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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 6, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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7:00 a.m. that was fun. could get use to this action. see you in the grove. we have always won the party. but now -- >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> you say [bleep] >> did you say that? >> yes, sir, did i. >> oh, you did say that? >> shepard: miami judge throws an 18-year-old woman in jail for 30 days for cursing at him in the courtroom. [bleep] >> tonight, we will analyze the epidemic of disrespect in america. >> shepard: these strikes are illegal, they are ethical and they are wise. >> bill: liberal americans torn over president obama using drones to kill terrorists. bob beckel will give us his opinion on that. also tonight, dennis miller on north korea threatening the u.s.a., kind of. and juliet huddy on a kid who may want to be president. >> this is your time. this is my time.
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it's our time. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the lack of respect epidemic in america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. 18-year-old pin nuclear weaponly soto arrested in miami on sunday for possession of narcotics. caught with 26 xanax bars. a fairly large amount of that drug. she has been charged with a felony. on tuesday, she appeared before judge jorge rodriguez for a bond hearing. apparently the judge did not like her flynn pant attitude in the courtroom. he raised her bond from 5,000 to $10,000. ms. soto then began acting out. [bleep] >> come back again. come back again.
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bring her back again. >> what's up? >> i believe i heard you. >> yes, i did. i'm not going to deny it. >> did you say [bleep] me? >> actually, i did. >> did you say that? >> yes, sir, did i. >> oh, did you say that? >> i find new direct criminal contempt. 30 days in the county jail. >> okay. that's fine. that's fine. >> 30 days in the county jail. >> bill: now, she has no criminal record but is in big trouble. 30 day no, sir day at the beach. she will have to serve it it's clear the judge is fed up not only with ms. soto but with the entire atmosphere that we have in this country. many americans are simply disrespectful they feel they can do whatever they want to do and ms. soto is a good example of that the reason there is an epidemic of disrespect in america is mainly because of the public school system. here in new york city, the nation's largest public school operation, educators have softened the discipline code. so now students can curse at their teachers and simply get
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a reprimand. no suspension, just a little scolding. new york city education spokeswoman margie feinberg said new rules will keep the kids who commit low level infractions in class where they can learn from their mistakes. yeah. sure. as a former teacher, i know if the system allows students to curse out teachers in front of all students, all discipline breaks down. by the way, that's one of the reasons i said -- send my kids to catholic school in new york state. disrespect is everywhere. on the net, troubled people say the most horrendous things hiding behind their machines. on television reality program off the chart irresponsible. shows like jersey shore and this idiot thing in west virginia debase our culture all day long. the miami judge may have overreacted a bit, but he should be applauded. america has got to get back to basics. if we don't respect each other, we are headed for big trouble. i believe we are headed for big trouble. that's the memo. now for top story reaction,
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kate observer shane. kirsten powers democrat and fox news analyst. if you were judge powers. judge powers and this woman comes in front of you with this attitude with the hair and what would you have given her? >> well, i consulted judge napolitano on this because it did strike me that this probably wasn't legal what the judge did. can i understand the impulse to want to react with this way he said it will be reversed because it it violated the cannons of judicial ethics. you cannot bail -- you can't raise someone's bail because they offended you. the bail is meant to make sure someone. >> bill: he didn't waive the bail. he just raised it. >> raised the bail. he can't punish her through raising the bail. the judge can go through all the different things that he did in terms of the violating his role as a judge. is he not the king. he is the judge. you have to follow certain things. >> bill: by the time it is heard 30 days will be up. >> you don't go to jail for 30
