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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  June 16, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix news on kbcw. a grace man break -- a gas main break. a grass fire threatens homes, what drivers had to deal with and words of wisdom from new york city mayor and good evening. new tonight pacifica police say a 10-year-old girl fought off a man who tried to kidnap here. officers say the suspect approached the girl and told her she was coming with him. when she refused he tried to take her. she was able to get away. police are searching for the kidnapper. tonight more than 200 pg&e customers in san francisco are still without gas, and crews
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are going from home to home restoring service. hours after this a busted gas main forced hundreds out of their neighborhood. crews broke the gas main around noon today causing a traffic headache. kpix don knapp has a look at what happened. >> reporter: a pg&e truck rushes to 4th and fulsome where a crew ruptured a gas line. bringing the area to a halt. >> let's go. you can't go that way. no. you can't. you got to go that way. >> people were ordered out. streets were blocked off. took three hours for crews the cap the leak. >> don't go this way. they are saying get out. >> we saw people walking away.
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we saw the bomb squad. >> reporter: police and fire ordered everyone out. >> lot of effort to come to these and not to go to the talks is a disappointment. >> effecting several hundred people. convention center and several apartment buildings. >> reporter: they were taking a the church. the red cross was on hand to assist. this man seemed to take it in stride. >> i hope it will be a short event so we could listen. >> reporter: pg&e had crews on the scene within 25 minutes but it took three hours to cap the leak. back to normal now. don knapp, kpix. >> people had to evacuate, including 8,000 researchers. the conference was interrupted
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for four hours and they lost out on 14 discussion sessions. many who were told to leave weren't sure where they were going. >> that was my first thought, bomb scare. they evacuated us away from the convention center. >> dozens of seniors were also evacuated. pg&e crews were on the scene within 25 minutes of the break. fast moving brush fire came close to homes in crockett. it broke out along interstate 80 about 4:00 p.m. 45 acres burned. smoke backed up traffic and the ramp was shut down. crews contained the fire at an hour and a half and no homes were damaged. a family disturbance turned deadly. police shot and killed a man
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who had a knife. officers were called to the home at 6:45 a.m. this morning. a womben told police her husband -- woman told police her son was throwing things around. >> we had prior contact with the suspect and half a dozen or so times for similar calls. >> three family members were in the house at the time. two escaped with minor knife wounds. the officers are on paid administrative leave while it is investigated. an 11-year-old boy is recovering after he was shot after sleeping in his apartment. a shot spotter alerted police to gunfire this morning. police are looking for two people in a white car seen
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leaving the area. the murder trial of a serial killer starts tomorrow. joseph naso is charged in the death of four women. their bodies were found along rural roads between 1977 and 1994. joseph naso is representing himself and he faces the death penalty if convicted. a law aims to prevent more limo fires and make surviving easier. it would require two rear exit doors and windows that could be pushed out. it comes after 10 women escaped a limo fire a week ago and the fatal limo fire last month that killed four women. leaders will consider the first outside smoking ban on tuesday. for years they have received an "f" from the american lung
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association. and if regulations are approved it would ban smoking in commercial areas and parks. president obama is on his tie ireland for the summit tomorrow -- to ireland for the summit tomorrow and he will give a speech to young people urging them to sustain peace. demonstrators rallied yesterday but not a lot of protesters are expected during the summit. riot police pushed protesters out of the square after 18 days of sit ins. thousands tried to reclaim the area. hundreds of thousands of
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supporters turned out to hear him speak today. fire crews in colorado are working over night so evacuees can return home. the black forest fire is 85% con-- 65% contained but 500 homes were lost and two people were killed. all the work that needs to be done before thousands of people can return home. >> reporter: firefighters spent sunday snuffing out the remains of the wildfire. it consumed 22 square miles. this depatchment showed us where the threat -- detachment showed us where the threat still is. >> these areas that have white ash it is still charred. >> reporter: an area like this where the fire is out, it is not really out? >> no. we look for smokers. one thing you go through and
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you want to pay attention to is the bases of tree. anything that could trap and hold the heat. >> reporter: this is his second father's day battling a wildfire. this is your turf? >> a lot of people know each other. we lost 6-8 firefighters homes. >> reporter: residents homes who were spared lined up to retrieve belonging. they won't be allowed to stay till the area is safe. >> we have fire in there. down power lines. we have a long road here. i don't want to create a false believe tomorrow everybody is going home. >> reporter: it could be thursday before the black forest fire is contained. investigators have ruled out weather as the cause. which means the fire was
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accidentally or deliberately started. from fires to flooding. it didn't take long for rain to turn into puddles and roads and cars were under water in missouri. people are cleaning up after 9- 10 inches rain fell yesterday. immigration reform at stanford today. new york city mayor pushed for immigration rights for foreign students. he pointed out 30% of the 5,000 grads were there on student visas. >> if those in washington had any sense at all they would be begging you to stay here in the united states. but instead our immigration laws may force some of you to leave. >> he urged the audience to
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contact lawmakers. and their immigration message to the bay area. they are on a bus tour across the country. this is their stop yesterday. they are rallying in support of immigration reform. they have been drawing crowds at every stop. other news around the bay area, a stretch of road closes tomorrow for a year for bart construction. they will lower the roadways and build three bridges. and muni will have a new fleet. tomorrow mayor ed lee will unveil the first of the new buses in a ceremony at peer 48. muni is spending $37 million for 44 hybrid vehicles. they should all be on the road by the end of the summer.
