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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 11, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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the air. they moved in on their camp site in the woods. the 16-year-old aperiod to pear uninjured and expected to be reunited with her father today. >> keep it on the fox news channel for continuing coverage. we start with a fox news alert. a miracle out west on this sunday morning. a missing california teen is safe this morning after her alleged kidnapper is shot and killed by the fbi in the remote woods of idaho. that after an intense man hunt that sparked a multistate amber alert. good morning, everyone, on this sunday morning. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> such good news for a family, for a community she was found. i'm jamie colby. thanks for joining us. it was a dramatic end as police reportedly working off a tip from a witness on horseback finally spotted the suspect's camp site. >> an arrest attempt at the north end of morehead lake in
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idaho. suspect james lee dimaggio was shot and killed by an fbi tactical agent assigned to an fbi headquarters unit. hannah anderson was located with dimaggio. she appears well and was rescued and will be transported to a hospital in idaho. >> well, we're just so relieved is what her father has said so far. many more details live from our l.a. bureau. good morning, dominique. >> good morning to you, jamie. this is the very best news we could have hoped for. what we don't know if she's aware her mom and 8-year-old brother were killed by dimaggio last sunday. not sure if she knows that. once her father arrives in idaho and sees hannah they'll start to deal with the harrowing trauma of that. >> you know, this is something
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we'll have to take day by day and see what kind of help she's going to need and what kind of help that i'm going to need. we'll move on from there. we've got plenty of things we need to do and we need to set up services for my beautiful wife and son. and there's lots to do. >> you have to say that brett's resilience and strength throughout this past week which has been so difficult for the family is really quite amazing. meanwhile new information of how the operation to rescue hannah from that remote mountain camp site has come out. local authorities spelling out details of how hannah and her kidnapper were first spotted by an air team. >> because of the terrain, they weren't able to land close by. so they took two of the hostage rescue teams into the area as close as they could land. they had to hike about 2 1/2
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hours to get close enough to surround the camp. to be able to see, yes, they did, in fact, have hannah and dimaggio there. as soon as they were able to see the two were separate and move in safely that's when they rescued hannah. >> there are now two investigations under way. the fbi at the camp site in idaho and the san diego authorities still working through what happened at james dimaggio's house. updates here on fox throughout the day for developments on that. of course, hannah's reunion with her father at long, long last. back to you, jamie. >> long, long last it must have been for him. thank you so much. good to see you, dominic. the u.s. now reopening nearly all of those diplomatic facilities in the middle east and africa that were shut down because of those recent terrorist threats. but not yet this morning in yemen. that remains the focus of a terror alert and the target of a steady stream of suspected u.s. drone strikes that are continuing. does this mean americans elsewhere are in the clear? what about the continuing threat
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against us from al qaeda? former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton joins us as he does every sunday about this time. he's also a senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. ambassador, fwogood morning. >> glad to be with you. >> they scare everybody with these massive closings. suddenly they say, okay, it's all right. we're going to open up again. how do we know that the danger is really over? >> i don't think the global danger of the threat from al qaeda is over. i think they've either gotten more intelligence or on the basis of evaluating what they had already conclude ed that th threat to these nearly 20 other posts is sufficiently remote that they can reopen them. and probably highlighting what they believed at the beginning, that the real threat was in yemen. you might say, therefore, that the closure last week was an overreaction. that's possible. that's what after action reviews are for. let's evaluate it and see. i still think they did the right
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thing. if new information now says it's okay to open i think they've got to follow that information. >> you certainly want to be careful. overnight five yemenese soldiers were killed. killed in their sleep by a terrorist. that threat in yemen still remains. >> the fact is yemen is a failed state. when president sali was overthrown with the support of the obama administration and saudi arabia, he wasn't removed and a stable new government put in place. yemen is a very fractured country. you have a tribe in the north, shia enclave in effect in a largely sunni area. you have the factions that existed at the time the president was overthrown. they're still competing with one another. and you have al qaeda. as you just noted, they still maintain a capacity to strike, at least against yemeni targets. probably are still growing in strength within the country. you have yemen following the path of somalia, following what
