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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 10, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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looking out for you. >> the anointed one compared himself to teddy roosevelt this week. tonight, one says why he thinks the president is acting more like hugo chavez. why are some presidential hopefuls passing on a debate moderated by donald trump? >> they want me to give up the possibility of doing the independent run and while it's not something i want to do, it's not something i'm going to give up. >> have they aokay any sleeping giant. >> and an an alternative still rise within the field? there are bold predictionors iowa and new new hampshire.
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and expert analysis on the 2012 polls. >> what do you do if you are president who is plummeting in the policy and re-elect day is quickly approaching. for many of barack obama's supporters is to he radio mind him about his accomplishments. so what's left? how can a president, like president obama, mount a credible re-election effort? according to charles, this week we got a preview of the administration strategy, and that is class warfare. divide americans at any cost, pitting the heartless witch against the courageous working class and on tuesday the president called on all those greedy 1%ers to start paying their fair share. >> i believe this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot.
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when everyone does their fair share. market only works when there are rules of the road that ensures competition is fair. we are greater together when everyone engages in fair play and everybody gets a fair shot and everybody does their fair share. a tax code that makes sure everybody gets a fair shot. a fair shot, a fair share will require all of us to see that we have a stake in each other's success. >> that was charles pointed out this week. and he sounded more like hugo chavez, charles said. enjoying me now fox news contributor, the one and only charles krauthammer. >> happy to be here. >> why don't you explain. for him to actually pretend that he's in that progressive
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tradition, he was basically saying, as we saw rate there, the reason the squeeze is on for the mental class, the reason we have a bad economy, the reason america has a sense of decline is because of the malice of the very rich. and the diagnosis is quite absurd. we all know that the causes of this recession and the malase is very deep, it has to do with the out of control debt, it has to do with the bubble in housing that was in large part accelerate bid people like obama who in were trying to push unaffordable housing on people. and globization, the increase in the cost of medicine, aging population, you can go through a whole list of reasons that america and the west are suffering from economic problems. and, of course, he says it's the 1%, it's agreed and mallas, and
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it's simply not plausible but the rain he does it is because it gets him off the hook. that way he doesn't have to speak about the policies of that not succeeded and he doesn't have to defend his stewardship of an economy with stagnate economic growth and with huge amounts of debts which he has increased at a draw matt kick historic pace. >> it's amazing, charles, to watch him, the evolution from hope and change into slash and burn and republicans want kids with autism and the elderly and kids with down syndrome to fend for themselves, they want dirty air, dirty water. is he going to be able to do this successfully? i will assume the republicans will show obama then and then him today. i don't believe he will get a pass this time on this, will he? >> and i think also there's basic resistance in the american tradition to this kind of crude
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populism, where you blame everything on what he's now calling what the mill loss pers of the occupy wall streeters are calling the 1%. americans don't envy the rich, they want to become rich traditionally. it has a certain appeal to the left, but that's about all it is. and if that's what he runs, and i'm not sure he has any other appeal, so it's kind of a desperation move, i don't think it succeeds, in fact, you are right, there is also a double irony here because remember, how did he come to the attention of america? in the great speech he gave in 2004, in which he presented himself as a uniter, blue stage, not red stage, not white america, not black america, and now he has completely contradicted that by saying the essence of america, understanding america, is to say there's a 1% and there's the rest of america. and that's a division, it's an old one, has sort european
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socialist traditions, it's not native to america. and i'm not sure in the end it really works. >> you said traditionally, and it's not native to america, which you just said here. there's been a financial demographic shift, charles. you see it. you write about it, you talk about it. and that is now 47% of americans pay no federal income tax. none seven americans on food stamps, over 50 million americans rely on the government for basic assistance. so are we get to go the point where the tradition that you are talking about may be shifted because people will vote in themselves, elected officials, that will give them or continue to give them the benefits? >> well, i think you are right. we are sort of constructing a social safety net or an entitlement state which would create a larger numbers of people who are so dependent on the state, that they might be conducive to this kind of message. but i do think that there's sort
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of a bedrock sense in america, kind of a common sense and understanding of what holds society together. that this kind of crude division of classes, or the very idea that the reason that some people are in distress is because hedge fund managers are raking it in, even if you confiscated all the money of all the plutocrats, it wouldn't make any difference. the transfer of wealth won't eliminate poverty. it's been tried in all countries across the world. europe is an example of that and europe is imploding in front of our eyes. we have impair cal evidence, we have the american tradition and all of this militates against a large scale acceptance of this premise. >> let's talk about the republican primary. we are only a few weeks away. the intensity level is very high.
