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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> without insurance coverage, contraception as you know can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. >> bill: with the help of obama administration she is thought poster woman for government mandated insurance. should we the taxpayer be paying higher premiums for sandra's activities? we have a special report. >> i try remind folks, this is not class warfare,. >> bill: despite president's words, demonizing the rich is taken route in america. when did achievement become shameful? we will have a hard look at that ♪ turn the heat on me ♪ >> bill: karls jr., the hamburger franchise strikes again. what will your kids think about this? ♪ i like it hot.
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>> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor starts right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. do you want to pay for other people's activities? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo? this woman, sandra fluck, three year student at georgia's law school. pay for her sexual activities. she said that to congress. >> i attended jesuit law school that does not provide contraceptive coverage in student health plan. without insurance coverage contraception as you know can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. for a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that's practically an entire summer's salary. >> bill: let me get this
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straight, ms. fluke and i'm asking this with all due respect, i am. you want me to give you my hard earned money so you can have sex? is that what you are asking for? good grief! here is how it breaks down. obama care mandates that i have to buy health insurance. i have to. and because female contraceion is included in all the plans, my premiums go up a small amount. and i can't opt out for another plan under federal order they are all mandated to offer the same things. now, yesterday the senate tried to pass a bill that would outlaw certain mandates like contraception in certain situations. but it was defeated 51% to 48%. senator olympia snow was the lone republic that voted against it three supported the bill, manchin, robert casey. let's get back to sandra who clearly wants society to pay for her activities. why then won't the government pay for my activities?
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for example, i played college football, the government should have bought my equipment. my helmet. shoulder pads, cleats, because if i don't have those things on the field i might get hurt. and that might cost society a lot especially if i don't have the money to pay for my hospital stay. so surely the taxpayers should have poniedied up for my football activities. you have see, this is all a ruiz. i don't care what sandra fluke does. she san american. she is entitled to do whatever she wants as long as she doesn't break civil law. i don't want to pay for her recreation. this is madness. the progressive movement totally ignoring reality is defining this exclusively as a woman's health issue. but there are health implications for everything we do, including eating a burger. it is misfluke herself who is responsible for what she does. not me and not you.
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this is all part of what the obama administration is trying to do. regulate the freedom of americans. the president even called ms. fluke before a tv appearance. >> you were in our green room getting ready to come on and the white house tells us we can reveal that you just got off the phone with president obama. >> yes, i did. >> the stakes have been raised pretty high but what did he say to you? >>, you know, he encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of american women. >> bill: but what about the concerns of americans in general? now, forced to buy health insurance who don't want to pay extra for sandra fluke's social decisions. ms. fluke is unconcerned. >> i think this is about women's health. that's what it's always been about for me and that's what it's about for the many many americans who are emailing me
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constantly telling me how important it is. >> bill: no matter what i say sandra fluke and those who spater her are not going to listen. sex is a potential health crisis. what goes on in everybody's bedroom. i don't think i can make it any more vivid. this is a freedom issue. my freedom as an american is being enroached upon. the obama administration is trying to force me and you to pick up the tab for what people do in their private time. in europe, this happens all the time. in denmark the government will actually pay for people to take drugs. they will give folks heroin. that's called harm reduction. the dens believe if you give addicted people drugs they won't commit crimes to get the money. back to our wallets in this country, progressive politicians like barbara boxer is trying to make this a gender issue and to some
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extent it is. there is no condom provision in obama care. at least not yet. >> and these men are waxing eloquent about birth control and the fact that, oh, it's it's a moral issue with them and they don't think women should have the right to have it. not one of them suggested that men shouldn't have their viagra. we will put that aside. >> bill: oh, come on. viagra argument is another canard. nobody is saying american women should be denied insurance coverage if something is physically wrong with them. that's what viagra covers for men. this is bs. by the way nobody is denying birth control either. it's on sale nearly everywhere. if the obama administration wants to be gender-neutral, they will have to figure out a way to pay for male activities. we have already covered football. let's see, men need to be physically in shape. so why don't we pick up gym memberships, that's a health issue, right?
