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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 18, 2013 1:00am-2:00am EST

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[applause] >> thank you very much. >> that is all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. with will see you back on basic cable. i'm thirsty. >> andrea: hello. i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, on loan from bill o'reilly the one and only jesse waters. it's 5:00 in new york city. move your hand, waters. this is "the five"! ♪ ♪ president obama was back in his hometown pushing for gun control. the president spoke in chicago where the skyrocketing murder rate is now as bad as the al capone gap land days soft far this year there have been 44 only side44homicide compared ton there were 26. eric, you were born and raised in chicago. this problem got out of hand.
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in the first five hour, i talked cops on the ground who say there are not enough force. the civil rights groups are out of control. do you think what the president said will have any effect? >> eric: give president obama credit for going to chicago. why are you going, making tour of rounds and bypass chicago. he is in chicago where the murder rate is higher than any other major city in murder. more than double from say 20, 25 years ago. the rate, bob. number, 508 homicides last year on pace to break the record this year. there is hand gun ban. you not allowed to carry a handgun inshy of chicago. the most strict gun control laws aren't helping the murder
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rate go down. you apply it across the country, it doesn't maybe seasons to apply the rules -- it doesn't make sense to apply the rules. >> bob: if you felt the camera moved up and down, andrea threw her bag behind her. her purse. al cope day, 26 murders and now there are 44. chicago was a fifth of the size is it now. that might have something to do with it. the other thing i would say is this a gang war. >> eric: but the rate. the rate. >> bob: the rate what? >> eric: 19 per 100,000 in chicago. national average is 4.7 through 100,000. it surpasses any of the city at any other time. >> bob: how many having a drug war? >> eric: you want law abiding citizen boss unarmed while drug wars are going on? >> bob: look at chicago where they are getting shot. no in neighborhood where there are law abiding citizens. >> i was in the south side of chicago last year. >> bob: by yourself. >> there with guys that are street guys. i said i'm nervous.
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they said don't be nervous. we don't shoot white people. you the best customer. it's blacken black gang problem. they are fighting over narcotics. the economy is squeezed so they are fighting over smaller pieces of the pie. nothing is spilled out the white neighborhoods yet. commercial district, so right now it's contained. >> eric: it's irrelevant who is shooting whom. the fact that people are dieing in the city with the strictest gun control laws prove that gun control laws don't help. maybe the city needs more gang cops, cops that break up the gangs but they certainly don't need more gun laws. >> the cops don't get on the street and do foot patrol. they stay in the car. they don't form militia. >> andrea: a lot of culprits are the young kids. don't put pressure on them. they protest it. last year alone 96% of gun felonies were not even prosecuted in the town. so, how do you fix it from
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here? >> dana: everyone is focusing on the wrong problem. gun issue, i would like it if we waved a magic wand and there was never more gun violence. the root cause is the dissol lution of the family. underperforming school. if you take a map of chicago and overlay gun violence and the crimes and the drug abuse or drug war crimes, underperforming a undercapacity schools, it's a perfect match. i think the first thing we have to do is identify what is the real problem. then they have to start figuring out a way to deal with it. interest you say that about the forming relationships. because that is what general petraeus said you needed to do. >> you are right. what they did is clear hold and build strategy. they need to do that on the south side. >> andrea: what do you make of this? chicago authorities aren't permitted to answer calls, 9/11 calls that are theft,
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vehicular theft, misdemeanor felony. if you get your car stolen you can't call the cops. they want to make sure cops can answer the murders. that is out of control. >> bob: the cops are sitting in their cars because of civil libertys unions? it's because they don't want to get out in middle of the gang war. they don't want to go out there -- >> andrea: they don't want to lose their job. >> bob: they don't have the courage to get out of the cars. >> andrea: you called the police officers coward? >> eric: the guns used to perpetrate the murders, do you think there would be fewer of them in hands of bad guys with more gun control laws? do the bad guys abide by the laws? >> bob: if you confiscate them. i would haven't the courage to get out in the middle of a gang war. >> andrea: if you don't have the right backup or assistant. they busted the budget they can't afford to give the cops backup. >> bob: that is right.
