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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  January 20, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight. a gorgeous 23-year-old mom takes off from her tempe, arizona, home, by car for a thousand-mile road trip with a beautiful 8-month-old baby, gabriel. mommy spends christmas holed up in a local san antonio hotel calling the 25-year-old bio dad, threatening he'd never see the baby again. even saying she killed baby gabriel. turns out mommy's tryi ining toe the baby away the whole time to an arizona couple. mommy alone, no baby, hops a bus to florida december 27th. 24 hours after the last credible
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sighting of baby gabriel alive. her car abandoned. december 30th, cops find mommy, miami beach. no baby. car recovered, san antonio. baby's car seat still inside. when pressed mommy says she gives the baby away to a couple she just bumps into at a texas state park. bombshell tonight. is baby gabriel alive and disguised as a girl? police investigating, but why? and tonight, new details tracking mommy's movements. we now know she heads to a local library and logs on to the motel computer, but can those e-mails be salvaged? johnson on myspace just days after her baby boy vanishes, telling friends her mood was, quote, adventurous.
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johnson back on myspace, repeatedly just before she's arrested in miami beach. police confirm tonight there are two parallel investigations. missing child and homicide. tonight, where is baby gabriel? >> i think about it every single day, whether he's dead or alive. >> we are concerned for gabriel. we don't know where gabriel's at. >> the only conversation i did have with her was right after she had sent me the text message that she killed gabriel. >> quite frankly we don't know if he's dead or alive right now. >> she said i stuffed him in a diaper bag and she suffocated him, put him in a diaper bag and put him in the dumpster. >> detectives have searched dumpsters. >> i want to believe he is alive. >> detectives are looking into the possibility someone has changed the boy's appearance to look like a girl. these are the last-known photos of gabriel. >> gabriel's mother took them when she and her 8-month-old were on the run in texas. they show gabriel holding a
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medicine dropper, looking groggy. >> we know investigators are hoping to gain more information from these photos and develop a timeline. >> if they were taking on one of those digital cameras, did she send them to anyone? >> we know at one point when she was at the home gate suites hotel here in san antonio, from the desk clerk, that at one point she did use the computer there in the lobby of that hotel. if that's the case there's a very easy way for her to send those photos out. >> hopefully it will give us leads as to figure out what baby gabriel's last days might have been. and tonight, to south carolina, a 12-year-old boy vanishes from a local mcdonald's. only clue, his little bicycle found abandoned there in the mcdonald's parking lot. who took 12-year-old brett smith?
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he's just 12 years old, but tonight he's missing. brett smith left his home around 1:00 p.m. monday on his bicycle. >> deputies bret was last seen riding his block around common activity, in a family friendly neighborhood. >> that was the last time anyone saw brett. >> the real concern, however, came when his bike was found at a nearby mcdonald's without him. >> his bike found seven hours later at a south carolina mcdonald's. no sign of the boy. >> his parents say he hasn't done anything like this before so, of course, this is another concern of ours. >> police say brett smith is 5'5", 140 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. >> while several state agencies have been notified of brett's description as well as national ones, an amber alert hasn't been issued. >> law enforcement asking anyone with information to call south carolina crimestoppers. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us.
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tonight, is baby gabriel alive and disguised as a girl? police investigating, but why? and just days after her baby boy vanishes, mommy's on myspace telling her friends she's, quote, adventurous. i bet she is. >> it's very real possibility that elizabeth killed gabriel. >> everything is so false. >> it's also a possibility that she handed gabriel off to somebody else. >> i want to believe that she did give him away. so that maybe he's safe and he's with, you know, somebody that's taking care of him right now. >> based on her own statements going back and forth, we've shown that she's not truthful. >> everything she said is so completely false. >> police now state they're working a parallel investigation, a missing child and a homicide. >> caught in the middle of a custodial tuck of war, dektives say gabriel's mom, elizabeth johnson, took the boy to san antonio where he vanished.
