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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  November 4, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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the first time tonight.front to our northwest, with 40s in o'neill and chamberlain. your planner shows breezy winds and partly cloudy skies tonight. the temperature will be 63 at 2 am, 60 at 6 am, and 63 at 10 am. i'll be back with a look at cooler weather on the way. right now, it's time for local news that matters! "i am doing it for the dogs of course." pushing to better protect mans best friend ... one group is asking why more isnt
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being done. "" i just have too much energy to sit and watch tv " " sharon frerich's day's just got a lot busier. "i feel like i can do anything when i'm dancing," bella says. this 13-year-old dancer... fights through health challenges... and inspires those around her. tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom. a movement to crack down on animal breeders is picking up speed in siouxland. tim: tonight, a group from des moines dedicated to shutting down puppy in iowa... brought its message to sioux city. abc9's lukas voss was there tonight, he joins us now with more lukas: thank you tim ... in a meeting tonight state legislatures met with a group called iowa friends of companion animals. the group is actively trying to get legislature on the floor that would heavily
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regulate so called puppy mills. we were at the meeting to see if progress was made. "nats: dogs barking " vo: what you are seeing is video givin to us by iowa friends of companion animals. it shows scenes from inside of what is called a "puppy mill". breeding kennels specifically designed for the commercial sale of dogs. at a meeting today held by the group ... around 30 people gathered to hear about a push for new legislation ... also present the legislature. rep. chris hall says, "we have got between now and january to meet with the community and constituents and people in our community" vo: hall also acknowledge the fact that there is a need for more information on the issue and a continued effort by lawmakers to clarify what needs to be done. sot "it really is an educational process we have a lot of new legislatures across the state over the last 5, 6 years." mary lahay is the head of the organisation and was an instrumental part in creating the 2010 "puppy mill bill" that created some state oversight over
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the issue. a new bill planned for the january session would further tighten the laws around dog breeding but what needs to happen is something different. sot "people who care about whats happening in this these facilities to be contacting their legistlatures to ask them to support the bill." and according to hall it's not just about business. sot: more imorant than the business aspects is the fact when we look at dogs they are more important than the family and we have to treat them as such. lukas: we are obviously not going to see any changes until the january legislative session but from my conversations with lawmakers ... they are commited to the issue and will try to push for new regulations ... we'll certainly stay on this story. reporting live in studio lukas voss, abc9 news jenna: officials with the omaha tribe of nebraska addressed the public today after a huge vote yesterday. tim: where the majority voted in favor of legalizing marijuanduring the tribe's elections members of the community participated in a referendum which allowed residents to vote on the legalization of
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be used for medical, recreational, or grown industrially. jenna: all three passed in favor. the newly elected councilmen will begin weighing out the reservation's options to ensure that the tribe is in compliance with federal regulations " we took that guidance and correspondance like other tribes have. if we do puruse any other opportunites with marijuana, how do we best want to do that? and with our tribe we realized it was best to ask our people, what do they want to do first?" said vernon miller, tribal chairman. jenna: the tribal council felt that it was neccesary to open up the desicion to the people as that's who they are there to serve. though all referendums passed, that's just the first step as the tribal council will be in contact with iowa and nebraska senators as well as federal officials during the process. "i think everyone wants to see it legalized right away, but we want to be caucious about it and how we are going to proceed. there's going to be a lot of regulations that we are going to want to have in place. we defiently
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want to make sure that the community is aware of what exactly can and can't be done, " said miller. tim: chairman miller said that the reservation will be following flanderau santee sioux tribe as a guidance to see how they handle legalizing the drug as they open the nation's first marijuana resort on on new year's eve of this year. jenna: we now know the names of two people killed in a bad car crash on sioux city's northside yesterday. that accident involved a stolen car. authorities say that 34 year old jonas rouillard and 28 year old autumn flowers, both of sioux city, were killed in that crash. police say that rouillard was driving at the time of the accident. the two were killed when the stolen car they were in hit another vehicle at a high rate of speed before hitting a tree and flipping on its top. authorities are still investigating how the stolen car came into their possession. tim: not everyone has the means or the ability to get their home ready for winter. and although it's nice now... the cold will be here before you know it. through the use of diagnostic
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equipment such as blower doors, manometers, pressure pans and thermal imaging guns, the weatherition crew of northeast nebraska is able to reduce the amount of energy lost throughout the home and save people hundreds of dollars in the process. "utility bills and different homes, we have saved over 18 up to 47 percent....we do a lot of good for people and it's nice to get the word out about what we do," said pam browning, weatherization coordinator. in addition to insulating walls, the n-e-n-c-a-p weatherization program stresses the importance of health and safety in the household by assessing indoor air quality and by looking for mold and moisture problems. this program is built for low income families who can't cover the high costs of heating. eligible low income participants can file an application online. sometimes health struggles... turn into a story of strength. jenna: 13-year-old bella wall has a genetic disorder that could've made it impossible do a