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days for being obnoxious and disrespectful. i believe we have a problem with disrespectful. i don't blame school system i blame the parents. >> bill: what would you have done to this woman if she said f you judge powers? what would you have done? >> nothing. >> that's the problem. >> what's your legal -- you know, what are your options? you can't throw her in jail. >> bill: hold her in contempt. >> that's not contempt though. but that's not contempt. i mean, that's not -- being rude is not contempt of court. >> bill: that's your opinion and the judge has another problem. >> that's a legal fact. >> bill: no, no, no. that's your opinion and judge napolitano's opinion. but here is the fact, powers. try to wrap your head around it. she is in jail. she is sitting there behind bars. that's where she is. and i believe she will stay there for 30 days. all right. so you are not -- you would have done nothing. and what would you have done, kate? >> i think that this is probably the best thing that's ever happened to this young woman. what the judge did, she obviously has had zero
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experience dealing with real consequences. any idea of what it is to show respect. the judge was perfectly within his rights to hold her in contempt. judges are always holding criminals or those who are appearing in front of them in contempt if they violate the rules of order within a courtroom. they are within their purview to do that the problem is she and our young people have zero respect. and two often we shrug our shoulders and our educators say there is nothing i can do. i don't want to be too hard on them. >> bill: they are worse than that in new york city, you know what? go ahead and curse the teacher. we're not going to take you out of the classroom. you are not going out of the classroom. >> that's a totally different situation. >> bill: that's insane. >> that's a totally different situation. it all ties into the same lack of respect epidemic. >> no, but the point is the teachers can -- i don't agree with what the new york city schools are doing. you never should tolerate a student speaking to a teacher that way. but they have control over their school.
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that's the difference. the question is whether the judge has the right to throw someone in jail tore. >> bill: stop, ladies, stop. powers, get out of theory land, all right? get out of theory land. just go like this for a minute. take a deep breath. >> it's not theory land. >> bill: here is what they did in new york city. >> the woman is in jail she should not be in jail. that's wrong. >> bill: okay. they did it though and that's why the epidemic is taking place. because these pinheads who run the city public school system said, you know what? we will let the kids curse out the teachers in front of the other kids. we are not going to do anything. we are not even going to take them out of the class. they can sit there and learn their lesson. that's insane. >> it is insane. >> bill: corrosive thing that not only breaks down discipline in the schools and i wonder why they have got a problem with test scores? they wonder why they have got a problem? that's why you have got problems. but, it's a contagion that spreads all over the place. and ms. soto, powers, thinks she can take as much xanax as
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she wants. pop right into the courtroom. flip the judge off and say f you and get away with it and if you were the judge, powers,. >> 30 days in jail. get 30 days in jail for that. >> i would have given her two weeks of community service. >> exactly. >> that's exactly what i would have done. but you don't throw them in jail. >> bill: said you wouldn't have done anything. >> raise the bail. >> he did exactly the right thing. because he took her seriously. he took her complete laughing in the face of our rule of law, of respect, of civility and he said no, there are consequences in my courtroom. and there are consequences in our society. that's what our public school system needs to start remembering because, let's also remember there are 30 other kids sitting in those classrooms. not learning while this -- all -- >> the one tyke that said f you to the teacher. he needs to learn his lesson or she. >> right. >> bill: he will sit there and
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smirk at the other students and pinheads in new york city will go you know what? we don't want to make his self-esteem any lower. we will put more money. in here is the solution on the liberal side. let's put more money into the school district so they can curse out even more teachers. all right? this is what the whole thing is. the crux of the thing. all right. we're going to have 20 seconds for powers. 20 seconds for you, kate, summon it up. powers? >> it's not the fault of liberals. it's not the fault of the teachers. it's the fault of the parents who are overindulging their children and the parents who freak out when their kids get in trouble at school. you really think the teachers like to be cursed out? i mean, come on. what are you saying? >> bill: teachers don't even want to be there anymore because they won't -- the principals and the school board won't back them up so they're out of there. last word, kate. >> i agree with kirsten in that patients are coming in and defending their kids when they act up this way. it's the school system that sets the rules and says certain behavior is acceptable it cannot be or we will continue to see the cycle of
