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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 29, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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factor. i am bill o'reilly. the spin does stop here because we are looking out for you. >> sean: tonight we begin with the president's much anticipated speech on immigration reform. if you were expecting some comprehensive plan, you did not get one. instead you got a campaign stump speech completed with generalities and grandstanding that is the president's trademark. in the end he dealt a threat to the congress meaning republicans to pass comprehensive immigration reform. or he is going to take matters in his own hands. >> if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist they vote on it right away. [ applause ] >> groundhog day all over again.
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pass the bill. don't debate it. don't focus on the merits of the bill. i'm hearing nancy pelosi in the days of obamacare telling you the american people with a straight face, you have to pass the bill to ultimately find out what is in the bill. now, is there any issue in this country that this president may think is worthy of debate? now there is two things you can take away from the plan. he seemed to resent the senate plan that was announced bragging how great he has been on immigration, two, he made short of radical spin on the plan and first time he made it clear he wants a path to citizenship and not just a path to legal status for the 11 million plus illegal immigrants in this country. obama wants am inmates at this. it seems that marco rubio had a similar reaction to the so-called plan. he issued the following statement. he said i'm concerned by the president's unwillingness to accept significant enforcement triggers before current
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undocumented immigrants can apply to a green card. without such in place, enforcement systems will never be implemented and will be back in just a few years dealing with mill yows of new undocumented people in the country. finally the speech left the impression he believes reforming immigration quick sli more important than reforming immigration rights. if we want to talk about immigration reform, we first need to secure the border or one day god forbid, a terrorist is going cross that border and wreak havoc on american soil. we need to stop the drugs and human trafficking all taking place along that border. i've seen this all firsthand. i have covered the border extensively. i have been out with agents, in their boats, all terrain vehicles, out on horseback. i've been there when people have been arrested. i personally seen a tunnel that was dug from mexico right into san diego. i've also been into a drug
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warehouse confiscated drugs headed to your kids. i've interviewed police that have impacts directly what has happened in their town. what assurances do we have that we are going to secure the border? we don't. this is president that is a president that has refused to enforce the current laws. so, tonight i repeat my admonition to republicans that i mentioned last night. proceed with caution. read the fine print. unless obama, durbin and schumer are willing to control the border first and we can verify that the border is in fact fully secured, there is no point in proceeding, otherwise we're going to be debating this issue in perpetuity or the consequences will cost american lives. here is reaction, fox contributor, karl rove. welcome back. thank you.
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>> sean: you got the senate came out and president came out today. did you get the sense he seemed to resent he was upstaged yesterday and bragging the success that he has had at the border? >> but the gang of eight did change the president's tone. i do want to say two things positive about the president. one was that the reports were that he was going to come out and go on the attack. that he was going to have a very negative tone. obviously what happened yesterday caused him to change the tone. he was complimentary of the gang of eight. he could have done a lot of damage by resolving this issue had he treated his political ammunition for partisan attack. the second thing was, i was interested -- he followed up on what the gang of eight said and implied that people who are here illegally, once they surface will not be eligible for obamacare and the suggestion was perhaps other social services.
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this is an important thing that the gang of eight agreed on, if you are here illegally and you surface and get the card that allows you to remain here in and work you are not eligible for a wide ranges of services. that is where it ended. i pick out at least four things i think that the president made a mistake on today. you touched on two of them earlier. one is security first. there is a big issue yesterday this is big agreement between republicans and democrats that the starting point there has to be verifiable measures to say we have operational control of the border first before these other things begin. an important point and the president didn't go out of the way to acknowledge that or to sound a note of agreement. if he doesn't i don't think we have a chance of getting comprehensive reform done.