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lot of things girls her age enjoy. but, dance is her passion, and she's found her inner fighter, through her journey to pursue her dream. this is a design meeting. and bella is in charge. "okay, tell me about the skirt on this one please," the costume designer says. this sioux city 13- year-old is the creative mind behind her dance costumes. "this is going to be one piece," bella comments. taking them from ideas... "i just looked at images of dresses," says bella. to sketches... "and i like the short in the front and long in the back," bella says. and imaging what they'll look like on the dance floor. isabella wall has been dancing since she was six. but, growing up hasn't been easy for her. bella was born with a genedic disorder called hurler's syndrome. also known as mps, the condition comes with a host of complications, mostly with how her joints work. bella's parents talk about the numerous surgeries since she was 6 months old. everett & karen wall say, "she had spinal fusion when she was just, almost three, she had both of her wrists, carpal tunnel surgery and also digit finger
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she had bi-lateral hip surgery, she's had her knees stapled, but when she dances, though there are limitations, she feels free. "i feel like i can do anything when i'm dancing," bella says. bella's found new inspiration through another young woman passionate about her craft. rachel platten's "fight song" is the artist's own message of strength. and, it's become bella's new motto. "i've been through a lot and i feel like i'm finally at the point where i can realize that," bella says. "fight song" is also the soundtrack to bella's latest dance routine. it's the next step on what's been a moving journey for her dance instructor, kayla, and also her pares. they see, that bella's got that something special. "every year she gets a little bit better and she practices so hard and you can see the passion and how excited she is come through her eyes," says dance teacher kayla kellen from rhythm avenue dance academy. karen wall says, "the way that she feels can come out with the music, you know?" more adversity in the future? maybe. but, bella's ready. as the song says... she's
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jenna: we reached out to rachel platten's team and, bella, i hope you're watching, because she recorded a special message just for you. rachel platten says, "bella, hello, my love. this is rachel platten. i heard that you are a little dancer and that you might be going through some tough stuff lately. i just want to encourage you to keep dancing. keep dancing. let the
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world see all the beauty you have to give it. we love you and we support you. bye, bella!" jenna: rachel platten is performing in sioux city december 17th. bella already has tickets. jenna: tim: tim: still to election in the town of akron made mayoral history. we'll have details aftrer the break (fred) breezy and mild weather continues for now, and there will be a few light showers. but we'll feel a cooldown by friday! details after the break!
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and for the town of akron....their mayoral race made history. jenna: deborah souverain joins us to explain.
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akron residents elected their first female mayor yesterday. i met with new mayor ...sharon frerichs today..and she tells me when she decided to run....she had no idea her victo would be a historic one. sharon frerichs has been retired for 15 years...but you certainly couldn 't tell. you know i feel i have too much energy left. she works two as the secretary of akron's immanuel lutheran church... and the second as the manager of ridgewood apartments i am not ready to sit down watch t.v. and clean my house because i did that the first month after retirement and that lifestyle is not for me," said sharon frerichs, newly elected mayor of akron, iowa. and as of tuesday night...she is also akron's first female mayor.... breaking a glass ceileing she didn't even know was there. "i didn't even think about the male- female role. i just knew it was a position. i've served on the town council for six years and i just figured this was a logical progression." said sharon frerichs. sharon...ran unopposed..however a number of write-in candidates made it a tight race. "i was beginning to get worried but it was about 20 mins after ten that i
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finally got the phone call that yes, i had one," said frerichs. many in the town of 1,500 are relieved she got that call..including assistanpolice chief...phillip torrey. sharon is very active within the city council and the police department. she's an advocate for the police department which is always nice to have," said phillip torrey, akron assistant police chief. sharon is a life long resident of akron....and says as mayor... her first projecwill be improving the sidewalks. her supporters....say they're looking forward to what the new mayor has to offer. "very excited and happy for the city," said joann ries. i think it's wonderful and i am very proud of her and she will do great for the town of akron, said" hollly st. pierre, frerichs' daughter. sharon will officially begin her mayoral duties on january first. reporting live in studio deborah souverain abc 9 news (jenna) fred, today was nice
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yes, but a cold front means today will be the last day in the 70s. 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv. om (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd shows quiet conditions from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city. 74 was our high today...only 2 short of tying the record of 76 set in 1975. last night's low of 54 is the normal high for this date! and, on this day in 1991, the record low was -3, following the halloween snowstorm! let's take a look at the warm start to november. the first four days of the month have seen highs in the upper 60s to middle 70s, that's about 15 to 20 degrees above normal! the king's pointe skycam hd in storm lake shows a peaceful scene. pollen levels are high today! weed pollen is medium, tree pollen is high, and and grass pollen is low. 64 is our sioux city temperature. winds are south/southeast at 9 miles per hour. local temperatures are in the 50s 60s for the most part, but you can't miss the cold front nosing into chamberlain, sd,
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where it is only 45 degrees. winds are south at 10-20 miles per hour, except in the west, where the front has shifted the wind to the north and northwest along the front. as we zoom out to midwest temperatures, we can clearly see much cooler weather behind the front. rapid city has 41! we won't feel the full effects of the front's cooling until friday, though. the satellite and radar shows a rain/snow mix in a narrow line along the front to our west. when the front arrives locally, the system will be warm enough for just a chance of rain--no snow. but here's something you don't see very often in november--a marginal risk of severe weather for far southern and eastern siouxland and beyond. wind damage would be the main threat with any storms that become severe. the stormcast hd shows the front stalled out to our west tonght, so we will stay on the warm side of it as some showers develop. tomorrow, the front will push through, with breezy winds continuing and a few more showers. most of the day will be dry, though. finally, as the front clears the area on friday, cooler weather will establish itself. and, this cooldown will last. the rain forecast shows less than 0.1" for most of siouxland, including sioux city. your forecast for tonight is for a low of 58 and occasional light showers.
