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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 5, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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stay tuned! "happening now" starts right now. jenna: thank you guys. we start off with a fox news alert. a crucial meeting underway right now at the white house, the president and israeli prime minister, holding high level talks on iran's disputed nuclear program. some suggesting this is the final time the two will meet face to face before one or both has to make a decision on what to do next, if anything. the president is expected to ask mr. netanyahu for restraint in considering a preemptive strike against iran, all this as u.s. diplomats work to get china and russia on board with those sanctions in efforts to get iran to stand down. we have much more on to come on this developing story. hi everybody! great to have you on this monday morning, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. if things look different to you around here, it's because we're in our brand new studio! jenna: we didn't move the
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entire newsroom up here. jon: no, we have new real estate. jen i wonder if they miss us down there. jon: we promise to bring you the news just as fresh as when we broadcast from our newsroom. right now, the death toll stands at 39, in a massive twister outbreak across the midwest and the south. the damage, still staggering, even days later, with schools canceled in parts of indiana, utility crews racing to restore electricity, after the screaming winds knocked down pare lines -- power lines. jen take a look at this picture. this is complicated by the weather issue, it's snow, a few inches falling in some of the hardest hit areas, parts of kentucky also dealing with snow, up to a dozen tornadoes swept through last week, the governor there touring the devastation and declaring a state of emergency. >> the damage i saw yesterday was the worst i've seen. it was total devastation in west liberty, where i went first, in morgan county t.
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looked like a bomb had been dropped in the middle of town. it was a war zone. jon: that's a good description. we have live team fox coverage. meteorologist maria molina is in the fox weather center, first, though, to mike tobin in liberty, kentucky. mike. >> reporter: jon, you'll see a lot of activity in west liberty, kentucky but what you won't see a lot of are the residents. this town is a virtual ghost town from that aspect, everyone coming and going. one of the municipal trucks is going to pull into our shot but you see emergency crews coming and going, you see utility crews coming and going. everyone is all about the rebuilding and cleanup. it is a herculean effort that has to be engaged before you can even start about the strategy for rebuilding. every single building out here, and i'm not exaggerating when i say that, every single business has sustained severe dang. the roof is pulled off. the doors have been pulled off. the windows are all blown
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out. meantime, as they're talking about rebuilding, hearts in this part of the country are breaking, because that little girl who would become a symbol of hope has passed away. angela babcock hung on for a while after being torn away from her family by the force of that tornado. she stopped showing signs of life, and they took her off life support, and she didn't make it much longer after that. now her extended family, her relatives, are facing the grim reality that her entire immediate family was wiped out by the force of one tornado. >> there are no words. i wish they were here. >> reporter: and looking across street here you can see the courthouse that was
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at the center of town or the county seat. that, also badly damaged. you've got people inside right now, recovering records. and one uplifting note that we got from the mayor out here, is he says he is absolutely overwhelmed by the sense of community and support. so many people are pitching in, want to help out west liberty, kentucky. it's a challenge for him just to coordinate all of the volunteer support. jon. jon: that is a bit of good news in an otherwise awful situation. mike, thank you. jenna: one hit after the other last week and you just felt so helpless watching this part of the country. meteorologist maria molina is in the fox weather center with what we can expect this week. any better news this week maria? >> reporter: the weather will start to cooperate over the next several days. we're going to see warming in the temperatures and this is bring brining in snow to the area but will move off shore later today. again, we're going to see the dryer and warmer conditions coming up in the next several days, but it's not totally unusual to be seeing snow this time of year across the region. if you take a look at theical today, it's still
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winter. spring isn't until march 20th. what's unusual is how early the severe storms produced tornado this is time around during the year. it's not unheard of, but nonetheless, this kind of severe weather really until the peak of the season, where we head into the months of april or even may and june, that's when we really see some of the storms of this magnitude that we just saw on march second, from the last storm system. again, we are seeing snow across the region, lighter accumulations, 1-3 inches of snow, and most of the know is done and over with in the state of indiana, southeastern kentucky, still dealing with a little snow, but more heavier snow is moving through parts of west virginia and the state of virginia. here's a look at the extended forecast for one of the cities hard hit, henryville, indiana, you see that warming trend as we head into wednesday, mid 60s, but by thursday and friday, we could have rain coming in with our next storm system. jenna: we'll continue to watch it, maria. thank you. jon: the republican
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presidential race in high gear right now. mitt romney and the other candidates are battling hard, ahead of tomorrow's crucial supertuesday contest. more than 400 delegates, up for grabs in ten states, when polls open less than 24 hours from right now. and according to a brand new "wall street journal"-nbc news poll, mitt romney is showing new momentum, leading the field with 38 percent of republican support, followed by rick santorum, at 32 percent. newt gingrich and ron paul, tied for third, at 13 percent. romney also enjoys strong support among the tea party faithful, taking 35 percent of that group. let's talk about it with the editor of the weekly standard and fox news political analyst, bill crystal. so there is, i guess, some good news here for mitt romney, but overall, it's not great news for the republican field. would you agree, bill? >> i think mitt romney is in a pretty strong position. a lot depends on what happens in iowa and tennessee tomorrow. -- if he wins both of those, as well as virginia and massachusetts, which he will
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win, i think, he will be in awfully strong shape. i think at that point he becomes the prohibitive favorite and the base starts to wind down. if santorum wins ohio and tennessee, it's a real race. and if it's a more muddled result, it's a more muddled result. so the race could go on for quite a while or end pretty soon. jon the point i was making in saying that overall for the republican field, that's not good news out of this poll, according to the head to head theoretical matchups mr. romney would lose to president obama 54-44, the other candidates as well, president obama beats newt gingrich 54-37, he beats santorum 53-39, he beats ron paul 50-52, but we've got a long way to go until the election. >> look, the most important thing, what's happened so far, most two important things to know, barack obama did not have a primary challenge, and incumbents who do not have a primary challenge are in better shape than those who do.