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detectives are looking into the possibility that someone changed the boy's appearance to look like a girl. >> he may be alive but we also unfortunately have to proceed with the investigation that she may have killed him. they have checked the dumpsters there. >> you have, you know, cubic yards and tons of trash they'd have to pick through, not to mention that if there's -- if, indeed, there's a death, the decomposition does deteriorate viable information that may help with the cause of death. >> we know the photos were taken at the home gate in san antonio. >> they're heartbreaking. his clothes are filthy. he looks worn out. >> they can look at the memory card in her camera and try to find out if there's images that might have been deleted that might give us more information about the baby's whereabouts. >> she's very, very stubborn, very secretive. she, you know, it's hard to get anything out of her. i'm just hoping, you know, she'll have a change in mind,
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change of heart and just tell somebody exactly what happened. >> is baby gabriel alive and being disguised as a girl? and mommy on myspace describing her mood as adventurous? just about 24 to 72 hours after her baby boy disappears? i don't like it. straight out to mike sakal with the east valley tribune. mike, what can you tell me about the possibility this baby is alive and disguised as a girl? >> well, tempe police, they continue to say they are looking into everything and all possibilities with this baby, whether he is dead or alive, and also if elizabeth did give gabriel away like she says she did, that this couple can really -- want to keep this baby and are doing what they can to keep him under wraps.
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>> and what can you tell me, mike sakal, are police searching or not searching san antonio landfills and trash dumps? >> that is what i have heard. i have not confirmed any of that from the -- >> wait, wait. you said that's what you heard. what have you heard? >> i've heard they are definitely focusing their search in san antonio as well as waiting to see if a tip in nashville leads to anything. >> what tip in nashville? >> the one of the lady that tammi smith was connected to in regards to helping with adoption information. >> okay. what more can you tell me, matt zarrell, our producer on the story, about the nashville tip? and i'm not getting a clear answer. it's a yes or no. okay? just try, yes or no, are you
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with me, matt? >> yeah, i'm with you. >> are police currently searching landfills or trash dumps? >> no. >> why? they must know something that suggests the baby's alive. >> that's a good point. at this point the only thing we know is we know cops know exactly where in the landfill the garbage was dumped but at this point they're not searching, they're not sending cadaver dogs out there at this point. >> do you know why, matt? >> no, cops are tight-lipped at this point. the only thing they're doing is asking the public to help. they're having trouble getting tips in. they're begging if anyone knows anything, even if it's the tiniest information, please call police. >> well, we can thank the baby-sitter, as soon as she heard about this story she immediately came forward. she can verify a lot of the story we know so far about the baby there in the san antonio motel 6. what else can you tell me about this nashville tip? now, i know that -- i believe it was tammi smith, the would-be adoptive mother, put her in
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touch with a woman that handles adoptions in nashville. and the mom, elizabeth johnson, spoke to this contact by phone. is that correct, matt? >> yes, it is correct. >> what more do we know? >> well, apparently from what tammi smith tells us the conversation did not go well. janet, this woman, janet morris, was trying to convince elizabeth johnson to bring the baby home. it did not work out. police did apparently a knock and talk in nashville. went to a number of homes and questioned people to fwrisz to get the word out. so far we haven't heard leads coming from there. police are being tight-lipped. >> elizabeth, if you don't mind, show me before and after photos. you're seeing before photos. when you compare baby gabriel before and after mommy goes on the run, you can see that his face has lost weight. he looks -- his eyes are droopy in some of his photos. if you look at them carefully as we have done, specifically the little onesy on the left, it's
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not clean. it's dirty. look at the picture of him on the left right there. this is of when he's on the run with mommy. these photos have just emerged. they've been released by police for us to see. some of them he's even clutching a medicine bottle. we are taking your calls live. out to eva in georgia. what's your question, eva? >> caller: my question is, have they checked any of the bus stations along the routes in san antonio to florida? any of the garbage dumps there? >> well, we know, eva, when she got on the bus in san antonio, to go to miami beach, she was alone. she did not have the baby with her. is that correct, mike sakal? >> that is correct. she was seen on video surveillance leaving the parking lot of the motel 6 without the child, going toward the bus station. she did have a backpack on her
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or a duffel bag. we do not know what was in that duffel bag because she was not seen with the child. as she was getting on the bus. >> to matt zarrell, was that duffel bag recovered when she was arrested? >> as far as we know it was not at this point. police aren't saying. >> because if they've got it they can check it for dna. everyone, we are taking your calls live. is baby gabriel alive and disguised as a little girl? as we go to break, everyone, as you know, thousands suffering from haiti. don't let this be another missed opportunity in life to do something good. please call 800-554-8583 or go to
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i want to believe that he is alive. i just want her to tell the truth. >> we have to look in to all leads and all information we have available. >> we have to carry on with the course that he may be alive but
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we also unfortunately have to proceed with the investigation that she may have killed him. >> telling the biological father that you smothered the baby, concealed his body in a diaper bag and threw him away in the trash is reason to suspect the child is dead. >> she's playing everybody like an absolute yo-yo. what she's doing is cruel, vicious and absolutely inhumane. >> i just knew the second i saw her, there is something wrong there. >> i thought it was weird the way he was acting and the way she was treating him. i did consider calling cps. >> whether the child is in a home, whether the child has been taken across the border of mexico, whether the child is at the bottom of the land fill. we have to try to find the information the best we can to try to recover gabriel, whether it's dead or alive. >> welcome back, everybody. is the bibby still alive but disguised as a girl? we're taking your calls live. to elizabeth in kentucky. hi, elizabeth.