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america became the strong ers country pardon the pun on earth because of self-reliance. we the people are allowed to decide how to live our lives. we used to be encouraged to work hard to achieve what we want. for centuries the feds largely stayed out of what people did in their spare time on n. their bedrooms and on vacations but no longer. now the progressive co-losses is commanding payment for sandra fluke so she can go through georgetown law school with a healthy active social life. higher insurance premiums? forget about it sandra and million of other american women have many things they would like to do on our tab. that's the memo. in a moment, we will have reaction from janine turner and leslie marshall. and, later, why are rich americans now bad people? how did that happen? we'll have a special report in just a few moments. all energy development comes with some risk,
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, reaction to memo sandra fluk. janine turner who writes on her web site. jose marshall fox news contributor. you know what i don't understand, leslie and maybe you can explain this to me. the sense of entitlement that sandra fluke has. you have a young woman. georgetown law school. very expensive place. she is going to be, you know, successful if she works hard
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in the marketplace and then she is standing there telling americans, you know what? you have got to help me out here. have you got to pay for my social activities. just think the sense of entitlement is outrageous. where am i going wrong? >> well, the way she presented it i wouldn't disagree does come off a bit that way. where are you going wrong bill is this. this is not about sex. this is not about morality. it's not even 100% about women's rights. this is about money. the bottom line and costs. it's cheaper to pay for prevention than it is to pay for pregnancy after the fact. unwanted pregnancy, welfare, wicca. >> i'm not going to argue that point because it absolutely has validity and this may shock you, leslie, you are not saying something that's wrong. here is where you are going wrong, all right? >> okay. >> bill: planned parenthood gives out this stuff and a lot of other clinics that gives it out. if all of the progressives in america feel so strongly about this fund those places so that sandra can take the t in
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washington metro god down to metro dump out her hands and they will dump a bunch of pills in it every month or whatever she needs. i don't want to be involved in that. the catholic church doesn't want to be involved with that if it is that mandated that this is what the progressive community feels is best for society that we eliminate unwanted pregnancies and abortions that go along with it, i'm with you 100%. do it privately. you have the apparatus set up already. do it there. go. >> well, but there is also racial disparity when it comes to out-of-wedlock pregnancies, bill. it keeps women trapped in poverty. >> bill: you can't go down to planned parenthood? some reason you can't go? >> no. >> some guys on the right have their way planned parenthood would have no funding. >> bill: some guys on the right some phantom people. leslie, you know i'm right and you know i'm making sense. >> if you guys want us to go to planned parenthood fund that. >> bill: fund it privately, open your clinics and give
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sandra fluke and everybody else as many pills as they want. janine, what say you? >> well, okay. i think a lot of things. first of all, i think that the liberals have spun this whole issue -- they have taken it from the usurp patient government ledge just liberty which is where this all started and they have successfully taken this to contraception. you know, i think the liberals are like cimps the way kidnapper seduces a child hey, would you like a little bit of candy and we have become this entitlement society and the sacrifice is liberty. patrick henry used to say give me liberty or give miah death. and what i think is really dangerous about in this country bigger picture here is we are becoming give me liberty and give me give me. our country was built with our hands at work not with our hands out. >> bill: you have a sense in this country and a lot of people because president obama he may be reelected. this is not, you know, everybody thinking that the obama administration sandra fluke is crazy. we have whole television
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networks that are cheering them on. but the sense of entitlement i don't understand because i wasn't raised that way. all right? i don't understand the sense of entitlement like, okay, i have a social life, people. i have a social life, people. and i want you to pay for it. okay? >> bill: i'm going, what? i went to college, i didn't have any money, sandra. i didn't have any money. somehow i got by. somehow i painted houses so i could buy whatever i had to buy. but not for sandra. no. she wants it covered by the government. and this is driving me crazy, janine. how did that happen? >> me too. >> i think it's very very dangerous. give me liberty and give me give me. here is the catch. we can't have liberty and give me give me. you know,. >> bill: obviously 16 trillion-dollar debt if we doubled it to 32 maybe we could do it. janine, i think you see the point here. we are not trying to put anybody down or ruin san collapse social life, all right? we are saying this is crazy