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disrespect and entitlement. >> bill: i can tell you right now this soto woman who is is now in the slammer for 30 days, you want to see her parents? do you want to make a bet on what her parents are like? okay, ladies. thanks. next on the run down, liberals are divided over killing terrorists with drones. what does bob beckel thing? he will be here. dennis miller on north korea threatening the u.s.a. kind of and we're coming right back. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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to ensure precision and avoid loss of innocent life. >> bill: here now to discuss his moral dilemma over the drone issue, the co-host of the five bob beckel. all right. so, first of all, would you make brennan the head of the cia? >> not with that policy, no. until that policy was changed, i would hold him up. >> bill: he is the architect of the policy. >> that's a good reason. >> bill: you won't vote for him. >> i wouldn't vote for him unless that policy changed. talking about going after american citizens who yes are associated with terrorist groups i understand that no evidence they are doing anything about an imminent threat to the united states. what is that all about? >> bill: the president says he has evidence and doesn't order it unless is he convinced by brennan and others that these are bad guys. >> bill: this policy said -- the united states government does not underscore does not have to have operational intelligence that this person was involved in or pending. >> bill: that's not what carney just said. >> i don't care what carney said. i read the memo. >> bill: carney is speaking
8:15 pm
for the president. >> speak for the president alleluia he wants. they want to say the memo is wrong, fine. give us another memo. >> bill: tell the audience your interpretation of the memo. >> the memo says that the federal government can use drones to attack people terrorist organizations including american citizens who are involved with that terrorist organization. however, this is the important point to underscore. however, do you not have to have operational intelligence that this person is involved in or planning attack on the united states. >> bill: an attack on the united states? >> yeah. or any u.s. property. >> bill: could be helping or something like that. >> maybe he is helping, maybe he is not. that's not the point. he is a u.s. citizen. >> bill: you don't like this program in any way shape or form. >> it's constitutionally corrupt. >> bill: constitutionally corrupt. all right. now, remember waterboarding? >> yeah. >> bill: you don't like that, did you. >> no. >> bill: you were really against that right? >> i thought it was terrible idea, yeah. >> bill: which is worse drone strikes or waterboarding. >> since waterboarding doesn't kill people directly you could say drones are worse they kill
8:16 pm
people. waterboarding is torture. >> bill: your opinion because you die with the drones and you don't die with the waterboarding drones are worse. now, remember the outcry about waterboardinging, everybody jumping up and down. nbc news, i thought they were going to melt down over there you have heard anything on nbc about the drones? >> not yet. no. >> my job is not to be here to -- nbc. if you want to pick on them, pick on them yourself. >> bill: you and me having a little discussion. >> you think they suck for not doing it i don't care one way or another. >> bill: don't put words in my mouth. >> continue our chat here. >> let's chat. bill neither has my staff. we haven't heard anything. but we heard a lot about waterboarding. but nothing about don't strikes. how do you process that? >> i have no interest in processing what nbc does. >> you are intellectual guy. intellectual curiosity? why would they go crazy on waterboarding and they don't care about. >> there are people. i have no idea. editorial. why am i supposed to know what
8:17 pm
nbc does. i have hard time figuring out what you do. >> that's just an opinion. my opinion is that he then proud, everybody should focus on. >> why are they. i don't know, i have no idea. do you have an idea? >> why? because they are protecting the president. >> they're protecting the president. >> that's why they're doing it? >> that's what you think and that's what it is. >> bill: i don't care. >> you don't care? >> bill: okay. now. do you care that some the democratic senators who are very outspoken against waterboarding they don't say anything about drones either. do you care about that? >> sure, i do. i think everybody should speak out about drones. >> bill: why aren't they speaking out? >> i don't know. >> bill: again, you don't know. >> here is the problem with you. you start down this line of questioning and i have got to defend everybody's not doing something. i don't have to defend them. if they are not doing it, my advice to them is they should do it. >> bill: but you don't know why they are not doing it. you are a political analyst. >> i don't know why they eat cheerio notice morning either. are you kidding me. >> bill: can i tell you why they eat cheerios they taste
