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tv   Morning Express With Robin Meade  HLN  March 18, 2010 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning, thursday is connected to friday and that just makes you feel all the better, doesn't it sunshine? i'm robin meade. here's what's going on today. more than 100 toyota drivers say a recall fix is not a fix and now we're hearing about, say it's not so but new problems with two more toyota models. plus casey anthony, the mother accused of killing her daughter heads to court today. we'll take a closer look at the fight over who should pay for
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her defense. scientists are trying out a way to fight breast cancer, what they're doing that could someday lead to better treatment. first, though, i know here we go again, more toyota drivers are complaining that their recalled car is still speeding up on its own even after the company's fix. the associated press reports that complaints to the government have nearly doubled in the last two weeks to 105. the nhtsa says that some of the dealers are not making the repairs correctly. toyota said it is confident that, with the fix and that there is no evidence of other problems. at least in that case, because now toyota is facing the opposite of sudden acceleration cars that are suddenly stalling out. our money expert jennifer westhoven has been digging into the toyota problems. now there's no recall on this one, but still yet more problems. good morning. >> and right now in the kind of atmosphere we're in, any car problem, you know, generates a lot of scrutiny and a lot of car
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companies are saying let's just recall them quickly. not yet but toyota is looking at this issue affecting the corolla and matrix. some drivers are saying their cars will suddenly stall out and that can be dangerous if you're at an intersection, sometimes merging on to a highway, this is from the detroit free press. 76 people complained, thankfully nobody's been hurt but here's, robin, sometimes i think toyota, they should just watch it when they make their statements because here's the statement. i know that they have a good side, i know they're working hard but they say is that it isn't an unreasonable risk, which means they think it's a reasonable risk to your safety. two negatives make a positive, right? >> yeah. >> i know that toyota meant well and what they're saying is right but i'm saying i don't know if that was maybe the best quote to give. >> a good point, right, especially when you're trying to
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avoid blame or alarm, you have to be choosey with your words. >> yeah. >> thank you. we're waiting to hear how much changes to the health care form bill might cost. the congressional budget office is expected to release its analysis today. yesterday president obama picked up crucial support for the overhaul. he pressed dennis kucinich, the house rep. now says he will switch his position and vote for the bill, even though he's not entirely happy with it. >> by last week it became abundantly clear that, in fact, i was looking at a decisive vote and i did not want to be the person who took this whole process over a cliff. >> house vote on the $875 billion plan could come on sunday at the earliest. 216 votes are needed to pass or defeat it. no republicans are expected to back it. 27 house dems say they don't
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either. 32 haitian kids are finally back with their parents. these are the children who were with american missionaries when they were arrested for trying to take children out of haiti. some of the kids' parents say they gave their kids to the americans. >> translator: life was bad, he was leaving with foreigners to go to santo domingo to look for a better life and things went wrong. if the parents could not take care of them in the first place, the kids wouldn't be here with me. >> ten americans are charged with kidnapping, for trying to take the kids out of haiti in nuary. they said that they were taking the kids to an orphanage in the dominican republic. nine of the americans have been released on bail and left the country. walmart is working with police to figure out who got on the p.a. system and made a racial remark in one of the stores in turnersville, new jersey. authorities say shoppers. heard a man telling african-americans they needed to leave the store. a manager apologized
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immediately, walmart says it is appalled and doesn't believe it was an employee but police are reviewing the security tape. can you imagine? products that kill fleas and ticks on your pets are parentally also killing hundreds of dogs and cats each year. the epa says that thousands more pets are injured by the skin treatments and it's developing new rules for the product labels, formulas and the dosing instructions but the maker of the popular frontline treatment disputes. the findings. it says the number of adverse reactions is low and most of them are minor. a 2009 study also found that the majority of the illnesses linked to proper use of topical flea and tick products are mild like skin irritation. so in other words t sounds to me like sometimes the pet owners are not reading the instructions. not many topics were out of bounds at the annual radio and tv correspondents dinner in washinon last night. president obama wasn't there but did get in a dig about the chief
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of staff rahm emanuel >> the truth is, we face big and difficult challenges in our country, and every day, you provide the sights and sounds that tell important stories and inform the american people. these are challenges we in the white use are working to solve every day. just this morning, rahm and i re talking about the importance of passing health care and i said to him, "rahm, at least put on a towel." have fun tonht, guys and i'll see you soon. >> the president was referring to a former congressman's claims about a locker room confrontation with emanuel. vice president joe biden filled in for the president the rest of the night. a million sandbags are now filled and now all the people in fargo can do is watch the red river as it rises. it is expected to crest this weekend, 20 feet above flood stage. the rapid snow melt is blamed for the flooding conditions. the mayor says he's optimistic the disaster wi be avoided. let us hope so. let's find out who is getting rain right now.
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is it like a little system off the coast of north and south carolina, as bob says, it's spittin' back weather at us. >> it is, and it's weak. good morning, robin. you look at the stuff, enough to generate the clouds. you're like come on, enough with the clouds already. >> like my 20-year-old niece, really? >> honestly, sincerely, you're kidding me. we're so pale. we haven't seen the sun in the southeast for weeks. you pull up our shirts you see our organs, that's how pale we are. the clouds are up to virginia, through north carolina, kentucky, tennessee wrapping around northern florida, where the heaviest cloud cover is concerned. the rain shower has been on the light side but still out here, mainly around the north carolina coast, back into the north carolina mountains and stretching back in down towards atlanta. trying catch a flight in or out of atlanta, look at the low clouds out there, here for most of the day. delays in the atlanta metro area. most of the action pretty quiet, activity around north carolina coming out of the wilmington area stretching towards raleigh, the same situation there and
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charlotte, but then you get away from here and still talking about the flood concerns. we showed you the video out of fargo. fargo flood warning and i think you crest out on sunday, about two feet below the record that you had last year. so hopefully not as bad as last year, robin. more details in about a half hour. >> thank you. there may be some good news for those of you having trouble trying to find work. a bunch of ladies were hitting the ski slopes in their prom dresses!