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>> caller: hi, nancy. >> hi, dear, what's your question? >> caller: okay. i was wanting to see if maybe the mom -- where did she get her money from or is she using a credit card where they can trace what, you know, where she went? >> excellent question. matt zarrell, we've tried to track down the money amount as best as we can. we know she had cash. she had expensive manicures and med cures while she was on the lam and went on shopping sprees and called all new clothes for herself. when the baby-sitter was in the hotel room there was hardly anything for baby gabriel. how does the money add up? hold on. i know that she sold her dog or dogs, right before she left for a couple hundred dollars, she took in a renter for $400 or $500. what else do we know? did she sell her laptop? >> yes. apparently she sold her laptop. she gave away baby clothes. what police are saying is the numbers don't add up. if you add up the hotel stays,
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the visits to the salon, the bus ticket, all of it, the gas for the trip, it doesn't add up. how did she have $500 in cash with her when she was arrested in miami in. >> we learned from behind bars she has admitted that she will not cooperate with police in finding baby gabriel because she's already looking at hard time for interference with custody and kidnap. is that incentive not to help police find your missing baby? let's unleash the lawyers. right now you are seeing her myspace. this is where she logged in after the baby goes missing. the baby vanishes, we know for a fact, 12:27. it says "kiss my a-s-s suckers." that's her frame of mind. renee rockwell, defense attorney, atlanta. john burris, defense attorney, san francisco. what about it, rockwell?
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your client writes online "kiss my ass suckers" and describes her mood as adventurous. this is after her baby's missing. >> i sure hope you don't think that's going to be -- >> i want to see -- please put rockwell and burris up. i want to watch them as they explain this. >> okay. nancy, you sure don't think that's going to be used against her in court. >> yeah. >> i would be more concerned about what she's saying -- >> first of all, first of all since you opened the door to that, miss rockwell, let me tell you how it's going to come in under the evidentiary code. to go to frame of mind, motive, course of conduct, intent. she wrote that. that was her state of mind in the hours after her baby vanishes. >> i'm not concerned about that being used as something that is going to be held against her as incriminating. what she needs to be worried
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abo about, nancy, is what she's telling other people. >> wait, stop. elizabeth, did i ask you to please put rene and burris up? thank you. i want to see -- now you say that's not going to come in as evidence? i explained to you how it will. then you say, i don't care about that. >> what i'm saying is that is not good relevant evidence against her. what's going to come in is the fact she's told the father, hey, i killed the baby, stuffed him in a dumpster. put him in a diaper bag. the baby's gone. then she's gotten into some other kind of affairs with people where she's talking about adopting the child out, et cetera. what is important that i think that's a new development, nancy, is that she's been now charged with a conspiracy to interfere with the custody. i wonder if there's some more people that have been discovered and are about to be arrested and the cops are just not saying anything. >> to john burris, weigh? >> i don't think it's going to come into evidence of the question what happened to the child.
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it may be state of mind -- character evidence, how she is as a person. in terms of evidence to prove a particular crime i don't think that evidence comes in as evidence that's relative on that issue, state of mind or not. it's not the state of mind how she is as a terrible person. the question is state of mind and whether she killed someone or killed this baby or kidnapped this baby. i don't think it comes in for that purpose at all. >> when we come back, marc klaas and jack and tammi smith, the would-be adoptive parents who have been named persons of interest in baby gabriel's disappearance.
