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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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expressed his excitment for students to celebrate the holiday in their own way. bishop heelan alumni shared their experiences of growing up bi racial at the high school, while current students from various backgrounds reflected on the civil rights leader by reciting speeches and performing different cultural acts. "i was so pleased to see so many of our public school students celebrating in their way the different cultures. whether your celebrating the native american drumming, or the mim presentation that went on, or the reader's theater if you will..the speeches that went on. it's certainly something of great value to our community and we need to do our job to make certain that the students understand the work that's gone behind all of this," said gausman. tonight at 6, we'll bring you more from superintendent dr. gausman bria: and information on how to celebrate martin luther king jr. day if you missed out on earlier activities reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: employees of
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this mlk day, but next year they will be able to observe the federal holiday. at 6, you'll hear more from sioux city mayor bob scott. jenna: today a groundbreaking was held at the site of northwest iowa's first of its kind regional children's center. nearly three years after 3 year old autumn elgersma died from child abuse sustained at daycare... her family is helping break ground at the site of the new children's center that will carry her name. autumn's center is a facility designed for children with behavioral health issues or who might be victims of abuse. the facility will have outpatient services and psycologial testing. tim: a shooting over the weekend sent one man to the hospital. about 3 am on sunday, norfolk police responded to a report of a shooting at 9-15 logan avenue. witnesses say during a gathering at the home police say an unknown person fired one shot that hit a man in the foot. a shotgun was recovered and the matter is still
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tim: senator is up for november. john thune came to siouxland with constituants. more south dakota's senior u-s senator is up for re-election john thune came to meet with constituants. elisa raffa has more " " senator thune was in the area talking to high school being politically yankton high, thune for him to connect with young people. the senator also stopped at a dakota take vo toured of malloy service repair coporations, some in and food industries. the senator some of take sot me to get an opportunity to get see different types out what their needs things that we can be doing senator thune says economic development in he says when malloy do well and more job keep our young dakota. served in the senate reporting in studio...elisa raffa..abc9 news jenna: bernie sanders is
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tomorrow. senator has four events scheduled in iowa. dodge, carroll, underwood and sioux city. the sioux city event is at the orpheum theatre at 7. sanders seems to be gaining some ground on hillary sanders seems to be gaining some ground on hillary clinton, but is still trailing in most polls with just two weeks before the iowa caucus. jenna: 70 more national guard troops are expected to arrive in flint, michigan today amid an ongoing water crisis. yesterday alone, troops visited five thousand homes to provide free bottled water and filters for families. the city has been grappling with toxic lead contamination in its drinking water, following a cost-saving measure by the local government that involved switching the water supply
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to the flint river. researchers discovered the river water was 19 times more corrosive than the water in lake huron. president obama has declared a state of emergency in flint. tim: yesterday the u-s lifted some sanctions on iran after it was confirmed the nation continues to take steps outlined in a nuclear deal... in additiona, the two countries announced the release of prisoners held in each country. the u-s - setting seven prisoners free as part of a negotiated swap... ...and iran - releasing five prisoners - four as part of the swap. their loved ones back home, relieved and grateful for a day many feared would never come. reid binion reports. " " (matt brandseth, rezaian's childhood friend) "i couldn't live my life every day knowing that was happening to him. " ...and he doesn't have to anymore... that matt brandseth's childhood friend, washington post journalist jason rezaian, is free. rezaian was one of five americans released by iran this weekend, four of as part of a prisoner swap with the u-s. after a stop in