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casey anthony is facing a crucial day in court. the florida mom accused of killing her daughter, kalie, says she's run out of money. she wants a judge to declare her indigent so she can get state money to help with her defense. correspondent richard lui joins us now. some people are outraged she would wa taxpayer money but on the other hand there's a key point here. >> yes. >> how do you make money when you're incarcerated to pay for your legal defense.
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>> yes, you're inside jail, can't move anywhere and got a lot of money, legal fees piling up. clear up one common misconception, anthony is not asking taxpayers to pay for her attorneys. she is asking for money to cover costs related to her defense. the "orlando sentinel" might include expert witnesses, depositions, travel services and investigative services and adds the defense team could not get a blank check from the state. the attorneys would have to make specific requests for money. >> so it's the items related to her defense. >> right, exactly. >> the state of florida opposes that request, though. somehow her attorneys got paid more than $110,000. >> um-hum. >> why is the timing of her request possibly controversial here? >> good point. the timing. most defendants who asked to be declared indigent asked early on in the process. anthony's request itself is not unusual within itself, especially in murder cases.
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what may be controversial here, though, is that she's waited awhile to ask for this money. we're already over a year into the case, robin. prosecutors decide last april to seek the death penalty against her in that time line. you might remember also that anthony has pleaded not guilty, robin, to killing her 2-year-old kau daughter, caylee. >> still heartbreaking to see that child. it may be a long time lasting case here. how long are people projecting? >> folks asking that question, robin, her trial date is set for may of next year, 2011. we'll have that in 30 minutes. more on the details. some parents knew their public schools were facing budget shortfalls but didn't know it would come to this. new in 30 minutes a plan for parents to pay tuition for public school classes and activities. oh, no you didn't. happening today, some help for the millions of people struggling to find work. later on this morning, president obama will sign a jobs bill into
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law and our money expert jennifer westhoven is watching for that. what is it supped to do for us? >> hey, thanks, robin. it's the first significant bill to get at that high unemployment rate, and this would give companies an incentive to hire new workers, gives them a tax holiday and any new worker and out of work americans, there are also tax breaks for companies to buy new equipment, seen as more manufacturing jobs t pumps $20 billion into highway and mass transit projects, that could mean hiring tools, people go to work on the roads and subways. the president said he hopes this will be the first of several bills aimed at job creation having a hard time getting up this week, robin in. >> yes, because of the time change. >> and i think maybe our viewers, too, trying to go to bed. daylight savings is supposed to save energy, but some scientists say it actually wastes energy overall. >> i know wastes my energy. >> i've overslept three out of
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four day this is week, i hear you. so in "the wall street journal" this was a story i felt it was close to home. in indiana a lot of the counties didn't change their clocks >> right. >> recently they started to do it so it was a rare chance to measure how does it really affect people and what they found is that people used more energy when it was cold out, like around now, when people are waking up early in the morning, for some of us like 2:00 a.m. >> yeah. >> they had to turn their furnaces on to warm the place up so they could get going and in the summertime when you come home from work, think about it about like 4:00 instead of 5:00 or 5:00 instead of 6:00 you get that peak summer heat in the late afternoon so people had to use their air conditioning more, so i say ditch it! >> me, too. >> all of the late people are like no we love it. >> i'm a little biased but ditch it, let me deal with the way the earth moves and the lights change, okay? jen, thank you. you need to know about an
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e-mail scam targeting facebook users, how it could give hackers access to all of your computer passwords. plus break out your march madness brackets. we're about to show you the president's picks for the college hoops showdown. we'll show you him picking them.
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it's time to salute our troops. today's salute from sergeant robert wyatt and his fiance.
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>> hi, robin, sergeant wyatt, bravo troop 108 army cav my fiance, aim ayberg, spent a year in afghanistan and happy to be back. >> you know what? we want to salute you. i mean you're so sweet. and saluting everyone else that's in the military but here you just got back from overseas, so thank you. if you have somebody in the service go to we have an urgent warning if you use facebook. if you get an e-mail saying your password has been changed do not hit the link. web security company mcafee says that would download a virus that gives access to any of the passwords on your computer even your online bankingaccount. facebook says delete it and warn your friends, facebook or not. cia director leanne panetta says al qaeda is getting frups
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rated by a lack of sleed leadership. he tells al qaeda members want to hear more from osama bin laden. panetta says despite the group's trouble it is still targeting the united states for terror attacks. you may have chowed down on corned beef or st. paddy's day, but it probably looked nothing like this, right? >> start eating! we are two seconds into this. >> someone's going to have indigestion, don't you think so? the corned beef eating championship in florida. competitorste as much corned beef on rice sandwiches as they could in ten minutes. the winner joey chestnut, downed 15 1/2 sandwiches, gross, joey, three more than his closest competitor. >> did i see him chasing it with guinss? my goodness. >> come on, see a little guinness, there's probably, you know, cabbage there, t. >> probably.
