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good evening! radar shows snow moving east and out of our area. local temperatures are in the 20s to around 30. your planner shows cloudy skies and areas of fog tonight. the temperature will be 27 at 2 am, 23 at 6 am, and 21 at 10 am with cloudy skies. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at a nice warming trend in the 7-day forecaca! it's time fororocal news that matters! "we thought we'd be at most two hours, we were stuck there for 22 hours" we were stuck there for 22 hours" siouxlanders snowbound on the pennsylvania turnpike....and sharing god's blessings.... "never even gave caucus a thought " as iowa's biggest
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inside the caucus classroom .... and from a yellow submarine to the& smurfs this nationally known artist ia big draw in siouxland. tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom if you thought the blizzard out east didn't affect siouxlanders... that's just not the case. tim: more than 1515 studentstsrom iowa and n nraska were strtrded overnight t the roros in pennsylvanan on their way to the "march for life" rally in washington, d.c. jenna: but, what they did to pass the time is now going viral. deborah souverain has the story. deborah being stuck in a blizzard is bad enough...but imagine having to be stuck on a bus for 22 hours... with very little food or water... that was the case for many catholic parisioners over the weekend....howeve r they decided to make the best of the situation....and they decision has
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"i really didn't think it would get this big," said father patrick behm hundreds of the faithful stranded on the side of a pennsylvania highway with no where to go... so what would they do?... well, hold an impromptu mass, of course. "they needed to get out and what better way to get them out and moving around a little bit than to have mass," said father behm. fathereratrick behm of f mars, led the e tdoor service for the group which h s stranded foror total of 22 hours. a make-shift alter...crafted from snow....and hundreds of the devout.. turning this frozen roadway....into a highway to heaven of sorts. "the line from the gospel that really struck me that day was 'they thought he was crazy,' meaning the people thought jesus weas crazy and i talked about all these people that think we are crazy for being out here and i said really we're doing the most important thing that we can," said father behm. the idea coming from a group from minnesota
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wicked winter weather. instead of lettingold man winter get the best of them, many embraced the situation. "when it was actually happening it was pretty cool, someone had a guitar and we started playing songs. it was really unique, and not something anyone would think you would do. for middle schooler briana martinez's a relief to finally be home.. i took a shower, i ate and then i fell sleep," said martinez and shes not alone i had a very good night's sleep last night, it fetl good to be in my own bed, " brianna martinez "it then suddenly we're like," said ""take a shower "i've never in my life been so happy to see a mcdonald's which was true!" said patrick behm father behm says thererwere people froro around 9 different states and about 7 to 8priests attending g the outdoooomass. and if you're wondering what they did to pass the time on the bus...he says they watched watched movies, played games and even helped shovel out ucks. live in the studio, deborah souverain for abc9 news. jenna on cam cutting property taxes is a big topic at this year's nebraska unicameral. if it happens there
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effect hurting some rural school districts. nebraska govenor pete ricketts is looking to cap property taxes in order to help farmers. but, part of those taxes go to public schools... and nebraska already rankes 49th in the country in state spending for k-12 education. today, south sioux city community and school leaders met to discuss the challenges they could face if that became a reality. "south sioux city actually gets a lot of state aid, the problem is we're not putting enough money in state aid to really cover the needs of the district. so, in south sioux city school district, for example, they've seen flat numbers over the last five years and are actually expected toto see a decrease i i funding next year" says renee f f, executive director, opensky policy institute. south sioux city schools superintendent vernon fischer says their three elementary school, and all at capacity. if they don't maintain their expand, if necessary. jenna: college exam....