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two others - marine veteran amir hekmati and pastor saeed abedini - arrived in germany where they are undergoing medical checkups. from there - the the u-s.... back home, feelings gratitude. rezian's mother - outpouring of public imprisonment. (mary rezaian, jason want to thank everyone around the world who has been working on his behalf to bring him home. hashtag 'free jason.'" u-s congressman dan kildee, who worked on behalf of amir hekmati, also expressed relief. (rep. dan kildee, (d) michigan) "we've had a few insts where we thought amir might come home and it's been didn't happen." after years of saeed abedini's family with cautious relief. wife) "it just seems surreal. it came at a expecting. it just doesn't feel real until we see him, but i know its real. " american student matthew trevithick was also released -- not as part of the prisoner swap -- and has left iran. a fifth freed prisoner, nosratollah khosravi-roodsari, has decided to stay in iran. i'm reid binion, reporting. jenna: political leaders, c-e-o's and
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switzerland this week to discuss the world's most pressing issues. around 2,500 participants from more than 100 countries -- including 40 heads of state -- will attend. bill gates will be there, as will mary barra, satya nadella, jack ma, eric schmidt, sheryl sandberg and dozens of other c-e-o's. presidents barack obama and vladimir putin will not be attending. tim: crude oil prices dive below 29- dollars a barrel. it's the first time that has happened since 2003. investors are bracing for iran's return to global oil markets. wi sanctions now lifted the opec member- nation will begin exporting oil. iran is expected to quickly boost oil exports by 500-thousand barrels per day immediately, and it could reach one million barrels per day within a year jenna: here in siouxland, poultry farms are starting to bounce back after the bird flu caused huges
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nebraska. now, farmers in indiana are getting concerned because they have recently seen an outbreak of a new strain of the avian flu in their flocks. we get more tonight from dennis ting. " "the campus of vincennes university in jasper... turned into a command post... working to combat a dangerous disease... for turkeys. tammy humbert-- "i would not classify this as an outbreak. i think right now we're at a proactive state is where we're at." state and local agencies are studying a new strain of avian influenza... h7n8. the strain was first reported last week at a dubois county farm... before spreading to nine others in the area. tammy humbert-- "our farmers are doing what they need to do to protect the community and they're being proactive and going ahead and taking care of depopulation." officials report the first farm euthanized 60- thousand turkeys... and other infected farms have already started euthanizing birds as a precaution. officials announced today eight of the nine farms have tested positive for low- pathogenic h7n8... a variant of what can naturally occur on water-fowl... and is not as dangerous as its high-pathogenic counterpart. koren custer-- "we don't want people to panic. this is not a situation that deserves chaos at this point." "poultry is absolutely 100 percent safe to eat if you cook it properly, so that's a really important point that we want to stress." while the threat to
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farmers in dubois county that is the real cause for concern. dubois county is the leading producer of turkeys in indiana... which is the 4th highest producer in the country. tammy humbert-- "they're very devastated. it's acommunity that relies upon the farmers and the turkeys and the poultry." and as long as there's a problem... officials say they won't stop... until life in dubois county... can go back to normal." . tim: apple's itunes radio service will no longer be free as of january 28- th. the company broke the news to customers in an e-mail late last week. "beats 1" will be the only free radio service provided by apple. that service
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hosts, exclusive interviews and music selected by apple's djs. all other stations, based on artists or genres will require a paid apple music subscription of 9-99 a month. itunes radio launched in 2013 when apple debuted i-o-s 7. debuted i-o-s 7. jenna: sales of david bowie's final album, "blackstar" are soaring. the late singer's farewell to his fans debuted at number one on the "billboard 200" chart last week. he knocked adele out of the top spot. this is bowie's first number one album in the u-s, according to billboard... and his biggest sales week for an album since 19-91. "blackstar" was released on january 8th--bowie's 69th birthday. he died from cancer two days later still to come... archiologists are excited to have found a "lost" city, we'll have more coming up next fred: (fred) snow will move in tonight and tomorrow, and it will be slightly
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be more snow thursday too! find out how much to expect next! " " jenna:
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area of thick jungle in la honduras. but it is actually