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new developments in the ben roethlisberger case. authorities want to talk to the first woman accusing the nfl star of sexual assault. this is a case from last year. >> that's right, there have been two allegations against ben roethlisberger, and hln has learned the georgia bureau of investigation contactethe attorney for the nevada woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her over a year ago. that woman's attorney told us h is not making her available because they have a civil suit peing against roethlisberger. now he was never charged and he did countersue that woman. meanwhile roethlisberger's attorney sti has not made him available to police to question about recent allegations he sexually assaulted a college student at a georgia bar, this is a picture from that nit, not at that bar and he hasn't been charged in that case either. did you fill out your brackets for march madness? president obama made his picks for the ncaa tournament and he appears to be a fan of programs from kansas. the first fan has kansas, kansas
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state, kentucky, villanova in the final four with kansas winning it all over kentucky, which i have as well, and remember, he picked the winner last year. >> you have the same ect outcome? >> i have the same exact outcome, kansas beating kentucky. i have o other team in the final four different than he does. >> everyone pays attention. as you said he got it right last year. >> march madness spilling over beyond basketball. online brackets for the fast food bracket. >> oh, geez. >> the beer bracket. >>oh, my gosh. >> the best rock songs and even seinfeld characters. we fill out the fast food, five guys upsetting in and outburger in the final and seinfeld didn't have a lane so you can't accept it as real. "south park" offered its take on the tiger woods story, we'll offer a clip of that in the next half hour. we actually is a clip from the show >> this ought to be good. a new social networking site has some parents worried. dddd
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what, how did it get to be 30 minutes after the hour? well, it is. new problems for toyota. it is trying to figure out thousand fix more than 1 million corolla and matrix models. some drivers said their cars suddenly died in intersections as they were merging on to highways. toyota ss it does not believe the problem creates an unreasonable risk. a u.s. consulate worr killed in mexico was four months
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pregnant when she was killed. lesley ann enreeks and her husband were killed, th fbi doesot believe they were rectly targeted. the mayor of fargo is opmistic its town will avoid a disastrous fld. the red river is over its banks and expected to rest sunday. volunteers including school kids helped stack sandbags. those are some of our headlines. i wanted to check on you, sleepy head. m rob meade, let's dive back into the news stories. idah says no thanks to part of the overhaul of health care. they passed a law saying anyone who lives there can decline the provision of the president's proposal. legal experts say that any law that congress passes would trump whatever a state would o, but about twodozen states are considering somethingsimilar and florida's attorney general is asking all other states to join a legal fight against it.
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so what the states are worrying about is money, and california, for instance, governor schwarzenegger said that the president's plan would force the state to spend billions when it is already facing a deficit. casey anthony is facing a huge day in court day. the florida mom accused of killing her daughter, caylee, says she's run out of money and wants a judge to declare her indigent so she can get state money to help with her defense. correspondent richard lui joins us now. what about her family people will ask why can't they help her. >> instead of going to the state. her family may be running out of money as well. er this trying to save their home, the same home from casey and caylee lived with them. george andindy anthony hired an attorney to fight foreclosure proceedings on their florida home. records showing here they bought the house back in 1989 for about $90,000 and then according the "orlando sentinel" a bank alleging that the anthonys have not paid their mortgage since june of last year.
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>> you know, richard, the prosecutors, they're seeking the death penalty against casey anthony. >> right. >> let's talk about why the death penalty can increase a price tag of a case. >> major implication there. death penalty cas can be expensive and very, very long, as you know, but one expert told the "orlando sentinel" it can make the case ten times more expensive, because the stakes sore high in death penalty cases here, lawyers often file more motions, dhoe more research and interview more witnesses. the trials also take simply more time as we were talking about last half hour. also selecting a jury in death penalty cases usually takes longer. each juror must be interviewed individually, robin, the longer the clock runs, as we've been talking about, the more feet, they just keep on piling up. >> and we've got a long while before this trial even starts. >> that's right, 2011. >> so the fees continue to pile up. richard, thank you. >> sure. the first of its kind breast cancer study aims to
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revolutionize how drugs are used to treat the disease. researchers at 20 treatment centers will be matching experimental drugs to specific patients, they hope that custom treatments can be a lot more effective. >> you know, you really don't know until five, ten years later, when actually it worked. >> what we have now in cancer care is broad use of very toxic medications, that may work for some individuals very well, but not work very well at all for other individuals. >> another goal of the nationwide trials is to make experimental drugs available to patients faster. the government and non-profits are working directly with three drug companies. 34 minutes past the hour. and let me see, oh, okay. >> flood warnings. >> bob is zeroing in on an area we told but already so the fargo area as they watch that river and all you can do now is watch. >> exactly. sandbags are up right now.
