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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  February 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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visibility is very low, so only travel in an emergency. the planner shows blizzard conditions continuing into the overnight, then blowing snow tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the upper 20s overnight, dropping to the teens after sunrise. blustery conditions will remain tomorrow. "we just have to deal with it " says james eubanks. with it " says james eubanks. drivers forced to pull off interstate 29
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delivery schedules... and tests their patience. blizzard brings national attention. "no, i've never been to sioux city before." "we had a great time in iowa and a great showing." and... marco rubio rides the victory wave to new hampshire... even though he came in third in iowa. jenna: good evening andthank tonight and im jenna rehnstrom the blizzard hitting siouxland has all but shut down the area, closings from schools and businesses have been pouring into the newsroom here but siouxland businesses aren't the only ones that have to put a halt on things, after earlier today, part of interstate 29 in south dakota was closed, officials citing dangerous driivng conditions. abc9's jess plue got to speak to some truck drivers who had to make an impromptu stops during their delivery.
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while most are avoiding the blizzard by staying indoors, some have to brave the terrible weather to keep business moving as usual... but how can you keep business moving cross country when an interstate is closed? i spoke to some drivers who were forced to pull off due to the hazardous conditions and how this impacts their businesses. "i've never run into a road closure before," says craig vine craig vine along with many other drivers were quite literally stuck when the state departments of transportation and public safety closed down interstate 29 from exit 72 south to iowa's border...all due to the blizzard. but when you're in the business of transportation, what happens when your means of transportation are cut off? "what're you doing to wait out the snow? sitting. just sitting? yeah pretty much." said vine. just like craig, phil halverson, said that beyond waiting out the storm, there's not much else they can do. "it's been a long time since i've seen weather like this. i grew up in weather like this in the praries in canada but haven't seen stuff like this in twenty years," says halverson. phil has a live delivery that he already has to pay special attention to, now even more so when he can't move
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below freezing. "we're here picking up baby turkies and they got to get home and we hope to be there too," says halverson items like mail that are also time sensitive, have a sense of urgency to get moving again soon, but mail driver james eubanks says there's not much you can do against mother nature. "we run a tight schedule since that's what the post office requires us to do but when the adverse weather hits like this, we really just have to deal with it." jess: with bad highway conditions and closed roads, many of the gas station parking lots have already been filled with stranded drivers. the tyson event center has now opened up their parking lot to house those who are stranded and have also opened their doors for people to use the restrooms and warm up. reporting in studio, jess plue, abc9 news. jenna: blizzard recieved conditions and closed roads, station parking been filled with the tyson event center has now opened up their parking lot to house those who are stranded and have also opened their doors for people to use the restrooms and warm up. reporting in studio, jess plue, abc9 news. jenna: the sioux city blizzard recieved some national
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face from the weather channel was in town reporting on the conditions. meteorlogist jim cantore was downtown reporting alongside our own weather specialist. when comparing this snow storm to the one recently hitting the east coast, jim had this to say. "there's a lot more wind with this one. i don't really think the east coast storm verified as a blizzard. when you go back and look at the data, there may have been a few spots that verified as blizzard, but i know we didn't in washington, d.c., we did not. this is much much more windier, and i think it's going to verfiy as blizzard by the time we're done" "it isn't one of those situations where i'd want to be out on the road with my family, driving around on the interstate... it is dangerous" the snow totals were so great today, it prompted some snow removal specialists to travel clear across the state to help the efforts jenna: the snow prompted kent countryman from davenport iowa, to drive seven hours to sioux city to offer his snow removal services to one
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up sioux city parking lots and driveways. kent says the dry spell of snow storms in eastern iowa pushed him to bring his company to siouxland. "it's a blizzard. i've been through...i've been in the snow business myself for 35 years so i've been through a few blizzards before and it's one of things that you just have to continually, continually, contiually go at," said countryman. jenna: kent says his crews have been working hard all day and it feels as if they haven't even put a dent into the snow. jea: snow's not not high on the list of things that make people happy. but one man from johnston iowa says he's been waiting for messy conditions just like those we've seen today. nikki davidson from our des moines affiliate explains " mason rumpf has learned one thing in his 22 years ... winter 1:35:28 i don't like gotta do what you gotta do. and this season... new thats keeping atleast in his heart. 7:26:14 he laughs alot whenever it starts snowing... just thinking about it, he'll start laughing. he's got a way to take on the white stuff... (wheels move)
