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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 5, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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the news beginsthe news begins o b" sales of prescription pain skills have exploded not united states. the experts say the surge is fueling an addiction epidemic. plus like toys with burger and fries? a judge made a decision in the legal battle over "happy meals." and video of the new google glasses. kind of like strapping an iphone to your face. news from the future unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city another major blow to rick santorum's presidential campaign. a poll out today and romney leads the former pennsylvania senator. in pennsylvania. home state. he was born there, raise ready and went to school there and a
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pennsylvania congressman before winning the senate seat. but 42 percent of likely g.o.p. primary ters in pennsylvania pport romney while 37 percent support rick santorum. 17 percent jump for romney in a movement carl cameron is like with the news. it does not look good for rick santorum in pennsylvania. rick: when your home battle ground and stronghold looks this weak it is stuff. it is tough. a poll shows the number reversed and rick santorum holding on to a smaller lead over romney than in some time. when you look at the clear politics average it is tighter. 1.7 point lead for rick santorum. very tough. he lives in virginia now and represented pennsylvania for two senate and two house of representatives terms. this is not what he wanted at
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the 18--day period until pennsylvania primary. >>shepard: he says he is not dropping out. >>carl: today he took the day off the campaign trail and romney was in pennsylvania works the phones in harrisburg. romney was working the phones santorum took part in a private meeting and did phone work talking to conservatives. a dozen conservatives. mostly supporters but a few converts. and met today in virginia includinged very strong movement conservatives influential not g.o.p. and on right and they urged him to stay in and offered a series of scenarios and they said they may want to try to pressure newt gingrich to get out of the release and have him release delegates to santorum. newt gingrich has rejected that. he will not get out yet. they were talking of the possibility of the texas primary at the end of may rather than being proportionally allocated
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to make it winner take all but the governor of texas and the rnc says it will not happen. no possibilities have a lot of legs. >>shepard: and now the back-and-forth on president obama and sitting judges. early this week the president earthquaked -- irked federal judges on the decision on the health care law. >> i am confident the supreme court will to the take an unprecedented, extraordinary step, of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected congress. i'm confident this court will recognize that not take that step. >>shepard: that is not accurate. it is not unprecedented. the white house is softening its stance and carney said the
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president did not question the court's authority and he was presenting on previous decisions but the panel of federal judges requested a formal response from the white house. today, the justice department complied. and now shannon, these, what did the judges ask the justice department to do, exactly? >>reporter: federal judge smith asked the justice department lawyer for a letter, single spaced, for less than three pages referencing the president's remarks and whether or not unelected judges can strike down a law and they noted that the judges have the authority but added "the courts have difference whenever valuating appropriateness of the way congress has chosen to exercise powers including the commerce clause to member constitutional ends." and the remarks were consistent with the principles described
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and they should be deferential to laws passed by congress. i talked with a former clerk to the judge and he says the justice department submitted the only answer he could. >> there is no other answer. any different position would have been an earthquake for our constitutional structure. and this is absolutely the only answer there is, the only answer that he could have given. and he gave it. >>reporter: no real surprises but the justice department has met the deadline. >>shepard: shannon, judge napolitano is with us. what the president said, it is hard to imagine any president backing legislation and then notcying that he does and he hopes the supreme court doesn't overturn it. the unprecedented part was what was inaccurate. >>judge napolitano: and the inaccurate part and she a very intelligent guy. he went to harvard law school and taught at the university
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offed chicago so he was saying this for political consumption. what was inaccurate was it would be unprecedented for federal judges or justices to overturn unconstitutional legislation. what was inaccurate to suggest judges are unelected they cannot interfere with legislation if it is unconstitutional. but, just as inappropriate, three federal judges siting this houston not middle of an oral argument one of them says, you are from the government. do you agree with what your boss said? well, the boss is the president of the united states and he made a political statement, 2000 miles away, and he did not say it in the courtroom, it was not a document filed in the case. judges should stay out of politics. when they get involved in the political fray they lose their credibility. that is one side. the other side is, the president's statement was so brother fondly erroneous it struck a judicial nerve in