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bush against buchanan, he lost, carter by kennedy, he lost, clinton and reagan, george w. bush didn't have primary challenges in '84, '96 and they won. it's not a perfect predictor obviously but barack obama has been helped a lot by not having to go through what the republican field has been going through which is a pretty nasty and tough primary. on the whawnd, that's what you're seeing, that's what the 50-44 is about, obama, flailing free, no fight, romney in a tough fight. on the other hand, there's a history of candidates being behind at six points by this time and going on to win and the good thing about a primary challenge, about a primary, is that it ends and there's a nominee and that nominee has a convention and he has a chance to reset the race and george h. w. tbhush 199 # was behind by 15 points to mike dukakis, he won by ten points. bill clinton was behind in may and june of 1992, i remember that, i was in the first bush white house and they were all feeling good about hey, clinton is way behind, he won pretty
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easily. so romney or santorum or the republican nominee, whoever it is, will have a chance to reset the race after the primary is over, republicans and conservatives shouldn't get too discouraged about a snapshot called now that shows he's down by six points. jon: because again, the good news for mitt romney, he's up to 38 percent support among all republican voters in this poll, that's up ten points in the last month or so. >> and i'm impressed by his numbers, the tea party actiists i think he's beginning to make that sale, there was a resistance to romney at the beginning. let's see what santorum does tomorrow. i don't like it when people like me, people in washington, try to jump ahead of the voters. let the voters vote. that's why we have primary, there are ten states voting tomorrow. let's sit back on wednesday morning and see what their judgment has been. other voters will get to vote, but it is an awfully big day tomorrow and either romney or santorum, once they come through -- in the middle of the process, it's ugly, divisive, nasty, tempers flare, when it's over, there will be unity against barack obama and i
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think the republican nominee there are is a real chance to step back, think hard, maybe shake up his staff. the one incident, both, whoever is the nominee, has to step back. you can't keep an autopilot. they need to maybe shake up staff, rethinking their message but either santorum or romney is perfectly capable of beating barack obama in the fall. jon: we'll let the voters vote and thenical you back, okay bill crystal. >> fair enough. jenna: as the president meets with the rrmie -- israeli prime minister, we hear about the options to take out the nuclear program, we also hear about sanctions and diplomacy, but is there another option, maybe a third option we haven't considered? aaron miller has advised six secretary of states, he is here next hour with his take. jon: the nfl, investigating what some call the biggest scandal ever to rock pro football. we'll tell you about boutgate, the defensive coordinator at the center of
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it and the impact it could have on and off the field. jenna: i have your back in the studio, by the way, to make sure no one takes jon out during the show! and giving a whole new meaning the term b team. what the buzz was about at spring training in arizona. wait until you see this. jon: ouch! [ male announcer ] for fastidious librarian emily skinner,
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jenna: blaws, we have brand new video of the president's meeting with the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu. >> reporter: back to the oval office -- i want to welcome president netanyahu back to the oval office. this is a critical time. we are seeing incredible changes that are taking place in the middle east, and north africa. we have seen the terrible bloodshed going on in syria, the democratic ambitions taking place in egypt, and in the midst of this, we have an island of democracy and as i've said repeatedly, the bonds between our two countries is unbreakable. my personal commitment is
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the history of -- our commitment to the security of israel is rock solid. and as i've said to the prime minister, in every single one of our meetings, the united states will always have israel's back on statehood security. this is a bond that is based not only on our mutual security interests, the economic interests, but is also based on common values and the incredible people to people contact that we have within our two countries. during the course of this meeting, we'll talk about the regional issues that are taking place, and i look forward to the prime minister sharing his ideas about how we can increase the prospects of peace and security in the region. we will discuss the issues
11:16 am
that continue to be a focus of not only our foreign policy, but also, of the prime minister's, how we can potentially bring about a calmer set of discussions between the israelis and the palestinians and arrive at peaceful resolution to that long standing conflict. it is a very difficult thing to do, in light of the context right now, but i know the prime minister remains committed to trying to achieve that. and obviously, a large topic of conversation about be -- will be iran, which i devoted a lot of time in my -- time to in my speech yesterday and the prime minister has been focused on for a long time. let me reiterate a couple of things on this. number one, we all know that it's not acceptable from israel's perspective to a -- to have a country with a nuclear weapon that has called for the destruction of israel. but as i emphasized
11:17 am
yesterday, it is in the united states' interests as well to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. we do not want to see an arms race in one of the most vulnerable regions in the world, we do not want the possibility of a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of terrorist, and we do not want a regime that's been a state sponsor of terrorism being able to feel that it can act even more aggressively or with impunity as a consequence of its nuclear power. that's why we have worked so diligently to set up the most crippling sanctions ever with respect to iran. we do believe that there is still a window that allows for a diplomatic resolution to this issue, but ultimately, the iranians' regime has to make a decision to movena direction, a decision that they have not made thus far. and as i have decided, even
11:18 am
as we will continue on the diplomatic front, we will continue to tighten pressure when it comes to sanctions. i reserve all options, and my policy here is not going to be one of -- my policy is prevention of iran obtaining nuclear weapons. as i indicated in my speech when i say all options are on the table, i mean it. having said that, i know that both the prime minister and i prefer to resolve this diplomatically. we understand the costs of any military action. i want to assure the israeli people and the american people that we are in close consultation. i think the levels of coordination and consultation between our militaries and our intelligence, not just on this issue but on a broad range of issues, has been unprecedented, and i intend
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to make sure that that continues during what would be a series of difficult days i suspect in 2012. so prime minister, we welcome you, and we appreciate very much the friendship with the israeli people and you can count on that friendship always being reciprocated from the united states. thank you. >> thank you. president obama, thank you for those kind words and thank you too for that strong speech, and i want to thank you also for the warm hospitality that you've paid me and my delegation. the alliance between our two countries is deeply appreciated by me and by everyone in israel, and i think that is, as you said, when americans look around the middle east today, they see one unrivaled, faithful
11:20 am
ally of the united states and that's the democracy of israel. americans know this. israel and the united states share common values, as we defend common interests and we face common enemies. iran leaders know that, too. for them, we are them, you -- we are you, you are us and mr. president, at least on this last point, they are right, we are you, you are us, we are together. so if there's one thing that stands up clearly in the middle east today, it's that israel and america stand together. i think that above and beyond that, our two principles, long standing pin principles of american policy that you reiterated yesterday in your speech, that israel must have the ability, always, to defend
11:21 am
itself, by itself, against any threat, and that when it comes to israel's security, israel has the right, the sovereign right, to make its own decisions. i believe that's why you'll appreciate, mr. president, that israel must reserve the right to defend itself and after all, that's the very purpose of the jewish state to, restore to the jewish people control of our destiny. and that's why my supreme responsibility as prime minister of israel is to ensure that israel remains the master of its fate. so i thank you very much, mr. president, for your friendship, and i look forward to our discussions. thank you mr. president. >> thank you. >> jon: israel reserves the right to defend itself. that from prime minister benjamin netanyahu. president obama said israel essentially doesn't want iran to have a nuke and we
11:22 am
don't, either. those two leaders have clashed in the past, but there was little daylight between them today as they talk iran there in the oval office. this, what could be the last meeting between them before some kind of action against iran. what form that will take, we don't yet know. the president has announced that he will have a news conference tomorrow in the afternoon. we'll wait certainly to hear what he has to say then. could be very, very interesting. jenna: well, that is one of our top stories today. in the meantime, also this top story from the national football league. the nfl is expanding its investigation into bouts, set to meet with former new orleans defensive coordinator greg williams today, in hot water after admitting he ran a bounty program, that's essentially paying his players for injuring and even knocking opponents out of the game. the nfl says payoffs were made by putting game
11:23 am
injuries injure -- game ending injuries, like this kill shot on curt warren. you see him on the picture, he had to leave the game. what's what a kill shot does. also brett farve, hit during the 2010 nfc championship game, that was against the saints, just a week later, both hits came during the saints' run to their only super bowl victory. so this was all happening apparently while they were on that route. look at that hit. joining me now, grug buttel, former nfl player for the new york jets, and greg, when you were playing, were there bouts? >> i have to sell you, there were. we had bounty pools, but you know, our pools were big plays, we had money for interceptions, fumbles, winning tarkels, and even big hits, but you only won if you scored a td, not if
11:24 am
you put somebody out of the game. that's just nonsense. jenna: what do you think about it? >> look, every defender wants to knock the snot of every offensive player, and when you get a guy standing around and looking the other way you're going to get lit up, with or without a so called bounty. the hit on any quarter back, i mean, they are wanted men in the nfl, particularly for a defender, so when you get a shot at the quarter back, you're going to take it and that's the game. jenna: well it's the game, but you mentioned the wanted -- wanted men, they have the target, they have the ball, they are throwing it downfield but what about taking someone out so they have to get out of the game or maybe they can't continue to play? >> look, that's the pr nightmare for everyone, especially commissioner roger goodeel. did you mean to knock the snot out of that guy, getting him injured, well yeah, but no. if he's hurt or injured, that's the breaks. i mean, those are the games. i mean, the game of football is mandatory physical abuse to the opponent. there's no other way to cut
11:25 am
it. players get injured and everyone associated with the game knows it. jenna: you state the facts correctly so but getting paid extra to take somebody out of the game, is that a practice that you think sends the right message to young players out there? >> well, the answer to your question, of course not. but to formulate the question as -- is that what greg williams is trying to do, that's yet to be determined. i mean, as former defense player, i look at it as every single play, let me tell you what, you can always win one or two games through attrition but that's for dummies. it's more economic to outsmart the opponent. but you are in a position that if you get a shot on somebody, you're going to take it, because physical abuse makes you wane in the third and the fourth quarter. whether the guy goes out of the game or not, that's part of the game. jenna: greg, you make interesting points and we appreciate the time. thank you very much for joining us. it's a story we're going to continue to watch and dig deeper into with rebecca
11:26 am
lynn and joey jackson. rebecca, i bring up this article from the "new york post", phil michnik had this to say, let's treat it, prosecute it for what it is, organized crime, this organization clearly and systematically committed crimes. do you think there's a case here? >> you know, the issue is does goodeel think it's the case, is he going to take action. because the contracts in the nfl are very specific that it is something for him to decide, and him to determine whether or not that was a breach of contract. i mean, the way i read the nfl contract, you cannot offer any more bonuses than what it in a player's contract, so it seems if williams was doing this with the saints, this is a major breach. but that is within the nfl to determine. there is, from what i understand, and i read these contracts to be, there is not an outside source, a judge, a regular court, that can determine this. it is within the nfl.
