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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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effect from 6:00 this evening until 8:00 tomorrow morning. blowing snow is a concern overnight. eric: new this morning, des moines police are investigating a late night shooting on the east side that sent one person to the hospital. officials say it happened around 10:30 last night on the 1400 block of east 17th court. one person was shot and taken to iowa methodist. we're still waiting to hear more on that victims current condition, as well as any information about a possible suspect. you can stick with kcci throughout the day for up to. -- updates. right now in newton, police are searching for two escaped inmates. officials say michael amodeo and jessy foley were discovered missing from the newton correctional center around 10:00 saturday night. amodeo is serving a 10 year sentence on drug related charges. foley is serving a 27 year sentence, also for drug related charges. if you see them, or know where they might be, call police. elizabeth: in winneshiek county, the murder trial of alexander fazzino continues today. fazzino is charged with first degree murder in the 2012 death
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on friday, the doctor who performed emily's autopsy said emily had bruises on her forehead, arm, thigh, and neck, as well as more bruising on the inside of her throat which she said could have been from strangulation. we'll have more on this trial as it unfolds in decorah, stick with kcci on air and online for the very latest. more big stories, a boil advisory this morning for prairie city in jasper county. the city administrator says the water tower lost pressure this weekend, leaving some homes without water. city leaders say the boil advisory is precautionary but residents should be cautious until they receive test results on the water back tomorrow. happening today, johnston and grimes residents should expect detours on a major metro road. sections of northwest 70th avenue are closing around 100th and 107th streets for construction. the road is being widened as part of a larger project to improve the area of the new johnston high school. the closures and detours start
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commute should be ok, but going home tonight keep in mind you may have to find an alternate route. eric: developing overnight, new information in an american student detained in north korea. shaina humphries is following this, and shaina, we're seeing him in public for the first time? shaina: we are, eric. warmbier, being presented to the media for the first time overnight. warmbier is apologizing to north korea right now, for trying to steal a political banner as a trophy to bring home to a friend. warmbier is an undergrad at the university of virginia. he was arrested in january while on a trip into north korea from china. we've learned more overnight about a police officer killed in virginia. officer ashley guindon was shot and killed saturday, on her first day on the job. guindon was responding to a domestic violence call when police say army staff sergeant ronald hamilton opened fire. hamilton is expected to be arraigned in court today. county attorneys say they plan to seek the death penalty. two other officers were wounded, and police say hamilton's wife was shot and killed before they arrived on scene.
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have been confirmed here in iowa. health officials say the three cases are all women between the ages of 41 and 80, and each of them recently traveled to the caribbean or south america where the virus is spreading. the zika virus is primarily spread by mosquito bites. dr. patricia quinlisk of the state department of public health says she's not surprised sica has crept into iowa. >> we have people who are traveling and especially people who started traveling before all of this information got out to the public, so we do expect a few people who travel to get zika and come back and get diagnosed. but as we go forward, we hope all the travelers hear our warnings. shaina: zika is especially dangerous for pregnant women. it has been linked to birth defects, including infants with small heads. eric: in commitment 2016, they are stumping for super tuesday. today is the candidates' last day to persuade voters before they head to the polls in about a dozen states tomorrow. and this morning, a new controversy involving donald
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nikole killion is in washington this morning with that and more. nikole: donald trump's refusal to reject an endorsement from a former klan leader is drawing candidate criticism from both sides of the aisle. heading into super tuesday, donald trump riding a wave of support, picking up more key endorsements including alabama senator jeff sessions. >> we need to make america great again. nikole: but it's the apparent backing of former ku klux klan leader david duke that has now landed the gop frontrunner in the center of another firestorm. mr. trump: i don't know anything about david duke, ok? i don't know anything about what you're even talking about with the white supremacy or white supremacists. nikole: his refusal to denounce the kkk chief sparking condemnation across the trail. mr. rubio there is no place in : the conservative movement for david duke, the kkk or any other
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mr. case eric -- kasich: we don't have any place for white supremacists in the united states of america and it just doesn't make any sense to me. nikole: ted cruz and even bernie sanders also took to twitter to voice their outrage. the vermont senator hoping to after a sweeping defeat to hillary clinton in south carolina. mr. sanders we got decimated, : george. we got decimated. nikole: clinton also called duke's support of trump pathetic. the latest polls show her with a commanding lead in several super tuesday states, along with trump who holds the advantage over his gop competitors. in washington, i'm nikole killion. eric: the latest poll from nbc and the wall street journal shows donald trump leading in southern states like georgia and tennessee, while ted cruz has the advantage in his home state of texas. meanwhile hillary clinton tops bernie sanders in all three of those states. elizabeth: 6:06 on this monday morning. it will be a day of change. metinka: we are starting out with nice weather but this afternoon is not going to be as