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looks to be the path of libya, what may be the path of syria, of nation states in the middle east and north africa simply coming apart. having national governments in name only. governments whose writ does not run beyond their capital city. that's a very bad piece of news, very bad development for the united states. because it means the terrorists, whether al qaeda or others, can shelter in these states of near anarchy. >> you just said that al qaeda there is growing. but according to the president he's got al chi da on the run. >> he's looking at the wrong movie, i think. it's interesting to contrast the president's statements over the last couple weeks with the statements of -- during the campaign last year. back then he was saying unambiguously al qaeda's on the run. now he says, oh, well, it's core al qaeda that's near defeat. meaning that little sliver as he defines it along the afghan/pakistan border. the fact is historically al
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qaeda's central control has ebbed and flowed. one of the geniuses of what osama bin laden set up, really, was local groups feeding on local grievances, taking advantage of local circumstances to advance the larger cause, which they can unite around. and as they apparently did in the case of this threat in yemen. al qaeda's not like a corporation or a division -- army division in the military. it's a different kind of organization. we have to recognize that. >> it seems that the leader of al qaeda now is not on the run. apparently the reports say we intercepted some type of phone conversation, a conference call of some sort between him and maybe 20 al qaeda officials. maybe it was an internet chat. maybe there were skyping. that sounds silly that al qaeda would be on the phone with a conference call. what do you think led to this tip to close these facilities and basically how do we know as
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i asked originally that the coast is clear? >> i think there was probably other information in addition to this conference call. i have to stay, just to stop right there, whether it was a conference call or a two-way kal between al zawahri and the leader in the arabian peninsula, i just think it's outrageous that the administration has leaked this information. this tells al qaeda worldwide, be careful about your communication security. it says that this particular communications network, whatever it was, a conference call or skype or whatever, was penetrated by the united states. that means al qaeda will just start all over again and so will our espionage efforts even as nsa is fighting off, i think, unfounded complaints here at home home. by leaking the information, this is the classic jeopardizing sensitive intelligent sources and methods. the fact it was done by our own administration i just think is reprehensible. that's one of the reasons why
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it's now going to be hard for some period of time to know where al qaeda might strike next or what preparations it's undertaking. precisely because we boasted about listening in to their strategy call. now they'll do it a different way. >> quickly, do you think this was done to try to say the nsa system, the surveillance, actually works? >> there may be some element of that. i must say the information that i think they did receive was serious. i don't think you play around with the lives of our officials overseas or private american citizens. i'd rather err on the side of prudence. >> ambassador john bolton, thanks so much. we certainly hope we got them, get them on the run and nothing, thankfully, will happen. thanks again. >> thank you, eric. fox news alert. u.s. military officials are reporting three u.s. soldiers were killed in eastern afghanistan today. the americans apparently attacked by insurgents. u.s. soldiers based in this
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region are rarely involved in combat operations since handing over security responsibility to the afghan security forces that happened earlier this year. they now primarily train their afghan colleagues. russia saying the u.s. is overreacting after the white house canceled the one on one meeting between the president and russian president putin. relations between the two leaders were on display in june. remember this photo of them just not even, like, looking at each other. looking so uncomfortable they kind of didn't even want to be there? that at that summit meeting in northern ireland. apparently tensions are rising even more. russian defined the u.s. in granting nsa leaker edward snowden temporary asylum, the white house cited that as a reason for canceling the meeting. live from martha's vineyard, massachusetts, where the president started his vacation with the first family. he's in massachusetts but apparently not going to be
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meeting anywhere with putin. good morning. >> reporter: well, he'll meet with him at the g-20 in st. petersburg. but the one on one meeting in moscow has been canceled. the president saying he didn't just rush his decision to grant asylum to edward snowden. the snowden decision came after mr. obama personally appealed to russia to return him to this country for prosecution and putin's refusal, officials made clear, left little for the two leaders to talk about. other u.s. and russian officials are talking. secretary of state kerry and defense secretary chuck hagel met with their russian counterparts on friday. mr. obama says when putin returned to power as russia's leader, the relationship took a step backward. >> i think we saw more rhetoric on the russian side that was anti-american. that played into some of the old