11:27 am
>> jenna: it's interesting, joey, so many disagree. he says this is like the tanya harding, nancy kerrigan incident, where tanya harding's boyfriend assaulted nancy kerrigan to get her out of the competition and he says this is no different. >> it could be. to rebecca's point, there will be internal investigations, arbitrations and they'll be determining what happened and they'll deal with it by way of discipline. however, jenna, as far as the crime is concerned, it's going to be looked at closely. why? when you have people conspiring, putting a bounty on someone's head to cause an injury you have wanton conspiracy and two you have the actual assault. it doesn't make it less so by disguising it by the violence of the game. from a criminal perspective if i were advising i would be concerned about it based upon the nature of people getting together, not just talking about money regarding clean plays and interceptions but talking about harming people and getting them out of the game so it is a potential problem for those concerned. jenna: it will be interesting to watch, rebecca, the knockout, $1500
11:28 am
if you get, if you get someone carted off the field, you might get $1000. that's nothing compared to what the guys are getting, but you made a point, in the nfl you're not allowed to get bonuses whether you win on extra game, unless it's explicitly put in the contract previously. >> that's right. jenna: so this is in violation of that. >> that's what the commissioner is stating and from what i read in these contracts there is a violation of the contract if there is any money provided to any player or the entire team from their owners or coaches within the organization that is not detailed and outlined in the specific contracts of the players, because they want to try to prevent this sort of behavior. you don't want to have additional motivational money to hurt someone else. that's not the game. yes, the game is violent, i agree with mr. buttle, but there is an extent that it is written, it is done, it is above board. any of these extra pools of money, not so much. jen jeand greg made an interesting point, joey.
11:29 am
again, he reminded us, it's football. there's been all these efforts to make the game less dangerous, but it's football. >> that's true. jen diswhrean is the bottom line. it's a truf game. we were talking on friday about the concussions, the litigation that's happening right now and how the nfl is being, well, allegedly covering up information about concussions that should have been brought to the players. >> surely. jenna: how does that figure in with some of the recklessness that is being portrayed about the league and how that might affect it? >> it figures in in a major way. here's why. item not only concerned about the criminal aspects that you brought up but also civilly. why civilly? what i mean, the lawsuit, if you can establish that certain players, there's an allegation they went after brett farve, curt warner, if you can establish they went after these players with the motivation to harm them and injure them and the plays were not clean, now you have a problem. why? because you're harming someone. you have a motive outside of just generally winning the game. and therefore, on the heels of congressional inquiries
11:30 am
into concussions, on the heels of lawsuits regarding concussions, this adds further fuel to the fire, a causal connection is established, and it results in a liability. not only for the individual players involved, but the teams who are on notice of it, on the nfl, who clearly knows that it's a dangerous] gale and has to deal with the safety issues involved, and so monetarily, jenna, i'm very concerned, also, twroor civil liability. jenna: it will be interesting to see if there are settlements as you're suggesting. i'm just glad the two of -- the three of us don't have to worry about being taken out! that can make it tough to do this job. i know they have to do it on the field. rebecca, joey, thank you very much. we'll continue to watch this case. jon: it's make orioo make or break time for the republican presidential candidates, ten contests are tomorrow, supertuesday they call it, more than 400 delegates, up for grabs. which states are in play? we're going to break it down for you, just ahead. plus, from alabama, a scene of utter devastation, as residents there try to pick up the pieces, after those deadly tornadoes that
11:31 am
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what is thishorty? uh, tissues si i'm sick. you don't cough, you d't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. jenna: back to one of our top stories, staggering new de tbails one of those deadly tornado that is hit two counts in alabama. there's a -- counts in alabama. there's a group of tornadoes that went through the middle of the country. the national weather service says the twister was as wide as ten football field necessary alabama. it was just one of four
11:35 am
tornadoes concerned across the state. elizabeth is live in alabama with more. >> reporter: hi jenna. adding insult to injury, this area was hit by an ef5 tornado 11 months ago and on friday, the winds were sustained at 140 miles per hour, which is why there's such a push on residents here to get storm shelters built just like this one. you can see, concrete, steel reinforced underneath the earth's surface. one home builder said his phone has been ringing off the hook, people are building safe homes inside their homes so they never even have to leave. here's what he had to say: >> ever since the storms in april, every house i have going, every job, even remodels, we're incorporating storm shelters in them, so the stock of business since the april 27th storms is just -- it's huge. >> reporter: now, the owner rode out the storm with his eight-year-old in the shelter and though he has to rebuild for the second time in 11 months he
11:36 am
says they is the only place that he feels safe during one of these very deadly storms. enjenna. jenna: glad they were okay, but to rebuild twice in less than a year is quite a task. we're thinking about all those folks affected, elizabeth. thank you very much. jon: wow. tennessee is just one of ten states holding contests tomorrow. there are more than 400 delegates up for grabs. one thousand one hundred forty-four, needed to win the republican nomination. so which states hold the keys? and for whom? with us now, washington examiner senior political analyst michael baron, of course he is also a fox news contributor. michael, which state are you watching more than any of the others tomorrow? >> well, one state i'm watching more than i was last week is the state of tennessee, which you just mentioned. it's been generally assumed that rick santorum was going to win tennessee, in polls that were taken a couple of weeks ago. he was seen to be way ahead. but the latest polls in tennessee show it tightening
11:37 am
up, there's one poll by a firm called we ask america that's got mitt romney ahead by one point. and romney shows strength in tennessee four years ago, in the affluence of bourbon counties that are around -- well, davidson county could be a close one and the romney campaign has been putting a lot of money into it. obviously the other state we're really following is ohio. that's the second biggest delegate haul of the evening, the polling has been very tight there. we've been seeing rick santorum, up two points, mitt romney up one point. in other words, within the statistical margin of error. santorum is at a disadvantage there, though, about delegates because he did not file for delegate slate necessary a number of the congressional districts and under the rules he's not eligible to win delegates from them. jon: i think we have a quinnipiac poll from ohio that shows just how tight
11:38 am
that race is. there are the numbers: 2012 race, mitt romney, 34 percent, rick santorum at 31 percent. it's inside the margin of error. so essentially, this thing shows them tied, but i think mitt romney has been coming on fairly strong there, hasn't he? >> well, mitt romney has got a money advantage over rick santorum in ohio. he's got an advantage, support from more of the politicians, the state attorney general and former u.s. senator mike dewine switched from santorum to romney. that got a lot of attention, obviously. so the money and momentum advantages seem to be going mitt romney's way. but the fact is, rick santorum's support in public opinion polls has been staying in the 30s. he's obviously got a brick of support, he got 38 percent in michigan. ohio's republican electorate is slightly more downscale than michigan. that would seem to favor santorum. jon: he did this, mitt romney did, in florida, as
11:39 am
well as michigan, though. i mean, he was down substantially in the week ahead of the primary there is and came roaring back to win. >> that's right. romney did come roaring back to win. part of that was money. part of that was mistakes or poor debate performances by his fellow opponents. newt gingrich did not duplicate his performance in florida, and his can desy, the air went -- candidacy, the air went out of the balloon. rick santorum has spent much of the last week or two talking about -- he has remarks in october that, the contraception quote is, not, okay, his comment that he would throw up at president kennedy's speech -- candidate kennedy as he then was to the houston baptist ministers in 1960. that had not been a lively issue in this race before that comment, to say the least. and so, you know, rick
11:40 am
santorum has been playing defense, and that's not the best posture in which to approach a crucial primary. jon: you're going to be busy man tomorrow. michael baron, now watching the numbers with us. >> thank you. jenna: attorney general eric holder expected to address the administration's top secreted target kill program, that led to the death of u.s. citizen anwar al-awlaki, deemed a serious terror threat to america but sill is one of our own, still an american citizen. more of this slippery slope, coming up on "happening now". 
