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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  December 15, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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has not been convinced. why the g-o-p just can't seem to stick with a front runner. >> they have met before and made their cases, but the public has not been convinced. why the gop just can't seem to stick with the front runner. the mac ahead of another political party could not get away from the camera is fast enough. by the head of the tea party was willing to jump over events. >> access to the mayor revoked. the snarky baseball comment that may have pushed one politician to log off permanently. >> and the feds say americas to the sheriff is one of the country's worst racial profilers. an exclusive interview with the bay area attorney who says he was one of sheriff joe's victims. >> comparisons to tim tebow and
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ronald reagan. i accusations of participating in the eighth game and having an lack of focus. all part of tonight's final republican debate before voters decide who will challenge president obama. elizabeth cook on the ever- changing gop race. >> front-runner newt gingrich try to maintain his nice guy persona. he compared himself to ronald reagan and deflect parts about his involvement with mortgage giant freddie mac and freddie mac. >> he was taking $1.6 million to influence senior republicans to keep the scams going. >> the easiest answer is she is -- it's just not true. >> they also responded to the republican governor who says he's not sure gingrich has the focus to be president. our political analyst is
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watching and says. >> newt gingrich wears the old suit. he's worn it before and he's still around but are you really going to wear that suit in the 2012 election? are you really going to make sure it and rejected it and hung it up in the client dot mac closet? >> i understand by the way for my successes and failures what it will take to put americans back to work. >> ron paul has been steadily gaining in the polls and could surprise on january third. >> i don't want to run the world or police individual activities, and i don't want to run the economy. >> they have all campaigned aggressively in iowa, hoping for come from behind win. governor. compared himself to the false comeback king. >> i hope i am the tim tebow of the iowa caucuses. >> with polls showing the front- runner constantly changing, they should focus on the bigger
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picture. >> the bigger issue is not house divided against its self. they are still thinking about primaries. if they are going to win the race to the white house, they have to think about next fall, but the spring. >> this is the final televised showdown between the candidates before the caucuses formally opened the republican nomination site on january third. >> and i fight it will be. one of the founders of the tea party made him mad -- from the media today. mark mackler had just been arraigned in new york for trying to carry out the gun onto eight plane. he is from grass valley, he claimed he had begun but did
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not have the permit. >> jean quan is issuing of recall notice of her own, she is shutting down her facebook page. if you have seen the comments on it than you will see why. robert lyles shows us that her reception at an occupied form tonight was not want. >> she was scheduled to address occupy oakland but it seemed her purse shop was at me. >> i was under a lot of pressure under the gentleman in the media. >> she relayed this story. >> both the island and the more of said to occupy people were there to see if they killed him. >> we are not responsible for the ills of capitalism or mental health issues. >> we are no longer asking for your permission to tolerate or
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not tolerate anything. >> i don't think, to defend your work that you have to put out, our work. >> some were escorted out. then all hell broke loose with chances of recall. recall is why many say they are here. there are to recall petitions and occurred in the making. >> the recall would suggest that she is incompetent. is that what you believe? >> i don't think she is competent. >> now she has disabled her facebook page tonight and here are the team responses. we don't need to facebook page, we have the ballot box. they are quan needs to step up and publicly apologize and resign. >> mayor, the disabled with facebook page today, is that because of the negative response?
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>> i can only handle one. we are keeping one up. >> we can really only maintain one at that time. >> we didn't see the racist and misogynist comments but the crowd was so hostile that ultimately she had to be escorted out of the back entrance. there is growing concern about this recall movement and that is, is it in jeopardy? cbs five has already learned that there is fighting between two of the groups at one petition requires barely 20,000 signatures, so if there are three petitions, then that is nearly 60,000 signatures. >> the united states started the war in iraq with shock and awe. remember the massive explosions in baghdad? tonight, nine years, the chilean dollars and 4500 american lives later, the us is officially out of iraq.
