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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 10, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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friend, too. make sure to like fox news on facebook. thank you for being with us. we'll see you next time. until then, keep it here on fox news channel, the most powerful name in news. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> when they tamper with medicare, it almost seems as though the republicans have a death wish. >> shepard: do the republicans really is a death wish? newt gingrich's campaign has imploded. mitt romney says he won't compete in the iowa straw poll and donald trump is hammering paul ryan. what is going on. chris wallace and i will analyze and mr. trump will be here. >> weakness new york congressman anthony weiner admits saying and sending inappropriate things. >> the powerful woman side by side with hillary clinton right now as her husband's story and career seem to unravel.
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>> bill: how did the network nightly news seem to cover the weiner scandal. did they favor him? we'll have a special report. >> touch the bone chewed on by animals. >> bill: things looking worse and worse for casey anthony accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. will she be executed? geraldo with an i couldn't know date. nops the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. big shakeup in the republican presidential race. newt gingrich's campaign is falling apart. most of his staff has quit. and the former speaker is pretty much done as a serious candidate. of course, there is always a possibility of a miraculous come back but things look very bad for mr. gingrich who says creative differences led to the
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split. >> there is a fundamental strategic difference between the traditional consulting community and the kind of campaign i want to run. now, we'll find out over the next year who is right. >> mr. gingrich losing 16 employees. now, the situation is similar to fred thompson's presidential run in 2008. things just never got on track. also mitt romney says he will not participate in the iowa straw vote in august. you may remember last time around governor romney spent about $1 million trying to win that vote but came in second to mike huckabee. this time the romney camp says it will not participate in any straw votes that's because vocational issues dominate those situations not economics. mitt romney knows the only chance he has to be president of the united states is to convince you that he can turn the economy around. he can't run on social issues. so at this point with president obama's poll numbers falling, republicans still have not organized themselves to take advantage of mr. obama's weakness. you hear people say well, it's
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still early. it's really not. the summer is going to fly by and all the sudden the campaign is underway next fall. in order to compete each g.o.p. candidate will have to raise millions of dollars. romney may do that others may have trouble. president obama will raise close to $1 billion in his re-election bid. now, last night on the factor i interviewed herman cain, we will read some of the mail on that later and talk about the interview with chris wallace in a moment. mr. cain's candidacy is a very long shot. same thing with rick santorum and michelle backman. although the com woman should compete well in iowa. sarah palin looks like she is campaigning but nobody knows what the heck she is going to do. all in all at this point it is mitt romney's race to lose. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring the anchor "fox news sunday" chris wallace from washington to tell me where i am going desperately wrong. >> not wrong. slightly off course. i think you are right that newt gingrich is in trouble and
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exactly right that mitt romney is a clear frontrunner at this point. you overstate when you say that it's his race to lose. i think it's much more competitive than that and i think rick perry, if he gets, in the governor of texas, is a very serious candidate. and i think maybe slightly overstate the disarray in the republican party. look, until you have a nominee, there is always going to be differences. but the basic republican attack against obama on the economy seems to me to be pretty consistent, which is the idea that he did all of this stimulus. it didn't work. that the government needs to step back, cut spending, cut taxes, loosen regulation and let the private sector do its work. >> bill: who is in charge of the republican party? >> well, nobody really. >> bill: there you go. nobody is in charge. >> that's always true. >> bill: stay with me here. no, it's not always true. sometimes there are very strong heads of the national committee. this time there isn't. there is nobody in charge of the republican party. nobody.
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there is nobody in the senate who is dominant. there is nobody in the house, boehner is the speaker. yeah. he has got some influence in the house, of course, is he not in charge of the party. so you basically then have thief domes all over the place. you have got the palin thief dom. interview pawlenty on sunday. do me a favor with governor pawlenty. he has got to get a little trump in him. i'm telling you i like him. i think is he a good man. is he a patriot. he has got to get a little trump in him. he can't be going out. hawg hag again dawes can put his picture on vanilla. are we hearing that? the guy is invisible. you can't even see him. he has got to get a little. >> i think you have just given me a clip to use with governor pawlenty on sunday. i thank you very much for that. >> bill: okay. you use that, because he doesn't have a chance unless he ups his game and convinces people that is he
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actually a person who is a little teed off about things. >> he did up his game i think this week. maybe not to trump level. >> bill: for what? >> he unveiled this strong economic plan, massive tax cuts. >> bill: does anybody on earth know that chris besides you and the pinheads to live in d.c. no one knows it. >> no. i think you are understating. >> bill: who knows it. >> people are following this. >> bill: they are not following it, wallace. weiner wiped all of that off the face of the earth this week. nobody is following tim pawlenty. >> only pinheads in new york does he wipe it off the face of the earth. [ laughter ] >> bill: nobody know what is tim pawlenty's unveiling economic plan is, nobody. okay? >> i give the people of america and the republican voters more credit than you do but look, you are not mentioning rick perry. rick perry, there was fascinating. >> governor of texas is that's why i'm not mentioning him. he has no staff.