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11:43 am
jon: baseball games delayed by rain, lightning and vane earthquake, but bees?
11:44 am
a swarm manages to cause a y. minute dela it happened er the weekend during a spring training game in arizona, the diamond backs taking on the san francisco giants, the second inning, when a dark cloud of bees approaches and begins swarming around fans and players. these men moved toward the right field line, making their way behind first base. here's a closeup photo of that. amazingly, we are told that only one person was stung. jenna: pretty lucky with that. i guess they're all fans of the giants. san francisco girl, i had to bring that up! we have a lot of stories for you, new next hour, including this one. they're here illegally and now uncle sam is giving them tax breaks costing billions of dollars, the latest on the growing controversy. a lot more to this story we need to tell gliew plus the president is looking to eliminate tax deductions for the oil industry, the subsidies, and give more to manufacturing. he says the manufacturing sector creates more jobs. does it? we're going take a closer look. and the possibility of
11:45 am
military action to take out iran's nuclear facilities, it's been all over the news, but how is the media really doing covering this story? jon has a great news watch panel coming up. jon: the obama administration defend the targeted killings of u.s. citizens overseas, those who are determined to be serious terror threats to america. attorney general eric holder is expected to deliver a major speech tomorrow, outlining the legal justification for these attacks, five months after the cia sought out and killed anwar awlaki in yemen. the american-born cleric and al qaeda leader. cath catherine herridge is live for us in washington. catherine. >> reporter: thank you jon and good morning. the obama administration has been under pressure to explain what justifies its position, that the u.s. government can be judged during an execution for an american who was living in the country where we are not at war. at least one of the republican presidential candidates says the actions of the white house and the justice department are inconsistent with the constitution. >> just to say that under
11:46 am
certain circumstances, that the president could make this decision on who should be assassinated, i don't see how he can ever get around to justifying that, and no matter how noble it may sound and no matter how he might make sense for national defense purposes the american people accept that, i think it would be a serious mistake. >> reporter: anwar al-awlaki's killed in a cia-led strike september 30th in yemen. the aclu said even when fighting terrorism the president must follow the constitution, adding that the administration has not done nearly enough, this the power of the president is claiming. the cia-led strike of samir kahn was described by officials as collateral damage, officials learn that khan was added to the cia kill list, and also killed of the american son of al-awlaki, described as collateral damage. so in the span of one month, three american citizens were dead, at the hands of their own government, without a
11:47 am
public explanation of the legal justification. listen to this exchange last fall at the white house briefing: >> i wasn't aware of any of those things that you said actually happening, and again, i'm not going to address the circumstances of awlaki's death. i think it's -- again, it is an important fact that this terrorist who was actively plotting -- had plotted in the past and was actively plotting to attack americans and american interests is dead. >> reporter: we understand the attorney general eric holder plans to argue later today that the killing of an american terrorist abroad is legal under the 2001 congressional authorization for the use of military force. we do not expect holder to identify al-awlaki by name. a couple of final points. we tried to reach out to some of the civil liberties groups such as the aclu who have been extremely critical of the white house. they are waiting for that speech later today before they comment and i would emphasize the timing, this is billed with the national security speech on the
11:48 am
targeting of certain citizens by their own government, yet it's timed to coincide with supertuesday, where the coverage of this issue will probably be overshadowed. jon: interesting. catherine herridge, thank you. jenna: timing is everything, isn't it, in so many stories. we have this crucial meeting at the white house over what to do with iran, the president and israeli prime minister racing to prevent iran to build nuclear weapons. diplomacy is one option. war is another. but is there a third option we should all consider and talk about? we have a live report straight ahead on that. and to sit or not to sit? we just got these brand new chair, jon, we don't want to give them up up. jenna: one doctor is saying sitting on the job may be just as dangerous as smoking. great! what you can do to protect yourself. and not look too silly doing it. coming up, dr. siegl. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
11:49 am
or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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jenna: check this out. you have a choice in life. according to one headline on a popular website, you can, quote, sit at your desk and die, or stand and look stupid. how about that for a choice, right? it's all about one researcher at the mayo clinic who dubbed something called sitting disease, even going so far to recommend a standing desk on the job. you're taking a look at one standing desk. joining us live, dr. marc siegl, member of the fox news medical a team and professor of medicine at the nyu langone center and we're appropriately having a conversation sitting down! doctor, can it be that
11:53 am
serious, can there be a sitting disease? >> i think he's right. this is dr. james levine and he's been studying this for years and we know 30 machines of exercise a day cuts down on heart disease, obesity, cuts down on cancer, wuts down on stroke, but the thing is, we also know that even if you exercise, if you're saiden tear, watch television for more than 40 hours a week, if you don't get off your did you have you end up with the same risk of diabetes and obesity and heart disease. so he's right in that way. he invented this treadmill work station which only goes 1 mile per hour, but in going 1 mile per hour, which is comfortable, you burn off 100-calories an hour, 1000-calories a day. jenna: i can see a lot of workers' comp issues on that, doctor! can you imagine, a loss of productivity because they trillion and fall while trying to type a paper and walk on a treadmill? he makes the point it's a lot better for us to stand while working and if we don't want to listen to the whole lifetime issue,
11:54 am
there's a waistline issue as well. he says simply by standing you burn three times as many calories as do you sitting. i'm sure that's gotten some of our viewers' attention. >> and he says you could lose up to 50 pounds a year doing this and it's adjustable. it doesn't have to be the way you just showed it, it can be in various positions, you can move it around, and the main point is that you get up and you walk around or that you stand while you're working. it's got the computer terminal there. i think people could actually get used to this. if people understood what the risks are of not doing that, it's bad for your back, also, jenna, to sit for long periods of time. jenna: really quick, doc, in the meantime, while we're waiting for that treadmill work station, as jon scott and i are anxiously awaiting for, what should we do on a daily basis? >> get up. don't be sitting on the your desk, take breaks, visit other people. don't just facebook. go around and visit other people. talk to other people. look, you just got a new setup there. i'm not putting one of those treadmills in yet, but i
11:55 am
think this is a great invention. i think he's smart. jenna: i think it's coming! now when the producers tell us to get up, walk around, go to the other monitor, we're going to have to listen to them because they're going to say it's good for our health. jon: i'm thinking a bicycle, a stationary bike. jenna: or a spin class mid-day! you might be on to something. >> i'm endorsing it and talking to the producers right now! >> jenna: i'm afraid. thank you very much. you may join us in the corner, on a spin bike. why not, right? >> jon: it would be fun! there are brand new weather troubles hitting the tornado-ravaged states that have been hit. the impact on the cleanup and a look at the damage so far. we're going to go live to one of the areas hardest hit. also the contraception controversy, the debate over birth control coverage is getting very heated. what the catholic church and rush limbaugh are saying now after a georgetown law student made headlines with her comments to lawmakers.