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you remember last year it was a record flooding that they had at the red river in fargo, it was just over 40 feet. well i think it crests out on sunday at about 38 feet, so underneath the record from yesterday, but you still have tons of snow on the ground and the water equivalent of the snow on the ground is still between 6 to 9 inches of water so you still have some problems out there. it's not the rain coming in, so warm temperatures, all of the areas in bright green flood warnings. one more warm day this afternoon, temperatures still just above freezing in fargo, 34. 37 in sioux falls, 37 degrees in des moines. these temperatures will come crashing down by tonight and tomorrow. today into the upper 40s to low 50s. rapid snow melt is a problem today and the rivers around the region crest out this weekend or early next week. look at the clouds generating over the rocky mountains, a brand new winter storm about to develop. winter storm warnings posted for western parts of colorado, 10 to 20 inches of snow there and around denver, today robin, 67 degrees for the afternoon, tonight one to two inches of snow, by saturday morning,
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denver, 13. big time change. we'll talk about that in a little bit. >> 13? >> going from 67 to 13 in about 36 hours. >> thank you. >> you got it. two kids in california had to help deliver their baby brother! the poor things! their mom went into early labor so she had her 9-year-old son call for help. once they got the dispatcher on the phone her 11-year-old daughter helped deliver her brother. >> they knew that i was only 11 years old, so they kind of walked me through what to do. they just said tie a string around it and i did. >> she just seems like so mature, doesn't she? she's talking obviously about the umbilical cord which snapped and that could have caused a problem. baby and mom are fine. nice job, young lady. you voted for your afrt idol but the judges eliminated a contestant last night. who was sent packing? call all the hot looking guys a hotel is looking for some of tyou hang out by the pool
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all day and get paid!
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♪ ♪ when i'm wide awake she has no trouble sleeping ♪ all right, new detail this is morning in the investigation of a runaway toyota prius in southern california. the officer who responded to that 911 call said the driver was visibly shaking, and in the just released police report that officer said he could smell the heated brakes and that it looked like the driver was standing on them trying to stop the car. police also addressed possible charges that the driver faked the incident. >> before any of that could happen, we would have to be presented factual information that could soluly dispute
6:40 am
his claims and as of right now we have been presentedo information that would be able to do that. >> toyota said the driver's claims he slammed on the brakes while on the gas pedal didn't seem feasible. technicians couldn't recreate the problem on the car. >> black box. >> what's that? >> i guess they have to look in the black box if that car's got one. >> they want to put black boxes on all cars but i don't know. >> but some of them have them now. wouldn't that be helpful? >> okay. i often say i'm so sodium susceptible, if i eat a pretzel the next day i blow up like a jellyfish. the nation is cutting salt in its products. are we going to taste the difference? >> i knew this was going to be close to your heart. robin's like oh, i ate salt all weekend. >> got a bad case of the gout. just teasing. >> kraft will cut the salt by
6:41 am
more than 10% in 1,000 products, velveeta will be 10%, my blog jai bologna has a first name, 17%. it still has a lot o salt compared to a lot of foods you normally eat. they'll do it gradually over the next two years so you won't be going my velveeta doesn't taste right. conagra and campbell's has done this. >> some of the highest sodium content foods are your soups and believe it or not your tomato sauce for your pasta. what gives? >> yeah. >>anyway, go ahead. four weeks from today is the tax deadline. all week we've been doing tax tips. maybe you worked at an animal shelter, made soup for soup kitchen, you can deduct the out-of-pocket expenses for the receipts, or the cat food you donated and just driving to the charity, you can deduct the mileage, 14 cents a mile.
6:42 am
keep a log for the irs, but this week we've been doing tax tips and next week we are going to answer your tax questions, so send them in, i'll answer some of them on the air, you can do it through our web page,, go through "contact us"or the facebook link. >> thank you. are you a hunky guy who likes working outside pool parties and slathering tanning lotion on the hotties? i feel like i need a -- ♪ chick-a-bow-bow miami is looking for tanning butlers, i kid you not. the tanning butter will get 20 bucks an hour plus tips to coat people with sunscreen. the butlers only have to work on the weekends so it's not a full time gig but come on! they said that guysho are, you know, like buff and kind of walk around shirtless, the model types usually get hired for this. because i don't know, would you want the opposite? why can't he be a tanning butler?
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three weeks from now tiger woods will be competing in a golf tourney for the first time since its scandal, but hln's joy behar and her guests wonder is tiger ready to return. >> tiger finished a couple of months of sex rehab. >> yes. >> is that enough for him to return to the masters? >> i am afraid not. this is the one huge mistake very important people and celebrities make all the time, they return to employment prematurely. >> uh-huh. >> sorry, i was still getting excited over the tanning butler thing. tonight's gues is olympic skater johnny weir.
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♪ wake-up call get yours, free, sign up there. parents in a south carolina public school district may have to pay tuition for their kids to go to the public school. now the district is facing a $2 million budget shortfall. this week the school board raised the idea of having the parents pay for classes. >> there's no more free public education. >> it's almost like a private school situation. >> you're paying for your free public education, you know,
6:46 am
that's kind of a scary thought that we're headed in that direction. >> allowances wi be made for children from low income homes. a fil vote on the idea is not expected until june. it was eliminate night on "american idol," paige, lacey and tim in the bottom three but lacey in the hot seat. she had to sit there and sing as the judges huddled to decide if they were going to save her or not. here is the taste of the rendition of her song "the story." ♪ so many stories where i've been, and how i've got to where i am ♪ >> the judges can only use o save per season. simon, will you use the save tonight? >> it was unanimous, and unfortunately, no, we won't be using it. sorry. >> that's all right, thank you. >> lacey promises she'll keep singing and she may go country. fans got a treat from david cook
6:47 am
of season seven and his performance of "jumpin' jack flash." ♪ i'm all right now, in fact it's a gas ♪ ♪ but it's all right >> i want the key lime right there, jumpin' jack flash cook is working on his second album. the poor producers are always like robin hangs on that music stuff. >> she likes the music. >> i do. a dramatic pursuit in tampa, officers shot a man who tried to n them down, he was suspected of being involved in a shooting. when officers caught up to him things got pretty scary. >> we pulled his passenger out of the car, he continued to gun his vehicle, rev the engine, ran over a tree and went after officers. at that time, two officers shot at him, and he was struck at least once in the left side. >> the man was chased to an aparent ilding where he jumped off of a second story balcony. when he was caught he was wearing a dress and a wig.