8:18 pm
good. >> i can't stand the things. >> bill: intellectual curiosity doesn't bring to you analyze why these democratic senators, your party, don't say much about drones. >> my intellectual curiosity is to try to figure out why you are going down this line of questioning. leave that asirksd i will tell you. this i think that anybody who reads that memo and believes in the constitution of the united states cannot make the square out of that doesn't work. it just doesn't work. >> bill: you think the president of the united states is doing something unconstitutional? >> i believe. >> bill: and should be impeached. >> no. no, no. not at all. >> bill: you said unconstitutional. >> this went on before him. and it's probably going to go on after him, which is too bad. waterboarding -- impeach george bush for waterboarding. >> bill: you would have if you could have. >> no. i would impeach you. >> bill: some of your guys would have. >> they would have but that's not me. >> bill: what should happen to president obama if you are right and he is doing something unconstitutional, murdering people without the right to do it? >> i that i brennan's nomination should be held up
8:19 pm
until that sentence is removed from their policy. >> bill: all right. that's all? nothing else? no waterboarding the president or anything? >> no more waterboarding, i hope forever. never did any good. >> bill: bob beckel, everybody. intellectually curious about a lot of things. he is on the five. texas declares war on california. trying to poach businesses from the golden state. fascinating situation. then, dennis miller who is intellectually curious on putin using the r and b group boys to men to urge russians to have sex. we are not kidding about this. this is happening. miller upcoming. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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>> bill: with the economy shaky, some states are trying to poach business from other states. the most intense battle is between texas and california. >> building a business is tough. but i hear building a business
8:23 pm
in california is next to impossible. this is texas governor rick perry, and i have a message for california businesses. come check out texas. there are plenty of reasons texas has been named the best state for doing business for 8 years running. visit texas wide open for and see why our low taxes, sensible regulations, and fair legal system are just the thing to get your business moving. >> bill: that ad is running in most large california cities and of course is very controversial. joining us now from fort worth, texas. brook rollins. promotes free enterprise in that state from. san francisco, chief legal officer at virtual fan network and digital media company. joe, we begin with you. this is -- they are trying to poach business from your state, take them out and they have the stats to back it up, joe. >> well, i don't know about that i mean, california created more jobs last year than texas, oregon, and west virginia combined. but, i do want to thank the governor for spending his
8:24 pm
$24,000 here in california. my personal opinion it probably would have been better spent with the boys to men campaign. the reality is california is never going to compete with texas on oil production and natural gas production. the same way texas is not going to be able to compete with california, northern california with entrepreneurialism and culture for innovation. it's just not going to happen. it's in our d.n.a. >> texas is the second largest state of the union. no doubt that texas is trying to get people to move out of california. governor brown responded with some kind of not a vulgarism but, you know, nothing that was beneath him. i'm not going to repeat it. but there is bad blood ms. rawlins and how do you see the thing? >> well, here is the thing, bill. i have to say that when you compare the two states there, really is no reason why entrepreneurs would decide to stay in california. we have had more than a thousand people a day moving to texas over the last few years that's because
8:25 pm
california has 34% higher taxes. 33% bigger government. when you look at the cost of regulation, a small business owner is about $130,000 a year. texas is the country's job engine. it's been the case for many years now. and what's really interesting. >> bill: is it fair though for a governor of one state to go after business in another state because that will hurt california if people move out and jobs are lost. so, is that the right thing to do rather than just be a positiveessage and say, look, we have great state here. we hope everybody in the country takes a look at us rather than going into california and saying you know pinheads, you are idiots, we're smarting than you come over here. >> absolutely. here is why, bill. here is the bottom line. the founding of this country was based on the laboratories of democracy, which were the states. that was the brilliance of our founders. and they believed under the tenth amendment that if any-out federal government, for example, ever grew too big or got out of control that the