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stereotypes about the cold war contest between the united states and russia. and i've encouraged mr. putin to think forward as opposed to backwards on those issues. with mixed success. >> reporter: arizona republican senator john mccain wants to put more pressure on putin who he says really doesn't value the u.s./russian relationship. mccain suggests bringing the country of georgia into nato, though that could drag the alliance into conflict with russia since russia and georgia have themselves gone to war in the past decade. eric? >> wendell, see if they have another photo op. what that looks like. if one's way over there and one's way over there during the g-20. thanks so much. the stage is now set for a major showdown over obama care. republican senator ted cruz is leading a new campaign to repeal the health care overhaul. an effort president obama says has consumed the republican
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party. >> i think the really interesting question is why it is that my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy grail. their number one priority. the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> well, that might have been true that it was just republicans. but a new coalition of wealthy and determined liberal groups are now preparing to strike back in defense of obama care. they don't want it either. chief political correspondent for the washington examiner, byron, i really did want to speak to you. you wrote an amazing column that outlines this, something that many of us weren't aware. high ranking former dnc officials are on the band wagon now to cut or take away or
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defund, however we end up seeing them try to do it, obama care. somewhat surprising, isn't it? >> well, there's a lot of divisions in both parties about this. before there's any sort of confrontation over obama care between republicans and democrats, there's going to be a big conflict between republicans about it. you mentioned senator ted cruz leading this effort to defund obama care, and it has some of the big stars of the gop. senator rand paul, senator marco rubio. both are on board with this. but you have a lot of very experienced senators, republican senators, who've been there a long time who are very, very opposed to this. there is going to be a big fight between two sides among republicans. >> you've been reporting that. we've been reporting that. the question how they will pursue that, whether it's defunding or revision or just trying to get rid of it altogether. we don't know. but what about now this new reporting that you're doing about democrats?
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>> well, obviously you have some democrats who've become very nervous about obama care. you had at least a couple of democratic senators say that it might be a train wreck. and you've had senator harry reid say that it's actually just a step on the road to single payer, which makes a lot of democrats very nervous. what you're going to see is some discussion about whether the individual mandate in obama care could be delayed the way that president obama unilaterally delayed the employer matching. >> take a look at this new fox news poll. let's not forget, midterms not that far away. 57% of voters say obama care, the implementation, is a joke. not that it's going fine. they must, i imagine, be paying attention to this on both sides of the aisle. they want to keep their jobs. >> absolutely. there's a couple of deadlines to look at here. one, october 1st. not very far away.
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the obama care exchanges are supposed to be up and running. and i think by all accounts, the administration is pretty far behind on this. and you're going to have significant worries about whether it's just -- it really is this train wreck. people will go online to these exchanges. they won't be there. it won't work. it will be a bad experience for a lot of people. then on january 1st the whole thing with the exception of the employer mandate, which president obama delayed, the whole thing, the rest of it, is is supposed to go into effect. there's a lot of fears among democrats that this would increase costs and increase bureaucracy and cause some employers either to cut the hours of some of their employees or drop them from their health care coverage altogether. >> possible less attention from t doctors, too. we'll have to see what the strain is on them. it's interesting. town halls will be happening. people will be coming in expressing their views. and at this point i really want to ask you, what do you think the chance of the administration
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continuing to improve the economy in any way fairs with obama care at full implementation down the road? interest rates are in flux. the market had a bad week. what's the impact of obama care? >> well, a lot of uncertainty. you have to remember, everything that happens now is happening in the context of 7.4% unemployment. that's a number that's only that low because so many americans have dropped out of the work force altogether. if you do have, and we've got reports in state after state, that obama care will increase the premiums of people, especially who have to purchase insurance for themselves, i mean, that's going to be an additional drag on the economy. believe me, republicans are going to point out every single thing that happens related to that. >> byron york, it's a piece i encourage folks to read. new information. good morning. thank you very much. >> thank you, jamie. jamie, an american imprisoned in north korea. we are tracking some troubling developments about him this
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morning. a missionary who's been sentenced to 15 years hard labor. also the doctors are going to be here. a lot of health care and health information this week. we're also going to take a look at what sent former president george w. bush to the hospital last week for a heart operation from a guy who stays really fit. he bicycles. he exercises. and you might, too. but we want you to know the warning signs. what it means for all of us. "sunday housecall," coming up.