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candidates are now running negative ads against one another. it seems to me we all know the strengths and weaknesses of all the republican candidates h there is no for candidate, but i hope they all keep their eye on the ball in this sense that obama is weaker than all of them, and you can pick any one of the republicans their vision is certainly, in my view, better than the vision that barack obama has and i think the country will be better off if they focus on obama's record. any advice for the candidates in general? >> i'm not sure of the first premise you said, they are all weaker than obamaism think we are underestimating obama's ability to win next year. >> oh, i'm not saying that. i was saying specifically -- what i was saying was that if you -- i can list the attributes and maybe some weaknesses of any of the republican candidates. we all know what they are but i
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think obama's policy are far weaker and potentially more dangerous for the future of the country. >> i agree, but you have to have a candidate who can make a good case. what is so interesting about all the polls is that if you run a generic republican against obama, obama loses just about every time. once you start to put a name and a face on the republican, it's close or obama wins. i mean he's ahead in almost all the polls over newt. he's slightly behind, generally speaking, or about even with romney. but the fact is, and the democrats understands this, if next year is a referendum on obama, he is done. the objective is to make it a choice. so if it's a generic, then it's a referendum on obama. you want a candidate that's as generic as possible, i think, because that's the way to succeed. if the issue is the character or the history or the ideas or the lapses or anything about the republican, to whatever extent
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it is, that diminishes from the weakness of obama and the fact that if it's a referendum on him he loses. so i think you've got to be careful and assume, and not assume that because the record is so bad, and because, as you said, the policies he's advocated are so unpopular you can nominate anybody, no, you've got to nominate a good candidate. >> i agree with you. i don't underestimate barack obama's ability to win re-election. everybody should take his candidacy seriously. but i really believe that whoever is nominated, it's going to be slash and burn and it's going to be a billion dollars of negative ads and if they don't have information they will make up and say republicans, that candidate wants dirty air and dirty water. so it seems six to one, half a dozen of the other, and its inevitable for whoever gets the contamination. >> i agree with you. it will be the dirtiest campaign in american history but that
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means you have to prepare for it. >> charles, good to see you. enjoy your columns and love seeing you on special reports. >> thank you very much. it's a pleasure. >> and the always outspoken businessman has responded by kicking a wide open run for the white house. and how the gop field stands nationally in new hampshire, south carolina, and we will analysis from our pollsters. friday edition laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in.