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people that should not have their nerves struck. >>shepard: i guess there is no way for us to decide or to make a defendive statement whether the president was trying to sway the court's ruling, but, it doesn't sound like that is the kind of thing supreme court justices are usually so malleable? >>judge napolitano: it is two files 2' high the volume of materials submitted. they are swayed by the arguments, oral argument. and swayed by their values and their understanding of the constitution and they are swayed by history. they do not make rulings for today or tomorrow. they make rulings they want to make sense for ten, 20, and 100 years from now. my sense is justice kennedy was not engaged in a game and he truly express wad he feels and he believes this legislation has exceeded the authority of
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constitution given to congress and by 5-4 vote the legislation will be invalidated. that doesn't make the president cannot make political hey -- hay but that means his signature will go down. happy easter, shep. >>shepard: coming up quick. and then there is this thing. the maryland lottery winner. are we all fools? she claims to have a winning ticket in the mega millions jackpot and walked away from the cameras. you saw her lawyer last hour the she brought her sweet swine pork rinds hat, our favorite part of the story and now an official is talking and we will get the details on that and a pilot says he was in mid-flight when a snake started crawling up his leg. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>>shepard: the three-ring circus is still in full swing over the mega millions ticket worth $100 million and the director of the lottery joined saying that nobody, not one single person has step forward with the winning numbers from friday's mega million drawing. not in maryland, despite bizarre rumors and fake tickets that are popping up online. >> we are seeing photo shop ticket on the internet, on facebook, twitter, and it is not surprising that is not something that has been brought fahd. >>shepard: and the single mother of seven from outside baltimore who previously said she bought the winning ticket and held a news conference yesterday with her lawyer and her sweet swine pork rind cap and her lawyer told the media to go home.
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she didn't say anything. and jonathan hunt is here and we don't have any clue about the winning ticket told at the 7/11 ticket. >>jonathan: officials have in idea where the winning ticket is can they know it was sold but there they are as excited as the rest of us to find out who the actual winner is. listen. >> we look forward to the day when the winner comes forward and we get an opportunity to meet temperature and listen to their story. >>jonathan: they said, interestingly, they have surveillance video from the store where the actual ticket was sold and the ticket, they know the precise time which it was sold, you would think they could identify the winner but they can't because the time stamped on the surveillance tape is not correct so the circus goes on. >>shepard: i saw this woman who claimed she won the lottery, the mcdonald's worker and the attorney was on with megyn last
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hour, and he says he hasn't seen the ticket and he doesn't know if there is a ticket but he said her original claim she hid the thing at the mcdonald's as we said yesterday, he doesn't think that is right. >>jonathan: he doesn't believe that part of the story that she hid it in the mcdonald's but he believes every other part of her story. he thinks. she was there yesterday. in the sweet swine pork rind hat, and the attorney was saying, again, that she is not after 15 minutes of fame. it is all our fault. we put her in that fame-seeking pot. >> anyone under maryland law has a right to be anonymous just because they take you out of that pot and puts you if their pot doesn't mean you have to boil. >>jonathan: i don't know if it is the pork rinds or boiling or what but we went locking for sweet swine pork rinds online
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and could not find anything and we locked today, and there is a sweet swine pork rinds website, now, and it appears to be a blog something to do with politics and animals. and that is as far as i want to go. >>shepard: new it will get at the hits. than then we have looked for anything that is sweet swine. >>shepard: if it is not on google it does not exist. >>jonathan: probably on bing. >>shepard: we will find out what this is about. >>jonathan: one would hope is. i have no idea. >>shepard: i need to know. it is becoming difficult to sleep. >>jonathan: but it is fund. >>shepard: and the former prosecutor faith jenkins is with us and legal analyst, arthur idol there. we are fools to listen to the story. >>arthur: he was good with megyn. he was slidey and would not
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admit but kind of admitted to that. there is more important things than many, there is family, and, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. and megyn said just they the ticket away. >>faith: he does not have to say anything, but, i think this woman doesn't have the ticket but she accident know how to get out of this, at this point, it spas spiral out-of-control, and, now, it is harder for her to come out and say, actually, it was all ... a lie. >>shepard: swinging out with the ticket. there is had thing on the lottery, if you are from middle america and you get $100 million you need to prepare for this new normal that is coming up, it would be wise to get a lawyer and get some protection and try to find anonymity.
