 precise formulas to transform every cat and dog into a magnificent animal. royal canin. can't put it in like that, that's baked-on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. trust your dishwasher with cascade platinum. it powers... through... than finish. cascade. rheumatoid arthritis like me,
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11:44 am
>> abby: yeah, that -- that sounds great. >> stitch: which one? >> abby: uh, what are my choices again? i' m sorry. um... i can' t stop thinking about billy. >> stitch: me, either. >> abby: really? >> stitch: yeah. i keep wondering if billy' s condition is worse than ashley was letting on. >> abby: well, um, it just so happens that i' m married to this super cute doctor who knows people at the hospital. >> stitch: on it. >> abby: yeah. >> stitch: all right. [ cellphone rings ] t you supposed to be on your honeymoon? >> stitch: we just heard about billy. >> barton: and now you want an >> stitch: i' abby' s mom is downplaying the situation. and i want to be able to tell my wife what' s really going on. look, i'
11:45 am
speaker, okay? okay, go ahead, dr. shelby. you' re on -- you' re on speaker. >> barton: he' s in a coma. he' s got multiple worrisome areas of trauma. the injuries to his cervical spine may cause permanent paralysis from the neck down. direct trauma to his skull. >> stitch: accumulation of blood? >> barton: yeah. beneath the bone. which is putting pressure on his brain. i got to be honest with you. the injuries that he sustained, i don' t know if we' ll be able to fix it, rayburn. we' ll have to wait until the swelling has abated. but yes, i will keep you updated on any change in his condition. >> stitch: appreciate that, dr. shelby. thank you for your time. [ sighs ] >> abby: uh... was there some sort of secret code in all that doctor talk? i mean... is billy dying? serious.
11:46 am
>> stitch: critical. you think he won' t make it? >> jill: you said something about a treatment before. i thought we were in a "wait and >> jack: don' guy. you heard dr. shelby. >> barton: what are you still doing here? stop acting like you have a right to an opinion about this >> dr. neville: we can' t discuss >> barton: you' re not a doctor, not at this hospital. is. >> barton: mr. neville is the one who played frankenstein with hilary hamilton. >> jill: yeah, but hilary recovered, didn' t she? >> dr. neville: an inconvenient truth to the entrenched establishment. >> ashley: dr. neville is my business partner, and he' s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to these things. >> barton: well, he lost his privilege to practice here. his methods are not only they' re downright dangerous. now get out of my hospital. >> ashley: he came with me! >> dr. neville: it' i don' t want to make this any harder on your family than it already is.
11:47 am
>> victor: what could you s t be saying anything without taking the time to consider the implications. >> noah: i don' t give a damn about the implications. >> marisa: to consider whether or not he' d actually be helping. i' m certain that would be your advice, victor. >> victor: marisa right? shouldn' t you think about this? >> noah: i' m done thinking. [ alarms blare ] what i have to tell you -- >> nikki: what is that? >> victoria: we need a doctor. we need help! already know the feeling of feet so silky smooth that you can't help but touch them. discover the latest innovation in the amope foot care line. with diamond crystals it softens callouses and efficiently for beautiful, soft feet in an instant. with amope pedi perfect amope.
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11:51 am
>> stitch: what would make you feel better right now is to tell you a half-truth like your mom >> abby: what i want, but what' s probably gonna hurt like hell, don' t coddle me. is billy dying? >> stitch: abby... >> abby: just tell me the truth, okay? because if he is, then i need to go. i need to be with my family. and i need you to come with me. i need you to pull him through this. >> stitch: i love you. >> abby: i love you, too. and i promise this is not the end of our honeymoon. i plan for it to go on a very long time. [ alarms blaring ] >> barton: stand back. stand back, please. he'
11:52 am
i need an intubation kit, stat. here. the icu. i need stat arterial blood gasses, venous ph, and a set of lytes. >> jill: did you believe what your partner was saying, that he billy? >> ashley: wait a second. >> dr. neville: [ sighs ] they' re gonna kill him. >> barton: he' s in v-fib. call a code and charge up the paddles to 300. i need one milligram of epi and 300 milligrams of amiodarone. say, don'
11:53 am
s not gonna do a damn thing to save him. don' t. >> next on "the young and the restless"... >> ashley: come on, billy. >> barton: stay with us, mr. abbott. again!
11:54 am
more smash and grabs overnight. what businesses were hit this time and with a we are hearing about the investigation. >> the hunt for a missing man
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