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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  August 25, 2013 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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that's it for this week's show, thanks to my panel and especially to you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. on fox news watch. >> are you confident that you know everything that's going on with that agency and that you can say it's all done the right way? >> yes, but what i've also said is that it can only work if the american people trust what's going on. >> mr. obama is trying to convince us that nsa spying ask for our own true. but should we be concerned? are the media concerned? conflicts in the middle east continue to heat up. claims of chemical attacks in syria, killing more than 1,000. the situation raising questions about our president's position. is the press pushing for action? violence interest christians on the rise in that region,
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their light being ignored by most in the media. the murder of a white college student by three bored teens in oklahoma, ignites debates about crime. but the media don't seem to be interested. al jazeera america makes its debut. will americans buy what they're selling? and if dark clouds are bothering your white house, why not bring in something sunny? on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. syndicated columnist cal thomas contributing editor of american daily magazine and fox news contributor richard grenel. fox news is on. . we can and must be more transparent. so i directed the intelligence
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community to make public as much information about these programs as possible. all these steps are designed to ensure that the american people can trust that our efforts are in line with our interests and our values. and to others around the world, i want to make clear, once again, that america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. our focus is on finding information to protect our people and in many cases protect our allies. >> that was the president earlier this month trying to convince americans his administration is doing all it can to be transparent in regard to the nsa collection of data. this week, a 2011 declassified report was released. it shows the agency scooped up as many as 56,000 e-mails and other communications from americans with no connection to terrorism. the report also included the opinions from the then chief judge of the foreign intelligence surveillance court
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judge john baits writing for the first time that for the first time, the government has now advised the court that the information they were seeking is different from the what they were led to believe. questioning what the president and his administration are telling us. jeff jarvis at the guardian writes, the punch line of the snowden affair when we can't trust what government tells us, we come to trust those who government doesn't trust. thus, we no longer necessarily care what the official line is and who delivers it. and when that happens, access, the currency of the beltway becomes worthless. ah, the irony. so, jim, this report was out, it was prepared, i should say, before the president made those comments and before the president made some changes to the way the nsa operates.
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>> right. >> so should we trust everything they're saying now? >> the government is there to help you and protect you. peggy noonan wrote a perfect column on friday that said the net result of this is to turn americans solidly paranoid. i think they might be angry as well. but if i were the president, i would stop making statements that seem to be undercut two or three weeks later. >> i think "the wall street journal" and the "new york times" stories on the nsa ruling, the 2011 ruling that we were just talking about really raises some profound questions about whether or not these are just accidental whoops in the system or whether there was a policy that was unconstitutional. i don't think that means -- i think that indicates the media are finally taking this story very seriously and that the trust me is being replaced by
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the trust but verify mantra of president reagan. the media should be upset. >> and rick, we have been told that this is all supervised by the fisa court, but the chief judges at the time said, hey, they're pulling the wool over our eyes here. >> there's really been problems all the way around. you'll notice the u.s. media is really beginning to say that this is about the u.s. government or our government. they'll really not fingering bra obama on this. however there's a piece in the atlantic this week by phillip bunch and he points out that president obama's independent review board is not independent at all. i think what we're seeing this week they are say this is not only obama's fault, but it's the fault of the government lyn
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greenawald, his partner, a guy named david miranda was detained by british officials for nine hours on a terrorism charge of some sort and some of his personal property was seized. any reaction from the media? >> well, i think that everybody pretty much was horrified by this. i don't think obama has the media on his side on this issue. particularly because they have targeted the media, so that worked against them from the beginning. but the greenawald thing was completely outrageous because he was held for nine hours because the law under which they were holding him, you can hold somebody up to nine hours. so they were holding him as long as they possibly could. he hadn't done anything exempt be in a relationship with greenawald who is allowed to do what he is doing. >> but then greenawald's
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reaction was something, he said i will be far more aggressive in my reporting from now on, i am going to publish many more documents. i am going to publish more articles on evening land too. is that what a journalist is supposed to do? >> the international herald tribune had a front page story of that and they interviewed allan russberger, the editor "the guardian." he said that our laws are different from american laws regarding journalism. they terrorized this guy, the partner of greenawald for nine hours. i mean this is just amazing. where do you go from there? >> interesting question, what connection did this have back to the u.s. government. there's not been a lot of evidence that the white house knew about this.
