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tv   KCCI 8 News at Noon  Me-TV  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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>> also, new information on >> this is breaking news. molly: des moines police say they have solved a murder case from last month, but it turns
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kcci's mark tauscheck joins us live to explain the bizarre situation, mark: a 29-year-old was shot and killed5.009 echo. pasinunderscorenalec1 alphac)5nkilom. dnamen pointm2amikeac( . . . ps#+usierras44r,..f.
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errais,nechox --", --9 -- two violent stories colliding -- after getting into an altercation with a suspect at a party nearby. police found the suspect not far away at southeast 13th. daniel cruz is in the jail and charged with an assault with a dangerous weapon. also happening today, the murder fazzino in decorah. fazzino is charged with death of his wife, emily fazzino. to decorah. the case has received emily fazzino's grandfather founded the fareway stores grocery chain. ice jams have led to flash flood warnings to be issued for parts of central iowa. vanessa peng joins us live now boone county with the very latest. vanessa:
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here because of ice jams. moines river. the ice chunks over there could be because of an ice jam. it is essentially a dam that has built up out of ice because it is built up on the river and and blocks letters like a good and would and when it gets warmer like we have this weekend, with warmer temperatures, all the ice breaks apart and the water behind the dam breaks out and starts to slow down here and in this case on the des moines river. just west of boone county, you can see there is a kink in the bridge because of ice jam. what happened was they saw a whole sheet of ice had come through so they did not see any open water at that point. the bridge is about 100 years old but still, they have never seen it before where they have
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they are worried about the bridge and that it may actually fall apart. we will give you much more updates about what is causing in these counties in central iowa. live, i will's news leader. mark: let's -- mollie: let's check in with frank. frank: we did see the sunshine but now we are rolling and a few more clouds in the afternoon. you see the satellite radar perspective, rule lower clouds across the state. beautiful sunrise for many of us. melting what is left of the snow. not a lot is left. winds are relatively calm and will be throughout the rest of the day. mainly a cloudy afternoon. temperatures 44 degrees by 2:00.
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the eight day forecast, unseasonably warm temperatures continue. we will let you know more coming up. mollie: every uniformed des moines police officer will soon be wearing body cameras. chief dana wingert says he wants to see the cameras in place by this june. the body camera system will cost around 1.4 million dollars. some of the money will come from donors the rest from department budgets. mollie: the uber driver accused of going on a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo michigan over the weekend is expected to be arraigned this afternoon as investigators look for a motive. police say 45-year-old jason dalton shot 8 people at three different locations, killing six. kenneth craig reports from the county courthouse in kalamazoo. kenneth: investigators say 45-year-old jason dalton picked his victims at random, killing six people and seriously reentering two others. the uber driver began a shooting
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and then killed a 17-year-old and his father at a car dealership and then gunned down four women at a cracker barrel. surveillance video led to his arrest early sunday morning. he is a former insurance adjuster and father of two being arraigned here at the county courthouse monday as investigators search for a motive. >> there is no connection between any of the victims to mr. dalton. kenneth: he had no criminal history before the rampage and he passed a background check or he may have picked up passengers during his shooting for her and mark and his friends got nervous when dalton pulled up in a black chevy hh r, matching the one police were looking for. >> one actually said to me, you are not the guy either and he said no. >> sunday night, hundreds came together for a prayer service as they tried to make sense of the senseless. kenneth craig, cbs news,
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mollie: the first victim is expected to be surviving. the girl was declared dead by doctors until she squeezed her mother's hand. a judge in connecticut is to decide whether a lawsuit brought by the families of victims in the sandy hook elementary school massacre will move forward. gunman adam lanza shot and killed 20 children and six adults in 20-12 before killing himself. nine families and a school teacher who was shot and that make the a.r.-15 rifle used in the attack. the suit is the most recent test to protect gun makers from used in crimes. also today security guards are conference room at a massachusetts hotel where bill cosby's wife is scheduled to
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camille cosby is being deposed in a defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by seven women who claim he sexually assaulted them decades ago. lawyers for the cosbys say camille cosby does not have any relevant information in the case and her conversations with her husband are confidential. there's just one more day until republicans in nevada will caucus and the race is beginning candidates. danielle nottingham is in las vegas with the latest from the campaign trail. daniel: -- danielle: donald trump is hoping to keep his hot streak going. mr. trump: i love to win. don't we love to win? danielle: the results in south carolina make this richly a three-man race between trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz. ted cruz is making the claim he is the only candidate who can challenge trump. mr. cruz: we are the one campaign who can beat donald trump and we are the only campaign that has.
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crews's -- ted cruzs conservative message. >> he speaks to people like myself who are pro-life and are not afraid of god in our system and want to return to constitutional values. >> rubio is trying to make a republicans. mr. rubio: all of these -- no than i can. support from a new kid on the gop block, who says he is voting republican for the first time. >> i would much rather have a republican tell me something i do not want to hear them to have another democrat who will tell me every single thing i want to hear just to get my vote. danielle: john kasich is looking to next tuesday, campaigning in virginia. mollie: an empty chair draped in black greeted supreme court justices today. the high court is meeting for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. supreme court chief justice john roberts said this morning that scalia was quote our man for all
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beyond measure. an interesting survival story after a car slammed into a pole near memphis tennessee and burst into flames. sot. >> that is god. if you don't believe it, i dont know what to say. mollie: several drivers pulled to the side of the highway after witnessing an suv get side-swiped and forced from the road saving the drivers life. but take a look at what they found in the vehicle after the fire was put out. a bible sitting on the front seat survived undamaged. some on the scene were brought to tears after the bible was found in the burned out wreckage. world headlines are next. leaders working on a cease fire in war torn syria agree on a starting date. and we'll show you the aftermath following a deadly cyclone that devastated the fuji islands.