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why would anyone want to be courageous in the face of that with two guys in the car. >> andrea: how about fix the city finances. >> you go in strong and flood the zone with all kind of people. informant, tipsters. all sort of technology that you can monster them. charge them with racketeering. put them in jail for ten year years. >> bob: think did in los angeles, it didn't work. >> andrea: rudy giuliani did it in new york. it worked. it's not just chicago. that has the strict gun laws. south africa as well as brazil. south africa is an example of gun control, some of the strictest laws in the world. not working at all. this week we saw the olympic superstar amputee, oscar pistorius had a gun. allegedly shot his girlfriend. >> dana: they are on the front page of the aed killer
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and who he is. his girlfriend, beautiful model not getting as much attention. i understand why. he was an olympic runner. the domestic violence problem is international worldwide problem. the violence in south africa is such that a lot of people feel like they need weapons to protect themselves. president obama in chicago, can they match up the policy proposal and the executive orders including naming atm director. is that going to do anything? can they fuel momentum out of this, it took away the best talking points people had. what about chicago? you don't go in your home township of chicago. hopefully they can focus on what is the policy prescription? whether or not it would have not -- runner, pistorius, if he had not had a weapon -- you
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know, i am out of words on it. >> eric: south africa, four out of ten people hustled and are concerned about breaking them. number one concern. when you make it harder for law-abiding people to protect themselves, family and property, you instill fear. by the way you make it more dangerous. >> bob: most people are not killed with guns in south africa. they have history with people and tires put around their neck and burned. dais is not what this is about. 'canes is about domestic violence. >> eric: a lot of people dying. >> dana: that was apartheid. this white on white violence had something to do with apartheid? >> bob: only the good guys supposedly had guns. all of the other people didn't have them. the nra would love to have it. apartheid system. >> the nra wants apartheid system? >> only the good guys have guns. >> really? >> bob: yeah.
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>> the nra wants all whites to have guns. blacks not to have guns? >> andrea: do you disagree? what is wrong with law abiding citizens to have guns? >> eric: he is liberal. wants attorney have them. >> andrea: spread the guns around. >> bob: if you confiscate hand gups you would haven't that problem. >> eric: you can't confiscate handguns. do it once again. what about crack? what about heroin? that is illegal. it's baped. you can get crack and heroin anytime you want if you're bad. same with a gun. >> bob: washington has a high murder rate they get guns from virginia, lax rates. pennsylvania has lax rates. >> eric: you make my point. it doesn't matter how strin
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jent the gun laws are, bad people will get guns. you want the law abiding citizens to be armed. >> bob: you want a gun culture of apartheid only good people have guns. that works you out, doesn't it? >> dana: that doesn't make sense. how did you get apartheid out of an olympic white runner killing his white supermodel girlfriend? >> andrea: okay. we'll stop talking about apartheid and similar to a pivot to christopher dorner was captured and heather mcdonald, scholar and columnist for national review online blames the universities for this liberal fascination with the hero worship of the killer who is advocating for gun control. you go to college and university. fair point? >> might be a stretch. one example, mikosi nadi shot three white women in georgia. he said he was anthropology
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major. he learned to hate white people at the university. they taught him at school that they colonized the world and wanted to get back at them and said he needed to right the wrong and he went out and shot people. i'm not saying this a trend. >> andrea: don't you agree that there is something to the class warfare. >> bob: do you know heather mcdonald who is a decent person comes up with this study on one or two professor. they advocate supporting people like dorner is absolutely ridiculous and right wing line that we hear over and over again. tall liberals love people like
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dorner and you want to do that -- >> eric: ridiculous. is there a history of liberal professors supporting occupy wall street? >> bob: small percentage. >> dana: or setting off bomb at the pentagon. >> bob: liberal professors before that. >> andrea: there is a bit -- >> bob: i could pick out right wing professors who didn't -- >> andrea: people online praised him. >> bob: do you how me liberals -- boston >> most of them are -- >> andrea: most of them are in the university. coming up, did you know pilgrims were illegal immigrants? that is what a federal agency is telling the employees and up with of their training videos on cultural diversity. we have that tape. that up next on "the five." ♪ ♪ this is america.