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
jenna: developing store rears we are following this hour. the supreme court is getting ready to consider the constitutionality of the new healthcare law, a huge story for this year. the white house is hoping to find a conservative ally sitting on the bench. illegal immigrants are collecting billions of your tax dollars thanks to a legal loop haol. it's free money and one more reason to cross the border. those stories all new on "happening now." brking ns our second hour begins right now. jenna: hi, everybody, great to have you with us today. i'm jenna lee. iran is taking center stage at
12:00 pm
the white house right now. jon: big, big story. i'm jon scott. president obama and benjamin netanyahu are meeting to discuss the best way forward to handle the threat tr iran and it's nuclear program. jennifer griffin live. what is the mood in the building there as the israeli prime minister needs press at the white house? >> reporter: there is a bit of an air of resignation here at the pentagon. one way or another the u.s. military could get dragged into essentially taking military action against iran's nuclear program. there's been that sense of resignation for some time now. there has been months of planning at central command, intense planning, reprogram funds for weapons that may be needed in the event of such an eventuality. the meeting at the white house is being described by some as the most important meeting between a u.s. and israeli leader since the founding of the jewish state.
12:01 pm
there appeared to be more public agreement than usual between the two leaders. >> as i said to the prime minister in every single one of our meetings, the united states will always have israel's back when it comes to israel's security. this is a bond that is based not only on our mutual security interests, and economic interests, but is also based on common values. >> reporter: this is the same message that president obama gave to an apec conference yesterday in washington dc to the powerful israeli lobby. what was interesting is prime minister benjamin netanyahu said at that meeting at the white house this morning before cameras that he praised the speech that president obama gave to apec but he also added that israel musting the master of its own fate, and that could be interpreted in many ways. jon. jon: what about iran? any reaction from that country today? >> reporter: no directory acti direct reaction to the meeting
12:02 pm
today. iran's supreme court has thrown out the death penalty charges that had been meted out to a u.s. marine. he had been given a death penalty sentence in january. it's the first american to be given a death penalty sentence since the 1979 revolution. iran's supreme court today said they were going to retry the case. this comes after his mother, who is an american iranian visited her son in prison and pleaded with iran's leadership to release her son. the state department says he did not work for the cia, he was not a spy, and so this movement could be a positive development in that case. jon: let's hope so. thank you very much. jenna: time to tap into our political team at america's election headquarters. the republican candidates are going all out holding ral low rallies for super tuesday.
12:03 pm
ten states up for grabs. the race to watch is certainly in ohio. mitt romney and rick santorum are locked in a tight battle for this key swing state. we find carl cameron in zainesville, ohio. hi, carl. >> reporter: hi, there, jenna. ohio is certainly the race to watch, the one that's been most contested between rick santorum and mitt romney. the 4-plus delegates are more delegates for the republican nomination than have been available in all the preceding consequences. tomorrow is the most consequential day. mitt romney is campaigning across ohio today with a big burst of wind at his back. his victories last week, all told five consecutive races he's won in a row. romney is not making a heck of a lot of mention of his rivals, he is spending his time attacking president obama. he says here in ohio a state high schoolee been very hard hit
12:04 pm
by manufacturing job losses and unemployment he is the only candidate amongst his rivals that spent most of his professional and adult life in business. that is a message resonating. in all the polls he is in a virtual tie and in a couple ahead. rick santorum not giving an inch in this state. he has had a lead in ohio, has seen it erode, recognizes that he is being vastly out spent by measures six to eight to one by mitt romney. rick santorum has cited a ten-year-old op ed and interviews where he's done where in the former governor of massachusetts was urging the president to learn from the healthcare plan that romney initiated with a mandatory participation clause. santorum said that is exactly what the obama administration did and it has to be stopped. >> one of the most basic issues in this campaign is trust. can you trust someone when they
12:05 pm
say they will be a strong principled conservative, believe in free markets and free people, stand up for limited government, reduce the deficit not add huge entitlement programs. >> reporter: and santorum went onto say, and somebody who would impose an unconstitutional mandate for people to get healthcare in massachusetts that ultimately has been embraced by the obama administration for the affordable care act which has a mandate in it. can't leave out ron paul and newt gingrich. newt gingrich looking for a big win in the state where he started his political career. he's up there by double digits. ron paul was in the super tuesday caucus state. he could pull off a victory in north dakota.
12:06 pm
when independents and democrats are allowed to vote ron paul has a lot of advantage. jenna: it's really nice how you timed the bell. it adds something to the live shot. we know religion is a big theme on the campaign trail this day. >> reporter: we can thank the presbyterian church across the street here in zainesville. jenna: i like it. we'll talk to carl later today. thank you. jon: right now they look like war zones here on american soil, parts of nearly a dozen states demolished by one of the worst tornado out breaks we've ever seen. take a look at the scene right now in alabama. homes and buildings shredded by a swirling funnel cloud that was wider than ten football fields. so structure untouched in the appalachian foothills of eastern kentuckys. winds 130 miles per hour ripped
12:07 pm
homes and buildings apart. in tennessee at least three women were killed there. the death toll across the entire region stands at 39 people. meteorologist rick weymouth live in henryville, independents. >> reporter: jon, yeah, now snow on top of this storm damage, which is so remarkable to see this kind of storm damage and then snow. that's because this tornado outbreak happening in early march. very unheard of. this will likely be the most widespread and biggest tornado outbreak ever for the month of march. typically you see these things in april and may and june when it's a lot warmer. because we are still in winter we ended up with snow here. that is making matters difficult for the people, 26 homes without power. now they are having all of the cold temperatures to deal w. the images are pretty dramatic and jaw dropping. we've been showing so much, it's become such an image of this tornado outbreak that school bus that's been tossed into that diner right there.