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studying up for caucus night. tim: but unlike most college campuses, tonight caucus 101 session brought ople of all ages together..... votersrsgetting an education on the basics of caucusus night politics. "spiderman is a man of the people, he really is"... tim: spiderman and superman took the place of donald trump and monday nights morningside college campus. session hosted by the sioux city votes, featured mock-up's of what will happen one week from woodbury county caucus sites. the caucus 101 concept targets newcomers to the process, mostly young people.... but monday's event offers more proof that the 2016 campaign is drawing in people of all ages. "never even gave caucus a thought, we've always voted and in the primaries amd all the elections, but the caucus concept ner even thought about it until we saw so many good candidates and wanted to be part of that provess," said dick palmatier a first time caucus goer. "we want to encourage people to participate in their democracy. the caucuses are a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors through
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theresa weaver- basye of the local league of women voters. if you have questions about the caucus process, chehe out on-line caucus 10101 materials at teachers.caucus1 01.c the material is prided by the secretary of states office for use in iowa classrooms. jenna: tonight was the last chance for democrats to reach their iowa audiences before caucuses. the democratic town hall was held tonight in des moines. each candidate got their opportunity to speak on the hot topic issues this campaign cycle. f we are serious about ending the disgrace about having so many children live in poverty, the real way to do it is to have millions of americans finally stand up and say enough is enough. when prompted to speak on hillary clinton's campaign, sanders reiterated his lack of interest in running a quote "attack campaign". democratic rival
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sanders in the forum. climate chanan is the greatest business opportunity to come to the united states in a 100 yearsrs o'malley also toto the opportunity to speak on the current state of the healthecare system whi he says needs to be fixed. hillary clinton got the chance to speak to iowans as well, taking the stage last. she says she's looking to the future to build upon what president obama has accomplished while in office. tim: and speaing of the former secretary of state she'll bein sioux city next week the day before caucusus, that'll be on sunday january 31st. clinton is hding an event at the sioux city convention center. that's scheduled for 5:15. but she's not the only candidate in town that weekend. tim: texas senator ted cruz will be campaigning with congressman steve king on saturday, that event set for western iowa tech community college starting at 8 in the evening. ted cruz has been the center of
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controversy in the hawkeye state after governor terry branstad's recent remarks saying cruz was not the right choice for iowans and renewable fuel. jenna:a: and after comingng under fire from congressman steve king, who endorses cruz today the governor stood by his remarks. i just gave an honest answer to a point blank question. you know me, that'sthe type of person i am." the governor says his numbebe one focus when it comes to caucus night is not about the candidates, it's about iowa voters. wants to see a record turnout this year. tim: republican candidate rick santorum was in davenport today, to tell iowa cacus goers to not count him out of
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the gop hopeful held a town hall meeting in the city's library.. where he spoke on there his social security policies and economic issues. he says despite his low numbers in the polls, it's not over until iowa votes next week. the former pennsylvania senator tost the the g-o-p nomination back in 2012 to mitt romney tim: donald trump is planning to visit johnson county, which is widely recognized as the most liberal in iowa. but this time, some different circumstances surround his arrival. jenna: trump has said things during campaign speeches that some have deemed offensive... and that has police on high alert. mark carlson reports " "w"wre only concerned about safetytyssues related to what's going in the event, people have a first amendment right to say what they want. "> u-i interim director of public safety dave visin says police will respect people's first amendment rights. and they won't remove protesters from inside the venue -- unless there is a threat to public safety, which could lead to an interesting night.
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officers?... well for an outburst with no safety issues, that's up to the campaign and the candidate to handle. "> visin declined to say how many officers have been called in to staff the event. but he says it will be a quote "good amount" and they will be workininwith the secret service. they will also h he both of their bomb detecting k-9's at the venue. in iowa city, mark carlson, tim: he's the man behind some of your favorite cartoons. and this week... ron campell is in sioux city, sharing his art. campbell has worked on the beatles animated series as well as the smurfs, scooby doo, the flintsones, and
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he's most like he had this to say. "that i'm momo like?! golly.y. cool mccool... . w's that?! (laughs) that's an odd questioio i'm not like a a of them really... they're all crazy characters" retired screen cartoonist. tim: campell will be in sioux city for the during the exhibit, he'll be autographs and until the conclusion of the exhibit wednesday. it's free and open to the public. jenna: people in muscatine are already getting excited for this summer after the announcement they'll be the final stop on ragbrai. city offials say this was a pleasant surprise, after they were passed up on the trip last year. last year's destination was davenport this will be the 44th riding of ragbrai. it starts in glenwood this july. still to come... the record breaking snowfall.on the east coast made for some impressive
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we'll take a look after the break. (fred) snow is finished, and we have warmer temperatures in the 7-day forecast. we'll see 40s by friday! the forecast is coming up after the brere. stay with usus