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>> dana: the usda is getting unwanted attention for training program on cultural diversity. costing taxpayers on $200,000. it was on tape. the video opposed by judicial watch shows the instructor giving employees cultural sensitivity training. listen. >> pilgrims are illegal aliens. say the pilgrims never gave a passport to the indians. by the way, i don't like the word "minority." how about emerging majority. >> dana: they had broader culture and this was broken on the o'reilly factor. was it good use of taxpayers dollars? >> absolutely not. they have a railroad of doing this at the usda. they spent $2 22,000,000 of mony
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making oil portrait of him. they had $1 million on internship program and hired one intern. great intern. did a lot of work. but what i don't understand is the left has hated pilgrims. they said pilgrims came over and raped the indians and took all the land. destroyed the environment. but now they are saying that pilgrims are illegal aliens. sure you're sure the -- >> bob: you're sure the whole left is like that? this is what greg does. andrea is guilty of this, too. it's certain people do that. that is a good idea? no, i do not. west of taxpayer money. do i think that the people who came in to force indians off their land and murdered them? >> were you coming over on the
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may flouer? >> my family came over in chains as enemy of the state. >> dana: then they were part of apartheid or something like that. listen to one more sound bite from this. >> together we make extension of each other's quest. to work for all of us. so thank you, black folks. say thank you, black folks. say america was founded by outsiders. say that. or today insiders. >> dana: i think if i had been an employee and required to go to this, i don't think i would have said any of. that i wouldn't want to go. because i had more important things to do. >> eric: you have to watch it and wonder if he was being outrageous to prove a point, opposite point. like never stay stuff like
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this. i don't think this is an issue by $200 thank you. the$20,000. they got a bargain. then are you sure the employees are like yeah, america is owned by outsiders for the insiders. it's crazy that is going on. weren't they involved in harassment, sensitivity issues? >> i couldn't speak that. >> bob: what about the up withs you have to sit through? >> dana: there are, the sexual harassment training and sensetivity training. a lot of different places. none of them that i know are like that. i'm all for employee development and figuring out a way. how to we enhance the employees' lives. or the personality test, if we would take a personality test and find out what the personalities are to work together better. that is a good use of taxpayer money. what did you think when you
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saw this? >> andrea: are we building our economy sensitivity? i'm surprised they didn't hire bob to do the training. just kidding. am i missing something? it sounded like toe tailtarian brainwashing. creepy. it probably scared people. walk around the office and scared to say something. am i missing something here? why are they talking abimmigration at the u sda? aren't there corn prices they need to talk about? maybe something like that? >> bob: right. this is out of their area of expertise. >> but they came in and threw the indians off their land, exterminateed them. >> exterminateed them? >> dana: farm and migrant lentor something they deal with. >> so america's founding fathers that came over here, colonized america, made it the
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great land it is our today, you say they exterminateed -- >> bob: jesse, you must have been educated -- >> you don't believe that. >> bob: the founding fathers came here 100 years after the approximately grimpilgrims came. >> the colonist, bob. >> bob: what do you think they did with the indians that occupied the land? >> they ate corn and thanksgiving. wrapped themselves around in blankets. sap kumbaysang kumbaya. >> dana: coming up, is it a bird or plane or the end of the world? [ sirens ] >> dana: meteor and asteroi
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with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!] >> eric: the resident apocalyptico, scary thing going on. meteors crashing in to buildings. [ siren ] government preparing for zombie attack. department of homeland security preparing for the end of times. you think i'm being overdramatic because my favorite show is "walking dead"?
1:28 am
no. watch an actual training vide video. this is what happened, they reenacted a zombie attack. >> dana: why? >> eric: i don't know. >> dana: this is horse crap. >> eric: i don't know why they wasted money doing. this but the department of homeland security did that. this is not horse crap. >> dana: it's real. >> eric: zombies are are coming. >> dana: i hope they do. >> i don't believe you believe zombies are coming. >> i'm telling you. you have can't kill them. you can shoot them. shoot an arm off, leg off, they don't die. >> bob: if youet to oz the wizard could stop it. >> eric: you don't believe it? >> bob: no. "night of the living dead." remember they came up from the cemetery and shot them down? you got it in your head.