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moines. the southwest wind will help boost our highs, but they will be set pretty early on. 55 degrees by noon, followed by falling temperatures. the wind will be shifting back to the north. we have our eye on a sharp cold front and behind that, snow is on the way. eric: new this morning, more and more homes across the midwest are getting solar panels. elizabeth: kcci's alyx sacks talked with solar energy experts about this. tell us about the trends they are seeing in central iowa. alyx: eric and elizabeth, the numbers are up here, too. iowa energy center says in iowa, solar energy has seen the most growth in rural regions, and has been particularly tied to the agricultural industry. experts say farms are seen as the ideal location for solar panels because of high energy bills associated with raising livestock and grain drying. iowa energy center says the increase is also evident in the amount of interest in their
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in the first 17 years the , alternate energy revolving loan program handed out 26 loans for solar projects. in just the last two and half years alone, they have done that seven times over, and have assisted with 188 loans. they have helped his fist over $27,000 -- $27 million in iowa. >> the price of the solar energy installation has dropped between 60% and 70% in the last five years. that drop in price combined with the lucrative tax incentives that are available as well as the zero per not -- 0% financing that the energy center offers all make the economics of the project much more attractive. alyx: coming up one local city , wants to dictate where solar panels are located on homes and businesses. how that could impact green energy growth. that story at 6:30. elizabeth: thank you so much. and the winner is. coming up, the 88th annual academy awards. the big winners, and a controversy surrounding one of
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eric: moore hawkeye heartbreak. another loss for iowa. see how ohio state was able to pull off the upset. elizabeth: plus extra day, extra , savings. we'll tell you where you can fill up your gas tank for under a dollar a gallon, today only. shaina: everything looks pretty good on the roads right now. you should have a pretty easy drive. not too many people out there quite yet, no accidents or closures, so enjoy this while it lasts. here is the east mixmaster, if you more people heading out, but
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz and right now coverage with shaina humphries. but metinka: good morning, you are waking up to quiet weather, 34 degrees in des moines. the southwest wind will help to warm our temperatures up, headed for highs in the 50's, but those will be set by noon.
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afternoon, plus snow is on the way affecting northern and northeast iowa mainly overnight tonight. we could see some decent accumulation, two to four inches along highway 20, followed by yet another chance of snow for thursday. shaina: thank you. this morning, some of hollywood's best have a new decoration for their shelves. last night was the 88th annual academy awards. "mad max fury road" took home six oscars, the most of any film, but it was "spotlight" that won the big award for best picture. leonardo dicaprio took home the award for best actor for his role in "revenant." and brie larson won best actress for her role in "room." we'll show you some of the best moments from the night coming up later in the show. and some conflict right now over one of the gifts included in the oscars gift bag. each nominee and host chris rock will receive a $900 toilet paper dispenser, $300 personalized
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trip to israel. some of the actors and actresses receiving the trip say they won't accept it, given the recent clashes between israel and palestine. the israeli minister of tourism says the gift is intended to boost the country's struggling tourism numbers, not as propaganda. eric: in sports news now, the iowa hawkeyes have been struggling as march madness approaches. they have lost four out of the last five games not how you want , to go into the post-season. the hawks were on the road at unranked ohio state yesterday. it was a tight game from the start, and going into halftime, the hawkeyes trailed the buckeyes by five. mike gesell and jarrod uthoff led the team in scoring with 16 apiece. but that wasn't enough to take down ohio state on their home court. in the closing seconds, the buckeyes increased their lead to four, winning 68-64. there are just two games left in the regular season. iowa is at home against indiana tomorrow night, that is a big game at 8:00 p.m. on espn. and saturday, they're on the road at michigan.
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week from wednesday. up in ames tonight, iowa state fans are going to honor their seniors. georges niang, jameel mckay and abdel nader will be running out of the tunnel for the final time at hilton coliseum. the cyclones are coming off a win over kansas state this weekend, and they'll host oklahoma state tonight. kickoff is at 6:00 p.m. on espn u. the clones will close out their regular season on saturday, with a road game against kansas. the big 12 tournament starts a week from wednesday. the madness officially begins this week with arch madness in st. louis. the 10 missouri valley conference teams will square off to fight for their championship. drake is the tenth seed out of 10 teams, and therefore has to play a play-in game thursday night against missouri state. wichita state is the one seed, and uni is the four seed. the panthers will face southern illinois in the quarterfinals friday. elizabeth: here in the metro, it's tournament time for high school girls basketball teams from around the state.