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running for president as a republican is now considering running again, but this time as an independent. donald trump, he stated today, quote, the american people are embarrassed by the gridlock currently taking place in washington. i must leave all of my options open because, above all else, we must make america great again. helping to drive that decision could be the fact that only two gop presidential candidates have agreed to participate in his debate. as a result, the event may be scrapped. but why are the other candidates so afraid to participate? trump told our meagan kelly he thinks it's because they are threatened by his potential white house bid. >> one of the problems we have is they want me to give up the possibility of doing the independent run and while it's not something i want to do, it's not something i'm going to give up. >> joining me is ms. powers and
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kevin. guys? i'm thinking, especially if my poll numbers around where gingrich and romney are, i want all the airtime i can get and i think an event with donald trump would be high profile. what's the downside? >> kevin and i were actually talking before we came on the air. i don't understand how donald trump all of a sudden became the king makener the republican party. i'm a little puzzled by it. it makes total sense to me the republican are saying no to him and now the idea that people go up to donald trump to kiss his ring, i don't -- it's just puzzling. i don't understand it. >> i'll give you my take on it. >> okay. >> when he stepped into the race, look, i think he surprised a lot of people and his poll numbers were pretty good. number one. number two, i think he's an outspoken advocate for against obama. somebody that is rightly pointed out that america is in decline and it need not be in decline. and i'm looking, for example, look at the numbers on the
12:17 am
economy just come out today. over the summer the average family lost $21,000 in wealth under this administration's economic plan. >> lots of people are critics of the obama administration. i just don't understand why he is a person that all the republican candidates are supposed to be -- >> i'm trying to look at it objectively too. i'm not overly impressed by some of the people who have run these debates. what's the worse that could happen? i suspect trump would probably do it differently and i think he would probably exceed expectations. he would probably let them talk and have bells and you have to stop after 30 seconds. that would be my guess. >> here's the bigger problem, though, sean. is that he would be the center of attention. >> not necessarily. >> well, he would. look, that's what he does. he's very good at making the focus of any conversation about donald trump. and this is a critical time for these campaigns where they have to be out -- the king makers,
12:18 am
they want to be talking to right now are the kingmakers in places like iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and florida. so it's very important for the campaigns to have a focus on those states and the message that will motivate and persuade those voters. i would disagree with the idea he's considering running for the -- as an independent. i think he's always considering talking about running as an independent because it will get him a lot of attention. >> all right. but putting all of that aside, these are serious economic times. we need -- we obviously need some change. here are the latest economic numbers. the last 38 straight months we've had deficit spending. $4 trillion and new obama debt head today $5 trillion. the average u.s. family lost $21,000 in the last six months in terms of their net wealth because obama, he promised he would lower the deficit, create jobs, that he would stop the economic bleeding. he was inheriting the worse
12:19 am
economy since the great depression. he can't run on those policies. he has to run negative now. he has to be not hope and change, slash and burn. >> yeah, i think you accidentally left out, sean, that the unemployment rate dropped to 8.6. i'm sure that was an accident on your part. i think that the economy is in a slow recovery. it's obviously going to be a major issue in the campaign. people are not happy where the economy is. but i do believe that it is in a slow recover and i and it is turning around. the question is whether or not people want to stay with obama, stay on this course or they want to take a risk with somebody else. >> kevin? >> well, look, i think that people in chicago right now and president obama himself are looking at this upcoming contest and they are terrified at the idea that this is going to be a referendum on his job performance and the economy. we are looking at a billion dollars enterprise that is solely focused on only disqualifying whoever it is that the republican nominee is and
12:20 am
that's an unfortunate position for this country to be in right now given the state of the economy. 8.6 percent unemployment is not good, and i think the people that are feeling that out in america right now, the idea that their president is going to run on disqualifying the other guy versus providing a vision for the country, that's the big problem and that's why i think the republican nominee has to make this a referendum on president obama's performance. >> i agree with that and we will give you the last word. sorry, kjirsten. and we are going to ask the republican candidates which was the best shot of taking down the anointed one in 20120. and rick santorum joins me to talk about his strategy for victory and much, much more. sms before me,
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campaigning hard and explaining why they believe they are the best candidate to take on president obama in 2012. newt beginning has solidified his lead at frontrunner at this time. according to a survey, 38% said they would support gingrich. romney is holding steady in second place, 28%, and ron paul
12:25 am
has 12% in third. and join us to give us some insight as to where things currently stand in new hampshire, south carolina, florida, republican strategist, john, and a democratic pollster also. good to see you. >> thank you. >> let's look at iowa caucuses, and this is the time poll that came out. gingrich in iowa, 33. 20 for romney. paul is doing pretty well, 17. romney up in new hampshire, 35. 26 gingrich, 17 paul. will the attacks that are inevitably coming tomorrow in the debate and then thursday right here at the fox debate, how big an impact are they going to have maybe moving the poll numbers? >> i this i it's hard now because you only have 24 days and you have christmas and new year's over this interval. remember four years ago romney was doing well winning iowa and then huckabee blew by with him
12:26 am
with an ad with a christmas tree and cross on it. i've been in iowa with forbes. you have to remember 100,000 people on january 3 are, cold night to spend four or five hours there, they are three quarters conservatives, two-thirds born again christians, they want a positive campaign and i think newt has been really disciplined in giving them a positive issues campaign. >> and interesting, everyone is piling on him. he said today, whether he will keep this strategy up or not, i'm going stay positive. but they have to be thinking, they have to be prepared to punch back a little bit. >> it's really hard to go negative in this atmosphere right now. the republicans are united we want somebody other than barack obama. >> i would have to agree, the republicans are anything but united, you have newt surging, you have romney tanking, you have anybody but the mitt train gathering more and more. >> let me stop you -- no.