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out-of-proportion, leave american taxpayers alone and spend their money on important things that are vital to the nation. go. >> yes. we are not feeling antigovernment. no, no. we don't feel anti-women is antigovernment. >> bill do we want to pay now or pay later? that's the reality. >> bill: so now you have fallen back on the cliche that i just destroyed. >> no. you did not. you did not. >> bill: having you set up a private apparatus where you have clinics. you already have them. planned parenthood. you just blew that off and go back to your cliche if we don't pay for people's birth control there are going to be babies all over the place. i just told you you don't have to do it that way. provide privately what you are saying and you just blow it off. leslie? >> well, there are many of us, myself included that do write checks to organizations that help people on a private level. but i do think that as a society, it's our responsibility to look at the best interest of health. that's why i add condoms to this bill because then we could reduce sexually
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transmitted diseases such as h.i.v. >> bill: let's add condoms and let'sed a club medicine vacations. you have got the pills and the condoms you have got to get them together. let's get that in there and cruise ships. got to go for the cruise ships. single cruise ships. how about the law student cruise ships. organizations that have carnival cruise line pay for it. >> okay, sure. >> that's the point. >> bill: what good are the condoms and the pills if you don't have people coming together. come on, have you got to do it. >> if the government can do this, where can the government stop? we have over 300 million people. over 300 million people, i don't think we have a problem getting them together, guys. >> bill: okay, leslie. we should have -- it's too much of a burden to do this. we don't have enough money. let's do it from the government point of view. >> give me, give me. >> bill: wealthy americans being demonized with that becoming a major campaign issue, adam corolla has some
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thoughts. lou dobbs on whether the obama administration wants gas prices to go even high tore promote his green agenda. dobbs up ahead.
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, if mitt romney does secure the republic nomination the debate will be based on class warfare. president obama saying he represents the folks and president obama is a member of the dreaded wealthy class. according to some polls, against affluent americans is rising. joining us now from burbank, california. adam corolla does commentary on a daily pod cast. do you see the attack on wealth in america getting worse, mr. corolla? >> yeah. >> it's horrible. >> it's horrible. it's envy that has turned into
5:21 am
resentment that's turned into anger and essentially shame. it's psycho dynamic which is i wish i had that guy's expensive car, big house, whatever it is. then the next feeling is shame. i can't do. i'm not smart enough. i don't work hard enough. and then turns to anger. i'm going to throw a rock at that guy's car or his wife's fake boobies or whatever it is i can hit. it used to be the other way around. you would see a guy in a nice car and you would go hey, son, if you work real hard you can get a nice car like mr. jenkins, now it's all out the window. the fault of the wealthy as well. they are not even acting wealthy. mark cuban walks around in cargo shorts and flip-flops and a t-shirt. >> i don't know if people want to act wealthy. that's like thurston powell iii on gilligan's island. >> howled the -- howell the
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third, thank you. >> bill: when i was grofing up achievement was respected, mostly. >> i don't mean lighting a cigar with a $20 bill. people paying a ton in taxes saying, hey, shut up, i'm paying my fair share. as a matter of fact, you want to actually take that term fair share and really break it down because if all of us are sitting at a dinner table and there is 10 of us and the check is 500 bucks, i'm already paying 350 bucks. that's way more than my fair share. >> bill: here is what the pew research center found in january took a survey. 46% of americans believe most rich people are wealthy mainly because they know the right people or they were born into wealth. your uncle got you the job and you really didn't earn it. that's half the nation. how did that happen? >> ited convenient. it's easier. because if you just said well, it's hard work, and it's intestinal fortitude then next
5:23 am
time you looked in the mirror you would see a poor guy with a bad work ethic and no intestinal fortitude. it's easy to do the daddy money, rich uncle. it all makes it easier because it lightens the shame burden on them. >> bill: it gives people who aren't in the circumstance which they would want to be in an excuse why they are not there. >> sure. it's like high school. remember you were in high school and you go that guy got an a because the teacher likes him and i got a d because the teacher has it out for them. >> bill: i knew i was stupid -- i saw other kids doing what you say. this is interesting. the people i see work hardest are immigrants. people from other countries who don't build in that excuse. they are going i'm glad i'm here because in pakistan i would never have a chance. now, if i work hard, i might be able to get a nice house. that mentality, when you talk
5:24 am
to people who have just come here recently and lasts maybe 10, 15 years is markedly different than the people, americans who are not doing well in school and are not prospering in the workplace. i think people ought to understand that i will give you the last word, mr. corolla. >> you are right. we have lost the eye of the tiger. we are not hungry anymore. i mean our grandparents or great grandparents, whoever came over here in a boat came over here hungry, ready to roll their sleeves up and get to work. >> bill: now it's literally true. we are not hungry anymore because we know we can get the birth control pills for free. the government is going to send it to us and that's the way it is. we appreciate you coming on mr. corolla. nice to have you on the factor. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. energy secretary cheefn chu says he doesn't want gas prices to go lower but now is he backtracking. lou dobbs on that. karl's jr. strikes again. swimsuit model now eating burgers, yeah, sure.