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>>arthur: mustache. change your phone number. it doesn't make sense. and he said her official position is she does have the winning ticket. it is not at mcdonald's. but this is no, when are we going to cash it in? what are we waiting for? >>faith: if it was an mcdonald's we would know by now because every piece of equipment would be turned upside down. >>shepard: whoever shuts down the shake machine at night, and the oil and fry vats have to be filtered. and i grant they have searched high and low. i worked at hardy's. they had better breakfast. all about the free food. ever had their breakfast? they had the best -- they don't have sweet swine pork rinds. i can't find sweet swine pork rinds and the rest of the lame stream media is not paying
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attention to the cap. art at it is not a coincidence she is wearing that hat. >>shepard: who owns the website? did she put the hat on and start the website or does someone else? the website is claiming to be for residents antione of the candidates. >>jonathan: wilbur the big. >>shepard: it would be great fun to see her in front of megyn. >>arthur: maybe the plan is she cabs in the ticket, she starts sweet swine pork rind, she has the money and the capital and will she is not money. >>shepard: budget cuts leading to violent roasts and -- protests and a suicide. the headline today should have been the lowest number of new claims for unemployment in four years. but the dow was down. gerri is here from the fox business network and you may remember the story of a woman trying to get mcdonald's,
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again, to get rid of toys and "happy meals," and launched a class action lawsuit. today a judge tossed the whole case out of court. the toys will not vanish. [ male announcer ] this is lois.
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>>shepard: unemployment claims hit a four year low with the labor department reporting the number of people applying dropped by 6,000, to 357,000. that means hiring could be strong enough to lower the unemployment rate. it is now 8.3 percent. we will see if that changes tomorrow because tomorrow the labor department releases the march jobs report. gerri willis is with us from fox business network. context. it is good news. >>gerri: good news and private sector unemployment came out
3:23 pm
positive. expectations, consensus is unemployment will stay at 8.3 percent creating 203,000 jobs so it is looking up. >>shepard: a 77-year-old man killed himself in greece because of the crippling, crisis not local newspapers and they published a hand written note from the man he said he would rather die than start searching through the trash for food steps from parliament in the heart of athens. the note blasted politicians and told fellow greeks to "hang traitors." the death sparked fresh protests in greece. police used tear gas last night to clear a crowd of 1,000 people that turns violent. gerri, where is this guy -- his pension was wiped out? >>gerri: the government contracted public pensions
3:24 pm
contracted, and g.d.p. down 17 percent since the beginning of the trouble, and unemployment is 21 percent and we have wages, wages, wages are falling by a third so everyone there is impacted by the crisis in the greek government. >>shepard: they have an austerity program but if you cut wages by a third how does the economy grow. >>gerri: no way not with the trouble of the government. >>shepard: sounds like time for an island vacation in august or september. >>gerri: in greece? >>shepard: they would like the greenbacks. a big win today for fans of toys and cheeseburgers a judge in california tossed a lawsuit over "happy meals," that tried to stop mcdonald's from using fee toys and happy meals showing that the judge tossed the suit. so for we do not have details on can. mcdonald's praised the decision. but the nutrition group that filed the suit blasted the judge
3:25 pm
and reported "in time the practice of using toys to market junk food will seem inappropriate and child labor and asbestos." we are learning more women are siding with president obama over romney in key battleground states. and if you live in arizona and you bad mouth a friend online would you believe the cops can come to haul you off to jail? that could be the new reality if some lawmakers in arizona get their way. the lawyers are back to debate [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at bottom of the hour and time for the to which the news. a new poll shows a grow number of women support president obama. in a hypothetical general election matchup against the front runner for the republican presidential nomination according to the reporting of "usa today" a dozen of the top battleground states 54 percent of women voters now support the president compared to 36 percent for romney. the president's campaign manager says romney's promise to end federal funding for planned parenthood and his support of an amendment that allows employers to refuse to cover contraception have created severe problems for
3:30 pm
romney. and ed henry is like at the white house. the white house denies they playing politics with any women issues. >>reporter: it is clear there is an area for the president to stump what he has done for women touting this on the stump and shot a video for planned parenthood going after republicans like romney for their stance on contraception trying to de-fund planned parenthood as romney would do if president and cut off federal funding. however, carney telling me this is not about politics. >> we are focusing on women because of a number of issues that are important with regard to women in the economy and women's safety and women in education that are very distinct and important and we are proud to host this. >>reporter: ever continue this is political benefit they
3:31 pm