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>> sean: senator rubio said without that verifiable success on the border, it's a non-starter. it has to be. this goes in perpetuity, it never stops? >> second issue that the president did not talk about a guest worker program. you to have a guest worker program in place, not necessarily operating but you have to have a sense there will be a guest worker program in order to reduce the pressure on the border and to get security. we have so many people today who are paying money to human smugglers to get them across the border so they can pick onions or working at a chicken plant, if we are going to have a guest worker program, you don't have to do that kind of things. they would say, in a year or two or three, i have a shot of getting a job and not only that, but its job that will allow me to do it legally and to come
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back and cross the border so i can come home for holidays and when high sister gets married. it would reduce the pressure on the border. if we do that, that will help us get the border more secure. the president said nothing about the guest worker program. you remember he voted for the labor unions to get the guest worker program to kill immigration reform back in 2007. >> sean: i'm a trust and verify guy. the history of assumer and barack obama and durbin is always politics. president didn't fully embrace what the bipartisan group of senators said. why am i suspicious? every time he has an opportunity to exploit it, he does so politically. do you this agree with me, that republicans need to proceed with caution? >> absolutely. there are so many complicated parts to this. even if you had trust with all the partners, you would want to pay a lot of attention to
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detail. look, the president -- you touched on it earlier. there was an unnecessary threat out of the blue. i was reading the text to the speech, he was outlining what he was sort of proposing which was somewhat in agreement and out of the blue he says if you are unable to move in a timely fashion, i'm going to set up a bill on my proposal and insist that you vote it on. that is typical stuff we see from the white house that is completely unconstructive and undermines trust in the white house. >> sean: two reasons i would like to see a bill happen here. number one, nobody seems to be talking about it, i'm afraid if somebody can come over at will because they wanted a job, so too can a terrorist that has a surface to air missile that wants to take out airliners, that could happen. second reason, i'm sick of this issue being demagogue by democrats. the latino community, it seems
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the democrats don't want to give that up. they want open borders. i would like to see the issue go away. there is no pointed if we don't control the border. >> right. marco rubio made an important point. we think of illegal i am grajts the latinos coming from central america, latin america, when in reality 40% of the people that are here illegally came here on a visa. maybe from hong kong, nigeria, new england or poland. they came here and overstayed. we have a bigger problem with those kinds of people representing threats than we have somebody coming up here trying to pick onions. rubio was absolutely right we need tough reforms so we can track people. we have an issue with family
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reunification. today the president indicated that he wanted to speed up family reunification, that sounds great but remember the family as we define it is not just songs and daughters, mothers and fathers, it's cousins and nieces and uncles and distant relatives. as part of immigration reform we need to control that otherwise we're going to have a continuing problem of lots of people coming here without skills to succeed in the modern society. >> sean: karl rove. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: a heated debated over the question of amnesty is the president's ultimate goal. then, later. .... >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget which, by the way, not out of control despite what you hear on fox news. >> sean: yet another democrat is taking her cues from eight niontd one and going after fox news. is this network really to blame
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>>. we have to deem with the 11 million individuals that are here illegally. we all agree that these men and women have to earn their way to citizenship. but for comprehensive immigration reform to work, it must be clear from the outset that there is a pathway to citizenship. >> sean: that was president obama laying out one of his points when it comes to immigration reform and nearly 11 million undocumented people living in the country. it comes after senators unveiled their own proposal. that prompted one lawmaker, texas congressman lamar smith, when you legalize those tha it costs millions of dollars and costs american workers thousands of jobs and encourages more i am
9:15 pm
illegal games. and compounds the problem... is he right? joining me is jay secolo and francisco hernandez. welcome you both back. >> sean: jay, is this amnesty or do you agree or do you like the rubio plan? >> i like the rubio plan, but the president is calling for amnesty. what senator rubio has proposed is similar to what president bush put forward in 2007 when senator barack obama voted against it. he voted against hit because of the labor unions. labor unions didn't like the legislation. you said it correct. proceed, negotiate, negotiate with caution, but there is another phrase we have to be careful about and this is pathway to citizenship. if we don't already have pathways to citizenship, we do. we have a pathway to citizenship
