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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  February 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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andy: i think hawkeye fans should be thankful at this point that it is mid february and not mid-march. iowa looks like they are flagging right now. iowa cubs off with a much closer than it should have been win administers -- at minnesota. peter jok finished with 28 points, jarrod uthoff had 19, but the rest of the offense could not get in sync. iowa missed 10 free throws and they fall to penn state. next up, a weekend off. they don't play for another week. the bad news is, the four remaining games are wisconsin, ohio state, michigan, indiana, all-time level teams in the big ten. steve: andy and the sports team are also keeping a close-eye this week on wells fargo arena. the state wrestling tournament kicked off today, drawing thousands of people downtown.
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finding it more difficult to navigate between wells fargo and downtown businesses. kcci's ryan smith is live to explain the big change. ryan: fans, parents, and wrestlers here at the turn it all know that you can run into some downtime. the skywalk has always been an easy accessible way to connect , them to downtown shops and dining. but this year, you can see, construction is causing some inconvenience. wrestling fans from iowa's four corners and everywhere in between are in town. >> just gets super exciting, everybody just comes and watches. johnston senior austin garcia needed to kill a couple hours before his match. but during his walk downtown for food, he noticed a big detour. >> we would eat at fongs or royal mile then walk up through the skywalk.
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dealing with a disconnect between the arena and downtown. >> we wanted to get some starbucks and we couldn't get any because the skywalk was closed. mark: -- ryan: construction on the new 300-room convention center hotel is now underway shutting down a major artery of , the skywalk system. >> we found out it's closed because of construction and stuff, so we had to get back on the street and come outside. ryan: while the closure is a temporary inconvenience for visitors it's become a permanent , problem for some skywalk businesses. >> the customer is more like a friend. ryan: state tournament season typically means peak business for aj's popcorn. but they are not expecting that , this year. aj's reports a 30% drop in sales thanks to less skywalk foot , traffic. owner suk hatfield was recently forced to let two employees go. >> i had to let them go because i can not pay. ryan: the hotel is slated for
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there is lots of signage, and even a skywalk mobile application available to help visitors navigate through these temporary closures downtown. the convention and visitors bureau saying tonight this construction, even without the skywalk system means progress , for the area. live downtown, ryan smith, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: not far from aj's popcorn, another skywalk business is closing. after 30 years in business carlton cards is closing its , doors next week. the employees wouldn't give the specifics of the shutdown, but they say it was one of the first businesses to open in the skyway system. right now, the shop is hosting an everything-must-go blowout sale. stacey: right now the man wanted , for an attempted murder in sac county is behind bars in fort dodge. fort dodge police were called to the walmart on 1st avenue on a tip regarding 36-year-old jeremy werneburg. werneburg allegedly assaulted the officer while he tried to -- while he was being arrested.
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causing injury, and interference with officials acts causing injury. he's also being held on the attempted murder charge from sac county. six months after a deadly hit and run, a family finally has answers. west des moines police charged 37-year-old paul hauser of van meter in connection with the august 23 death of 22-year-old daulton holly. kcci's laura terrell explains why holly's family says they have already forgiven the driver responsible. >> he was loved by a lot a lot of people. laura: 22-year-old daulton holly had only been in des moines two months when he was found dead here at raccoon river drive in front of west grand golf. >> >> it was on sunday morning when a policeman knocked on my door, and told me there had been an accident. laura: holly's family back in troy, tennessee has been waiting 6 months to find out who left their loved one dead in the street. today they got their answer. , >> it was up to us to speak for the victim and find out what
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laura: 37-year-old paul hauser is charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, and owi. police say evidence analyzed in the dci crime lab and witness statements led them to hauser. >> we wanted to do a very thorough investigation. there wasn't a time constraint here, so we wanted to take the appropriate steps, do it methodically. laura: holly had been working in des moines to make extra money for his upcoming wedding. now joyce holly says, she forgives the man who took away her grandson's future. that's what we're supposed to do. it won't be easy, but that will be something that we need to do. laura: hauser turned himself in yesterday. he has since bonded out of jail. steve? steve: major changes are being proposed for iowa's medical cannabis bill. lawmakers introduced a pared-down bill this afternoon, replacing 4 manufacturing sites
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facilities to handle both jobs. the new version also drops the number of medical conditions eligible for the drug from 11 to 3. the republican representative who introduced the bill says it had to be scaled-back to survive. >> everyone has been working on this, i think eyes are wide open, they knew that changes needed to be made. but let's be clear this is , progress. steve: the new medical cannabis bill has cleared this week's funnel but it still has to pass through another committee before it's eligible to reach the house floor. stacey: commitment 2016 news tonight. for the first time ted cruz is on top of the republican presidential field in a national poll. the new nbc news/wall street journal poll shows him with a 28% to 26% lead on donald trump. that's a big change from trump's 13-point lead last month. right now, it is a battle for the south. gop presidential hopefuls participating in a pair of town halls over two days.