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elizabeth johnson, 7/24/86. >> the arizona mother at the center of the baby gabriel missing boy case is now in jail in maricopa county, arizona. >> she's currently facing charges of kidnapping which is a class-two felony, child abuse which is a class-four felony and custodial interference. >> the defendant is the only person who knows where gabriel is, if he's dead or alive. >> i believe she didn't give him
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away and not really care about it because she didn't really seem like -- she was never really around. i see how it was easy for her. >> joining us in addition to marc klaas tonight of klaaskids foundation, jack and tammi smith, the would-be adoptive parents. to tammi smith, what do you make -- thank you first of all for being with us. what do you make of her saying from behind bars she's not going to cooperate with this in finding baby gabriel because she's already looking at hard time? so it won't help her any? >> i'm really upset about that. i was really hopes that, you know, maybe police would, you know, make a plea bargain with her that if she would help them find the baby maybe they would change that or something and i don't know. they just need to find the baby. >> were you surprised, jack smith, when you heard that? i mean, have you ever heard anything more than self-serving in your life? i refuse to help find my baby unless there's something in it for me? >> no. no, i'd say it was quite a shock
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to me. >> and i want to add for the lawyers' benefit, she said that not to police, but to a visitor in the jail. which means it's not constitutionally protected. that can come in at trial. we're taking your calls, but first to marc klaas, weigh in, marc. what about the theory that he is alive and disguised as a girl? >> as far as that goes, what can you do to disguise this little boy? you can pierce his ears, put him in pink clothing. he's going to have the same face. i mean, there's very little you can really do with babies. i believe that -- here's part of the problem. this woman has absolutely no credibility whatsoever, forcing law enforcement and the other authorities to investigate absolutely everything that comes out of her mouth which obviously wastes an awful lot of resources. >> it's just like casey anthony. >> oh, yeah. >> and you were upset, angry
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earlier last week about people trashing the father, the bio dad. listen, nobody believes anything this woman says. anything this woman says, nothing. in fact, i typically believe the opposite from what she says, marc klaas. >> yeah, absolutely. i think people have to listen very carefully to logan. he's the closest to the baby. he knows more about this baby than anybody but elizabeth. >> everyone, thousands suffering in haiti. don't let this be an opportunity you missed to do something good. dial 800-554-8583 or go to umcor, united methodist community on relief.
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police now state they are working a parallel investigation, a missing child and a homicide. >> there's an investigation in arizona through the tempe police department. there's also an investigation in san antonio to be able to try to track down some of that information. if she did, in fact, meet someone at a park. about the two hotels, digging more into this baby-sitter. >> i knew the second i saw her, there is something wrong there. immediately, what do you want to do with your baby?
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>> we have to look into all leads and all information we have available. one of the pieces of information being out of elizabeth's mouth to logan that she killed gabriel. >> these are the last-known photos of gabriel from the san antonio hotel room where the boy may have been drugged. >> she told me she already drugged him up with medication but that if he started to cry again just to give him more medicine to shut him up. >> she didn't just text the daddy that the baby's dead, she called him on the phone and elaborated saying, i suffocated him. i smothered him to death. put him in the diaper bag and threw him away. >> she's the last one with the baby. she had motive to get rid of the baby. she's the one that's fleeing, she's the one that won't cooperate. >> the fact she continues to remain silent, continues to stonewall, that this has taken so many ominous turns including those heartbreaking pictures leads one to believe that it's probably closer to a homicide investigation at this point than
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it is to a missing person investigation. >> straight out to pat brown, criminal profiler, author of "killing for sport." pat, help us. what do you make of this woman? what do you make of the theory the child is alive dressed as a girl, disguised? and also, which is a conundrum for me, why cops are not searching the landfills and the dumpsters. >> i have no idea. i think they're grasping at straws with that baby turned into a girl reteen. let's look at the three possibilities and elizabeth. the first one is she was involved in some kind of underground network. if she was doing that she would have rolled over on tammi smith or the network real quick to get herself out of trouble. secondly, she'd given away the baby in a park to some luckily sterile couple who wanted to take a 8-month-old. and show up some place and say,
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i birthed an 8-month-old yesterday. that's a ludicrous story. she would have said the baby was kidnapped rather than giving the baby away so she wouldn't get in trouble. the only other story she has trouble telling is she killed the baby. the only thing she's going to say is i gave the baby away because it's better than killing the baby. >> what about it, dr. patricia saunders, clinical psychologist joining us out of new york. what do you think? >> i think there are two other possibilities, nancy. one is that she did sell the baby. and it's also possible that she either killed the baby deliberately or the babe y died from an overdose from the tylenol. what i think is going on at a deeper level and why she's stone yn walling is she finally feels in criminal of something. this is a woman whose whole life has been out of her control. five foster homes, drug addicted father. a woman who's angry, impulsive,
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defiant and anti-social. >> back to the lines. sheila, illinois. hi, sheila. >> caller: hi, nancy. i just find this whole case just shocking. my question is, if elizabeth did hurt gabriel in texas, will they haul her back to texas for this crime and is there some way that we can interrogate her and make her talk like she was a, you know, like they do the terrorists? >> well, sheila, in my dreams, but there's the constitution problem. okay? you can't force anybody to talk. you can't beat them, force them, threaten them. you can trick them, you can also use statements that are made even behind bars to nonpolice are non-state agents. as far as, for instance, giving them sodium pent thaul to make them tell the truth, no can do.