9:16 pm
now. the problem is the entire system is broken. my grandfather came and got citizenship through the pathway. that pathway was through ellis island and took 14 years to be a naturalized citizen. what senator rubio has put on the table is great start. president obama's plan is not senator's rubio's plan. >> sean: senator rubio, he has been clear about this, we don't control the border. we're going back here five or ten years. he says that is deal breaker for him. right now president obama doesn't enforce the laws now. to force arizona to come up with their own law that mirrored the federal law. are you with senator rubio -- if they don't control the border first and we don't solve the problem completely is that correct a deal killer for you? >> for me? >> sean: yes. >> yes, whether its deal killer
9:17 pm
or not. it doesn't matter or not. we have to talk about the 11 million people that are here. you had me on your show about six and a half years ago. we seemed to be polar opposites. now, we realize we have plenty of common ground. we have been trying to enforce the border laws and --. >> sean: i asked you a specific question. wait a minute. if we don't secure the border, by the way, i have been consistent on this all the years i boechb television and radio -- if we don't secure the borders we'll be back here debating the same issues do you stand with me and say that is necessity. we've got to do that first before we deal with the 11 million people, is that fair? >> i think that is fair. i think you are going to have to address the concerns about border safety in order for the republican party to pass this bill. i agree with you on that. >> sean: welcome aboard. >> but you and i have never
9:18 pm
disagreed on that. >> sean: you seemed wishy-washy on the answer. >> let's talk about border security. i think it needs to be viewed as a pre-condition. not simultaneous granting of whatever work permits and i think karl rove who was on right on that. you have to be clear on what we are authorizing. you mentioned border security. it was the obama administration that sued arizona because they were trying to enforce border security. it's i.c.e. agents that have sued its its because they can't do their job. that is pre-condition to work through the status and it solves the problem. that is a fair compromise and good way to proceed. >> sounds like we have agreement here. we think border security has to have preconditions. >> i agree but finally these 11 million people is first step to
9:19 pm
border security, then we can separate the people that want to build the country to the people that want to harm this country. we need their fingerprints we know who they are. that is the first step. everybody agrees we need to do something about it. >> the immigration proposals, came through president bush and was defeated by senator barack obama. so that is number one. number two, i don't think the way phrasing it works. i think you have to guarantee border security and then i can have -- you can have it in place the status what will happen to the people here, but the question do we have real border security for the present size reason you said. it's not the person that is working in the field or working as carl was saying at the hotels. it is that terrorist. if we don't get the border secured, what prevents a
9:20 pm
terrorist act? we know they are in latin america and south america, we know this the terrorists are operating down there. secure the borders and work out the 11 million that are here. >> i think we can put the cynicism aside and that we have something to work together on and have common ground. >> sean: i don't trust the president. i don't trust schumer or durbin unless we verify and measure the border is secured. i don't want terrorists to cross into our country. >> we all agree on that. >> sean: let's secure the border then. it's that simple. >> let's work on what we have in common rather than what we have against each other. >> sean: then we can proceed. we can discuss all those things you want to discuss. guys, thank you. a senator is blaming washington's insane out of
9:21 pm
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>>. >> sean: welcome back too hannity. we have another delusional democrat on our hands. the president was blaming fox
9:25 pm
news and implying this network along with rush limbaugh are the reasons that he has not been able to restore economy or create jobs or implement his radical agenda. we have video of another democrat. senator mary landrau suggesting that spending problem in washington is creation of fox news, really? >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budgeted which, by the way, is not out of control despite what you hear on fox news. it's mandatory spending that is rising rapidly because the greatest generation that gave us the greatest nation in the world is dying and they need hospice care and they need social security. if they want to cut them go right ahead. i'm going to be more gentle. >> sean: republicans hate the elderly?
9:26 pm
they have attacked this network within days and it's outrageous pa in the thet i can that fox news wants to deny social security from anybody. so it's scare tactics because the language of the left the radicalism is backs. joining me is reaction they are also back. dana perina and stuart varney. he is my take on this. >> every time obama wants something passed. every time he wants to fight, let's see be it the stimulus, obamacare or an election, he attacks fox news. she brewing for a fight. what is it? >> he likes to have an opponent. i understood what she was saying. fox doesn't talk about the discretionary budget as much as it talks about the need for entitlement reform.