6:48 am
all right, how are our travelers doing this morning, huh? looking right there at you, in the terminal, don't be upset about your flights. bob's going to tell you when it will be in. >> should be pretty good. i think today will be a nice travel day, a couple ofticking spots southeast again, that low moving through off of the coast but the rain still cycling in through the carolinas and geora, too. 30-minute delays possible around atlanta, mainly in the morning with the low clouds hanging on top. charlotte, half-hour delays as well as raleigh because of the low clouds and rain and later today, salt lake city a little bit of light rain mixing with snow in the mountains. either way, 30-minute delays out there. more in a half hour. times are so tough in one city there's talk of closing more than a quarter of the public schools. it isn't just budget problems put this school on the list. new for you in 15 minutes, why detroit doesn't need some of these schools. a major league baseball
6:49 am
manager is apologizing after testing positive for cocaine. he does get to keep his job. question i have is when did this happen? hi, rafer. >> it happened last year but it's been unfolding gradually up until now. ron washington manages the texas rangers. yesterday he came out and said he was sorry because "sports illustrated" broke the story. he tested positive for cocaine last year but the way he handled it is what may have saved his job. after he took the routine test the 57-year-old immediately called his bosses in major league baseball and told them about it and apologized before the results came in and never tested positive, so they accepted his apology. >> he never tested positive before? >>efore this time. president obama offered his support of tiger woods in an interview with fox news, the president said as tiger works out his personal issues he believes he will still be a terrific golfer, and one of tiger's alleged mistresses, joslyn james, is supposedly releasing the te messages he sent her.
6:50 am
now we do not know if that's true. tmz is reporting this, but if we can verify them as true then we'll bring them to you. meanwhile, "south park" weighed in on its season premiere spoofing tiger's public apology. >> oh thisugh to be good. >> scifilly when he defends wife elin. >>apology. >> she has shown nothing but grace and poise -- >> i should have never married you. a porn star. >> dude, you've got another girl's number on my cell phone? >> the boys are playing his life in a video game. it's his life and the episode is called sexual healing, which sports sex addiction. michael doug, david letterman, make cameo,s can we say that, on the show as well. let's say. we have an urgent warning if yo
6:51 am
use face book. if you get an e-mail saying your pass word has been changed, do not click. that would download a virus that gives hackers access to passrds to anything on your computer, including bank accounts. the deaths of three people the victims died after the ceremony organized by motivat n motivational speaker james ray. his lawyers say he took all of the needed pro cautions before the ceremony. new problems for toyota. now there are complaints about two other models and a man was sound asleep when his house caught on fire but his dog saved his life.
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
nt wlo mh s ve 1 t2. imditohest, 1 to 20ines a ssil don'shit hi mp ou. stn brkaouto ch osn eing metime moow afrnn. th cdiriom asng back own ghno a ltlbioflit rait sn. rehat inabta hlf ht aar codn bve wt ere anot oan yem y oliz aic voed >>mose of kiing her hter heads to cot today. we're taking a closer look ov the fight who sh pay for her defense.
7:08 am
7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
atou mimhit rm pevwn jofna te th nius oes abo$275 lliosnbu uf te? t or tesre si.ri d fl ouour brackets. president obama di apil hesea ksa ethghostat stan on askansase,keuc anvillan thena f ansiinalov kentky idicwier year. i like the of him, almostikhehe noisff baetll rewi tee otheal yobali o anfearte nger, didne
7:20 am
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7:21 am
togh i jonnwe. > dtrtay iis g aonud themgey naia na halaoretu iis ift rtnsas t c ead aumrol ity ti we d me rns t weilarhecer ris mmits. oo lt nd5 c s oure ar o iopeleivenseh > ndo ut maxamaprely taet
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
>> the temperatures may be frigid, but the atmosphere here is red hot. welcome to comcast on the red carpet. i'm at the 14th annual maryland state police polar bear plunge, maryland's premier winter event. >> this is my kind of weather. >> perfect day for a plunge. >> you got to get in. >> this is a huge event. it's amazing. we started back in '96 and it was probably like hundreds of people, and now it's just thousands. it's turned into a major
7:25 am
standout event for the state of maryland. >> this is the it first time we've had a snow like this and it really does tell who this is all about. it's raising money for a special group of people and they're coming no matter what the weather is. >> how do you do this? >> why? because i love the energy. >> the show must go on. the polar bear plunge, great benefit for special olympics, one of the great charities in maryland, and a ton of people out here. everybody is warm and in the spirit of giving, so it will be a great day. >> for one of the rookie soup sr plunger, this was an item on his life to do list. >> i've never done it. you've heard of the movie the bucket list. this was on my bucket list of things to do. i've accomplished it and can check it off my list. it was a great, great opportunity. >> this is the most amazing group of people i've ever worked with. for those of you who have not been here before, you'll leave
7:26 am
here with life long friends. >> as a first time plunger, it's not what you expect. i never expected to cry, but i did yesterday and today because the super plungers were so much. to hear the stories are heart-felt. >> i was a first time super plunger in freezing cold water. >> what's the water temperature? >> cold. >> my first time, i could never do it. this this year, i was like, alright, i'm here, i'm going to do it. we're in little costumes. it's cold out there. nothing compares to how cold it is out here. >> it's rewarding because of the smiles you put on the athletes faces and the camaraderie you get to be with the parents, then the family atmosphere that keeps drawing everybody back. >> are you ready? are you ready? >> it gets better every time. >> this is serious business. >> every year i challenge all of the delegates and the house
7:27 am
delegates to come out and plunge f they are not going to plunge, they should give us money for the special olympics. >> it's a wonderful cause, special people, and an important segment of our society, and we have to step up and be there for them. >> for law enforcement, it's a special, unique connection with the spec olympics. police officers love to be out there among the crowd, and they love to be around everyone, the young and the old. >> the 2010 marked the inaugural year, a special plunge on friday for maryland's elementary and high school students. >> we had about 2,000 students out here yesterday. the energy was amazing. these kids embraced the concept. for them to do something bigger than themselves and be active, it's awesome. >> it's for the special olympians. we live for, go for, die for, is to give them an opportunity to participate if the games.