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none of that is allowed in the constitution. let's take a look at jurisdiction. renee rockwell, john burris, the issue is going to be if she did kill the child where? now, all bets are going to be san antonio, but when you cannot prove where the murder occurred you can go with jurisdiction where she was found and that would have been miami. what about it, burris? >> i think that's true. it could be in miami, but more likely than not it's going to be in texas. that's where the baby was last seen and she was seen leaving texas without the baby. so texas seems the natural place to me. i don't see where miami can really claim they want to do it, particularly when it's clear the baby was never there given that she was seen leaving. texas seems to me the best -- >> i agree. what about it, renee? >> i'm going to agree with that. you have the fbi, san antonio police, maricopa county. so many jurisdictions involved. thank god you have the fbi
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running this circus. nothing is going to happen, nancy, until they decide there's a body of a child or the child exists somewhere else in some other people's hands. >> let's talk about the fact she has been logging on to computers leaving a trail a mile wide. now, come on. she goes to the local san antonio library while the baby's back at the motel. it's about 1.2 miles away from the motel where she's staying. don't bother to tell me, john burris or renee rockwell, that she's checking out a library book, all right? so she's going there to log on. what do we have to do, pat brown, to get that hard drive? it hasn't been taken yet, for all that we know. how do we trace her e-mails? she also logged on at the motel, in the lobby. >> well, i certainly hope they would get that kind of information because this could lead to whether she was contacting somebody to find a baby-sitter, whether she was just enjoying talking to her friends, her state of mind,
8:37 pm
again, or she was looking for some way to earn money, perhaps going on craigslist and finding a guy who wants to pay her for something so she can keep on the road or whether she's involved in some kind of baby transaction. they need that information. i would assume they've already gotten it. i can't believe they wouldn't. >> i want to go back out to jack and tammi smith, the would-be adoptive arizona parents. they never got baby gabriel. tammi, how often was she contacting you by e-mail? >> not until the very end. well, actually the first time, sorry, was through myspace and that was that day when logan called me and we -- me and logan for the first time got hooked up talking and she had contacted me that way. i think we probably sent a couple e-mails back and forth through myspace and that was it. >> what were the gist of the e-mails? >> pretty much telling her, you know, i think the first one was
8:38 pm
basically you need to give us a call and then there was one that i had sent i think i was telling her to call detective aguilera. was it detective aguilera? yeah, detective aguilera. detective aguilera told me he was a negotiator by trade and maybe he could help her out. the police told me to do another e-mail to her basically stating if she would bring the baby to any police station and just have them confirm, go to any police officer and confirm that he is, in fact, alive and well. >> and? >> and i never heard back after that one. i didn't hear anything back. >> jack, what do you make of her going on a spending spree with expensive pedicures and manicures and wildly spending on clothes for herself, going out partying in a mid-drift tight,
8:39 pm
low rise jeans and stilettos? >> what can you say about that? i know she had a conversation with tammi. the last conversation that was in the jail and she said she left here with $2,000. she sold some jewelry and other stuff. as far as the stilettos and all that stuff, i don't know anything about the pedicures and manicures and all that. >> you go ahead. >> i'm sorry. she -- but tammi noticed that at least in the jail when she saw her that she didn't have a manicure then. it could have been gone. >> right. >> everybody, we are taking your calls live. as we go to break, a happy birthday to new york friend of the show, rose. at 103 she never misses a show. loves her family and her prized car she received from president obama. she drinks 12 cups of coffee a day with ten sugars in each cup and has done so all her life and never, ever a single operation. well, that's words to live by,
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people. happy birthday, rose. and a very special happy 80th to maryland friend, joan. isn't she beautiful? here she is with her children, mitch chi, dave, and kathy lee. miss epstein, the proof is in the pudding. i wonder if kathie lee gifford got that beautiful singing voice from you. tonight, as you know, thousands suffering in haiti. don't let this be your missed opportunity to do good. please, call 800-554-8583 or go to the united methodist committee on relief,
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he's just 12 years old, but tonight he's missing. law enforcement needs your help searching for brett smith. police say he's last seen at his home on monday afternoon. leaving on his bicycle. but that's where the trail runs cold. brett's bike turning up later that day at a mcdonald's but no sign of brett.