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key endorsement. republican presidential candidates ben carson, ted cruz, and marco rubio all participated in a town hall on cnn. it was a chance to sway undecided voters. dr. carson: what we really need are people who know how to solve problems, not people who know how to talk. sen. rubio: i have 15 years of experience of turning conservative ideas into conservative action. stacey: earlier wednesday, rubio picked up the most coveted endorsement in south carolina, from governor nikki haley. gov. haley: if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. stacey: that was another blow to jeb bush, just days after his brother, former president george w. bush, met privately with governor haley. each of the gop candidates is battling the force that is donald trump. he has a sizeable lead in south carolina polls. trump appeared in a separate town hall on msnbc confident , he's got the broad appeal to win the nomination.
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that nobody ever thought of as a republican. new york, michigan. stacey: he was also asked if he can behave like a president. >> do you have the temperament? mr. trump: i think my biggest strength is temperament. >> jeb bush would disgree. stacey: trump will participate in a cnn town hall thursday night, along with jeb bush and john kasich. south carolina's gop primary is saturday. nevada's democratic caucus is also saturday. steve: taking a live look outside our downtown skycam. a beautiful shot of downtown des moines on a warm evening. i want to hear more about this new warm-up. kurtis: we will start out a little cool, but by 6:00 a.m., we will have warmed up a little bit. 9:00 a.m., 38. 3:00 p.m. temperature, 58 degrees. a bit breezy with cloud cover early and a little bit of afternoon sunshine. much cooler to the northeast.
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fort dodge. 60's in southwestern iowa. kansas city, 72. manhattan, kansas, 77 degrees. even warmer air is going to move in. it looks like friday night should be around 64. compare that to 2015, only in the 40's. only in the 50's and 2014, 2013. in 2012, we had 60 degrees on february 1. it has been five years since we have had a february temperature as warm as what we expect on friday. steve: next at 10:00, it's been one year since des moines said goodbye to dahl's. a look at how its replacement found success. stacey: plus whole foods and , tattoos? the unexpected lengths the
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lure millennials. announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with steve karlin, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and sports director andy garman. steve: it has been almost
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grocery store world was turned upside-down. stacey: metro dahls stores closed and the new price chopper chain moved in from kansas city. kcci's todd magel is live at the -- todd magel with more on how the story of price chopper has succeeded. todd: the sounds of the checkout lane maybe the same but the look , is all new. the transition from dahls to price chopper is just about complete at the merle hay store and 4 other locations in the dm --n the des moines area. and if you could pick two words to describe the look? >> it is fresh and clean. todd: store director kenny kane had been with dahls since 1989. chopper took over, and is glad he did. they've made a huge investment in updating the old dahls locations. >> we were long overdue in the dahls world, to be remodeled, and this has just been a fresh, clean look so we're very happy to have that. todd: the stores include new lighting, graphic decoration, fixtures, layouts, and of course, pricing. kane also says most of his dahls coworkers stayed on with price
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easier. he says the customers stayed, too. >> oh, i was really sceptical about it, and i was a little nervous about it. but it's beautiful. , they've done a great job with it. todd: price chopper isn't releasing sales figures, but says sales are up after a year in the metro. and now that the remodeling is over, there's only one goal. >> it's time to get to the grind and sell some groceries. stacey: hy-vee is one of price chopper's big competitors. tomorrow, todd magel goes behind the friendly smile with a look at the history of hy-vee,, -- hy-vee, how the grocery chain has grown and what's next for the company. $9 billionthat is tomorrow night at 10:00. steve: incredible new video from space tonight. these are photos from astronaut scott kelly, taken aboard the international space station. that was a snow-covered region, green and blue sea, even orange sands, and a yellow desert. kelly is almost done with his yearlong stay in space.
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next month. that is beautiful. that is really cool. kurtis: they are really updating the maps. i saw your house and there, steve -- house in their, steve. we will see the clouds roll back in. wind-chill, 26. east-southeast winds at 10. a few icy spots out there. 34 here in the metro. early on, wind-chill in the mid-20's. at noon, some winds gusting to about 28 miles per hour. temperature, 49 degrees. almost your 50 by 12:00. look at this, 58 degrees for a high. 60 5 p.m. temperatures, still 51. some light snow early in the day
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more clouds rolling in from out to the west. there is no big system headed our way. the weather system is the warmth. we will be in the 50's. 70's in kansas city, 80's in central kansas. mid-80's in dodge city. even rapid city tomorrow, 70. much cooler in minneapolis, chicago, indianapolis, all in the 40's. ridge of high pressure moving out. and warm-up on the south-southeast winds. a warm front punches through tomorrow night. twins even stronger -- winds get even stronger as we head into friday. futurecast -- the clouds around, partly sunny skies by the afternoon. deeper snow packed to the north and you may even squeeze out a bit of drizzle.