12:08 pm
you'll also notice a bobcat that is out here. you're starting to see a lot of workers and rescue teams out here, the red cross, salvation army, a national disaster team. in addition to the bits of progress that they are beginning to get here we are getting more and more stories of people's lives that were impacted, and the fatalities. there's been the one story this week that everybody has been tolding onto of angel babcock, the 14-month-old infant found alive in a field far from her home. her parents and her brother and sister, a 2-year-old and an infant baby, she was all killed. she was alive and yesterday the extended family had to make the decision to pull her off life ahh port. that is in a town around ten miles from here. the same tornado cut through there, here and went to a town called marysville. an ef4 tornado. a woman in hollywood to shelter
12:09 pm
her two children she ended up losing both of her legs. while we have the death toll at 39, some of the injuries certainly quite dramatic from the tornado outbreak as well, and those are all of the thins that they are having to deal with and come to terms with from this tornado outbreak from early march. jon. jon: so many people have been focused on the story of little angel and yet she survived the tornado but eventually lost her life. such a sad story all the way around. rick weymouth, thanks. jenna: new information on the battle over mandates for free contraception coverage in health insurance plans, the debate ramping up on both sides playing out between the white house and new york's newly ordained cardinal ticard cardinal, timothy dorlan. >> reporter: remarks followed another call on saturday by
12:10 pm
cardinal dolan for the obama administration to wind its exemptions to the new rule on contraceptions. dolan credited the effectiveness thus favre the messaging by democrats and pro-choice groups. >> it was slick and it worked in trying to recast this as an issue of contraception instead of religious freedom. that is something, and that explains some of my remarks today. our priority has to be constantly the protection of religious freedom. >> reporter: meantime georgetown university law student and repro duct tiff rights activist sandra fluke who received a call from president obama on friday received on saturday an apology from rush limbaugh, amid advertisement pull outs. he expressed regret. he says for over 20 years i have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week. in this instance i chose the
12:11 pm
wrong words in my analogy of the situation. i did not mean a personal attack on miss fluke. my choice of words was not the best and in an attempt to to be humerus i created a national stir. i apologize to miss fluke for the insulting word choices. larry in massachusetts tweeted me, quote, curious, a peak into obama, he calls fluke but not the parents much the murdered border patrol agent. then she added, carbonite drops rush appalled with the word slut. one final note the white house confirmed that it had reached out to barnard college to offer president obama as a commencement speaker. barnard accepted. jenna: interesting, james, thank
12:12 pm
you so much. the story we'll continue to follow. jon: think about this as you get ready to file your taxes, undocumented workers in the u.s. illegally not making enough money to pay taxes, so why is our government giving them cash as child tax credits? a live report on that controversy. and what a difference a day can make, especially when it's super tuesday. voters in ten states head to the polls tomorrow, 419 delegates up for grabs. we'll take a look at what all this could mean in the race for the republican presidential nomination. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ delicious gourmet gravy. and she agrees. with fancy feast gravy lovers, your cat can enjoy the delicious, satisfying taste gourmet gravy every day.
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really? and the unique zipwik tab targets the blood and pulls it in. wow! look at that! and you can get these strips for a $15 monthly co-pay simply by joining the freestyle promise program. alright! looks like i'm going e te jon: republican candidates are scrambling for any last minute advantage they can find ahead of super tuesday. leaders of the party are hoping that the ten-state extraffi extravaganza will crystallize
12:16 pm
one frontrunner. bret baier the anchor of special report joins us. ohio is the prize that these candidates really want to win tomorrow. at the last poll that we saw essentially the two frontrunners, mitt romney and rick santorum are tied, right, bret? >> reporter: jon, it's very close here on the ground in ohio. i just talked to local political experts here and they really think that it's a toss up between romney and rick santorum. newt gingrich also has some support in the southern part of ohio, but it's believed the top two really could be either one of those two candidates, and that is a big deal. ohio, as you know, is the biggest swing state in the general election and it's a key state this time around for super tuesday. tennessee will also be a state that could be very tight tomorrow night. jon: we should had up the results of a recent quinnipiac poll that shows how the four frontrunners stand, and romney and rick santorum are
12:17 pm
essentially died. romney at 34%, rick santorum at 31%. who has the momentum. >> reporter: over the past couple of days on the ground people think romney has picked up some ground, especially in the suburbs around the major cities here in ohio. now, clearly, the upper ohio river valley where there are industrialized centers. you have akron and canton, and they border where rick santorum was a congressman. his district -- and a senator obviously in pennsylvania. that tends to go towards rick santorum. however he has a bit of a problem in that he didn't qualify for some of the district there, the congressional district on the ballot, and so he wouldn't get the slate of delegates that goes along with the congressional districts. there is the battle right now. it's very tight. here in cincinnati we'll have our show tonight and talk to local panelists to give you a sense of writ is on the ground.
12:18 pm
jon: super tuesday is a day that shakes out the wheat from the chaft, a lot of candidates have to drop out after they don't do well on super tuesday. do you see that happening as a result of of the votes that are coming tomorrow? >> reporter: not unless newt gingrich loses georgia, and all indications are that he's going to win georgia. the polls going in vary, but 14, 15 points up, ras muse an rasmussen as it by 10. if he lost georgia gingrich himself said he wouldn't be a relevant candidate. i don't see how someone gets out unless there is a lot of pressure by one side of the party. it seems like there may be some coalescing behind romney in the party itself, especially if he wins states like ohio and tennessee. jon: this four-man race likely to go on for at least the near future. >> reporter: definitely. you can see a scenario where super tuesday plays out and
12:19 pm
really even muddies the waters even further. ron paul doesn't appear like he's going anywhere. he campaigned in alaska. he could do well as carl mentioned in north dakota. one more thing, jon, the healthcare issue here in ohio, it's a big deal. these why rick santorum is talking about it at every stump speech. if you remember ohio as a state voted against the mandate of healthcare. they voted for union benefits, but against the healthcare mandate. jon: it's going to give you a lot to talk about on special report. bret baier thank you. tune into special report, 6:00pm eastern special show tonight from ohio. thanks. jenna: new information now on a federal loophole that is causing quite a storm of controversy. illegal immigrants getting tax breaks from the federal government, receiving refund checks that are costing you billions of dollars. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more on this.
12:20 pm
>> reporter: should we cut checks to people enter the country illegally. republicans tried to end this tax break to pay for the payroll tax cuts. senate democrats said know because it would hurt working families, illegal or not. illegal immigrants can't work in the u.s. lawfully, nor can they get a social security number. yet uncle sam is giving them billions, up to a thousand dollars forever child. >> in addition to the fact that you owe nothing to the irs at the end of the year the irs is actually going to send you money back. >> reporter: undocumented workers are generally not eligible for tax credits but in 1996 congress failed to prohibit their use of the child tax credit. today it pays illegal immigrants $4.2 billion a year, up 400% from just five years ago. >> we all benefit by this small, relatively small amount of money helping these families and helping them get up and out of poverty. >> reporter: the credit is worth about $1,800 a year per family.