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quarterfinals at wells fargo arena. here's a look at the matchups. at 10:00 a.m., it is turkey valley and mount ayr. the rest of the 1a quarterfinals follow that. and most of the 2a quarterfinals take place today as well, wrapping up with unity christian and west branch at 8:30 tonight. we want to say good luck to all of today's teams. one team you won't see in the state tournament this year, the dowling catholic maroons. we told you last week their long-time co-coaches, sharon and bob hanson, are retiring after 46 years. now we're hearing from the hansons for the first time since their retirement announcement. they say they just knew it was time to move on. >> we are at the stage in our life where it is time to get a little free time for our self. our daughter is going to have a baby in august, and there are a couple seniors that we wanted to see graduate. >> it is sad. i just wonder six months from now whether were going to miss
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maybe we'll coach some little boys team or girls team. elizabeth: they will certainly be missed. we will miss them all kinds of happiness in their retirement. eric: birthdays are always special, but perhaps even more so if they only come once every four years. earl nielson and jane tiggeman are twins, born on leap day, february 29. celebrating a day early in waukee, they blew out the candles for their 76th birthday, but in leap years that makes them only 19. they're just kids. earl and jane grew up in redfield and they are known to their friends as double trouble. >> since our birthday is only four years he decided to , celebrate four days. he started friday saturday, today one more day left. >> it's working good. eric: the two celebrated their birthday with family members this weekend, saying it's great to spend special days together with special people. elizabeth: economic headlines now, wall street will look to start the week stronger after mixed numbers friday. the dow closed down about 57
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the nasdaq was up about 8. and the s and p 500 fell more than 3. a cyber hack into the irs, is worse than initially thought. scammers reportedly gained access to more than 700,000 accounts, more than double what was previously estimated. the information stolen includes data that could be used to file a false tax return and collect a refund. the irs is notifying affected tax payers. mercedes benz is swapping out robots for humans on its assembly lines. the german automaker says the robots can't handle the complexity of some of its customizable options. mercedes-benz processes about 400,000 vehicles a year. eric: this morning, kioa and kum and go are teaming up to help you fill up your tank, for cheap. as part of a leap day celebration, the kioa morning show's maxwell and pam are broadcasting live from the kum
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northwest 86th street in johnston this morning. drivers can stop by and fill up for just 93 cents a gallon from now until 8:00 this morning. kum and go will also hand out free samples of their breakfast pizza. elizabeth: cheap gas and breakfast pizza. we will get over to metinka. metinka: you will definitely need a jacket out there. temperatures are close to freezing, 34 in des moines, but we are headed for great temperatures, 55 will be our high temperature set by noon and then it will get colder. cold air and a little bit of snow. by 6:00 p.m., already a just -- a decent chance of snowfall for the northern few counties, and it will track quickly off to the east. by 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. it should
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pretty much a quiet tuesday, wednesday looking good. wednesday night we will have a chance of some rain showers, changing over to snow. that will linger into thursday. along and east of i-35 on thursday will have the chance of a wintry mix. we are expecting generally a half inch or last and most of the snow looks to fall right along highway 20, where five inches of snow could fall overnight. it will create tricky travel conditions tonight and tomorrow. a winter weather advisory in effect from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to the north. as temperatures tumble later on, it will change it to snow. 34 degrees right now in des moines, headed for 55, followed by following temp -- falling
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snow is on the way, be careful if you will be traveling to the north. most of tuesday and wednesday will be quiet and cool. a few more snowflakes on thursday, followed by a welcome warm-up on saturday. eric: thank you. elizabeth: we know it will be busy around the well. any other tieups? shaina: we have the north east 70th closure but things are looking pretty good. no weather issues to worry about. there are five mobile speed limits -- units, 4400 park avenue, 5900 university avenue, 2300 hull ave, 900 northeast 46th place and 4400 northeast 20 3rd avenue. eric: from washington to hollywood. vice president joe biden stops by the oscars. the issue he's bringing awareness to, live from
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>> oscar's big winners, and chris rock's take on the diversity issue.