7:28 am
>> our athletes are children and adults. we have athletes in their 70's. they can choose from 28 different sports all year long. we're not a one-time a year attraction event. everyday of the year an athlete is benefits from the funds raise. >> with over $3 million raised from the efforts this year, some may wonder where the money goes? >> it goes straight to the athletes like myself and show that athletes with disabilities can do anything that they put their minds to. >> think about it t you can sit there as a child and see kids playing tennis, basketball, football, running track. now as a kid because somebody looked at you as having some type of disability, you don't have a disability. this allows you to go out there and do everything that everybody else can do. you're just like everybody else. >> the bay may be chilly, but you see the steam off of me. that's the warm from our hearts.
7:29 am
>> this is what you call freezing for a reason. to learn how you can contribute to special olympics maryland, check out smoddot organize. go to on demand and click get local for what's going on in your community. >> pbl yo
7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
s. ist'sll tts, dectnsne we into sou tis. u' g t ndheo s i nrthm. yocago roh cta us t e-illkon f . rtok aewocl ninge s reed gewose g sufr t wteou he dog
7:45 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
spoof on e apology. >> shown nothing but grace and poise. >> i should ve never rr u, anstr? t b ay ge in a vio me itry opu hn rht kn treoio nben t > acitwkisi ha p i a re zoordiec aan n yxpt wa haadce oeeng yur c fe >>f y oart wh dr,i sl yr hema ds cot,e tin t os tsontbu acun. gglpeto ll ob ihas rlleranow r foatn gng b
7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
th vesensrd t s ns. u' h. de o tiod orfigh o t otrerre cati sthth ral owev a cpa e plntth gerent eaoleth st two ek d t e pa coecy.g oyaha sdis isno ede otr wg eppitroem ca. ha sdey st oype nnif wehon s enggg i wo a le. ot aecye 'ser gontofcis innd tar ierte tsssthsho u seeronh pur colnd e ri vell ounku
8:02 am
76mpin. sos e tir intis hiwa bens safprle at >>hatsexlytreg 'thiset is cae setisue yoo otti ca o yo has. a o tlix l ers inwrthhe oworhi l tt. 'mhkive uly, y'r lkg mygi inre wllavoee > aiogs a w, rid owel bled f todg coit at das be eric
8:03 am
>>ti rds, data he f pcteyoucaee pele p abaic hongwiloat th s ifst ckrdedn. oru,n. coro it wea youow. oue dwh'soi onnr ckn co fo bitltieaow fi iedels bt itan tay yeerest pke ucl support r the erul. nnkuni se'vo fothillev tou hs t etilyap w und.r s wrefadith ssg a rfnerthd atte'fad
8:04 am
t eey, enthbu openauyendtr ckr l. >> hot he75 biplapnday norebl axp >>uc a t k nds ouet alartlliom hetto charbyheki tmts ed oth p h 'seloew le f a odt sfo a tginsuc in ds, troor e
8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:08 am
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8:11 am
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8:14 am
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8:22 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:42 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:50 am
>>at i the min thing we've yes,igernedo avid avd drugs and alcohol. avoid d? yostl en gti it. an? avoid geing -- nyone? >>caught. >> yes, micha ouas, everyone. >> getting caut. >>ery od. yorehere in tpy >> the episode is called "xual healin" thicelou by bob thntn aghiisou a eyryelrr oo >>tiic ey jiketh. >>gonibi letkeiv or thtom st ppup ntohotyouse wehewi be isnaoer pts e'thbisy atesn e s u to th sceeaut
8:51 am
on?o tf o vepuinug sot. wah r hf-ay us cudoo sili arttseth ou3mi dayow vet ny d anod ltakci ao llg 30inys dowe da lyol ut rena h ana sou acodso d l a bte h h cug one hiogede.