believe this president has a lot of area for helping women, a real record and they will tout it and if politics are benefits, great. >>shepard: there is a sense of growing inevitability over romney's nomination here, what is he doing to try to get more women under the tent? >>reporter: more and more you see his wife going out on the stump and among other things, what she has been saying is that issues such as planned parenthood are not really what women will vote on, and romney, himself, said on the stump just yesterday that it will be about the economy. take a listen. >> she reports to me regularly that the issue women carry about most is the economy. and getting go jobs for their kids. and for themselves. they are concerned about gasoline prices. the cost of getting to and from work and taking their kids to school, or to practice, and so forth. after school. >> so that is why from both
3:32 pm
parties stand point some of the issues will get a lost attention from the media and the candidates but in the end, jobs, the deficit, et cetera, are going to be big for both sides and trying to get women, as well as male voters. >>shepard: thank you, ed henry, great to see you. trayvon martin case now. the father of the self-appointed neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman defending his son on fox news saying that george zimmerman was following the teen on that night in february but stopped and returned to the car when trayvon martin confronted him. george zimmerman spoke with sean hannity. >> he asked my son if he had a problem and george said, no, i don't have a problem and trayvon said you do now and punched him in the face, broke his nose, knocked him to the sidewalk and starting beating him. >>shepard: that is the shooter's father who says he doesn't want do show his face on
3:33 pm
camera because the family has received death threats and george zimmerman says he shot and killed trayvon martin in self-defense. but the relatives say the shooter was the aggressor. and now, to central ford, -- to central florida. >>reporter: when robert zimmerman was asked if he thought there was a rush to judgment by the media his answer was absolutely. the older zimmerman said that his son did not use a racial slur while talking to the police dispatcher like some say though believe they heard george say under his breath while on the phone. we know from listening to the phone call that george zimmerman made to police the dispatcher asked if he was following the young man in the hoodie and he said he was and his father explained that. >> when the dispatcher said we no longer need you to do that and george acknowledged, okay, he no longer knew where trayvon martin was.
3:34 pm
so he continued walking down the sidewalk directly in front of him to the next street to get an address. he got an address. he was walking back to his vehicle. >>reporter: that is when he claimed trayvon martin attacked him. a spokesman said he has every right to defend his son but he was provided information that has proven to be false which leads to us believe he has no idea what actually happened. additionally, a task force begins work today on reviewing the stand your ground law that the police used as a reason to let george zimmerman go. >>shepard: thank from central florida. thank you. the arizona lawmakers are working on a bill to crackdown on offensive or or annoying speh
3:35 pm
online. if you bug a friend on facebook or use curse words or trash someone else's favorite basketball team you can getshipped with a fine of $250,000. or jail. according to this bill e-mailing a graphic video to friends with the intent to offend them is a criminal act. our legal panel is back, faith jeanins and criminal defense attorney arthur idol there. this is in the "you got to be kidding." >>faith: the intent is to protect people who are being harassed and stalked. the purpose is lawmakers want the law to catch up with technology. used to be we were talking or harassing someone, i had cases people would follow them or repeatedly call people. now, it is taking a turn and people are harassing people online so you see new laws like this being addressed. >>arthur: we have laws in new
3:36 pm
york, aggravated harassment if your purpose is to annoy, or aggravate, annoy, that is the only person, the reason reason why you are doing this. you are not doing this to exchange political ideas or to do anything other than that but to make them angry they can arrest you and it is a misdemeanor. >>faith: that is the intent. what you going do say they will evaluate and look at the language and perhaps change it so the clear intent of the bill on the face of the statute, i don't think it is that way now but that is what the bill is about trying to stop people from targeting individuals online and even through text message in harassing and annoying them. >>arthur: and regular old dial up phones, aggravated harassment. >>shepard: i don't know what
3:37 pm
is up with arizona it seems like they are slaphappy with legislation out there. if i say something bad about lsu online, some lsu fan can put me in jail i would be in jail all my life. >>faith: who would property that case? >>shepard: depends if they wear purple and gold. >>arthur: i said something to a man outside wearing purple and gold, i said you do not want to walk in there because shepard smith is in there and he starting naming off every stat. >>shepard: that is not their purple and gold. you always go with the holiday colors. >>arthur: you inspired me, you were pastely year. spring. time for spring. so, this morning, i thought of you. >>shepard: this is frightening. >>jonathan: i am going to arizona for my bachelor party, i
3:38 pm
am a scared man and i am not e-mailing you any photos. >>shepard: we want his head side ways. that is one of the things the new orleans saints coach said to his players on the bounty scandal. new details and legal fallout. i'm freaking out man, he's on my back about providing for his little girl. hey don't worry, e-trade's got a totally new investing dashboard. everything's on one page. i'm watching you. oh yeah? well i'm watching you, watching him. [ male announcer ] try the new 360 investing dashboard at e-trade. with rent2buy from hertz car sales, you skip the lots...