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eric: welcome back at 6:24. this morning, vice president joe biden is headed back to washington, d.c. after a night of glitz and glamour at the oscars. elizabeth: nikole killion joins us live from washington. and nikole, the vice president introduced lady gaga. nikole: something you do not see too often except on an oscars stage. vice president joe biden got a standing ovation as he took the stage on one of hollywood's biggest nights. the v.p. was there as part of the it's on us campaign to address the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. biden called on everyone to sign a pledge promising to intervene in situations where consent has not and cannot be given. he then handed it off to lady gaga, who performed her song "til it happens to you," about sexual assault. the vice president documented his night with the stars on his instagram account including a behind-the-scenes prep pic with the hashtag "it's on us." the president and vice president
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eric: and nikole, speaking of behind the scenes we understand the veep had a run-in with host chris rock. what happened there? nikole: i do not know if you guys caught part of the show but apparently at one interval, chris rock had his daughter and her girl scout troop sell cookies during the show. apparently the v.p. bought a few boxes because chris rock tweeted out a video backstage saying , biden gave him $20 for cookies. we do not know which ones he purchased but rock later , announced the troop raised over $65,000. elizabeth: they did all right. nikole, the vice president's wife dr. jill biden accompanied him on this trip and she has another exciting stop later this week. what's she up to? nikole: this deals with stars of a different kind, the actual stars in the sky. she will be in houston, texas in the middle of the week to welcome home astronaut scott kelly who has spent the past year in space. nasa considers this crucial prep
6:26 am
who will spend much longer in space. it should be a very happy homecoming. eric: we will look forward to hearing more about that. nikole killion, live in washington for us. we've got more stories just ahead on kcci, including a late night shooting. the incident that sent one man to the hospital. plus, we'll tell you the two men authorities are searching for after escaping from a central iowa correctional facility. and a major road closure in the metro today. we'll tell you which area to avoid and when you can expect what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak.
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to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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elizabeth: right now on kcci, late night the investigation police are >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this orning. >> and the oscar goes to.
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plus the uproar over the lack of diversity. good monday morning, everyone. thanks for being with us. i am eric hanson. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth klinge, along with shaina and metinka. metinka: it is going to be a nice morning. the afternoon, that is when the wind of change will be blowing and changing everything for the worst. the sun is trying to come up, official sunrise at 10 minutes before 7:00 a.m.. headed for 55 degrees, but the clouds will be moving in this afternoon, and temperatures will be falling like a rock. a winter weather advisory in effect for northern iowa overnight. eric: new this morning, one person is in the hospital after a late-night shooting. des moines police were called to
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they found one victim with injuries who was taken to iowa methodist. police are still investigating the shooting. testimony will continue today in the alexander fazzino murder trial. he is charged with the 2012 death of his wife, emily. he told police he found his wife submerged in a bathtub but the doctor who performed the autopsy said she had bruises on her for head, arm, thigh, and no, also on the inside of her neck which could be from strangulation. elizabeth: officials are searching for two escaped inmates from the newton correctional center. michael amodeo and jessy foley are discovered missing around 10:00 on saturday night. if you see them or know anything about their whereabouts, you are
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a boil advisory this morning in jasper county. the city administrator in prairie city says the water tower lost pressure over the weekend and some homes were left without water. city leaders say this is a precautionary measure and the boil effect is -- the boil warning is in effect until testing is complete on tuesday. sections of northwest 70th avenue are closing from around 100 and 107th streets for construction. the road is being widened as part of a project to improve the area of the new johnston high school. that will begin today at 9:00 a.m. eric: with three confirmed cases of the zika virus in iowa, experts say we should be careful but they are far from panic mode. >> i would be very surprised if it gets established in the united states, but there is
6:33 am
eric: pregnant women are told to be carefully thinking if they travel to puerto rico, the virgin islands, the caribbean, and central and parts of south america. zika has been linked to birth defects, including infants with small heads. shaina: an american student is being detained in north korea and apologizing for trying to steal a political banner. auto warm -- otto warmbier said he wanted to give them banner as a trophy to give to a friend. market bombings in baghdad, the death toll has climbed to 73. in virginia, an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon has been arrested and
6:34 am
virginia police officer. ronald hamilton is being held without bond for fatally shooting officer ashley guindon on her first day on the job. police say he fatally shot his wife prior to police arriving. elizabeth: solar energy is on the rise among iowa households in the city of west des moines is drafting its first ordinance that would dictate where the panels could be located on homes and businesses. alyx sacks is following the story. alyx: the number of residents using solar in iowa has more than doubled. if adopted, the new ordinances could impact clean energy growth. >> for a lot of people, they need to put solar on the south side of the house and in a lot of cases it is the front of the house. it is very visible and if it
6:35 am
alyx: the iowa solar trade association says they hope nothing as -- nothing restrictive will be put in place to prevent people moving to solar. here is something surprising, some do not think of iowa as a sunny state but experts we spoke to say we are the 14th best state for sun hours in the country, averaging about four and a half hours throughout the day. eric: still to come, hollywood's biggest night brought out all the stars. elizabeth: and the winner is -- we will recap the oscars and show you the best and worst dressed. we will tell you why we all got dolled up over the weekend as well.