9:27 pm
she is on the appropriations committee. if she wants discretionary budget to be able to grow she would be for entitlement reform so we can preserve generations in the future and entitlement programs. >> sean: she is lying just like obama lied about the republicans? >> lying? >> sean: just about not caring for kids with autism and down's syndrome. >> what it reminded me of the granny over the cliff. demonize the opposition and walk away from a spirited debate. we need a debate not the did he monization of the opposition. she is flat out wrong. discretionary spending out of control. we spent trillion dollars in the year 2011 and set to grow by 80% over the next ten years. that is spending discretionary spending, healthcare, that is out of control.
9:28 pm
>> that is what i don't understand why they didn't want to move forward to get something done on entitlement reform on the non-discretionary side. >> sean: you seem offended. i am tired of republicans getting lied about as if they don't care about sick people or old people or anything else. it's one big propaganda campaign. >> they want you to get riled about it. let's see, there is 10.8% unemployment rate in the city that you gave a speech. can we talk about that? >> sean: i agree with that part. >> i'm tired of being toiled i'm a racist. i'm tired of being told i want to poison the water and air because i am a wicked conservative. i don't have to put up with it. i have to have a good counter argument and i agree that the senator and president obama are
9:29 pm
distracting from a serious debate about the issues have the country. i refuse to sit quiet and not get upset when i am called all these names. >> i used to get offended by this stuff all the time. if i let myself offended what democrats say about me as a conservative. i would rather be the cheerful person, i can think we can fix it. just ignore them. it sounds so ridiculous to complain about fox news. >> sean: i'm not worried about the criticism of fox news. that is evidence we get under their skin. >> yes. >> sean: what i am furious about it is beneath the dig analytical of the office of the president and senate. >> the senator said that on the floor of the united states
9:30 pm
senate. that is not right. >> i think that is more persuasive, wait, i'm not for old people eating cat food. it's better to say, old people to have more money in their pocket so they can make their own decisions. >> i have to tell you something. the reason why they keep believing it is because people believe the lie. >> here is the other reason. mary is popular senator from louisiana. most often presidents lose seats from their party in a midterm will election and secondly term as president obama did in his first term. i think they are looking at 2014 as the final moment for him to make a legacy. >>. >> sean: maybe you are right. i am in the old school. if somebody hits you and somebody is a bully the only way to stop the bully you have to hit him back. >> you can't allow yourself to be steam rollered. >> i don't think i am being
9:31 pm
steam rolled. >> to take no offense and no reaction to this. when you are called a racist. >> i said no reaction. i said i would argue it on the merits. >> i want to respond forcefully to what is being said. >> should you be aggressive or persuasive? congregation is not going to win elections. you have to be for something. >> wait a minute. it doesn't mean. i am for something. i want to drill. i want a balanced budgets. i want to live within our means. entitlement reform, control our borders i say that er night but i don't want to be racist a bigot and somebody that wants to kill my grandmother. >> when i am insulted i will call them out on it. >> his mom taught him to ignore bullies. he would ignore them and laugh and get them and say, that is funny. >> the problem is, their propaganda works.
9:32 pm
that is why they ice it. i got to love. i love you both. >> i don't know why you guys are picking on me. >> sean: coming up next, a true american war hero, a fighter pilot scott o'grady he was shot down over bosnia. he will be here in the studio and react forcefully to the president's plan to send f-16s to egypt. log on to hannity live and share your thoughts thoughts. go to our website. this is for real this time. we are on step seven point two one two. we have entered our two minute hold. cabin venting has been inhibited. copy that. sys two, verify and lock.