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possible. 8:54:27 he likes being usefull, he likes to work. he's lived with cerebal palsey all his life... but it wasn't until this year... that all it takes is a couple flips of a switch... (creaking chair) a little patience... and a guy paralyzed from the chest down... is off. (taking off) 6:17:07 hes happy to see snow in the forecast, the more the better. taking out driveways (plow scrape) and sidewalks (snow pushing) in just minutes. it's a chore for most people... (snow crunch) but for mason.. its the purpose thats fun. 4:43:06 its really great, i'll help a lot of friends out. but he can't deny... the time he gets zipping through the snow... also makes him do this (laugh) 7:58:27 if there was one person who would try to find a way to be more active, it'd be mason. so it may not be popular opinion... but hes hoping for a few more chances to see this (snow crowding)... before spring hits... 4:22:12 it was a fun day. in johnston, nikki davidson " jea: the snowfall was right on time to
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everyone trying to catch a flight out of des moines today just a day after the caucuses the exodus from the iowa capitol continued today, as everyone from presidential candidates and national media was trying to catch the quickest flight out of iowa to new hampshire but they ran into a bit of trouble. des moines international airport temporarily shut down their runways this morning. due to heavy snow and tarmac. airport officials say they were caucus traffic, but not mother nature. were short then the those early morning flights got out in good shape, until the snow did start coming"" airport officials are taking the opportunity to remind passengers to show up at leat 90
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their flights take off and check airport websites for updates. jenna: two candidates got a big push yesterday after iowans voiced their opinions at their caucus precincts. hillary clinton and ted cruz got the nod from a majority of caucus goers cruz has been gaining momentum in the past month, leading in several polls besting the second place donald trump by three percent the clinton campaign winning by a very narrow margin winning by just two tenths of a percentage point. jenna: at precincts here in siouxland marco rubio fostered a strong caucus turnout and although he only took third in the caucus, you wouldn't be able to tell if you saw him on the campaign trail today. " "
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that need a break from the snow, we'll take a look at how some are enjoying themselves in california ahead of the big game (fred) tonight's ask fred question is "what is the record 24 hour
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answer and a look at how ch we
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who were lucky enough to dodge this weather and make it to sunny san fransisco, there's plenty to do before the players hit the field there to battle for the lombardi trophy. reporter ken brown has more from the sunny west coast. "so we're going to do the big game a little bit didierent if you haven't caught oby now... i'm going to take you around san francisco and show you all the touristy things to do from the tourist perspective for the big games 50th editioio... here you get to
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quarterback in the show... puttinyou in the game at levi stadium... with a quarterback rating of 136 i have this on lockdown. it might be right before the big game but jacksonville and san francisco are squaring off in the host city... as you see they have the bikes racing behind us... first lights to the top are the winner as these two compete in the light challenge.. i got this... cleveland wins... you don't here that often. in downtown san francisco you can act like whoever you want... today we're pretending to be the broncos but there is something for everyone here leading up to the 50th edition of the big game... for the big game
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(jenna) fred, how much more snow is coming? 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows snow still falling, but it has lightened up a bit. snowvision shows where the heaviest snow has fallen. iowa snow totals were 15" in hawarden and sioux city, 13.5" rock valley, and 13" sheldon, sioux center, and struble. wayne, ne had 17.5". verdigre had 16", norfolk 14", craig 14", and plainview and tekamah 12". in south dakota, vermillion had 17", dakota dunes
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conditio are very bad. orange means don't travel. and we have road closures on us 18 and iowa 3 in western iowa where you see the yellow dots. the blizzard warning remains in effect until 4 am for areas in purple. here's the port neal welding company skycam hd shows low visibility from the ho chunk centre. 34 was the high today and 27 the low. here's the skycam hd in storm lake. 27 is the sioux city temperature. local temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. wind chills are single digits and teens. winds are 20 to 35 mph with gusts as
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visibility is very poor--less than a mile in many spots. the satellite and radar shows the system moving east, but bands of snow lingering behind it. those will wind down early tomorrow morning, as shown on our stormcast hd, but blowing snow will linger tomorrow morning. in addition to what has already fallen, around 0.5" of additional snow may be seen tonight! your forecast for tonight is for snow and blowing snow creating blizzard conditions. the low will be 18 with winds gusting to 40 mph.