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we hope stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] speramus meliora;
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>> bill: factor follow segment tonight, secretary chu testifying before congress saying the bush the obama administration doesn't want to lower gas prices. now he is he clarifying. >> we very much want to not only slow the price but reverse the price of increase in gasoline if one reads my entire statement, it was very consistent with that. >> bill: okay. not quite but that's all right. we are not going to quibble. joining us now from santa fe, new mexico former energy secretary under president clinton governor richardson. is there really anything a president can do to control the oil companies from charging what they want to charge? i mean, for example, we have supply, plenty of supply in the u.s.a. right now because
5:29 am
of the warm winter. yet, the speculators and iran and all of that, they are doing what they do and the american oil companies kind of take advantage of that and jack it up. is there anything the president can do? >> well, a president has very few options. and i think the president obama has been honest by saying there are no easy fixes. there are some short-term things you can do. one, the strategic petroleum reserve. what we have done in the bush administration we didn't sell barrels but we put them on the market that's one thing. >> bill: explain to the folks. you didn't sell them you put them on the market for bid and that drove the market price down? is that what that did? >> it did, yeah. it did drive it down, bill. in those days we were talking about 28, 29, $30. it drove it down for the short-term a little bit. you can also try to control speculators but that's very difficult. you can say you are going to try to control price gouging
5:30 am
at the pump. that's difficult. one thing i did, which had mixed success but was criticized was i went around opec countries to the saudi arabias and i said, look, have you got to increase production because the price is too high. consumer countries are hurting. but you really don't have too many options. >> bill: all right. but, look, do you have some options though. look, in new mexico in your state, you know people have to drive. you are in a rural state. sometimes people drive a long time to go to work. stores aren't everywhere in your state they need gasoline. you also live in a poor statement. new mexico is not an affluent state. this takes from the people who are on the margin anyway. i say, look, the oil companies are basically setting a subjective price. it's not objective price. it's not supply and demand. it's plenty of supply in the u.s.a. right now. they are taking into all kinds of things calculations. if i were the president, i would be calling them, in all
5:31 am
right? like john kennedy did to the steel manufacturers in 1960 and say, listen, have you got to give the country a break. you are going to send us back into recession. you can't be jacking it up as high as you possibly can because there is only seven or eight of you and you are in collusion on the anyway. you have got to give us a break. would that be the wrong thing to do. >> no. that's good. i like your new populist tone. i think that makes sense. >> bill: not new. >> job owning, call them in and say look, you get $4 billion in subsidies, we are going to take them away unless you give people a break. and the oil companies, what they say, unfortunately is, look. it's supply and demand. we can't control the price. yes, making -- >> bill: that's bull. they can control the price. they can't control what they pay pay in opec had when they import. they can't control. i understand that the price is the price on the world market. right now there is plenty of
5:32 am
supply here think don't need to buy right now. they are looking down the road a year. and they are also exporting now to china. american oil, refined here and found here. it's going to china and other countries. 4% of it now. and when you were energy secretary it was no percentage. that didn't happen. the oil companies do have and correct me if i am wrong, they have room in the pricing. >> they do. and they could do more refining. they could do more renewable energy. they could take a number of steps. look, the way the president is talking makes sense. we need more diversity of our energy supplies, increase fuel efficiency in our vehicles. diversify our transportation sect. renewable energy. mandate 20% renewable in every state. i think the key, bill, is natural gas as a bridge vehicle. find a way to move to natural
5:33 am