1:29 am
what is a zombie and why is he going to they tack us? >> dana: why is the homeland security making video about it. >> eric: wasting money onsome beau attacks. >> andrea: we notice a theme. pilgrim, sensitivity training, softinshooting zombies. the meteor in russia, i guess they didn't know it was going to go. if you are going to go, go the day after valentine's day. got love in russia. >> bob: why didn't they have radar to track? >> when you were with the bush administration didn't they have lasers to shoot these out of the sky? deflected in tehran or something like that? >> andrea: doesn't it make you nervous that nasa is being dismantled by the administration? how are we supposed to know when they are coming? >> bob: nasa was not who
1:30 am
intercepted this. it was department of defense. it was not nasa. >> andrea: right. nasa doesn't have anything to do with space. >> bob: i don't think the republicans. this is a waste of time. if it hits your house, well -- this is not hateful. i don't want it to hit your house. if it hits the russians, too bad, too. any human being, too bad. with the exception of a few i can think of. >> eric: this is irrelevant. [ overtalk ] bronc you upset about that? >> eric: no. everything is fine. can we point out the weekend away that the department of homeland security spent the money on, they spent money on $40 billion in various projects like in arizona $90,000 to fund and install video monitoring system for security cameras in chicago.
1:31 am
guess what happened? never put security camera up? >> andrea: what is going on? >> dana: this is strange. i understand a training video for a lot of things, effective way to travel and bring the trainers in to do something to watch a video. it can be instructive. i don't understand the zombie thing. maybe the department of homeland security has explanation. >> did you see "triller"? michael jackson was dancing with the zombies. he didn't seem that scared but bolling is scared. >> eric: it was theatrics. >> bob: i thought you were a big supporter of homeland security. >> eric: do you watch walking dead? >> andrea: i don't. i don't like vampire, zombie movies. >> dana: i don't like it. >> bob: i thought you loved homeland security? >> eric: homeland security? >> bob: start from the bush
1:32 am
administration? >> eric: homeland -- no, i just don't like government waste. >> dana: the bush administration didn't create a zombie video. >> eric: coming up, have you watched warner's world on factor and watch how they get the hard-hitting interviews? what is the obama economic policy? do you understand that? >> what is the jobs policy? >> i don't know anything about the economy. >> what is the unemployment rate right now? >> well, he is with us on "the five" and explain how he makes tv magic after the break. ♪ ♪
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this is a fox news alert. the death being investigated as a suicide. authorities found the body on the porch where they discovered mindy mccready's. again, mindy mccready dead at 37 from an apparent suicide. now back to "five". you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. administration. and that's at 6:00. now back to new york and "the five." ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to "the five." i'm jesse in for greg gutfeld. thursday night i do water world for o'reilly. if you haven't seen it, here is a sample. >> who is that? >> bush senior. >> that hurts, man. >> there you go again. >> is your favorite founding father? >> abraham lincoln. >> he is not a founding father? >> no. first president. >> what is a founding father. >> hi, i'm earth. have we met? >> do you know what the unemployment rate is now? >> 99%. >> congresswoman. you said fox news live. could you name? >> what is she doing? i never know what she is doing. >> the next bill o'reilly? not a good look for you, son. trust me. >> straight talk. >> is obama doing a good job?
1:39 am
>> yes, he is. president of the united states. he's not obama. he's the president of the united states. thank you. >> best award winning television. wouldn't you agree? >> bob: let me ask you a question. is that what you did for the high school equivalentdy blow m? >> you are saying it's g.e.d. tv? >> bob: no. interesting. you go to jersey shore and you find -- stay on the jersey shore. >> i have been to six ivy league school? >> were they in there? >> we didn't put it in. >> you got none of those answers on there? >> of course i did. of course i did. but none of those people were wearing bikinis. >> did nip say the unemployment rate is 7.9%? >> a few people nail it. >> 80%, 75% of people had no clue what is going on. that is a large number. large number. >> andrea: after i watch, that i don't know whether to laugh or get depressed.