12:27 am
>> no. >> wait, way, let's go back to 2008. it's almost immature the statement you are making bus. >> you know what -- >> let me finish. this happens in every primary. >> this is unique. >> the exact thing that happens over time. >> look what happened, they went after trump, they went african else and christie, and then it was perry in the race, bachmann in the race, cain. >> and hillary was ahead and bill clinton said they played the race card on me and planned it from the start. did you forget that? >> obama and hillary, two sides of the same coin, different personalities but different policies. right now there's a battle for the heart and soul. the republican party. gingrich will win iowa, romney could tom in third, and gingrich goes into south carolina and florida blows it away and ultimately self-destruction because newt cannot help himself. >> wait a minute. i will say this, obama can really help himself.
12:28 am
mr. hope and change, dirty water, dirtying air, mr. positive, mr. i'll cut the deficit in the half, mr. unemployment will be below 80%. mr. navy corpsman. i find this offensive that the guys on the left, they just cannot help themselves -- from the very beginning -- >> hold it. >> but obama is so strong hanging out with bill ayers. >> and the republicans think it's a weak field because they are still look for another candidate. >> look at the money. >> there's one candidate -- >> no, there's one candidate that can beat barack obama, and he is doing a brilliant job and it's barack obama. gingrich is only 6 points behind but he's well under 50. all those undecided, they want to vote against him. >> last time newt gingrich was on the national stage he shut down the government -- >> okay, that's a lie. >> did you read david axelrod's
12:29 am
talking points before you come on? because you sound just like him. >> no, and he doesn't consult me and i don't consult him. >> you you have an environment u could have a three way race because somebody like bloomberg could get it. >> bloomberg is not getting in. >> i know, but. >> there's a third line on the ticket. no question about that. >> '92 you had a recession and you had 'perot. chances are the republicans are going to be united and the question is when barack obama looks beatable -- >> the majority of people in all four of those states, north carolina, iowa, new hampshire and florida, the majority say they may change their mind before the election. the election is four weeks away. >> they will pick a candidate that will beat barack obama, because he is saying we want this one we want this one. >> you poll the republicans, they are more likely to say they would rather stick to their far right principles than beat obama. the more conservative you are, i don't care, i'll stick to my
12:30 am
principles but this country -- >> not a center right. >> it's a center right country. 41% of the country identify as conservative and 2 is liberal like you. your definition of far right -- you think obama is a moderate, don't you? >> i think easter left. >> so easter. >> but he's not a far right guy. >> the last word. >> obama's policies are failing, he's the worst president since hoover. we are insecure right now. you know what it is? they don't know where the guns are that eric holder had, they don't know where the money is. they don't know in iran has a nuclear weapon, and they won't lift a finger to create a single job in this country. >> listen, i want dirty spare dirty water and old people thrown over the bridge. >> i want -- i want -- >> the teacher. >> you know what? you are a broken cliche. you are so -- have you not
12:31 am
learned anything? >> i am the 99%. >> that's because no one wants to hire you as a pollster. >> that's the nicest thing you said to me all night, sean. >> obamas' spending doesn't create jobs, tax cuts do create jobs. it's time and again. >> as we go to break, let me finish some of my dirty water. >> you better recycle that bottle. >> i'll recycle it. here, you take it home. >> thank you. >> and coming up, some conservatives are look for a gop candidate. and rick san tore rum is asking for support. he will join us next. i'd race down that hill without a helmet.