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friday morning, another batch of clouds. it looks like saturday we will have nice sunshine throughout the day. i think late saturday, clouds and maybe a shower in extreme southern iowa. then that weak system moves out and sunday starts the sunshine and should finish with cloud cover. temperatures tonight, down around freezing. we are seeing some slick spots out there where you didn't get much sun today. watch out for icy spots on the sidewalks and parking lots. partly sunny afternoon. breezy in town. winds gusting to 25. i do want to point out, friday, 64. it will be quite windy with gusts around 40 miles per hour. it looks like it will be our warmest february day in five years. sunday, 50. a little cooler next week, but
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steve: next at 10:00, you see tourists using them all the time. there was even that viral video. see what happens -- see what happens when a sea lion takes a selfie stick for a spin. stacey: boyfriend troubles at five years old. >> i think i'm too young to have
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stacey: see the girl's hilarious stacey: fresh ink at whole foods? its new brand of stores may have tattoo parlors. whole foods plans to open its first "365" stores later this year. the new brand of grocery stores will focus on millennials and include other shops to break up the grocery store experience. the company says each 365 store could have a different mix of partners. steve: trending tonight, another animal is getting in on the selfie-stick trend. watch as a sea lion at the san diego aquarium takes selfie-stick specially made for him by the staff for a wild and cool ride. also going viral tonight, a 5-year-old talking about her relationship troubles with her mom. stacey: she explains how she would let her boyfriend down
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>> he looks so happy. >> when he is with you? >> yes. >> how do you feel about him? >> i feel different. >> how so? >> he likes me and i don't really -- i guess i will just telling, -- tell him it's time to break up. stacey: sets major things going on at the age of five. steve: the old saying, "it is not you, it is me." that young lady was disappointing the young man, and
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: let's start with this. in college festival this year, there are no great teams -- college basketball this year, there are no great teams. some really good teams, but nobody is head and shoulders above everyone else. because of that, this entire
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madness, and we're still two weeks away from the postseason. tonight, i will -- i am on the road at penn state. a struggling, at best, nikki lyons team -- nittany lions team. second half, peter jok trying to bring the hawks back. he had 28 points, a game-high score. penn state stuns the hawkeyes. final score in this one, 79-75. number three oklahoma got beat by texas tech tonight. number five north carolina lost to duke tonight. the hawkeyes have a week off to get ready for the stretch run where they play wisconsin, indiana, michigan, and ohio state. the next game is the badgers at
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drake bulldogs needing to mount a serious come back. second half, the dogs had been down 16 points before they started the rally. stretching his range and knocking down the three. the bulldogs came all the way back to get it within three points. drake falls, 80-74. rough night for northern iowa. they go to chicago and lose to loyola, 5956. that ends a six-game win streak. great night for the cyclones women's basketball team. freshman meredith burkhall led the way with 19 points. iowa state led 34-13 at halftime.
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this week, the state wrestling turn it over at the well. for the last couple of years, the first course has been the state team duals. that was today, and tony seeman has our coverage. tony: class 2a. at 126, clarion's gets the pin to end the match. clarion would make a run late but assumption was too much. in 3a, the big match up of the night. southeast polk and valley. ethan anderson doing what he does best. he gets be penn -- gets the pin. good matchup at heavyweights.
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it came down to the final match, winner take all. at 145. valley's joel shapiro delivers. he gets the pin and the valley tigers are duals champions. >> i am so proud of my kids. we won the key matches. i couldn't be more proud of the effort. >> we get a good job of staying confident and pushing through the whole dual. tony: congrats to the tigers and the rest of the winners of the team 3a -- the team duals. andy: 10 and a half hour from now, wrestlers, clear the mats please. class 1a will get things going at 1:00.
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steve: warm it up. kurtis: warmer temperatures out there, especially southwestern iowa. 60's in council bluffs. 58 here in the metro. 40's to the north. we will get even warmer. 60's on friday. it will be windy. chance of a light shower friday -- like shower saturday night. it will be very cold next week, in the 40's. just kidding. stacey: coming up next on the late show -- kate hudson,
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and courtney barnett. steve: our next newscast is kcci 8 news this morning. they start at 4:30. [kcci captioning is brought to you by the iowa clinic.] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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