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he has no -- come on. >> all he has to do is get into the race and -- >> what? >> we're in june of 2011. wait until september. if he gets in the race, people will know who rick perry is. do you know that today the "wall street journal" had editorial. >> bill: i saw it? >> let me just finish. >> bill: all right. >> of all the net jobs created in this country. i didn't know, this since the beginning of the recovery in 2010. guess what percentage of them were created in texas? >> bill: almost 50. >> 37%. 250,000 of 750,000. that's a pretty good statistic. he has had -- no tax -- no state income tax. very favorable business climate. i mean, i'm not campaigning for rick perry. all i'm saying is there were other candidates out there. there is going to be a race. debate on cnn on monday. have a debate in iowa on august. these guys are going to get known.
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[sigh] the money factor is enormous. palin can raise moneyy. >> perry can raise money. >> bill: there is business oil money in there. i used to live in texas so i'm allowed to say that. perry has a compelling economic story as you just stated, absolutely. you know he is a relatively unknown guy nationally. don't know him. takes a while to really build up what mitt romney has. you know, where everybody knows romney. so, i'm saying i would like to see governor perry get in. i think it would shake it off what republicans are looking for and independents who lean that way is somebody to take on barack obama like trump took them on. see, trump didn't have really the basics that are needed but he did have the attitude, the attitude is very important this
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time, chris. i don't know if governor palin has that attitude. maybe. >> no. i think he is pretty tough. i think romney does. and despite your comments about tim pawlenty, i think he could as well as some other people. they can bring the fight to him. just remember, it is still, i know you say it's-o-that it's not early, that it's late. i disagree. there is a lot of time here and a lot of things that you say about perry or pawlenty and that they're unknown and romney is a prohibitive favorite. you could have said about barack obama against hillary clinton and exactly the same point four years ago. >> bill: that's invalid comparison because the media made barack obama. and the media in this country is not going to give any republican candidate the forum that it gave barack obama if barack obama had been a republican like herman cain he would be sitting in the senate right now. with. >> no democratic race they are going to be covering the race with some interest.
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>> bill: yeah, with this. this is how they are going to cover it with a knife. knife, knife, knife. >> tell pawlenty psycho to go on here with you. >> bill: pawlenty, i like him but he has got to get up. start banging tables together here. all right, chris, thanks very much. next on the run down, lou dobbs on whether the stock market is going to collapse. later, the aforementioned donald trump says republicans have a death wish. he will be here coming right back. at 190 miles per hour, the wind will literally lift ordinary windshield wipers off the glass. so, did we build a slower car? or design wipers that could handle anything? what do you think? the cadillac cts-v, the world's fastest production sedan.
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight. new fox news poll best describes the national debt? 47% say a crisis. 42% a major problem. 7% a minor problem and 3% primarily msnbc viewers saying not a problem at all. that is weighing on the market today. the longest losing streak in eight years. the dow has now lost more than 600 points since june 1st. with us fox business anchor lou dobbs see him at 7:00 on rbn armageddon here. >> no. what we are watch something a correction. this market had run up. we are still, right now, with all the expired six straight weeks of losses as you point out in the dow and the s&p 500. the longest losing streak in the last nine years. the fact is the dow is still up
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23%. the s&p is still up 1%. >> you don't sell. don't hang on. >> absolutely not. if you have invested in what you believe are good companies, stay women. this. >> bill: i only have like most henderson are out of the market. lost confidence in it. they think it's a con game with the day traders and they are out. >> we are waiting for contradictory evidence. >> the big mutual funds drive the pensions are. in here is the problem. high gas prices are taking its toll which is now president obama with all due respect to the president doesn't have a clue and you know that. he has no clue how to fix this economy. and that could lead to him being defeated in 2012. am i overstating that? he doesn't have a clue? >> no. i think when it comes to president obama, you are understating, in fact, the real issue here behind so much of what is ailing this economy and ailing these markets. and that's a lack of confidence
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in leadership. >> bill: that's right. so you have got the banks and big financial institutions have no confidence in president obama, no confidence in his economic advisors. so they are sitting on all the money. so there is no expansion, no hiring, consumers are paying way too much for gasoline. they have cut back on their spending and you are telling me i shouldn't sell my stocks? >> i'm telling you right now is a poor time to make a decision to sell stocks. if you have been in this market, why choose to sell now? >> bill: i'm not that kind of guy. i'm not looking at a rose outlook here in any way shape, or form. >> let be are clear. the choice that you make right now is to decide whether or not there is a better place to put your money in my opinion right now, there is not a better avenue to. >> commodities market? >> who are you going to sell your gold to? i don't want to get into an issue here as to who is behind what product. the fact of the matter is, equities historically are a better return.