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news at noon continues.
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kcci news at noon. mollie: the u.s. and russia have agreed on plan for cease-fire in syria to start saturday. the announcement comes even as isis terrorists claim responsibility for a series of in damascus and homs. the blasts killed nearly 150 people. officials said this morning that the u.s. and russia agreed on the terms and conditions for the cease fire. however the truce excludes attacks on isis and al-qaeda terror groups. those attacks will continue. a formal announcement is expected later this afternoon after president obama and
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matter by telephone. to iraq where the iraqi government has pledged to retake mosul from isis. the military sent more troops to the northern part of the country yesterday for an offensive against the terror group. meantime iraqi forces may have taken back the western city of ramadi but the extremists they ousted left behind some nasty surprises. the u.n. mission in iraq says bombs planted by the isis are hindering the return of displaced families nearly two months after the recapture. officials say unexploded bombs have killed eight people in the past two weeks. at least 18 people have been killed by a cyclone that tore through fiji this weekend. authorities are having trouble communicating with some of the islands. more than six thousand residents across fiji are in emergency shelters after their homes were damaged or swamped. winds reached 177 miles an hour,making it the strongest storm in the southern hemisphere since record keeping began. the next few weeks, basketball -- for us, we're starting out on a mild note after a decent weekend. will we keep the streak going? frank: we will keep above average temperatures around. temperatures made it to 55 yesterday, the cooler. check out the amazing picture sent in on my facebook page. the pictures sent in on my facebook page just went people loved it.
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please send them to us. click on the u-local page or go we would love to see them. the sun has been trying to peek out an earlier this morning, we party much sticking around all across the state or temperatures well above average. 41 degrees average for this time right now. the north. 34 for your lunch hour. upper 30's hanging out in the low 40's as well. megan wagner over the weekend sent in this picture to my facebook page. 44 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. low 40's, 8:00. tonight, 42 degrees. 11:00 is not bad.
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just below freezing tomorrow morning, six clock a.m. temperatures here in des moines, 31 degrees here the clouds out there, the precipitation well off to the north. there is a low area spinning well around the high pressure of the great lakes and that is giving us an easterly wind. bringing in generally mild air for us to start your work week. temperatures this week bit warmer to the south. kansas city hanging out in the low 50's. north platte, it bit warmer, 55 degrees today. we will see something slide through tonight but the main area of low pressure off to the north. along that, we could fire up a few snow showers earlier tomorrow. let's zoom in a little bit. starting things out a little bit with those clouds. they linger into tonight. it is very early tomorrow morning.
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by 8:00 tomorrow morning, we to the north. much. we will keep the clouds around tomorrow. by wednesday, things start change a little bit. high pressure out to the west will bring us more sunshine through the middle part of the highs are not bad. we'll take it. 31 degrees and tonight could see patchy fog. forecast. that warmer tomorrow. more sunshine at 39. the forecast looks splendid. could see 50 again by the weekend. not bad at all. mollie: the next few weeks, basketball fans will be losing their voice, cheering for their team. but at grand view university, one superfan has found his voice by being the loudest guy in the gym. the cheer squad even follows his
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more than just team spirit. in this weeks this is iowa i listen in for a lesson in confidence and campus-wide support. that's tonight on kcci 8 news at 6:00. this coming sunday is your
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learn the important >> this weekend, you can learn more about what is right in your backyard. the underground railroad. here with the historical society to tell more about it, -- the history in this house. >> isn't it amazing? railroad. mollie: tell us more about the jordan house. >> it is in west des moines, built by james jordan. it has been amazing history and sunday.
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underground railroad. >> there were no trains involved. with the network to get fugitive slaves into freedom. it was a list confederation of individuals and groups pushed by personal beliefs, religious philosophy, and they wanted to get us many people up north to freedom as possible. mollie: there were some notable names are how many went through there? >> we don't know exactly. the famous abolitionist did come through in february. this is a perfectly timed presentation. mollie: the presentation takes place on sunday. >> you can see this wonderful slice back into time. the house added on 21870. a really great view of what
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at 3:00, doug jones from the state history office will talk about the history of the underground railroad and in iowa who were such a big part of this. almost every northern state was involved. i will is critical because we were right on the border between free state and slave state. that is why we were so important. all of you to ohio and eventually to get these slaves to canada, where they would eventually be safe. mollie: so there is a cost to this and the regular house stores, we can do that throughout the week. >> yes, open house towards our every friday. three dollars for students, and i think well worth it for the educational opportunity. mollie: absolutely.
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there, we see where they were? cliff yes. we see a lot of what i will was like in the 1860, and we have quite a few pieces that are jordan family originals thanks to the generosity of donors and the jordan families themselves.
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mollie: tha mollie: a lot of people were winding up at the car wash. frank: you have got plenty of time to get to the car wash this week to do it. most of the snow is gone. that is great and nothing to mess up the fresh carwash for you. 44 degrees and a common cloudy day. we are five degrees above average today. we beat had she fog but otherwise, another quiet evening. could wake up to snowflakes.
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45 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. wednesday, nothing but sunshine. thursday friday and saturday. we are back at 50 degrees and maybe a bit cooler on sunday. already looking up.
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>> brooke: i do not want your husband, katie. >> katie: he's the love of your life, brooke. of course you want him! >> brooke: have i made one move on bill? >> katie: you're here in my home, meeting secretly with my husband. in my home, brooke. >> bill: brooke did not arrange this, katie. i did. >> katie: you lied to me. >> bill: i told you i had a meeting outside the office, and i did. a meeting about you with your sister, because we are both very concerned about. >> katie: i told you. you don't have to be concerned about me. >> bill: katie... we have a problem.


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