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it raised more than a few eye browse since in '0 he backed mitt romney. i sat down with rick santorum to talk about his strategy and much more. senator, how are you? >> i'm doing great, thanks for having me on. >> you have to be excited, you picked up a big endorsement today, secretary of state schultz. big for a couple reasons, number one, his position in the state, and he's a guy that supported romney the last time? >> yeah, we are very, very excited. naturally interesting. he came and defeated a democratic incumbent in iowa for secretary of state and he ran a campaign very much like mine. in fact i worked with matsui in his campaign. he ran a grass roots effort and surprised everyone. he organized people and it a great job. he's a young guy with a great young family, and it's a real dynamic endorsement for us. he has a great following in the state. we feel this is just another indication that, you know, our
12:37 am
presence in the state and the time we've paid there and the vision that we've khan communicated to the people of iowa is starting to catch on. >> you spent a lot of time in politics. republican party has its history. that is they always go to the next guy. >> yeah. >> doesn't seem to be working out this year in that there really wasn't a next guy and it seems wide open. there's been a lot of fluctuations in the polls. what do you make of it? >> people are locking for the, you know, the authentic conservative. someone who they can trust, that's going to stand by their principles, someone who is a person with courage to be able to fight that fight. we've got huge problems, sean, and i think people are just going through in their role decks of candidates and trying to figure out is this person the real deal. do they have the courage? do they have the integrity? do they have the authenticity? does their track record back up what they say they are going to do? and i think as a candidate has risen and fallen, i think people have come short of the mark.
12:38 am
and our hope is obviously that between now and january 3rd that people are going to take a good look at us, look at the bold plan we've put together to grow this economy and the solid leadership i've provided on senate security issues and say, you know, this is the kind of commander in chief, this is the kind of leader that will stand up and make the kind of changes that are necessary in washington. >> there's been a big controversy over the fact that donald trump is hosting this debate. and i don't really understand it myself. governor romney, jon huntsman, ron paul, they are not going to participate. you are going to be there, newt gingrich is going to be there, i assume a couple others will be there. but i'm like why -- what's the big deal? you know, if donald trump is going to ask questions or anybody wants to ask question, why not have the forum, why not participate? why do you think there's been so much controversy about it? >> it's not like we haven't had people who are moderator who have tried to inject themselves into the debates before? i think people are worried
12:39 am
donald will do that. what's new about that? at least he will share similar paw netcally that some of us, newt and i, already share. i don't have a problem. people think he may try to take over the show. newt and i are big boys, we can handle ourselves and we will be able to make sure we can get our answers out. >> and you actually did a lincoln-douglas sort of town hall with newt already. a lot of people -- i thought you performed very, very well in the debates and you conducted yourself. you haven't gotten into too many battles. the battle with rick perry over immigration and little skirmishes, but you get along with newt. he's viewed as a really good debater but you want to get your view out. if i was running and i wasn't leading in the polls, i would want to take advantage of any opportunity i can get to get a national audience. >> absolutely and that's why, as soon as the invitation came out, we saw newt immediately accepted, and we needly
12:40 am
contacted news max and said we are in. look, i would be very happy if it was just the two ofs over there in iowa debating. we feel that we match up well against newt. look, i wouldn't be in this race if i didn't think we were the best candidate to lead this country and to win the race, that we had the strongest credentials to defeat barack obama in the swing states that matter. i happen to come from one. and that we have what it takes to lead this country. >> how important is iowa for you? it's very well-known, i mean, you are known as a family values, conservative candidate. and historically and traditionally this is a state that has agreed with people that have your position. how -- what are your expectations? what would they be? what do you need to come out of iowa and say, all right this, is going to jump start our campaign. >> i am someone who believes in the centrality of the family. it's the first economy of the country and it's essential if we are going to have a strong
12:41 am