8:44 pm
how does a 12-year-old boy simply vanish? >> at a local mcdonald's, the only clue, his bicycle left abandoned. to fay alexander, senior reporter, news talk 1320 wis, we're trying to figure out where and who took brett alexander smith. just 12 years old. he is white, 5'5", 140 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes. look at him. he practically looks like opie in "andy of mayberry." look at that smile. what can you tell us? >> right now it's not looking like brett was abducted and doesn't seem like there's immediate or imminent harm to brett. brett is in foster care. we have established that. we're not sure where the biological parents are but we believe he may be trying to find them in aiken county, a good hour, hour and a half away from -- >> hold on just a moment. to ellie jo stad, our chief
8:45 pm
editorial producer. ellie, the parents, the bio parents, have been found, correct? >> well, we don't know that for certain. apparently there's no evidence that he was able to get in touch with these family members. >> so he's not with his parents to our knowledge. >> right. >> nobody knows where he is. >> that's right. >> his bike was abandoned at a mcdonald's. >> right. >> could you explain to me, marc klaas, how anybody could say this child is not in danger? >> i don't know how anybody can say that. i mean, this is -- these are ominous circumstances. this is reminiscent of shawn hornbeck. this is reminiscent of jacob wetter ling, both were riding bicycles when they disappeared. none of those had a satisfactory outcome. the hornbeck case did many years later. >> if you call kidnapped against your will, likely sexually
8:46 pm
assaulted for a period of time, that's a happy ending? the happy part of that is they're alive. >> yes. >> praise the lord. >> no, that's absolutely correct. no, this is ominous. i think that law enforcement has to look upon this as an abduction until they are shown something else. he -- if he's missing and he's gone and has been gone for a significant amount of time and it's not in his history to do something like that, then there's definitely something wrong here. >> to dr. eric braverman, internal medicine, founder of path medical center. doctor, thank you very much for being with us tonight. i find it to be a very disturbing clue or evidence that his bicycle is found at a public place and he's not there. what evidence, if any, could be obtained from the bicycle? possibly dna? >> sure. look for injury, look for blood, look for saliva. obviously you think a kid like that was picked up and either tried to hitchhike or thought he
8:47 pm
could get to his parents. obviously he's in danger and not able to understand the risks. i mean, the case is obviously scary and a child in foster care is at risk for seeking his parents and it's a heartbreaker. >> well, dr. braverman, everyone, dr. eric braverman joining us tonight from new york, the founder of path medical center. a little boy this age is probably in the fourth or fifth grade. do you believe he could fend for himself? i just find it very difficult to believe he's out there on his own and nobody's spotted him. >> no, this child is in some ways -- unless he took outward bound courses, not able to fend for himself. not going to take water or the right things. vulnerable to attack, either sexually or otherwise. he's really at risk and we have to understand why at 12 years old you're allowed to go to mcdonald's. any normal parent would say, brett, you know, kidnapped in your place, gabriel, i'd die in your place. you have to ask yourself, what's
8:48 pm
going on here with the parental supervision? the first case sounds like you were dealing with manic psychosis, adventurous, where you have a mother going off the deep end in a manic psychosis. in this case you have inadequate supervision for a 12-year-old. >> we've just recently dealt with, dr. braverman, other bike abductions. of course, marc klaas mentioned shawn hornbeck and, of course, jacob wetterling. also there's amber hagerman. there are many, many. michael palmer. bike abductions. it goes on and on and on. janice pocket. patricia ann miles. the book is endless of bike abductions. charles henderson. there's chucky mock. he was murdered on his bicycle many, many years ago and it's never been solved. now we have this little boy, brett alexander smith just 12
8:49 pm