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provided some great opportunities to get some once in a a tim: impressive time snow boarding never before cruising through the streets of new york city jeremy roth has more. "its not like you can
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of manhattan. so over the weekend casey neistat did. police eventually stopped him, but the officer was cool about it. (nats)"yes officer? someone complained about you, so we're just going to act like we're talking to you alright? you guys are awesome!" to further proof his craziness... casey reportedly used a 30-foot video cable to tow himself. (nats)"dog barking" here's an equally adorable way to get around in the snow. these kids enlisted the help of their dog, brumas. david margison shot this video of his kids being pulledround by brumas. the dog walast seen praying for summer. and this youtuber showed just how much snow the washington d-c area got this weekend. 15-year old chase higgins put his phone in his living room window friday afternoon, then left it there until saturday night. you can see how fast the snow piled up in just a day and a half! " (tim) fred, i'm glad to hear that wararr weather is coming. (fred)
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2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows light snow pushing east. road conditions sho that we have widespread light snow cover on roads. a winter weather advisory will be in effect in the east until 12 am for the threat of some slick roads. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows the scene in sioux city. 31 was the high today and 26 the low. in sioux city, we have 30 degrees and clouou skies. winds are strong--northwest at 22 miles per hourur temperatures are in e 20s to near 30. wind chills are in the teens. winds are northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. gusts are 32 miles per hour in sioux city. we have a combination of blowing snow and patchy fog. visibility is less than 5 miles in
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satellite and radar shows snow moving east. the stormcast hd shows the low moving east and taking the snow with it tonight. we'll then see quiet weather with cloudy skies tomorrow and a bit more sunshine wednesday. t t snow forecast shows another half inch or so of accuculation across the east. the rest of us will not see any more measurable snow. tonight's low will be 19 with snow ending. foggy and breezy conditions will persist. tomorrow, look for a typical january da the high will be 30 with mostly cloudy skies. the 7-day shows a warmup to the 40s friday, saturday, and sunday. no significant chances of snow will be seen after tonight. (jenna)
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you bet. coming up in sports...the abc9 top plays makes history tonight. stay tuned to find out what makes this countdown so special. tim plus iowa state was looking for its second straight win on big monday. find out if the cyclones could use hilton magic to take down rival
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for the second straight week, iowa state was featured on espn's b monday. a week ago, the cyclonesesot some hilton magigi to beat then numbererne oklahoma...t.tigh t, it was fourth ranked kansas making the trip to ames. isu, in search of its fourth win in five tries against the jayhawks. early on, georges niang...showing he can play physical too...bulls his way in, gets the roll, cyclones get on the board. on the other end, wayne seldin...former prep teammate of niang...he shows he can finish in the paint too as the jayhawks lead by 3. ku stretches it to six, but deonte burton, trying to chip away...he gets the hoop over
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out to big twelve player of the week monte morris for the triple. morris was an absolute monster tonight...he dishes it off to of his 9 assists on the game here. then in the second half...deja vu...morris to burton...that gives isu their first lead of the game with 8 minutes to play. and then they pull away...the cyclones become the first big twelve team to beat bill self four out of five times...85-72 the final. chchs: this week is a first r the abc9 top ays. for the first time ever, each and every play features a high flying, rim rattling, backboard shaking slam. as always these are made by local athletes for local viewers. we start things off with a regular here on top plays...david wingett from winnebago . he gets the lob and slams it home with authority for two of his...get this, fifty points on saturday night. that's right...50 points in 32 minutes of
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from wingege and this game ahead on the countdown. play number fourtakes us up to the fisher and the stars taking on west...and this will make coach happy. tavian williams...he's out there eating...the slam on the break gets the fans fired up! and can you blame them, take another look, it's not just a dunk, but williams on the way up as well. number four...absolutely unreal. number three ususo the college e ranks...the battlefor the rushmorestate, usd hosting sdsu trey norris with the alley and tyler flack with the oop to get the coyote crazies going. on it's own this play is awesome, but take another look, flack adjusts in mid air and shows that sometimes one is better than two...when it comes to hands. play number two comes from another familiar face...walthill's kobe smith...plays a lot like the other kobe...except from
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first he turns the missed shot into abig g me alley oop and then the crossover opens up the lane and out elevate. it's like he's wearing pf flyers a kid run faster what a season it's shaping up to be for the blu jays. but our top play, once again goes to david wingett. and this is something you don't see too often on the high school hardwood--especi ally during a game. first the steal and then, the 360 dunk. out of words to describe this kid, but i certainly hope coaches miles, mccaffery eye on him david wiett...locking the abc9 top plays
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foggy and breezy conditions will persist. tomorrow, look for a typical january day. the high will be 30 with mostly cloudy skies. the 7-day shows a warmup to the 40s friday, saturday, and sunday. no significant chances of snow will be seen after tonight.
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