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breezy winds will continue. tomorrow, expect a high of 69 and a slight chance of showers. breezy winds will continue. the 7-day shows 50s and 60s until next wednesday, when another cold front will lead to a sunrise high of 45, then falling temperatures...and a chance of showers. (tim) thank you, fred! (fred) you are welcome. jenna:
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football teams in nebraska took the next step on the road to memorial stadium today. we'll have highlights and scores up ahead. tim plus seven more siouxland teams had a chance to clinch trips to the state volleyball tournament. we'll have all the action from the court after the break. jenna/tim/chris:
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volleyball in iowa, very few can match the tradition of western christian. tonight the wolfpack was looking for its 33rd trip to state, taking on okoboji. if the pioneers could pull the upset it would be their first ever appearance in cedar rapids. early in the first...westerns size a factor...kaira moss and ashtyn veerbeek team up for the block to open their lead to two. the pioneers hung tough...brooklyn barnett serves up the ace...pioneers cut their deficit down to one but then the wolfpack go on a 6-1 run...veerbeek with the kill here to give them some breathing room. later on, jacie van schepen, too hot to handle from the line...wolfpack sweep their way back to cedar rapids, 3-0. lawton-bronson trying to get to state for the first time ever taking on unity
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christian. we pick things up in the second...jenna wede goes cross court with the big swing...eagles trail by a pair. but then their net play picks up...ali verzani with the massive block to knot things up at 20. this one was tight throughout...josi e blankespoor gives the knights the late lead with this heavy kill. but it's l-b that takes the set to even it at 1 a piece. in the third, anna kiel starts to take big swing from the left side to break a 6-all tie. then on set point, they go back to her and she doesn't disappoint...unity christian takes the third. in the fourth, unity out to a big lead...wede tries to will the eagles back into it with the kill down the line. but on match point, blankespoor punches the ticket to state...knights take it in four. anna kiel--"it's amazing. it's such a blessing to be able to go to state again and lawton-bronson is a really good team and we knew we
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would have to fight for it and yeah, we did. we did what we had to do." chanda zomermaand--"it's an awesome experience. oh my! i can't hear myself talk! it's a great experience, we're blessed to be able to go to state two years in a row." chris: it was another battle of tradition and it was another battle of tradition and history in sioux center tonight. george little rock has never made the state tournament as a consolidation while gehlen catholic is a regular in cedar rapids. the jays looking for their 7th straight trip to state up in sioux they lead it 2-0 but on set point in the klaasen comes up with the kill and the mustangs live set. ahead to the fourth now...klaassen and kaley arends block and g-lr stretches the lead out to seven. but then we flip the channel and find the krayton schnepf show...she gets the kill here to cut into the lead. and then the jays go back to her
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again for another swing and point. g-lr would take the fourth, but schnepf and the jays storm back and take it in 5 to return to state for the 7th straight season. one other volleyball final...central lyon is heading back to state with a 3-0 sweep of bishop garrigan. it will be the third straight appearance at state for the lions. chris: last week the wynot blue devils opened up their run toward lincoln with a dominant 66-20 win over palmer. this afternoon, 8-2 lawrence nelson made the nearly four hour trip to wynot for the second round. have to love afternoon football on a day like today as well. wynot, a quick strike offense, but they open with a 5 and a half minute drive...jalen wieseler caps it off with the qb sneak...8-0 blue devils. after a 3 and out...cody stratman back to retrun the punt and this kid is something else with the ball in his hand...that crazy stop and go move sets up a big return and another qb sneak
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to make it 16-0. wynot's defense came to play too...the raiders look for the screen but dawson sudbeck sniffs it out like a bloodhound to force the punt. then in the second quarter...wiesele r finds sudbeck all by his lonesome down the devils cruise, 38-0. other scores from the area tonight...sixth ranked creighton rolls into the quarterfinals with a 52-12 win over clarkson leigh and top ranked guardian angels central catholic lives up to their rating. they go on the road and rout bloomfield, 74-6. and earlier in the afternoon randolph became the second siouxland team to see its season end against falls city sacred heart. the cards fall by 8 on the road. (fred) your forecast for
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continue. tomorrow, expect a high of 69 and a slight chance of showers. breezy winds will continue. the 7-day shows 50s and 60s until next wednesday, when another cold front will lead to a sunrise high of 45, then falling temperatures...and a
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