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9:37 pm
remember back in 1995, his f-16 was shot down over bosnia by a soviet anti-aircraft missile. he was ejected from the plane and he hid from the bosnia forces and ate bugs and leaves in order to survive. he was rescued by brave u.s. marines. it garners respect and place here at home. we need to listen to him more than ever. as the obama administration to give f-16s and tanks to the muslim brotherhood regime, he says we need to be very afraid. joining me to explain the man himself. welcome back. you are a great american. amazing story. i was just asking more questions about a six days, they were would b this close to you when you first got out of your parachute. they were that close to capturing you. >> when i was surviving behind
9:38 pm
enemy lines, paramilitary came within feet of me. >> sean: since then the history channel interviewed the guys that were searching for you and said they would have killed you? >> absolutely for propaganda reasons. >> sean: thank god you are here. how to do i begin to understand the rationale behind president obama giving these tanks and best jets to morsi, a terrorist group? >> the deal was made to have had knew knew who was an ally and it was friendly to the israelis and they didn't have to fear an attack on their southern border. things have changed now. we have gone from mubarak to not a freedom movement to a theocracy with the muslim brotherhood who is a sworn enemy of israel and 9 united states. we need to suspend the issue of giving him foreign aid as well
9:39 pm
as weapons. >> sean: they are claiming they made that deal. they made the deal back in 2010. president didn't have a problem reneging on the canadian pipeline, why couldn't do the do it here. giving weapons to radicals? >> i have talked to some individuals both israeli government and our government. the one respected institution in egypt is the egyptian military. the generals that were in charge of the egyptian military have been replaced to now have generals that are sympathetic to the muslim brotherhood. i would say we should suspend all aid to the egyptian military unless we see a regime change. >> sean: we're giving these jets free and tanks free and giving them $1.5 billion tax payer dollars. we have to understand it's
9:40 pm
not a theology, it's an ideology and historically it's been militant. any time you have an islamic theocracy, it is going to not be tolerant of western secularism and it's going to be oppressive. they are very open about declared aggressiveness of being an enemy to our way of life. so why do we want to aid our enemies? >> sean: we aided him in coming to power which was naive. you think the abrams tank portion of this deal is worst of it. you flew f-16s? >> it's a formidable weapon. air to ground, air to air fighting, no tactical fight they're has has all sorts of weapons to employ but i'm confident with the israeli force
9:41 pm
system to deal with the egyptian air force. what concerns me is delivering more abrams tanks and there is over 200 abrams tanks going to the egyptian that would steam roll through the desert and be a threat to israel's southern flank. i don't think we should allow that to happen. >> sean: remember israel was surrounded on all sides. they've got real problems. they are surrounded almost everywhere by enemies. now, the instability and the rise of radical islamists. morsi referred to the israelis as pigs and apes. >> they are very open about wanting to see israel wiped off the face of the planet as well as they are enemy to the united states. here is another thing we have to factor in that is very critical. short term, we've got to look at
9:42 pm
aroo ran. from from all accounts, they will have enough material to have a bomb this year. we have to have access to suez canal, we have to go through egypt. i am not exactly sure what is happening politically for us to be able to have that access ', but we have to have that canal open for our carrier groups if in case we have to take military action against iran in the next five months. >> sean: good to see you. why people in washington won't deal with this makes no sense. when we come back, superbowl commercials, one is being called racist and one is facing claims too hot for television. you will get a sneak peek. that is coming up next. later, the secret is out. cbs reporter steve croft has revealed how many he got so many interviews with the president. tonight in his honor, we're
9:43 pm
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>>. >> sean: biggest football game of the year has not been played yet but the commercials are creating controversy.