gas, which is plentiful, which is clean, make it a bridge to renewable energy. increase oil and gas production. and this administration has done that there is increases in oil and gas drilling in the united states. >> bill: that was all done under bush and then it came to fruition under obama. the drilling allowances were half what they were before bp. but, look, here is the bottom line on this. chu comes in earlier this week and says, you know, we really don't want to drive the price of oil down because the higher it gets the more of what you are talking about, natural gas and other alternatives, the more attractive they look. now, is he backtracking it, okay, fine, everybody makes mistakes, whatever it may be. but you can't do the alternative energy unless it's there, governor. solyndra. we reported last week about abound solar in colorado. putting billions of dollars and they are going bankrupt because the technology is not there. i say president obama has got to be more aggressive with the oil companies, i think you are agreeing with me here and i
5:34 am
will give you the last word. go. >> i think call them in, that's a good thing. with the solyndras, bill, the problem is china is subsidizing their solar companies. we have got to be competitive. chu has been a good energy secretary. he is he a scientist. 60% of the job is managing the national labs. you are not an energy czar per se. what is he saying is that we need to diversify our energy splice. he has done a lot of great work on batteries and fuel efficiency. >> bill: let me correct you on china. china doesn't have a 16 trillion-dollar debt, okay? because they don't provide services for their people like we do. so they can afford to do a lot of speculation that we can't afford to do and i think the private sector can compete with them anyway, governor. nice to have you on the program. good to see you. when we come right back, lou dobbs on whether he believes the obama administration is telling the truth about gas
5:35 am
prices. tiger woods and kate upton dominate the dumbest things of the week@@
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bill political thanks for staying with us. i'm. >> bill: o'reilly. in the lou's the boss segment. governor richardson is the former governor of new mexico, i should point out but the former energy secretary under bill clinton. he says the same thing. they all say the same thing. it just shows. no disrespect. i don't think any of them know how to solve any problems in these areas. >> they don't know how to solve the problem and at the same time conform to their ideology and their partisan bias and perspective. this president understands surely as smart of a man as he is what has to be done. you said it at the beginning of our inquiry issues on
5:39 am
energy. you said job dog on issue to begin with bring ceos in and talk with them. >> bill: richardson agrees with that. >> did he it himself. >> why in the world is his president not doing it? he has already put himself in a box because is he antibusiness. is he anti-capitalism and the fact of the matters straightforward situation in which we have got a half a trillion dollars being ripped out of the economy because of excessive speculation, because of just utter inefficiency and our distribution system. this president understands it. and he should understand that no matter what he does with payroll tax holidays and all of this nonsense is not each going to come close to matching that number. >> bill: if he knows the problem. been around three years hasn't done anything. speculators, ladies and gentlemen, they can pass a law that says can you buy oil future you can got to take
5:40 am
delivery. have you got to take those barrels. that takes the wise guys right out of it and basically makes it much harder to be a speculator. what would be wrong with that. >> not a thing. the fact is that a year ago this time. just, well, end of april. people forget gasoline was $4 a gallon. what happened? the cftc started threatening reducing those margin requirements. then the mimex did raise those margin requirements. >> bill: speculators have to pay more. >> exactly. >> bill: in cash for what they're dial? >> crude oil went from $115 at the end of april last year to 7 a by september. >> bill: same excuse last year the turmoil in the middle east, right? >> exactly. >> bill: same excuse and this and that but, again, i get a lot of letters from conservatives who say president obama doesn't want oil prices low. he wants them high so that he can get in i don't know why is he not doing the natural gas thing. do you know why is he not
5:41 am