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blowing snow in the morning and breezy forecast shows tonight, with highs warming to above freezing over the weekend. next week will bring a cooldown and strong winds. tonight's ask fred question is "what is the record 24 hour snow for siouxland?" the answer is 20.0" on april 10, 1913. al motl is our winner tonight. al wins 2 tickets to alan jackson!
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coming up in sports...iowa's jarrod uthoff accomplished something no hawkeye has done since 1966. find out what honor he received up ahead. tim plus iowa state wrapped up a stretch of four ranked opponents ininive games ainst west virginia tonight. highlights from hilton coliseum
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state squared off with a top-15 opponent. so far, , e clones have gone 2-1 in those games and with a win tonight against west virginia, isu could move into a tie for second place in the big twelve. steve prohm and bob huggins, their first ever game against each other. early in the first...matt thomas...more than just a catch and shoot guy...nails the step back triple. then off the dribble...he connects from distance and the
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thomas wasn't the only offense though..eorges niang...rough night with turnovers, makes up for a bit of it here with three. then it's monte morris...he tickles the twin from range and the cyclones doubling up the mountaineers 7 and a half minutes in. they'd go on a run too...and this, the exclamation point...morris to deonte burton...he finishes with the massive lefty slam. but west virginia with the response...jaysea n paige...with the nifty euro step to get to the rack to get within four. then one of those turnovers from niang leads to a layup for daxter miles and the neers cut it to one. but with just seconds left in the half...morris with the alley oop to jameel mckay...clones head into the locker room up 37-33. the second half though, belonged to huggy bear...some great ball movement freese up esa ahmad...he's a freshman but he has senior level ups. the mountaineers head to hilton and pull off the upset, 81-76. despite suffering its first conference loss last week, the iowa hawkeyes continue to make waves. jarrod uthoff is
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this week's sports illustrated, marking the first time since 1966 that a hawkeye hoopster has that honor. while it's a huge accomplishment, uthoff can expect some good natured ribbing from his teammates this week. adam woodbury--"no, i'm sure i will though. i'm sure i'll try to print one off and make fun of him a little bit about it. mike gesell--"i got a little bit of stardom along with jarrod. you know i think maybe it's all the passes i gave him, they decided to put me on there." fran mccaffery--"i think it's great. i'm really happy for jarrod in particular. but for all the guys toe recognized at that level." jarrod uthoff--"to me, it's about us as a the hawkeyes and what we've accomplished as a team. there's nothing about individual, what i've done as an individual. you know i think we've come a long way through this program this year. people predicted us bottomf the big ten and we're proving that we can play with anybody." iowa's back in action tomorrow when they host penn state. chris: after receiving a scholarship offer yesterday from nebraska, norfolk catholic standout david engelhaupt
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continue his football career with the in-state huskers. engelhaupt, a 6-3, 235 pounder, had been committed to wyoming before nebraska extended an offer. he was a key component of norfolk catholic's state runner up squad this year, rushing for 1,400 yards and 39 touchdowns while adding 89 tackles and two return scores. engelhaupt is expected to shift to tight end or h-back when he joins the huskers. engelhaupt joins these other d-1 commits, some of whom have had their signing day moved due to weather. ross godfrey and elyse huber from east will sign tomorrow for football and soccer respectively. heelan's branden hohenstein and brooke bleeker, plus ko kieft of sioux center and burke prins of hinton have all been delayed. we'll have more on these signings throughout the
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radar shows snow beginning to wind down, but the wind will remain tonight, causing blizzard conditions. your forecast for tonighis for snow w and blowing snow creating blizzard conditions. the low will be 18 with winds gusting to 40 mph. tomorrow, the high will be 22 with blowing snow in the morning and breezy winds. the 7-day forecast showsquiet weather after tonight, with highs warming to above freezing over the weekend. next week will bring a cooldown and strong winds. 2 tickets to alan jackson is tonight's ask fred prize!
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