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tonight's event... anything you expect to hear from sanders, tim...? tim: last week the vermont senator released his plan for medicare for all... and good chance that we'll hear more about that... as well as his constant attacks on hillary clinton when it comes to her connections with wall street and big banks.... something sanders talks about breaking up. tim: sanders left des moines by bus early this morning ... and before stopping in sioux city he met with supporters in fort dodge, underwood and carroll...... where he countered hillary clinton's claims that he's making promises he can't keep... "people want to raise the minimum wage, people want pay equity for women, these are not radical ideas. if we rally the american people to stand up and demand the government that represents all of us and not a handful of billionares we can impliment that program," said sanders.
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here's an update behind the according to the register poll from 5 days ago, hillary clinton is hanging on to a 2 point lead in iowa..... 42 to 40. sanders climb though also poses questions.... his number in iowa the registers previous poll... but clinton dip is 6 indicating there people uncertain about who they will support as there are switching support to sanders. tim on cam live sanders still faces a larger gap nationally... a monmouth university poll shows clinton with a 52-37 lead with primary voters....sanders climbed 11 percentage points to his highest support yet. martin omalley has single didget support.. jenna before tonights event.... and you can see folks are already arriving for the 7pm event..... sen sanders will join me for a question and answer session we'll feature coming up
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this week in siuoxland. and expect to see plenty of the senator in iowa in days leading up to caucus... he has 3 full days planned beginning friday. reporting live at the orpeheum theatre.. tim seaman abc9 news. jenna: an unfortunate turn of events for the ben carson campaign forced the republican candidate to suspend his events planned for today three student volunteers and a staffer for ben carson's campaign were injured -- including one "gravely" during an accident near atlantic. carson is suspending all campaign activity for the rest of the day to fly to omaha, where one of the volunteers is being treated at nebraska medical center. the vans in iowa hit a patch of ice flipped on its side and hit another vehicle. ive
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think it's where we need to be right now carson was campaigning in south carolina at the time of the accident. jenna: a controversial statement made about ted cruz came from the governor of iowa today at the renewable fuel conference in altoona. (gov. terry branstad/(r) iowa) i think that ted cruz is ahead right now branstad's sentiment against the cruz campaign was echoed by
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rick santorum who were both invited to the event. jenna: and as terry branstad lead's iowa into this year's renewable fuel summit. someone very close to the governor is handing out grades to presidential hopefuls when it comes to their support of renewable resources. amanda krenz has more from altoona. ""at the renewable fuels summit - this booth run by a group called america's renewable future had report cards to hand out... to show people which candidates support the renewable fuel standard and which ones one don't. they only gave two candidates a bad rating. rand paul and ted cruz. eric... ??? had called for an immediate repeal." this is eric branstad, director of america's renewable future. he's the governor's son, and he's spent the last year talking to all the presidential candidates and campaigns about the renewable fuel standard and what it means to iowa. 6:50 it's homegrown, made in iowa, it helps iowa farmers and the econony. eric branstad says many candidites have caught on, including those who spoke at today's summit. santorum 4:26 rfs is not a subsidy, it's a market access provision that is not made by petroleum
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access to the market. trump sound ted cruz doesn't agree... most recently saying the renewable fuel standard should be phased out over the next five years. which eric branstad says is different than what cruz has said in the past, calling for an immediate repeal. 9:01 it's definitely a lolotoo late. he's still calling for a phase out of the rfs. " jenna: a long awaited children's museum is just a month away from their grand opening... launch pad children's museum in sioux city is set
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our elisa raffa got a sneak peak of the museum and takes us inside for a preview. elisa: as a scientist myself, i was drawn to all the exhibits... all geared towards having fun a learning at the same time. physics, agriculture,e,ven some weather....all things children of any age e n learn at the launch pad children's museum. nat sound... air blowing "we want them to be able to leave and say 'wow, that was really fun, but i also learned something today!' and whether they realize it or not, they will be learning things" says valerie petersen, outreach director, launch pad. the long anticipated grand opening of sioux city's launch pad children's museum is set to open in just under a month all of the exhibits in the museum are regionally based, intended to teach children about agriculture, wind, water, and physics. "take scarves, put them in here, and then there is suction n at brings them up and will shoot them oututhe top. and it's kind of fun because kids can manipulate which way they want their scarf to go" says valerie petersen, outreach director, launch pad. at the big red barn, you can learn how to milk a cow. "water will come out, come through