9:47 pm
this year it's accusations of sexism and racism that are already being leveled at two ads set to air during the game. so, the question always comes up have advertisers crossed the line pushing the boundaries in order to win the monday morning talk at the water cooler? joining me with reaction, diane and shannon. how are you? which one do you want to start with, racism or sexism. let's roll the tape. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:48 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right. that ad, you have a group that is coming after them. what do you think? >> i think it's a news fest. obviously sex sells. this is a fantasy. this isn't reality. kate upton is a beautiful supermodel. i think they have lost. no touchdown here, 51.. >> i think there is nothing wrong looking at a beautiful woman and using her for an ad. but i don't think they don't know what they are selling there. >> sean: it's all about kate upton. you get it's for mercedes-benz
9:49 pm
and washing the car, something about women washing cars that car makers that men want to see. >> men love cars and men love women. >> its good demo you are going after the college boy who can't afford a mercedes especially in this economy. i don't get it here. >> you think they are cutting it off. >> sean: are you saying the old men won't like kate upton. >> but i think they are targeting a group there. >> i agree. it's a lack of behavior. those guys are staring at her and really young, kind of guys that are watching superbowl and i think they should treat women better. can i just ask, would you be opposed a hot guy without a shirt. >> sean: i would be less interested. >> less interested to you but to me, hey! >> it's not sexist and it's
9:50 pm
equal opportunity. >> sean: let's go to volkswagen. they are being accused of being racist. >> no worry is mine. everything will be all right. [ laughter ] >> yeah, mon. >> speaking about this. yeah. >> julia, turn the other way around. >> hey, you are from minnesota, right? >> yes.... >> so in conclusion, things are pretty dismal. >> you know what this room needs is a smile. >> traveling along with a song that we're singing ♪ ♪ come on letd get happy >> sir?
9:51 pm
>> it makes you happy. >> sean: well. racist? >> absolutely not. i think tourism is a huge industry in jamaica. and see joyfulness and vacation. >> sean: why are you shaking your head? >> i think it's dumb. it takes 40 seconds to know you are selling a car. >> sean: is that whole point. they go through this extra creative process for the superbowl. >> worth $10 million. that was not $10 million. >> sean: everybody is talking about it and think the free advertising. people made the allegation. do you think using the accent was insulting. servicing racist in the world of liberals these days and political correctness. >> any time you stereotype a race. >> any time you do an accent
9:52 pm
apply it to an island people will get up. just as we talk about sexism. >> sean: so, hi, y'all, good see. >> you i'm snooki and i'm from new jersey. >> sean: but you don't talk like jersey. >> this could be my tv voice. >> sean: get a cup of coffee. cool. coming up, a cbs reporter reveals how many he has been able to score so many interviews with president obama. >> i think he knows we're not going to go out of our way to make him look bad and let him answer the questions. >> sean: and witness steve croft and we look at the parade of many interviews and low lighted real is coming up next.
9:53 pm
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we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ >>. >> sean: tonight to close the show we have a public service announcement for all of you aspiring journalists who are
9:57 pm
hoping to get the big score and get the big interview with president obama. but we have discovered what it takes to be bestowed that incredible honor. we listened to steve krostd. keep in mind he is somebody who has sat down with president obama nearly a dozen times since 2008 and most recent aired sunday when he was also joined by the outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton. athlete started and shared laughs and they did it often during the whole interview. during the aftermath of that experience. croft was asked a question. how does he keep get go access to the president. don't ask obama any, none, no tough questions. >> i think it's a question of fairness. we have not -- i think he knows we're to the going to play gotcha with him and not going make him look stupid and let him
9:58 pm
answer the questions. >> sean: steve croft gives away his secrets. no gotcha questions is off-limits. let's take a look at some of the greatest hits. >> are you same person you were a year ago? i see you in the morning you look, i know you are getting three or four hours sleep. >> i have been working out every morning. >> played basketball? >> played basketball. >> played basketball on super tuesday. >> have you even tried bowling. >> my question, i have to defend my bowling honor here. >> why you? why do you think you would be -- >> get to that. >> have to wash the dishes and make your bed. are you free now on that front? >> do you have a special team for the dog or are you doing that? >> how many decisions do you have to make a day? >> can't count them.
9:59 pm
>> i sure did not. i thought we were going to get two swings. >> this is pretty cool. >> have you gotten lost here yet? >> i have, repeatedly. >> let's change the subject? >> jobs. >> we can talk about afghanistan right now. >> we thought the interview was over. our producer suggested one more question. >> the crashers, by now you must know. >> it's really a shame i had to go through a 60 minute interview to talk about the gated crashers. >> i don't know if you saw this cartoon. let's take a look at it. >> sean: only thing missing is a group hug. there used to be a time that anybody could worst hear i'm mike wallace from 60 minutes. i want an interview. i hope you are taking notes for aspiring journalists is that how you endear yourself to the white house. that is how you get the


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