8:26 pm
states would stand up against that. so what have you is you have a state that focuses on limiting government, on cutting taxes, on providing incredible opportunity for everyone in texas. not just the republicans, not not -- entrepreneurs. not just the wealthy. >> bill: you frame it in a different way rather than rating. joe, look, as i said on paper, there is no contest. there really isn't. texas doesn't have a state tax. they have no corporate tax. the taxes in your state are the highest in the union. now, the weather in california is fabulous. you have got the pacific ocean there. i mean, you have a lot -- >> -- it's not just the weather. >> bill: that's why people want to live there shouldn't california be trying to -- the stats are there is a lot of people in businesses moving out of california. california is not a growth place anymore. >> well, actually california has some of the best universities. we have well capitalized companies here. all of our venture money is here. seed funding is being deployed
8:27 pm
locally. enabling companies, the creation of companies to decrease. the -- we're creating industries that never existed before here in california. and those -- we have small and large -- small, median size companies becoming institutional grade. and technologies and touching every vertical. the fact of the matter is in 20011, last stats, 254 california companies moved out of the state. that was 26% more than 10. you guys got some economic problems there in business. you are raising your taxes even further. jerry brown is going to come to your house, joe and is going to take your furniture. he is going to come right in and take your furniture. you know that. you are a rich guy. >> let me give it to you from a small businessman's. small fan network. if we do business with yahoo we go down a building. if we want to do oracle with gee up a level. we have a regional advantage. a lady by the name of anna lee who wrote a book about the failures of new england and
8:28 pm
trying to do exactly what texas is doing. it's called regional advantage. it's a good read for all politicians. i suggest texas read it it. >> bill: governor pfeffery if he wants to do it that's fain as you pointed out, joe. evidence spent some money in your state into the radio passionate. >> we appreciate it. >> >> bill: plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. karl rove vs. the tea party. right wing radio folks lashing rove. how is that playing on capitol hill? we will tell you. also tonight, dennis miller on putin urging russians to have sex and touting the boys to men help them out. we're not fooling around so to speak. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate's double the d. it now has more than any other brand to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world. stacy: stay smart around the boat ramp. make sure you've got your partner behind to watch. kevin: there it is! (crunch!) ♪music
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>> bill: washington beat segment tonight. lots to talk about including whether liberal politicians will attempt to block john brennan's cia correct. joining us from washington carl cameron and james rosen. this is all about drones as why said with beckel. what do you think is going to happen with brennan. >> some of the president's natural biological allies on capitol hill, bill. and i mean liberal democrats like dick durbin who is the number two democrat in the senate. people like pat leahy the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. these are people who are really on the left have written to the president basically telling him if you don't share with us some of the legal memos drafted buy the department of justice to validate the drone killing of american citizens overseas, we're going to make life more difficult for john brennan who is testifying tomorrow as you mentioned and nor chuck hagel the nominee for defense
8:33 pm
secretary than life already is up here for them. so far no response from the white house to that demand. >> bill: all right, so this is basically -- they are not saying they are going to oppose brennan and i don't believe they will. i believe when crunch time comes hagel will get in and so will brennan. do you believe that? >> do i believe that. >> bill: okay. so it's a lot of posturing for their liberal base. we want to know and all of that. but when it comes down to it, they are not going to group against the president. rosen, last word on it, go. >> as jeffrey rosen, no relation to writes about legal matters and the supreme court for the "new york times" magazine new republic said the lawyers for george w. bush when he was president were pillarried for less than this. >> you saw woo get it alberto gonzalez get it but not here. karl rove going to be on the broadcast tomorrow night. he wants to set up some kind of organization to urge republicans to be a little bit more moderate.
