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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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partially covered, pink means completely covered. a view spots in north-central iowa need travel is not advised. we'll continue to watch these conditions as they change and bring you updates all morning long. elizabeth: super bowl 50 is officially in the record books. last night, the broncos beat the panthers in santa clara, california. eric: the talk leading up to the game was all around peyton manning, and whether it would be his final game. also around cam newton, this year's m.v.p. but quarterbacks aside, the defense is really dominated. denver forced cam newton to fumble, and jumped in the end zone for a bronco touchdown. but carolina didn't stop -- they came back. peyton manning didn't play tremendous, but if it is his last game, he played well enough to win. denver takes home the trophy. elizabeth: that the question still -- was it his last game?
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at 39, he is now a two-time super bowl champ. after the game, manning says there are a few things he has to do before he makes his final decision. >> i'll take some time. i've got a couple priorities. i want to kiss my wife and kids. i want to hug my family. i will drink a lot of budweiser. and probably take care of those things first. definitely going to say a little prayer, thank the man upstairs. eric: while it wasn't a game that went down is great, unless you are a fan of defense. the number one offense from carolina and the number one defense from denver came in, but cam newton came out with a season-low. newton was saced six times, forcing six carolina turnovers. von miller had to in a half
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>> we know what type of team we are. we know what head of game we can play. we are just focusing on that -- enjoy the moment. i've got guys spending hours every day. it was great. we just played our game. eric: again, denver comes out on top, beating carolina 24-10. one of the first attach the lombardi trophy was i was very own james ferris. elizabeth: the new hampshire primary is just a day away, and all the candidates are blitzing across the state, trying to drum up last-minute support. todd magel starts our commitment 2016 coverage. todd: donald trump rallied supporters employment. >> the people running our country don't have a clue. eric: but some -- todd: but some say trump has enclosed the sale. still, the billionaire developer
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over marco rubio, according to "real clear politics." >> who are we going to nominate? todd: at a town hall, rubio stuck to the talking points that drew criticism last night. chris christie hit especially hard. >> i decided to engage last went? todd: the polls suggest trump and sanders will win the new hampshire, confirming letters here are not following iowa lead. hampshire. >> at some point, you want to go with someone new has a chance to win. todd: for democrats, bernie sanders is maintaining a generously. >> the path forward starts this tuesday new hampshire. thank you all very much. todd: hillary clinton stopped for doughnuts before heading to flint, michigan to address the water crisis there. but she will be back. >> i really believe strongly that i'm going to work for every vote i can get before the polls close.
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there sunday night and said it didn't take long to find candidates. they were out in full force, meeting with voters one day ahead of the primary. she caught up with jeb bush and his campaign. he was hosting a super bowl party. senator lindsey graham was there as well. cynthia did find one iowan there, campaigning for jeb, cedi will do much better new hampshire. >> i want to say hi to my wife. >> what are you doing here? >> everything is good. >> new hampshire is a different state. this is a much more independent state. it has a history of repudiating the iowa polls. we will see how things go, the we have a lot of momentum. governor bush came out of that debate really strong. we had huge offense here over the last couple days. i think marco rubio's momentum has been effectively stopped.
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eric: 40% of voters in new hampshire's are independent and many are undecided. they are also caring for a major snowstorm. they're expecting a few inches of snow, and i could impact turnout. make sure you follow cindy on facebook and twitter to catch all the reports and get a behind-the-scenes look at the action. 4:35. we have our own weather to talk about. metinka: a messy weather situation across northern iowa. it doesn't look all that bad, but this is in town, and you can see the blowing snow. a little bit of accumulation on the streets, but on the outside, the countryside, we have visibility is less than a quarter of a mile, blizzard conditions, light snow showers passing right through central iowa. doesn't look very impressive on live super doppler, and we aren't expecting much in the way the accumulation, but the wind is making all the difference, now gusting to 41 miles per hour with the strongest wind headed our way until noon.