12:21 pm
85% of latino, earning about $12 an hour. >> no family is going to pick up from mexico or south america and come all the way up here, try and get across the border for this small tax break. isn't going to happen. >> reporter: a treasury audit says differently. quote the payment of federal funds through this tax benefit appears to provide an additional incentive foray leans to enter, reside and work in the united states without authorization, which contradicts federal law and policy to remove such incentives. >> you are having people who are working here illegally, taking jobs that should be in the hands of american workers who desperately need them right now. >> reporter: latino advocates say many illegals pay into social security and medicare. therefore they deserve the tax credit for their children, some of them are u.s. citizens. but some say some are taking credit for children that are citizens of mexico. jon: a guy convicted of murder
12:22 pm
in 2004 collects $30,000 in taxes in prison. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
12:23 pm
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jon: new information on some crime stories we are keeping an eye on right now. families of some of the students killed in the 2007 virginia tech shooting rampage are suing the school. the wrongful death lawsuit says the university waited too long in alerting students after the first students were killed. 32 people along with the student gunman died. a desperate search underway right now for the university of wisconsin student eric duffy. he disappeared early saturday morning after leaving a bar where he celebrated his 21st birthday. convicted killer anthony chopper garcia could be facing new charges behind bars. police say he frau fraud eventually received $30,000
12:26 pm
while serving a prison term. he made headlines after a tattoo of a crime scene was used as evidence in his 2004 murder conviction. jenna: the president saying a short while ago that the united states will always have israel's back. mr. obama is meeting in the oval office with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu discussing opens for dealing with iran's nuclear program. we've talked about a lot of these options. we talked about the sangs. we've also talked about threats of military action. but the question we are raising today, is there a third option? is there something else we should be considering, another option on the table perhaps? our next guest says, he think there is actually truly just two coursers of action. aaron miller has advised six secretaries of state. he joins us now. aaron, everything that is out there is on the table. do you believe that? >> i've devoted my life working for a half a dozen sec of states through diplomacy. i don't think it's terrible plea relevant right now. there is no grand bargain between the united states and
12:27 pm
iran. the issues that dived us are fundamental. unless you can change the character of the regime and it's nature to acquire a weapon it seems to me that there is going to be more confrontation. the question is how best to delay, retard and ultimately prevent teheran from acquiring a weapon. nobody at least to date, and these two guys meeting right now, aren't going to figure that out, at least today. jenna: why not? >> well, because the prime minister would like a green light from the president. if israel deems it's in its national interest to attack iran tomorrow, or by year's end he wants the president to say, okay, and i will have your back. and the president wants a red light from the prime minister. he wants the prime minister to give him more political time and space to see whether or not sanctions will work, and ultimately if they don't he'd probably like to convince
12:28 pm
benjamin netanyahu that america will act military in order to prevent the israelis from doing so. i just don't think either man is going to get that from one another. jenna: can we believe what they say? and the reason why i bring this up is that the president has said over the last couple of days, we had israel's back in different forms, he's made that comment. we can't forget what happened a couple months ago. four months ago the president was talking with nicholas sarkozy and according to reports they had this exchange where nicholas sarkozy said i cannot bear benjamin netanyahu, he's a liar, and the president says, you're fed up, i have to deal with him every day. that was the big story towards the end of the year. and so you wonder, can they actually work together? is that a reality or is it not? >> well, you know, it's interesting, because this is as rocky a relationship as i've ever seen. and i've watched a half a dozen presidents and prime ministers in iraq. the president thinks the prime
12:29 pm
minister is probably a conman, and the prime minister believes the president is bloodle s*es and emotion until knee detached on the issue of understanding israel's security needs. jenna: are either right? >> reporter: i'm not sure they get along. but in the service and interests of a much more important enterprise, which is the health and viability of a very special relationship, i would argue even with this dysfunction that their relationship is too big in a sense to fail. and it's going to be imperfect. it's going to be messy. but sooner or later they are going to come to a common consensus and agreement on how to deal with iran. if you ask me to bet my mortgages right now i would say no israeli attack between now and the end of the year. >> why? >> reporter: because i think the israeli public opinion is divided.
12:30 pm
benjamin netanyahu is a very able and smart politician but has never proved himself to be a risk taker. and this is a fairly large role of the dice. and right now, even though the israelis believe this is a war of necessity, no one else -- well, the united states, their most important ally still believes right now, in march of 2012, this that is still a war of discretion. and the question is whether or not the president will be able to convince the prime minister to stay his hand, on the assumption that if and when it's necessary america will act, and will be able to act in a way that israel simply can't. jenna: aaron it's fascinating to talk to you. you've mentioned that you've dead stated your life in advising six secretaries of states. what is your advice to either of these two gentlemen? >> a lot of bad advice in there,
12:31 pm
jenna. keep that in mind. i wish i could say i had a hundred percent track record. look at the end of the day it is an american national interest to stop iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. it's a game changer. it will make an already convoluted, complex and combustible middle east so much more volatile. at the end of the day if sanctions don't work, if the regime is not over thrown, and if diplomacy, however slim a chance it has, can't fix this problem, then it seems to me the united states will act and will act military. jenna: aaron miller nice to talk to you today, sir and we look forward to have you back. >> pleasure, jenna, take care. jon: a wave of tornadoes flattens entire communities leaving a landscape of utter discussion. the latest from the fox extreme weather center as the cleanup goes on and some of these victims have to deal with the indignity of snow on top of the wreckage. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
12:32 pm
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jon: preparing for what could be another round of deadly weather in the midwest. so many communities dealing with utter devastation right now after a series of powerful twisters left a trail of destruction and way too many deaths. now skies are clear, but that could be about to change. janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the fox cast, janice. >> reporter: so far we are dealing with temperatures that are really, really cold for the folks who are trying to
12:36 pm
cleanup. in some cases 40 degrees cooler than what they saw on friday before the severe weather outbreak. skies are quiet for the most part, jon. as we get into thursday, though we have a system that will move throughout region and then saturday we could also see the potential for severe weather. so we'll keep an eye on the skies certainly for all of those that are rebuilding, and cleaning up today. a look, we are seeing snow across the ohio river valley in towards the mid-atlantic, just light snow at this point. you can see the temperature difference, 31 louisville. again as the front moves through we were dealing with temperatures close to 80 degrees. this is a significant drop in temperatures, and with the windchill it feels even cooler than that, so people are, you know, really, really -- it's a hard time, and hopefully at folks at the red cross are giving them what they need especially when it comes to outer wear. that's what i'm concerned with, that people don't have the cold weather clothing that they reeled i need. for henryville over the next
12:37 pm
several days we'll see a warm up, watch a system move in on thursday. friday skies clear, but then heading into the weekend another system moving in and of course as we get into march and even april severe weather ramps up. that is going to be a concern. tomorrow, worried a little bit about the forecast for super tuesday, in all of these cities, but so far looking relatively quiet, except for boise, idaho where we could see snow flurries. otherwise clear skies for the voting on tuesday. there is some good news for you. jon: those folks in those tornado ravaged areas could use it. thank you. jenna: president obama is trying to strip tax deductions for oil companies. he calls them subsidies, there are tons of subsidies given to other industries as well. the question comes down to job growth and which industry creates the most jobs and therefore should be given a break. according to the argument. jim angle is live in washington with more on this. >> reporter: one way the president has dealt with high gas prices is to blame the oil
12:38 pm
companies for making too much money. even though the president concedes the price of oil is set on the global market, he's calling for an end to tax breaks for oil companies, as you said, though every other industry will continue to get them. >> every time you go to the gas tank -- or fill up your gas tank they are making money. every time. now does anyone really think that congress should give them another $4 billion this year? [chanting] >> of course not. it's out rages, inexcusable. >> reporter: analysts inside and outs independent he strao industry says it gets no subsidies. >> everybody else, that includes the manufacturers of solar panels, windmills. it includes newspapers like "the new york times." the oil companies get less than a benefit than all of the other manufacturers. >> reporter: they are aimed at
12:39 pm
creating jobs in the u.s. the oil industry says it does a far better job than other industries employing 9.2 million workers they say and paying relatively high salaries. the industry notes that it pays a 41% tax rate while other industries the president favors pay far less. >> that is compared to 26% for the average of all other standard & poors industrial companies. so when you look at some of the great companies today, apple computer, the largest company in the united states, they pay an effective tax rate, but it's about 15% less than what the oil and natural gas industry pays. >> reporter: apple for instance only employs 47,000 workers in the u.s. but the president wants to increase the tax deductions toes companies can claim. there is a report that eliminating tax deductions for oil companies would be likely to further raise the prices of gasoline as well as increase dependence on foreign oil. jenna: thank you.