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jim axelrod shows us how it ended and what happens now. >> for the final time, the colors were presented at the us military headquarters in iraq. the ceremony marked the official end of mission. leon panetta took stock of the treasure spent. when an $800 million, and the blood spilt during the last nine years. >> today in particular we invented the 4500 brave americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. >> now the war is in the hands of the stories will show up brutal dictator who fought wars over weapons of mass destruction that were never found. barton dempsey, perhaps mindful of the war's unpopularity at home offered his own view of
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the mission accomplished. >> the next time i come back, i will have to be invited in. i will have to be invited by the iraqi government, and i kind of like that. >> with headquarters closed over the next several days, the last of the us troops will begin moving towards kuwait and they are worried about attacks from malicious on the way. >> command sergeant major joseph allen with 36 years in the army and court tours of iraq is headed home to retire. >> this is the bittersweet moment. i've had five birthdays here, lots of deployments. it's time to go. >> the sun is setting on the mission here and assume only one flag will fly over iraq.
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>> tomorrow. bonds will find out whether he is going to prison. it will be sentenced in federal court in san francisco for instruction of justice. he was convicted in april for his role in the barcode steroid scandal. prosecutors have asked for 15 months in prison and lawyers have requested probation. the preliminary hearing date for the two men accused of beating brian stow will be set next week. both have pleaded not guilty. the charges stem from the attack outside dodger stadium in march. meanwhile, he is in every cap facility and doctors say he has shown encouraging signs of recovery. >> the band will play on in the bay area middle school despite the cool robbery. the late host franklin middle school band was performing at its annual holiday concert tuesday night when please ripped off
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the collection box. the kid certainly won't be going without now. i total of eight donors have already chipped in more than $3100. the seeds are still on the loose. >> the outspoken arizona law man known for his hard line stance on illegal immigration is under fire today from the federal government. the justice department is accusing maricopa county sheriff joe are pirates office of blatant discrimination against latinos and retaliation against his critics. he tells that this is something san francisco's top prosecutor says he saw firsthand. >> george gascoigne was police chief in mesa arizona when he did complain about it. >> i would tell people. i said, i never lived in the south during segregation, but based on what i've read and i've seen it feels like that.
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and people would say, you're exaggerating. and i said, no, you have to come and see it. >> we have investigated, detained, investigated in our jails, acted as federal immigration agents two over 40,000 people. >> but after two and half year investigation, they say they took part in the most egregious racial profiling in the united states. for example latino drivers won't bore you can buy times likely to be pulled over the non- latinos in maricopa county. gascoigne says it grew during his 20 years as sheriff leading to her reputation where they could get away with jail overcrowding by housing inmates in tents under the blazing desert sun. >> and tent city, so many of
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these abuses, sometimes people are dehydrated and ill because it's 120 degrees. >> the justice department also can't latino inmates were discriminated against in the maricopa county jail and the whole situation was compounded by the sheriffs departments retaliations of those who dare criticize its tactics. >> they would file lawsuits and try to detain you. they started criminal investigations. >> gascoigne said he ignored the risks and threats. of course, he wouldn't have stayed this long without supporters but, gascoigne says for many, the ends justify the means. now the needs have been exposed and vilified. >> now we are on the road to recovery. >> at an news briefing, i defined arcaro had this to say. >> president or palma and his
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band of merry men may has well have direct their own pink neon sign at the arizona mexico border state, welcome all illegals to your united states. our home is your home. >> he has 20 days now to decide whether to change department policy and training to eliminate discrimination and if he doesn't, the federal government could sue him personally and pull millions in federal funding. >> the note they are out there, you see them and hear them when you are shopping. but this one is special. how one of building your plants to hit two goals with one though. >> overseas travel faster than expected. the first of the debris from japan's big tsunami has hit the west coast. >> and the perfect gift for the 1960's tv up.
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the hidden power that really makes the batmobile standout. >> the cool day around the bay area with the quarter inch of precipitation and now, rain is in the forecast. with both pinpoint that forecast as we continue.
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goals. that's "butch" soriano. he's a bell ringer from pac >> you hear that text that's the sound of the man on his way to achieving two goals. that is bush soriano, bellringer from pacifica. and aside from raising money for the salvation army this holiday season, he's trying to break the world record for bringing the bell.
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the current record is 36 hours. he started at nine this morning. and in case you are wondering, which gets one bathroom break every four hours. >> the stockton teenager will probably think twice before trying to imitate santa again. firefighters had to rescue him after he got stuck in his family's chimney this morning. the family originally said he was trying to sneak in after breaking curfew, then he said he was just cleaning the chimney. typewriters at that either way he probably thought he could fit through the whole shoot. >> he probably thought it would kind of be on nice smooth transition. >> the teenager appeared to be okay. firefighters said he was probably an era couple of hours before his mom heard him screaming for help.