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off, but until then, watch for those blowing snow concerns to continue with lower visibility. eric: more stories this morning. police say they have ruled out anything criminal in the death of the former principal financial ceo, david heard. he died saturday after falling from the 22nd floor of the possibility downtown. elizabeth: police are investigating his death as a suicide. friends tell kcci he was suffering from some health issues, which may have contributed. laura terrell has the news details. laura: police, firefighters, and amulets is rushed downtown after witnesses saw an elderly man fall from the 22nd floor of the plaza building. police cell -- police say it was 86-year-old david heard. he was a brilliant businessman. >> he didn't spend a lot of time
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he likes to work with doers. eric:laura: he was the ceo of principal financial, formerly known is bankers life. he started as a trainee there, moved up in the ranks. 35 years later, he became ceo, never forgetting his father's advice. >> "son, don't ever leave that company, because of the way they dealt with people." eric:laura: he was a community philanthropist. >> he played a huge role in developing it, can we are thankful. laura: as a champion of arts and culture, he was also a big proponent of the des moines arts festival and the des moines social club. >> his legacy lives on in many organizations and projects, what he did for this community is immeasurable. elizabeth: the family asked for privacy, and the police department says it will refrain from making any further comment until the investigation is
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still ahead, concussion clinic. we take you inside a new, local facility help you recover -- helping youth recover from injuries. eric: bikers, beer lovers -- stick around. a look inside the latest brewery
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>> this is iowa's news leader.
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with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, kurtis gertz, and right now coverage with shaina humphrey. elizabeth: good morning. the blizzard warning continues across northern iowa, north of highway 30. it does not include the county. here in des moines, four counties are under a winter weather advisory. it will be snowing and blowing all day long, and it will really cause issues. des moines is at 22 degrees of light snow, the wind close to 30 miles per hour with gusts close to 45. the snow showers are pinwheel into the state, coming in from the northwest. light to moderate snow showers, not much of the way of accumulation, but it will be blowing around and limiting visibility, causing roads to be so slippery that travel could be impossible at times across parts of northern iowa. be extra careful of your be hitting the roads. temperature wise, much cooler
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mid 20's with wind chills close to zero or below. elizabeth: the nfl is gearing up to review his concussion protocol. the league says it will re-examine it at later this month. eric: from the pros to the pee-wee's, the issue is a huge chapter in america. mark tauscheck shows us how one organization is working to ensure that local athletes don't try to play again for they are ready. mark: among all the possible activity related injuries for cans, -- for kids, concussions have never been obvious. >> we are appreciating that there are symptoms that are lasting, that can be subtle. mark: this clinic opened in september, for patients 21 and under. they have equipment that will help them identify concussion
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lay out a program where they can measure test results from their young clients from week to week to determine when they can return to the classroom and sports safely. from testing reaction time to processing speed and the impact of computer rest concussion valuation system -- >> this is tricky. the tests your memory. mark: it is all designed to activate instantly the brain and body, because that is when concussion symptoms appear. >> maximal exertion. how much information the break and handle without becoming symptomatic. >> hurry up and grab the light. mark: the clinic has seen 52 patients, half of them with sports related concussions, many of whom didn't realize the severity of their injury until it went -- until they went through the program. >> when we got there a visual and balance test, the athlete really gains insight, that they are more impaired than if they were. mark: the average time for
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improve if they go back to sports in about a month. eric: the pediatric rehab doctor at the clinic says his kids return to quickly, they are risk of second impact syndrome. that's another injury while the brain still healing, and it can lead to herniation of the brain, which can result in severe disability and even death. elizabeth: 4:45. you're waking up to 22 degrees, and a lot of blowing snow. some strong wind to deal with as you head out. this is a live look at i-235. the camera looks pretty stable, but head out of town and feel the force of that wind.
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fo >> weather is never more than five minutes away. metinka: good morning. waking up to a lot of wind and snow and bad visibility. we have wind currently gusting from the northwest around 40 miles per hour, even stronger overnight. you probably heard the house creaking around and all that wind, maybe even blowing over your garbage can. it is also blowing snow. we had some light snow across the state creating bad visibility. the wind will be the strongest before noon, with wind gusting over 40 miles per hour at times. this afternoon, the wind will be
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a windy afternoon and evening. a tricky day for travel across the state, especially to the north. the wind combined with the snow that is falling is reducing visibility lower than a mile . ames is dropping back to a mile, so be very cautious if you will be heading to the roads. we have bands of light snow heading through central iowa, so from boone through perry, we have the snowflakes flying and being looped around. road conditions are the poorest across north-central iowa in this order and shaded area, including i-35 northbound. travel is not advised to do slippery road conditions, due to the blowing snow in low visibility. that is where we have to blizzard warning through six clock p.m. -- through 6:00 p.m. it has been extended for a few counties to the east and south. our his abilities will be just a little bit better, with strong
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it swirls around an area of low pressure up to the east of iowa, across the great lakes. we are expecting this to be with us throughout the evening. futurecast keeps the snow showers off and on through the morning. by noontime, a a few more snowflakes. even through the evening commute, the best chances of snow will be along i-35 and just of the east. after 6:00 p.m., that system works its way to the east, and the wind will finally settle down a little bit. 22 right now in des moines, snowflakes coming down, a blustery wind at 25 miles per hour. also producing a wind chill of four degrees. temperatures today will be the main part of the forecast. it will be a lot colder than yesterday, so bundle up, and keep a firm grip on that wheel if you are hitting the road. northwest winds today at 30-40 miles per hour. the wind tomorrow stays pretty gusty as well, not as strong yesterday, and the strong will move out.