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>> under british law, they can hold someone for nine hours. what the brits said was that mr. miranda was carrying stolen information and they were holding him under the terrorism act. now we can quibble as to whether that was the proper vehicle, law to hold him under. but he was acting as glen greenwald's mule, is what the government allegation ed. and that wasn't heard in the united states. >> i don't think -- i mean his partner also worked with him on his journalism and so i think that he should have the same protection as an american journal irs should have. >> i think that's a really poor argument because glen greenwald gave this information to a
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nonjournal effort. you completely give up your right to say -- >> what do you mean he gave it to a nonjournalist? if you're working with somebody on a journalism story, then they are working in journalism. >> he didn't say somebody in journalism, he said partner. >> we get to get to another quick topic and there was mayhem in the middle east. but what's lost is the blow back against christians in the middle east from all of the trouble there. >> one of the reasons, there are several, but the so-called christian community is not really a community, it's divided by denominations, there's no singular focus. the pope could speak out about it and he did, not forcefully. and president obama who says he's a christian should be speaking out about it too, but
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so far he's been silent. >> there was a meeting on thursday to talk about what may have been a gas attack on syrian civilians. our ambassador was not there. you wrote a column being very critical of her. tell us about that. >> i think it's fine if we have ambassadors who have to go on vacation, especially in august. but the entire policy is about the u.n. that's what we're doing. and when you have the head ambassador not only not showing up, but the deputy that she sent completely being silent and allowing the british to speak for us, i think that it means that the americans and our representatives at the u.n. are completely silenced and sidelined. >> plenty more to cover coming up on "news watch" including the tragic murder of a white college athlete and how the media reported that crime. >> reporter: a thrill kill murder of a white college
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stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away, if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. there has been more outrage in the main treatment media, more attention paid in the main stream media to that stupid clown story at the missouri state fair than there has been to this wanton murder in oklahoma. >> rush limbaugh commenting on the horrible murder of christopher lane, he was a 21-year-old student athlete from australia attending college in oklahoma hoping to make it into the big leagues. lain was o lane was out running when he was shot in the back, a victim of a thrill kill, one of the teens, well, there were three of them involved here, police say, two
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black, one white. they were arrested for the crime. the two black teams, james francis edwards jr. and allan luna were charged with the murder. the white teen, 17-year-old michael jones, charged with discharge of a vehicle and accessory to murder after the facts. one of these kids apparently admitted that they were bored and wanted to kill just for the fun of it. christopher lane was unarmed, should these three teens be treated like the murderer of trayvon martin? >> if you wonder main stream media cover these stories, have so much energy and attention is because they cover stories that the 911 stream media clearly don't want to cover. so was there overreaction in the
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trayvon martin case, and under reaction here? >> there was originally underreaction until the social media got on to the trayvon martin case. i mean kirsten pointed out earlier this week that in this case, the alleged perpetrators were immediately arrested, unlike trayvon martin. but, look, when the white house spokesman has never heard of chris for lane and he's an australian? i think there is a double standard here. and i think the media, ed henry was right, of fox news which is covering this murder, was right to ask the question, i find it appalling that the white house spokesperson didn't know about it. >> the activist s like al sharpton were all over the trayvon martin shooting. but now jesse jackson says praying for the family of chris
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lane. the consistenciless violence is frowned upon. >> do we now expect jesse jackson to respond to every single hate crime that happens inhe country? do people not understand this? the trayvon martin incident was covered because there was nobody being arrested for it. occasionally we do have things that get kind of bigger than it should be, and maybe it did get bigger than it should be. but this is a tragedy what happened to chris lane, but i don't know why you expect swrje jackson or the president to talk about it, as some people have said. and my final point is some people were saying that we should not have been covering trayvon martin. and if we should not have been covering trayvon martin, why should we be covering this?