8:34 pm
that has teed okay some tea party and right wing radio people. has that filtered in to the political system in washington? are they listening to that debate or is it just a media thing? >> it's definitely a lot of the media thing. also a little bit different. what mr. rove and his group would say it's not about finding more moderate candidates but about finding candidates that can win elections. the g.o.p. lost last year and they're regrouping. this isn't all that new for either party. exactly what democrats have gone through when they have been defeated and republicans have held the white house. the rnc and outside groups like roves crossroads g.p.s. what they want to do is recruit candidates not only win conservative primaries but also win a general election as well. >> everybody wants to do that there has got to be some kind of change in the republican party, i think. >> crossroads, sure, crossroads has said what it is going to do to protect incumbents from primary challengers who might falter against democrats in the general election. >> bill: that's what happened. there were tea party people who won and then they got hammered in the election and
8:35 pm
rove wants to spout off. i got rove here tomorrow we will put it to him. >> you have got to remember here, bill. this is not new for this election cycle. the republican and democratic committees have had wings of their parties responsible for protecting incumbents and getting majorities in the house and senate for decades. this is what happens in the wake of an election. winner does what they do and so do losers. >> dr. mel is the florida doctor home by the fbi. tied into menendez. who i think is in pretty big trouble, the senator from new jersey. there is melgean. now his resume, rosen, turns out to be bogus or what? >> yeah, dr. salmon melgen had his officed raided last week with allegations of medicare fraud. now a conservative web site. the washington free beacon reports that dr. melgen's resume at least as it appears online has some falsities associated with it it including, for example, his assertions therein that he graduated from the harvard middle
8:36 pm
medical school as the chief retinal studies. harvard can find no record of anyone melgen and ditto for yale. i got called and got no response for the lawyer for dr. melgen. he has not been accused of any crimes. and neither has senator menendez. >> bill: right, but this is starting to bubble here. all right. now, cammeron, we have got a minute to go. state of the union address next tuesday. we'll be on live before it. you got any inside baseball what he is going to say? >> sure. folks who might have thought his inaugural is partisan is probably going to find this more so. usual laundry list of symbolic goals and there is going to be some gusts and among them will be victims of gun violence in the audience to help the president push for gun control measures. democrats also want the president to push hard for immigration reform. republicans just announced today that florida senator marco rubio will be the republican response to all of this and he has recently
8:37 pm
signed on and help draft bipartisan immigration reform in the senate. lots of attention to him as well as the rebuttal person because he is looking at the 2016 race. the flash point the real one is going to be about the budget and automatic budget cuts facing the military. republicans today just came up with their alternative. they are real worried the president is going to let things go worse. >> bill o'reilly can i say one thing? >> yeah. >> i think you would strike a real blow against the culture the epidemic of disrespect if you started addressing karl and me by our first names. >> >> bill: i will consider that. >> no you won't. >> yes, you will. >> bill: i don't want to be disrespectful. cammeron, rosen, thank you. when we come right back, it will be miller time, the d man upset about putin. north korea threatening the u.s.a. and the iranian space monkey. miller is next. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, the north korean government's propaganda arm recently posted this on youtube. ♪ ♪ we are the world
8:42 pm
>> bill: i think that's new york city blowing up there. joining us from santa barbara with reaction, dennis miller. and you say? >> billy, before we get started, you want to know a quick difference between texas and california? >> bill: absolutely. >> jerry brown is the smartest stupid guy in the world and rick perry is the stupidest smart guy in the world. there you go. >> bill: two governors. there you go. all right, now,. >> let me bow down for politicians. hey, billy, i'm surprised that the korean sing karaoke in korean or do they use american? if they do take over new york. i would tell the vendors there that all they have to do on the hot dog carts cross out hot and sell dogs that's what they're eating over there anyway. these people just got we are the world this week for god's sake? what's with that language? what's with that print? it looks like the equation on the chalkboard in goodwill
8:43 pm
hunting. listen, if there weren't so many -- hang on, billy, sorry, it's drone season out here. [ laughter ] >> bill: i don't even know -- i should know. i should have gotten the translation. >> why don't we send some of these domestic drones over there and smoke that belister the next time he is doing a gangnam style video. >> bill: we need to get rid of them. what the korean on the screen said was we are giving you topics for dennis miller. i think that's what it says. >> i appreciate korea setting me up. wait a second, bill. >> bill: this is drones? is that what is going on there? >> so many domestic drones. let's send some over there and start smoking the bad guys instead of hovering them over the countryside in the middle of america. >> bill: now, miller, are you a big boys to men fan? stocked up on the boys to men? >> they have been around it's boys to elderly men at this