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>> bill: so you say stay the course. i think that if -- when the election starts, when the campaign -- i still disagree with chris wallace. i think it's not early, okay? it's in the middle because of the accelerated 24/7 news cycle. the fundraising has to be enormous and all of that if it looks like a republican candidate is gaining traction, the market will go up in conjunction with that. >> i would have to say a, i agree with you, it is not early. right now it is late. we are watching a crisis unfold in washington, d.c. two political parties that can't come to terms on what is a very simple mathematical issue a 14.3 trillion-dollar national debt ceiling and we are now in excess of that ceiling. >> bill: they can't even agree how to cut. >> and there is -- on the part of much of the republican leadership, not all, as to assert fiscal responsibility. congressman paul line has put forth forward and the leadership of the republican party has plan
11:17 pm
stick with it first installment to returning this country to sanity. >> bill: after you i have trump. is he coming right up. he says ryan made a huge mistake on medicare you disagree with it? >> i absolutely disagree with it when it comes to fiscal matters i will stick to ryan and not with trump. >> bill: he is not going to like that. ryan is way too modest to do this -- lou dobbs is beating -- cnbc which has been on the air since the stone age at 7:00. all right? that's impressive. way to go. >> we're delighted to impress you. >> bill: i'm bullish on that. is that the right word. >> i like that. that's perfect. >> bill: you financial pinheads? directly ahead, donald trump is mentioned hampering the party over medicare. we will talk to him on the phone. then geraldo on a very bad week for casey anthony. good chance the woman will be executed. those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] bridgestone is using natural rubber,
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, even though is he not running for president donald trump is remaining in the political fray. >> paul ryan's plan, the timing of this plan was so bad i have happen to think the concept was bad, also, it almost seems as though the republicans have a death wish. when they tamp everywhere with medicare, which happens to be a good program, but there is lots of fraud and waste which we should take care of. but when they tamper with medicare they have a death wish. this is not going to happen. frankly i would protect medicare. >> bill: with us now on the phone from the 17th green in one of his 10,000 golf courses is donald trump. see, this is the difference between you and me, trump. i work for a living. you are out on the golf course.