1:40 am
it makes me sad how dumb young people are. can i ask you something you gut through some of the toughest assignments, nude beaches, bikini clad women. are those your idea to go to the local or bill? >> hard question. half of the ideas are mine. half are bill. it pitched the hawaii idea. that is the white whale of water world. >> who pitched a dog show idea? >> me. >> this is where you got the dog show idea. look. >> oh, no. are we going to -- yes. >> dana: remember this, eric? eric and i went to the dog show last year. we actually like dogs, up like you who last night you looked like you were, did you think they were going to give you a disease or something? >> first, you are accusing me of stealing your material. >> our ideas. >> that is not true. >> second of all, i'll admit i'm not a dog guy. but i braved it. >> then whose idea was that? >> my idea.
1:41 am
but i greated it once i entered thing to show. they are threatening and they can sense fear. >> like you right now? >> right. because beck is staring at me. >> what about drunk women? >> well -- >> what is more fun for you? >> we don't like to interview people too inebriateed. that is bill's idea. i like to interview people -- >> i bet. >> it's good tv. bill says don't. you won't get a coherent sentence. >> eric: let me get in here for a second. >> please get in. >> eric: two questions. is it true, i predicted that "the five" will be number one. we are number two right now to o'reilly. is it true to o'reilly sent you here to steal the secret sauce and continue trying to take the ideas to make sure that we don't catch up? >> if he did do that, i would come back empty handed because i don't have anything right now. that t show is not over yet. >> eric: most important question. who told you to pop your
1:42 am
collar like that when you do the interviews? >> my father. popping collars runs in the family. he has done it. now i do it. >> dana: did your family come over on the mayflower? >> that is a fact. >> don't you like to interview drunk bikini women? isn't that the combination you like best? >> where are you going with this? there is a theme here. >> there is. a theme in triple-x rated movies with a similar situation. do they pay you for this? >> not enough. i deserve hazard pay. i have done tanglous things. south side of chicago. child sex predator legislation stuff. >> i was going to give you a compliment. i think your stuff is funny and very good. i wouldn't say if it didn't believe it. you do a good job. >> thank you. >> even if you are overpaid. >> i appreciate that.
1:43 am
i don't think you know my salary but i know yours. >> andrea: regular portrait of courage. >> thank you. happy married. i want to add that. coming up next, office dating? good or bad idea? i have been there and done that. it worked out for me. but not really for everyone. we'll see that. is a discussion next on "the five." ♪ ♪ adventure, ♪
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>> bob: listen, have you ever wanted to date someone at work or multiple people at
1:47 am
work? according to a new survey, four in ten people at the workplace admitted to dating a coworker. let me see. have you dated a coworker? >> eric: not since i've been married. [ laughter ] >> bob: when you did, did it work out? >> eric: i don't remember any bad instances of it. but that was a long time ago. i've been married a long time to my lovely wife. >> dana: i also got married fairly young. when i was 15. that's why i look so young now. on this one, i feel, how else are people going to meet anyone today? with the hours people work and the amount of commuting time it takes, unless you go home and get online and try to find somebody online or go to a bar, you night meet somebody at church which is great. but a lot of people do meet at the office. they have similar interests. get to see each other's behavior. >> bob: have you ever met somebody atu? >> andrea: no. but i dated somebody in the office. >> bob: how did that work out? >> andrea: we dated for three-and-a-half years.