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circles back around...back into the cow" says valerie petersen, outreach director, launch pad. your milk and your fresh crops, you can buy and sell your market... register and then even cook them for your friends... "kids will say 'oh no, touch that'" says outreach director, launch pad. children can see the water cycle in action, clouds dropping rain, farms taking in the water, and the rest running down the river and through water wheel. then they can take a trip around the world, learning about different cultures and how to say hello in different languages. "'kon'nichiwa'.... russia...'zdravstvuyt e'" a theatre and construction zone are still undergoing their finishing touches. elisa again that grand opening is thursday, feburary 11th. 8 dollars admission for anyone ages 1 to 65, 6 dollars over 65 and active military. infants
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you can also purchase family memberships for 85 dollars a year with perks of free admission and group discounts. the museum is also currently taking birthday party and field trip reservations. elisa:the outreach didictor at launch pad says they've been getting wonderful reaction and thrilling excitement about the grand opening... and personally... i'm excited too. reporting live in studio, elisa raffa abc9 news jenna: a siouxlander has come full circle at the sioux city public museum matt anderson grew up in lawton and attended morningside college, shortly after that he was an intern for the museum. that was in in 2016 he has been named the curator of him 15 years that he's worked for the museum. "when i was first starting i did not think that was going to hapn. i was prepared to move wherever i had to in order to get that first job. it was pure luck is what it was...right place at the right time. it does show why internships and things like that are important because you start to create connections and like in alot of things, sometimes good
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matt is in charge of storing sioux city artifacts and information, while developipi each display that the museum holds. coming up two sports collide for a good cause. find out why hockey players and bull riders are coming together. after the break... (fred) it won't be as cold over the week ahead, but there is another chance of snow thursday. we'll also see above-freezing temperatures sunday. see you after the break! " "
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wingers bareba riders and barrel reacers all took part in a different sort of event today in moline illinois cowboys were on the ice today at
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center in the quad cities. and they were taking part of a bit of cross training with the quad city mallards hockey team. the rodeo riders took to the ice while the llards roped their way around one of the nation's oldest sporting traditions. players say it was all in good fun. the mallards coach also got into the fun by trying to wrangle his players. tim/jenna/fred (jenna) fred, is the snow done? (fred) yes, b we could see more thursday. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows that the snow has now moved away from us. snowvision shows that the heaviest snow totals were across the
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omaha, ne had 4.0", norfolk, ne and vermillion, sd received 2 2", sioux city had 1.3", and sioux center, ia received 1.0". cherokee, ia clocked in with 0.8". road conditions show partial snow and ice cover along and south of us highway 20. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a snowy scene in downtown sioux city from the ho chunk centre. the almanac shows a high of 20 and a low of 11 today. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s. at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind chills are
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and above and below zero for most. the satellite and radar shows our snow system moving away. the stormcast hd shows quiet weather tonight and tomororw, and th our next chance for light snow thursday. the snow forecast shows that on thursday, we may pick up a half inch to an inch of snow. your forecast tonight is for mostly cloudy skies and a low of 9. tomorrow, expect partly cloudy skies and a typical january day. the high will be 27. the 7-day forecast shows a 40% chance of snow
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friday. winds will be breezy saturday, and we'll warm to above freezing (finally) on sunday! don't forget to send in your ask fred weather question to fhexom@kcautv.c om or post on our abc9 news facebook page! our prize tonight is 4 tickets to king of the cage at winnavegas on january 30!