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9:01 am
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9:02 am
toayt' n aet iue atnoain"sy" a teiaca wch is aunf-e-llxik thero t alt, wldeeda spiaifourit ntftck we wti reilmist rebuetic exct reats alisda c sporkeymke deis w,yste'h hiti veorhe nehi an t s y >> wmyt myayr thiki nei y, d codn g m wa. th iwa int t op ghaeha
9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
ofhesn at'aeng erheert'see t mt.n h ghno 's go n ahts fez w nrearnd ay to mieaitut0 rma.stda w tig c ss ourein ridnoro hod t a 'st. t e ghe t ouyongan analolad was.nsni en i ba twe. o ft o sw. mof iustai ta,wyin ad i leig ad lt la cy. g ig
9:06 am
gd ne. ero no ciul te om i'ou atilind ls he'shaitood kear th mni wee intosero eaior thslwroem l ico to wchunle u' tino u rtsfldacon mo ohat in aou ahalfn ho. > e u vi ardti geinout t dr te? enigup r mfr akup ll. di 1-8-bihl waro o obeanit a cast gacccs e >>t dn wel owou wid obams ar
9:07 am
9:08 am
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9:09 am
gr ug,cle he bke aan s g sy tnt inwpde rha soexe?e pen it a ngneto th.ptesewoeay atpeisn tae tnse y dmo e. se,"quhi c keo ivbethres re ju sgh ial cas e. fi methe me sechewsel d sok t itss. ctn ngthry dilyndge ts es jt ep li l on b th yis veh.chd, y
9:10 am
noda leit . an at st fm h, hi i seant at sfice a ghnan i'ha b ba >>ee kfoth saouin yreeou tn.m/bi hec mee tmi ou ntaasll liinto fur t o tn p.nd r es.knef nentusvil,ew y g afn-amic a op thad l a na ol diel arsaispaedd
9:11 am
es bvewas oyee. cutyap g at w isg, yve y c usg mey. c byngour if wenas goni. nellhi thks thearg e ippng 'rkit. mli er. th cire ofbo wetoefif ovisl veonbutoayo dute ghha yo i ithe a ivtor r e grll nd o air foyo l infons o o bsn.m/bi deng f y upomow weeigngtr
9:12 am
e w lldevda han'd outtmu thdoow y e rr ou gh 67re e w sorngfr fir gh th's rref od >>beuto ur kie s right theiros t e n m olesiss t inh ho sten tch ehe alne sm h me ts eptecmbl ys inra fow hh atthse gcrxc at
9:13 am
>>eptes d des, ad,. keheest turs ar seotl t theho ricenohghh ror fm srte d pntndtr th cul. haenhlled atge e erdued w bess teto pe2poris llti so iit t urou h yohabehe an ypeefct go ea, r u al ono coant ser coron. armeip irortf ur
9:14 am
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9:17 am
yocoo aen wf urswdasnan weri mcaf ssat do air vehaer o ay o asor yr cmper ac yroineanng fomonf t uthe imrtwe. > arec m pac ys i3-v so tei w o at.hvehe it e selorou ile wl
9:18 am
plerndwoetofd gl he, d ose whihe g sli in deandonyutwi e n ,n' ye? gh. >>ounoho tes loaesho lke rs wano alasulrbkof raroi s. th w le omeao. >>ea iwaus oeraye o,roaneomaot seofllnsf e t sat ait rothge geesgaon frad w aus an isrg ush hilnoter wer dnedahe a 'sou mewhetrg's
9:19 am
atrn sllas tadhi lae qst i sealsslta cle sten agn, so bnaed, t wleinrein to fe ocilca t t o. mhadaki eerbaup buyostth crl mim t f frm ayr t my am threviouswneraidfor the team. >>diyofi yr yoon t hursleft. foncouamtknbama ma h pcks >> gild ac year in the fir ound. but t tnd just kd winner meo hoping tha any mistakes i made you corrected. >> syrace keeps on going. >>sorry,guys.cplel
9:20 am
isa and sease m e' ansas, ns g ntn e four wit kans pish. th w y hto? ictlldoavkaas inke ith chpish ll maadss ig bonball neouraet e std bck ngbrkeansefek arte. ttg our hves al ersay ovg icsbeert stersi >>yeh, iovit itgr t p i r om dr roupheirnuorn ok. ki tskheseoeto ae rn mne a be
9:21 am
trki pouny s a bon inndan ab tsk eea dif ar phe igngpree > me sth 'reorng , i whito at1.m eliaar binrtnsul llne usf beginlv wismi swaronofeed a im d t :3 p n ptmgera thfincroem ngheoffe. aocwo so pen woie wee o aicut epg urld af > the driv o runaway prius wa reportedly shaking aftebeing finally able to stop that car.