1:48 am
i would say there are some benefits to dating someone in the office. you have an office ally, provided you stay together. someone to carpool with or a lunch buddy. but the down side are greater. you have take your work home with you and you bring your home to work. always talk about work and on and on and we couldn't let it go. everyone at work knew our business, which was frustrating. one time i got a raise, and he didn't. there was professional jealousy. >> bob: did it get them upset? >> andrea: i'm a private person. i didn't like everybody knowing when we had an argument or where we were going on vacation. that type of thing. >> bob: jesse, you are a successful workplace partner. >> so far, yes. >> bob: tell us what happened. >> i met my wife at work. at shepard smith's apartment. >> eric: don't buried the lead. what was she doing at the
1:49 am
apartment. >> i don't know what you were implying. i was on a show called the pulse, and he had a party to thank us for the hardwork. she was there. she was asking about me and checking up on me. she happened to be at the partner that day and i happened to see her. >> shep playing match maker? >> twins out of that. >> i don't think he is that involved in the story. >> andrea: she pursued you? >> i'm not going say it like that. >> eric: dating your wife before she was your wife and she stole you from -- you stole her from shepard? >> she is a beautiful women and i fell head over heels with her. we have two beautiful children and worked together. >> bob: my experience, i dated many coworkers. it opened the company. >> did you date employees? was it appropriate? >> bob: when it came to me. >> bobme
1:50 am
>> dana: did you host sexual harassment training? >> don't do it here. >> andrea: when you were dating the women who worked for you, did it go poorly? break up with tem and angry at you or fire them? >> bob: yeah. but i could fire them. no, i would don't that. i promoted them is what i did. >> andrea: i'm not sure which is more appropriate. >> bob: depending how things went. >> did you date two at the same time? >> yes. >> how did that go? >> an interesting weekend. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ ÷÷
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>> andrea: time for one more thing. >> dana: i am excited to talk about this. i work with companion for heroes that match up rescue
1:55 am
animals with wounded warrior, veterans with ptsd. ray crook, he had ptsd and he heard about that program on the radio. he called them. and three years later, thriving restaurant entrepreneur. wusa did a feature about him. take a look. >> i van in school an serve in military. there was a dark side of me that no one could touch. i won't let anyone in. >> he has been able to break through. comcompanions for heroes matches animals who don't a home with veterans, active military and first responders. so far, there has been 140 perfect matches. >> dana: this is started by david sharp, who wounded warrior himself, ptsd survivor living in georgia. he kept the program going. congratulations them for that. >> eric: "hear! hear!" great great program. great idea. >> andrea: all right.
1:56 am
mr. watters? >> i heard i was coming op "the five" and i asked o'reilly for advice. this is what he told me. >> now watters inexplicably is co-hosting the category five. yothe -- hosting "the five." >> the producer said they have to call it the four-and-a-half. >> don't take any garbage from beckel. >> i won't. >> i won't. >> beckel, i think we hit it off. >> love at first sight. >> are you going to start dating at the office? >> if i date him, i will get promoted. >> andrea: a wild christmas party. in the break, a lot of times the viewers want to know what you talk nant the break. it asked him what the beckel company christmas parties were like. he sid i hire people with the same mind set about life as i do. whatever that means. >> eric: not sure what we
1:57 am
are doing for president day's weekend. president obama got back from 17 days in hawaii. we have want to know what they will do? , the obamas. michelle obama is going to fly to aspen, colorado. barack obama is flying to west palm beach, florida. they will be far apart for the weekend. forget about the conspiracy they should be together or not. >> bob: what are you suggesting? >> eric: i'm suggesting that it costs money for to us send all that security and airplane. >> bob: eric -- >> eric: i'm not saying i thought that. there are people who say, you know -- a lot of pressure being president. >> dana: i would rath bore to florida that colorado. i'm a warm weather person. that is why i worked every president day for the last 20 years. >> is it a real holiday? do we get off?
1:58 am
>> andrea: didn't president obama say 58 days ago he wouldn't rest until everybody had a goodbe jobe? >> pivoting the jobs. >> to a blue hawaiian. >> divot the jobs on the golf course. >> good one. >> andrea: mine is a control flum daily caller. very, very amusing. taylor writes a column and argues february 15 is perfect day to go out and find special someone. at the of or not. he claims that if you start dating so in fe, you have no pressure of valentine's day, you pressure of christmas. of ne new year's eve plans. guys the pressure is off. and gals, too. he said it doesn't hit until thanksgiving. if you start dating someone in the summer, -- only a guy could come up with a brilliant theory. >> bob: i am changing my one more thing. no one asked me to do this.
1:59 am
i want to explain something. when i made the reference to apartheid with the national rifle association, this is what i meant. they in south africa in apartheid, good people, law and order people had guns and kept them away from everybody else who didn't like apartheid. so the problem was that the people who were not the good guys in the view of those who were the good guys got hold of guns and then you had a big problem. the answer is there is, you cannot separate out good guys with guns with bad guys from guns. the good guys with guns end up in the bad guys with gun. er go apartheid. wayne, if you don't like that d. >> andrea: okay. wait, wait. >> dana: what does it have to do with america's second amendment and gup policy? >> bob: i was trying to explain what i was explaining. >> dana: i know. >> andrea: i don't know if you cleared anything up. >> handbe me a shove


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