doing the natural gas thing? >> because it doesn't fit with his policy? >> bill: what's the matter with natural gas. >> not a thing. it's a great idea. the greatest amount in the world. >> bill: cars can run on that, right? >> well, we have got a lot of conversion to do and create a lot of fueling stations. it is a longer term prospect than many would suggest. the real issue is crude oil is sitting there waiting to be exploited and produced. why in the world would we not do that? when we are -- >> bill: environmentalists don't want you to wreck. that's why, right? any other reason. >> at $105 a barrel, bill, take two environmentalists station them on every well. put them on every gas station and you have still got plenty of room. >> bill: i'm not arguing. i'm saying this is the mind set of the present administration. not going to be aggressive in building up america's fuel system because they want to go with this other stuff that doesn't work yet. >> it doesn't work yet. it won't be universally
5:42 am
available. best 20 to 30 years from now. fossil fuels, no matter how much this administration and the left want. >> bill: always going to be there. >> absolutely. >> bill: now they are going to have earnings for the last quarter soon. i guarantee you the oil companies are going to have record earnings. i guarantee you. i know they will. >> bill: i will look into my crystal ball and say yes they will. >> when they do and i report it, they will still yell at me that i'm being unfair to them and i'm saying the american worker is suffering but you're making record profits. why don't you just pull back a little bit and bring it down? >> look, you want these companies to be profitable. you want us exporting oil. you want however, the american consumer to be participating in that prosperity. i want to create that trust fund. >> bill: like palin did. >> not palin. it was done 35 years ago. >> bill: she negotiated a pretty good deal. >> she did negotiate on one
5:43 am
round. that was funded 30 years ago. use that as a basis and everybody -- i just listened to what you said. >> bill: thank you. >> it was worth waiting for. the fact of the matter is that would give every citizen an opportunity to participate. >> bill: check at the end of the day. >> from the oil companies. that's our oil. >> bill: all right. well, have you been calling for that i am calling for that today we had these terrible tornadoes all across the south and midwest. is that going to jack up the oil price even further? >> not at this point. we have looked where these tornadoes are headed right now. northeast, moving northeast of new orleans going -- you know, outside right now, the band of refineries. right now there is no effect. but we're going to watch it closely and hope for the best for all of those people. >> you are not going to hear next week the oil companies raise another dime a gallon because of the tornadoes. not going to hear that. >> i'm not going to say that because in a year and a half we have seen the price of. >> bill: everything. >> there is a squirrel in the
5:44 am
refinery plant. >> just one quick interesting note. we have seen future contracts, the speculative market rise by 16% in the last two months while demand has dropped by 6%. that gives you a clue. >> bill: lou dobbs, everybody. he is a genius. you know it dumbest things of the week. tiger woods cued up. dumb is next. well, online dating services can get kind of expensive. so to save money, i've found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. five foot ten... still doing a little exploring. but... my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. getting a weave. there's an easier way to save. who wants some ronald tonight!? who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. chocolate lemonade ?
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, dumbest things of the week. five guy greg gutfeld and arthel neville. arthel has chosen a strange story. new book says golfer tiger woods at one time wanted to leave the pro-tour to join the navy seals.
5:48 am
>> specifically, in regards to being a navy seal, [inaudible], during the height of your career was that something you were considering. >> i have already talked about everything in the book, yes. i have already commented in the book, alex. >> i must have missed you answering that question. >> well, i have already commented on the book. is that in the book? is it in the book. >> i haven't seen the book. >> [inaudible] you are a beauty you know that? >> bill: i don't get it why didn't he just sean the question? >> i see it as he doesn't want to really give any more publicity to this book, i think. >> bill: he just did now i'm doing it in dumbest things of the week. >> i know. i see what you are saying answer move on and it's over. we don't talk about it again. this guy is trying to make money off of tiger. we know tiger has a great respect for the military. his father is with special forces in the special forces in the army. he went to navy seals camp in coronado in 2007.