11:22 pm
>> well, you see i can call it work because i own the course. so i consider that to be work. >> bill: what a scam. [ laughter ] >> what do you mean by trump doesn't have the basics when, in fact, i was leading in every poll before nbc offered me ridiculous amount of money? what does that mean? >> bill: you don't have the political organization and you are on the golf course seven days a week. all right? >> no i'm not. no, no, no. that's not so. >> bill: dwight eisenhower looked like a piker. >> very rarely do i play golf but i do love the game. >> bill: i'm glad. that means a lot. do you have any idea what the deficit on medicare is this year alone. >> the deficit is very large on medicare. >> bill: do you know how much it is just this we're? >> bill, the problem with medicare is not just the deficit, it's the fraud and the waste. >> bill: that's what obama said. obama said he was going to clean that up too, yeah, thanks. it's $40 billion just this year. and. >> how much of that is fraud. how much of that is fraud and
11:23 pm
waste? >> bill: about 20% let me ask you the big question. we have a problem with lots of different things beyond medicare. losing elections and going to lose elections all over the place there was no reason for paul ryan to come out with this plan so early to get awful his friends to vote for it and half of those people are going to lose their elections just as the woman from buffalo or upstate new york lost her election in a republican district where it was impossible to lose lose. >> bill: tactically -- >> -- there was no reason for him to do that. >> bill: tactically you are probably right. >> he is not a chess player. it was obama's problem. he came out early and now the democrats are smiling all the way totedz bank. >> bill: you say on your little youtube video. is that what it was, youtube? >> it was just a quick one because i have had thousands of people calling up for my opinion. >> bill: all right. so do i but i don't have a youtube thing. you are going to stand behind this program. this program has to be modified, donald it has to be. the deficit in 219 on is
11:24 pm
$300 billion we don't have the money and there is no way to raise it. >> bill, i'm not talking about programs. i'm talking about something much more basic. it's called the art of the deal, a book i wrote many years ago which i think was the biggest selling business book of all time. there was no reason for paul ryan. >> bill: i creed -- seeded that plan. >> come out and destroy the potential of the republican party winning the election. >> bill: i seeded that point. you say in your video you are going to stand behind the program that is basically insolvent. you have to modify the program. ryan is right in spirit. he just was wrong in timing. would you cede that? >> can he get the economy going. if china would stop taking all of our jobs because our leaders are not smart. in fact, i goal a step further because we have stupid leadership. and if south korea and all of these other countries that make all of our products and, in particular china would let us have our jobs back, if we had intelligent people negotiating,
11:25 pm
where all of these countries -- by the way, china, what they are doing with their currency in terms of manipulation makes it impossible for our people to compete. if we took our jobs back and we made this country strong again, and we made our own product, and we got together, not -- you don't get together, if we did something with respect to opec, who is ripping us off like ripped us off before. medicare. >> bill: alone because ever the medical costs. and the medical costs have to be arresteddenned the reason the way to do that is competition, which is what ryan wants to impose. i agree with that? >> bill, medicare is a problem because we have become a poor nation. we become almost a bankrupt nation. >> bill: look, if the economy gets better, you can raise more revenue, i understand that but let's just go on for a minute with you. so, your strategy now is to stay involved in this race? >> totally.
11:26 pm
>> you are going to stay involved. and when you see something you are going to go out and you are going to criticize it. that's what you are going to do? >> no. not negligencely, bill. i have tens of thousands of people asking me to stay involved, asking me to run, frankly for president. and you know you know when i told and when i made the statement and i told you about it that i wouldn't be running as a republican, i was leading in the polls. but, there is plenty of time because my contract expires with nbc in 11 months from now. and if i seize a number of things, in the comoo continues to do badly i predict it will because we have nobody who know what is they are doing on top. and if the republicans pick and i say respectfully a weak candidate or as we say in new york a stiff, if the republicans pick somebody that's not a good candidate. i may very well run as an independent. i think i would win. >> that would be good and then you can get a reality show showing the campaign and a double dip. i want you to do a humanitarian
11:27 pm
service. are you ready to do one? >> yes. >> you can give anthony weiner a membership in the golf club? >> i have known him. he has been asking for political contributions from me for years. i have known this guy well for a long time. he is not a good guy. and obviously he has got some serious psychological problems. >> bill: no manipulate? >> i would rather -- no membership? >> no. i would rather not have him in my clubs, no. >> bill: plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. you know in model naomi campbell? she has advertisement for chocolate candy is racist. wait until you hear this. how is the nightly network news covering the weiner situation? are they fair and balanced? are they sympathetic to him? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ yeah ♪ [ male announcer ] if you find yourself