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forecast. elizabeth: appreciate that. eric: super bowl weekend also been's opening weekend for one of the area's newest breweries. elizabeth: as marcus mcintosh ellis, there may not be a good reason for fans not to check it out. marcus: this is what opening-night looked like. >> couple guys walk into a bar and talk about what they will do. we decided to check that out. marcus: they estimate about 90% of what is inside this building is reclaimed, reuse, or repurposed -- including the stack, which was once part of the old log ride. >> afraid of mine was doing the demolition and said -- do you think we can build a deck? absolutely, what an amazing opportunity. marcus: it is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. the bar and the flooring are old train rails.
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people are very conscious about the environment. marcus: the before maybe even more stunning. the color had to be blasted away, and the building didn't have any doors, winddowows, or front door. >> it took a lot of work. brewing the beers -- >> our most popular item is this longer. what we have it is. marcus: the hope is that this location will pay off, especially with people who want to spend their money locally. elizabeth: reclaimed rails brewing company has 11 beers on tap, ranging from excelsior to a stout. the brewmaster of the reclaimed owners says 19 -- spent 19 years brewing here in des
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metinka: a really blustery monday. des moines at 22 degrees, wind from the northwest at 30-40 miles per hour. the roads here in the metro are just wet, but they are really
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the winterds are coming out, rattling your house early this morning. it's blowing snow that is falling very much across northern iowa, creating visibility is less than a mile. brief snow showers will continue to trek through the area, not ending up much in the way of the chelation, but enough to blowback over the roads. the strong wind will begin to diminish a little later on today. tomorrow will still be blustery, and check out those highs for the week ahead. a huge change from yesterday's 40's, a warm-up on tap. >> and the home of the
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eric: the evening started out with a bang. that was lady gaga singing the national anthem. the musical performance took off from there. elizabeth: we'll hear some of the highlights. >> oh >> >> uptown funk you up uptown funk you up elizabeth: coldplay, beyonce, is bruno mars coming for the electric performance. it has been such a big week leading up to the game, and we have been lucky to have our own stock reister to capture the fun. eric: they even that some celebrities. check out this message from
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>> shadow to everyone in iowa, love you for supporting me. we are doing a good cause today. all for the wounded warriors. we appreciate what you do. eric: how cool was that? he also begs the stanford band for an apology. got a little something. >> if anybody from stanford wants to apologize, here's your chance. >> let's make peace. >> how does it hurt to say "i'm sorry?" >> because then i am admitting i'm wrong. eric: you can watch the rest of that story. download our mobile app or head to our website. elizabeth: we have more stories ahead on kcci at 5:00, including more on the super bowl celebration, plus let peyton
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and a granite state >> you are watching kcci eight news. elizabeth: right now, blizzard warning. you heard the windvernight, now see what it is doing. we will show you were driving conditions could be dangerous. eric: plus, what a game. the denver broncos win super bowl 50. we will show you the big moments. we were in the middle of everything. good morning, everybody. thanks waking up with kcci. elizabeth: monday, february 8. we have more snow to talk about, but mostly the wind. metinka: right. a very windy start to the week. you can see that the roads are a little snowy out there, but mainly the skycam is rocking. here in des moines, the roads are wet. 22 degrees right now, snow coming down, wind sustained from the northwest at 29 miles per hour, a gusting over 40ll night. the light snow will continue to fall today. we are expecting much in the way
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blowing snow and reducing visibility.
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