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the jungles of honduras for hundreds of years. now, honduran assistance from international archaeologists, have begun to remove parts of the so-called "city of god monkey" or "white city", in order to study this civilization. experts estimate that the material dates from the year one- thousand to one- thousand-400 of our era. our era. two of the pieces were shown to journalists at a military base close by. a vessel with handles in the shape of vulture heads, and items with jaguar heads one of the first sites. fred: jenna: tim: (jenna) fred, how much snow? (fred)
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fred: (fred) the hd radar shows no snow yet. that will be moving in after midnight. here's the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre in sioux city. 11 was the high today and -9 the low. 11 is the current temperature in sioux city. local temperatures are in the single digits and teens. winds are southeast at around 5 miles per hour. wind chills are single digits above and below zero. the satellite and radar shows our snow system moving in from the west. the stormcast hd shows snow late tonight and tomorrow morning. the snow will taper off during the afternoon. another round of light snow is possible thursday. most of siouxland will see 1-3" of snow tonight and tomorrow. 1" or less will be seen in the north. across the south, 3-4" of snow are expected. a winter weather advisory has been issued for the southern half of siouxland until 6 pm tomorrow. this is where travel will be most affected by the snow. your forecast for tonight is for an early low of 5, then rising temperatures and a good chance of snow after midnight. tomorrow, look for a high of 19 with 1-3" of snow likely for most. the 7-day forecast shows highs warming to the 20s wednesday, and another snow chance thursday. we'll warm to the 30s
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fred: tim: jenna: (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) we'll warm to the 30s over the weekend! fred: tim: jenna: (tim) (fred) you bet. jenna: it's cold outside... and it's also cold
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(fred) you bet. jenna: it's cold outside... really much you can do about it. we'll take a look, coming up. tim: it's cold season, a
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experience theexperience the sniffling and sneezing from the common cold. it turns out, americans suffer from over 1 billion colds each year. but how to best prevent or treat the virus? martha shade gives us some insight in today's health minute. " " we all know the symptoms: a sore throat, sneezing and a runny nose. colds are all too common this time of year but a new review from the canadian medical association contains tips on how we can fight back. the researchers looked at results
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fashioned hand washing may be the best way to prevent catching a cold. studies in children found that those fewer colds than researchers say benefit as well. probiotics may be colds, but vitamin c, the "gold standard" of cold fighters, did average patient, nor so what helps if you do get sick? medications like acetamiophen help relieve the aches and pains but they cold go away any and, almost all viruses so taking antibiotics is not recommended. cold symptoms usually go away in you aren't getting relief by then, see your doctor, it may for today's health minute, martha shade. tim: after the break... and next we'll look at a siouxland business grant competition inspired by the abc show "shark tank" stay with us
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welcome backshe is here to talk with us about this february, sixteen siouxland organizations will co-sponsor entrepalooza, a with us about this february, sixteen siouxland organizations will co-sponsor entrepalooza, a week-long celebration of entrepreneurial spirit in siouxland. applications due on february 1 at dnight. apply online at www.briarcliff.ed u/sharks or on paper by emailing judy.thompson@b . seven finalists will compete on thursday, february 25 at 6:30 pm for up to $4,000. st. francis center, briar cliff university. questions judy thompson at 712 279-5549. have a great business idea? with "swimming with the sharks" - a $4,000 grant competition for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs- to-be from the siouxland area. it briar cliff enactus and local rules & requirements to participate, you must: apply by the feb. 1 deadline. be individual or a group of individuals, siouxland.
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profit from your venture demonstrate a need for funding for initial research/develop ment, seed money to start a business, or a cash infusion for a young business. finalists seven finalists will be selected to present in person at the swimming with the sharks competition on thursday, feb. 25. each finalist will: be notified by feb. 3. have five minutes to present their idea in front of a panel of local, objective business professionals. be asked five minutes of follow-up questions by the panel. be judged on the viability of the business plan and the completeness of the application. prior to the competition, each finalist must attend a consulting fair on tuesday, feb. 16 at western iowa tech community college. jenna:
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with a final check of our forecast.
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