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>> bill: mr. river is analyzing the casey anthony trial for us. bad week for the defendant. here he is, mr. rivera. i have so say i think she is going to be executed now. >> convicted of murder and sent to death row. >> bill: i'm a humble simple man as you know. here is what put it over the top for me. if i were sitting on the jury here is why i would vote first degree murder. 84 internet for rays into chloroform. nobody on earth does that that's premeditated, chloroform, whatever this is, she had a plan
11:31 pm
in her mind to dispose of her daughter. that means capital murder. >> some women use -- i'm not going to defend the evidence. i just want to tell you why i think that your thesis for the first time may be correct. chloroform, p.s. some crazy reckless irresponsible women use it to put their kids to sleep when they go out to party. >> bill: 84 times? >> again, i don't want to go into the chloroform aspect of this because there is far worse than that. >> bill: i'm not on the jury but when i hear that. >> the glaring deficiency in this case has been what killed this child? we don't know what the cause of death is. so how do you know if it's a homicide if you don't know how she died? did she drown? did she -- you know, was she suffocated? how would you know since the remains leaves no clue until
11:32 pm
yesterday when they introduced this gruesome photograph of the front picture of the child's skull and the duct tape that covered the -- could cover the nose and mouth, the prosecution for the first time laying out the theory thatten, indeed, caylee marie anthony was suffocated by this defendant. it is impossible to oversay the impact that photograph had on the seasoned reporters who saw the picture a limited number of them in the courtroom there. the jurors then sought full on there it is, there is the picture, oh my god now you say okay, so -- and then dr. g, medical examiner, the celebrity forensic pathology who has the show on "discovery" health she testifies okay, why do you say it's a homicide, dr. g and jose baez aggressively questioning
11:33 pm
her one, the kid wasn't reported missing. no one called 911, the kid is found in the woods. the remains are a n. a basket. and duct tape should have no role in a child's death. so then you go oh my god, it's clear that casey anthony killed this child. now, i think if the verdict were today you would probably be right and they would be a return verdict on murder one. >> bill: right. two cautions number one, have you not heard the defense, number two, there are weaknesses still in the prosecution. >> bill: let me rebut that number one, she has never taking the stand, do you agree. >> if she is going to be convicted as things stand right now on murder one, what is there to lose really? gill bill i guarantee you she will not take the stand. >> you may be right. >> bill: i will apologize. >> don't apologize because, remember my thesis that the verdict of guilty will be reversed for evidentiary reasons. >> bill: o.j. simpson.
11:34 pm
she is not going to take the witness. >> o.j. simpson was acquitted. >> bill: okay. but he didn't take the stand. number two, the car evidence, the stuff in the car, all of that, that also plays in to the time line and thought theory that the prosecution. >> i think the defense had the upper hand even with the odor evidence, even with the car. even all of that until then. >> bill: those jurors, this is not a los angeles jury. they are florida people. working class people. they're looking at this and they are saying there isn't any other explanation on earth for the death of this baby than her mother killing her. i know that's what's going' through their mind. if there is some brilliant stroke. let the glove if it fits acquit. >> if you want me to try, i will try. >> bill: i don't want to you try. we will watch and see. it would take a brilliant stroke to convince the jury she didn't do it. now, you might be right on
11:35 pm
appeal. absolutely could be right on that but the way it goes now, odds 5 to 1 first degree murder, executed. >> the daughter of billy bob thorton was baby-sitting in orange county, florida, and was just convicted a week ago of crushing the skull of 1-year-old she was caring for. here you had a woman who was baby-sitting. she beat this baby so bad the baby died. the defense was the baby feld out of the crib. poo pooed because never could she have sustained so traumatic of an injury. there it was played off aggravated manslaughter. why, bill? because that's what mothers get. look at andrea yates. >> bill: i have got to go. >> five children she chases around the kids for 10 minutes and drowns them. aggravated manslaughter. >> bill: sentenced? >> not yet. they went for the death penalty, also. you don't convict mothers in this situation. >> bill: i think the jury will. >> you would remake death rows
11:36 pm
across the nation. >> bill: i don't believe in the death penalty. i believe in justice. when we come right back, the nightly network newscast and how ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outbacalways gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. in the impact segment tonight, cable news gone wild covering the anthony weiner scandal. the more stayed nightly newscast are a different story.