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>> we're getting ready for the coverage of the 50th anniversary of the "i have a dream" speedometer. >> i was there for nbc news and it was a turning point not only in my life but in many other lives. it was one of the greatest oration if not the greatest oration of all time. i think it deserves coverage. but back to this chris lane coverage, the reason why i don't think it's being covered, is that it doesn't fit the media narrative. white people enslaved black people, never mind there were southern democrats standing at the schoolhouse door. >> one of the suspects, rick, sent out a tweet prior to the killing, 90% of white people are nasty. #ha #hatethem. now from this guy james edwards who's now under arrest for that
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shooting. >> i think the idea that the trayvon martin case and this case is about race is shameful. it's not about race. it's really about young kids who are uneducated come from broken homes and get into drugs and spiral into violence. what it's black, white or hispanic, we as a society need to confront that. it's shameful for people like piers morgan to go after this as a hanged gun story or for anybody to use this as a race story. neither one of them is true, it's a socioeconomic story. watch this, on a new cable news channel here in america, but are you watching?
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see it is 4:00 p.m. in the eastern time zone. and this is the first-ever "news
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hour" from al jazeera. >> welcome, everyone. the new cable newschannel available to american viewers as of tuesday owned and funded by the oil rich persian gulf state of qatar and sister network al jazeera. jim, some people used to call al jazeera jihad tv, how is it doing? >> it was hilarious to give americans in their first week lectures on how to reduce oil production and energy production here in america. almost like you think they were trying to give the advantage to the home team on energy production. look, it's an arab tv channel, period. >> they claim, judy, to have unbiased, fact-based in-depth stories. do they? >> we shall see. it's not clear yet. i mean, they didn't get off to a great start by having someone who was attacked by conservatives as being a kind of jewish and race-baiter. that sn't a great way to start. but i think we need something like that.
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we need a voice like that. they have a right to a cable station if they're hiring americans who are being fired from american networks, go ahead. let's see if they get any ratings. >> any questions, rick, in your mind about their funding or maybe their agenda? >> well, i think you've got to remember that this is funded by qatar, a country where women have to be given permission by their husband to drive or leave the country. so i haven't seen them require soledad o'brien, yet, but we'll see how that works out. they're going to have to shake through the current tv viewers who are all left and then the al jazeera america who are going to be pro-arab, i think they're going to take several months to figure out who they are. >> kirs tin? >> i think pretty much everybody has a bias in the world today. and it's safe to say that they have a bias. and the question is what is it? i think a lot of people think it's pro-terrorist. and i'm not sure that that's exactly right. i think they have their own
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interest in the region and a lot of people liked their coverage on egypt though a lot of people i know in egypt thought it was extremely biased and they were sort of enjoying watching egypt, you know, go up in flames. so there is a bias. but we have to wait and see how these american journalists -- >> i'm amused by the contrast with the coke brothers who now are reportedly going to give up the pursuit of trivia newspapers and them they had an agenda whereas al jazeera doesn't have an agenda? i don't think so. >> up next on "news watch" a story the mainstream media could not ignore. ♪
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no lack of issues for the news media to cover this week from all of the problems with the rollout of obama care to the conflict in the middle east, the press had a full plate. with no time for distractions, except maybe for this. >> first family has adopted a second dog. her name, sunny. she is a portuguese water dog. that is the same breed as obama's other dog, beau. >> a pair of presidential pets frolicking on the south lawn. that will get tails wagging. >> first lady michelle obama took to instagram to make the announcement tweeting "so excited to introduce the newest member of the obama family, our pup puppy, sunny". >> yes, a new puppy, or some saw another bright and shiny object to distract the media. the white house made the announcement and released this video. and, yes, the media took the bait, hook, line and sinker. we wish you


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