economy we have to have strong families and have policies to promote and strength hen the family. i think that message regular natures well in iowa and everywhere. most recognize how important that issue s i don't think i'm an iowa-only candidate but i do agree with you it has appeal to folks in the heartland. we think we will do very well. we are running, i think we are tied with rick perry and statistically tied with michele bachmann in iowa right now. i think most people don't think we are going to do all that well. the pundits, as you know, have pretty much written us off. i think we will surprise a lot of people. we're not like newt or mitt romney that have to finish first. we just have to exceed expectations. we will get a big bump, people will say this is the alternative conservative, this is the true conservative in this race and hopefully we go into new hampshire, which is in my end of the country, the northeast, and we will do a lot better there
12:42 am
than people predict. we spent a lot of time in new hampshire, have a lot of great support up there and if iowa can provide the spark, there's plenty of tinder on the ground to burn brightly. >> thanks for being with you. >> thank you. appreciate the opportunity. >> and let not your heart be troubled. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. plus veggie nutrition. i was in south korea. i was in germany. i was in iraq. i think the hardest transition as you get further into the military is... you know it's going to end one day. and that's why i'm doing the job i'm doing now at chase,
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>> tonight on our great american panel he's the founder of world, analyst for the christian network, ryan mauer is here. and todd starnes is back. she is a fox news contributor, nina easton is back with us. illegal immigration has become a big issue. newt surprise add lot of people, said you have been here 25 years, you go to church, have kids and grandkids here, you know what works he probably won't send you home. we know the position that mitt romney, he's actually taken two sides of it. perry on the immigration, in
12:47 am
state tuition. here's romney today, though. >> the people who have come here illegally should not be treated with favoritism in becoming permanent residents or citizens of the united states relative to those who have waited in line patiently in their home countries. so that's the principle. that's the principle and for those who have come here illegally, they might have a transition time to allow them to set their affairs in order, then go back home and get in line with everybody else. if they get in line and apply to become a citizen or get a green card, they will be treated like everybody else them start at the back of the line, not the front of the line. >> what do you think? >> you have to do the full disclosure that my husband is a romney advisor. that said, i take a different view of immigration. we have 12 million illegal immigrants in this criminy it would be extremely disruptive to go back and have people somehow
12:48 am
stand in line. and let me scott a dear friend of mine, richard lamn, who is one of the most conservative people i know, who said when you are thinking about immigration, you have to respect the dignity of the individual, respect the rule of law, control the boarders, you know, and you have to prove to people that you have controlled the boarders. crackdown on illegal immigrants in the workplace. you have to respect human dignity and you have to respect families and that's a conservative value. with all the families who have been here for years and years, and we have not enforce it had. and democrats and republicans have not enforced immigration rules. >> which position will resonate more with the base that votes in the primary? >> i think we give them another 24 hours and we may get another position here. we have an old-fashioned immigration policy that mine is tougher than yours is going on. when you look at, i think romney
12:49 am
looked at gingrich's plan. it seemed to be met with approval. when you look at the fox news poll that came out today, most americans, over half of americans support newt's plan but only 19% in that poll approve of the plan that romney put forward today, sending everybody back home across the border, and then hoping that they are going reapply to get back to their homes here in the united states. folks aren't going for that. >> i think newt mitt romney wila lot of damage to himself because since the year 2000 the hispanic population of the united states has grown by about 43%. >> and we are missing 30,000 from libya, surface to air missiles. 30,000. and our borders are open, what is the likelihood someone can take one of those missiles or multiple missiles into the
12:50 am
united states and we wake up that planes in the united states are shot out of air? would that be so far-fetched. >> but that's different. and everybody we all agree there's a long ways to go to control the boarders. that's a totally different confrontation. >> i didn't finish my statement. >> okay. >> i would say to all of them, say i'll control the boarders first and we will deal with this second. >> that's what everybody grease. >> and we have the revolutionary guard active and in mexico we know some have come in across the mexican border. of course, the border has to be controlled first but then when it comes to immigration debate i don't think we necessarily have to grant everybody citizen ship but it doesn't mean you have to up root about 10 million people from the country either. >> what do you think? >> i think leak you said, securing the boarders is absolutely necessary. it doesn't really matter when your immigration policy is if we have mushroom clouds over american cities. so they have to crackdown on that and we've got to stop.