12:40 pm
jon: it could be a major factor in the legal challenge to the president's healthcare law. why a previous opinion by supreme court justice anthony scalia could help attorneys for the obama administration argue their case. looking good! you lost some weight.
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you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. jon: the turmoil rock being the middle east getting very different coverage in the media. arab sphreupbg uprisings last year and the current conflict in syria sparking calls for the u.s. to get involved. but is the coverage different when it comes to iran? let's talk about it with alan colmes the host of the alan colmes radio show, and jim pinkerton, contributing editor and writer for the american conservative magazine, also a fox news contributor. interesting, jim, because, you know, nobody thought that libya might in some way inflict serious damage on the united states. iffy ran gets a nuclear weapon that is a possibility. what do you think about the coverage? >> exactly, that is what the media are having a hard time
12:44 pm
with, frankly so are all americans, that is over the last ten years in the middle east we've thought of three frames for the media. one is counterterrorism after 9/11. the second is nation building and democracy. a third is as you mentioned arab spring. and a fourth, the one that the media hasn't really come to grips with is iran. i think that by now we can sort of agree that iran is different than those other three, iran is sort of either as president obama would say like the soviet union during the cold war shal, or as a lot of republicans would say like natzi germany in world war 2 roam row. that is the debate. it's about does a major nuclear power emerge and can they be contained as president obama says or do they need to be uprooted as many of his opponents say. jon: at the huffington post michael calderon was essentially
12:45 pm
saying that reporters have been beating the drum for war against iran. have they? >> yeah, he points out for example that michael clapper the director of intelligence says iran is not about to develop a nuclear weapon, hasn't had that type of kret since 2003 and we hear the drums of war being beaten by people like liz chin aoefplt we should be duly cautious given the fact that we were being told iraq was a threat to the united states, iran, even the iaea as the huflg ton post called their own article has tam -pd down some of its early reports. i hear a lot of war talk. i think the president was correct to say yesterday that we really have to be saeuf to be careful about loose talk ta, about movement towards war, let's be careful about this type of rhetoric. jon: as soon as iran has tested a nuclear weapon then it's game over, in terms of whether we have the option at that point to do anything about it or not. >> that is probably correct.
12:46 pm
that's why they are having this almost sort of debate over what a red line is. does a red line represent nuclear capability, which arguably the iranians already have in terms of materials and so on, or does it represent actual weapons? i think the media is defaulting back to their basic support for president obama and saying, look, if president obama says that we need to be tough on iran and have sanctions, that is good enough for us. that leaves benjamin netanyahu on the other side. >> you say the media does that. you talk about the media like it's one entity, which is it not. you have all kinds of war hawks all over the media. you have bolton, cheney, people promoting the idea that we have to have a war. i don't know where this mono lit particular the media exists that loved obama and agrees with everything he said. >> john bolton and liz cheney are not exactly the media. they are figures in the media, you about if you compare it to "the new york times" or cbs, or
12:47 pm
any cable channel they are not the media, they are voices. i think the bulk of the coverage -- you wait and see after president obama and benjamin netanyahu had their meeting this morning the coverage will say that president obama stood strong and was decisive, and said i don't bluff, the media loved that quote. >> i think you will find a number of points of view all over the media, including the people i just mentioned and this notion that the media just is in the pocket of obama. we have a great pro-israel media that is likely to take the side of whatever israel wants to do or whatever apec suggests. it's almost anathema to say anything against what the government of israel wants. jon: we have to leave it there. thank you both. jenna: how does a news watch panel feel in the new studio? are they getting used to it? jon: i think we'll work this out. jenna: we are definitely getting used to the new studio.
12:48 pm
all we can think about is our long lost newsroom. how are they doing down there? do they miss us? jon did investigative reporting. we'll have their side of the story, next. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. we have to thank you for the advice on phillips' caplets. magnesium, right? you bet! phillips' caplets use magnesium. works more naturally than smulant laxatives... for gentle relief of occasional constipation. can i get an autograph? [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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jenna: new information on the legal challenge to the president's healthcare law when lawyers for the administration go before th the supreme court they are hoping a previous opinion by justice scalia will help them argue their case. shan and bream is here.
12:52 pm
>> reporter: the administration is using their words in its briefs. they are pointing to justice alaska le scalia's. supporters of the healthcare law think it's a winning strategy. >> the language that scalia uses really does support the constitutionality of the aca. even if scalia is skeptical of the merits of the healthcare reform law it will be very hard for him to get away from his own writings on this issue that do support the government. >> reporter: as you can imagine there are plenty of skeptics who doubt that any of the justices who belong to the so-called conservative wing will uphold the individual mandate, which would require every american to have health insurance coverage or pay a penalty.
12:53 pm
>> regardless of how the administration tries to frame their arguments, at the end of the day we are talking about a statute that is literally unprecedented in our constitutional history in terms of the sweeping expansion of federal authority, the potential threat to individual liberty, individual sovereignty. >> reporter: and there will be plenty of focus on justice anthony kennedy as well, he is frequently viewed as the swing vote on the current court. he has also held that just because something is purchased doesn't mean congress can regulate it. jenna: it is a huge story for this year. thank you for the update. jon: we are set settling into our brand-spanking new studio. a huge change. jenna: a huge change. jon: from the news ra newsroom. it was crowded, no windows, you continue see what the weather was doing. we were surrounded by the best news team in the business that
12:54 pm
works 24-7 to keep fox news number one and keep you informed. as jenna wondered, will our friends in the newsroom actually miss having us there? you know we are leaving? >> so i heard. i have to be honest, i'm going to miss the face time. >> you like being on tv? >> i love it. and i can't complain. >> i love when there is a camera right there and i'm trying not to look at it. >> i heard the bad news, i'm sorry to hear that. jon: are you really. >> i'm sorry to here that. your lights are the closes thing we get to the sun in the basement. >> jenna has spilled a few cokes on me since she's been here. it will be a lot cleaner. >> it's actually freezing down here. so the lights are the only thing that keep us warm. jon: that camera position right over there, you're right there, right there where we are. so you hear from your fans? >> yes, i do, every single day, even from the other pwraour owes. jon: you know we won't be down here any more? >> i'm devastated. jon: why? >> because my mom gets really
12:55 pm
excited when she sees me. she is not going to see me any more. jon: how does my hair look by the way. >> looks beautiful, wonderful and fantastic. jon: fantastic. >> must you get so close? we were never this close in person. jon: they like us. they really likes. maybe we'll come back. >> i hope so, i ream i hope so. jon: no they don't. jenna: we spill drinks on them, we freeze them, don't give them any windows and disappoint their mothers. that's what we've done the last couple of months. jon: i tell you what, they really are good natured folks because we kind of, you know, made their lives -- come phra indicate shall we say. how would you like a tv camera hovering over you 24 hours a day, or -- well two hours a day. jenna: a good two hours. we imposed a little bit on them, and it was nice to always ask our foreign desk the media desk a question, they would always answer. they were great team players.
12:56 pm
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jenna: our big snower hawaii today, hawaii's volcano is erupting, flowing lava, cutting a path of destruction that cost one island resident his home, jack thompson's home was incinerated. he had been evacuated an hour before the lava flow plowed down a hill. it blanketed the road in front of his property, burned his home to the ground. at one point, there were 1500 residential lots in that subdivision, now all those lots are overtaken by the kiluaua volcano. jon: wonder if you can get volcano insurance. jenna: good question. jon: thank you for joining us in our new home! high


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