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thanks, fred! (fred) you bet! still to come... the highest court in the land are taking up recent actions taken by
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announced today it will be taking obama's executive action on immigration in this year's term the court will decide whether or not his decision to keep of illegal immigrants from being deported violates theconstitution dianne gallagher breaks down the historic case. "the president's controversial executive action on immigration is going to court. the program allows more than four
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immigrants whose children are u.s. citizens to apply for work permits... and avoid being deported - temporarily. (josh earnest, white house press secretary) "we've got a strong argument to make both in terms of the legal ground on which we're operating, but also in terms of the practical impact -- positive impact -- that these executive actions will have." the president laid out his vision back in 2014. (president barack obama) "you'll be able to apply to stay in this country tempororily without fefe of deportation. you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. that's what this deal is". but so far, that hasn't happened- 26 states filed a lawsuit, blocking it from taking effect -- accusing the president of abusing his power, by going around congress- the supreme court will hear the arguments in april... and would likely its ruling in june... just before the conventions, in the middle of the presidential campaign season- and, no matter what that ruling is, the outcome of the election could impact the future of the program. aul reyes,
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people have to come rward is much more narrow. the big 'if' is that fact that this is a temporary program. a new president, whether its a democr or republican, could very well end this and there's so much confusion in the immigrant community over what to do." in washington, dianne gallagher, reporting . " coming up in sports...south dakota has won three straight and one of their stars earned conference honors. hear about nicole seekamp's big week up ahead. plus...iowa state took down the top-ranked team for the first time since 1957. we'll hear from the cyclones
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first thing that comes to mind. but maybe that's changing after their win over oklahoma last night, iowa state joined iowa and northern iowa as teams to take down top- ranked opponents this season. that makes iowa just the second state to ever accomplish the feat. the cyclones couldn't have gotten it done without their stars last night. georges niang led the way with 22 points, while abdel nader and montmorris
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starters, sced every last one of their 82 points. it's isu's first win over a number team since 1957 and coach steve prohm was quick to spread the credit. steve prohm--"fred did an amazingob here in the last four years to put this team in this situation to have this opportunity this year. and you know, so you give credit to all the people that have come before you. you know, i know gary thompson beat wilt all those years ago, but that's the fun part about being part of a program where you got people that care. fred's probably as excited as anybody right now. and gary thompson probably is too. that's what you want. you want to be at a program where you've got generations pulling for each other. and so obviously this is a great moment for our school." georges niang--"it's up there but we've got bigger goals for this year. right w i'm just trying to take it one game at a time. we've got plenty more games left in the big xii and we've got more work left to do." and that work starts with a brutal stretch coming up.
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travel to tcu on saturday and then look at this gauntlet. number 3 kansas on monday, followed by a trip to number ten texas a&m and cap it off back home against sixth ranked west virginia. those games give iowa state a chance to get back in the thick of the big twelve race. chris: in the offseason, coach amy williams and the usd women got the biggest recruit they could when nicole seekamp was granted an additional year of eligibility from the ncaa. the senior guard has lived up to expectations, winning her third summit league player of the year honors today. seekamp was nearly unstoppable in a pair of road wins for the yotes. she averaged 24 points, 8 and a half assists, four rebounds, and 2 and a half steals in wins over ndsu and sdsu. the win over the in-state rival jackrabbits was the first for usd at frost arena since 1990, and seekamp scored the final 7 points for the yotes in their five point win. the winnebago
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talent off last year's state championship team, but they continue to roll along. the indians are 16-0 this season and, no surprise, they continue to hold down the top spot in the latest c-2 rankings. bago hosts 10-4 ponca tonight...we'll have those highlights for you tonight at ten. and here's a look at the latest rankings in class a...norfolk plummets from 2 to 10th after back to back losses last weekend. and in c-1 pierce falls from fourth to 9th after their loss to cedar catholic. in c-2, bago remains at the top while lcc is up to 7th...the bears and indians play saturday night. gacc is into the poll at 10 with battle creek, cedar catholic and lutheran high on the outside looking in. down to d- 1...randolph is up a couple of spots to fifth while walthillemains tenth...lyons decatur is receiving vote and in d-2 bancroft rosalie drops out of the poll the girls side, the three time fending state champs from pierce have shown no signs of slowing up this year in c-1. the blue jays are 15-0 this season and remain the top ranked team in the class. and here's where
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today's picture comes from... morningside college. in honor of martin luther king, jr. day, morningside's campus ministries and volunteer services are once again hosting a week of service. yesterday, students helped tie blankets that will be donated to support siouxland soldiers. if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just and a low of 9. tomorrow, expect partly cloudy skies and a typical january day. the high will be 27. the 7-day forecast shows a 40% chance of snow thursday, then a cooldown to 19 friday. winds will be breezy saturday, and we'll warm to above freezing (finally) on sunday!
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