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>>shepard: some explosive new evidence in the pay for hit bounty scandal surrounding the new orleans saints with an audio recording of the former saints defensive coordinator gregg williams telling his team to
3:42 pm
"hurt," other players. the coach made the comment in john right before a game between the saints and the 9ers. officials say for three seasons williams set up a system to pay saints players to take out opponents of the game and not someone out and get paid $1,500. and gregg williams has been banned indefinitely. and trace is in the west coast news hundred and this could be damning evidence. >>trace: it was bone chilling about "kill the head and the body will die we have do do everything in the world to make sure we kill frank's head we want him running side ways, we want his head side ways." and about a receiver who was recovering from a knee energy he says "we need to decide whether
3:43 pm
he wants to be a fake [blank] or a tough guy he becomes human when we take out that outside acl." and about a quarterback, "we [blank] him right there, remember me i have the first one, i've got the first one," and there the film gregg williams was doing this, kind of rubbing his hands together saying it's all about money, you do it i will pay you. >>shepard: what effect on sean payton and others? >>trace: well this may or may not help. look, the lawyers for the assistant coaches who were appealing are bringing this up saying that gregg williams is a rogue coach and pointing out that, in fact, he says on the tape that he has autonomy and he does not answer to anybody said the lawyer for assistant coach. thing of this, when gregg williams allowed that filmmaker in and said this he knew the nfl
3:44 pm
was investigating the saints for the bounty program and he knew the filmmaker was doing a film on the former new orleans saints who now has lou gehrig's disease that may or may not have been brought on by hits to the head. >>shepard: and now talking to the lawyers, faith jenkins, and full disclosure, new orleans and a big saints plan. and arthur aidala is from new york and doesn't know who he is for. anyone who has been in a locker room knows that what you do is, at least mentally you target the players on the other team would make it more difficult to win. and the kind of things you say to motivate men sound like the things ... there was no mention of money in this. >>faith: no mention of money or a bounty and this is recorded prior to the saints and 49ers game. there was a vicious it this
3:45 pm
someone's hit and guess what? it wasn't a 49er but new orleans saint. he took a vicious hit to the head and knocked out of the game and knock the unconscious, and the 49ers were not penalized. this was not a flag thrown. that hit was part of the game. but you listen to the audio of gregg williams and he is a monster because he is saying the things but you do it in the game it is okay? >>arthur: what you said is accurate. the pep talk in the locker room and on the side line, the most famous line occurred in 1985, let's go out there like a pack of crazed dogs. no one meant to go out there like a pack of crazed dogs but you cross the line if what trace said the guy goes like this, indicating money, and you will get paid for it, that's a whole different ball of wax. >>shepard: player incentives and you want to eliminate the
3:46 pm
players and make it more difficult for them to win. maybe you don't break them in half but you target them and double team in basketball. >>arthur: i don't think the commissioner wants people to break temperature. >>faith: you are talking about $1,500 to do what they normally do anyway. >>arthur: faith, faith this is to hurt someone. >>faith: you think players will take the opposing quaterback in the game. >>shepard: they have not past. >>arthur: this is different from getting paid. >>faith: you do not want football on sundays. >>shepard: he just doesn't know who he is for. >>arthur: i don't think other coaches say that. faith feet until all 32 teams are investigated for the vicious hits we see i don't need to see the commissioner on the front page of this.