12:51 am
i just want a republican candidate who is consistent in what they are telling us. >> do you think any of them have been on immigration? >> well, i like what speaker newt had to say. i think it is that compassion national answer. i'm a southern baptist. richard lamn is a friend of mine, and i absolutely agree. he's spoken about that. >> nina, when you get home tonight, your husband who advises romney is not going to be happy with your position. >> we live in two different cities now anyway. >> okay. not going there. >> too much information. we will come back. more with the great, great, great american panel straight ahead. what makes scottrade your smartphone's most powerful trading app ? total access - to everything. from idea to research to trade. including financials, indicators and real-time streaming quotes. whether you check your investments every day or every minute, our app can take them from thought to trade. at scottrade, seven-dollar trades are just the start.
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we continue with our great american panel. i think all evidence is you have ron paul with a negative ad against gingrich, romney a negative ad against gingrich, and rick perry. he's obviously taken the frontrunner status. does that negativity work or does it backfire? how would you expect how would you advise newt to handle it? loaded question. >> well, keep in mind these have been like internet stocks, each of these candidates, frontrunners have gone like this. and most of them have self-destructed, rick perry, right, herman cain, and i think with newt gingrich -- >> i'm not convinced herman cain
12:56 am
self-destructed. i'm not sure -- >> how did he not self-destruct? >> i'm not sure i believe the allegations. i think he was under fire so long he couldn't continue. >> if he had the affair, show me the hotel receipts, the plane receipts and i will believe it. >> but you didn't have opposing candidates coming out and going after that. >> you don't think that came from another -- it's suspicious? >> absolutely. and i don't think perry is out of this. i think that ad that he put out this week on obama's war on religion, i think that was a home run. and i think it's resonating with those evangelical christian voters in iowa. there's a story that came out today that conservative christian leaders feel like romney hates them. that, you know, he hasn't come down to visit with them, to meet with them. the other candidates have. but he hasn't. so i think that -- >> let's run the romney ad. it's a pretty hard-hitting ad
12:57 am
and goes directly at newt, who is surging in the polls. >> i don't think right wing social engineering is any more desirable than left wing social engineering. >> but not with paul ryan. >> i think that is two big a jump. >> the house speaker dismissed the medicare reform plan put forward by congressman paul ryan. >> called it radical. >> that's as harshest criticism one could level at a republican. >> it's a character problem. >> he doesn't have the discipline that you want in a president. >> he is out and basically he is out in the left wing of the republican party. >> it's vicious. i think it will backfire if he use that is type of language up on the stage. i don't think he will. i think he will reserve that for the ads. but the best thing that could happen for newt is have all these candidates throw everything at him that obama or anybody else might throw at him at the election and have him answer all the charges right now
12:58 am
because then people will be more could have dent he can win. >> if you were his advisor, maybe it's an uncomfortable position to put you in, newt's advisor, and you would advice him tomorrow night. i would stay above it, answer the charges and smile. >> and then you won be newt gingrich. >> i think it's a myth that he has been undisciplined. after his campaign imploded in the summer, i think he has been very disciplined for him. >> for him. but he was undisciplined -- and it's not just undiscipline in the campaign. i have written about newt gingrich in a book, gang of five. i wrote about newt gingrich it fortune magazine. i've followed his career for a long time. he is, and as peggy said so eloquently in the paul street journal, he is brilliant, has brilliant ideas, but he's disturbing. and people who know him and have worked with him, particularly in the house when he was leader,
12:59 am
were very trouble, so trouble by his leadership that they wanted to get rid of him. so it's -- and it was undisciplined leadership for the idea that he's undisciplined just in this campaign. >> i asked him this question. i said how are you different? because i'm anybody but obama. if romney gets the nomination, i'm full-bore romney or gingrich if he gets it. i asked newt how is it different than when you were speaker. >> i'm a grandfather, i'm of i've found my faith -- >> do you think that's a good answer. >> i think it is. and the christian voter in iowa, you can't win iowa without their support. >> what do you think? >> the point i would make is especially the born again christians actually identify more with someone who has fall spend then redeemed themselves and gone through that process of getting closer to god as a result than someone who has been just okay all the time. >> then why didn't they embrace herman c


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