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the latest on an american missionary in north korea now hospitaled. kenneth bae. north korea's supreme court claims he used his tourism business to form groups to overthrow their government. bae's sister said he's being treated for an enlarged heart now, chronic diabetes and back pain. they're still pleading for his release. an exclusive fox news center interview. arizona senator john mccain weighing in on the president's plan to reform government surveillance programs. the president outlining his proposals on friday, calling for
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increased transparency and more. here is senator mccain's reaction. >> there's a careful balance here between preserving our assets and capabilities and making sure the american people are convinced that their privacy is not being violated. and it is a careful balance. right now, as i mentioned, there's kind of a generational change here. young americans do not trust this government. without trusting government, you can't do a lot of things. >> joining us now is anchor of "fox news sunday," chris wallace. good morning, chris. >> good morning, eric, good to be with you. >> it was a pretty feisty news conference, especially dealing with the nsa. the president has proposals and a lot on his plate on this issue. >> oh, boy. he sure does. he made a lot of news on a variety of subjects. we talk about it all with john mccain on "fox news sunday." not just the nsa but also al qaeda and the president's talk of al qaeda being on the run. mccain very critical of the
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president on that. says that he feels that our policy is in retreat in the middle east and at the same time that he says al qaeda, while it has been diminished in pakistan, it is resurgent in a lot of the world. especially in yemen. and he sees that as kind of a bad thing that we're pulling back and al qaeda is helping to fill the vacuum. of course, one of the places he's especially critical of this president is syria where he feels that the president is at least two years late in terms of trying to step in, stop the slaughter, and depose the brutal dictator there, bashar assad. >> mr. mccain has actually gone to syria, that with members of the free syrian party. what does he expect will happen when the president gets back from vacation on all these issues? >> well, i'm not sure he expects a lot of difference. i mean, it's not like, you know, the president has made his policy, he's talking in the case of syria about small arms.
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which although that came out over a month ago, they apparently still have not actually started shipping the small weaponry to the free syrian rebels on the ground. and it probably wouldn't be enough to change the dynamic there. in terms of al qaeda, i think his feeling is that a president is not, you know, seems to be retreating from that part of the world, not standing firm. and he was also critical of the president on russia. as we know, of course, the other big news the president made today -- or this week, rather, was when he announced that he has canceled his summit meeting in september with russian president putin. a number of policy disagreements, but especially the fact that russia has gone ahead and give ed snowden temporary asylum for at least a year. and he thinks that just canceling a summit is not nearly enough. that we ought to crack down on human rights violators, that we ought to expand nato, that we ought to do all sorts of things
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to basically say we know that you're not a friend. we know if you're not an enemy, that you're certainly an adversary and we're going to treat you that way. i think he feels the president has been way too soft on putin and the russians. and that we're now reaping the results of that. >> wow, really another view on what we should do with those folks in moscow and president putin. chris, thank you so much. looking forward to the program. >> you bet. thank you, eric. >> as always. for more of chris's interview with arizona senator john mccain it's only on "fox news sunday." tune in later today. chris will also discuss the 2014 and 2016 race with democratic strategist joe trippi and republican strategist chip saltsman. "fox news sunday" later today at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. check your local station also where you live. new questions about u.s./pakistani relations are being raised after americans were forced to evacuate the u.s. consulate in lahore.
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rising security fears in that country. an interesting discussion ahead about how much money we provide pakistan and what we can count on in return. man, oh, man. you think this guy is the picture of total health. former president george w. bush surprised everybody. he suddenly went in for an you are yent heart procedure last week. coming up, the doctors weigh in on the condition that can affect anyone they say at any time, even if you exercise and bike and go to the gym, are in the peak of health. >> and the president's doing great. [ woman ] my doctor wanted me to get one of those emergency pendants. the ones that let you call for help. and i said, "that's not for me! that's for some old person!" but we finally talked my mom into calling adt. then, one day, i slipped and broke my hip. the pain was terrible, and i couldn't get to the phone. i needed an ambulance, so i pushed the button. it's okay, mrs. anderson. the paramedics are on their way. it was so good to hear adt at the other end. [ male announcer ] adt home health security services. with one touch of a button, you can summon help from anywhere in your home
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