3:47 pm
>>shepard: and now breaks news, nfl commissioner state down with sean payton to hear the appeal of the suspension and this is an update on this, now we have masters stuff, but, this is sort of an update on what we had, the speech from the team hotel and posted audio on the website ... well, this is on the wire copy. the profanity laked pep talk with gregg williams calling them to hit players in the head. >>arthur: what is 100 percent wrong the nfl is in all steps to stop getting the players injured. there are no rules. >>faith: there are. there are. if you are saying they are taking all steps they have to change the rules in football.
3:48 pm
>>arthur: a rule last season about hitting someone after what the definition of roughness, hit to the head, they are trying to back that off. >>faith: i understand arthur but you saying they are taking all steps. that is not true as long as there is nfl football, --. >>arthur: it is a vicious sport. vicious. vicious. it is vicious. i don't like to see anyone carried off on the stretcher. >>faith: as long as we play nfl football there will be injuried. >>arthur: super bowl was one of the greatest games ever and no one got carried off. just a great game to the end. >>shepard:ed they should just play flag football. pharmacy issued enough of a key pain kill ingredient to give everyone in the united states dozens of painkillers and people
3:49 pm
become physically dependent and go doctor shopping to keep the prescriptions coming and the centers for disease control in atlanta reports 15,000 people died of painkiller overdose in 2008. and the death toll is now rising. glasses can help you see. look fresh. protect against u.v. rays. google has a plan to geek out the specs to a new level and now there is video of the glasses that art like a smartphone. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation,
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>>shepard: the designer shades can help you fight the
3:53 pm
sun in style but can they give you a weather forecast? and google has a "project glass," a small screen, there is the size, where the computer comes from, and they tell you about surroundings. look at the video we have. listen. >>shepard: that takes training. unreliable. anyway, the glasses are not yet for sale but they look like, i don't, a lot of fun. and now a senior editor of "mobile," for tech website. great to see you. todd, when will we see these? >>guest: it is unclear when we will see them. we saw a ton of reports this year where webs were leaking patents saying google is work on
3:54 pm
the glasses project and another report said, this year. $200. $250. to $400. 3g connection or 4g connection. but, now, google's project x, their super secret team like the c.i.a. at google, top researchers, professors, allegedly people from apple and noki, and we see the prototypes and design and i think it is too early to see it and i don't see the technology fitting in the technology but it is something that should be taken seriously because they have the top gives. >>shepard: this is the kind of thing that could eliminate the hand held phone. does the same thing as the phone. >>guest: it could but you have the risk of walking into things. >>shepard: well i have that risk with or without hand held anything. >>guest: we saw a video of someone having a stream and he would walk into something but the cool thing is augmented reality is trying to take off.
3:55 pm
you are on mobile phones, so it is not that great but if google perfects it and they can because they have mapping and search, and voice control, so you can talk to your glasses and get that map or know what is open or closed. >>shepard: i feel they will be able to tie into our nervous system, like a second brain. that works. >>guest: but this is the future. it should be taken very seriously. >>shepard: the future is here. be afraid. todd nice to see you. next, a snake on a plane. in the pilot's lap. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. whose non-stop day starts with back pain...
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and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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two of the most important are energy security aneconomic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project icanada,
3:58 pm
we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy. >>shepard: make on a plane, this time in a cockpit. an australian pilot had to make an emergency landing after a snake crawled across his leg. no passengers on the plane, just cargo and the pilot says his
3:59 pm
heart was racing. >> the snake was crawling up my leg, my blood pressure and heart were elevated. interesting experience. >>shepard: but samuel l. jackson was not around to get the snake off the plane. the pilot is fine. but the snake got away. that is it for "studio b" and back tonight for the follow report at 7:00 east were, and 6:00 in oxford, and log on to the shep page if you have not done that, and look at the dow today, more great news from unemployment today, the number of new jobless claims seekers was down to another four-year low and, i don't know the dow sat there all flat. of course greece is always a problem. always going to be a problem unless you are sitting on the beach enjoying a cold beverage. otherwise, press is a problem.


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