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9:31 am
unas rk. sa aqa ein frtredy adsh tlsainos t aaingh i sys dpih'sg i trblitilar e it steteor >>thmar ar i anxptedot . tes, icl llndgs hd b w ghilgo, oh? meort b ll wi hatcae nus. i nto us a lce ay its 9: eaer a. stn,'m rinad s omht nas e ora mccurh. h daht,cale yse'non
9:32 am
ge san g e y h wher cawi oteretrk thk rei paorer toey ou roro,rect resang dn'an he ainarst al tfe aocwi n atlt pe wesesgato suoets, av ctsth'sth'r aki. taabe tingfsorll ulk,e in th ,f iasoo ea ting b rll cae ic a s r na's aecy a a tiissang wa a ,we hrgh ialffavs u alad o$0,o reingeusa
9:33 am
w ow mreni th'to ceorrd f so tre ghisn juhoe.llhan evyo a ro aai wewo ak mo wsircater ,heytet'ri e wchall ou atefraxye yoreriht meys e no iers ovtuofhae haheonorde. 'sin lebu t esonso i s lad.o y et touthamy toheudnc rctn' bth wt ououom ad orr:s gh eyoi tea ose he h weea bhage tubeing job ushi aouho
9:34 am
aboan w,cg taw veatme ifax dpeth ulbereto bf th he moy, tn' ei >>eankou so ch apdas,t'oio > in se nuers stnonh e vi h clan gha usemra srceel ousineorn t eng $9 bli erhe nttes f t noe ssth wi cey iongthti. w,he e s, xpt smeordeil n on. > arnes t igio a nayus oufoia hoehe caaidt ri isly ske a ithe stth ju-read reicd
9:35 am
ke l trirdra was snd o otopth s atriakareedosbl >>oranf atuld haen,eavo esteac imaon at cldutdiut o rghowe veee te ninioth ulbedo th tt lan ee 's ak wle g pda w dot feib. ehniaouo reeaem o at at an bty it ke hself w vid t"sur gh ses a c o owhe. medyut tt' bo a ty b g hi. i n-esnd tu i ke tis cae-t' s yo, i jtho
9:36 am
llth aof sth thg me a nhi i'mngo >>re erus wlstehe ngitshz s bld ck ye. o fr hebute. 3mis t ar sin >> ck >>haweoo ha e inav wh iertioras arenalcorar wyinto brka rtrn w o. re yowrear it abrirlaig erexouf ur ouing dng thtsho ptty kayorr te ow nilhrinf
9:37 am
wiernis w een a t w lls,tohe bwi e e reshe shedre srmtcs. angrest inv. lk it rghthe. th'soo t m hh nogo ke rrni co 5 tncofnoy go wn.tal ar vi ionds o romr undsow welkbot ai i b. g i tnkou >>soto a o a ol vestig steero hilin stu s
9:38 am
oth w-roisg rng. rot aet srtafr ir eepts rohly in wt an we xpti wk t hi e. 0,in a hasa 'rot ei ye ay i trdt spp teprofe an aaised iu yr eaoo bauit ctth eno to ntue imovg amostpa. t etois dn or atedil rinatome employ cpeatn ogms. no tt' bor btom neut rlloo f fex plee >>an fal,fftsyh tsout dnon bga ma, tftnd l ding reinaparo rng thnuerf ss colain ssgr mad bloin door has xper
9:39 am
bule tspa pseerve$ nor lss i04 la ,us00 tsisit srvll me seeng omand has-ee nvel f oreoe re okg eishlddeeng tt metic,r? >>ounoathisan abt w ny pplar ju dngherron bgg es feeo bri extrag n aiin tt' g pnt tt. ulbeit a rht>>caon loinys yoang oheool plcontna tnn peoe u t tre th td lrn
9:40 am
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9:41 am
9:42 am
seis nooleatkein stli serasoarck whge othca ns undks arsut ofei. toit besap heasna wel a juedd n. laesat va chre
9:43 am
thecse-mndit era tainanhecaus ined ilyndre ty e 007hoinirni k 32 pe helit > eern ys s de h bn we exgelyas is iinhetou t'rirtland el yo dha smeto f isasee wi athede b s rit r ckg. s wn wt pus i u gog thde s ke aralad woe thdecced usg ofcesuplike pars, tro na. upe usg ofan
9:44 am
th we tve tey g emraom dug at gngtoe ll t,hk u. ge i d'twha unocen ha t f op w re beggo coesnt t t elwlarho g no t pson iea acr. ouie dn' rehectreg at ei sck. ok, thi wh aieh o th ctas ly ine e. diveth it,ey olwethrd avtouin suaon wre th c'ttoantht ats the ghhido, avto actig eseatnaop
9:45 am
es ow. ha pogts pelereru t tte agwe-auser wi difnd lethem to thatwa pe psse. esciwhe'tppu? rawodn ehi a ke io t'f go mni, bi osthaiayu wt'in av,no dbt abt . thmofo hr a arttsa thg, aite ghra aye. sa whe leet ar, chobity lhtys e. akcira, ortelt oflloftht. 'lha reus >>us wtow w >> are s llkak
9:46 am
a sianouemt. ndmie newit "t bid
9:47 am
9:48 am
on o vwe a l the e e lk tge u nto ? nde oth se prid pcit anay cnron t urtshe pr of bnddeh ady a frn ataces orinhaean cad pprao isndet ykw. sa reennaeh t lisp roto be dimsst is me oge a concth tma uesuofheilr >>a ag beb r poging hself
9:49 am
he,tileeheoin fe seeley h? oteo uh an t whahean mabe ry. wain m t txa ngs. w, "srts iusat" ok tiheruocteed la yafroust bo m lba anto toutan apedveore fothccte aghelsev tte pite yeery pode imaugke it evytng le tryorfoy cale, orasy d fnk, up >>issayif mse ensa x,h
9:50 am
icgolf.e sll probab a safe asssmen "southpark"ghed in and spoofed the problems. oys sex therapy wit tir and other noted phanders >>isheain inve all learne t oid? ye tiger. >> avoid dru al oh. >> no, no. you stillre gettin it. avoitting? anyone? >> caugh >> yes, miceldougl, everyo >> getting caught. >> vy good. u're here in therapy becausyou gotcaught! >> as you can se they're not buying the sex addict exuse. bi cnt,ieeend bi trnn a b
9:51 am
rohlern eso pa atitaingo ti oalie reom, ye y tbutnsin f ips j tutscen e btlnl hve t rk >>u alrae? y d't nedi >>su lethas eyadaseamo li tca ha >>wrle z ftot nothe mpinut twotr , d sod aeehenisou sad s fe
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