6:36 am
high saturday were into the 70's , but snow is back in the forecast as soon as tonight. no snow -- shaina: no snow on the roads right now. traffic is picking up at i-235 and 63rd street, but it will not
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metinka: this monday is starting off really nice in the morning does look good, but the afternoon, things will be changing. clouds are on their way. the wind will be shifting around noon time so we will set our highs pretty early, around noon time, 55. with the clouds we will have some snow, especially north of i-80 overnight with the heaviest right along highway 20. bad travel tonight and early tuesday, followed by yet another chance of snowflakes on tuesday. >> and the oscar goes to -- leonardo dicaprio. elizabeth: finally. after many nominations, leonardo dicaprio has won his first oscar for best actor. hollywood's best and brightest stars gathered last night for the 88th academy awards. shaina: and after his big win,
6:40 am
governor's ball while other stars hit the red carpet at elton john's glitzy aids fundraiser. teri okita has your full oscars wrap-up from hollywood. teri: the curse was finally broken for leonardo dicaprio last night, who finally took home the best actor oscar for his role in "the revenant." leonardo: it all feels incredibly surreal. teri: brie larson also picked up a golden statue for her performance in "room." brie: i feel really strong and excited to be holding this gold guy. teri: when the curtain fell on the big show, the stars made their way to the governor's ball to toast to the night. >> we worked so hard on this film and to have it rewarded like this is really overwhelming. >> is hollywood racist? you are damn right. teri: many praised host and comedian chris rock, who pushed the envelope in addressing the oscars-so-white controversy.
6:41 am
happen. teri: superstar elton john used his annual after-party to raise awareness for hiv and aids. sir elton: we've made a lot of progress in the last 30 years but we have not made enough progress yet. teri: the parties also give celebrities a chance to meet for the first time, and yes, they, too, get starstruck. >> oh, i do. listen, if i walked into leonardo dicaprio right now, i don't know what i would do. teri: fashion stylist carson kressley got a big surprise as he looked over the guest list. carson: gene simmons from kiss. teri: he's right behind you. carson: oh, my god, i was just talking about you. gene: i heard. carson: you're one of my faves. gene: can i touch you? carson: i wish you would. teri: the glitz and glamour was not lost on tinseltown's biggest night, as celebs showed off their styles and awards into early hours. teri okita, cbs news, hollywood. shaina: the vanity fair party always draws a-listers to the event. jennifer lawrence, selena gomez, blake shelton were all there, and gwen stefani performed. elizabeth: very cool. eric: some of the other big winners from last night,
6:42 am
original screenplay. best animated feature film went to "inside out." a lot of people saw that. leonardo's film "the revenant" took home best cinematography and directing. mad max, fury road took home the most awards, winning six of their 10 nominations, including best costume design, and makeup and hairstyling. shaina: understandable. elizabeth: that film was unbelievable. shaina: and of course, we have to talk about the fashion. hollywood's biggest names glammed for the oscars. best actress brie larson, sofia vergara and cate blanchett all owned the red carpet in shades of blue. rachel mcadams and charlize theron were stunning in bold colors. they had plunging necklines, low backs and high slits. critics not fashion veterans heidi klum and kate winslet, though, saying they failed to impress. for the men, henry cavill and eddie redmayne mixed it up with
6:43 am
elizabeth: we actually all got dressed up this weekend as well for the greater des moines heart ball on saturday. eric and i emceed the fundraiser for the american heart association. eric: it was a record breaking year. we helped raise more than $400,000. that's more than $80,000 above their goal. that means more education about heart health and more equipment to help people right here in central iowa who have heart attacks. we'll had fun, there were a lot of us from kcci. shaina: the number one killer. we will take a live look outside through our downtown skycam. thank you for being with us this morning.