11:39 pm
with us now to analyze ellison henican and tim graham director the media analysis at the media research center. tim, you have seen most of these reports. i have it here. abc "world news tonight" ran four weiner stories in two weeks. cbs ran just two. this is during the week. two. weiner stories. nbc nightly five weiner stories. so let's take abc news first. they paid a woman and flew her to new york to say all kinds of things about woorn, right? >> yeah. that was probably be the most aggressive. to actually get a woman who was on the other end of these tweets and ask her what was going on. you know, all of these networks, with this kind of a mount of coverage is really really dramatically pathetic when you compare it, if you put a republican in the other side. i mean, we can go back and look at 2006, in the mark foley case, mark molly, of course, the minute that abc reported this story of his creepy internet
11:40 pm
messages to pages resigned almost immediately. and there were 55 stories in those first 1 days on the evening newscasts. 55. >> bill: 55 in 12 days? really? >> yeah. >> bill: wow. >> it tells threw is a real difference in the amount of aggression. >> bill: i'm amazed. all right. so abc news was the most aggressive because they did bring this woman up. they paid the woman for her tweets or whatever she had. they put her on world news and then they ran her on, i guess, a prime time show or good morning america or something. now, cbs, this is scott pelley, this is the new regime, they don't like this story at all. they are just staying away from it, right? >> right. see now and there you have on monday night where brian williams on nbc who didn't like this story led with it on monday night, the night of the press conference. scott pelley very deliberately put it in minute 12. he waited for the -- after the first commercial break to get to
11:41 pm
it, and, you know, then tried to say to his reporter, you know, explain to us why anthony weiner matters. >> bill: let me stick up for pelley for a moment. i don't think that's ideological. i think that cbs news wants to go back to the walter cronkite days and present itself as just a straight hard news broadcast and to them this is trivial. that's what i think -- i could be wrong but i know those guys. and they their only shot is to be the hard news broadcast of record. all right. nbc stayed away for a long time and then they jumped in. once they did was williams fair? >> well, what's really missing for most of these stories is a chance for the republicans to speak. and then, you know, one of these stories with 66 section -- seconds long. throw it to kelly o'donnell and tell us what happened today and they're done. they still don't like this story very much.
11:42 pm
>> bill: no. they don't like it but i don't like it. >> well, if we go back to the larry craig story in 2007, nbc took matt law and said we are going to put larry craig on for an hour in prime time to discuss this restroom toe tapping incident in an airport. >> bill: i'm not trying to stick up for liberal media there was an arrest, sitting senator, he said he didn't do it. he was tapping his foot because he had an itch. i don't know what it was. all right. let me get to ellis. it's obvious you would cede that the network news doesn't like the story. >> yeah. >> bill: tim, his research thoughs, that the folly thing far more than the weiner thing. okay. how do you explain it? >> as you pointed out in a couple of other case, each of these stories is different. the foli case involved pages, people put into the control of the congress it was an on-the-job issue. fundamentally the reaction of the network issues is to consider these two sort of tabloidish.
11:43 pm
>> bill: fole yemplet was tabloid too. >> not as. >> bill: a 5 in 12 days? >> in none of these stories, bill, could you say that the evening broadcast news drove the coverage. in all cases cable news is what these stories are about. >> bill: i think that tim is right when he says that there is double standard if it's a republican or a democrat the way the nightlies handle it. >> you see, i don't think it's ideology. i know tim sees ideology in lots and lots of places. i would suggest there is plenty of examples. go back to bill clinton. >> bill: had to. >> all of these stories, the nightly network news would rather avoid these things. because they are icky. they don't appeal to the older viewers of these shows. they seem beneath the traditions of the broadcast networks. >> bill: i don't like to cover them either. i understand that i come from a network news background because of a myriad of reasons. good research, tim. and i do believe that if it were -- if weiner were a
11:44 pm
republican, they would have come after him much harder. i could be wrong. ellis could be right. the odds are 10,000 to one. tim kaine thank you very much. dumbest things of the week. model naomi campbell says ad for chocolate is racist. do you want to buy some of bernie madoff's stuff. father's day gift ideas at bass pro shops, like... plus don't miss family summer camp going on now. the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advilow... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. smarmove. ♪
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>> bill: back of the book segment. weekly observance of the insipid fox news orpt arthel neville and greg gutfeld. do you know this naomi campbell? >> i have met her. >> bill: on a yacht or in trouble. >> right now she is mad. >> bill: let's put the ad up. >> big chocolate company in
11:48 pm
england. >> there it is. >> bill: they have this add for little chocolate bar. move over naomi there is is a nw diva in town. this is racist according to naomi. >> she says this is racist because it's offensive to be related to called chocolate. >> bill: if it were a cookie, it wouldn't be racist? >> if she was referred to as chocolate, yes, it would be in her opinion. >> bill: the word chocolate and naomi in the same ad. >> yes. >> bill: means it's racist. >> to her. >> bill: do you concur. >> listen, having been on the receiving end of racism before, you never know when somebody is going to say enough is enough, right? i don't know what ms. naomi campbell's breaking point is so i can't say that's dumb. however, i think this attack is dumb. i looked at the ad, i tried to find something. >> bill: it was not racest to you. >> i didn't see any overtones or undertones. >> do you think a company as big as cadbury would want to put out a racist ad about candy? >> she should have been compared
11:49 pm
to a payday because she is nuts. >> bill: pay day a candy bar that contains -- >> yes. >> bill: nuts. >> point that out. >> i got it. [ laughter ] >> bill: you a three of us agree this is dumb. even though it's dumb, cadbury has pulled the ad. >> no more, gone. >> bill: group of school kids go down to baltimore. little harbor thing they go out to lunch some of them wind up at hooters where they meet gutfeld. >> i was in my orange shorts. >> you know what's interesting about this story nobody complained but it was a local newspaper that decided to write about it and it gets picked up there wasn't a complaint from any parents, no teachers, most the parents the dads were probably jealous. >> bill: do you think they knew it? this is an outing. how old are these kids by the way. >> eighth graders. >> perfect time to go to hooters. >> when you attack hooters you are attacking america. one of the best restaurants of america. you don't get attacked in there.