8:44 pm
point. okay? >> bill: okay. but be that as it may putin just got on to them. and putin wants the russians to have more kids. so he is directing the russians to boys to men. roll the tape. ♪ make love to you ♪ like you want me to ♪ and i will hold you tight ♪ baby all through the night ♪ i'll make love to you ♪ when you want me to ♪ and i will -- >> bill: there is no truth to the rumor that putin is going to force all russians to dress like boys to men. that's not going to happen. but he does want them to listen there. and you say? >> boys to men dresses like glenn beck. for god's sake. why do they need these guys? doesn't he realize that just him being shirtless is enough to make everybody in the country horny. they want to get the sex rate up over there, they ought to hatch a system where you don't have to wait in line for six
8:45 pm
hours to get a bag to put over somebody's head. all right? putin is crazy. the guy before him in north korea is crazy. what are we reaching out to these morons for for god's sake? everybody is talking about inclusion. one big world these people are freaking crazy. >> bill: let's go to iran where boys to men would be immediately executed. >> bill: let's get off the crazy people and go over there. >> bill: more sane people. the iranian monkey. now there are charges that the monkey may be fraudulent. miller. that this morningy might not have gone into space. >> look at the monkey. look at the look on his face. he is thinking i can't believe these morons are in charge of me. hey, you want to do me a favor? put me in a rocket and shoot me into space because i'm in hell right here. this place is a living hell. send me up into space. i don't know if it's the same monkey. who knows?
8:46 pm
some people say i think i was reading your book, billy. killing ahmadinejad when lee harvey chimp came back from moscow he was two inches shorter than when he went over there if i am not mistaken. who cares about these crazy people? these are the people reaching out to. build a fence, change the locks. we have got to stay away from everybody. we have got big problems in this country. we're more in the red than that -- billy, this country is more in the red than that kid's face who made out with bar ralphly in the super bowl ad. we are worried about becoming friends with these three idiots. for god's sakes. >> bill: i just want to make two observations you are saying that the monkey would be anywhere rather than iran he doesn't care. >> you can see it in the monkey's face he is saying how in the hell did i end up in this rat hole? please. >> bill: the second thing is that your theory is they aren't procreating in russia because of the topless pictures of putin, that's put
8:47 pm
everybody off? >> yeah. all you need is to see a little bit of putin's orioles you never want to bunk again. handling chimps with they are handling the monkey the chimp asked them to do that. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. i don't know how much of that we will use but we will try. d man and i will see new los angeles at the nokia theater march 1st, also in d.c. april 26th. west bury long island. we have two new bolder fresher dates. denver colorado at the buel theater friday january 31st. kansas city the next day saturday june 22nd. tickets go on sale tomorrow. check it all out on bill o' did you see he that on deck. kid who wants to be president and did florida offend working women? juliet huddy moments away. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
8:48 pm
this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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8:51 pm
the new florida recruit many logo which shows a man's necktie in the word florida. >> i thought immediately that it sets back all the work that we have done. it's not like they have to make it pink or girlie, but maybe put a briefcase or something. >> bill: i was very offended and here now to weigh in juliet huddy. >> no, you weren't. >> bill: i was shocked. >> oh, please. >> bill: that florida would do that. put a tie in the eye? >> because they are sexist. those floridians. >> bill: you know, if i were a woman in florida, i would quit my job and move to texas or something. >> i don't really understand this. this is created -- i don't understand the outcry over this. this was created by a group
8:52 pm
called enterprise florida. business leaders in florida and state leaders, who are just trying to get. >> bill: you are a working woman. have you worked your whole life, right? >> pretty much, yeah. all 25 years. >> bill: you want -- and then you want. you are not offended by this florida thing. >> no. >> bill: showing the necktie, the symbol of male dominance. >> i have seen women wear neckties. it's actually very cute. i know you make funnel of me makeup and dark eye lashes. >> bill: would you wear a necktie next week for us? >> yes, i would. >> bill: we will look forward to that. >> huddy not as offend tsd as i was. >> bill: i was shocked. >> he is joking. >> bill: little kid, is he on the internet, and 9 million people have seen him do, this go. >> i think we all need a pep talk. like that dude says. don't stop believing. get a better dream.