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>> the saddam he has reached the west coast. black buoy from japan that the size of the 55-gallon drum and suppressed expert's who were not expecting to bury this soon. >> that's as good as the evidence gets for first arrivals. >> i thought it would be the year too. >> that earthquake happened in march and at least 10 of these have been spotted in the area. they are light and travel much faster than most of the wreckage because they are flown by the wind and sit on the surface. more degree is expected to wash ashore on the west coast of california through southern alaska in about the year. >> that will be interesting.
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>> it's been an interesting night in the east bay. we will take you to livermore which resembles slice of bethlehem tonight. i've never seen anything like this before. it's alive, try to nativity scene sponsored by trinity church. it's been 20 years said they had this. the cars were wrapped around the block and down the corner and down the street. and in livermore, the temps are in the 40s. partly cool and breezy tonight. 45 the overnight low in san francisco. tomorrow with bright sunshine and 60 degrees from the 60-mile radius through the city to the south bay. currently the numbers, 38 degrees in livermore. san jose at 43. it looks like we do have an offshore flow kicking in, and it will be dry through thursday. meanwhile they are talking about offshore winds transporting from the north end of the east offshore, clearing out the stagnant air which was kind of scrubbed out today by the rain anyway, this means that dry
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weather pattern. gusty winds and high elevations from the ridge tops, the north end of the east. the winds anywhere from about 28 and 35 or even 40 miles per hour but still below that wind criteria for any kind of divisive. the wind begins to die down by the evening commute. tonight overnight lows in the 30's and 40s and will rebound to the slightly warmer day from the 50's and 60's. extended forecast, guster and full of sunny days. overall we are talking about the next chance of rain on friday and by chance on christmas eve as well. we will hold out for that because we are talking about snow in tahoe. >> your hair is getting long. i just wanted to say that. >> if you are in two masks, here's your chance to drive
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around town like the superhero. this replica of the batmobile from the 1960's batman tv show is on sale in the dublin's showroom. the sales manager says he is told is at least an 99% accurate copy and has gotten a lot of attention. he said the couple came over during his first testdrive and he walked up and said, what is this, the batmobile? and he said, that's exactly what it is. and five other officers had to pull up and take the look. and it can shoot out the 5-foot flame. but the car is street legal. the asking price right now it's $60,000 and you can drive it away. we will be right back.
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including starbucks. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew!
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of "many happy returns." so why are so many s >> when it comes to the holiday season, january is usually the month of many happy returns. so why are so many shoppers taking so much back before christmas? mike sherman explains that retailers may have themselves
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to blame. >> the black friday bargains call out to you. local saturday, cyber monday, you just can't pass them up. but maybe you should have. >> i had appear of michael jordan finishes. >> belton johnson is now walking around in $40 of bonds. >> is smart and he's not alone this time of year. >> there's certainly a lot of reports that returns are out. stores are giving back almost at time of every dollar spent in returns and that's 30% more than in better economic times. >> you have to remember your basic fundamentals which is, you don't want to deviate from the list and have your list with you when you go shopping.
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>> at the consumer credit counseling service at the very busy time of year, especially with shoppers whose eyes are bigger than their wallets. >> people think immediately about gifts. think about company, the food expense. there's a lot of expenses that go just beyond gift.
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laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. against the lions... meaning the game will be televised... mark, st >> the raiders have sold out every home game this season and that streak will continue sunday against the lions, meaning the game of be the televised. event set to take separate for thursday night football. all the talk and want for
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christmas this spot in the playoffs. that ride throws for three touchdowns, two of them to ronnie white. they blow out jacksonville to improve nine-five. the sharks fans haven't had much to cheer about lately, they have fallen tonight in the western conference, but they have come back and beat the avalanche five-four. drunk college hoops st. mary's hosting north carolina amd. he scores again high, 20 points. st.mary's beat the aggies 84-45 for their fifth straight win. and the twins assigned josh willingham 283 year deal. he played himself out of the budget after hitting back career-high 29 homers with 98 runs batted in last season. they have to figure out only to replace that.
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>> that's, let's hope they keep gio. >> i know, everyone thought that he would be gone. >> we are coming back at 11. [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot and it hasn't been going exactly as planned. cut. cut! [ monica ] i thought we'd be on location for 3 days -- it's been 3 weeks.
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