11:50 pm
pretty women. >> eighth graders boys and girls get fed high cholesterol food at hooters. >> if you want to control boys, get them around pretty women. i don't know. not going to comment on that. >> do you think it's dumb? >> bill: i think it's dumb. >> i think it's dumb they got attacked. >> kids have seen more than that at the mall, bill when they go with their mom. >> bill: that's true they go to the beach and kids are passing out if they are in eighth grade. bernie madoff, we all hate him, right? everybody raise their hand if they hate bernie. all over the country millions of hands. something all his stuff to pay back the people that he biced. there are bernie's shorts. somebody bought 14 pairs of bernie madoff's shorts, 200 bucks. >> i'm wearing all of them right now, bill. >> bill: this is a miniature bronze bull statue bull is the
11:51 pm
key word. this was $5,000 some pinhead paid for that. >> he paid that because he wanted to feel big. >> bill: this is a bernie madoff investment security tote bags. why didn't we think of this. 325 bucks for this. are you kidding me? >> that's a great buy that will be worth something. it's a fashion statement. >> but the underwear? >> finally madoff's rolex watch was bought for $31,000. by some guy named julia something, i can't say his last name. so this is what is happening. gutfeld, don't you think it's a little spooky that you would buy his shorts? >> they don't fit. so i'm a little uncomfortable right now and i do have an issue. i have to say if the money goes to the people, the victims that's good. >> that's a good thing. >> bill: set them on fire right away. i don't want to have anything to do with madoff. that's a karma thing. >> i'm with you, bill. >> bill: if you bought his watch, do not wear it. >> somebody bought his shoes. who wants to walk in his shoes?
11:52 pm
>> bill: arthel, gutfeld as always. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring james bond and surfing dogs. yes, we have it here on the factor. right back with p and p.
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring james bond and surfing dogs in a moment. >> patriot polo shirts big item this year. buy one get the keychain free
11:55 pm
of charge. signed copieses of pinheads and patriots flying out of here. buy one get a travel mug free. also free, a seals bumper sticker if you spend more than $20. tremendous deal. congrats to all the winners of ipads. >> now the mail: friday complaint department is now open for business:
11:56 pm
>> bill: no. >> bill: aviation. >> bill: this is a clip-on tie. >> bill: let's see how the first show in long island goes. seattle is beautiful love to get out there. you can see us here august 20th, on long island.
11:57 pm
>> then the interview with herman cain last night. >> bill: thank you. >> bill: i agree that's why i wrote mr. murphy up as a patriot. if you don't know who he is, you should read pinheads and patriots. he was a great war hero from humble backgrounds. there was a movie about audie murphy. >> pinheads and patriots. actor roger moore played james bond in seven mill films. he is towing charity work on
11:58 pm
-- on behalf of children for unicef. >> children with disabilities are amongst the most vulnerable members of our society. they are at a higher risk of abuse and negligent. and of missing out on school and basic health care. >> bill: we applaud anyone trying to help children in need. a funny thing happened 18 years ago. i was trying to raise money for a school in hard . we contacted roger moore's agent because he was working for unicef. he say the act act -- actor would be happy to help. he did not show up for the event. >> on the patriot front. say hello to some surfing dogs. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:59 pm
>> bill: the great beach boys. that put together for donors raises money for education. the surfing dogs or patriots. sorry the beach boys. >> everybody gets to hear the no spin news this weekend on not just premium members. you all can check it out. i think you will like it. >> that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor news website different from spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, word of the day do not be impudent. you don't want to get that word confused. the complaint department only fridays. just want t


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