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palo alto's theater has a new tenet. samsung is getting ready to open a lab there. they plan to tap into the tech talent from stanford university and the downtown area. the building will keep its 1927 charm. well it took off from the bay area, now it is on the other side of the country. the latest leg of the plane's journey powered by the sun. >> talk about an unexpected combination, what brought thousands of bikers to the vatican. >> and super hero at the state capital the event that brought them out. >> speaking of super heroes, father's day was a nice one. it warmed up and now it is going to really cool down. i will have the forecast as we look at the numbers.
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t least one a scare in new york city saturday night when a
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transformer fire caused an explosion inside a man hole. one vehicle was seriously damaged as a result. nobody was injured. it is not what you would expect outhe vatican. pope francis welcomed and blessed thousands of harley davidsons riders. >> reporter: thousands of bikers from around the world thunder through the vatican, turning areas into a harley davidsons parking lot as they gathered to receive a special blessing from pope francis. the pope took a surprising detour to greet them. they were moved. >> beautiful. >> i didn't expect the pope to be so near. because we were standing here. i don't know, he was 4, 5 feet
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away. really something amazing. >> reporter: the motorcycle crowd mingled with the faithful as the pope celebrated mass. >> reporter: they are in rome marking harley davidsons' 110 anniversary. earlier this week the milwaukee based company gave pope francis two harley davidsons and a motorcycle jacket. 35,000 bikers are here for the celebration but only 1400 were given participation to park their bike here at the vatican. many say this is the highlight of their trip. they say riding is also about brotherhood. >> you don't have to be from a certain religion, breed, you just got to have a harley. >> eric: a >> reporter: bringing the
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catholic church and bikers together. a woman won for the ladies in the 2013 wipro san francisco marathon today. ash ab finished -- anna bretan finished the race in 2 hours setting a new record. a native of nance was the first -- france s the first person to cross the finish line. 25,000 people ran the marathon this morning. it is a bird, a plane, nope, it is dad. runners lots of them dressed up for the first ever super heroes 5k in sacramento. at each mile marking runners wizzed by scenes from com-- wizzed by scenes from comic books. if you are a runner you will like the next few days. cool temperatures. >> it is going to cool down and it was warm, i was talking to
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my dad and he said he had been listening to the high temperature all morning, 76. 77. and he said by 1:00 p.m. it was 85 degrees and in -- and he said it was a surprise. you are not the only one. >> you hadn't forecasted that? >> it got warmer in santa rosa. 89 degrees. some places were real hot and others were exactly as forecast. you are on the wrong track if you get into this business. we will try to do better for tomorrow. concord 68 degrees. oakland 59. san jose 63. 65 in santa rosa. not a lot of complaints. it is june. it will cool down tomorrow. cooler on monday. 90s by saturday, though. inland. warmest spots. in the mean time it will get
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cool by tuesday in the bay area. inland low 70s. tomorrow morning, look goods. fog along the shoreline. mostly sunny around the bay. low clouds tomorrow. along the coast more sun than saturday. and that low pressure is going going to sag and that will keep us sunny and mild for the next 2, 3 days. all the rain in springfield, 9 inches of rain in a couple hours and thunderstorms out into the atlantic. future cast, low clouds around the peninsula and the low clouds extending and they will come back tomorrow morning. a cloudy start to the day along it coast. more low cloudiness along the shoreline and cooler inland. bay area tomorrow, it will be a
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warm day in the central valley, 87 sacramento. 70 eyosemite. 70 yosemite. sfo, partly cloudy skies and a high of 66. los angeles 79. southland look goods. new york just partly cloudy skies. they will get thunderstorms on tuesday. bay area, bringing numbers down tomorrow. 76 degrees in livermore. 79 concord. 76 degrees in vallejo and 62 in san francisco. extended forecast, after we cool off on monday, tuesday, inland, 71 degrees. and then we rebound. next weekend after suffering through that frigid weather we will be back into the upper 80s saturday and sunday. look goods. >> we get spoiled. >> little bit. >> thank you. whale watchers got a treat off the san diego coast this
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weekend. a killer whale close up. the boat followed it for an hour. it is believed to be the same whale that was spotted on thursday. with a wingspan of a jet and the weight of a small car, it touched down today near washington, d.c. the plane uses energy from 12,000 solar cells. it left on his flight may 3. it will be on display before it is final leg to new york city. it was a day to celebrate the dads in our lives. coming up, how men say becoming a father has changed them for the better. ,,,,,,
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exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories...
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one someday. that's according to >>arof men say they always wanted to be fathers or would like to be according to a poll. 69% of dads say they had children because they had a desire to do so. 3/4 were married when their first child was born. for women 7-10 want or will have children. dads were more likely to say they found positive effects on their love lives and career. [ laughter ] >> i know. we are both parents. i don't get that one. >> worked for me.
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how about you? [ laughter ] >> excuse me. i am turning red. a's extend their lead and a english invasion that u.s. open next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it today passing phil mickln in the final roun . not since 1996 has an englishman won a major. today justin rose did it. massing phil mickelson in the final round of the u.s. open. merion. 13th hole. justin rose leap fogs with the birdie. he gets in at one over.
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his first win, career major win. >> a's 4-2 in the 7th 7th. 5-2. next batter. smith smashes one. 6th of the year. back to back home runs and the a's win 10-2. >> the news not good in hot- lanta. torizmisplays that -- torres misplays that. a bloop single. justin upton racing in. giants 3-0. heat and spurs game 5. danny green incredible. he had six threes tonight. an nba finals record. spurs 114-104 to take a 3-2 series game. game day coming up with josh redick. broke out on father's day.
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that does it for us. we will see you at 11:00 p.m. on kpix 5. good night. ,,,,,,,, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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