8:53 pm
i that's how it goes. get a better dream and keep going. keep going, keep going and keep going. michael jordan he didn't quit but he retired. he retired. but before that, in high school, what if he quit when he didn't make the team? he would never make space jam and i love space jam. >> bill: so the kid is a miniature flip wilson or something, right? [ laughter ] >> bill: doing a bit. >> he is so cute. his name is robby. he is from henderson, tennessee. sort of doing these videos a while ago where he pretended like he was the president. basically trying to be like a little mini president. but he got picked up by youtube politics. youtube politics then ended up, this web site picked that up this has become this thing that has exploded. >> bill: soul pancake is that a web site. >> web site. ray wilson the actor, the goofy guy that's on the office? no. >> of course you wouldn't.
8:54 pm
it's a cool show. >> bill: looks like the guy that lives next door to me that mows his lawn at 7:30. >> i will take care of that guy. rainn wilson come up with this web site and this kid's video is on it. >> bill: 9 million people. >> i feel like you are wrapping me already. >> bill: i am. we have to go to serious things, huddy. you are a, woulding woman and i am proud of you. [ laughter ] >> bill: can't wait to seener a tie next week. we would like to you vote in a very interesting bill o' poll. it's about that super bowl taco bell commercial. if you didn't see it, we posted the commercial on bill o' then we want to know is the spot demeaning to senior citizens or is it perfectly fine? please check that out. very interesting poll. factor tip of the day. a way that you can help some children, the tip 60 seconds away. my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up
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how you can help some kids in a moment. first valentine's day coming up fast and the gifts they get. no spin husband, no spin wife and for your literate lover my best selling books and if you buy them on the website, copies of the declaration of independence and constitution. and from michigan, all the president cares about, your next book should be killing the republicans. and he has doubled the border patrol agents. and hope the kool-aid tastes good for you. president obama does not want to submit to patrolling the border. some republicans want border security goals in writing and so far mr. obama has not embraced them.
8:57 pm
needs to wise up before it's too late. alma, michigan, the state of menendez, instead reality against right wing website, here you are with the right wing talking points and first from the guy in minneapolis and then from you. senator menendez denied wrongdoing on more than one occasion. brian page from iowa, bill, do you think that senator menendez will be thoroughly investigated? i do, brian, the fbi is not compromised and would not have raided the homes of the doctor friends if the situation wasn't serious. and from taiwan, your discussion about marijuana with john stossel, why not use the name dexter or william? dexter isn't he a serial killer. look, if you want to hear only anglo saxon names watch do "downton abbey." that was the first name that popped into my mind which is
8:58 pm
overburdened. if you want to be offended, that's up to you, troy, michigan, tell me what it means when dennis miller twirls his finger at the beginning of the segment. that's what johnnie carson used to do when introducing carnak. an homage. all of our living presidents do a lot of charity work and we respect that very much. on friday, february 15th i'll be appearing at the celebration of reading event in bonita springs, florida. the barbara bush foundation of literacy is sponsoring the program. a lot of fun and like to see you there, if you can't make it it, help them out with a donation, helping children to read better should be a top priority for all americans. details on this charitable day in bonita springs available on
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