5:49 am
he did a walk and talk. few rounds of shooting range. never considered to be a seal. end of the story. i don't blame him. get over it. >> there is a misunderstanding here he wasn't fantasizing about being a seal. he was fantasizing about being seal because he married to heidi klum. >> bill: gutfeld that may be dumber than not answering the question. >> thank you. >> bill: woods hates the press. i don't blame him. they worked him over. is he going to look for any excuse to call you a nimrod or whatever. a beauty. gutfeld has selected a 3rd grade math quiz which asks very unusual questions. go. >> the blood thirsty aliens then sucked the blood of 828 teachers and left them for dead. shocking. >> parents are shocked over
5:50 am
these math problems that were sent home with 3rd graders at the trinidad center city public charter school. here is one about cooking african-americans, americans and indians. >> she put the people equally into nine enormous ovens to bake. how many desperate people were in each oven? it's the holocaust. it's too horrific to even think about. >> bill: all right, gutfeld. here is the thing. the teacher is now fired. that's the update to the story in washington, d.c. the idea creative, bad judgment. it's a great way to take word problems and try to figure out a new way to do that for example, if you incorporate "the o'reilly factor" and i have a word problem for you. if bill o'reilly says not buying it five times while showing tape of a victoria secret commercial for 10 minutes, how many not buying it per minute are there? >> bill: did you get that? i didn't get that. so, you are saying, gutfeld. >> her judgment was awful, awful judgment. >> bill: not easy to really
5:51 am
disseminate what you are saying. >> i don't feel alone then. >> bill: the teacher did this to try to get the students interested in the problem, get their attention. >> picked horrible horrible examples. >> bill: 15 people in the oven is no worse than your slap at the factor, no worse. >> did you slap at the factor? >> bill: he did it in his own little way. >> not so subtle dig at him. >> bill: his own little red iowa. >> the only reason i wanted to do this story. >> bill: carl jr.s is a burger joint. they hire good looking women to eat their burger. they believe young men go down and wolf down the burgers. the latest is kate upton, go. ♪ i've got a fever ♪ an inflammation that ♪ you turn the heat on me ♪ i like it hot.
5:52 am
>> call out the engine ♪ ring up the station. >> the classic just got a whole lot hotter. >> that's dumb. >> bill: ever see anybody eating a burger in the backseat of a car? well, gutfeld has. >> many times. >> bill: what college did you go to again? >> i went to berkeley. >> bill: there you go. that's where you will see it. >> i think you are doing a great service to america by showing that. you ought to watch it over and over again. >> bill: i argued with the ceo who was on this program you might get the dopey people like gutfeld to buy your burger. families are not going to like it. >> i don't like it, you know why? i don't know how many burgers i have eaten i don't like and i have never looked like that eating burger. >> it's beautiful. >> bill: pinheads and patriots on deck. president obama taking a beating late night over gasoline prices. p and p just over two minutes and change away as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
>> pinhead and patriots with president obama taking a beating over the symbolism. you tried to asan saba saba over attacking president obama but he stuck with policy. basing objections to the policy on christianity. president obama says she a
5:56 am
christian so the question to santorum is important. what is the difference between the two men's belief systems? and from ohio, despite the tough questioning, santorum answering honestly without creating sound bites for the democrats. "you were softy, why not ask him about contraception." because i asked that last week. if you miss it assume we are country. we always are. >> david, from california, "my parents spent the winter in mexico and upset with you because you are talking about the violence and i came back and had no problem." >> i took a cruise and they discouraged passengers from taking tours on their own and they canceled an excursion in order to recollect us. just have to report the truth. >> and now, from italy, high oil prices are not a supply issue,
5:57 am
speculators are drawing the price higher. i am tired of you blaming president obama and the congress for spending. time to blame the people who voted for them. >> from rhode island, excellence talking point about the exploding gas, democrats are doing nothing and republicans are not showing urgency. >> how about a bolder, fresher cruise with you and miller? >> let me get this straight: you want to go on a cruise with miller in and you would pay for that? >> beverly from springfield, illinois, we are disappointed you have chosen chicago over abraham lincoln's hometown, springfield. that is not a long drive. you can win right you there. the evening show is sold out on june 23rd but ticks are available. and indianapolis is the older,
5:58 am
fresher spot, so please check it out. from north carolina, my students are enjoying "killing congress," and though would like to listen to "killing kennedy," when it comes out. thank you for introducing my students to the book. "killing kennedy," is more of an adult book because of the controversial books we are reporting so students should have to read it after the parents. >> and now, liberal late night tv. >> i read a police officers say that because of the economy, more thieves are stealing gas from parked cars. novembers say they have not been able to put gas in.
5:59 am
all now gas stations are going to put in security guards? we are the ones getting problems. i understand nbc bought a gas station so they could see the numbers going up. >> rating references there. >> you can decide whether they are pinhead and patriots or and that is it for us tonight. check out the talking point memo this quite, quite extensive, and if you came in late you will want to see it, go right over there, and it is poeted. and if you would like to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, name and town. thank you for watching us tonight. please remember, the spin stops right here. we definitely


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