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>> the weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci eight news this morning. metinka: we are starting out with nice weather this morning and temperatures are headed for early day highs in the 50's. increasing clouds and falling temperatures this afternoon. the wind will be shifting back to the north and eventually dragging in some snow. by 6:00 p.m., some snowflakes across the northern part of the state increasing overnight. by 10:00, we will have some snow falling over the metro. it will continue overnight into very early in the morning, around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m..
6:48 am
wednesday evening we will have light rain showers, more snow across the northeastern part of the state, and that continues to thursday morning. by 6:00 a.m. on thursday morning we might be dealing with wintry weather just in time for your warming trend over the weekend. overnight we could see a half-inch to an inch for central iowa and the most snow looks to stay north of highway 20. two to five inches could fall and with gusty wind, that could create some travel headaches. a winter weather advisory from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. as temperatures tumble late this afternoon, rain showers will change into snow. the sunshine is coming. headed for highs near 55. the wind shifting to the north
6:49 am
will be dragging in clouds and snowfall overnight. thursday, a few more snowflakes are in the forecast and then temperatures go back to spring, 50's for the weekend. eric: girls basketball is moving into the metro and that will wells fargo. shaina: if you are cruising around the well, you might be a little slowed down. can. we have a few mobile speed units around downtown that i want to tell you about. 4400 park avenue, 5900 university avenue, 2300 hull ave, 900 northeast 46th place,
6:50 am
eric: your last blast of news, including the latest on an overnight shooting and a big road closure. >> ahead on cbs this morning, kevin frazier on the last night's oscars and chris rock. why time slowed down to give us
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shaina: welcome back, news to go at 6:54. one person is recovering in the hospital this morning after an overnight shooting. police were called to the 1400 block of east 17th court just after 10:00 last night. when police arrived they found one victim with injuries. that person was taken to iowa methodist.
6:54 am
are now investigating. elizabeth: a travel advisory for a major metro road later this morning. residents in johnston and grimes should expect some detours. sections of northwest 70th avenue are closing around 100th and 107th streets for construction. the road is being widened as part of a larger project to improve the area of the new johnston high school. kioa and kum and go are teaming up to help you fill up your tank for cheap. as part of their leap day celebration, maxwell and pam are broadcasting their morning show live from the kum and go at 5225 northwest 86th street in johnston. drivers can stop by and fill up for just 93 cents a gallon until 8:00 this morning. kum and go will also hand out some free breakfast pizza samples. eric: girls state basketball tips off today at wells fargo arena. classes 1a and 2a will begin their tournament play. first game of the day is turkey valley versus mount ayr at 10:00. followed by burlington notre dame and kee at 11:45.
6:55 am
kingsley-pierson at 1:30. and 1a will wrap up with exira elk horn-kimbalton and newell-fonda. 2a play will start tonight at 5 with western christian and central decatur. pekin will face okoboji at 6:45. and the day will wrap up with unity christian and west branch at 8:30. and a new coffee shop between ames and des moines is making it clear their real purpose has nothing to do with coffee. freedom blend coffee is the first of several shops being built across iowa to give kids a second chance. in tonight's this is iowa i take you to the new hangout in huxley , where experience among workers isn't required and every cup helps young adults who've been in trouble or are headed toward it. that's tonight on kcci 8 news at 6:00. elizabeth: this morning, we will try to make the most of the weather. metinka: this afternoon, not quite as nice. the sun is up, it looks so pretty. we will hit our high temperature pretty early, a 55.
6:56 am
by tumbling picture -- temperatures. we are expecting accumulations north of i-80, maybe an inch to -- maybe a half-inch to an inch in the metro. travel tonight and tomorrow morning across northern iowa is going to be a bit of a headache. some quiet days followed by a few more snowflakes on thursday, and a warm-up for the weekend. shaina: if you are going to be traveling by wells fargo arena, expect some traffic. six minutes to get downtown from either mix master. 11 minutes from ankeny, 27 from indianola. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.]
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national cap captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris establishment. the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier. donald trump and marco rubio
7:00 am
on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i thank you all for this amazing award. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so much. >> diversity takes center stage at the oscars. >> it's the 88th academy awards, which means this whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. >> we are going to win so big. every single state? >> is he unstoppable? >> there is no doubt that if donald steamrolls through super tuesday and wins everywhere with big margins that he may well be unstoppable. >> have you seen his hands? they are like this. you know what they say about men with small hands? >> tomorrow, this campaign goes national! >> senator, a disappointing loss in south carolina?


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