years old and he's probably in the fourth grade. the only thing left behind is his bicycle at a mcdonald's. how many of you parents let your kids go in and out of mcdonald's without you being with them? not anymore. i take my twins there, to you, ellie jostad, all the time, to play in the play center. i never leave them alone they. they have mcdonald's set up to attract children. >> nancy, it's not clear the parents let him go to mcdonald's. it sounds like the parents just thought he was going to ride around the neighborhood. this is apparently a very family-friendly neighborhood. it's the magnolia hall neighborhood near the columbia, south carolina, area. they thought he was going to ride around the neighborhood and he never shows up. seven hours later they find his bike abandoned at mcdonald's. that's where the concern comes from. he wasn't supposed to go there. >> to you, pat brown. did you see the map liz put up for us? over 100 sex offenders in a
8:50 pm
ten-mile raids you. where would a pedophile go? mcdonald's. >> that's one of the places and just the fact to attract for one reason or another. if he has been in foster care, he's used to moving in and out of different circumstances. so he's easy to approach and chat with, who may go with you if you offer something, anything attractive just for that moment and grab him. >> what about it, pat saunders? >> 12-year-old boys think they're going to live forever, and even if he has knowledge of stranger danger, he's not thinking of that. he's got target painted all over him.
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tonight on "the joy behar show," conan and jay are still duking it out. maybe they should hold anger management classes at 11:35. and then he's gone from "animal house" to "mystic river,"
8:54 pm
tonight, kevin bacon makes a rest stop here. and new pictures reportedly show tiger woods outside a clinic for sex addicts in mississippi. what could he possibly be doing there? all that and more coming up after nancy. >> 12-year-old brett smith left his home around 1:00 p.m. monday on his buy sickle. that was the last time anyone saw brett. his bike found seven hours later, at a south carolina mcdonald's but no sign of the boy. >> out to the lines. elizabeth in arizona. >> caller: hi, nancy. i love you so much. we watch your show every night. >> thank you. what's your question, dear? >> i was just curious how brett was able to find his adoptive parents. >> you mean find his natural parents? ellie jostad how did he find them? >> it's not clear that he did
8:55 pm
find them. that's part of the problem here. they say that there's this theory he may have gone out to seek other family members but they don't have any evidence that he's been able to get in such with them and it doesn't sound like they know where he is right now. >> this is breaking my heart if this kid did try to find his natural born parents and he's never been seen since. the only clue, his bicycle left behind at a local mcdonald's. to you, marc klaas. why no amber alert? >> i don't know where there's no amber alert. but something that really kind of bothers me that's been said here is this whole idea of putting leashes on 12-year-old kids. i think what we have to do is arm them with good information so they make correct choices and make sure that they have cell phones with them so we can do two things, number one, have 24-7 connectivity and be able to track them with gps if that becomes necessary. >> agree. betty in florida, what's your
8:56 pm
question? >> caller: doesn't mcdonald's have security cameras outside? >> excellent question. ellie, what do we know? >> we don't know for sure. police aren't telling us if they've got those tapes. >> there's no amber alert, we don't know if they have those tapes from mcdonald's. there you have the state of the disappearance of 12-year-old brett alexander smith. tip line, 1-888-crime-sc. let's stop and remember cia security officer scott michael roberson, killed, afghanistan. he received his degree in criminology, became an atlanta police officer, then a detective, working undercover narcotics. he served in the u.n. security forces in kosovo, continued several hours in iraq. an animal lover, many friends. a wonderful sense of humor, extensive knowledge of b movie
8:57 pm
quotes. proud of co-founding the metro atlanta police emerald society. he loved riding a motorcycles with the iron pigs. he leaves behind a grieving wife, molly. their soon to arrive daughter piper. parents harry and sally, sister amy and dear friends kelly, david, greg, scott. michael roberson, scott michael roberson, american hero. thanks to our guests. but our biggest thank you is to you. and a special good night tonight from brzezinsazilian friend of show. everyone, see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend. -- captions by vitac --
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